Wednesday, November 30, 2016

B Group - 30th November

Despite the freezing temperatures and heavy frost lasting throughout the day in shady areas, the glorious sunshine made it a 'good to be alive' day and brought out plenty of cyclists.  There were 22 of us in B Group bound for lunch at the Bell & Crown at Strand on the Green.  Our route was pretty straightforward - across Kingston Bridge and follow the river downstream through Twickenham, Richmond, Isleworth, Syon Park and Brentford High Street to Kew Bridge.  From here, a nifty sidestep to the left of the bridge brought us to Strand on the Green.  There had not been a ripple on the water when we were cycling beside it between Twickenham and Richmond but during lunch the tide had turned to come in and a strong current was soon visible.

The Bell & Crown is situated right on the river and was well known to one or two of the riders, especially Robin who had eaten there the previous evening!  However, for the group, it was a first visit. The staff were very friendly, handled the numbers well and gave us our own section overlooking the river, where the sun was streaming in through the windows.  We had arrived earlier than anticipated despite all the traffic lights on Brentford High Street and were on our way again shortly after 1.30 p.m.

Continuing to follow the river downstream, we crossed it on Chiswick Bridge and dropped down to the towpath to Mortlake Brewery.  Here we turned southwards and followed Sheen Lane into Richmond Park at East Sheen Gate.  Heading into the sun for most of the way back to Kingston, visibility was really quite difficult at times.  We took the Ham Gate exit and turned left on to Latchmere Lane and Road, back to the river and on to Kingston Bridge.  Here was the parting of the ways as a number of people headed off to get home early, while six of us stopped for tea in the upstairs cafe in the former Town Hall in the Market Place.  It had not been a very long ride but it had been a great day to be out.  Many thanks to Back-marker, Pam, and to all those who helped on corners.

~ Gill Finlay

At The Bell and Crown

Easy Riders - 30th November

As our fingers were so cold this morning, just going to Kingston, I wasn't sure about my original suggestion of going to The London Apprentice for lunch. So, six of us started off towards The Barmy Arms in Twickenham and reassessed. Well, I was quite surprised with the sun out I didn't feel so cold. When I asked the group, shall we carry on, it was unanimous that we did. We had a nice round table at The London Apprentice; Liz, Maureen and myself, John B and Frank. Brian B went home for lunch.

As the others went their own ways from Kingston, I had my pot of tea at the gym, after picking up a cake at the bakers!

~ Lynda

A Group 30th November

Today, Dave took us on one of Frank's old rides, to the Ace Cafe on the North Circular.  A visit to Wembley to tip our cap to Bobby Moore, an ample lunch quickly served, and a brisk return to Richmond Park for tea, with temperatures dropping.

An enjoyable ride in the sunshine bringing back happy memories.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Further news from Tony about Eric Ashford

Hi Pam,
           Thanks for your email. We have just come back from visiting Eric in Oxford. I have to say that his condition has somewhat deteriorated since his visit for the Tour des 3 Vallées in June. He didn't recognize me at first but knew me by name, although it did get a bit better after a bit of time. It's all a bit sad. Physically he had recovered a bit from the time when the doctors were telling us to expect the worst, but that said I gather that yesterday he collapsed in his room. All a bit worrying.
           Otherwise we are all well here in Germany, apart from the fact that I'm suffering from an injured shoulder from a mountain bike accident. But I'm told I will fully recover (after about three months!) and in any case I can still ride the bike and go running without too much pain, so I'm fairly relaxed about it. It's just a problem of a damaged bike and bruised ego! Here we've also had our first snow falls and sub zero daytime temperatures and Alec is already wanting to go out on his skiis. Kids are amazing-so long as they're interested in what they're doing they don't notice the cold or the wet until the very last moments-then it's another story!
          We've just made a provisional booking at La Plage for next year's event so we'll meet again then hopefully. I'll keep you updated on Eric's condition if it changes.

