Monday, December 30, 2013

Harold Fifield

Pat Matthews received a message saying Harold Fifield (former Midweek Wayfarer and expert photographer who moved to Scotland a few years ago) has Parkinson's Disease and recently moved into a Residential Care Home. She is unsure which, but Harold's wife can be contacted on:        01899 220026


Friday, December 20, 2013

Bar Bags for Sale

 Peter Whiting is a long standing CTC member who has just rediscovered the Midweek Wayfarers.  He has a couple of Carradice bar bags  for sale, which he wonders if  any member might be interested in buying. He has sent me a small photo of each bag.

Carradice Overlander - used £20
Caracice Super C - new £35

He says:
(1)The first picture is a Carradice 'Overlander' bar bag which has been used and is in good condition. The white frame in front of the bag is the bracket which loops onto the handlebar and is secured by the strap at the front of the bag around the cycle frame head. £20

(2) The second is a Carradice Super C bar bag and has not been fitted; it is unused and has the fittings and instructions inside the bag. £35

If you are interested, please contact Peter direct:
  • landline: 02083933328 or
  • mobile: 07932 572819 or
  • email:
  • Address: 105 Elmwood Drive, Ewell, EPSOM, Surrey KT17 2NL

B Ride - 18th December 2013 - Hammersmith Bridge

Fourteen of us left Leatherhead heading to Raynes Park, up Cottenham Park road, crossing Wimbledon Common and skirting Richmond Park to Barnes. We then followed the cycle signs to Hammersmith Bridge to reach the Blue Anchor pub.

Along the way we had some discombobulation - firstly, a newcomer Jeffrey, punctured in Epsom. Neil and David kindly agreed to assist him whilst the rest of the group pressed on. After three new inner `tubes Jeffrey decided to head for the nearest cycle shop which unfortunately is closed on Wednesdays. We never saw Jeffrey again.

Meanwhile, my back-marker, Francoise, punctured in Motspur Park. The chain became tangled. Thank goodness the mechanically-minded Stephanie and James managed to unravel the chain. In the meantime Dave and Neil caught up with us and we swiftly headed to the pub where a nice table had been led out on the first floor for 20 people with views of Hammersmith Bridge and the Thames.

The Blue Anchor pub was licensed in 1722 (which for the historians amongst you is approximately half a century before the French Revolution) and is one of the oldest Public Houses in London. Thankfully the food was not from that period; in fact it was better than average pub food and we were all served promptly and at the same time.

After lunch we crossed the bridge and turned left onto the tow path heading towards Putney. We turned right to return to Richmond Park via Barnes. At this stage Bernard left us to catch a train. We went round Richmond Park against a strong head wind and turned left exiting through Kingston Gate. We then made our way up to Combe Lane and through New Malden, to Claremont Avenue, where 5 of us had a Christmas Tea in our home - a total mileage of 42 miles.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Cycling New Year,

Bike shops in Epsom

Geoff, Sorry to learn of your tussle with the puncture fairy and the Wednesday closing of Pound Lane Cycle Service. Of no use to you now, but for future reference, alternative cycling emporia in Epsom are:

Fudges in Upper High Street
Halfords in Kiln Lane
Even Wilkinsons in the High Street, opposite the clock tower, sells bike bits including inner tubes.

A port in any storm is always welcome.


from Geoff...

a note of thanks from Geoff:

Hello, just a quick note regarding the puncture repair I had to make, could not get any tubes to hold, the bike shop I was directed to does not open on a Wednesday, caught the train home, fitted a new tube in Evans in Wimbledon and all is well, if you are in contact directly or through the blog please thank all those that stopped to assist, a Happy Christmas and New Year to one and all.

Geoff Gregory

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Easy Riders, 18th December

From Leatherhead centre, we went back via Ashtead Park, back of Epsom to Ewell Court (where the fire was last week) - Ewell Court House, a listed building.  It started in the roof - so it is believed, was an electrical fault.  Luckily, the firemen managed to get enough water from the near-by pond to put the fire out. 

After going through Nonsuch Park, we made our way to Prezzo in Cheam where Norman, Jane, Sandy, Clive, Sonia, Liz and myself enjoyed our C group Christmas lunch.  It was nice to see Liz, who has progressed to using one crutch.


B Ride 18 December 2013

This nice chap ...

 ... took us to a nice pub (the Blue Anchor) with a good view (from the first floor) of the river at Hammersmith. There was a serious boat race:

 A panoramic view:

A pleasant lunch:

... and we didn't have to pay in old money!

