Friday, March 30, 2007

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A Group at Dorking

Leader Rob Maskell (in Grey) gathering his troops at Dorking.
The big bang resulted in a 18" blow out at Colgate for Pete
Pictures by Pam

B Group March 28th

'B' group of Norman, Nev ,Terry, Bill, Les , Angie, Ken, John, Cliff, Harold Somers, Liz, Lorraine, David, Dianne, Andre, Judy, Jill, and Robin, eighteen in all, set out along Dorking High Street going east onto Reigate Road, right into bridle path to Brockham Green. Turned south to Newdigate, then right to Capel, and then half way round Charles Green roundabout Left onto a public pathway through private property and a footpath across the railway. Turned left along Weare Street, we were about 10 days too early for the bluebells. Straight on over the A29 to pub lunch:- good service. Went westward to Walliswood, left into Froggets lane, right onto Lowerhouse Lane. Kept going north through Holmbury St Mary, right at Sutton Abinger onto Raiches Lane. Straight on over the A25 and White Downs to Effingham, right into Lower Road to Leatherhead with nine for tea at Annie's. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day.

Cheers Robin.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

March 28 2007

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Glorious spring weather inspired us all - I've never seen so many Wayfarers at Dorking - almost 60 of us, including several guests, Janice, Pam back from her long holiday and a new man whose name I failed to note. What with another big turn-out at Kingston, this might rate as our record. Somewhere amongst you all there must be someone willing to assume the mantle of Wayfarers Secretary, from which I announced at our AGM I was retiring - nobody has done me the favour of even enquiring about what is involved, which is worrying me a lot. We can't get to the next AGM with no-one in the frame. For starters, is there someone willing to take on receiving leaders reports, editing as necessary and distributing to members and to the Wayfarers blogsite? If not, we will have to discontinue weekly Newsletters.

Unseasonably warm weather brought out the Spring flowers and also Wayfarers in profusion at Dorking. There were far too many in 'A' group to name individually, but I counted 26 starters, which may be some sort of record. Frank C helpfully held some riders back so as not to form too large a peleton. We set off strictly due South down Chart Lane, through Blackbrook, past Henfold Lake and into Newdigate. Then the route took us into Rusper, where we regrouped before dropping down across the A264, across the railway line at Little Haven and into Roffey. A contingent then peeled off to get lunch in Horsham (unfortunately finding Wetherspoons tempoarily closed but an open pub next door), while the main group carried on through Roffey up the hill to the Dragon at Colgate, where it was warm enough to lunch outside, not bad for March.
Confounding the doubters, the 'Horsham' contingent rejoined us at the Dragon as planned, and we set off down Tower Road towards Faygate. Hardly had we started, though, when a loud explosion stopped us in our tracks. First impressions that pigeon shooting might be behind this were found to be false, the real culprit being Pete Mitchell's rear tyre, with several inches of material being blown away from the wire. What luck that Ed carried a spare. Not to be outdone, Ian also picked up a puncture on this stretch. After that, there were no further mishaps, and we took a fairly direct route back via Lambs Green, Langhurst and along Partridge Lane into Brockham, finishing up at Denbies for tea. After that most headed back via Leatherhead, where Ray and I spent some money on bike bits at Lidl before returning home. Rob

If I hear from 'B' group, I'll pass it on.

The weather is still great; sunshine all the way and no wind. Harold led a pretty large 'C' contingent from the Bradbury Centre in Kingston en route for The Stoneleigh pub in Epsom where a few remained as it was pretty early when we arrived so we pressed on to Lynda`s watering hole, The Spring Tavern in Ewell. Apart from Harold and me there was Lynda, Carol, Helga, Mark, Bill, Roger and Dave who made it to Ewell. At the start there were Fuzz, Dennis, Bill and Pat Mathews, a couple of chaps new to me, Paul and John (not one of our regular Johns). Most of the route was rather urban with a few spots of offroad. When we got back to Hampton Court for tea, Harold only claimed a third share in the navigation with Lynda and Dave! It was good to see Tom and John H at elevenses. Guess I`ll soon be joining them soon in the senior age group. I clocked up 36 miles and felt pretty bushed but am now recovering with my usual whisky/mac. bless you ------------------------- Albert
p.s. Apologies Harold for missing your name on my last report!! ----- A.