Otherwise we wish you all the best for Christmas, and a very Happy 2017

Best Regards from all of us
Tony, Annett and Alec

Monday, November 28, 2016

A Group Ride Wed 30 Nov from Kingston

Wednesday’s ride from Kingston will be revisiting one of Frank Cubis’ routes to lunch in the historic Ace Café at Stonebridge Park on the North Circular.
If time permits we will revisit Bobby Moore on the concourse at Wembley Stadium en route.
Return to tea at Richmond Park Roehampton Gate, or East Sheen. I would be happy to guide anyone further south if needed.
17 miles Kingston to lunch, about 10 miles Ace Café to tea. Mostly quieter suburban roads but Frank incorporated a number of off-road paths and towpaths, all surfaced. Almost all flat.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Easy Riders - 23rd November

We were 12 leaving Leatherhead Day Centre. I intended for early lunch and tea today, so I could get back to Nonsuch Park in daylight. We got to The Stepping Stones at Westhumble for lunch just before midday so, we were able to eat together on the large round table. John and Brian didn't stay for lunch, so we were 10. Frank and Francoise, Sue (first time), Cliff and Maureen, Sonia, Liz, Frank, Don and myself. We had a very sociable lunch from a very nice menu. We left to go towards Leatherhead station then I took the back way to lower Ashtead then onto the Common. Came out at Stanford Green and over to Manor Green Road for coffee and cake at Chads. I was going through Nonsuch Park at 3.30pm, so in daylight! A good day for riding and it didn't rain.

~ Lynda.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

B Group Christmas Lunch

Important message from Pam

B Group has been allocated a large room in the Angel for our lunch on the 7th. However Pam now has enough bookings to fill the room and therefore can not take any more requests.

Anyone else will still be welcome to eat at the pub of course.

There is no issue like this for A Group.

~ Tim

Friday, November 25, 2016

Wayfarers Contact List

I will shortly be producing a new version of the contact list, with details of all paid-up members.  Please email me at with any changes to your details (address, phone, email, emergency contact details).

Geoffrey's nasty accident and subsequent trip in an air ambulance is a reminder that emergency contact details can be extremely valuable.  Mark Gladwyn was able to provide this information to the emergency services when he arrived on the scene.  If you didn't provide details last year, please give serious consideration to adding them.

Learning from Geoffrey's experience, next year's membership cards will also have a space for date of birth: this might help identify hospital records etc if you need them.  (We are not including date of birth on the contact list, you may be pleased to hear.)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

23 November - A Group ride to Walliswood

The team today consisted of 11 players. I had taken over from Ged at centre forward, Geoff volunteered to be in goal at the back, and Mark rode up and down the wing a lot. Everyone else chose their own position and moved about the field depending on how much puff they had.

From the off a lot of energy was shown and despite the opposition (of the hills) we efficiently made it to half time at The Scarlett Arms in Walliswood where a warm welcome and good food were served.

In the second half, after changing direction, the wind was in our faces but we battled on until we reached Westhumble where the whistle was blown and we retired to Pilgrim Cycles for tea and celebration of our victory.

The ten outfield players (photo taken by the goalie)
Thanks to Geoff for playing in goal, Mark for the match analysis and photo (post below), and to the rest of the team for turning out.

B Group - 23rd November

I wanted Wednesday’s ride from Leatherhead to be ‘challenging’ rather than ‘hard’ so was very pleased when Ray Dare described it as just that. 14 of us left ‘elevenses’ and travelled to Dorking using the well known cycle track, which someone had very thoughtfully cleared two tracks along the path where the leaves were at their worst so we didn’t have to cycle on a slippery, wet surface. We took Pixham Lane, crossed the A25 and then up Punchbowl Lane, from there by way of Henfold Lane which includes the 17% rise, to Capel and onto Rusper.  At exactly 01.00pm we arrived for lunch at The Star Inn in Rusper, we had pre-ordered so our choices were served promptly and we all seemed to enjoy the meal, sitting around a large table that had been set-aside for us.
The Star in Rusper

We left the pub and travelled via Lambs Green and Parkgate for the 11 miles to the tea stop, The Shop at Strood Green, where we arrived at 03.00pm. 10 of us had various drinks and some wonderful cakes at this lovely little tearoom, again a pleasurable time relaxing and chatting.

Eventually we left to make our ways home, some riding all the way others opting for a train assisted journey.

It had remained dry for the whole day and a wonderful example of a late autumn day.

Thanks as usual to those that marked corners, Tony, Steff, Terry and others, it is so helpful in enabling the ride to keep moving at a good pace. Thanks also to Jennie for back marking.

David J

Jennie, our back marker
David, our leader

A Group 23rd November

Neil, subbing for Ged, took us over the hills and not too far away today.  A good lunch at the Scarlett Arms, and tea at Pilgrim Cycles.

