Monday, November 30, 2015

A Group Ride Wed 2 December.

Short days mean short rides, but we can still do a couple of climbs. We will be going to Shamley Green, taking in Shere Road/Pebble Hill. Lunch the Bricklayers Arms ( Return via Combe Bottom to Cobham for tea. About 16 miles each way. All offers from willing backmarkers very welcome.

B Group ride on Wednesday 2nd December

Helene is going to led B Group from Cobham to the Scarlett Arms in Walliswood, about 15 miles. The route will take us up and over one of our favourite hills and will be entirely on-road.

After lunch we will ride a further 15 miles back towards Leatherhead, hopefully for Tea at Pilgrim Cycles.

As it will be dark when we emerge from afternoon tea some may wish to take a train home from Dorking or Leatherhead.

Please be ready to depart from Cobham at 11:00

~ Tim

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Easy Riders - 25th November

After leaving the Bradbury Centre, we headed for the Market Place and turned left, down towards the river. Passing Canbury Gardens heading around Ham we got to Teddington footbridge.  From here, we took a right turn towards Twickenham.  We followed the other side of the tow path towards Richmond Bridge.  Crossed the road and through the alleyways to Isleworth.   We made our way to The London Apprentice for lunch.  I booked a table for 10 last week when Sandy and I did a reccie from Kingston Day Centre.  Fuzz joined us a little later.  On our way back, the tide had come up onto the pavement area, so we carefully cycled through most of it until we had to go up some steps for higher ground and round the church before coming out to the Barley Mow; whose car park was completely flooded.  We made our way back to Kingston and home.  A nice ride by the river and the sun came out.

Thanks to Maureen for being back marker.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

B Group - 25th November

At the Bradbury Centre we all enjoyed our morning tea and coffee thanks to the generosity of Norman who was celebrating his birthday. Many thanks Norman and Happy Birthday from all of us.

Twenty of us departed at 11:15, crossed Kingston Bridge and followed the Thames up to Hampton Court Bridge. From there a meander through East Molesey and towards Hersham before a brief stretch on the A244 towards Esher. We rode up West End Lane and then the main road as far as Fairmile Lane which we followed to the end, to the junction with Stoke Road before taking River Lane after the cemetery at Upper Cobham Tilt. We crossed the paddock to Downside before heading through Bookham Common and after a gratuitous meander arrived at Ye Olde Windsor Castle.

They had reopened yesterday after closing for a week or so to allow some refurbishment to take place. So the place was sparkling with newness and they delivered very nice plates of food to the eighteen of us. Considering how busy the place was they did well for us.

Despite arriving at 1 p.m. it was well after 2:30 when we rolled out of the car park, having said goodbye to a sizable gang of defectors who wanted to go via Cobham to the distant lands of Egham, Staines and Weybridge.

The rest of us rode through Fetcham, down a muddy River Lane, and over a pair of small bridges, confident that we outnumbered the trolls who are reputed to lurk underneath them. At Randalls Road we turned right and made our way via Cleeve Road to Lower Ashtead where we headed into the woods of Esher Common to enjoy a bit more mud. Various people had peeled off towards their homes and when the remaining five of us arrived at Ruxley Lane we decided to skip Tea; it looked as if we wouldn't reach Squires before four o'clock when sunset was scheduled to strike an end to the beautifully clear afternoon. We thought also that the Café might be closed after 4 o'clock but I now read that we were wrong about this.

Thanks to everyone for their good company and especially to John Austin who back-marked with the greatest efficiency. We enjoyed the day out and I was pleased that we could squeeze yet another good ride out of this season of short days.

A Group 25th November

Wayfarers at Stockley Park

A Group 25th November.

21 turned out today for a shortish ride to Hillingdon cycle track. One loose mudguard bolt and one puncture and broken derailleur hanger caused slight delays. The Sun shone and everyone enjoy a bit of speed around the circuit for a few laps. Thanks to Colin for back marking through the suburbs and thanks to all for your company.


A few breaks form

A Group 25th November

Today, Tony gave us an interesting and very different ride from our normal outings.  Weaving through West London to Heathrow Airport, on to lunch at The White House in Stockley Park, then a few laps of the Hillingdon Cycle Track before tea at Richmond Bridge.

30.1 miles elevenses to tea; Hillingdon lap time 2:51.  

It may be possible to better this.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

B Group ride, 25th November

B Group will ride 17 miles from Kingston to Great Bookham for lunch. Then to Squires in Long Ditton via Fetcham, Ashtead, Epsom Common and Chessington.