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A Group

Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 21 2007

Hello Wayfarers and friends

At Shepperton Greeno Day Centre we had the pleasure of the company of our doyen Tom Fish, celebrating his 93rd birthday. Amongst his cards was a Janice and Ken special featuring photographs of Tom in his prime - what a man!

The long range forecast had been dire but bright sunshine more than compensated for a cold northerly breeze. Two football/cricket teams (or if you prefer, one set of snooker balls) lined for the "A" ride from the Greeno
centre. By name they were Graham, Bob, Brian, Ed, Frank C, Grant, Irene, Jen, John M, John S, Scottish John, Julian, Mike M, Mike Wakely, Nigel, Pete B, Pete M, Ray, Richard, Rob, Toni, Vic. The route went west to Chertsey Bridge then south to Row Town and New Haw. Next Pyrford Church and Send Marsh were graced by an extended peloton before Potters Lane was taken to the A3. With time in hand and unscripted, the Wey towpath was ridden to the A320 where confusion reigned as nobody including the leader knew the way. Bystanders' advice and hurried glances at the Surrey cycle map eventually lead us onroad to Wetherspoons in the centre of Guildford; Bob who had stayed on the towpath was already settling into his meal! Belatedly ordered cups of coffee muddied our departure made more ragged when several headed for home via the Leatherhead road whilst others tried riding the wrong way up one-way streets! It was back to the A3 (no towpath this time); at the roundabout north of Ripley Vic hit a pothole, mounted the kerb and fell off. Uninjured he opted to fix the puncture and head for home - not a happy return after his recent accident. The remaining dozen carried on to Ockham Bites for tea and cakes before splitting up. Graham Hill

Leaving late from Shepperton (what has happened to our famed punctuality?), I led 'B' group of Carol, Christine, Gill, Judy, Liz, Cliff, Ed, Harold S, Ian, Les, Norman, Ray H, Roger S, Terry and Tony H through the back passages of Chertsey, to Lyne and Trumps Green. After taking the scenic route through Wentworth golf course and estate, we entered Windsor Park at the Wheatsheaf. In the Park, we took the tarmac path along the Southern shore of Virginia Water, and then turned North-East and then North (noting the abundant Spring flowers) to Cumberland Gate; then Eastwards to The Savill Garden and the Sun Public House, where some of our party had a long wait for lunch. In the afternoon, we took a direct route through Englefield Green, Egham, Staines and Laleham, but a mile or so before Shepperton, we turned off the main road and took an off-road path over the M3 to tea at Shepperton. After tea,, most of the party cycled through Lower Sunbury, Hampton and Bushey Park to Kingston, where we dispersed. John Gould

Still rather cold but plenty of sun and very little wind. Good turnout at Shepperton. My turn to lead with Lynda, Beryl, Mark, Bill, Roger, Ron and Dennis. John C and Phil plus a few more of our regulars were at elevenses but did not participate. We took the long way round through Laleham, Staines, Egham Hythe, Thorpe Lea, under the M25 to The Rose and Crown at Thorpe Green. I must have made some mention of The Red Lion at Thorpe when refering earlier to our intended lunch stop and Dennis and Ron missed us in consequence. On calling for support, the rest of the disloyal lot said ""we followed you" !!. I am happy we are all good friends. The lunch was good, the route was tarmac and pretty flat and only about twelve miles in all. We returned to Shepperton for tea via Thorpe Road and Chertsey.
The sun was still shining when I got home----------------------------Albert

Choose between Dorking or Kingston next week.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

'A' Group

Temporarily lost at Woodbridge Guildford

Friday, March 16, 2007

March 14 2007

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Early arrival of Spring must have been responsible for the largest turnout at Caterham in all my years, 25 or so. Eric had an enormous smile - he had just received a special personal postcard from the lovely Lara.