35.8 miles elevenses to tea, a fitting ride for a winter's day.  And, examined critically, my attempts at photography with my phone demonstrate why people still use cameras ...


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Group Ride - 23 November

This week's ride will be heading for the lanes (and hills) to the South of Leatherhead. A leg warming 18 miles to The Scarlett Arms in Walliswood for lunch, and a flatter 16 back to Pilgrim Cycles at Westhumble (probably).

Don't worry all the chevrons face downhill.

I've been out today to check the affects of Hurricane Angus. All roads passable - rather damp in places but only one impromptu ford. Biggest hazard is wet leaves on the steep downhills so take extra care. Mudguards would be a good idea.

See you all at Leatherhead.

Monday, November 21, 2016

B Group ride from Leatherhead

Wednesday’s ride from Leatherhead should take us to Dorking and then up Punchbowl Lane, from there to Capel and onto Rusper. About 18 miles to lunch at The Star Inn in Rusper.

11 miles to do after lunch to the tea stop, The Shop at Strood Green.
A bit of an ‘up and down’ ride but all on tarmac.

I shall be circulating a menu at ‘elevenses’ as the pub would like to know before we arrive, (busy time of year for pubs) so please make sure you see me.

A prompt start at 11.00am please, the weather forecast I’ve seen says ‘dry’

~ David J

Well even more good news about Geoffrey G

To add to Marks blog Geoffrey also called me on Sunday morning and he reiterated his message to Mark. The very sad thing is that he and Frances were due to go on a fantastic holiday today to Burma for 3 weeks but alas he is not allowed to travel for some time so that is cancelled. He has no memory of what happened but did notice that his Garmin had gone missing. Surprise, surprise Mark came to the rescue again and said that he had picked up his Garmin so it will be returned. His recovery will be gentle and slow and it will be some time before he is back on his bike, not until the new year. He will however be taking walking exercise most likely in Richmond Park so we all wish him well in his recovery.

Sou'Wester club attire for sale

I have two items of clothing looking for owners:
  • One gents' Large light-weight Windtex jacket, cost £44.00 and
  • One ladies' XL light-weight Windtex jacket, cost £44.00.
If anyone wishes to buy them it would save me sending them back! The Windtex jacket is wind proof and 'light' rain proof.

If anybody wishes to order any clothing to let me know by Thursday. 

It helps with the postage if I have more than one garment to order!!

Thank you


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nothing to do with cycling ...

... but perhaps it is more fun at this time of the year!

You may know that we are not expecting Wendy-Jane to be around at the Cobham RBL on December 7th. Along with Maureen and Bob she is one of the people who serves tea and coffee and generally looks after us at the RBL.

Anyway, she is currently sailing across the Atlantic with her husband Peter. For reasons we don't know they were to sail with about 70 other vessels as part of the ARC+ Trans-Atlantic event but were detained in port at Las Palmas until a couple of days ago. So, after a very late start they are heading out on their own but unlike the other yachts which all called in at Mindelo on São Vicente, Cape Verde, the Cherish is heading directly across to St Lucia non-stop.

That's it, the little turquoise boat, West of the Canaries
 To follow progress visit or install the "YB Races" app on your Android or Apple device.

~ Tim

Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Message From Geoffrey

Well, the best news yet.  Geoffrey called earlier this evening and left a message for me - I missed his call.  He sounds very chipper, and is very pleased to be back at home.

He says he doesn't look too super - hard to judge on the telephone - with spectacular black eyes and facial bruising.  He has fractured cheekbones, and will learn next week whether surgery will be needed - possibly it will not.

He'll be off his bike until the New Year - probably until about February, and when he restarts he plans to be pretty cautious.

But he sends his regards to all, and looks forward to being out again in due course.


More Good News on Geoffrey Shields

The good news is that Geoffrey came home late last night to a bug free home environment. His face is severely lacerated and according to an eye witness lady motorist he was so lucky that there was no passing vehicle when he came off as he could easily have been killed. Surrey CC have a lot to answer for. We all wish him well and a speedy recuperation.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Geoffrey Shields - Condition Improving

This morning, I spoke to Tim, Geoffrey's son.  He told me that Geoffrey has been in Intensive Care at St Georges since his arrival on Wednesday, but that his condition is improving and he is expected to be moved to a lower level of supervision today.

