Wednesday, January 31, 2018

B Group - 31st January

We assembled at the Weybridge DC, the weather forecast had said we might see some rain around eleven o’clock, however whilst we were there it absolutely poured down and this together with the prospect of a strong chilly wind kept the numbers down. However, fifteen of us left the Centre and in persistent ‘drizzle’ rode out of Weybridge and heading in a generally easterly direction took some side roads and paths towards the Angel Pub at Giggs Hill Green. Incidentally this was the same route that some had taken to get to ‘elevenses’, from there we passed the Squires Garden Centre and under the Kingston Bypass before making our way towards Epsom by way of the Chessington Road and then Horton Lane.

A track through part of Epsom Common took us to Woodcote Side and thence to Willmerhatch Lane, pass the RAC club and up Headley Road. This section was defiantly ‘lumpier’ that the previous section of the ride, Walton Road led to the descent and then climb up Hurst Lane. A left turn with a steep climb up Church Lane and we arrived at the Cock Inn for a well-deserved lunch Due to the rather inclement weather two of our party decided to go home at various places and Steph chose to go straight back and skip out from lunch.

We had pre-ordered our food, which was a good thing as the pub was busy with lunch time diners, our orders were served quickly and whilst Grant took time out to repair a slow puncture, ‘we tucked in’

Whilst we were at lunch the weather changed somewhat, whilst still cold and windy the sun came out, hence the blue sky and brightness on the photo outside the pub. At this point, some turned right to go back towards Epsom/Leatherhead whilst the larger group turned left, up again and over Headley Common and then to the Dorking Road. Chequers Lane, Walton on the Hill and Tadworth whisked past and on to the Epsom Downs. We descended the very steep Chalk Lane, somewhat retraced our previous route through Epsom Common and ended up again in Horton Lane.

Afternoon tea was at the Old Moat where to our surprise and pleasure we were joined by Helen.

Frances very kindly paid for our teas and cakes, which whilst not necessary was greatly appreciated.

We left to make our various ways home, before it got too dark and to warm up.

Just under 18 miles from Weybridge to lunch and 9 miles from the pub to tea.
Great company, and I hope everybody that came on the ride enjoyed it.

Thanks to those that marked corners that enabled the ride to keep moving along, and also to David J for back marking.

Ride safe.


Sun shines on B Group but Vic in total eclipse

~ Tim

A Group 31st January

Dave led us on an interesting route through the private estates of Surrey this morning, with a very good lunch at the Kingswood Arms.

I ducked out early as I was near home, most of the rest of party went on to Wimbledon Common for tea, so the map is courtesy of Simon.

A very enjoyable ride.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

David Aylett has died

We have just received the very sad news from Shirley that David Aylett has died.

David Aylett (centre) with Ken Loy and Diane Suckling

Richard Aylett, David and Dawn's son phoned Shirley this morning to tell her that David passed away last night.

Over many years David has been such an enthusiastic participant in the life of the club and and we remember him with gratitude for many things but especially for being instrumental in the founding of the Saturday group some 20 years ago.

We extend our condolences to Dawn and to David's family.

David with wife Dawn

~ Tim

Monday, January 29, 2018

B Group - Wednesday 31st

The route we shall take on Wednesday will be along roads and paths that many will be familiar with. Lunch will be at the Cock Inn, Headley and afternoon tea at the Old Moat, opposite Horton Park

The pub would like us to pre-order the food, if you could make sure you see me at ‘elevenses’ then we can organize that.

About 18 miles to do before lunch, so please be ready to leave promptly at 11.00.

The route is mainly on road with some bits of track, but with a tarmac surface.

Look forward to seeing you all.


