Friday, November 30, 2018

B Group - 28th November

As we left the Bradbury Centre the weather was dry and very pleasant, seventeen headed through Kingston towards the river. We passed through the Canbury Gardens and along to Teddington Lock, then Ham House, Richmond Bridge, Kew Gardens and the old brewery building at Mortlake. Then it’s Barnes and up the ramp onto Hammersmith Bridge.

The weather remained kind to us, still dry, warmish and no wind yet.

Crossing over the old beautiful Hammersmith Bridge, this was a special moment for me, being able to cycle over it. Outside the pub there were secure railings for us to attach our cycles to, so it was into the William Morris.

Just before the bridge we had lost our back marker as he had a flat tyre, but he arrived before we were to depart. The pub was brilliant, everyone was served quickly, absolutely amazing value!

By the time we left the pub, the winds had arrived, causing us to battle against it all the way to Barnes, where we were caught twice at the level crossings, so taking a little time for everyone to get through and reassemble.

Onto Richmond Park, the climb up to Richmond gate was hard with the winds, unfortunately we had lost the back marker again, a repeat of the puncture problem.

At Kingston Gate, with the weather getting worse, we decided to alter the ride, and in place of going to The Pheasantry in Bushy Park we would have afternoon tea in the Local Hero café in Thames Street, Kingston, five of us stopping for tea.

Thanks to all for your good company, such an enjoyable day out! Sorry we all went home with dirty cycles!

Thanks for the ‘corner marking’ and to David for back marking, when he was with us.


Thursday, November 29, 2018

Too old to cycle so recycle

Now you know what to do with your old bikes when you can no longer cycle.

Simon's New GPS

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Blustery Day: A Group 28 November

Winnie-the-Pooh woke up feeling strangely excited.  Then he remembered: it was Wednesday, and he was going on an Expotition with his friends.  As he left Pooh Corner, there were flurries of leaves.  It was a Blustery Day.

At Kingston, Pooh couldn’t help feeling a little peckish as he looked at all the lovely cakes on offer, but he said to himself “No, Pooh Bear, you have only ridden four miles”, and he reluctantly waited till lunch.  He was pleased to see all his friends.   Rabbit asked where they were going. “Rabbit, We are going on an Expotition to the North Pole”, said Pooh, proudly.  But Rabbit said “We already went there in September.  Silly old bear.”  Pooh sighed. He was a bear of very little brain, and now he would have to think of another Expotition. 

“I know” he exclaimed.  “We will go on an Expotition to the South Pole instead!”  And so Pooh, Kanga, Tigger, Roo, Piglet, Eeyore and Rabbit, with all his friends and relations, set off to the South Pole.  On the way, they went through mini-Holland, and Roo was very excited.  “Will we see lots of windmills?” he said.    “No, dear” said Kanga, gently.  “What do you expect from Kingston Council?” said Eeyore, gloomily.

Piglet nervously asked “Will there be h-h-h-hills?”  Pooh looked at Piglet sternly.  “Do bears Pooh in the woods, Piglet?  This is the A Group.”  On they went, past beautiful lakes and village greens, and a few road works.  Eeyore was looking at the leaden sky.  “It’s going to pour down at about twelve o’clock” he grumbled.  Roo asked “Are we nearly there yet?”.  “Not yet, darling” said Kanga, in her kind and gentle voice.

The group of friends passed through Cobham and headed up Downside Bridge Road.  Tigger rushed up to Pooh and said “We’re riding straight into the wind, up a hill, and it’s almost drizzling!  This is not the kind of ride that Tiggers like!”  Meanwhile Pooh was feeling a bit despondent.  Some of Rabbit's friends and relations were muttering about how far it was to lunch, and he was feeling a bit, well, empty inside.  “Are we nearly there yet?” said Roo.  “Shut up and keep pedalling” said Kanga, in a rather less kind and gentle voice.  Eeyore announced “With all this wind, it’s a wonder nobody has been blown into a ditch”, to no-one in particular.

