Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jan 1st Ride

The ride will start from Ewell by the Spring Bus stop at 10.00am on Jan 1st to ride to Richmond Park at an easy pace all welcome.

Monday, December 29, 2008

DA Photographic Competition

DA Competition Rules
Pictures for the DA competition can be given to Pete Mitchell
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

From Barbara Johnston

Happy Christmas to all. thank you very much to the gentleman who found me at Motspur Park level crossing and showed me a good route to Poplar Road.

A/B Group Dec 24th

A short report for a short ride of 11 miles! Roehampton Gate cafe was almost empty on Christmas Eve 2003. In 2008 there were a surprising 30+ Wayfarers, to the delight of the manageress as one hand did for the rest. Eventually 20 including the tandem headed along NCN 4 and out of the park at Ham Gate. We offered festive greetings to Annabel and Jemima (hope they were home) before turning down the "drive" to Ham House and its polo grounds. Having circled the 1610 building and bypassed the Ham Estate, Teddington Lock found us back on NCN 4. I had intended to avoid Kingston town centre but with time pressing our route lay through the crowded Market Place where they were "raking through the ashes" of Woolies. Squeezing between Crown Court and County Hall, we continued to the back of the University and Maple Road which led eventually into St Mary's Road where we rejoined last week's route. The Cap In Hand was reached dead on 1230. Well watered and fed and with no scheduled teastop, the ride thus ended as we headed off hopefully to enjoy a Merry Christmas. Graham Hill

Easy Riders Dec 24th

Fuzz led a very interesting ride with history facts thrown in, from Richmond Park today. We were 7; Fuzz, Roger, Barbara, (an old school friend of mine), 1st time out on a Wednesday; as she lives near Kingston Vale Gate; Lynda, Phil M., Mark and Ron. We went thro' alley-ways, a stream, parks and past some historic buildings. We cycled through Barnes, Putney and had lunch at The Eight Bells in Fulham. After lunch we made our way to Wimbledon Common where we had tea at The Windmill. I had to rush off to get the veg for Christmas Day and Barbara had parcels to wrap. We all made our way home before it got dark.

I had a phone call from Harold, to say that he was in a car accident and his car has been righted off. He is suffering bruises and possibly cracked ribs (again)! But, says they are going up to his daughter's in Scotland for Christmas; so he will get plenty of rest and pampering!
A pair of glasses were left at the cafe anybody lost a pair

Thursday, December 18, 2008

B Group Dec 17th

11 B riders left Walton for a shorter than usual 10 mile pre-lunch ride via Weybridge, Addlestone, Victory Park , Green Lane, Bittams Lane, Homewood Park, Stonehill Road, and Gracious Pond Road to lunch at the Red Lion at Burrow Hill, where all 11 of us squashed together socially around a table designed to seat 8.

Emerging from the pub car park after a good lunch, we were treated to a stream of colourful invective from one of our number who discovered that he had a puncture. Gill, Stephanie and Liz, the females in our party, were very shocked by the language used, particularly Liz who claimed never to have heard any of the words before. When it was discovered that the first replacement inner tube was defective, the ladies had to cover their ears again. Luckily the third inner tube proved to be in working order, and we were able to set off again, if a little later than intended. We followed a route roughly parallel to the M3 to Virginia Water, crossed the M3 and M25 into Chertsey and then thru Shepperton, Sunbury and Hampton to Hampton Court, where we dispersed homeward.

John Gould

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Group 17 December 2008

At Bushey Park on the way to the Cap in Hand at Hook for Christmas Lunch

A Group Dec17th

28 Riders plus a couple of extras left Walton Day Centre over Walton bridge the serpent like group with no problems headed through Sunbury in cool but comfortable conditions, turning left off the major road found us following a twisty but quiet route through the back streets of Hampton and into Bushy Park for a photo shoot, out at Hampton Court and on to The Cap in Hand at Hook for a very good Xmas lunch for less than £10 including a drink! Ray left early and Grant and Ian finished his pudding to save waste! Upon leaving it certainly felt very much like the winter we expect so homeward bound to afternoon tea at Pete’s was the target for several.
From Pete Mitchell

A Group Dec 10th

Group “A” ride 10th December 2008 From Leatherhead the group rode the length of Lower Road to the Effingham end and Orestan Lane to East Horsley. Green Dene and Coombe Lane led up Netley Heath to Staple Lane and a fine view stretching from Guildford Cathedral to Canary Wharf on a clear day, which this was. From here on the road was mostly downhill or flat to lunch at Ripley. “The Anchor” is no Wetherspoons, but it has a venerable association with club cyclists dating from the 19th.C, the beer wasn’t bad, and it was just the right distance for a winters day. Afterwards we rode the full length of the runway on Wisley airfield to Martyrs Green, Downside,Bookham Common and Fetcham to have tea at Wetherspoons Leatherhead with time to spare to get home in daylight. From Vic White