Saturday, January 27, 2018

Charity Rides to France

I've just picked these up from the 40+ mailing list, and am re-posting them in case anyone is interested:

Redhill YMCA is organising two fund-raising rides to France this summer - 

Paris 3-2-1:  Thursday 7 to Sunday 10 June - 175 miles from Redhill to Paris in either 1, 2, or 3 days;

French 500:  Sunday 15 to Friday 20 July - 500k from Redhill to La Rochelle 


Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hilly 50 Sat 3rd March

Hi all, this should really go on the DA www but hardly anyone reads it so here goes! After yesterdays atrocious weather when I stayed in bed I thought that I should venture out over Box Hill and deliver some promotional flyers to Destination Bike, Pilgrim Cycles, where I met with KPRC riders Jake, Barry, Steve H having cake and coffee, then onto Head for the Hills Bike shop in Dorking and finally to Nirvana Cycles in Westcott. They were I am happy and prepared to promote the Hilly 50. Having got as far as Westcott I decided to do the reverse of part of the route up Logmore Lane. It did not disappoint, the usual crud on the road but in places very dry and hardly any potholes with a good surface. With the cautionary warning at the start to take the downward rout steady it should be fine. However today there was a very large puddle across the road on the "S" bend at the bottom of the first descent after the right turn going up to Cold Harbour. This I will check again the day before the event.
Met a number of riders en-route and handed out flyers. One guy I met from London called Mark (in the toilet at top Box Hill) he will promote the event with his mates. He was wearing a Tolo Jersey from Majorca so the thought occurs to me should we invite Sir Bradley to ride? If he accepted and the news got out I feel sure that we would be inundated! Comments please especially from D.V. Tim C and Simon L.
If anyone fancies checking the course before the event let me know, it may save my legs. Don't also neglect to support me with the signing on if you can!
All the best,
Mike M.

B Group 24th January

What a Day!
The A’s left before the 6 of us eventually left at 1130 – there was a similar marked reluctance but go we must. Nice to have the wind behind us (for all of us it had been a struggle to get to Dorking – my normal hour’s run turned out to be not far short of 90 mins).

Speedy progress along the cycle route to Leatherhead and then on to Cobham where Terry decided any further North was not just not on (discretion being the better part of valour) so he headed back to Dorking into the wind. The rest of us carried on to West End where we felt the full force of the 100% rain, past Wayneflete Tower (on a fine day we would have stopped) and on to Thames Ditton and Ye Olde Swan.

There we found the alternative B Group (definitely B Minus!) sitting down dry and warm, eating their lunch.

They were spared the pools of water which formed under our table. A very honourable mention must go to the 5 of us – Vic, Tony, Tim, Ian and myself - very definitely a B Plus group - not forgetting Terry of course.

The service on the B+ table was dire but it enabled the B- group to have time for their deserts and coffee. Outside the rain had not gone away.

Needless to say there was no appetite for an afternoon ride.

Peter T

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Group 24th January

'And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves accursed they were not here'  (W. Shakespeare; Henry V)

A surprisingly modest turn-out at Dorking,  and a curious reluctance to leave.  But, in the end, we had to, and set off into what the forecasters promised to be 100% rain and 50mph winds.  There was some discussion about what 100% rain might actually be, but no debate about direction of travel - we were going downwind.

Off along the Dorking By-Pass, easily indeed, but we did have sympathy for a chap with panniers and billowing rain-clothes who was coming the other way.  It was hard to tell if he was making any progress at all, though he was evidently working hard.

Anyway, just for larks, we thought we'd go over Box Hill, to see what the weather was like at the top.  Not a lot of people about, funnily enough.

The weather was blowy, and wet too, but not as bad as it might have been.  (Well, actually, perhaps it was as bad as it might have been.)  We stopped at the memorial, as usual, to take in the view, but there wasn't a great deal to take in, and turning into the wind wasn't the brightest idea in any case.

So, off downwind again, towards Headley.  We made good pace here, without pedalling too much at all.  Indeed, the back marker was having to brake a bit as he was getting the best of the wind.  Over the top, down to Epsom and JD was waiting to welcome us.

A very pleasant and convivial lunch, doubly so because Colin and Janice dropped in to say hello.  If they thought we were dafties they didn't say so; Janice had very sensibly done her cycling in the gym.

There was some discussion of cycling on to Nonsuch Park for tea, but Janice put a bit of a dampener on that by saying that she thought there were no tables inside.  Looking out of the window, tea outside seemed a pretty poor idea, as the 100% rain was certainly performing by now.

So, off to the station and an early bath.