To read of 'A' group's fine ride to Knockholt, visit our blog at:

14 'B' group riders led by Norman, Liz, Angie, Christine, Bill ,Dave, John S, JohnG, Les, Nigel, Phil L, Ray H, Robin and back marker Terry. We started in convoy with 'A' group along Burntwood Lane across the Caterham By-pass into Woldingham Rd up the "former" Slines New Road into Lunghurst Rd to Woldingham. Past the Golf Course we separated from the A's, and carried on to Tandridge Hill over the A25 to Tandridge Lane on to Crowhurst and on to lunch at the King and Queen in Edenbridge. Phil departed for his sandwiches. After lunch Ray, Angie, Dave, JohnG and Nigel, having to be back early for various reasons, departed. We remaining 8 cycled via Lingfield to Blindley Heath where our West Surrey members, Terry and John S, went home via Outwood. At the top of Tilburstow Hill, Bill went home via Caterham and train and 5 carried on to Fanny's Farm and home..... Norman

Good weather still, warm and plenty of sunshine. Dave was leading 'C' group from Elleray Hall en route to The Anchor at Bookham. I counted twelve of us; Ron, Alan, Beryl, Lynda, Mark, Roger, Bill and Liz Mathews, Fuzz and Bill H. If my arithmatic is correct that makes a round dozen with Dave and me. We went to Hampton Court via Bushy Park, over the bridge and turned right towards West Molesey. After a good bit of tarmac we took to a not so good bit of offroad and for the purpose of this report I have only praise for Dave`s navigation and thanks for my being able to recognise Downside Common as we emerged from River Lane (rather muddy) near the village pump and small chapel where a left turn to Bookham Road took us under the M25 and then across Bookham Common which now is quite navigable. Up the main road to the left turn by the church and the `squareabout` where we split up with six of us pressing on to the pub. It took half an hour to get lunch as the staff were busier probably due to the good weather. We returned to Downside by the same route and thus to Cobham for tea where we became a baker's dozen with the arrival of Dennis.
--------------------------------------------- Albert

Please note that on 11Apr07, 'C' group will meet at Walton Day Centre and be led by Mark; "Sou'Wester" rides list omits this listing. Please tell all 'C' group riders.

We are all together again at Shepperton Greeno Centre - can the good weather last?

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mike Morley Grovelling to the Leader

Photo by Bob Starey

A Group March 14th

March 14th at Caterham found Bob, Brian, Pete B, Ray, John, Mike, Mike M, Ed, Stephen, Ian ready to hit the road in Kent. A & B groups coincided at first causing some confusion but at the top of Woldingham we managed to go our separate ways. Dropping down to the Pilgrims Way Mike Morley disgraced himself by turning to early taking a few others with him! He duly offered himself for pump punishment at lunch and promised to behave in future. The Crown at Knockholt provided good service and value as always giving us the energy to tackle an afternoon of hills – many steep – Cudham, Biggin & Shirley Hills delivered us to tea at the Pond Tea Rooms at Shirley Hills where tea and cakes in the sun followed by a walk round the lovely gardens resplendant in spring colour.

48miles (hilly)

From Pete Mitchell

A Group at Knockholt & Coombe Park

A public flogging for disobeying the leader

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Midweek wayfarers A group

A forced stop at Thames Ditton

Wayfarers Lunch at Cheam

A few pictures from Barbara Johnston from a wonderful occasion

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March 7 2007

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Tom was at Cobham today (taken by car by Harold) and seemed in fine fettle as he endeavoured to foist his stock of cycling goodies on his unwary public. At 93 this month, he challenged the less encouraging suggestions of last autumn's messages. We were also joined by a second Harold, Mr Somers, or Harold S, who we welcome to our ranks.
General opinion has it that our Anniversary Lunch today, at Prezza in Cheam, was the best in at least ten years, with the venue, space, service and food all excellent. More about all this can be found at, recommended reading. We welcomed guests Shirley and Colin, Dawn and David, Babs and Sally and Angie, plus 44 members, some of whom were still not home by 7pm.