A Group, 18 December

Leatherhead to Hook for Xmas Lunch

It's only five miles to lunch

 Christmas lunch at the Cap in Hand

In no particular order...

Leatherhead to Hook is just over 5 miles as the crow flies, which is not very much to work up an appetite or thirst, more a sedative to lull the brain and bones into a soporific state of fluffy inertia. We therefore shot the crow, turned our back on Hook and headed south, with a swoop down to Mickelham before a fairly steady upward angle of inclination, starting at Box Hill School. With a glimpse of the Broadwood Folly above Juniper Hall, former home of the Broadwood family, we started the climb of Little Switzerland, which is so much more attractive than the zig-zags, with an intimate and  changing spectacle of woodland, farms, fields and hillside, yet without the constant, irritable buzz of the impatient combustion engine.

 At the top we enjoyed the newly resurfaced section of the Cycleway Link that is Tumber Street and Slough Lane to emerge at Headley, with another long swoop behind Headley Court down Headley Lane to the City of London Freeman's School in Ashtead Park and the evocatively named Pleasure Pit Road. Past the RAC Club, we skirted Epsom town to Stamford Green. Surrounded now by suburbia, Manor Green Road took us to Hook Road. A final improvisation led us to the light-controlled pedestrian crossing that enabled us to cross the A243 without having to report anybody MIA and the final few hundred yards to the Cap in Hand, to arrive at 12.29 pm. for our well earned lunch.

Good food, good beer, even if a bit strong for me, and good company provided a fitting conclusion to the last Midweek Wayfarers' ride of 2013. Our warmest thanks go to the irrepressible Pam for organising our lunch and, as always, keeping us smiling with her infectious laugh.

Here's to a happy, healthy, accident-free and exciting year of new cycling adventures in 2014.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

B Group - 18th December

Maps for Frank's route showing the morning ride in red and the afternoon ride in turquoise:

Xmas Lunches

Xmas is well underway for me so far with a lunch at Smallfield yesterday - the 40+ organised by Derek Hanson the retiring secretary of SY/SX  40+ and today another well organised lunch by Pam. The food was very good at both Lunches.
The Photo shows Mark and Maggie at Smallfield, sorry i did not get one of our assembly today.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wayfarers Contact list

I've just emailed the contact list to all paid-up members.  If you didn't receive it, please email me and I can send you a copy. For those without email, apologies but as I'm not riding at the moment I can't offer to bring paper copies to elevenses - perhaps you could ask someone else to print one for you?

Wayfarers locations

Please note that the Pubs Register now includes a layer which shows Wayfarers' home locations on the map. The data, which has been taken from Simon's new list, is anonymous which means that names and other personal details are not associated with the markers. The locations are determined by postcodes.

So, as with the A and B Group pubs information, the "Home postcodes" layer can be selected or deselected for viewing by clicking in the appropriate tick box.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Annual Photo Comp and Annual Mileages

The Jan/Feb issue of the Sou'Wester contained a reminder about the annual photographic competition and also the submission of annual mileages.
Everybody is invited to submit the total mileage they have cycled in the 12 months from 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2013. That is not just on CTC rides but everything, including shopping and wobbling back from the pub. There is no obligation, but it is interesting for the Club to be able to say how many miles our members ride each year. The link on the website also enables you to see how your annual mileage may vary from year to year. Mileages, however modest, can be sent to me at or after midnight on New Year's Eve. The rider with the greatest increase over the previous year will even get a gong.
The simple rules are: 
2. The highest annual mileage (Jan 1st - Dec 3lst)
 2.1. by a male rider.
 2.2. by a female rider.
A chart showing mileages reliably recorded by a meter or map measurer on a weekly basis will be required as proof for an award winning entry. Estimates may be given and accepted if it can be shown to the Section or DA Secretary and the Awards Sub-Committee that the basis for an estimate is reliable.
 I think that a Garmin or Cateye would count as a 'meter'.

The annual photographic competition is for photos taken within the year from 1st October 2012 to 30th September 2013. The rules for the photo competition are set out below. Please note that the photos must be real and not virtual, despite it now being so easy to send them by email, Twitter, Facebook etc. They will be displayed at the annual lunch and prize presentation at Prezzo on 5 March 2014. 
6. Photographic Competition:
A print or slide showing bicycle or other indication of cycling association.