'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; '  (Bill S, again)


Rainy day indulgence

A rainy, windy alternative

Mole hall for 11's and a mile and hard slog to lunch :-)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

B's 24th January

In view of tomorrow's forecast I have changed my original ride over Ranmore Common towards Old Woking to a flatter (but slightly longer) run to Thames Ditton for lunch. Thereafter we'll see .........!

Peter T

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Group 24th January - Update

The forecast for Wednesday is, if anything, worse.  Following Peter's lead I have changed the planned route, concentrating on downwind mileage.  Out of Dorking, over to Epsom via Headley with lunch at the ubiquitous 'Spoons.  

Fed and watered, we can consider our options.

I'll still be waiting for stalwarts at St Martins.


Friday, January 19, 2018

Thursday, January 18, 2018

B Group - 17th January


Speaking as a leader, I do like it when the group is not 'over subscribed' as was the case yesterday.  Nineteen of us left Hersham DC with only one rider peeling off before lunch.

We left Hersham via Queens Road then Oatlands Chase leading us to Walton Bridge into Walton Lane.  Onwards over Chertsey Bridge all the way through to the A320 were we turned left, across the roundabout and up Ruxbury Road.    Into Windsor Park via Trumps Green and Virginia Water to Savill Gardens to exit into Wick Lane.   Then the exhilarating ride down Crimp Hill to The Union Inn, arriving just before 1pm.

We occasionally use The Fox and Castle pub in Old Windsor, who always give good service, but this week I thought we would have a change - hence The Union Inn.  By arrangement, the pub had been informed of our food requirements and that worked very well, as far as speed of service, but, unfortunately there were not enough 'jackets' for every one....a slight disappointment but not the end of the world!  The food was good ... I would most certainly use the pub again.

No surprises for our return, along Runnymede, across the Meads, out of Egham to Thorpe then into Chertsey to Shepperton.   Unfortunately Liz had a puncture near Chertsey but our back marker Tim, and Carolyn, stayed with her, passing the message on to me via Gill to continue to tea.   Only five of us, Gill, Alan, Tony and Tony plus myself stopped for tea at Squires, whilst t'others continued homeward.

It was a good day to be out cycling, even though the wind was cold and quite gusty at times!  My sincere thanks to all who cornered and to back marker Tim.  To Tony for his photo already on the blog and for the ones Tim will be adding!

Great to have the company of you all

Cheers Pam :) :)

A Group 17 Jan

Bike fit - all part of the service
A good turnout at Hersham for a bright if windy day.   In view of the forecast strong wind I had wimped out of heading to Puttenham and instead sixteen riders set off for Windlesham.   The first half was into the wind, passing through Weybridge, Addlestone and Ottershaw to reach Stonehills Road, but then we turned up Accommodation Road towards Trumps Green and Virginia Water, dodging dog walkers, before heading back through Sunningdale towards Windlesham and the Sun Inn.

Line 'em up against a wall ...
a potential photo competition winner, don't you think?
The folk at the Sun were very efficient at taking our orders although not quite everything came out as ordered.  It was soon sorted out and we were fed, watered and ready to leave by ten to two. 

Mark set off directly for home while we crossed the new M3 road bridge on Woodlands Lane and Windlesham Road, wind behind us, towards Burrowhill, just managing to keep the speed below 20mph.   Several more left us for Chobham.  Then it was Gracious Pond Road and (almost) straight for Chertsey, where I got a bit lost, several times - sorry folks!

Some time later, six of us found our way to the bridge and zoomed back through Shepperton to Walton for tea and cake.   Maybe some of the others are still lost in Chertsey?   Many thanks to Mike Barrett for back marking.

32 miles 11s to tea, with 1200 ft of ascent.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Union Inn

Lunch at the Union in, Old Windsor

Monday, January 15, 2018

A Group 17 Jan

Image result for wind cycling
This Wednesday we will be heading to The Sun Inn at Windlesham for heavy exercise into the wind, and light lunch before we sail back to Walton for tea.   I can promise more wind than today(Monday) but less rain and perhaps even sunshine.  Either 15 or 19 miles to lunch, and either 12 or 17 miles home, depending which way round we do it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

B Group ride: Lunch pre-order please

My ride on Wednesday 17th has NO off road and is approximately 16 miles from Hersham to lunch at The Union Inn, Crimp Hill,  Old Windsor.  Tea TBA.   

