Friday, October 31, 2014

Birthday Greetings and appreciation

Three Score Years and Eleven +2

I think that we should express our appreciation to Mike Morley for revictualling us on Wednesday at Elleray Hall, Teddington with a worthy birthday offering. Arriving damp though not dispirited, I am sure that we were all more than grateful for the welcome that Mike had kindly arranged for us. I must confess my personal gratitude for the exquisite corned beef pie, that really took me back a year or two, particularly after denying myself a breakfast. Our thanks too to the staff of Elleray hall for preparing our mid-morn  banquet.

Perhaps we might also express our wonderment that Mike has managed to survive the slings and arrows ot three score years and eleven (+2) on roads that really were not designed for his outrageous, individual approach to challenging the limits of the Highway Code.

Happy birthday to Survivor Mike.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pete Betts

Some will know that Pete Betts is our latest cycling casualty, with a fractured leg. It seems that on the way home after tea on 15 October, he crossed the white line on the cycle path beside Leatherhead station and skidded into a hedge, sustaining a broken leg. He was admitted to St Peter's Hospital, where the fracture required the fitting of a metal plate. He is out of hospital but will be off the bike for some time.
We wish him a speedy recovery.

A Group 29 October

St Peter's Church

Eight washed up at the Old Five Bells

A Rides 29/10/14 to Burnham Beeches

In late autumn it had to be Burnham Beeches - mission accomplished despite the weather but at probably breakneck speed for some. We set off in steady drizzle. Two hands sufficed to count the riders, and the group became even more manageable when two departed into the mists in Sunbury and Stanwell. So they missed the (marginally) better weather - the drizzle eventually stopping.

The first 15 miles were largely forgettable (Lower Feltham, Ashford, Colnbrook and Langley). For those who know it, Hollow Hill Lane is now closed to traffic as the year's floods have wreaked havoc with its surface.

Beyond lies a different world, starting with Langley Park once owned by a Marlborough/Spencer but now council run. After Black Park we headed west towards Stoke Poges (still no herds or ploughman) then widdershins into Burnham Beeches for a splash of autumn colour. There was just time for the briefest of visits as next we headed south past Dorney Wood where perhaps George was busy preparing an autumn statement. Belatedly (1315 and after allegedly 28 miles!) we reached the Old Five Bells in Burnham. They hadn't taken a booking; none needed as we were only diners.

The customary photo shoot was greeted with more drizzle so the shortest way home it was (Dorney, Eton, Datchet, Wraysbury, Staines). Close of play was Norcutts Laleham just before 1530. To sum it up: more evidence that SealSkin waterproof gloves ain't!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

B Group - 29th October


Well, well, well, on a day that rain was forecast for the morning and the afternoon we had 26 B group riders of which four had not been out with us before!   Kay introduced her rowing pal Jackie, Robin introduced Marta and then there was Mr and Mrs David and Jennie. Great having you out with the club, good company and I/we look forward to seeing each of you out with us again! :-)

The ride started well through the park to Hampton and onwards to Chertsey.   Chertsey bridge works were causing havoc yesterday but, of all the luck, the lights and working vehicles had just been cleared as we arrived!  Next landmark was Chertsey the group was split when a train passed through .....Vic continued with a small group into Stonehill Road, Accommodation Road, Longcross Road and Kitsmead Lane to The Wheatsheaf at Virginia Water.   We used 'corner markers' so that the majority could keep moving and it worked very well until...OH DEAR!!!!...I missed the right turn into Kitsmead Road as reccied with Gill, (must have been dreaming) - my sincere apologies to all :) :)    

I heard (at lunch) that Terry had been keeping a gap between the rear and front of the group so when they got to Kitsmead Lane - there was no marker!   Gill continued as reccied - which left the group behind me waiting for them at the junction of Longcross Road and Chobham Lane - all in vain - and I waited, until I gave up -  at the junction into Wellington Avenue!  Phone calls were made, without replies!    Nevertheless, we all came together in the pub and nobody bit my head off - thanks!!    By the way - food and service were good!

