Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 29th Rides

Hello Wayfarers and friends

At Shepperton yesterday we welcomed recuperating Ken, Nev and Fuzz, although the latter found it tough going and was last seen heading off home – OK I hope. Confucius at large yesterday led us to believe Hersham Day Centre was closed and I spoke of an alternative venue for Wednesday week.
Derek rang today to say that he had visited and found the problem sorted (a ceiling panel re-fixed). Hersham would be more than disappointed to lose 'C' group's 12Apr06 visit so it is best that we forget the Kingston swap and revert to the published venue, HERSHAM. I will repeat this at Cobham next week.

Irene is now in her new home and loving it. The family gathered to Help her move and the neighbours have made her welcome. Her address should read Colnebridge Close, not as I mistakenly listed.

I asked around about reviving our "early birds" ride on the longest day and it will take place on 21Jun06, with Pete M leading, from N Cheam at 07:00, Leatherhead Station at 07:30 and breakfast at The Lynd Cross Horsham around 09:00. Tradition has it that we then plummet south for a south Sussex lunch, with the round trip likely to be 100-120 miles. I have ordered 12 breakfasts and won't need them all.

Some messages follow: Hi Brian. Thanks for all the reports! Once or twice I have had need to use the internet so have read them all! I shall be back home on Thursday {today - welcome home Pam} - unbelievable - seems an awful long time since riding out with the club. It's been very hot here for the last week or so which has led to less riding and more relaxing!!! Hope to be at elevenses next week, but I may have to join our more mature members after reading the ride reports!! Regards to all, ttfn Pam

Dear Brian, Mike has asked me to let you know that he is currently "relaxing", c/o Royal Surrey Hospital Guildford. He's having eating problems and been admitted for tests and observation, so will be out of action for a bit. Pat Withers {thanks, Pat - please pass on our best wishes}

Vic led fifteen 'A' group, Pete M, Pete B, Bob, Ray, Graham, Grant, Irene, John M, Steve, Frank C, Brian, Frank H, Ed and visitor Don on our annual pilgrimage to Hampshire - North Farnborough to be precise - where we split between pubs to avoid overcrowding. This must have been Hub's ninth or tenth visit and I still doubt if I could find my way without a good leader, but we all got there somehow. 13 stopped at threatened Ripley Day Centre and were delighted to be treated to tea and biscuits by our leader – thanks Vic. Steve reckoned he rode 70 miles.

Gill led 'B' group of nine - Judy, Angie, Norman, Terry, Les, Ray, Robin and Mike - heading off from the Greeno to Chertsey and from there out via Stonehill Road to Gracious Pond Road. We crossed the A383 at Burrowhill to do a loop through Valley End, rejoining the A383 and following it across Chobham Common to Sunningdale. It was here, at the bottom of a steep hill, that the chain on Judy's bike jammed, causing a temporary halt while bicycle doctors Les, Norman, Terry and Mike sorted it out. All went well after that - the sun was out and the scenery was lovely as we skirted Windsor Great Park still on the A383 before turning off to the village of Woodside for lunch at the Duke of Edinburgh pub. Having phoned ahead, tables were reserved for us and we were welcomed in by friendly staff. There was a good choice on the menu, meals were served with little waiting and all looked excellent. A dark cloud loomed overhead as we came out, but fortunately came to nothing. Our return route took us into Windsor Great Park via the gate on the A332 - just before reaching the gate we were overtaken by 4 or 5 police on motorcycles, followed by two police vehicles, which caused a bit of a stir! It was a lovely ride across the park to Bishops Gate, then via Englefield Green, down Tite Hill to Egham and back on the flat past Thorpe, Laleham Golf Course, to Chertsey and finally Shepperton for tea at the Bakery. Here we found 'C' Group just departing and telling us they had eaten all the cream cakes! Thanks to everyone for their support on my first ride as a leader and to Irene for suggesting the route and helping with checking it out. Cheers, Gill

Brian et al, I must congratulate Gill, she is an excellent leader and we had a very enjoyable ride with great "Duke of Edinburgh" food. My thanks also to Angie for an excellent route back to Sutton. I think next week I will have to revert to our 'A' ride as the pace and distance yesterday was hard to keep up. Sixty four miles round trip to Sutton to sort the daughters dog out and 16mls return Walton le Hill/Sutton making 80mls in total. I waskn....rd. Defector Mike M.