As they neared East Horsley, Pooh had a brainwave.  “Sod this” he said.  “The South Pole is into a headwind all the way.  We’ll go to Send Marsh instead.  They have pies there.”  Piglet squeaked anxiously “What kind of p-p-pies are they, Pooh?  Do they have p-p-p-pork p-p-pies?”.  Pooh replied “I don’t think so, Piglet”.  So Pooh Bear, Kanga, Eeyore, Roo, Piglet, Rabbit, and all his friends and relations turned right at The Drift, negotiating all the Heffalump Traps towards Long Reach.  Now they were heading downhill with a following wind.  Tigger bounded up to Pooh Bear to exclaim “This is the kind of ride that Tiggers like!”  And as Pooh and Tigger chatted about this and that, Pooh Bear missed a turning, which was just as well because it was a muddy track and Pooh would have been very unpopular.  Pooh didn’t tell all his friends about this mistake, and they all arrived at The Saddlers Arms none the wiser, and still before one o’clock.
Pooh made sure that Piglet wasn’t nearby and ordered a sausage sandwich, which nearly filled the empty space inside him.  Soon all the friends had eaten their fill and it was time to leave. Eeyore was sure that it would be raining when they left the pub, but there were still only a few spots.  The ramshackle group of friends set off again, in a roundabout way to get to Pyrford, where Rabbit and all his friends and relations turned off to head for home.  The wind was even more blustery now, but the much reduced Expotition was riding downwind and even Eeyore was almost enjoying himself.  Pooh was still feeling a little hankering for something filling, and when they arrived at the Walton Riverhouse Barn he was greeted by the largest piece of Victoria Sponge that he’d ever seen.  He rode home a little slower, with a warm glow in his tummy.  It had been a truly exciting Expotition.

Many thanks to David W for the photo, to Mike B for back-marking, and Peter B for taking over after Pyrford.   Grateful apologies also to A.A.Milne.

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Group 28 Nov

We will be escaping from Kingston via mini-Holland and Cobham for a fairly gentle ride to The Saddler's Arms at Send Marsh.   21 miles and a few pimples on the way there, and then back to Walton for tea.   The good news is that the weather is forecast to be mild, but that might not be the whole story.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Advice for B Group ride - 28th November

For Wednesday’s ride from Kingston we shall follow the towpath all the way to Hammersmith Bridge and on to lunch at the William Morris pub in King Street, a Weatherspoon’s. This will mean that almost all our ride to lunch will be ‘off road’/ along tracks.

After lunch, a much smoother surface, along to and through Richmond Park and then into Bushy Park for afternoon tea at The Pheasantry.

Have just watched the weather forecast on Countryfile; Wednesday could be wet and windy.

Look forward to seeing you all.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

21 November A ride from Leatherhead

I started planning this ride, not so long ago, when we could sit outside for lunch or tea. The idea was to explore some of the quieter lanes and unsurfaced tracks on the way to Sidlow. Then it rained, and rained, and the tracks were ruined. Then it was cold with rumours of snow on the downs.

So plan B was an all road ride, 20 flattish miles to lunch, 17 hilly-ish miles to tea. Important was to get to Banstead before 4.00 when Pistachios started putting away their cakes.

Sixteen of us left Leatherhead just after 11, in welcome sunshine. We were unlucky when the puncture fairy struck just before Newdigate, so to keep to schedule we diverted direct to the pub, arriving in good time. The Three Horseshoes gives you a warm welcome, good beer, and good value food, so unsurprisingly we lingered a bit, despite the sunshine outside.

It was well after 2 when we left, and the sun and temperature were clearly going down, hence the hurried picture. Mark and Ken opted for direct routes home. The rest of the group rode a couple of lesser known lanes before tackling the three climbs to get us to Banstead, where we arrived, suitably warmed up, with 10 minutes to spare. Tea and cakes for some, direct routes home for others.

We had met and briefly mingled with the B group at Merstham, who were recovering from a particularly gruelling ascent of Farthing Down, and managed to peel off Alan Imeson to tea, and briefly Mike Morley.

Thanks to all for their company and support, especially to Jennie for back marking, assisting with puncture repair, and keeping the B’s at bay.

33 Miles to tea, 2000ft of climbing, 13.8 mph before lunch, 12.1mph on the hills afterwards.

The Feathers, Merstham

B Group - 21st November

Starting at Leatherhead we made our way to Mickleham church to view the grave of an Edwardian pilot, Graham Gilmour (one of the first to be killed in an aviation crash). From there we cycled on to Headley, Walton on the Hill, Tadworth and through some private and very exclusive parts of Kingswood, (nice to see how the other half live).

We then made our way to Farthing downs via Chipstead high road and a couple of steep footpaths the latter path being littered with cow pats.

Then it was on to Chaldon church to view the 12th century mural, but sadly the church was locked up. So it was on to the Feathers PH for a scrummy lunch, albeit about one hour late. The staff did a grand job for us considering the chef was about vacate. Hats off to them.

Afternoon tea at Headley was abandoned due to late running.

This was my first time at leading a Wayfarer ride, and I do hope you all enjoyed it.