One small group, Terry and son in law Paul (Hi) with Brian left first.  Next to leave was a small group led by Irene.  Then another hiccup !!   Unfortunately John B found he had a flat as the last group were ready to problem..we hung on and that was the last of to-days hiccups - thankfully!!!!

After a direct route back to Sunbury, seven of us stopped for tea at Squires, swapping stories whilst eating cake and drinking tea etc.    It had stopped raining by the time we left and I was home at 5.15.   with under 50 miles on the clock!

It would have been a lovely route if the sun had been shining - but there you go - we cannot order sun shine! 

My thanks to Terry for splitting the group to a more acceptable size, to Gill for back marking, to Irene for assisting me through the park and leading a returning group in the hopes of getting home before dark?!  

Great to have your company.  Dare I say it..I enjoyed today - hope others did :):) :)    Pam :) :)

Map showing Pam's route to Virginia Water

John Bellamy's Puncture Party at the Wheatsheaf; looking forward to riding home in the rain

Jenny and Ed
Pam and David

Friday, October 24, 2014

Easy Riders - 22nd October (map)

The morning part of Lynda's route, from Walton to Woodies
After lunch the man with the GPS took a meandering cross-country route to Ewell Court so the map shows only the morning ride. Despite the nice weather on Wednesday the map is rather fuzzy; cleaning your spectacles won't help, and don't try to adjust your screen!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Group - 22 October

Full of Good Intent at Puttenham

 All present and correct at table
One lady, fifteen gentlemen (well done John), one behind the camera and Mike, hiding his light behind the bushel of Colin. Neil is revealing no more that a modest wrist.

A group 22 October: Addlestone - Puttenham - West Horsley

Paul was unable to lead today's ride, as he fell off and cracked a rib while reconnoitring the ride.   Get well soon Paul!   Minus Paul, a group of  seventeen set off westwards into the teeth of the ex-hurricane, downgraded to Fresh Breeze Gonzalo.   We headed through New Haw and West Byfleet before skirting the south of Woking on leafy lanes.  Smartly down past Mayford and Worplesdon, and a steady ride on good roads through Normandy to Ash, where we turned south and started to benefit from the wind.   Through Tongham, up the Hog's Back and a short-cut led to Thundery Hill down the other side.  This is where Paul parted company with his bike, so we stopped and inspected Paul's Pothole and briefly considered erecting a blue plaque to commemorate the event.   That's how sympathetic we are!   However it was nearly lunchtime so we decided to press on to the Good Intent at Puttenham, where good food was promptly served.
Paul's Pothole

We had some welcome sunshine on return journey, which included another visit to the Hog's Back before heading down a rather pot-holed track and then a steep downhill road into Guildford.   I carelessly lost several riders just before this while I waited for our back marker, so they missed this treat.  Apologies.   Several others opted to bypass the track and cycle down the road, but we were all reunited at the foot of Guildford High Street in time to ride back to tea at West Horsley.   My thanks to Colin for back-marking, and to Paul for planning a very enjoyable route. 32.2 miles from elevenses to tea, with 1479 feet of ascent.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

B Group after lunch going through Windsor

B Group - 22nd October

The good weather brought out a good number of cyclists to Addlestone today and it was a group of 20 which set out, plus a couple more who wouldn't be staying for lunch.  The lunch stop was at the Vansittart Arms in Windsor, conveniently situated on Route 4.  Our route was via Lyne, Thorpe Green, across to Stroude Lane, past the beautiful building of Great Fosters and into Egham - thankfully not being held up at the level crossing.  The first climb of the day was to halfway up Middle Hill before turning left on to Parsonage Road and Victoria Street into Englefield Green, where again we did a couple more left turns into Blay's Lane for a loop along Wick Lane, skirting the Virginia Water boundary up to the main entrance into Savill Garden.  Entering the Great Windsor Park here, we caught glimpses of some lovely autumn colours, before passing into the park proper and crossing it to reach Rangers' Gate.  From here the cycle path on the other side of the A332 took us into Windsor by the back-door where we were able to follow the Route 4 signs to our destination.