The Union Inn has asked if I would let them know of food requirements prior to arriving - to help the chef get the food out sooner rather than later!  I can phone them before leaving Hersham - so please let me know via e-mail, text or when you see me  on Wednesday.

My e-mail address:
Mobile  07900 33 5256.   

Cheers Pam :) :)

And here are the menus:

Bar Menu
Sandwich and Spud menu

A Group 10 January Map

A lively ride courtesy of Neil and Geoff, with the temperature pushing 10°.  

42.8 miles Teddington to Esher. 2,310 ft climbing & ave 11.9mph. Not bad for the second week in Jan.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

A Group - 10th January

Although Geoff was unable to lead the ride he did organise some quite reasonable weather for a January ride and turn up to see us off and take some photos.

Starting with a quiet section through Bushey Park it was soon back to weaving our way through Kingston, the back streets of Surbiton and over the A3 at Tolworth.  More weaving avoided the busy roads and brought us to Epsom where we used Chalk Lane to get up to the downs.

Then past Langley Vale and Headley to descend Pebblecoombe to Betchworth. From there we headed south for a few miles before turning west on Gadbrook Road before heading through Strood Green and along Wheelers Lane to reach The Royal Oak just after one o'clock.

After lunch we headed to Root Hill to try the Freewheel Competition course in reverse. Here we found it was definitely more effort going up than down.

Then we took Red Lane and Punchbowl Lane to arrive at Denbies for the big climb of the afternoon up to Ranmore Common. From here it was (mostly) down hill. Critten Lane to Effingham, Effingham Junction, Cobham and on to Giro in Esher where a few stopped for tea while the rest pushed on for home in the light.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Venue change 14th February


Unfortunately the Fairfield Centre in Leatherhead cannot accomodate us on 14th February. The groups will therefore meet as follows:

A&B:   Effingham Vineries

Easy Riders: Costa Coffee in Leatherhead

I have changed the Rides List on the web but please if you know anyone in your group who only relies on the Sou'wester please can you pass on this message.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

B Group - 10th January

As promised, B Group ride had a watery theme and whether it was in anticipation of this and a flattish ride, or the gorgeous, spring-like weather, it was a group of 24 which set out from Elleray Hall, of whom 22 sat down for lunch.

It was good to see Tim Gibbons and Don Elms out with the group, also to have Simon with us.  Our route took us to Twickenham, along the riverside path to Richmond and on to Isleworth, Syon Park and Brentford, where we joined the towpath on the Grand Union Canal.  Conditions were pretty good, with puddles only coming towards the last part of the ride on the towpath.  The only climb of the ride, apart from one high bridge, was alongside the seven locks forming the Hanwell Flight, with the long wall of the former Asylum, now Ealing Hospital on the landward side.  Shortly afterwards we passed over the railway and under the road at Windmill Bridge, more commonly known as the Three Bridges.  At the next bridge at Glade Lane, we left the canal to avoid a very rough & muddy stretch of the towpath.  Here on Havelock Road we passed the most enormous mosque, before heading south straight into the blinding sunshine back to the canal and The Old Oak Tree pub.

The pub, run by newish Indian owners, had put on an English pub menu beside their Indian menu and with everything at very reasonable prices, people were able to indulge in 'soup and sandwiches' or 'curry of the day'!  They served us well and we were on our way by 2.15 pm.  Crossing over the canal, we now headed to Osterley Park and proceeded to work our way through a variety of small streets & cycle paths back to Twickenham and Kingston Market Place for tea at the cafe behind Ultimate Outdoors which at one time used to be Millets.  Eight of us stopped for tea & for those of us who had tea, it was real leaves served in a cafetiere!  Many thanks to Tim for being back marker and to the various people who marked corners.  After the winds & cold weather of recent days, it was a lovely day to be out on the bike.

Gill Finlay

PS: Thanks to Tony, Steph and Tim for the excellent photos and map.

