Thursday, October 27, 2005

26th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Everyone seemed to enjoy our new Teddington venue (and Elleray Hall enjoyed hosting us), down Tom Fish's way and it was good to see him, and Fuzz, turn out for the occasion.

Tonight (Wed) at 8 on ITV was their annual TV awards show from Royal Albert Hall, apparently live as they invite viewer vote input. I wouldn't have given it a second glance except that when assessing on which ride to join us, new Wayfarer John Bassett told me he was concerned to get home in time to get to said RAH in time for tonight's organ recital by Dame Gillian Weir, which is taking place as I write. How do ITV get away with conning people into believing they can influence the awards, when the hardware is already gracing mantelshelves. At least our award ceremony was genuinely live and I am disappointed that eloquent Ron Beams (99) was not there to make the award to Lynda. That would have made a picture for the album. I managed to get the shield back to Cheam for Lynda despite a buckled wheel caused by a snapped spoke. No "A" group punctures this week though,

Seen by Deanna in The Surrey Advertiser: "The funeral of Angela Bullard who for 25 years ran the tea rooms at Abinger Hammer, took place at the Church of the Holy Ghost, Chilworth Friary, followed by interment at Shere. A widow with one daughter, Mrs Bullard was 75 and had lived in the village for 60 years. She died after a short period of ill health." Many cyclists will have revived [and relieved] themselves at these tea rooms. When Angela retired not so long ago, the Abinger Post Office/store found room to open a small cafe so the Abinger Tearoom tradition thankfully lives on. Thanks,

Hi Brian (says Pam) Thank you for taking the trouble to email me re the cycle show. Sorry I missed you there but I did see 'les girls'! Sorry I missed yesterday's ride (19Oct05). Irene arrived back from her hols the same day I arrived home after being away for several weeks! Irene told methat 11's was miles away from us so she, Peter, Ron and myself met in Chertsey, for our 11's at Fairoaks, lunch at The Rose and Crown, Woodside then back to my place for afternoon tea! I did make 35 miles! After tea I cycled to Staines Bridge with the others, on my way to Thamesside Trailers in Chertsey Lane. I was so lucky, just got there as the heavens opened! No doubt (I hope) Irene and co. found shelter! Hope to see you next
Wednesday, all the very best,
Pam [hope fulfilled]

Returning from his fifth wardening stint of the year, our "A" group leader Graham had only a day and a bit to devise the ride which turned out to be short by our standards. Bob, Brian, new boy John Bassett, Ed, Frank C, Irene, Toni, Pam, Pete B, Pete M, Ray D, Ray H, Rob, Vic and me (15) went from Park Road into Bushey Park where we passed "B" Group. It was a day for encounters; the next being with a gentleman on the Hampton Count Way shared path. Left over the level crossing and right into Speer Road produced roadworks and a mounted police lady rider under instruction. Back across Hampton Count Way we passed close to Esher sewage works (where our leader had "lifted" in '65) and along the path to Hersham. A right turn before the railway led to Rydens Road, Station Avenue and Oaklands Avenue. More roadworks in Princes Road and a breakaway headed for the loos at Weybridge Day Centre. We regrouped for the canal road into Addlestone, and Ottershaw via Liberty Lane. Lunch was taken in the Royal Marine in Lyne; very 'cosy' and by chance almost empty. For once there were no moans about the service. Luckily, Irene had plenty of cakes left over from Sunday's run so it was back to her place for tea via Chertsey, Shepperton Lock, Gaston Way and Sunbury Cemetery (Green Lane). There was time for a detour into Springfield Grove to view a recent sculpture created from a storm-damaged tree. It had been the perfect Autumn day: warm and the ever present threat of rain not materialising. Our day was spoilt by a white van driver who found it amusing(?) to drive straight at us on the wrong side of Almners Road (Lyne) with horn blaring, passing us dangerously close then turning back to have another go, just as close but in our direction. This was our chance to get details and he has been reported. PS If you're thinking of going the way I intended to get home, the EU meeting in Hampton Court Palace means the towpath to Kingston is closed until Friday.