I led 'C' group in a round trip from and to Shepperton. The starters were: Albert (left us shortly after lunch at Engelfield Green), Beryl, Bill, David A, Dennis (miraculously appearing and disappearing at various points of the ride), Fuzz (briefly), Geoff (left us at Thorpe), Harold, John C, John S, Ken, Lynda, Mark, Roger and myself. We cycled to Chertsey, and shortly after crossing Chertsey Bridge, turned off-road onto Ferry Lane, over the M3 and through Laleham Golf Course, Laleham Reach and Penton Hook Marina.
We turned right onto Staines Road and then immediately left going through Thorpe, and continuing on towards Virginia Water. Just before Virginia Water Station, we turned left towards Trumps Green, and via Crown Road, Harpesford Avenue and Wellington Road, entered the Wentworth Estate and Championship Golf Course. We passed the magnificent fountain and Club House, and emerged, via Pinewood Road, at the Wheatsheaf pub on the A30. Stillbefore 12:30, we decided not to stop and eat, but entered Windsor Great Park and cycled another couple of miles via the Totem Pole and Saville Gardens to the Sun Public House on Wick Lane. In the warm sunshine, the majority of the party lunched outside, out of the wind in the walled garden. After lunch, we cycled through Englefield Green, free-wheeled down Tite Hill to Egham, and on into Staines. We took the Thames towpath from Staines to Laleham, and the B376 over the M3 to Shepperton. Most had tea at the bakery in Shepperton High Street. As we left the bakery a few minutes before 4 p.m. we met 'B' Group arriving for their tea. Lynda clocked a total of 46 miles from Cheam.
Regards John Gould

I counted fourteen of us when we started off from Shepperton with John G leading. The weather was warmer than of late with a fair bit of sun and although some rain was forecast we had it dry all day. Apart from a couple of newcomers there was Mark, Dennis, Beryl, Lynda, Harold, Roger, Bill, the other John and me. Apologies to the other three {but see the leader's report}! - doctor tells me my complaint is `age related`. Anyway we pressed on to Saville Gardens and the Sun pub via Chertsey Meads, Staines Lane, Norlands Road, along Coldharbour Lane and turned left at The Red Lion, Thorpe, passing The Rose and Crown on Thorpe Green to Virginia Water where, at the traffic lights a decision was made to take the scenic route left under the railway bridge and a right turn into Wentworth estate. We emerged opposite the Wheatsheaf and entered the park where we skirted the lake for a fair way before arriving at our destination and a welcome pint. After that I made my way to have tea with my daughter and granddaughter at Englefield Green, being nearby. It was a well thought out ride but I expect a more direct route was used for their return. I clocked 25miles. Albert

Cobham next week - au revoir - Hub

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not a pretty sight

Here's what kept me away from today's ride. 'Catastrophic hub failure' as the bike shop put it. Luckily!? the hub is less than nine months old and still under guarantee.

Friday, March 24, 2006

March 22nd (more)

Thanks for stepping in Mark with a pretty full coverage of our ride. I`ve been flogging away at this computor today and it`s been playing up somewhat. I can provide some fill-in to your report however. Since it was my intention to send in a report, I asked the young lady her name and it is Toni and she was having a day off work (remember that stuff we had to do long ago to keep body and soul together?). Another thing was the weather which improved no end when that wretched wind subsided. The pub by the way was The Royal Oak, a very well appointed establishment with obliging staff and good food. The beer was`nt bad either. I found the last bit of offroad before lunch rather off-putting but on the whole most enjoyable.Thanks Harold. It was good to see Fuzz who made the course in style. By the time I reached home I had clocked over 41mls. Fortunately I keep a good stock of the right stuff for medicinal purposes so I am almost back to normal (whatever that is) Albert

led group of six, Angie, Terry, Les, defector Rob and Phil M from Douglas Brunton Day Centre, down Burntwood Lane to the exciting competition with traffic round Caterham roundabout and along the valley to the former Slines New Road, up Lunghurst to Woldingham, pausing to let Phil catch up. Towards Westerham, down Rectory Lane cross the Pilgrims Way, down Clackets Lane, across the A25 by the Grasshopper, up to Limpsfield Chart, then down Crockham Hill to Edenbridge where we lunched at the friendly King and Queen pub. We lost Phil during the descent, he had warned us not to wait if he was too slow. After lunch, we returned via Crowhurst, Tandridge Tilburstow Hill, Bletchingley and Merstham to tea at Fanny's Farm. Au revoir Norman

Hi Brian, Great to read that Mark Roy is on the road back his old self. The bike and fellow riders and their encouragement should be the best cure. Bob Lees

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Heard on the ride

He was too modest to mention this, but no-one on the A ride who was privileged to be within earshot on the road from the Jubilee Oak to Charlwood will readily forget Brian's spirited, full volume rendition into a stiff head wind of Sir Hubert Pym's all-time classic "I want to say hello". An encore at Denbies was postponed for the sake of the glass roof, but Brian is taking bookings for next year's barn dance and Bob is arranging a minidisc version.