  • 6.1. Person (male) or people
  • 6.2. Person (female) or people
  • 6.3. Action
  • 6.4. Scenery/landscape
  • 6.5. Building/buildings
  • 6.6. Humorous or funny
    The award for a winning photograph will be given to the photographer who took the picture, not to the model. Prints, in black and white or colour, may he up to 7" x 5" maximum or in any APS format. The photographer's name, the category, and a short caption should be provided.
Judging: A Sub-Committee of three will be appointed annually from the members of the DA Committee.
For all parts of the Competition the Sub-Committee's decision will be final

 The judging panel has not yet been appointed, but you are welcome to send entries to me to pass on to the  panel.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

B Group 11th December

Claygate to King's Tun
 Fogbound in the departure lounge at Claygate

 Xmas lunch at the Kings Tun. All things come.....

B Ride Wednesday 11 December 2013

A belated report owing to an internet connection problem. The Virgin man has now been and set me up with a new router.

On our way from North Cheam Lynda took us to ? House where there had been a serious fire a few days ago. We admired the damage and then carried on. The paths in the park were icy in places and poor old Liz took a tumble. She got back on her bike but during lunch it started to really hurt. So she hobbled off to A & E in considerable pain. After 5 hours she was X-rayed, nothing broken and equipped with crutches. She reckons she'll be out of action for some time.

It was the day of the Christmas lunch so there were a host of B riders. So many I didn't attempt a roll call as I usually do. We set off from Claygate retracing our steps due north along Red Lane. A short hiatus when we got to a no-entry sign to cross the M25, which I proposed to ignore but wiser heads prevailed. So we crossed via a sub-way. The fog was quite thick at this stage, there was one place to cross quite a fast road where one hesitated because it was not obvious whether one could see far enough.

Along some side streets and the on a main-ish road to Hampton Court Bridge and on to the tow-path along the north side of the river. We passed the ice-rink in Hampton Court garden. Even in the fog it was nice to cycle along the river, the path is pretty good and, of course, no traffic and few walkers. Over Kingston Bridge and on the the Weatherspoon pub, the Kings Tun (not very funny and incorrect punctuation!)

I had deliberately chosen a direct route so that there was plenty of time for lunch. There was! We got there at about 12.15 and finished about 3.30. The service was so slow several people gave up before their desert.

Easy Riders - 11th December

Lynda's route with the Easy Riders from Claygate to Stamford Greren for lunch then to Cheam for Tea

The bit from Ewell to Cheam has been made up so please let me know if this wasn't the route actually taken so that I can fix it.

- Tim

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

B group Christmas lunch 11/12/13

B Group - 11th December (Christmas Lunch)

Bernard led us out of the fog and into Kingston for Christmas Lunch:

Someone left a map on the pavement outside the DC in Claygate. There is an envelope containing a card tucked into it. Please claim it from me. I can bring it to elevenses on the 18th.

A Group 11th December

A foggy day in London Town …

Bright sunshine as I left the house, but I was soon in the fog as I went down the hill.  Foggy in Ewell, foggy in Claygate.  Never mind, it would soon clear.

We were in no rush to leave our elevenses, but, in the end, seventeen of us set off North towards Hampton Court Bridge.  There was a slight issue in this, as the pub had agreed to squeeze in twelve of us, and didn't seem overjoyed when I rang to give them the good news.  Oh well.

Some sunshine in Bushey Park, and quite bright at Kingston Bridge, but foggy again by Ham Common  and it didn't really clear as we went over the top of Richmond Park and down again to Roehampton Gate.  Up again to the Telegraph, and it was noticeably brighter, so we trooped in for our lunch in good spirits.

Despite the slightly gloomy telephone call everything was fine -  a big table for us, and plenty of room in the dining area.  It looked as if their concern was around a couple of large parties that were following us, but we were gone long before them, so nothing to worry about really.  Good food, good value and a good choice of beers, so a happy crew was back on the road before two o'clock.

Some of the Wimbledon dwellers peeled off at this point, the rest of us swooped down Putney Hill in the sunshine, slipping back into the fog on the towpath.  There were some pretty spectacular sights as we rode along - fog on the river, but buildings in the sunshine above it, and some very Turner-esque lighting at times.

Leaving the river we climbed back into Richmond Park by Sheen Gate, very foggy indeed here, but as we climbed Sawyer's Hill we got above it again.  Excellent views once more, and the deer close at hand giving a genuinely rural feel.  Hazy sunshine as we went down Richmond Hill, becoming fog again as we got to the river.  But we were in for tea by three, and while most would not be home before dark we didn't do too badly for a short day out.

