Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mark Roy Pictures II

Mark Roy Pictures

July 26th

Dear All, writes DA treasurer and CTC National Committee member Simon Legg, Our August Coast Ride will depart Hyde Park Corner at midnight on Friday 11th August, and proceed via coffee and cakes at Gatwick Village, to Brighton. I had planned something slightly more strenuous this month, but we'll be joined by people who could find London-Brighton mileage quite sufficient. Do come along, bring good lights, and waterproofs. If you've questions, please get in touch before the 4th August, because I'm on holiday from the 5th. And, should you want to know what you've been missing, don't be put off by accounts of the last ride on.....


This was the toughest 'A' ride of the year. Getting to Caterham is quite an achievement, especially if, like Don, you start from Walton on Thames - not so bad if, like Mike, you start from Walton on the Hill. It usually sorts out the men from the boys and girls. After elevenses the weather was as hot as last Wednesday and the route for the six of us (Don, Mike, Nigel, Toni, Ed and Brian) took in four major climbs, including Salt Box Hill up to Biggin Hill airport (the cycling-famous Salt Box Café has given way to housing with splendid views) and Perry's Hill culminating in a 1in4 summit in Cudham. Even so, the final climb to The Crown PH on the North Downs at Knockholt seemed the hardest of the day. Suitably refreshed, we returned along the crest of the North Downs to Woldingham where cream teas were a highlight, before returning via Kenley, Purley and Woodmansterne and going our separate ways from Banstead (still 500ft above sea level). Don must have covered about 80 hard miles - well up to Le Tour standards.

Meanwhile, 'B' group of Terry, John M, Frank H, John S and myself, left Caterham Day Centre, via Burntwood Road, Woldingham Road, Woldingham School, The Ridge. When we got to Oxted, outside Old Oxted PH we all felt thirsty, lunch intention had been to go to Dormansland, that was abandoned.
After lunch, on to Godstone, Bletchingley to Merstham for tea at Hungers End. After tea, John S looked for a railway station (look behind you!!!). Terry and John M headed for Redhill. Frank H and I rode back to North Cheam. Les.

We had a very good 'C' group turnout at Hersham considering the hot weather. Around fifteen of us with Phil in the lead, set off for lunch at the Old Plough near Horsell. There was Mark, Bill, Harold, Roger, Fuzz, Beryl, Ron, two Johns, Dennis, Tom and myself and the names of the other one will come to mind when I recover from 38 miles in that heat! The route started off as usual around the green at Hersham and up to the roundabout where we entered St Georges Hills, emerging at Brooklands Road, then right into the Brooklands Trading Estate, then into the wilds of Byfleet after which a great deal of offroad took place. I recognized the bridge we crossed with some difficulty over the Wey Navigation Canal from the time we gave Ron a hand to get his recumbent over on another occasion. The farm roads were familiar and we emerged at our destination to a welcome pint. Tea was to be at Shepperton and happily we stayed on the tarmac on a very pleasant route via the Chobham Road, Stonehills Road, down Holloway Hill and through Chertsey, crossing Chertsey Bridge after which a diversion along by the river to Ferry Lane and through Lower Shepperton to the day centre where we had the aforesaid tea. By this time we were only down to ten. Not bad considering the weather and mileage most of the others still had to cover. Not a very comprehensive report I'm afraid. Perhaps one or more of you might try a fill-in? Fantastic spot of leading though, Phil ---------------- Albert

Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 19th

Hello Wayfarers and friends

I just thought you might like to know that circulation of this newsletter has reached sixty subscribers with the latest addition of website publisher Peter Hardisty, whose company Bob and I took great pleasure in when participating in Sunday's splendid 50m Word Hunt. Congratulations to Colin Quemby for putting on so enjoyable an event on behalf of our DA (enjoyed even in scorching sunshine - giving some clue as to what those Tour riders put themselves through daily). Peter was so influential that, although in Horsham at lunchtime, we eschewed JDW's Lynd Cross pub in favour of the excellent Rising Sun, Pondtail Road. The prize for best performance by a Wayfarer went to Bob, who, concerned to retain amateur status, allowed his brother to pay his entry fee.