The publican had kindly reserved an area I had requested, big enough for the whole group, and with three at the bar taking orders, we were soon sitting down - apart from Terry and Pam who had been held up attending to a puncture sustained by Terry on the last lap.  (Well at least that was better than the three which we had had on the recce!)  The service was excellent and the food was good - a pub well worth revisiting.

The return route was straightforward - into Windsor, then via Datchet, Wraysbury, Staines, the towpath to Laleham, Shepperton and to my home in Lower Sunbury where 11 of us had tea.  Many thanks to Pam for being back-marker.

~ Gill

15.6 miles to Lunch

15.3 miles to Tea

Friday, October 17, 2014

Easy Riders - 15th October

About 10 left Leatherhead day centre for our ride.  We went over the A3 bridge and dropped down Agates Lane to continue past Ashtead station and straight over to the common.  Over the Wells road and on towards Stamford Green.  Mike W stopped here for lunch; and Ron joined him when he got there.  After The Cricketers we turned right then left to Manor Green Road and continued to the Longmead Road cycle track.  We went round the back of Ewell, passing the park and turned left up Danetree Road - over the lights towards Chessington.  Straight up passing Chessington Nth station and towards Claygate. Took a right turn to Hook and left up to the Ace of Spades.  We had lunch at The Cap in Hand.  After we made our way down the back roads of Chessington;  we continued past Ruxley Lane and towards Ewell Court Park.  Here we said goodbye to Les, Liz and Cliff.  Judy, Sonia, Norman and myself had tea at the garden centre there.  We left before 4pm; so we got home before the rain.

~ Lynda

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Caterham Mile-Eater

The plan had been to celebrate the end of a good season with a stylish Autumn ride - you know the sort of thing - soft sunshine, colours in the trees and a bit of warmth left in the sun.  Well, we did get some of that, but we also got a glimpse of what Winter holds.  Ho hum.

Anyway, eight of us were away promptly from Caterham.  Fast down White Hill, across the A25 at Bletchingley and on down Outwood Lane.  Here we had a shot at something the A Group hasn't tried before - riding 'Through and Off'.  It's a technique widely used in the professional peloton to raise pace and save effort.  The first man rides as fast as he can for a minute or so, then pulls to one side and freewheels to the back of the peloton while the second man takes up the pace-making for a minute or so, and so on.  You'll have seen it.  The benefits of slipstreaming mean that you spend a minute or so at maximum effort followed by five or six minutes going just as fast but not working very hard.

For a bit we did pretty well, and the pace was certainly high.  But then we lost our rhythm and the slipstream was gone.  With a bit more practice I'm sure we could do it well.

On though Smallfield, Copthorne and then another interlude.  Brian had punctured, which was the ideal opportunity to test the Vittoria Pit Stop tyre sealant that I've been carrying round for a couple of months.  It's a pressurised can of sticky stuff that seals the puncture and inflates the tyre without taking the wheel out.  
Can is about 5" high, fits a jersey pocket
It worked OK-ish.  The tyre was inflated, but not as hard as needed, and sealed, but not completely.  With a couple of extra pump-ups the tyre lasted for the next forty miles, which is not too bad.  Indeed, it seemed to be sealing better as the miles went by.  Intended as a 'get you home', it does that.

On South over Turner's Hill, past the reservoirs to Balcombe and down to the pub at Staplefield.  Dave left us here, as his exeat lasted only until lunchtime.  The rest of us received a warm welcome and prompt service of our meals, so we were back on the road just after two.

The Mile-Eaters (John just coming)
A loop South to Warninglid, our furthest point, then North again heading for Faygate, Rusper and tea - Denbies, again.  But the normal tea-room was closed, as they were setting up an event for this evening, so we were blessed with waitress service in the very pleasant third floor restaurant.  A table fit for heroes.

The Miles Eaten

51.19 miles, 3,287 feet of ascent, moving average 14mph - very much what we had planned, and a good show.  But the afternoon weather was a glimpse of Winter - damp, drizzly and even lights on in some of the lanes.  