We will be on unpaved paths some of the time and that means we can expect some muddy sections in places. So, as Ray Dare reminded us at the AGM, mudguards are a very good idea in these circumstances.

~ Tim

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Group 25th November

A shortish ride through the outskirts of West London to lunch at the Whitehouse pub (Wetherspoons) Stockley park. After lunch a short ride to Hillingdon cycle circuit ( for a few laps on the track. Afternoon tea will be at Tide Tables cafe Richmond.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Cheam and Morden Easter Tour 2016

For any Wayfarers who didn't see Graham's post on the C&M blog:

"Many will have received an email from Steve and Ann so for those who didn't ....

Next year's Easter tour will be based at the York House Hotel in Eastbourne, BN22 7AP. The cost for 3 nights will be £126 (plus £45 if you want a sea view!). This includes dinners on Friday and Sunday. To express an interest please contact Steve and Ann before November 24.

The email address is:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

A group 18 Nov - map

Weybridge - Moss End - Savill Garden - Upper Halliford

 Speak now

Do I sense a groundswell of discord about  the publication of a photographic attendance record of those on a ride? There is a simple remedy. If so, all you have to do is right click on the  'comments' link below and comment. Dissent by a majority will have a democratic outcome, as will consent. Anybody wishing to publish his/her own personal photographic record of a ride or other cycling related event may do so. Few seem willing to seize the opportunity.


Some of the old birds at Englefield Green

Clicked /clucked (?) by Terry

B Group - 18th November (maps)

Maps for Peter's ride to Englefield Green

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Easy Riders - 18th November

On a very blustery day 7 riders left Weybridge D.C. to ride to Stoke d’Abernon, but on the way down Seven Hills Road Brian picked up a twig which went into his wheel and derailleur thus damaging it.  He was able to get into one gear which would hopefully see him home.  With the stop we decided we would call it a day in Cobham and went to The Bear, don’t bother . It is now a yuppee bar and doesn’t serve food for cyclists.  After lunch it was home, not wishing to get caught up in the forecast of rain and the roaring 40’s. I hope everyone managed to get home in the dry.
Thank you one and all and for Lizzie and Angie being T.E.Cs.

A Group - 18 November

Weybridge - Moss End - Savill Garden

 We had one faller at the Ascot roundabout, where John B was cut up and brought down by an impetuous motorised filly, suffering apparently minor damage to bike and nose. We trust that he is stirred but not too shaken.
 Get up against that wall or I'll shoot!

A Group. 18 November. Weybridge to Moss End.

After a week of windy weather today was no exception, but the forecast I saw said only an outside chance of a light shower.

Seventeen of us left Weybridge and headed west into the wind knowing that all the effort of the morning would be repaid with a tailwind home. I suggested that the convention of not getting in front of the leader could be relaxed if anyone wanted to ride in front of me. But no one took me up on the offer.

Addlestone, Row Town and Ottershaw took us to an unusually quiet Stonehill Road, before Gracious Pond Road, Burrowhill and Woodlands Road took us over the M3 to Windlesham.

Next a right turn to pass the mini-palaces in Westwood Road before a quick blast down the A30 with the wind behind before turning left and heading for Ascot. Here Hans left us with some story of having a meeting to go to but I now know his weather forecasting skills are better than mine.

We passed the racecourse grandstand and then turned right towards North Ascot. Unfortunately here John was unseated by a careless and inattentive driver. Although shaken up, after details were exchanged and minor repairs to man and bike, John was able to limp on to lunch.

Winkfield Manor, Winkfield Row and Warfield were passed on our way to lunch at The Shepherd's House, Moss End. Here service was prompt and friendly with a wide range of dishes chosen from their extensive menu.

With the wind behind we were hoping for a more pleasant afternoon but soon it started to drizzle. A wrong turn in Maiden's Green had us executing a quick U-turn  to bring us to Cranbourne, the peanut roundabout and into Windsor Great Park. By now the rain was falling heavily and a decision was taken to head for the Savill Gardens Cafe for tea and shelter.

Some had lost all faith in my forecasting and pressed on for home but ten stopped for tea. Simon demonstated just how wet he was by leaving a large puddle on the floor while the rest of us discussed the nearest stations, whether it was worth putting on waterproofs over soaking jerseys and how long we would need to wait to dry out.