John B begs leave of absence: I had just missed you all last Wednesday 12th at North Cheam, I got there at about 09.10. Another arriving for 09:30 offered to ride with me to Godstone through Bletchingley. We got a detour when we missed Ditches Lane off Downs Road off Marlpit Lane so going through Coulsdon onto Rook Lane which went on and turned into Alderstead Lane, we went back and turned south along Hilltop Lane down to Bletchingley. We got to Blindley Heath 11.27 and found nobody around, so he decided that we inspect the tents at the camping centre we had passed at the north end of the village. We got back to Reigate via Outwood and Green Lane bridge across the M23. A rider who had decided not to go all the way into East Sussex met us at junction of Millers lane with Rookery Hill coming from the south before we three crossed the M23. He left us to go into Reigate while we made for a known lunch stop just west of Reigate on Bonny's Lane off Flanchford Road. We got there from the south by crossing the A217 as to Leigh, then Sandcross Lane and up the steep narrow hill of Park lane, then left into Littleton Lane and rough path of the south end of Bonny's Lane. The pub was very popular with many other people enjoying a lunch break etc. I left him on the A25, he went back into Reigate, I went west along the A25 and then up Clifton's Lane to climb the tracks up Juniper Hill and crossed the M25 by bridleway bridge and then across the B2032 to Chequers Lane (B2220) into Walton on the Hill. I found the sign for the left turn for Leatherhead and Headley in Walton had been turned so that you could hardly read it. This was for the left turn into Ebbisham lane at a triangle. I fell about half way down the last bit of hill on Hurst Road west from Walton on the Hill before the bottom where the road turns sharp right just by a cottage on the left. This was due to a sort of rut which caught the front wheel and then threw it up making me lose control. I have reported the bad state of the road to Surrey County Council Highways Department. They have given it the enquiry number 60969951. The approx time of the accident was 4 p.m. The rest of the road seemed quite normal and good. A man came to help riding a small motor bicycle from Walton, he said that there have been several cases of mishaps on this hill due to the poor condition of the roadway. I hope to be fit enough to rejoin you after maybe another week or two healing various scrapes. John Bassett.

It was good to see Geoff Clarke looking in fine fettle at Addlestone yesterday, after sustaining a stroke which has left his eyesight impaired.
Best wishes to founder member Bill Stead, who sustained bad cuts from a broken wing mirror, could not stem the bleeding and was removed to hospital.
It's good to know that Fuzz and his wife and Brian N keep their eye on Bill.
Congratulations to Mark Roy, whose success in raising £2,400 for the Pakistan Earthquake Appeal led to his appearance on their TV; he has the clip as a permanent memory and thanks all Wayfarers who supported the appeal.

This weather affects us all; the French have a word for it - le cafard.
So ten 'A' group riders (Graham, Brian, Ed, Nigel, Pam, Pete B, Pete M, Ray H, Steve, Vic) set out without much enthusiasm from Addlestone on the journey to Horton (a odest ten miles away). The cyclists' route was taken to Chertsey Bridge and the towpath to Staines where Irene's paviors were drinking tea. Without stopping, we rode on through Two Rivers and left before the Garibaldi (or Gariba Di as its sign reads). Several enjoyed for the first time a vibro-massage across Staines Moor. The pleasant but brief run along the Colne in Stanwell Moor led into fly-tipping at the Poyle interchange before a final mile or so of road to The Five Bells. An early arrival meant an early departure so back it was through Wraysbury to Church Street Staines. This time Irene was serving tea to her paviors; cue for a mass abandonment by the riders. After the standard rounds of photography, we settled for teas, Wallace and Gromit - it had been a hot, very hot July day.