Terry led Gill, Judy, Bernard, Cliff, John M, Les and Norman from new 11s venue at Teddington, through Bushy Park (being passed by 'A' group) to Hampton Court bridge then along the towpath to Walton bridge. A very enjoyable ride, fairly dry so the fallen leaves were not a problem. At Walton bridge we took to the road to Weybridge, through Brooklands, noting the remaining stretch of banking on which Geoff Avis [cycle] and John M's dad [motor cycle] competed decades ago. Then via Parvis Road and Old Parvis Road to join the towpath alongside the Wey Navigation (beware roots, but drier than when we last rode here a fortnight ago). After a very nice lunch at The Anchor at Pyrford Lock we rode along Lock Lane and Warren Lane to Pyrford then via Ripley, Rosehill Lane and Guileshill Lane. Passing The Black Swan we soon reached our most elevated point of the day - at the crest of the slope we were 60m higher than Bernard's house [a few more people now know that]. Shortly we turned right into Chilbrook Lane to Downside then via the track to emerge onto Tilt Road, turning right onto the A245 for refreshments at Seymour's. From there we went our separate ways, I continued with the main group to Leatherhead to order a replacement tyre for the one that blew out on me yesterday just as I was beginning to pick up speed descending, after having ridden up Coombe Bottom.

The weather was great and I had a nice flat ride to the new elevenses at Teddington which appeared somewhat lived in, but was nevertheless clean and inviting with the added bonus (as Vic informed me) of being cheap! We had a good turnout and you made a nice presentation speech to hand over the shield to Lynda . John led fifteen of us 'C' group en route for The George at Stoke D`Abernon. Apart from me`n`im we had three ladies, Lynda, Carol and Beryl. Then came Mark, Dave, Ron, Roger, Phil, Bill, Geoff, Derek, Harold and Alan. We rode through Bushey Park and over Hampton Court bridge, then turned left into Summer Lane where we found the level crossing gates closed. While waiting Derek decided to leave us. He turned up for tea at Claygate incidentally. When the gates opened we carried on through Thames Ditton, Claygate and Claremont Park with a spot of off-road on Esher Common arriving as last week in Fairmile Lane and then Stoke Road with a short ride to The George where Harold bought me a pint. Alan seemed to be missing (hope you were OK if you read this Alan). John's rear wheel had shed one of its sixteen spokes and since no end of tweaking with a spoke spanner could take out a distinct wobble he decided to call it a day and make for home as his bike was just about rideable. The rest of us turned up Blundells Lane with a few hard climbs for the return journey to Claygate where ten of us took tea. By the time I arrived home it was five o'clock and I had 36 miles under my belt. Thank goodness the sun was over the yard arm. (not that I need an excuse!)
Regards Albert

See you at Cobham next week

Olleh Brian

Thursday, October 20, 2005

19th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Hello Wayfarers from Mark Roy. At our AGM, when Brian handed over our rides attendances records, someone suggested we should also keep our records of punctures, marked with Ps. The matter was left at that without serious attention. This made me think what is the importance of a puncture? I think a puncture is the most important part of our cycling. If we have a puncture we can't keep on cycling without changing the tube or mending the puncture and that is a lot of trouble and effort and embarrassment and it delays other cyclists, and if you have two punctures in one ride we feel very bad about it, sometimes I feel I am going to give up cycling (not all). Therefore, it is a brave effort get over the incidence of punctures. I think a person should be honoured who weathers this storm of having so many punctures and continue cycling. For this I am willing to put up cup or suitable trophy awarded on an annual basis to the person with most punctures during a year. It may be called Mark Roy puncture cup. You may laugh. I think it is a suggestion we can all give our opinion on. [Several members have recorded their punctures for the period just ended, but most have not. I suggest all regulars wishing to participate in puncture recording do so on their annual rides attendance record and we assess the response at our next AGM before Mark commits to his generous gesture. Feedback from others on this proposal would be most welcome - Brian].

