Friday, December 14, 2018

A Group 12th December

Well I did mention Ranmore and Headley but there were some who seemed surprised by the fact that a run from Claygate to Leigh and back to Epsom should involve about 2000 feet of climbing. Fifteen of us had a fast run down the Portsmouth Road to Cobham and then across Bookham Common to Effingham where the climbing started in earnest - up Highbarn and Hogden Lanes to Ranmore. Then we descended along the North Downs Way through Denbies with fine views across  Dorking.

Punchbowl and Root Hills warmed us up and increased the appetite still further before arriving at the Seven Stars just after 1pm. Service and food was good and we were away again by about 2.15 cutting across Wellhouse Road to Brockham and then the Coach Road. Lodgebottom Road up to Headley provided the last hill of the day before a long descent towards Epsom. Only four stopped for tea at the Old Moat. Thanks to Mike for back marking and all the corner markers.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

B Group to Christmas Lunch (photos and a map)

Just a couple of photos - I hope there will be more:

~ Tim

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cap-In-Hand 3 years ago

My planned ride will only be about 11 miles with one minor hill to negotiate because we need to arrive at The Angel in Long Ditton around 12.30 for lunch. However, for those riding direct to the venue from coffee its only 2.4 miles. Your choice!

Peter T

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Epsom Stew Ponds car park

Anyone thinking  of cycling across Epsom/Ashtead commons should be aware that the Stew Ponds car park entrance is closed. I went that way this morning to find that the whole entrance had been dug up, fenced and 1m3 bags of sand placed to the side. I managed to squeeze between bags while lifting my bike over them and nearly twisted my ankle trying to access the road. Not recommended. I've looked online but can't see anything that explains why or for how long this will continue.

A Group Weds 12th

21 miles from Claygate to the Seven Stars at Dawes Green via Bookham Common and Ranmore. Return via Headley. Tea may be Headley or Old Moat GC. Some offroad but all hard surfaced in the morning and even the Brockham Coach Road barely reached level 1 on the Reynell mud scale today with no more rain forecast.
Lets try to be away promptly at 11. Thanks.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

B Group - 5th December (map and photo)

Missing from photo: Brian B, Peter T, Tim C

~ Tim

B Group 5th December

After Tim had given the customary seasonal gifts to the hard-working Royal British Legion staff, nine Bs headed south, destination Westhumble. Choosing the quieter Plough Lane route, we soon passed a field of redundant (?) plump pumpkins. Turning left into Old Lane took us past a farm on the right where, if you're lucky , you can glimpse llamas and ostriches. Passing the shops in Effingham,I noted the Coffee Shop is now closed (it could only have been in business a month or two), then over the crossroads to Beech Avenue. A brief stop to see Sir and Lady Barnes Wallis's house (they were quite active in the village, Lady BW was often to be seen on her upright bike. She gave us our concentrated orange juice when our children were young). Turning left at the next crossroads led to Ranmore and soon forking left led to the roughish downhill stretch to Chapel Lane and lunch at The Stepping Stones. Here food was good and served quickly.

Although the weather was dry (ie not as forecast), we all preferred to ride straight home, which, for most of us, meant via Leatherhead. I enjoyed my whoosh down Little Switzerland and arrived home approximately five minutes before the lightish rain.

Thanks all for your company, especially tectim.


Christmas dinner planner

Thank you Pam.

The Angel.

A's Christmas dinner.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

B Group 5th December......

.....lunch will be at The Stepping Stones, Westhumble.