March 22nd Rides

We had a good turnout of 'A' and 'B' groups at Caterham yesterday, plus on a rare appearance there, Phil M and of course local Eric. We welcomed Will Almond back after a long absence and we hope he will be riding with us regularly. Julian told me that Bernard's progress is ahead of target and we are all delighted about this. I saw Ken Preece yesterday and he is again taking mild rides with our local Probus group.

Bob led 'A' group along the North Downs Way to White Hill, which we descended with care to join Sustrans route 21 through the wildlife parks, Redhill, Horley and Gatwick Airport to Crawley, where we again so soon sought out the Jubilee Oak for a prolonged respite. We returned via Charlwood, Leigh and Brockham to tea at Denbighs, from where Jen had to find her way alone back to Caterham - car assistance gone awry! Meanwhile, after going well on my blue Pearson bike, I ground to a sudden halt on a sharp incline at Ashtead, where I was glad of the assistance of Ed and Will in diagnosing and correcting the front mech wrench.

I had been very tempted to defect, as did Rob, to 'B' group, Norman's declared destination being Edenbridge, a favourite of mine. If I hear any more, you'll hear too!

Hi Brian, I was told by the leader to send a report of 'C' group ride, which was my first full ride since I suffered my bout of depression, and I am glad to say that I am out of this nasty ailment. Those with experience of this disease know what it is like, but those who don't know, I can explain what it is like; outwardly a person looks healthy and normal but inside is all empty and lost, no desire to do anything, meet anybody, eat anything, loss of sleep, no desire to look at, let alone ride a bicycle, in fact no desire to live. Fortunately I am feeling ok now. Back to the ride - from Teddington, Harold led our group of Albert, Ron, Beryl, John, Roger, Mike, Bill, Lynda, Fuzz, Dave, Dennis and the other young lady I did not get the name of and so can only describe her as very good looking and attractive, strong cyclist always behind the leader. Our route was very interesting, back alleyways to the banks of River Crane towards Twickenham Rugby stadium then on the tow path of Duke of Northumberland river to Isleworth where we stopped for lunch, then back towards Richmond, through the park at Marble Hill and eventually crossed Richmond Bridge. We then followed the towpath to Teddington Lock and over the lock to Bushey Park where our leader departed and with Albert also gone we intended to have tea at Hampton Court but somehow I lost the plot and came home without completing the ride and without tea. That is my story, Mark Roy {thanks for your revealing insight, Mark}

All groups are back together again next week at Shepperton, where Gill makes her debut as 'B' leader, so I guess there will be defections galore to be on her ride.

See you there. Slowing Hub.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Test post

This is a test posting, but while I'm at it - thanks to Graham for last Wednesday's enjoyable ride.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wayfarers Rides March 15th

Graham writes: Apologies for the delay but you may have spotted my running nose. It's still running so I'll be brief. A dozen of us 'A' group headed off between the Wey (river) and Wey (navigation) - a new route to most. It features caravans aplenty, a quarry and two large stiles either side of a railway embankment - reasons enough to find an alternative next time. After New Haw came Byfleet, Muddy Lane, and Pyrford lock. We paused outside the Seven Stars where Steve punctured, before heading along Papercourt Lane to Send, Old Woking and Mayford. After the briefest of visits to Brookwood Cemetery it was downhill to the Cricketers Pirbright for a promptly served lunch. Bob and Mike appeared having been delayed at the start. The route back was Fox Corner, Worplesdon and Jacob's Well, to the A3 where we almost hauled in 'B' group before they turned off up Potters Lane. Ockham Bites was our tea stop. The Ides of March had been a fine day to be out on the bike.