Pete M led 'A' group from Caterham with Ed, Grant, John S. Brian, Bob, Pete B, Tony and Ray D enjoying an often-brilliant day of serious hills taking us via Marden Park to lunch at The Crown Knockholt in Kent. More 1in5 hills to Cudham and Biggin Hill, a welcome long run down Featherbed Lane before a climb to tea at The Pond Tea Rooms at Coombe Wood. A busy ride home through the school rush period, noting the trams were well loaded with scholars. 52 miles From Pete Mitchell

From Caterham, five of us, Cliff Whitfield, Bernard Brindley, Angie Launder, Norman Goody and I rode to “The Old House At Home” at Dormansland, Licensees; Trevor and Tina Jobson. We partook of the usual grotty lunch. After lunch Norman set off for home- he was going to The Albert Hall in the evening. The rest of us rode via Titsey Hill. The intention was to have tea at Woldingham Garden Centre, but nobody wanted to stop for tea, which was just as well because it appears not to exist now. Weather: sunny intervals and showers. We didn’t have any heavy rain but judging by the amount of surface water there had been heavy rain previously. I clocked 60.66 miles. Les Johnston

Nice to see Fuzz at elevenses at Claygate. I counted eleven of us following Harold en route to The Running Mare at Cobham. There was Bill, Mark, Geoff, John, Beryl, Roger, Ron W, Dave, plus Harold and me (I've only missed one out this time!). In about half a mile we were on Claygate Common, then Arbrook Common and Esher Common. Apart from a few light showers the weather was fine but the surfaces were somewhat tricky in places and some walking was necessary. I managed to come off and skin my arm but with Beryl's help and my first aid kit was soon patched up. We regained the tarmac in Sandy Lane at the end of which we turned left into Miles Lane, then Fairmile Lane and Stoke Road less than half a mile from our destination. I assumed it was Harold's intention to return to Claygate for tea where he had left his car but I made tracks for my local clinic via Cobham and Byfleet. I am pretty sure their return route was a little gentler! Regards Albert

See you next Wednesday, all together at our new Elleray Hall, Elleray Road, Teddington venue, where Lynda will be awarded her shield. Not to be missed!

Olleh Brian

Thursday, October 13, 2005

12th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

That's it for another year - AGM done and dusted - a new name for engraving on the trophy - read all about it in the draft minutes - thanks for your vote of confidence - your comments on the minutes and on the next paragraph welcomed prior to firming up.

Regarding our annual Anniversary Lunch, I have contacted The Foley Arms PH: 106 Hare Lane, Claygate, a previous venue, and confirmed that they would be pleased to accommodate us for a £10 two course set lunch on Wednesday 1st March 2006. Meals would be served on plates collected from servery tables, not self-served. We would be accommodated in the separate "Hall" and numbers would be limited to 50 members. Sounds OK.

Our Indian summer came to an abrupt end at lunchtime yesterday, giving our gardens much of the water they craved. Despite wearing both rain-proofs, I managed to arrive home soaked through. I expect I was not the only one. As I made off for Tooting to deliver medical data, a big white van stopped on a lay-by at Sandown Park, pretending to have a go at me, but it turned out to be a greeting from our own Tony Hooker, who even in the pouring rain, said he wished he were out with the Wayfarers - he would say that from his dry cab, wouldn't he?

Vic, having wrested leaders duties from Ed, said 'A' group were off to Laleham - I've heard nothing more of them since.

'A' group ride report from Pete Mitchell

At least I can do something that Vic can't do ie send a report in! Due tochatting I missed the start but met up with Vic, Ed, Les, John, Ray, Rob,Pete, Tony, Frank C, and Jen at The Feathers at Laleham for a friendly welcome and good food. Upon leaving the rain hit us and the route to TheTilt Café at Hampton Court via the tow path made us very muddy due to an assortment of sandy puddles. I did mention that Judy's pristine new machine would need a good clean if 'B' group came this way!
[Thanks, Pete. Shame I missed what would have been a new-to-me pub - Brian]

