Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesdays Offroad ride 29 Apr

Toni with his tank from last week

Our rides sec and honourable ex-fireman in confrontational mood before the Blue Bells. You must be having a laugh!!! Actually we had a very expensive one pint lunch at the White Bear

"A" Group to Jack Fairman Horley

Motly windswept crew after lunch, Toni is gritting his teeth before departure into the rain and storms

Yours truly resting bike against wakeing tree looking down the Zig Zag and across to the gathering storm clouds over Ranmore

Monday, April 28, 2008

Printing of Sou'Wester T Shirts for Dieppe

Lynda Barrow says:

"I have booked t-shirts in to be printed this Friday. Maybe, a last request on the blog if anyone wants a garment printed with our name 'Sou'Westers'."
Please make contact with Lynda direct ( Direct Line "T" shirt printing service)

Friday, April 25, 2008

More Photo's of Vic's away day

Odiham spendid church opposite the Bell Inn where we had lunch

Rob trying to get his leg over like he has never done b4 and ruining my picture of a picturesque cottage

Sou@Wester Editors 1st Grandchild

I know this may come as a surprise being so old but finaly I got one. Millie born 12.13 BST 24 April 08, 5lb 10oz to Vanessa and Wes. Everyone doing fine and I am on a high (which is why I am awake so late). These photos mainly for the ladies benefit.

Vic's Train (Car) assisted to Odiham

More of lunch the first arrivals

Dare he catch the Plague, standing outside the Pest House (4 that is what he is)

Limo time on the return to Farnham. Splinter group

The splinter group had cocked it up in travelling by car, we arrived one hour late. Not as bad as Pam who got on the wrong train and ended up in Basingstoke. What a laugh. Thanks Vic for a splendid tour.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

'A' Group 23rd April

Farnham Station

En route White/Black Water

Lunch stop

C Group 23 April

Not too promising weatherwise; damp and not too warm after yesterdays sunshine but after a bit the sun came out and the latter part of our ride was quite pleasant. From Walton, John C. led around twelve of us to The Rose and Crown at Thorpe Green. There was Beryl, Bill, Roger, Mark, Dennis, Ron, Fuzz and yours truly plus Bernard, Pat and (forgotten his name!) who usually go out with B group. Crossing Walton bridge we made for lower Shepperton and over Chertsey bridge then left to Addlestone Moor with a spot of offroad and cyclepath to Clay Corner. Crossing over to Eastworth Road we carried on almost to Highfield Road and took a left turn which turned out tot be impassible, so we returned to our original route and up the Thorpe Road with a left turn under the motorway to our lunch spot. Tea was to be at Shepperton but in the event eight of us had tea at my place where good old Fuzz did the washing up once again! You are welcome any time old chum --------- Albert

Friday, April 18, 2008

B Group April 16th

14 riders left Weybridge - destination Wood Street Village, Christine, Judy, Bernard. Cliff, David V, John G, John M, Les, Mick, Neville, Reg, Roger, & Terry, led by Norman. Route through Brooklands, Byfleet, Old Woking, Worplesden up Frog Lane to Wood St Village.
The intended lunch stop was
the Royal Oak but It was reserved customers only. Mick and Neville made an early departure, the rest of us rode on towards Guildford where we stopped at the first pub The Hare and Hounds where we were welcomed, by the Landlord Who Rearranged the tables while we locked the bikes. We all enjoyed a Variety of meals. After lunch homeward via Jacobs Well, Send to tea at Cobham. then back home via personal preferred routes.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

C Group April 16th

Picture from Albert
Good turnout at Weybridge. Weather dry and not so cold as of late. Stephanie led around ten of us en route for The Four Horseshoes at Chobham; Mark, Bill, Fuzz, Harold, Beryl, Allan, Phil, Ron, Roger and myself through Weybridge car park, then past St. James church to the Quadrant, then along the old road by the canal, through Poet`s Corner into Addlestone where we crossed the level crossing,then left up Garfield Road to Crockford Park Road with the lights in our favour we entered Liberty Lane at the end of which we took the footbridge over the M25 to Hare Hill to Ottershaw. After passing the cricket common we went left at Foxhills and a good downhill on Stonehills Road. Then it was a right turn down Gracious Pond Road into Red Lion Road, then crossing over the main road and arriving at our lunch stop. (see attachment). The food was excellent and there was nothing wrong with the beer. As the return route was to pass near my place I invited one and all to tea. In the event they arrived before me as I lost them on a spot of offroad near Fairoaks airfield and landed up at the end of Martyr`s Lane with quite a bit of climbing to do before reaching the old homestead. Happily they did not have long to await my arrival and Dennis was there also. There were ten of us crammed into the dining room. Stephanie helped serve up the tea and cake so we managed with just eight chairs! Both she and Fuzz insisted on washing up and I enjoyed the company. Let`s hope we can do it more often ----- Albert