Thanks to Steph for taking these photos

After waving goodbye Simon rode off into the sunset

~ Tim

All set for lunch

The Old Oak Tree

A new lunch venue on the canal at Southall.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Ron Powney’s funeral service will be held on Friday 19th January 2018 at 2.40pm at North East Surrey Crematorium, Lower Morden Lane, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4NU.

This will be followed by refreshments and a further celebration of Ron’s life at Ewell Court House, Lakehurst Road, Ewell, Surrey, KT19 0EB from 4 to 8pm.

The family respectfully request no flowers at the service.

Please do not feel obliged to wear black, brighter colours and cycling club jerseys are welcome.

Brian Powney has asked that if you are planning to attend the funeral or Ewell Court you email him ( by Thursday 11th January in order to gauge attendance.

Monday, January 08, 2018

A group. Thank you

I would like to say thanks to those I have been in contact with regarding this weeks Wednesday ride. To Mark and Neil for being able to offer to be a new ride leader, Neil has won the contest and will lead in his own inimitable way. After much confusion by me with regards to the pub I visited all has been sorted, I do hope you all enjoy the ride and am sorry that I will not be with you.

Cheam And Morden Post Xmas Lunch 11/02/18

A 2-course Sunday lunch organized by CTC CHEAM AND MORDEN in a private function room at The Angel Inn, Thames Ditton KT7 0AU.
Cost £11.50 for two courses - Main course Sunday roast with vegetables (or vegetarian option), plus dessert.
All are welcome. Pre-booking is essential.
For further details contact Steve Gordon, Ann Bath or Pam Jones. If you give your order to Pam, please write your menu choice and name on an envelope with money inside.

B Group ride this Wednesday

B Group ride will have a watery theme, following the Thames down to Brentford, then taking off on the Grand Union Canal.  The towpath is mostly hard surface but be prepared for puddles.  Lunch will be at The Old Oak Tree pub, Southall.  Return route will be via Osterley, Twickenham and back to Kingston.

Many thanks


A Ride - 10th January

Geoff has injured himself running (and diving) for the bus so I have taken over his ride.

We will be heading from Teddington over Epsom Downs to lunch in Brockham. Afterwards we will have a few hills to warm us up before tea at Giro in Esher.

About twenty miles either side of lunch.

Please be ready for the 11 o'clock start.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Attendance scores please

You may remember that every year we collate your attendance scores across all groups in the club, Beginners, Wayfarers A B C, and Cheam & Morden, in order to determine the winners of two shiny trophies. One is for the highest number of points, the other is for the highest number of points in any one section of the club. One point is awarded if you make it to Elevenses on your bike, and two points are awarded if you ride to both Elevenses and Lunch, provided you've ridden the official group ride.

The good news for most of us is that Jeff records all the scores for Cheam and Morden, Colin for all Beginners Group rides, Simon for Wayfs A Group, and Tim for Wayfs Bs. These stats are gathered and recorded with considerable care but if you fear that an injustice might be done to you then please convey your scores to me by email or on paper.

Note that attendance scores are only collected for the Easy Riders on a very random and casual basis so if you are an Easy Rider and would like your attendance score to go on the record to be considered for the afore-mentioned trophies then please fill in a rainbow coloured form and pass it to me.

Every year after our AGM I have to compile an Annual Return for CUK HQ in which I need to provide ride attendance stats, so no matter how few rides you've been able to attend it is very helpful to me to be able to work out average ride attendance for different groups in order to present  a meaningful picture to HQ. All data forwarded to them is completely anonymous :-)

~ Tim

Friday, January 05, 2018

2017 A Group Rides

Here's this year's Heat Map - there are a few rides missing, but it gives the flavour of things.


John Mason's funeral

John’s daughter, June Wolf has been in touch with Terry today to provide these details for John's funeral:

His funeral will take place at Clandon Wood Burial Ground and Nature Reserve, Epsom Road, West Clandon, GU4 7FN on Friday, 12th January at 12 o’clock.

We are warmly invited to join his family for refreshments at The Queens Head, The Street, East Clandon, GU4 7RY.

For any donations in memory of John she suggests:

~ Tim