A lot of us 'A' group set off from Cobham. Not surprising really because it was the special event of the Wayfarers’ lunch in Cheam village. It’s easier to say who was not there rather than list who was, so I won’t include the usual list of participants. I thought that we might give the others a chance to get there before us by going round the houses a little bit rather than going straight there. My usual practice is to stay quite close to the leader so that: a/ I can’t be accused of holding up the group b/ If I get a puncture someone else might know about it and C I’m unlikely to get lost that way. Of course, if you’re the leader, then it’s more difficult to do either A or C. Anyway, we set off heading north, across the main road and up by Cobham post office. We travelled progressively in a straight line before hitting (fortunately not literally) the road leading over to the left and the A307. There we did turn left and headed towards the American school on the A307 from Cobham to Esher. So far so good. We wandered down into Esher and then took the left fork over the back by the church and headed off down More Lane and Lower Green Road which took us round Sandown Park Race Course, and then across the main Esher by-pass to Hampton Court road (the A309), onto Weston Green Road ending up in Thames Ditton. From there we made our way steadily down to the Thames at Hampton Court before going along the towpath into Kingston, admiring the exceptional height of the river as we went. From Kingston we went through the market area and along the back streets to the cycle path that runs along Lower Marsh Lane leading past the (rather smelly- because the wind was in the wrong direction) sewerage farm to Berrylands station, hence through the back doubles and onto to the main road into and through Worcester Park. Thus travelling, we came upon the Italian restaurant in Cheam where our lunch was to be served. A very leisurely affair it was too and the bar prices were such that you could see why the restaurant was able to offer a reasonably priced meal. When we had finished partaking of lunch, we all wended our separate ways rather than go for tea somewhere. All in all, a good day seems to have been enjoyed by all. Stephen
From Cobham I led a 20 strong B group briefly alongside the very high River Mole, turning into the much quieter Tilt Road, Bray Road and Station Road to rejoin Stoke Road. No time to stop at Seymour's, we carried on along the A245 to Leatherhead then onto the shared cycle track alongside the railway line. Over the railway line then along Barnett Wood Lane to Ashtead, and via Woodfield Lane and Grove Road to the peace and quiet of Ashtead Park. Past Epsom Hospital Norman took over since it was considered my proposed obligatory off-road stretch wasn't on. He led along an alternative route via Kiln Lane, Bourne Hall and Nonsuch Park to the Prezzo restaurant, Cheam and the splendid dinner organised by your good self. Thanks from us all. Terry.

Real spring-like weather had me in shorts and as the three groups en route for the annual lunch were assigned leaders I chose the indelicate heading of "Odds and Sods". Harold had collected Tom and his sale items so was unavailable and Dennis had something else on, which just left myself, Dave and Beryl to our own devices. We decided to have lunch at the Half Moon in Ripley and made off up Plough Lane in brilliant sunshine. The fields either side were like lakes but the large puddles we encountered were quite rideable. We entered Ripley via Rose Lane near the bakery. Dennis had seen our bikes outside and came in for a word but could not be persuaded to join us for tea at my place which we reached via Newark Lane. Plenty of flooding again either side and almost up to the road surface. I did 21 miles which is plenty for an old sod like me!-------------------------Albert
Caterham Douglas Brunton Day Centre is the venue next Wednesday for stalwarts, otherwise make your way to Elleray Hall Teddington. Location information for most venues can (thanks to Graham, I am reliably informed) be found on the DA website.
Olleh sated Hub.

Anniversary Lunch

No doubt others will blog on this one or even report. It was a fantastic day with so many riders at Cobham for elevenses. The lunch at Prezzo in Cheam was attended by 53 members and was excellent value for £9, two courses and coffee including gratuity. The colorific value was enormous. I would like to put my name on record, in thanking Brian, as was done at the lunch today by others, for organising such a fantastic event.

The whole ambience of the day was great, especially with such fantastic weather and such wonderfull company.

Thanks also to Bob, Brian's kid brother for suggesting a nightcap in the local wine bar( for that is what it turned out to be-I got home to Walton le Hill at 7.30pm. the final cause of delay at the wine bar was Lynda still trying to sell her tea shirt printing. She rode by on the pavement around 5.30pm, having seen us in there at around 4pm, on first arrival. We bought her a lemonade to ensure she did not dehidrate on the way home, while we continued with another 95% alcohol free beer. We met a very interesting retired policeman who was emigrating to Cyprus. He is starting up a course fishing business for trout, bream and American Sea Bass, which apparently is deliciouse and is all caught on inland rivers and lakes.