A Group April 16th

Irene's estimated 13 A riders turned out to be 19 (Irene, Bionic Bob(welcome back), Dave, Ed, Frank, Geoff, Graham. Johns B & S, Mike, Neil, Pam, Pete M, Ray, Rob, Simon (newcomer, out for the morning), Steve, Toni, and Wilf). Unusually we headed up Woburn Hill, across the Meads, and then over the level crossing by Chertsey station. Along Guildford Road strange sounds could be heard emanating from Irene's rear end. A committee promptly formed on the cyclepath to investigate - the cause, an inner tube peeking out betwixt rim and tyre. Fortunately it didn't explode and after reseating we were soon heading up Holloway Hill. We caught and past the C group just before the Gracious Pond turn-off. Burrowhill, Valley End and the back (Church) road in Windlesham enabled us to reach The Bee where tables had been reserved. Most were content with sandwiches but among hearty repasts were ham and eggs(Frank), croque-monsieur(Ed) and the special (spicy fish in tortillas - John B). The pub was a first for most, and no complaints! After lunch we crossed the A30 into Sunninghill and by Larch Avenue and the B383 entered the Great Park at Cheapside. From Bishopsgate it was down Tite Hill into Egham and a lengthy halt at the Pooley Green crossing. Thorpe was followed by the Penton Hook offroad. An impromptu photo shoot near Chertsey Abbey detached 5 riders who detoured (unnecessarily) to Shepperton Lock before rejoining at Watsons in the High Street. A shade over 30 miles from 11s to tea on a cloudy, blustery but not unpleasant day. Leader Irene

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"A" Group leader Irene

An excellent ride by a lovely leader (not at all Grumpy). Above after lunch and top, Tea at Sheperton our leader and very efficient sweeper. Sorry about the indoor quality but you can see who is the good looking one!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Midweek 9 April

Where is this?

A late photo of part of the bunch at lunch.

Bob at home 3 weeks after his second hip replacement.

Apology to Andy Coxhill for referring to Rasay Warden as Tartan Socks, obviously I can't tell the difference. All I know is one is inclined to Grumpy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

B Group April 9th

B Ride Report for Wednesday 9th April 2008.
About a dozen of us left Henfold Lakes in a generally Easterly direction for Newdigate, Charlwood and Horley, then thru' Haroldslea Farm to lunch at the Plough in Smallfield. After lunch we turned North/ North-West for Merstham, tea at Fanny's Farm, and home.
The area covered by the ride was new to me. I had not got round to cycling the route in advance, but had done my reconnaissance by car 2 days previously. In a car, you don't notice the hills, and the route was hillier than expected; and there were complaints from the troops.
There were no punctures to report. However, Wayfarers' newcomer, David from Wimbledon, who hopes to come out with us regularly, had gear trouble after lunch, but managed well with the reduced range.
John Gould

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tartan Socks Mileage

If I can help in anyway. I did a miserable 43 mls from W on the H. Pam said at Denbies she had done, I think 50+ mls and that when she got home it would be about 73mls. So Graham from these figures you can interpolate what you like. And when you have done that you can perculate and then you can attempt to placate Grumpy whoever that delightful person might be!

A Group April 9th

11s at Henfold Lakes - Picture from Terry
In sunny if somewhat chilly conditions there were around 30 Souwesters at Henfold Lakes - a vast improvement on C&M's zero last Sunday. Eventually 16 A Riders(Graham, Ed, Geoff, Grant, Ian, Irene, Johns S&B, Mike, Pam, Pete M, Ray, Rob, Steve, Toni, Wilf) headed towards Newdigate where due to a misunderstanding we lost Ian (loose bag). Pete M had an unhappy day, firstly unshipping his chain in Capel and secondly unlocking his cassette locknut before Ellen's Green. The resultant delays put us onto a revised course via the B2128 into Cranleigh where surprisingly Ian rejoined. We turned east and into the Little Park Thatch for a one o'clock lunch. The sunworshippers were in the majority enjoying the mainly warm garden. As usual service was generous and prompt, well almost! John B had to rush an oversized porkchop; unnecessarily as it turned when Geoff struggled to remove half a mudguard. By now it was two-thirty so a shortcut was needed. The virgins were in for a nasty surprise - the watery and potholed Tanhurst Lane. I'll mention no names but clearly there is potential for a walking section should we choose to start one. In contrast speeds in the high 30s were common on the long downhill into Dorking where a very leisurely tea was taken at Denbies. We went our various ways around half four; no idea of the miles as my speedo died on the way to Henfold. Graham Hill

C Group April 9th

Great weather and a good turnout at East Molesey. John Hammond came out for elevenses looking pretty fit as did several others from other sections. It`s a fairly small venue but coped very well with our lot. Lynda led around eighteen of us, most of whose names I know; Roger Bill, Fuzz, Beryl, Ron, Mark, Dennis,Helga, Pat, Phil, Harold, Alan and Reg (first time I`ve met him) and two or three more for lunch at Woodies in New Malden. We took the river route from Hampton Court bridge to Kingston, then through Kingston to Worcester Park. After a bit more urban riding, mostly on cycle paths we arrived at Woodies which Mark tells me is a kind of clubhouse for the L.S.E. sports club. It sports a large clock on the roof which claims it is 8.45. The food was good and prompt and Roger treated me to a pint. The only fly in the ointment was the public address system which drowned any conversation by announcing the number of the next order! The intention was to have tea at Nonsuch Park so I opted to make a beeline for home and Alan accompanied me as far as Kingston market from where I was back on familiar territory. So it was over the bridge and back down the river road via Hampton Court to home. Just over 30 miles and a good ride. Thanks Lynda-----------------Albert