He is obviously pretty knocked about, but he is now talking to relatives and is starting to recover.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

B group ride 16/11/16

B group ride 16/11/16

We were late leaving the day centre as the A group were in front and took their time before the off.  Around 23 followed me out of the day centre. Into Addlestone road and onto the pavement due to road works. Addlestone, Ottershaw, Longcross and Wellington Ave to Virginia Water where Peter C punctured. Up Crimp hill to  Englefield Green. Then a pleasant decent down Prune hill and onto the outskirts of Egham and round to Stroude and back to Virginia Water, another puncture, and onto Lyne before the ascent of St Annes Hill and dropping down to lunch at the Golden Grove. At this point a few said their goodbyes and headed East and home.

This is when the confusion started. Some ordered at the bar and some were told “order at the table”. The lucky few had their food on the table within 10 minutes while the rest waited over an hour! Not really acceptable as I had phoned and booked 3 days before! (see my comments on Trip Advisor)

Lunch, eventually, over and the obligatory photo call off we set for tea at Hampton court. Chertsey, over Chertsey bridge, Shepperton and over Walton bridge and a right into Walton road and onto tea. By this time only 6 of us stopped for tea at 5 on the Bridge. We left as dusk started to show it’s head and with lights on we headed home. Just as I entered Bushey park the rain started. A very pleasant day on the bike and a nice crowd. Welcome to Roy and Ann, friends of Liz, who joined us for the first time. A big thank you to Terry for back marking and to those who marked corners.

Easy Riders - 16th November

Weybridge D.C.  to The Black Lion, Surbiton

Well what a lovely day it turned into, really warm and hopefully everyone got home before the late afternoon rain.

As usual a great turn out at Weybridge. We were 9 in all having bagged an “A” rider Steve Duffin who had punctured and missed the group (our gain).  We turned left on the main road to the roundabout then an immediate left into Churchfield Road to a path which took us to Hanger Hill, left and right, Princes Road to Queens Road, a right and left to Oatlands Avenue right to roundabout and straight over to Burwood Park, second left Onslow Road, turning left onto Burwood Road where we continued to the A244 Esher Road, Lammas Lane, right to the traffic lights then left and immediately left again into Esher Park Avenue, left at main road and 1st left Littleworth Road , right Oaken Lane over railway bridge and left, continue to St. Mary’s Road where left & right brought us to Brighton Road and The Black Lion.

We were soon served lunch, after which with clouds looking very threatening everyone retreated for home.  I arrived home having been swooped up by Pam just before Staines & just before the rain came.

Thanks go to John  Bellamy for being a very good T.E.C. and keeping the unruly flock together and thanks for making it a GRAND DAY.

~ Irene

A Group 16 November: Weybridge - Taplow - Upper Halliford

We were treated to a warm and sunny day as twenty of us set off from Weybridge.  It would have been 21 but Steve Duffin punctured at the starting line, and when the first repair didn't work he suggested we leave without him.   The route was planned to get in some miles without too many stops and starts, and I hope we achieved that.  We set off through Addlestone and up Holloway Hill, via Lyne to Virginia Water, and skirting round the golden fringes of Windsor Great Park.   Surprisingly hilly round there, and the wind was not helping us, but we seemed to be sheltered most of the morning.

As we set out, our back marker Mike Barrett had encouraged us to leave gaps for overtaking cars, and it seemed to work particularly well.  Whenever I looked behind I could see distinct groups with half a dozen riders, and due to excellent corner marking we all stayed together.  Thank you all, and I'm sure the motorists appreciated it too.

Geoff's entry for the photo competition
A quick stop before the "peanut" roundabout and I phoned the pub to confirm numbers, to be told that someone had phoned yesterday to say there would only be eight of us!   As it turned out we needn't have worried.   Then it was onwards and mostly downwards along Drift road to Fifield, across the footbridge to Dorney and a short step to South Bucks and the Oak and Saw at Taplow.   I don't think the Wayfarers have visited before: it's a cosy pub which was jam-packed full with all of us plus another group (of eight ...) and a few others.   Three bar staff took our orders quickly: tables had been reserved, and good food arrived promptly - excellent.

Over lunch, we received the news of Geoffrey's accident, which gave us all pause for thought.   Our hopes and best wishes for a speedy recovery are with you Geoffrey.