I am sure that someone will put some pictures on this blog but I must repeat a fantastic day out and thanks again Brian for putting it on in style.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wayfarers A group lunch 28th Feb

Another new Weatherspoons lunch place

Feb 28 2007

Hello Wayfarers and friends

It was nice to be out with the Wayfarers again, after a couple of absent weeks, and I was glad I made the effort. Thanks for all your goodwill messages. On my way, I passed Bernard, puncture mending with Brian N's help and was humbled and inspired by Bernard's ability to overcome adversity. We welcomed newcomers Senan Doohan and Ian Appleton, both choosing 'A' group for their debut. We missed Ed S who was having a check-up, but my call to him this morning was very positive and he sounded very cheerful. And Vic too, who sounded reasonably up-beat, his house being cleaner than ever - a vacuum cleaner doubling nicely as a crutch! We should see the both at Cobham next week, although Vic says he won't be joining rides for some while yet.

'A' group visited the latest JDW pub The Jack Fairman at Horley, opened only this month. The name commemorates the former use of the building as a racing car dealership, whose proprietor was well known to enthusiasts. Our group comprised Jen, Pete M, Senan, Pete B, Mike, Ray, Stephen (155 miles on Monday), Frank H, Ian (who found us at Horley after being inadvertantly left - sorry, Ian) and the brothers Grime. The ride out was via Pixham, Leigh and Norwood Hill and we returned via Meath Lane and Reigate Hill, enjoying tea with magnificent vies from the North Downs Way. Thanks for a great ride and venue, Bob.

From Bockett's I led 'B' group of Irene, Liz, Bernard, Brian, Cliff, Grant, brother Geoff, John G, Les, Norman and Robin up to the A246 into a noticeable headwind, then continued to Bookham, turning south at the first opportunity. Soon we joined the Dorking road and at the top of the hill (140 metres asl, thanks Bernard) I reminded The Six Bells at Newdigate of our impending visit. Then down Bagdon Hill, along a flooded Chapel Lane, under the A24 to Pixham Lane and alongside the A25 to turn off to Brockham. Turning left past the church we passed through Dawesgreen and Leigh until Oak Farm where I punctured. The group carried on to The Six Bells, slightly worryingly I couldn't find the cause of the puncture nor a hole in the tube, so fitted a fresh tube and hoped for the best. The landlord had reserved tables for us and the meals couldn't be faulted - portions were very generous. When he came to clear away he enquired if we wanted coffee or tea - nobody did - but at mention of that magic four letter word (FREE) surprisingly everybody changed their minds. There had been at least one shower whilst we ate but it was fine when we left for Annie's at Leatherhead via Henfold, Red Lane, Root Hill and Tilehurst Lane to the A25. Irene turned into Westhumble Street to tackle Bagdon from the opposite direction, Bernard, Brian, Cliff, Norman, Robin and I stopped for latish 3s and watched the rain fall at approximately 45 degrees from the west. When it stopped we left and went our separate ways. Terry

For most of our 'C' group ride the weather turned out better than forecast. The turnout was good with John C leading, to our lunch venue at The Royal Oak, Brockham. We had two ladies, Lynda and Sonia, Bill H, Bill M, Harold, Mike, Mark, Roger, Fuzz. Ron and me. I only counted twelve although Dennis was at the start but that`s the last I saw of him. There was a lot of standing water on the bikepath along the A24 and with Harold on his fixed wheel he had to plough through it. There was plenty of sunshine and only a bit of wind. The food was good and we made our way back to Leatherhead for tea. In the last fifteen minutes of our retuurn we had a heavy rainstorm so tea was a pretty damp affair - at Wetherspoons. I must confess I took my car for the return trip but still only got home by four oclock.---------------------------Albert

Next week we are at Cobham RBL Club, after which we ride to Cheam for our Prezzo lunch. At Cobham, I need to have £7 from each £2 deposit participant. Although many have advised their menu choice, this is too unmanageable, so Prezzo will take your orders at the table. I have collected £2 deposit from all listed (exceptions noted); please have your £7 ready, otherwise we'll never get away from Cobham.

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