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chris Hoy

Vote result:

Chris Hoy 283,630 votes
Lewis Hamilton 163,864
Rebecca Adlington 145,924
Ben Ainslie 35,472
Joe Calzaghe 34,077
Andy Murray 19,415
Nicole Cooke 18,256
Christine Ohuruogu 7,677
Bradley Wiggins 5,633
Rebecca Romero 4,526

B Group Dec 10th

Oh goodness it's Sunday and I forgot the B ride report------ and most of the riders present, but here goes. some 15 of us left Leatherhead including me Cliff leading, I remember Liz and Stephanie clearly, who wouldn't, also I remember Les Adam Nev Norman two Johns possibly three! Terry was at the back doing his usual good job of backmarker and sorry folks that's where my memory fails me.

We enjoyed a peaceful ride down to Brockham via the golf club and then onto Leigh---and it was cold.I remember a conversation about whether it was pronounced lee lie or ven lay but then we have that conversation every time we go there. It is lie!!

The return was via Newdigate and Henfold Lane which regretfully proved too much for me and I abandoned, going to Dorking Station for a leisurely train ride home,leaving everybody to return by Punchbowl Hill. Hope you all got home safely, I know that Adam had a puncture, thanks for the email Adam. He rides that old Dawes of mine better than I did!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Attendance for 2008

Attendance Points for 2008 (to date):

N. Goody 97
P. Mitchell 95
R. Mitchell 93
E. Sharp 93
L. Johnston 93
M. Roy 92
T. Lowe 91
D. Broughton 84
L. Scrivens 82
L. Barrow 79
J. Margery 67
M. Anderson 66
V. White 65
R. Maskell 64
F. Cubis 60
S. Wyatt 59
J. Conacher 56
G. Hill 50
P. Lintott 49
G. Finlay 44
G. Clarke 37
N. Guild 31
P. Matthews 28

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Easy Riders Dec 10th

There were a lot of us at Leatherhead Day Centre today. Albert looked well after his 2nd eye operation. Mike M. sporting a souvenir from Australia, has made a remarkably quick recovery after his stay in hospital.

Ron led C group up to Headley. We lunched at The Cock, after getting there in good time, before the lunch rush. After our meals, it was all downhill to The Wells for tea. Helga joined us, as she is over for 10days holiday from Germany. A nice dry day, sunny but cold.

Lynda .

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

B Group Dec 3rd

13 of us set off from Cobham, Norman,Gill, Brian, Colin,Terry,Eddie,Roger,John Gould, Charles,Steph, Les John Scott and myself towards Effingham. A steady climb past St. Teresa's then down White Down to the A25 (wheeeee) before ascending to Abinger Common and The Hatch. After a very efficiently
provided lunch we proceeded to Dorking then on
to the Blue Cafe at Leatherhead, still with Terry in tow (Just could'nt loose him this week) as the ever dependable
back marker. Thanks to all for a very enjoyable day.


Sunday, December 07, 2008


South West London DA
The Annual General Meeting will take place at Breech Lane Community Centre,
Walton on the Hill at 12.30pm December 7th
Hot drinks and food available.
Followed by
Cyclists’ and Walkers’ Carol Sevice at 2.30pm
Refreshments afterwards in the Community Centre