Hello Brian I led 'B' group of Gill, Judy, Bernard (briefly), Cliff, Jon, Les, Norman, Ray H and Robin through Weybridge and Brooklands to Byfleet where we joined the Wey Navigation towpath heading north, crossing via the footbridge to join the Basingstoke Canal towpath. We stayed on the towpath for 8 miles, very scenic and peaceful it was too, noting the local wildlife (many appeared to be sleeping) with just the occasional traffic noise mostly in the Woking area. Leaving the towpath at Hermitage Bridge (west of St. Johns) we rode to The Bird in Hand at Mayford via Blackhorse Road and Saunders Lane. The ride so far had been dry and cloudy but during lunch the sun came out and stayed out. Great! The east wind was still quite cool, though. Ray H left us after lunch when we headed for Ripley via the lanes and cycle track alongside the A3. I left the group and headed for home when we reached Cobham. Terry

Only seven of us 'C' group left Weybridge with my promise of leading to The Nags Head at Sunninghill. There was me, Bill, Allan, Mark, Roger, Harold and Dennis. Mark said he might peel off early, which he did. We turned right off Church Road, through Minorca Road to Portmore Park Road and on to the cycle path to Addlestone. From Prairie Road we took a right turn up Green Lane, thence up Holloway Hill and the next hill past Fan Court, but at the first motorway bridge it was decided, due to the passage of time, to make for a nearer venue, The Crown Grove at Chobham. Bill and Dennis had sandwiches and the rest of us enjoyed the experience of the new enlarged `No Smoking` bar for lunch. An easy ride back through Stonehills and all six of us had tea at my place. Addlestone day centre is closed all this week. I'm not sorry, as it's great having some company off the road! Incidentally weather-wise it was spot-on. All the best Albert

Bob recommends good tyres for his ride next week from Caterham, as bridleways and tracks through country parks will feature prominently.

See you there. Hub.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

DA Photographic Comp Result

The DA Photographic competition winners are now up - with pictures - on the SWLDA website


Friday, March 10, 2006

Wayfarers Lunch Venue

08Mar06 rides

Lunching at The Punchbowl, Julian noted a rare slip-of-the-tongue by Bob, who inadvertently referred to his Tuesday visit to a Wetherspoon pub. We all know what you meant to say, Jimmy.

Hi Brian, writes ‘B’ group leader Lynda. Well, it was a good turn-out at Bockett’s Farm considering the weather forecast. I led Carole, ‘Nita, Liz, Gill, Angie, Terry, Norman, Les, John M, Bernard and Cliff out of the farm and did a left heading towards Bookham. We took another left in the direction of Polesden Lacey to Dorking Road which led to Chapel Lane. It was a hard hill to climb but we were soon rewarded with the downhill to The Stepping Stones. Here it started to rain quite heavily; we continued along the cycle path to Pixham Lane; turned left, then left again along the main road at the top to the right turn to Brockham. We enjoyed a very nice lunch at The Royal Oak, then retraced our route back to Leatherhead, Ashtead, and stopped in Epsom at the Pie Shop (by the Clock Tower) for tea, coffee and a very nice hot chocolate. Lynda.

For ‘C’ group Albert [welcome back, Albert] writes: The day started off cold but not as wet as forecast which may have resulted in the rather low turnout at Claygate. There were just eight of us ‘easy riders‘ led by Dave with Mark, Bill, Roger, Dennis, Ron and me, (alright I know that’s only seven!) en route for the Black Swan (Mucky Duck) at Martyrs Green. I have followed Dave on this route before, starting with a bit of Claygate Common then over the A3 to Princes Covert for some more offroad over Fairmile Common. I checked the name of the Common at the car park, not having heard Dave say ‘ we’re off‘ and asked the driver of a van which of the many paths they had taken. Even so there were many diverse paths along the way and I was glad of the tracks they had made to where they waited. We joined the tarmac to Oxshott, turning off Downside Bridge Road at Plough Lane with the old familiar climb to our lunch venue. Mark left us early on and Dennis had a crank come adrift and was obliged to leave the ride. The rain was rather heavy as we turned into Plough Lane and we caped-up. Happily the sun came out later and we took tea.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Group March 8th

A Ride March 8th
The weather forcast was grim! at first it seemed we might have got away with it, after 11s at Bocketts on our way towards Newdigate it became heavy rain until just before lunch at The Punch Bowl, Oakwood Hill. Good friendly service quick and efficient. Leaving- a pleasant tail wind took us to Abinger for tea & cakes, unfortunately the rain returned heavier than ever for the ride home. Julian, Brian, Ray, Jake, Irene, Graham, Pete B, Ed, Vic, Mike, Bob, Jen, all braved the elements. 58 Miles