A good close to the Summer season, and a very creditable opener for Winter.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Christmas Eve Ride

The subject of Christmas and New Year rides raised its head at the A lunch last Wednesday. As Christmas Eve falls on a Wednesday this year, most people felt they are unlikely to be able/want to ride that day due to the obvious family commitments. However, as I am happy to lead a ride that day, I wanted to test the water to see if anyone else is interested in a joint A/B ride on Christmas Eve morning. It would be at maximum an elevenses meet followed by lunch – at minimum just a meet at elevenses (maybe a bit later at a pub?). Anyway, I would be interested to hear views on this and will be asking around at Cobham on 5 November. Or let me know before that if you prefer.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Funeral Arrangements for Pete Jesson

Pete's wife has recently sent me details of the funeral arrangements on Wednesday 15th October, following my earlier announcement of his death on 1st October.
So far seven Wayfarers have indicated they wish to attend, and coming from different directions will be making their own way to the service. For myself I will be riding Pete's bike at Penny's request.

Ged Lawrenson

"Penny Smith" <>

Oct 13 2014, 05:51 PM
Pete's Funeral

It will be on Wednesday 15th October, at 11.00am at Putney Vale Crematorium To get to it you need to leave the A3 as if you are going into Asda Supermarket, then cross the mini roundabout and find the crematorium on your left (it is an inauspicious approach but a lovely entrance when you find it)

It will be a Quaker funeral, lasting about an hour (we have a double slot booked at the Crematorium). The service will be unstructured, whereby the congregation sits to pray or meditate and either remember Pete silently or express their thoughts and feelings for the benefit of all.  It will be introduced by a couple of Quaker Elders who will describe the procedure. If you think you might want to say something you may wish to give this some thought in advance, although whether or not you choose to speak will probably depend on what happens on the day.

We shall be meeting afterwards at the Telegraph Pub, Putney Heath Everyone is invited and transport can be provided either with other guests or by taxi if you let us know in advance that you need it. There will be directions available at the crematorium and it's also walking distance.

If family members would like to send flowers, please arrange it with 'Flowers in the Wind' in Earlsfield - - on 0208 944 5300, referring them to funeral directors, Eversheds.

If anyone wishes to give a donation to a charity in lieu of flowers, please consider Trinity Hospice where Pete spent his last days or Macmillan Nurses who offered us a lifeline when we needed information and understanding. This can be arranged through the Funeral Directors , Evershed Brothers Limited , Tel 02088741490 or on the day.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Caterham Mile-Eater

We've had a good season this year, with some very enjoyable rides.  The pace has steadily climbed, as has the distance covered.  48 ... 49 miles from elevenses to tea, but never quite fifty.  So, taking a lesson from Jens Voigt, I thought we might do an end of season ride that goes the extra mile, so to speak.  Ladies and gentlemen, here for your delectation is the Caterham Mile-Eater.  51 miles from elevenses at Caterham to tea at Denbies (for a change); lunch at the Jolly Tanners, Staplefield.  Rolling stuff, no big hills, but mostly pleasant lanes.  Should be a doddle.

Start at eleven o'clock sharp at Caterham, please - if you can keep a steady pace and hold a wheel, this is the one for you.


B Ride 29th October

I blogged a little while ago that I would take over Pam's ride on 29th October. I'm sorry to say I now can't make it, so it's back to the original plan viz. that Pam will lead from Teddington.