After our AGM, 'B' group, a select and very clean six of us, set off led by Bernard in his maiden leader-role. For reasons best known to him there were no clues as to where we were going. Initially it was through the very posh private estate of St George's Hill, our exit was barred by an eight-foot gate, but - by magic - it opened for us. Then to the Basingstoke Canal and to the not-very-special Black Prince pub. So far it was nice and dry. After lunch it was wet, seriously wet. Back to the towpath where the puddles are already forming. Three more miles on that towpath then we cut across to the Wey Navigation and five more miles of puddles with a good many roots, pot-holes, etc. But we did have the compensation of seeing a Grebe. Anyway, we survived and no-one fell in the canal, but we were no longer clean, being somewhat bedraggled and muddy at a pub at the beginning of the Thames Path where we had tea. Judy's pristine bike didn't look quite so smart after this ill-treatment. Along the Thames Path to Hampton Court after which we had tarmac for the rest of the way. From North Cheam it was 44 miles at an average speed of 10 miles an hour, which was quite fast considering how careful we had to be on the towpaths.
Hope this is OK
Best regards Bernard
[excellent, thanks Bernard - we hope your next lead is in kinder weather]

The weather was still fairly mild and the rain had held off so, after the AGM at Hersham, most preferred a ride and Ron led around ten of us, Bill, Mark, Dave, Dennis, Beryl, Roger, Mike and Mary on their tandem, plus yours truly up the Burwood Road where we turned right into Burwood Estate emerging at Sir Richards Bridge on Queens Road. Crossing over the bridge we took a left turn into Ashley Park and then out again at Walton Bridge. Going under the bridge we joined the towpath. We took a right turn at Molesey Boat Club and five of us went to the Bell for lunch, Beryl, Roger, Mike, Mary and me. Draught beer was off, there being a hitch in the pumps so we made do with lager. That's beer anyway. They do a very nice bacon and brie baguette by the way. While this was all going on the rain started in earnest. The others who had been to the day centre were waiting for us outside all caped up. The prospect of making for Claygate for tea was not promising but Ron, Dave, Dennis, Roger, Beryl and me went into Indian file behind Ron along some pretty damp off-road (I cant find it on the map) and ended up at Claygate DC where we recovered with tea and coffee. I rode home via Esher and Hersham and it was still coming down stair rods, not to mention the showers from passing cars. The one bright spot on my journey home near Esher was a huge traffic tailback on Lamass Lane, which I was able to circumnavigate.
I clocked 27 miles and three hours ride time. By the way, it was nice to be nominated for the Arthur Jessop Shield, but like nearly everyone else I voted for Lynda, a worthy recipient of the trophy.
Yours Albert [and yours a worthy nomination, Albert]

Hi Brian I am very pleased to hear that I have been voted for the Arthur Jessop Shield. I am very chuffed that enough people voted for me to win. Thank you all very much. I am busy at The Bell this week, filling in for my manager, who is away on holiday in France. I shall be going to the Cycle Show on Sunday, then, early Monday morning I am off to Rome for a few days. I look forward to seeing you all again at Teddington the following week and to receiving and holding my shield! Bye for now, Lynda.

Olleh Brian

Friday, October 07, 2005

5th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

At Cobham yesterday we welcomed new faces in Linda and Paul Foster and outside, Ron Moore. They have been added to our email contact list and we look forward to seeing them again soon. From Albert's report below I see other new faces that I haven't had the pleasure of greeting yet.

With several stalwarts away, just eight of us 'A' group, Vic, Rob, Bob, Brian, Ed, Bill M, Pete B led by Ray left Cobham for Merstham via Cobham Park Road and over Bookham Common to Fetcham River Lane, crossing the River Mole at the Splash. So far, conditions were good for off road riding. Back on road to Leatherhead to climb to Walton on the Hill via the Forge at Headley. Taking Chequers Lane we crossed B2032 and Walton Heath. Surface still good to Mogador to cross A217 into Babylon lane on to a rather rough descending track under M25 to Gatton Bottom. Here Bob left us to lunch with his daughter at Redhill. Vic at this stage did not appear to be too happy with the last track, which may have been the reason for his deciding to leave for home as we arrived at the Railway Arms Merstham for lunch. After a pleasant lunch where Jen met us, we returned via Harps Oak Lane and Markedge Lane to Mugswell to cross the A217 over to Banstead Heath thereon to Walton Heath crossing B2032 to Walton on the Hill where Brian punctured and opted for home. We continued via Headley, Little Switzerland and A24 to Denbies, Peter having left us en route for home. At Denbies we rejoined Rob, he having taken a different route from Walton Heath. We parted after a refreshing 3's. My total mileage 40.