Friday, April 04, 2008

B Group April 2nd

B Ride Wednesday 2nd April 2008.
Consisting of , Pam, Christen, Les, Norman , Terry, John M, Cliff, Ian, Reg, Liz, Godfrey, Harold, Irene, John G, Robin, And apologies for the two forgotten.
Onto the Portsmouth Road and the cycle track towards Guildford . After going over the M25
Left into Old Lane next right to Ockham and left to West Horsley along by the railway to East Horsley to the Guildford Road, left 1Km right up steep hill ( some love em ), to Crocknorth Road. Across Ranmore Common, Down to the Kings Arms West Street Dorking, Very accommodating good menu and food.
Out along the back streets to the Mickleham bypass. Round the back of Leatherhead via the Recreation and Nature reserve area, right on the Cobham Road , wiggled through Fetcham
across Bookham Common to Cobham. A pity we had a constant drizzle all afternoon so finished with early teas, a damp and cheerful six at Watson's. Cheers Robin.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

C Group April 2nd

Instead of the forecast for dry and mild weather we got quite a bit of drizzle and continous overcast skies. However the turnout at Cobham was good and spirits were high as Phil led around twelve of us up Plough Lane en route for the Victoria pub at Woodham. We took a right up the old A25 now called Pointers Road and is in line with the M25, and terminates just before the Wisley interchange and becomes a sea of mud. Having crossed the aforesaid interchange we now found ourselves on Wisley Common. We started out with Dennis, Charles, Lynda, Mark, Roger, John C., Fuzz, Pat, Bill (A), Harold and me, but after a lot of walking through mud and unmarked ways we got rather split up. We did cross the motorway a couple of times and conditions got better near West Byfleet when we crossed Parvis Road and rode through Dartnell Park. Arriving on the towpath of the Basingstoke canal with a fairly decent surface we continued in the direction of Woodham after a decent spot of tarmac. The lunch and beer went down well and the intention was to have tea at Shepperton. I took a shortcut opposite the pub down Woodham Park Road followed by Harold but the others took the main road along Woodham Lane. Harold had a spot of bother with his bike so he came home with me to use my tools. On arrival Dennis was outside having taken a wrong turning so we had tea and I drove Harold back to his car at Cobham. Busy day, what-------------------------Albert

A Group April 2nd

“A” Group Report Wed 2nd April Frank Cubis

15 left Cobham at 11-10 for an advertised briskish ride to Godalming, the group included John S, Steve, John D B, Geff, Pete, Grant, Editor Mike, Ray, Vic, Toni, Frank H, Rob, Neil & Ed.
All went well through Pointers Green, Martyr’s Green, Ockham, to Burnt Common, but riding along the shared cycle and pedestrian path towards Clay Lane near Burpham Vic took a nasty tumble which resulted in a head wound. An ambulance was called and attended, fortunately it wasn’t a hospital visit as he was treated by the medics in the vehicle and they allowed him to continue (but I think reluctantly). His bike was undamaged and he wisely called it a day and with thanks to Ray Dare as chaperone rode home. I phoned when home and they had had lunch on the way and rode home with no ill effects.
By this time of course I abandoned my original route to Wyke, Wanborough and over the Hog’s Back to Puttenham then dropping down to Godalming. I chose the more direct route through Guildford along the Old Portsmouth Road direct to Wetherspoons. The service was good, as usual. Then it was the same route back to Ripley and on to Ockham Bites for 2-45’s, by now the drizzle had started in earnest and after refreshments bade my farewell, although the drizzle did stop by Esher. My total mileage 69 miles.
Grant was todays puncture victim.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Final scenes of the Scenic Drizzle Route-Box Hill

The Zig - one handed while riding.

Reduced speed due to mist and something that rhymes with it after a pint of chocolate beer at W'Spoons (again one handed while in motion - what its like to be young again)

At the top, still mist but this time standing still.

White Down & St Barnabas

More scenic route home. Again in reverse order. (remmember to blog photo's last first, first last-otherwise they come out in reverse order. Dog-Bot unfriendly)
3. One handed while riding up White Down. Zoom in for a technical shot.
2. More one handed W.D.
1. On Ranmore "The Church of the North Downs Way" so called.

More of the Scenic route home. ABINGER

Photo 1. Abinger Hall?
Photo 2. Abinger Clock.

Scenic Route Home from Godalming

I decided to take the lonesome ride home today in order to avoid the A3 and any further misshap. I phone Vic tonight and he is OK but sore and hopes to make his holiday this friday to Crete!
Pictures in revers order cover the first part of my journey home, much of it in heavy drizzle.
3. Marthers Church in the mist.
2. Albury Church (or something like it)
1. Gomshall Mill.