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Pete Jesson

Pete Jesson died on Wednesday 1st October after a short illness. His wife Penny is agreeable for me to put a short note on the Wayfarers blog, and to provide details of the funeral arrangements, should you wish to attend.
Pete joined the Wayfarers in January 2013 and initially rode with the 'Bs', but after a while realised he was fit enough to ride with the 'As'. Living around the corner from me in Southfields, Pete would always call round for us to ride together down to North Cheam, or straight to Elevenses if it was a ride out to West London through Richmond Park. Whilst a long-term CTC member Pete only joined the Wayfarers on a regular basis after retiring from teaching - prior to that he had cycled regularly to work in Richmond, as well as in the Yorkshire Dales, Penny's old family home. Occasionally he would ride with the 'Bs' if a hilly route was impending, and also with Cheam and Morden.
Pete was a keen cycle-tourist and camper, often setting off for solo trips in France with a lightweight tent, making some part of the journey by train. He loved cycling in the Scottish islands, knew them very well, last year cycling and camping/hosteling in the Shetlands.
After cycling with Penny in Normandy in early summer Pete had to cancel a second trip to the South of France in July feeling unwell, and it transpired that his illness was a reoccurrence of earlier cancer. Despite a major operation in August and further treatment Pete died peacefully in a care home.

The funeral - a Quaker service, will take place at Putney Vale Crematorium at 11.00am on Wednesday 15th October and afterwards at the Telegraph Pub, Telegraph Road, Putney Heath.

Penny would be happy if you wished to cycle and turn up in lycra, and would like a rough indication of numbers. Therefore I suggest you email or phone me if you plan to attend so I can let her know.

Please let me know if you require any more information.


Ged Lawrenson
phone 0208 8742597

Pete Jesson

I had not known Peter for that long, but the few conversations I had with him showed him to be a good guy to be around. I am sure that he will be missed by many of us, as he was always good company to be with. My sympathies go out to his family and friends.
Geoff Gregory

Free Wheel Contest Winners!

Sorry for the delay in the pictorial display. Well done Terry for organising as usual a successful event! Ladies first, congratulations to winner Pam who just pipped Helena into 2nd.

 This year Grant managed to knock Mark off his normal first place by using a very aggressive Wiggling style which apparently induces traction into the front tyre and drives the bike forward. Below is the crest fallen Mark with Terry pointing out that his was a moral gentlemans victory!
I guess that next year many will attempt the more aggressive non gentlemanly style.

And the trophy they were all competing for. Both Pam & Grant received this splendid trophy made with loving care and attention by the wonderful Ed who over the years has put so much into our club and will no doubt be making some wonderful cake for the C & M AGM which takes place at his home 2pm on Sunday 19 Oct.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Easy Riders - 8th October

Kingston Bradbury Centre - Ye Olde Swan, Thames Ditton - Kings Centre, Chessington

Leading the “C” group is never dull. First it was me puncturing just before Shepperton. I rang Graham to let the centre know I would be there ASAP then got the train to Norbiton where Graham met me and repaired my puncture. By the time I had blown my nose and thought about it the wheel was out and tyre off, phew.  (Thanks)  He then took me by every little back alley possible and we finished up outside the centre at 11.15, a bit later than I had hoped, so a little change of direction was finally sorted out. Instead of the towpath, which after the heavy rains would have been too wet, Graham wound his way around little paths to get us to Teddington Lock. BUT. on the way through the market there was a tremendous loud bang; it was Les and his front tyre had blown up, Graham to the rescue again. We continued on towards the lock when poor Les blew up again but this time he decided to walk to the station and get the train home. John Bellamy kindly went with him to the station to sort the trains out and then met us at the pub; hope Les got home safely. Thank you John for that. Graham left us at the lock and we then had a trouble free ride to the inn. Seven feasted inside while three lunched alfresco at the local church. Afterwards it was the Kings centre for tea.

A big welcome to Wendy Salmon who made her way to elevenses, lovely to see her again.

Thanks everyone for a lovely day.


B Group - 8th October

With a not very good forecast and damp roads, numbers at Dorking 11s for the annual freewheel competition were less than usual. We took the relatively traffic-free route of Pixham Lane, Punchbowl Lane, Blackbrook Road and Red Lane to the freshly resurfaced Root Hill, where the As were waiting. Terry set off first and went much further than yesterday but was still overtaken and beaten by non-wiggling Mark. Helene was the first lady away and set a good distance which was only just beaten by Pam. Meanwhile vigorously wiggling Grant had taken the lead and wasn’t beaten. We all then proceeded to Brockham where the awards (Ed’s unique wood carvings – thanks Ed) were presented to the winners and the runners-up received a tube – hope you didn’t need it on the way home. The Bs then adjourned to The Dolphin, Betchworth for lunch, which was good and served pretty quickly.