It was an unlucky day to be called Steve.   Steve Lloyd discovered a slow puncture as we left the pub, but it was holding up with regular top-ups.  The route back took us across the wind-blasted Dorney Common, but luckily it was helping us for a change.  We had a smooth ride back through Eton, and well-worn route through Datchet, Wraysbury, Staines and Shepperton (where several departed for home), leaving nine of us to stop at Upper Halliford.   As it turned out, skipping tea may have been the best option, for it was just starting to rain as we left.    Now it was Mick's turn to have a puncture.  A few of us stayed to help, and by the time we had fixed it, we had missed the worst of it.

38.5 miles and a puny 847 feet of ascent.   Thank you Mike for back-marking and for your encouragement to ride in groups - perhaps we are getting better at it!

PS.  News of Colin Garrod:   Colin has been home for about a week and a half, and is doing well, although he expects recovery will be slow after what was a major operation.   He's able to get around the house but not doing long walks yet, and no cycling until after Christmas.   He says thank you to all for the card.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

B Group - 16th November (map and photo)

The Golden Generation outside the Golden Grove
Route on OS Landranger. Thanks to Nick Hutchings for the GPX

16/11/16 B Group Ride

Map of the route for the B group ride today.

Best wishes and hopefully a speedy recovery for Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Shields - Accident

It was a bright morning, so I thought I would make an early start and do some work on my Eddington Number.  Unhappily, a few miles from Lingfield, I came upon Geoffrey Shields, who had crashed.

What appears to have happened is that dazzled by the sun, which was shining directly along the road and reflecting off the wet surface, Geoffrey had failed to see a deep pothole, partly filled with water.  He had hit it with sufficient force to snap the frame of his Van Nicholas in two, and he had been thrown face first onto the road surface.

When I arrived an NHS First Responder was already there, and he had called an ambulance.  The ambulance arrived a little later and Geoffrey was loaded in slowly and with very great care.  After further examination in the warmth of the ambulance the crew concluded that Geoffrey should be taken directly to the Trauma Centre, at St Georges Tooting.  A helicopter was called and, when I left, Geoffrey was being prepared to be loaded into the helicopter.

I have spoken to Frances, Geoffrey's wife, and will ask again later how things are going.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

P.S. Membership Fee - yawn! How trusting are you?

Turkey Farming

Since its inception, the CTC required the approval of its members at an AGM to any change in the club membership fee.

As you will have seen, the new cycling charity thinks that is a bit rich and is very keen to scrap the inconvenience of member approval.

You are therefore asked:

Do you agree:

that the Trustees should be able to change the membership fee without the approval of the membership at a general meeting?

Yawn. You do not have to do anything. Leave it to the charitocrats. I'm sure they know what is best for us.

Do turkeys vote for Christmas, or do they leave it to the turkey farmer to decide?

(Turkey Preservation Society)


Nobody is remotely interested in the CUK's survey on corporate governance (reply by 12 December), apart from one or two  misfits like me. Typical member response:

1. Yawn
2. Delete.
3. Whatever I say will make no difference.
4. Regret at leisure.
Most of you will have ignored or deleted unread, as anticipated, the 29 November CUK email survey on governance and  revision of the charity's Memorandum and Articles of Association. Quite understandable. That is how democracy is relinquished.  They even admit that most of them do not even understand their own  Memorandum and Articles of Association. That does no stop them from seeking guidance from members, so much better informed than themselves, as a cloak for the changes that they intend to make. Just respond to their leading questions or say nothing.

Here is a link with a comment or two from an interested party, to the politburo's weaselly survey questions and the breathtakingly biased selective commentary grooming your response.

My request for a poll of the membership on the conversion of the Cyclists' Touring Club to a charity is implied to be an abuse of the system, the costs of which should be personally charged to me.

Future polls should require twice the number of member signatures 400 instead of 200.

Do you  agree?

 The charity wants you to say yes or say nothing. Silence is consent. There is much more to say but I shall shut up! Have I upset somebody in Red Square? Too bad! Exile to the luxuriant wilderness beyond the desert of CUK awaits.


2016 Attendance and 2017 plans

Two sheets have been added to the Rides List

Wayfarers 2016 Attendance - a retrospective list of our elevenses stops for those that wish to print the list out to record their attendance.