23.2 miles elevenses to tea; rolling average 10.5 mph.  Not far, and not fast, but about right for the conditions.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Good News

Roger Mitchell is now back at home after his brief stay in Kingston Hospital.

Monday, December 09, 2013

Wednesday's A Group Ride

Wednesday's ride will be a continuation of the A Group's popular series of Short 'n Easy winter rides.  Lunch at the Telegraph, Putney Hill [click for website]and tea at Richmond Bridge.  Early lunch, early finish and everyone home in the light.

As you will see from the map, there are a couple of miles of towpath.  Shouldn't be a problem for anyone as the surface is firm and dry -  the Moulton was fine on slicks.


Saturday, December 07, 2013

A Group pictures 4th Dec.

Enjoying Scarlett Arms food before leaving for Denbies

Friday, December 06, 2013

A Group, 4th December

Cobham - Walliswood - Denbies      
Scarlett Arms
If this looks a bit blurred blame the Badger.
Welcome to Geoff  (please note spelling).

A Group 4th Dec

We made a fairly swift start from Cobham after Mark kindly confirmed to the Scarlett Arms on his Smart Phone that there were now about 18 of us instead of 12 that i had booked the previous day.
The ride went fairly smoothly throuhout aided by Mark again he kindly volunteered as backmarker. This was really necessary as we had another two recruits who did well to stay on the hills most of the time. The route can be seen on the profile by Mark.
It was a rather swift finish ending up at the Skarlett Arms Walliswood to arrive there at 12.30 as planned.
We were very well received and the food was good. We left by 2pm and were at Denbies for Tea in good time although i was unable to stop as my priority on this occasion required me home as soon as possible.
I trust and hope all others arrived home most of the way in light and safely.


PS. Sorry but I am unable to include photos since the format has changed such that it does not appear to allow as previously. I must be getting too old?

Advice regarding proposed works in Newark Lane

Pam has forwarded this message from the Veteran-CC:

Hi all,

Most of you will have seen the large notices which have gone up in Newark Lane, Ripley, drawing attention to the fact that there will be a 6 months road closure with effect from 6th January. This is for 'Bridge Improvement Works' to Newark Mill-stream Bridge (by the traffic lights), Newark Mill Bridge and the nearby Newark (relatively)New Bridge.

The closure isn't quite as disastrous to cyclists as it sounds as the road will only be closed for 'vehicular' traffic. For pedestrians, equestrians and cyclists, access will be provided at all times via temporary footbridges, but cyclists and equestrians will have to dismount to use the access routes. If you ask whether tricycles will be able to get through, all I can say is that is a very good question, but if you have any questions you are invited to call 0300 200 1003 (8am to 6pm weekdays) or consult 

Thursday, December 05, 2013

B Ride - 4th December 2014

Inside the Bull's Head (West Clandon) - "This is one very warm and cozy pub, brightly decorated for the festive season" in Tim's own words.

Many thanks Tim, for another most interesting ride, with lovely views on roads we had not taken before and for a well researched commentary on the blog. It made it worth coming back from the warmth of Spain to follow you on the cold Surrey lanes. We do appreciate the preparation you put into your rides.
F & F

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Easy Riders - 4th December

Ten left the British Legion Hall at Cobham to lunch at the Prince of Wales in West End, Esher.   A miracle I didn’t loose any one!!  Via Cobham, Seven Hills Road, Hersham Road to the roundabout on the A244.  Lunch was very good, we then proceeded up Hawkshill Way to Esher roundabout, Hare Lane, Red Lane, Woodstock Lane to Clayton Road where I said my goodbyes and the rest proceeded to the day centre at Chessington. Weather was very good after the weathermen promised a wet morning which didn’t materialise, even a little sunshine in the afternoon.
A big thank you to Liz for being a good T.E.C. and thank you to the rest of the team.

GPS data collected by Ron

B Group - 4th December

After thanking Maureen and Wendy-Jane for their hard work serving morning tea to us all during this year, and the presentation of awards to John Bassett and Ed Sharpe we set off at 11:15 down Plough Lane and Ockham Lane on our well worn route to Ripley. We crossed the High Street and followed Newark Lane before turning left into Papercourt Lane. In Send we turned right and rode up to Old Woking then along the High Street before veering off into Vicarage Road and Westfield Road. In Moor Lane we immediately turned right into New Lane then, rather than being seen to be duplicating Pete Barnard's recent route (in reverse), we took a left into Robin Hood Lane at the end of which we turned right into Sutton Green Road and left again towards Wareham's Farm then right into the small lane known as Foxes Path. We passed through a gate and so that we could savour the beautiful countryside we rode slowly along the lane up to the Catholic church of St Edward the Confessor. King Ed, son of Ethelred the Unready and Emma of Normandy, starred in the lively history leading up to the Norman invasion. Françoise enjoyed, that is to say 'blushed', to be reminded of this cataclysm in our history. Although we may only believe it as a result of the forceful barrage of political spin from the Normans of the time, it appears that Edward probably chose William as his successor, long before his own death early in 1066.