Hi Brian, I led Gill, Jon and Les from Addlestone via cycle paths to Chertsey bridge where we rode in pleasant sunshine alongside the tranquil river to Staines, observing the recently upped swans (for details contact Gill, Les or Irene). We stopped at North Towers, rang bells thus attracting attention of the construction engineers who called Lady of the house, Irene.
After salutations and jovial banter were exchanged she mentioned just before us a motley, verbose group of cyclists had passed by. (Who could they be - we didn't see them). We continued to Runnymede where we took to the road, shortly turning left onto the A328 - destination Englefield Green. Gill saw a Fosters lorry unloading at the Barley Mow (not my original destination) and suggested we stop there - it seemed a good idea, so we did, and can recommend it. Some of Gill's walking friends were there -they only walk in the mornings then go home. After lunch we had a committee meeting and it was agreed Gill should lead to Shepperton Lock. It was by now quite warm, every piece of shade was very welcome. The route was via Tite hill, Egham, Thorpe Lea, Thorpe, Coldharbour Lane to join the A320 briefly then Laleham Reach and Golf course to Chertsey, then along Dockett Eddy Lane (who was he?) arriving at Shepperton Lock in good time for 230s. Whilst sitting in the shade sipping tea, watching the world, or at least the boats go by, Liz and her Mum turned up on an afternoon out. Soon after leaving the Lock we split up and went our separate ways - I had been looking forward to a particular iced lolly at Byfleet but they had sold out - 'This is just as good but it melts quicker' - it didn't have a chance! I arrived home to find my outside thermometer indicating a max then of 32+C - the hottest I've seen. Terry

This day was recorded as the hottest July day in 100 years.
Nevertheless we 'C' stalwarts with Harold in the lead, set out from Addlestone day centre for the Four Horseshoes at Chobham. There was me, Bill, Mark, Beryl, Dennis and Ron. We went the full length of Green Lane, then into Hardwick Lane and Lyne Crossing Road to Trumps Green, going left up a couple of pretty steep hills. Recourse to our water bottles became a must from time to time. On reaching Chobham Common we took the Windlesham direction and turned left to cross over the M3 with the blessed long downhill to reach the pub and a welcome pint. Shortly after leaving, Dennis collected a puncture in a shady spot under some trees. That must be why we're known as `Easy Riders`!! On such a day `easy` was the thing to be. We took the return route down Red Lion Road, Gracious Pond Road, Stonehill Road and Holloway Hill to my place for tea. Luckily I was well stocked up with beer and tonic water, but the pot of tea went down the sink! There's still a lot of cake left but it'll keep and if Bill and Vic come in on Monday the beer stocks are still well up. For the benefit of any brave soul who may have read thus far, the Monday trio (usually) are `the last of the summer wine`. ------------ Albert

It's looks like 16th August before we all get together again at Shepperton, as it's out to Caterham-on-the-Hill for A and B groups next week and at least nine of us are off to Dumfries for a week of CTC Birthday Rides from Friday 28Jul06, so will not be at Cobham. Both 'A' and 'B' group nominated leaders are unable to lead from Cobham 02Aug06, so those 'A' and 'B' riders present will need to be led !!!!!.

Enjoy this fabulous summer.
Olleh scorching Hub.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 12th

We are all invited to take part in our CTC DA's open-to-all Mystery Word Hunt this Sunday 16Jul06. Greetings and best wishes to Sou'Wester editor (retiring soon) Clive Oxx - Clive has been below par for a while and for the first time isn't too involved in organising this annual DA event, which coincides with the annual festival at Brockham, attracting local participation. Colin has been round both the 20 and 50 mile routes and checked/updated the questions. Start between 10.00 and 11.00 am at Brockham Church, finish when you arrive back. £2.50 entry fee, with a special prize for the most successful Wayfarer. Brian will enter and will hope to see off many Wayfarers for the spoils.

Rob also is unavailable to lead 'B' group 02Aug06 - those present at Cobham will have to make ad hoc leader arrangements [several will be at Dumfries on CTC birthday rides]; if you are Cobham bound 02Aug06, please be prepared to lead.