Thursday, March 02, 2006

March 1st Dinner Day

Another mammoth turnout at Cobham yesterday, including all our seniors except Bill Stead, who Fuzz tells me is doing well. It was great to see Jack Dowson, until recently a regular 'B' leader, looking good but suffering now with dental problems. Most of us (52 in all) were at our annual lunch, this year back at The Foley Arms, where a good meal in the banqueting hall was complemented by our traditional quiz, won in fine style by debutant 'A' leader Julian. As the quiz was prepared in a hurry and re-used some questions from 2001, I was pleased that the winner was seeing all questions for the first time. Well done, Julian - on both counts.
Hi Brian, Hope you had better weather this week! It sounded terrible for last weeks run. I wont say too much about our weather here on Furventura!!! But it's very windy and we have had a few showers the last couple of days. Had our ride out to-day, up-hill for 15 miles into the wind then down hill in the opposite direction (as good as)! We enjoy exploring the dirt roads and finding remote bars!! Today we were chatting to a group of folks who live here and one of the chaps raced against Hugh Porter in his hey day! Plus a few other well-knowns. Must go for it is time for a tipple before dinner - my best wishes to all, Ttfn Pam. PS: how is Irene? Hope she had a smooth house change. [not yet, but soon]
Brian, What a kind and generous gentleman you are, giving up your fish pie for me. I will repay you a thousand fold some time (as you know I am inclined to exaggerate) but seriously which would you like, Marks & Sparks, Iceland, Birds Eye, Young's, etc. etc. Your wish is my command. I won't make next Tuesday's offroad run as I have a meeting in Farnborough Hants. I just spoke to Terry this evening and he has been to see Godfrey this afternoon in St. Helier. He should have gone to St George's yesterday for an angiogram but is still waiting to get in, so we wish him well. I will send him a card to 20 Saint James Ave., Sutton SM1 2TH. Please tell your kid brother that I phoned Myella about accommodation in Dumfries. She was very helpful and sounded very nice on the phone but she is planning to move to Mexico before then but she has offered to send me by e-mail some suggestions (no adverse comments please). It seemed that she lived in a village about 8mls from the base at Heath Hall, so maybe not ideal. Kind regards, Mike M.
Brian, Here is our 'A' ride report: On a glorious, crisp St David's Day, Julian led a group of 19 A riders from Cobham to our annual lunch at the Foley Arms in Claygate--Ed C, Ed S, Graham, Irene, Pete B, Pete M, Grant, Bob, John S, Frank C, Frank H, Rob, Mike, Ray, Toni, Steve +2 (apologies for the missing names). We went via the Black Swan, left at the Hautboy along to Drift Lane and to Effingham Junction, up to Bookham by Little Bookham Street, across Bookham Common to Hundred Pound Bridge, under the M25 and along the track across the Mole to Tilt Road, up Fairmile Lane and Littleheath Lane to Oxshott, through the Crown estate and along the track over the A3 to Claygate and our warm welcome at the Foley Arms. All the best............Julian
Les led a twelve-strong group from Cobham to Claygate, for lunch at Foley Arms via Martyrs Green, Effingham Junction, Effingham, Lower Road, Leatherhead and Oxshott. Dry, sunny. Arrived 12.30 in good time to transport drinks on the long trek from the bar to the dining hall. After lunch members made their own way home.
Hi Brian Eight of us 'C' Group left Cobham shortly after 11.00, Beryl, Bill the Calligrapher, Roger, Dave Davies, John C, Geoff Clarke, Ron Weeden and myself. Weather was fine and sunny but very cold. The closure of Blundells Lane meant a bit of a diversion to get to Oxshott. From the Oxshott road we turned into Fairoak Lane, then through the Covert Wood to emerge into Claygate. For reasons I will not go into now [shame], I had not managed to get myself a place at the Foley Arms lunch. We had made quite good time, arriving at Foley Road at about 12.15 so I pointed the six who were going to lunch in the direction of The Foley Arms and Ron and I made for the Claygate day centre. There we met Maria and Tom Fish who were just on their way to lunch. I hope my six arrived safely at the luncheon and everyone had a good time. For myself I had a most economical lunch of sandwiches and coffee at the day centre and then made my way slowly home. Cheers Mike Withers
It's Claygate again next week for those not venturing into the wilds of Bockett's Farm, so see you wherever.

It would appear from my computer that Godfrey has been shipped out.
Hopefully, all will be well at St George's for him. He will be
Discharged from St George's to home and not back here to St Helier. I popped up to see him on Monday and he looked and said he felt very well, so lets keep our fingers crossed. He must have had an awful ride home, poor thingey.

Hope to be out next Wednesday, so see you all then.

Angie x

Wednesday, March 01, 2006