Kind regards


Mike Morley climbing Farthing Down on Pete''s B ride

Well done Pete on your first "B" ride as leader

Pete, I hesitate to post this as a Blog, I was waiting to see a report and post it as a comment (which not everyone reads). Congratulations it was a splendid ride and the complexity of the route was so challenging for me especially the hike offroad up Farthing Down avoiding the cowpacks etc. I look forward to seeing Stephanie's picture of me struggling up the grass. Actually many years ago I had done that bit in reverse with Bob Stairy.
Most people I spoke to especially Sue said how she enjoyed the varied rout. The Feathers under the circumstances produced an excellent good value menu!
I did complete part of your intend rout home via the Well House pub and I could not resist to call in and have an extra Sheardrop in front of a very welcoming log fire before it got dark, its a great pub!
Having traversed up by Fannies I caught up with the "A" group and shot ahead only to be berated by Neil who said to Janice don't let Morley get away with this he has overtaken us!
It was a great ride Pete and I am sure that you have learnt in your baptism of fire to book the pub beforehand. It all part of the learning curve and you have much more ability than me to lead a ride .
I hope that you will continue and I look forward to your next "B" ride! You pointed out something in the Grave Yard at Michelem an amazing revelation and so introduced history into our ride. Well done

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wayfarer ladies

Hello Ladies,

It was raised at the AGM that a Lady Member should join the Committee, so to move it forward, it would be good if you have any thoughts on the subject, to email them to me at

I can then collect all the ideas and then hopefully we can then decide on the best course of action.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Jennie Jackson

Easy Riders - Weds 21 Nov 2018

The sky was threatening as seven of us set off from Leatherhead, but the sun soon broke through again as we toiled steadily uphill towards Headley Forge.  After a bit of ducking and diving in the pleasant lanes, we eventually found ourselves at Wetherspoons in Epsom where refreshments were taken!  From there there was a parting of the ways as we headed home in different directions.  Thanks to all for your company and for an enjoyable ride.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

B Group ride from Leatherhead

Pete has advised that we are heading out to Chaldon, with lunch at Merstham and Tea at Headley

Please be ready to depart at 11.

~ Tim

Arthur Jessop award - a message from Pam

44 of us heard Jeff's heartfelt speech to commend Pam for the trophy, maintaining the suspense about who he was talking about until his very last sentence when he gave the game away by mentioning her famous laugh:

Dear Jeff, Tim and all committee members,

As you know Simon rushed off on Wednesday to meet us hostelers at lunch in Maidenhead.  We were all eager to hear how the AGM went, were there many there etc. etc.

Well - Simon told us about one or two discussions - then said that Jeff had made a very eloquent speech re the Arhur Jessop award - which I would have loved to hear - we asked who had received it.....then Simon, very theatrically, pointed at me !!!!! Pam he said!!!!  Then everybody was clapping and cheering !!!

You could have 'knocked me down with a feather', I was so in shock. Forgive me for saying but I welled up, tears in my eyes - and all that!!

How can I thank everyone for being so kind...I really don't do anything exceptional;  what ever I do I enjoy.  Think about it.....could I be with any nicer people than our club members?!

PLEASE, PLEASE thank all who felt that I was worthy of this amazing trophy - THANK YOU ALL

Pam :) :)

Sunday, November 18, 2018

21 November A ride from Leatherhead

After the fall, and following the change in the weather, Wednesday’s A ride looks set to be the first of our winter rides.

Lunch at the 3 Horseshoes at Sidlow ( after a weather dependent 20 undulating miles. Tea at Banstead Pistachios, 17 hilly-ish miles.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Night Rider

Last year, I put a set of powerful lights on the Old Dawes to ride the Dartmoor Ghost.  This worked well, but, one way and another, the lights haven't had a lot of use since.  This evening, with a clear sky and a waxing moon. I thought I'd take a short ride along the North Downs, just for the fun of it, really.

I started on Reigate Hill and rode along part of the route that the A Group took in September. It was a really enjoyable ride.  There were a few people around at the car-park, looking at the view in the moon-light, but after that there was no-one at all.  Not many people walk the North Downs Way in the dark.

Views were quite spectacular, and the riding was very easy.  The Dawes is well adapted to trackways, and, as I found on Dartmoor, I had plenty of light.  The lights are a pair of rechargeable Supernovas and a dynamo powered SON. Even my old eyes could cope, and I could have managed with far less.

From now until March there's more dark than light, so on another suitable evening I'll do another of these rides.  It's a very different world.