A select group are off to Munsley Acre Ledbury this week-end, meeting up for a ride with former Wayfarers secretary Steve Bott, to whom we send very best wishes.
Bob, Pete M, Ray D and Ed S have signed up to our 13-14Sep06 Lee Valley adventure, majoring on potential 2112 Olympic water-sports venues.
The same Wednesday, our 13Sep06 mystery ride, suitable for all groups, starts from elevenses at Richmond Park Café (near Roehampton Gate). John Scott debuts as leader and has been busy reconnoitring a delectable urban route for us.

Yesterday ten 'A' and 'B' riders set off early to enjoy our annual joint lunch with E Sussex CTC, once more at the Green Man at Horsted Keynes (new management). Ed led Mike, Ray, Terry, Norman, Frank H, Toni and Brian via Banstead, Merstham and Bletchingley to elevenses at Blindley Heath, where we lost octog Ray, Bob and Steve joined us, also Pete B just as we hit the A22.
The weather was brilliant and the food was good. On the way home some got left at Turner's Hill, which argues for an appointed back marker, and Norman retired with a hurt back after tea. Next year we intend to vary the formula, meeting E Sussex group for elevenses at Charlwood (via pick-up from Dorking North rail station) and riding together to Nutley for lunch, giving more opportunity for practicing on-bike intercourse. Hopefully we will avoid a KPRC time trial day, and so get our numbers up.

Sorry for the delay, it's just that when I was halfway through my report that I had visitors and the gas people have been to change my meter and said there is a leak and in consequence turned it off!! I have a dinner party tonight and hope the microwave is up to scratch --------------
Around fifteen of us 'C' group with Tom leading us off from Claygate. There was Roger, Bill, John G., Cliff, Mark, Dennis, Fuzz, Beryl, Maria, Harold, Brian N. Then came Ron, Geoff and me. Tom punctured before we had gone far so a few went on to our lunch venue; The Old Plough at Stoke D`Abernon. We emerged from Fairmile Lane into Stoke Road about a hundred yards from the pub and the weather was first class all the way. A few of us had ordered our individual lunches when two large trays of sandwiches appeared, intended for ten and costing £30. A bargain considering the quantity and variety provided. Being Roger's birthday he treated us all to tea back at Claygate. The only bit of offroad was over Claygate Common where a large lorry blocked our path over a bridge but proved negotiable. I'll probably make it to Addlestone next week ------------------ Albert

See you there then,
Olleh Hub

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


On as perfect a day (Wednesday) as you could wish for, Bernard and I cycled gently along the towpath from Kingston to the Old Crown at Weybridge where we had an excellent, tranquil lunch in the garden by the Wey.

Bernard was delighted with his first post-hospital trip of 20 miles. Here he is after buying a baseball cap in Millets just at the start.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

July 5th More

Back from my short West Country holiday in excellent weather, I find masses of emails including an encouraging message from Bernard:
Dear Brian I'm out! I came home on Monday from 4 weeks isolation at Kings after my bone marrow transplant. Low energy, thinner, poor appetite and hairless but otherwise OK. All are standard symptoms and will recover. I'll be back on
my bike ASAP! Regards to all Bernard

Fuzz, overheard at tea stop, said his recovery program has embraced three rides, including the Wandle Carnival where he got a free lunch, the London Gardens ride where he got a free drink and the West End ride where (most beneficial to his recovery) he got to see three hundred nudist riders!

From Rob, leading 'A' group from Cobham on Wednesday: Thunderstorms were forecast for today's ride, and a few us got a good soaking en route to Cobham. But in the event, the rain kindly held off for us, only coming down when we were safely ensconced under canvas at lunch. In view of the weather forecast, a ride of modest length was embarked on, by Irene, Pam, Nigel, Ed, John M, Frank H, Julian, Graham, Rob, Ray, Pete M and Vic. Our route took us up Blundel lane to Oxshott, then down Fairmile Lane to Malden Rushett towards Epsom. We then branched off at Christchurch through the woods to the Wells Estate (origin of Epsom salts) and up Wilmerhatch Lane. A detour through Ashtead Park gave onto a pastoral view of the scholars at City Freemans school playing cricket. Then it was up the rise to Headley before climbing the hill on Hurst Lane to Walton on the Hill, where we had lunch at the Chequers, one of many watering holes frequented by the late George Best.
Frank, Graham and Nigel departed separately after lunch (we had already lost John M to a shopping trip), and the rest of us passed Headley Heath before drifting down the hill to Leatherhead where Pam bought a new mech for her bike. Finally we pressed on for an extended tea at Seymours, where we basked in the warm afternoon sunshine, as we watched Pete make short work of a 'Wimbledon special' of (what else?) strawberries and cream. Rob