The weather was sunny/showery so plan B was used for the afternoon ie Wonham Lane (where the young deer ran on sight of us), Flanchford Road (carefully over the half bridge) to Leigh. Denbies was the 3s destination, via Clayhall Road, Bunce Common Road then head north through Brockham (beware of many potholes) and note the bonfire, across the golf course then back along Pixham Lane. Later we were joined by the As.

Despite the weather an enjoyable day, thanks to Tim for backmarking, Rob for pushing off (the competitors) and Brian for looking out at an almost blind bend.


Map for Terry's ride today, showing the start point for the Freewheel Competition

The competition was fun, the lunch was very enjoyable, and we didn't get too seriously wet during our meanderings around the lanes.

(8.63 miles in the morning and 9.73 miles after lunch)

A Group 8th October

After confusing the As by taking (most of) them on a different route to the freewheel course, we arrived at Root Hill well before the Bs.
After the prizegiving at Brockham, 8 of us made our way via Strood Green, Bunce Common and Dawesgreen to the A217 where we descended Lonesome Lane to Meath Green and Horley. Lunch was at the Jack Fairman next to Waitrose and we just made it inside before the heavens opened to their full extent (it had only been relatively light rain on the way down). Unfortunately Mike got caught in the downpour as he had stopped en route to take a phone call!
Well refreshed, we made our way back to Meath Green in blustery sunshine, taking a left to cross the A217 and snake the lanes via Norwood Hill and Leigh back to Brockham. There we took the golf course route (not too bad despite the rain) and up Pixham Lane to Denbies where we found the Bs already ensconced. Fortunately they had not eaten quite all the cake.

A relatively short ride, but as much as we could fit in after the competition and enough to blow away the cobwebs. For me, 52 miles door to door

A Group 8th October

Perfect timing by Helène for her ride from the end of the Freewheel Competition at Brockham to tea at Denbies.  Fine enough for the ride to Horley, torrential rain while we enjoyed our lunch, and sunshine for the return leg to tea. 22.8 miles elevenses to tea, rolling average 12.1 mph.

A good run to round off a pleasant day.


Freewheel Competition

This year's Freewheel Competition was held on the Roothill Course, an old favourite but now resplendent with a fine new surface, which gave expectations of new records.  The course was wet, but the weather sunny enough, with a slight tail wind.  Grant, the winner, did indeed set a new record of 1.2 miles,  due partly to the improved conditions and partly to outstanding technique.


First Lady  Pam
Second Lady  Helène

First Gent  Grant
Second Gent  Mark

Thanks to Rob for acting as Starter, to Brian for marshalling at the first fast corner, to Ed for making the excellent trophies and particularly to Terry for organising the event.


Monday, October 06, 2014

First Aid in the Outdoors

I've been asked by a couple of people about appropriate First Aid training to equip us to manage emergency situations.

One answer is the short series of courses offered by the CTC. Click on THIS LINK to find out more about the prices and what is being offered.

The four courses currently scheduled will take place during October and November in Bristol, Bacup in Lancashire, Thornton-le-Dale in Yorkshire, and in Kent (near Goudhurst).

I rang the Courses and Training Helpline (01483 238 337) to find out more and was advised to call Dan Cook in the CTC Sheffield Office (0844 736 8463) who is directly responsible for running these courses. He advised that there are still places available on the Quench Cycles course in Kent on November 20th, mentioning that it is best to turn up with your bike.

~ Tim

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Who ARE they?

