Monday, September 25, 2017

A Group 27th Sept

East of Eden(bridge) is the morning theme with lunch in Edenbridge. Probably Banstead for tea - we can discuss alternatives at lunch. About 21 miles each way. The bad news is that in order to avoid an extra few miles and the busy B road west of Lingfield we will be doing Tilburstow both ways!

B Group - advice for ride from Redhill

The B ride will head due south for about 20 miles (slightly longer than average) to have lunch in Staplefield and then ride back for tea in Reigate.

~ John A

Thursday, September 21, 2017

B Group - 20th September

Seventeen B Group riders met to mingle with the ‘A’s’ at Fairoaks and 15 continued to lunch.   We made steady progress westward to Frimley Green via Chobham, Bisley and Deepcut, then used the cycle routes through The Hatches and Prospect Park to deliver us to the Tilly Shilling at Farnborough in good time. By a happy coincidence Wetherspoons had reduced all their prices by 7.5% just for this one day, so the food and drink tasted even sweeter than usual!

The sun still hadn’t put in an appearance by the time we set off for home, but we had a good ride back up Tunnel Hill to Mytchett and Knaphill, then made a detour to the Pennypot ford where, disappointingly, only two took the challenge of the icy waters!   From there it was on through Gracious Pond and  Stonehill to the outskirts of Chertsey where those stopping for tea elected to try the newly-refurbished Squires.  This might have been a better bet for those of us who decided to press on because we were met by severe traffic congestion in Addlestone, then a very long wait at the level crossing eventually relieved by the anti-climactic passage of just one locomotive and two wagons!   Many thanks to all for your company, for keeping up well,  and for a seamless ride with no punctures or ‘mechanicals’ (barring one twig in the spokes with no harm done), and sorry the 'spiral footbridge' didn't feature as billed (another time)!

~ Dave W

Terry couldn't be with us but has contributed this little history:

"Tilly Shilling was a scientist at RAE Farnborough during the Second World War. One of many projects she worked on was a modification to the carburettor fitted to the Rolls Royce Merlin aero engine (as used on Spitfire, Lancaster and many others). She also lapped Brooklands on a motorcycle at100mph+ for which she earned a Gold Star. She wouldn't marry her fiancé until he did likewise. He did."

~ Tim
Thanks to Steph for this photo
I know where I was but where was Vic?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Group ride from Fairoaks 20th September

A dry Wednesday - for a change, saw 12  'A' Wayfarers setting off from Fairoaks Aerodrome to the Pineapple pub in Dorney. There's only a limited number of minor roads going north around Chobham, so inevitably there was some doubling-up with last week's ride to Jealott's Hill. Still, we managed to find a way onto Ascot Heath under - and across the Racecourse, rather than around it!

From North Ascot we skirted Winkfield Row and via Fifield reached the picturesque Monkey Island bridge on the Thames: ideal to linger for photo-opportunities.

The complexities of the Pineapple's menu probably meant a longer wait than normal so despite an early arrival, it was way past 2.00pm by the time we departed the pub garden. With gathering clouds we were glad to get going again. (But blue skies miraculously appeared for the group photo!).

Tea was at the Pheasantry Cafe in Bushy Park, and by that time (4.00pm) we had shed over half the group to points North and South.

Thanks to Geoff for forsaking the ride merely to capture the 'Grand Depart' from Fairoaks, and to Dave V. for assiduous back marking. Lets hope there's more dry Wednesdays as the leaves start turning.   

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Group ride from Fairoaks Aerodrome

We're heading north-west to Dorney for lunch at the Pineapple - for those with hearty appetites. (Observant ones may notice some similarity with Neil's outward route last week).

Tea maybe in Sunbury if swift progress after lunch, but more likely the Pheasantry, Bushy Park.


B Group ride from Fairoaks Aerodrome

We will be riding to Farnborough for lunch at the Tilly Shilling, a Wetherspoons pub where we will be able to take advantage of their 7.5% discount.

Two climbs of any significance, one before and one after lunch, one spiral footbridge and one short off road section (downhill but well drained with some surfacing but no significant tree root issues).

Tea will probably be at Addlestone.

~ Dave Ward

Saturday, September 16, 2017

New orders for club kit

If you would like to order some new Sou'Wester club kit please get in touch with Pam. Get yourself a new outfit and ride out proudly with our elite squads of riders, smug in the knowlege that no other cyclists out there look quite like we do.