This photo is on the website:
At the church it might have been tempting to turn East towards Sutton Place, the Grade 1 listed Tudor manor house, former residence of J Paul Getty, which is now owned by a Russian billionaire, Alisher Usmanov, one of Russia's richest men, but significantly, a Putin era oligarch rather than a Yeltsin era one. He is also a major shareholder in Arsenal FC which may endear him to a minority. However I hadn't called ahead to ask him if we might visit, and with other arrangements for lunch, we did a quick pirouette around the car park in front of the church and turned West down towards Blanchards Hill.

At Jacob's Well we turned down Clay Lane to cross the A3 and then turned right into Burpham Lane followed by New Inn Lane. Near Merrow Common, in Park Lane, we dismounted and trundled across the road to get into Old Merrow Street which brought us out onto the A25.The large ornate gates into Clandon Park seem to be permanently shut so we rode another half mile along to the Henchley Gate and rode along the small lane, on the Earl of Onslow's land I believe, until we reached a small gate for pedestrians which enabled us to continue along to Clandon Park House. Once out on The Street in West Clandon we turned left for the last 100 metres or so to the Bulls Head.

This is one very warm and cozy pub, brightly decorated for the festive season, where we ate some very decent and freshly prepared pub grub. They had set aside a nice area for our 20 or so riders and served us as quickly as they could. After 16.7 miles we were all quite peckish and greatly enjoyed our lunch. Vic had taken a quite different route from the rest of us and when we arrived he was in the final stages of polishing off his lunch. Such cunning has probably evolved from years of riding with the A Group!

We managed to tear ourselves away just before the pub's closing time of 2:30. After galloping the two and a quarter miles along the A246 we turned North into The Street in West Horsley. For a change we took the quiet road called Long Reach up to Ockham and retraced our route back to Cobham where nine of us stopped for refresment at Café Aromas in Hollyhedge Road after just 9.1 miles since lunch.

It was a pleasure to welcome two new riders into our group, Bill Thurston and Andy Bowskill. I hope they haven't been deterred by what was a fairly big mileage for this time of year.

Many thanks to David for being back marker, to Terry, Pam and Peter for being ready, with some maps I had prepared earlier, to lead any strays back onto the correct path. Thanks too to Neil and everyone who marked corners; there were a good few opportunities for people to miss the turns today.

- Tim

The pink trail is the morning route and the turquoise one is the afternoon ride

A Group 4th December

Ray took us over the hills to Walliswood today.  31.36 miles from elevenses at Cobham to tea at Denbies; lunch at the Scarlett Arms.  Moving average 13mph; maximum speed 38.5mph and 1,405 calories.

A good winter's run, and not too cold.


Tuesday, December 03, 2013

B Group - tomorrow's ride (4th December)

The ride tomorrow morning will be 17 miles so I would like to depart as soon after 11:00 as is reasonable. There will be no proper hills at all but we are aiming to get to the pub by 1 o'clock. This is to minimize the amount of riding we have to do in the dark after Tea. The afternoon ride will be just 9 miles back to Cobham but all the same it would be nice to make good time.

We are going to a nice pub but please don't ask for the Soup of the Day because it is not on the menu.

We'll be on a couple of relatively busy roads, including a stretch on the A246 so please ride carefully and be sensible if we are obliged to stop near intersections or roundabouts. Keep an eye out for the person or group behind you and, anywhere it might seem necessary, please mark the corners so that people who have been dropped at traffic lights etc will know where we are going. I would like to avoid losing anyone because this has been a feature of my rides (and certain others) on more than one occasion.


My search for the perfect perch has left me with a number of good saddles, little used, that I now know that I do not need.  In the spirit of Christmas, I propose to give them away - or at least throw them away!

I'll bring some to Cobham tomorrow and place them on the table.  If you fancy one, please take it.  I'll ask the ladies to put what's left in the bin, so don't be shy.

If you should feel that a small donation to the British Legion is a fair exchange for Italy's finest, then that's fine.  If not, that's fine too.

Merry Christmas!