Seen from the Driving Seat.
Having decided that this Wednesday Cobham would be a mile too far, I was committed to a day of cycling abstinence. Lunch was to be at Heathrow and the scenic route the outside lane of the M25 via Walton, Headley and Leatherhead. Admiring the mellowing autumn colours as I effortlessly crested Hurst Road beside Steeple Cottage, I was suddenly blinded by a tsunami of multi-coloured lycra and a caravan of highly disciplined cyclists that I proudly recognised as my Midweek Wayfaring clubmates, now viewed not from the saddle but from the driving seat. As fine a body of riders as any motorist could hope to meet. Leader Peter was obviously putting his peloton through their paces, with a reassuring downhill followed by a tasy little tester of a climb to Walton just a few hundred yards away. It really does deserve a chevron. The B Group must be challenging the 'A's for altitude and effort. I think that my next step will be the Easy Riders.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

A Group at Walliswood

A Group Ride 1 October 2014

Autumn rides can be difficult to plan – days are getting shorter and weather can be unpredictable. In the event we were lucky – forecast showers cleared before we left and it was warm enough sit outside for lunch. Some 16 of us set out for the Scarlett Arms at Walliswood.

I had planned the route so that it could be shortened if circumstances required. In the event Simon punctured just before our descent of White Down, and to keep to our intended 1pm lunch booking at the pub, I abandoned the planned meandering climbs of Abinger Lane and Holmbury Hill Road in favour of the direct route south along Horsham Road. My planned route from Lyefield Lane along an unsurfaced byway direct to Walliswood (bone dry for yesterday’s recce but muddy after the overnight rain) was also abandoned in favour of a longer on-road loop, to avert a possible revolt in the peloton.

At the Scarlett Arms we were welcomed, and promptly served a well-received lunch.

On the return we climbed the ever-delightful Weare St before crossing the A24, leading some to anticipate a leisurely return via Newdigate and possibly Brockham. In the event we re-crossed the A24 and A29 and climbed the rarely attempted (perhaps for good reason) Anstie Lane to Coldharbour. Though there were a few comments about this choice of route nobody complained about the descent to Dorking.

32.9 miles by Mark’s reckoning, a satisfying 0.9 miles more than the B Group.

This was quite a hilly route, so my thanks to all who braved the climbs. Particular thanks to Hans, Colin, and Simon for diligent back-marking, and to Mark for the photography.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

B Group - 1st October

Cobham – Westhumble – Cobham
An unusual day
From the title and with a lunch time destination of The Stepping Stones at Westhumble one would think there was nothing odd about the day. Indeed one of the 18 who left Cobham expressed the view it wasn’t far enough – a view that was reinforced by going over Bookham Common, up Blagden Hill and down Chapel Lane and actually stopping at the pub to confirm numbers.
However it was onwards and upwards but not the zig-zag this time. I had a number of “firsts” to achieve. For roads so close to home I have never cycled up Headley Lane, never been to Walton on the Hill up Hurst Road or for that matter never descended the zig-zag!
Somewhere en route a car passed us in the opposite direction. I heard a familiar voice, those behind heard the voice and saw the wave and those even further behind saw Jeff. Was it really him on his way to Heathrow or was it someone else doing a very good impersonation? Did we imagine it? Time will tell!
After lunch the climb up to Ranmore Common was the main event but how to do it? Various opinions were expressed and eliminated. I had planned the more gradual ascent via Dorking and Ashcombe Road. Thereafter it was familiar territory running down to Sainsbury’s at Cobham via Crocknorth Road and Chalk Lane (Another first for Pam – not having done the lane in that direction before).
We lost numbers during the day with VAT Returns and recovery from injuries being cited. 8 made it to tea. And Tim ended up in Giro! in Esher.
We did a very modest 32 miles but nonetheless it was a good workout on a warm Autumn day.
Peter T

Peter's route from Cobham to Westhumble (19.4 miles) then back to Cobham for Tea (12.5 miles approx)

A Group 1st October

North Downs breakout from Cobham today - Dave led us South to the Scarlett Arms at Walliswood for lunch then back to Denbies for tea, by a route we rarely take.  32.9 miles, 2,426 ft of ascent and a rolling average of 12.3 mph.

A proper 'A' group ride with some proper 'A' Group hills.