For a guide on prices have a look at the Gear Club website and remember to add VAT to the prices quoted, and allow a bit more for postage. Pam will need at least 7 orders to cover the postage at a reasonable rate, and remember that the cost of postage for returns will need to be met by the customer.

The Gear Club site is at:
It is easiest for Pam if we stick to the selection of designs currently worn by us but do ask her about other options if you see something you fancy on the website.
Once Pam has placed the order, delivery time is around 6 weeks.

13 September - A Group from Walton to Jealott's Hill

On a dry but windy morning eleven of us set off from Walton. The wind was against us as we headed west through Weybridge, Addlestone, Burrowhill and on to Windlesham. From here we headed northwest through Ascot and Winkfield Row to arrive at The New Leathern Bottle in Jealott's Hill just after one o'clock.

We sat outside in the sunshine and soon the food arrived. After lunch everyone was more drawn by the adventure playground than their bikes, so the obligatory group photo was taken there by Geoff.

As we set off for the return trip some light rain started but within fifty yards it turned very much heavier. So a quick U-turn was undertaken and we returned to the pub garden to shelter under a marquee for ten minutes while the shower passed over.

Underway again, now with the wind behind, we headed for Windsor Great Park, Egham, Staines and Laleham before a couple of riverside roads brought us back to Walton for tea at The Riverhouse Theatre.

Thanks to all for a smooth ride, especially Geoff our waving back marker.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

B Group - 13th September

First a big Happy Birthday to Brian, our Rides Secretary who, although he couldn't be present with us, had laid on the full morning tea and coffee for us, complete with cake.

It was a lovely sunny morning and after doing a short test-ride along the Towpath, I decided that it was worth risking taking B Group that way despite the overnight rain. There were 21 of us, some enticed to come along because I was heading downstream to Mortlake for lunch and this was close to home for them.

It was a pleasure to be cycling by the river on such a glorious morning and although there were some puddles beyond Sunbury Lock, it wasn't that bad, also the wind was behind us!  Mick & Christina, being on road-bikes, opted to take the road to Hampton Court where they joined the group as we crossed over on to the second part of the Towpath to Kingston.  Here we left the river and headed up to the Kingston Gate into Richmond Park.  Again, after the initial 'hill', we had the wind behind us and a very easy ride across on the traffic-free section before turning left and heading to East Sheen Gate.  Back on to roads, it was downhill all the way to the riverside pub, The Ship, at Mortlake for lunch.  The conservatory was set aside for us, with just enough tables to seat the 20 having lunch - several being cosy two-seater tables!  The lone chef did his best with feeding us, though some poor souls did have to wait rather a long time for their pies!

It was 2.30 p.m. by the time we set off, having had the obligatory group photo (thanks, Tim) with our backs to the river, though being low-tide there was no way it could be seen.  The dark clouds we had seen during lunch had disappeared and we set off along the towpath towards Kew, initially in sunshine and slightly fewer in number as one or two had opted out by then.  We crossed the river at Kew Bridge but found out later that we had lost Terry and Vic at this point - we later caught up with Vic at the teastop, Terry had had to go on.  As we pedalled through Brentwood, the clouds had massed again and we caught the first spots of rain.  It continued to rain lightly as we went through Syon Park, to Isleworth, Richmond and then along the alternative river path to Twickenham which offered some shelter due to the overhanging trees.  The rain was now getting heavier as we hurried on to Teddington Lock, across the bridge and dived into Hawker YMCA cafe for tea.  Albeit rather noisy with young children coming for dancing classes, it filled the bill and by the time we all set off for our respective homes, the sun was out again.  Thanks to Terry for back-marking (apologies for losing you!) and to the occasional 'corner' people.  Not a long ride, but, until the rain came, I hope an enjoyable, low key, river & park ride.

~ Gill Finlay

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Easy Riders - 13th September

Walton D.C. -  The Angel, Thames Ditton

Coming out of the D.C. we made for the bridge turning left to ride down Cowey Sale to Weybridge, through Church lane to Princes Road, Oatlands Avenue into Burwood Park.

Left to A244 Esher Road, Lammas Lane and into Esher Park Estate, Hare Lane and onto Hinchley Wood, straight over to Angel Road, where 5  took lunch.  Thank you to Bernard Power, Frank Carter, Sandie, and Don Clarke. Hope you all got home without getting wet.