Finally the rain abated and we left, but by now it was getting dark so the rest of the ride was just about getting home through the increasingly busy traffic. Englefield Green and Prune Hill had us heading for Staines Bridge before Shepperton, Upper Halliford (our intended tea stop),Lower Sunbury and Hampton with people peeling off for home all along the way.

Thanks to Simon for backmarking all day.

I promise to try and make my next ride a dry one.

Easy Riders C Group

Having struggled into the wind my 17 miles to Weighbridge meant that I arrived at 11am, too late it turned out for tea and cake, which I consumed as quickly a possible. In the end A & B's left and I had a pleasant chat with Ray Dare who then went his own way home to carry on with unfinished work there!
I joined Irene and the serene group to Cobham but unfortunately Brian's rear mech got tangled with his spokes and I ended up riding back and forwards along Six Hills road to check the status. Irene will do a ride report but not all of her brood went to lunch shooting off in different directions. I took the following photo of the remaining lunch party much to the disgust of Liz who did not want another pub shot! Sorry it would have been much nicer on the banks of the river Mole!

Friday, November 13, 2015

B Group - 11th November

We cycled to Hampton Court to pick up the Thames path to Teddington, then onto the White Cross Pub via Richmond Park.

11 riders all enjoyed our lunch and the service and food was good. During lunch the waitress alerted us to the in-coming tide which was liable to flood the area where our bikes were parked, but fortunately we set off before high tide!

The route took us back to Teddington on the north side of the river, 6 of us had tea in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

Sorry to hear that Dave got stung on his cheek and had to bail out before lunch.

Thanks again to John for back marking.

22 miles T-T

PS  Toni D has not been able to ride lately as he still has a problem after his recent operation.



Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Group - AGM 11 November

AGM 2015 at Hersham

 Congratulations to David Aylett, receiving the Arthur Jessop shield from our 
Chairman David Vine

In the playground after lunch at the Saddler's Arms, Send Marsh
Chorus line at the Folies Bergère?
Pace Mr Webmaster!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Group 11th November: Hersham - Send Marsh - Shepperton

There were a massive 22 potential riders with the A group this week.   I say potential - because I managed to leave without five of them, in my rush to get to lunch in good time.    Apologies to Ingrid, Jeff, Neil, John (who all followed Mark's suggestion of having an independently led ride to lunch) and to Dave Vine who had an enjoyable ride with the B group.

Seventeen set off into the wind on a warm, almost sticky day, heading west towards the hill of Weybridge (well, there weren't many notable hills).  Down the path to Brooklands and then past that temple of the automobile, BMW World and its skidpan, to Byfleet: a bit of busy road and then off into the quieter lanes around Pyrford en route to Send Marsh.    The Saddlers Arms was highly rated in previous visits by the B group and again provided good food at reasonable prices.   By this time we were up to 21 riders, but several didn't fancy heading to the far north of Shepperton and left after lunch.

Edit: an entry in the "unsuitable for the website" category - taken by Jennie Jackson

Back to seventeen again, we set off towards Old Woking and White Rose Lane which took us into the heart of Woking.   Plenty of chances to lose people round the one way system with its many traffic lights, but some good corner marking meant we all made it out towards Horsell and skirting the eastern flanks of Chobham.   I was on a mission to get to the Shepperton Cakery, sorry Bakery, by 3.30 and so with the wind behind us we had a swift ride along Stonehill Lane to Chertsey and onwards to Shepperton at about 3.29.    About half decided to make the most of the light to get home, leaving - about half, if my maths serves me right - stopping for tea.

Thank you to all those who joined us, especially those who marked corners and kept the ride moving, and to Mike B and Colin who shared the back marking.

A Group 11th November

Simon made good use of a short day, taking us on an interesting run to Send Marsh, where we ate at the Saddlers Arms, then on briskly to Shepperton, where we caught The Bakery before they closed.

26.4 miles elevenses to tea, rolling average 13.6mph - a good pace.


Monday, November 09, 2015

AGM and Wednesday's A ride

Remember, remember, the 11th of November is the AGM, so we will start with a two minute silence at 11:00.   If you can aim to be in the room ten minutes early, it would help us to be settled by 11.

The A group will be heading to the Saddler's Arms at Send Marsh for lunch, followed by a loop round to the Cakery at Shepperton for tea.  A fairly flat ride, about 27 miles: it's not big and it's not clever, but I hope it will an enjoyable outing.  See you there!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

2016 Rides Programme

Brian has published the list of Elevenses venues for 2016 online:

2016 Rides Programme

When you click on the link you may be presented with a small window inviting you to sign up for or log in to Dropbox. Just click 'Cancel' or 'X' to get rid of it.