Because of his absence this week, Brian asked that ride reports be sent to Pete, but may have given a dud address: At elevenses, Mark Roy celebrated completion of two stages of his charity "end to end" ride by buying tea and biscuits for all who made it to Cobham. Thank you, Mark. 'C' group starters were Mark, Bill, Fuzz, Dennis, Philip, Beryl, Roger, John G, Albert and Ron. Although many of us were soaked by a heavy shower on our way to the British Legion Hall at Cobham , there was no more rain during the ride, and temperatures were comfortable. In the morning, we cycled from Cobham along very quiet country roads to Ockham, Ripley, Pyrford Village, and Pyrford Lock. Front wheel problems caused Ron so drop out early. Fuzz and Dennis took alternative routes, but arrived safely to join the rest of us for lunch at the Anchor Inn overlooking families of ducks and Swans on the Wey Canal. Albert, being only 3 or 4 miles from his home, left us immediately after lunch. The rest of us took the towpath Southwards and then a track to Ockham Mill. Here we had to lift our bikes (thanks Philip for all yr hard work helping everyone else) and ourselves over a locked gate before emerging on Mill Lane. We crossed under the A3 and proceeded via Ockham, Downside and two off-road tracks to emerge on River Lane, Stoke D'Abernon. Seven of us stopped for tea at the bakery by Cobham and Stoke D'Abernon station ( Bill's recommendation) before dispersing to our homes.
Regards John Gould

Sunday, July 09, 2006

July 5th C Group

In view of the weather forecast; thunderstorms etc. (which in the event did not materialize during our ride), it was good to see quite a fair turnout. With John G. in the lead there were nine of us starting out from Cobham; Bill, Beryl, Roger, Fuzz, Dennis, Mark, one more plus me. Our lunch venue was the Anchor at Pyrford Lock. The route was up Plough Lane crossing the road at The Mucky Duck passing Wisley airfield on the Ockham Road, over the A3 and down into Ripley, crossing the High Street into Newark lane. At Pyrford Village on Church Hill we turned right into Warren Lane to Pyrford Lane then right to Lock Lane and our lunch in the open in the cool area near the canal. Must confess I legged it for home via West Byfleet as the intention was to return to Cobham for tea and one session of the hairy Byfleet Road for me was enough for the day. I feel sure we all enjoyed the ride. Thanks, John.
See you next week at Claygate--------------- Albert

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Half a Million Miles

A Trophy made by Ed Sharp and presented to Pete Mitchell at Cobham on Wednesday to acknowledge his passing the 500000miles point

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Mark Roy

Hello everybody, I DID IT.not all of it but my bit of two stages. the first stage from Welsh Bignor to Clun which is not 50 miles as it says but 58.5 mile to be exact. Those of you who have done this stage will know but those who have not done it I can tell you that there were many climbs as bad as Shere and newland corner shere to west horsley. I don't know how I managed some walking off course but I managed the next day from clun to Chester , first half was as bad but the last twenty was not too bad but bad enough. that mileage was 69 miles. Well i can tell you all that this is my last ride like this for this life. I enjoy your company and that is good enough for me. I see you all on the next wednesday. Thanks for sponsering me the total is near £2000. Mark Roy


Bernard is back home. He says he feels a bit wobbly, as he expected, but is delighted to be out of confinement and able to go for the paper and sit in the garden. Somehow the colours look brighter and more luscious. Julian