Saturday, December 06, 2008

News from Gerry Hulbert

Just thought I would drop you a line, 26th Nov 08. Its been some time since last writing, and a lot has happened, Poppy is making great progress, and looks lovely in all her photos. I have not received so much mail this last month, I guess with the cold weather and an even colder economic climate it does not lend itself to writing.
Well the rainy season is over and we are now living up in the village, and it's cool season - it happens so quickly - one day we opened the french doors, the wind was blowing and it was overcast, and Pan said, "it's cold season now". I just said: "don’t be silly it will be just as it was". Wrong. Anyway having had the rent for the house run out, it was time to up sticks and bus it home to the village. The house was most welcoming, and now it’s the rural life. The silence and stillness is breathtaking, it's hot in the day like a good summer's day for the UK - there is a constant cool wind - night time its cool enough to drink outside without a jacket.
It gets dark around 6pm and the sun goes down fast. It's December now, and thankfully the political mayhem has subsided in Bangkok, and the airports are open again. It was the King's birthday yesterday - 81 years - a truly great King who is adored by all his subjects but he is not well and was unable to read his birthday speech to the nation. Lord knows what will happen when he passes over.
We went to a party at the school last night, fireworks and all. Good fun but no drinking on the kings birthday, all bars closed (not that we have one in the village). Everyone is given a candle and we finish with a procession past the King's statue, and I mean everyone: heads of the village, teachers, children, grandparents and even security men on duty. Life is almost timeless here, there is only one person speaks English, plus Brosky an Italian, who's great fun with his pidgeon English, always talking about cooking and Italian food, which of course he can't get, so we tease him a bit.
There are a few odd jobs to do like putting running water in the kitchen and running the waste out through the wall to the garden where it serves to moisten the soil, its all cold water of course and showering is a hose pipe attached to the mains - if you wait till around 5pm the pipes underground will have been warmed by the sun so the water comes out warm, you get cunning in the village, but I do have a fully plumbed in english toilet which is a true delight, such treats.
I usually take a walk in the morning for an hour or two, subject to the heat, and as I have arranged for the Bankok Post to be delivered every day, (costs me a pound and has to come via the town 40 klicks away and is delivered by the bus driver on his return daily). I stroll along in my bright blue straw hat doing the crossword, and waving to the folks working in the fields and the lorry drivers on the highway, a truly english ecentric, or as close as the villagers will ever get to one. When people talk to me I just smile and doff my cap, it seems to work for most times - they burst out laughing. One more thing on that note, Pan's children don’t speak or understand any English, can you imagine how many problems that solves, so far no stress there. Well that’s it for now there's lots more to tell next time. Dingo.I do enjoy the wayfarers updates,and this might be something different, sorry about the grammar and spelling (somewhat edited to fix, Ed). If i can help any wayfarers who might be considering a trip out this way or are considering a retirement package, or holiday: let me know. If you want to forward this note to any who might remember me (and even those who don't!) feel free.
Good luck to you all Dingo, Gerry Hulbert.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Group Dec 3rd

The trickiest part of today’s ride was getting to the start, as it was below freezing and a fair bit of ice was about. After we set off though, most of that had disappeared. On the ride were Will, Ian, John A, John B, Graham, Toni, Antonio, Adam, Pete, Frank -on- trike, Grant-on-fixed, Ed, Jake, Irene, Julian, Pam, Vic and Rob. Our lunch destination was the Station Hotel at South Nutfield, and the route took us through Stoke d’Abernon, past the Yehudi Menuhin School (sadly no strains of violin music were audible as we passed by), and into Fetcham and Leatherhead, where a few of us departed for home. Then a newish path took us a short distance by the River Mole onto the cycle path towards Dorking. The path across the golf course was muddier than expected, but nothing the Wayfarers couldn’t handle. Then it was through Woodhatch and past East Surrey Hospital and Redhill Aerodrome to lunch, where the landlord Mike, working alone, did a sterling job in getting us all fed in good time with the added bonus of an open fire where we could thaw out. After lunch came a bit of climbing, first up Coopers Hill Road across the A25 ridge and then up to Fanny’s for tea. Finally the last of the day’s sun came out as we rode along the Chipstead High Road before dispersing to all points North and West. A puncture free day and I covered a modest 45 miles. Rob

Easy Riders Dec 3rd

Just a few words about todays Easy Riders run. Bill Hammond took a tumble on his way to the elevenses meet at Cobham. Possibly slipped on an icy patch, do not have precise details. Apparently a couple of passing cyclists helped him up. He continued to Cobham but was a bit shaken and bruised. He went off home to check his injuries and to determine whether he should go to A&E somewhere. There were eleven starters for the ride including yours truly (Pat, Lynda, Beryl, Phil, Denis, Roger, Nev, David, Mick, Cliff, Bill Matthews, and myself. Sorry not very good at surnames.) We set of for Bookham, via Bookham Common, and thence over the tops, down Hogden Hill (1 in 5 ) to West Humble and the Stepping Stones pub. A few set off for home or sandwiches in the railway station but seven of us sat at a big round table and enjoyed a good lunch. After lunch we headed for tea at Leatherhead Day Centre although I left just before Leatherhead in order to get home in time for another engagement. In case I can't get out again this month,
Seasons Greetings to all Wayfarers.
Mike Withers

Pat Matthews

On returning from Fairfield Halls with Bill last Saturday Pat fell at Kingston Station and went to Hospital where after a long wait she was seen and diagnosed 'Nothing broken' We wish you well Pat from the Wayfarers