The list provisionally includes Henfold although it is not yet certain that we will be able to go there.

We know that not everyone has a computer or access to the internet. We will therefore endeavour to have some paper copies of this list to distribute at the Christmas lunches.

~ Tim

Friday, November 06, 2015

Easy Riders - 4th November

About ten of us left Cobham and rode up towards Esher on the main road, turned left down West End Lane then up to Esher green. Then down the hill and around the back of Sandown Park and into Weston Green Road to Summer Road. At the Ferry pub on Portsmouth Road we turned left and headed towards Kingston where we rode through the Market Place to go down by the river through Canbury Gardens to the Boaters Inn where we had a nice table by the window overlooking the river.

Jonathan and Dave J. sat outside and then headed back to Weybridge after lunch. Fuzz went home too leaving a small group to ride down to Ewell Court for Tea where we met Sonia.

Many thanks to Maureen for being the back-marker.

~ Lynda

Thursday, November 05, 2015

B Group - 4th November

The ride started from Cobham, we crossed Bookham Common, Leatherhead, Headley and then onto the Duke's Head at Tadworth.

Thirteen riders stayed for lunch, the service and food was good.

We then set off for an early tea stop to avoid lighting-up time. Tea was at Squires Thames Ditton.

The rain kept off and everything went to plan apart from Mike M's slow puncture.

Thanks to John for back marking and also to Tim for his photos and maps every week.

~ Tony

Map and photos from Tony's interesting and rain-free ride, a good one for so late in the season. And we were home before dark.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Group 4th November

Photo - Jeff Tollerman

An uncertain forecast this morning.  Well, the forecast was actually fairly certain, but it didn't match the weather.  Rain, followed by showers, followed by a bit of sun was the offer; in fact we got no rain, a bit of scotch mist and no sun.  But the generally grey and damp conditions did nothing to deter the A Group - nineteen of us set off from Cobham, climbing steadily up the dip slope of the North Downs to the top of Staple Lane, down again to Shere then back up, variously, until we reached the top of the Greensand Ridge at Winterfold.  Not quite the highest road in Surrey, but almost. The Autumn colours have passed their peak, and the damp conditions were no help, but it was still very attractive riding through the woods.

A brisk descent and we were at lunch on time, to a good welcome and prompt service at the Park Hatch.  The refurbishment is a great improvement, and the food was good, too.  We were back on the road just after two, making steady progress through Walliswood, Mole Street and Ockham to Capel.

Just past the Crown I felt the tedious bump bump bump of a puncture and had to stop to fix it.  Tea beckoned, so most of the group went ahead, with Dave Vine kindly staying to give me a hand.  The puncture was a small sharp flint, exactly the sort of thing that a tubeless system would shrug off.  Except that this bike hasn't got tubeless tyres - not yet, anyway.

A quick fix and back on the road, joining the others at Pilgrim Cycles for tea and conversation, before we all set off in what was by now quite a dark evening.  Just after four o'clock and still six weeks to the solstice ...

My thanks to Mike for acting as back marker, thanks to all who acted as corner markers, and personal thanks to Dave for his help in my hour of need.

37.3 miles at a rolling average of 13.3mph.  A good ride with a good crowd on a damp November day.


Monday, November 02, 2015

Eddy  Merckx-this should bring back  a few memories. (click)

A Group Wednesday 4th November

An easy ride this week, to reflect the drawing in of the evenings.  Over the hills to Cranleigh for lunch at the refurbished Park Hatch, then flat roads to Pilgrim Cycles for tea.

All being well, we should be there about 1530.


Payment for Christmas Lunches

For everyone who was expecting to see Pam in Cobham this Wednesday to pay her in advance for the lunches and advise menu choices please note that she will not be there.

When Pam returns from Spain with Gill she will collect the menus and full amounts from everyone at the earliest opportunity. She has made all the necessary arrangements with the Cap in Hand.

~ Tim

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Mike M's Birthday

Just a note to say I hope you all enjoyed the cake, thank you ladies for joining me in the photo call, OK guys its well known I prefer girls to men but I have to say I could not fit you all in.
Thanks to the staff & chef at Elleray for doing a splendid job! Cake left over was donated to regulars for the afternoon tea.

Don't let this self indulgence detract from the more important previous blog on your emergency contact details ICE.