Even after attending our club-night at Worcester Park Athletic Club (see Sou'Wester - out next week), I have heard nothing of 'B' group, led by Norman, except possibly a sighting in Albert's report which follows.

I had forgotten sponsoring Lynda for some charity event and was pleasantly surprised to be rewarded with what I believe was a homemade chocolate brownie. It went down well with my coffee at our monthly elevenses at the RBL at Cobham (mine was nice too!). We had a good turnout; around fifteen of us followed Roger en route for The New Inn at Send. They included five ladies, Lynda, Beryl, Carol, Nita and Dianne. As for the chaps, apart from Roger and me there were John, Dave, Jonathon, Mike, Phil, Ron plus the other Ron, which still leaves me short, so apologies to anyone who got left out! Plough Lane was the first and hardest climb of the day, passing The Black Swan then up Hungry Hill Lane. I've tried to retrace the route using four maps but the best I can come up with is we took the scenic route via Potters Lane to The New Inn only to find we had been overtaken by one of the other groups, making things a bit overcrowded. We then decided to head for The Jovial Sailor at Ripley. We turned up Tannery Lane, which becomes Papercourt Lane, but a smart right turn remains Tannery Lane and turned at the end into Polesden Lane, then Send Marsh Lane and a left turn on the old A3, with The Jovial Sailor a little farther on the right. Nine of us sat down to a pleasant lunch after which everyone except yours truly pressed on to Cobham DC for tea.
The weather was cool with no wind and overcast but thankfully dry. All in all, a most pleasant ride.
bRegards Albert

Our AGM takes place next Wednesday at Hersham Village Hall, adjoining our elevenses venue, starting 11.00 sharp. Chairs have to be put out, so if anyone can assist at about 10.30, I'll be very grateful. Hersham Day Centre again invites us to partake of their roast lunch after the meeting, so if you wish to eat there, please let the meals team know before you go next door and upstairs to our meeting.

Don't forget to think about nominating the member making the most significant achievement (your interpretation!) for award of our Arthur Jessop Shield. I shall be nominating Lynda Barrow who, since joining the Beginners Section five or so years ago and then Wayfarers, has done more than anyone to unite our Wayfarers groups and to bring in fresh faces from the beginners Section. She leads rides for that section, for the London Central DA, for both our 'B' and 'C' groups and has initiated or joined many (most) of our away rides. She regularly organises meals at "The Bell" (management must love her as much as we do) for her friends from all sections and groups and Wayfarers would be a lot poorer without her - flapjack. You may have other ideas on who to nominate, so think about it before Wednesday.

Olleh Brian

Oh me of little faith - thanks to Terry our report is now complete:

Hello Brian,
From Cobham Norman led Judy on her new Pearson (welcome back!), Carole and daughter, David, Bernard, Franks C and H, Les, Cliff, Terry, Nev plus a couple I didn't recognise and anyone I've forgotten along Plough Lane to the Black Swan and on to Ockham. Then via Guileshill Lane and Grove Heath Road to turn left on to the old A3 at The Jovial Sailor and shortly turn right off it to Send Marsh. It was about here Cliff decided his rear tyre needed a few more psi, we had just passed a recently flailed hedge. On to Cartbridge via Potters Lane and a delightful lunch by Wey Navigation. Whilst we munched, Cliff changed his tube - he had problems loosening the shop-tightened wheel nuts - he managed to break Les's spanner! Meanwhile the easy riders arrived then changed their minds and went elsewhere, but Mr X (sorry) stayed with us for the afternoon ride. We continued south on the A247 across the Burntcommon roundabout and on through West Clandon to turn left on the A246. Riders had been turning off from time to time and only Cliff, Norman and Terry had tea at Annie's at Leatherhead. A nice ride, the weather was fine, but I doubt if shorts will be seen many more times this year! (that's a relief!)

Thelma called me from RBL Cobham to say a set of keys had been put back through the club letterbox and not recognised by the club. If anyone thinks they are theirs, ask me on Wednesday at Hersham. Brian