Wayfarers 2017 Rides:  the draft plan for 2017.  As noted on the sheet, this is always DRAFT at this stage and only the current Rides List should be used to confirm current plans.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Wednesday's A group ride

We will have a tarmac-flavoured ride on Wednesday: easy roads from Weybridge to the Oak and Saw, Taplow: 20 miles to lunch and around 18 back to tea at Upper Halliford.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wednesday's B ride

B ride Wednesday the 16th November

17 miles to lunch at the Golden Grove Chertsey and a few hills on the way and a further 9 miles to tea at Hampton court.

KPRC plans to honour Frank Cubis

Dave Vine contacted Brian Powney, President of Kingston Phoenix before our AGM to ask if there were any developments in the investigation of Frank’s tragic collision. This is the substance of his reply, some of which Dave mentioned on Wednesday, and includes a kind invitation to their club Dinner Dance in February.

Brian confirmed that the investigation remains with the Police. “The only information we currently have is that Frank was hit by, what is being called a Flat Bed Van that I understand pulled out of a road onto the road Frank was on.  The Police reported Frank was fully visible as they have seen him on Bus and Bus Stop cameras,”

“It should never have happened and yes I still half expect Frank to turn up at club sometime.”

“But we must go onwards and upwards, as they say.”

“So some news on fundraising for Frank and his family.  They are supporting the Air Ambulance and Brake - a road safety awareness charity.  And together we will purchase a hardwood park bench in memory of Frank and the aim is to place it at his favourite spot in Richmond Park.  I'm aiming to have this ready by next May and we'll have a ride there arranged for an unveiling.”

“The Kingston Phoenix will work on plans over the Winter for a long distance ride - current thinking is Cardiff to London - one of Frank's National trike records.  This will be a one day ride and we'll work on other clubs to get involved and sort a "Just Giving" page.  We are considering a 25 mile TT in his honour but this may well be 2018 by the time it gets off the ground.   Lastly, the easy one - the club's 12 Hour Trophy will be renamed the Frank Cubis Memorial Trophy - Frank still held that club record at the time of his death, with 256.92 miles.”

“Amazingly his record was broken this year by Dale Lush who rode 265.95 miles.  Such a shame that Frank will not be at the club dinner to present the Trophy.”

“We will have a presentation to Frank's daughter at the club dinner on February 25th 2017 and his friends from the CTC section are welcome to attend the dinner dance.  Please therefore find attached details of the club dinner as it is all now arranged.”

“Lastly, "Frank's Bucket" will be at the club dinner and people can make further donations to all of the above.”

“All the best and see you soon,

Regards, Brian.” 

Dinner/Dance Invitation

Dinner Menu

Booking Form

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lynda has a Touring Tyre for sale

Lynda has a new tyre which doesn't leave enough clearance under the mudguard for her wheel to rotate in the expected manner. Would you like to buy it from her?

It is a Continental "Top Contact" 700x32c

Not sure which of the many variants of this model it is but Lynda paid £50 for it and will accept £20.

Please get in touch with her for more details if you are interested.

~ Tim

B Group - 9th November

The weather forecast was rainy and wet and it was like that up to about 12pm. We assembled at Hersham Day Centre for elevenses. Following this it was the AGM for CTC South West London. This didn’t leave a lot of time for a ride before lunch. The route chosen was about six miles.

Thirteen riders were up for the ride and set off. The planned route was to go to Esher, then taking a route around the back of Sandown Race Course, and then Thames Ditton, Long Ditton and then to Surbiton. We followed the route ok and stopped at The Black Lion for lunch.

The meals and at The Black Lion were good and the service was reasonable. The proprietor, Mark, was friendly and helpful. There was also a reasonable choice of lagers but otherwise  only Youngs’ Special Bitter was available. The Wayfarers had not been there before.

During lunch, the weather remained sunny with occasional light showers. After some debate, a trip to Richmond Park was proposed, athough, a number of people decided not to join this group and departed after lunch and went home. So, following a few more defections, four of us duly arrived for tea at Pembroke Lodge. 

Finally, I am grateful to Tony Hooker who backed-up for us throughout the whole ride, morning and afternoon. Also, several people volunteered to marshal at corners, roundabouts and crossroads. Getting good back-up and marshalling support is essential for a successful ride.

Peter Carpenter