Saturday, December 31, 2005

C Group Dec 28th

Belated 'C' group report. I, shorts and all, stuck my knees out in the cold of Wednesday, entering Richmond Park at the Ham gate, pushing myself up the stiff climb, crossed the road toward Pen ponds, the bike slipping and sliding on the ice. Climbing, as I turned left at the car park I noticed the front wheel vibrating. Cold --out of breath--skating on thin ice-- mechanical fault all balanced by the meeting place getting nearer but, lo and beharold, everybody had more sense and stayed home indoors! Except one poor soul standing --- frozen to the spot? Twas Ron -- after half hour we made our way back via Test hill to my place for refreshment and warmth, my front wheel with half dozen spokes loose providing an excuse to terminate the 'C' ride Harold

Thursday, December 29, 2005

28th December 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

With 25 or more KPRC members and friends out on a glorious sunny, dry Christmas Eve morning led by Simon and Jen, the change in weather to yesterday's ice and freezing conditions, and resulting low turnout, could not have been more marked. It could also have been assisted by some over-indulgence by one or two of us wimps!

Consequently, from Garson's, 'A' group was down to a Famous Five of Graham, Irene, Pam, Pete M and Vic (after Pete B and Keith Rook went home). Doom-laden forecasts had persuaded the leader to take the easy option. Quite unnecessary as it turned out – it being a perfect day for cycling, if temperatures just above zero C can be enjoyed to the full. So it was up the Mound, over the golf course and down to Hinchley Wood. Next were Giggs Hill Green, Thames Ditton and the cycle-path to Hampton Court Bridge. Long queues formed for the ice rink as we headed along the NCN 4 towpath. From Kingston Bridge and the side of Bushy Park, there was a last right turn into Bushy Park Road and a walk over the railway lines where once a level crossing existed. After passing through the small park opposite, Graham remarked that houses in the area had entertained many servicemen from the nearby wartime US base. Lunch was taken at The Lion, which sports a short and relatively expensive menu. According to our expert, the canned music featured Bukka White, Blind Lemon Jefferson and early Muddy Waters, but Irene found the comfy leather sofa far more to her taste. For some reason, tales of Patagonia were the main topic of conversation. Pete M decided home was best so only four read the sign “Teddington Bridge closed for 3 weeks between 12/12/05 and 23/01/06”! Once over without difficulty, it was onward through Ham, the Tudor estate and the back streets to a tea stop, leaving our leader with no distance at all to get home.

Hi Brian Just to let you all know, six in 'B' group plus leader Ken left Garson's Farm for The Barley Mow in Horsley. Only, after coming away, Ken said he was feeling too cold and thought he had better go home. Hope it isn't a virus. Then Les continued to lead Norman, Liz, Judy, Cliff and myself through Cobham, and onto East Clandon, where we had lunch at The Queens Head. The last stretch of road was quite icy in parts; so we came back via Effingham, Great Bookham to Leatherhead. We all decided to miss a tea-stop and continued home. I clocked 37 miles. A nice, sunny day, and I stayed quite warm with my seven layers on. See you next week, Lynda. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. Meanwhile, Helga, myself, Cliff and Maureen will be enjoying 4 days in Fort Purbeck, Portsmouth. I hope!

Dear Brian My leadership of the B ride today was unfortunately short lived. Only half a mile after leaving elevenses, I was overcome by the cold and had to call for the Preece sag wagon. I had planned to lunch at West Horsley, but I understand from Norman (who kindly phoned this evening) that the group went to East Clandon. It looks as though it is going to remain cold for some days, perhaps with some more snow. Ken

I suspect that in the prevailing conditions, Tom and 'C' group may have gone straight home from Richmond Park, a sensible move if it was the case.

You'll know by now that 2006 subs will be collected at Cobham next Wednesday 04Jan06 A £5 note secures SWLDA membership (£1), Wayfarers membership (£2) and deposit (£2) on our 01Mar06 annual lunch at Foley Arms Claygate (first 50 members only). New lists will be issued to paid-up members only 01Feb06 at Cobham - you should let me know when you collect your new card if you wish for any of your information to be withheld.

Olleh Brian

Friday, December 23, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

21st Dec 'B' Group

Three of us: Gill, Gerry and I rode from Walton-on-Thames via Chertsey, Thorpe, Virginia Water to Burrowhill "The Four Horseshoes" PH for lunch. We had tried the " Stag and Hounds", but they did not do food. Return via Old Woking, Send Marsh to Ripley. Tea was suggested but as it was the shortest day none of us wanted to waste the limited amount of daylight available. It was less cold then it has been. I clocked 54 miles.

Les Johnston

21st December 2005

Greetings Wayfarers and friends

Thanks for another super Christmas meal at The Bell, Lynda. We hope management balanced the books, as everyone seems to have paid. Great night out!

Thank you everyone who sent me greetings cards and messages - all very much appreciated and of course reciprocated. I am also revelling and reciprocating in all the kissing. May it continue into 2006, especially if the girls start getting involved.

2006 subs will be collected at Cobham 04Jan06 Your £5 note secures SWLDA membership (back to £1), Wayfarers membership (a snip at £2) and deposit (£2) on our 01Mar06 annual lunch at Foley Arms Claygate (first 50 members only). New paid-up membership lists will be issued 01Feb06 at Cobham - you should let me know if you wish for any of your information to be withheld.

Hiya Brian, thanks again for mailing the ride reports, I always look forward to reading them. You say you did a short run (last week), my computer told me I had done 64miles, I know - if I must live in Egham!!! Both Irene and I had appointments Wednesday eve, so we had to return without a tea stop!! I was indoors at 4.30. It was good of Graham to lead our group home - thanks. Cheers Brian, look forward to next week. Pam (nearly as far this week from Egham - don't overdo it, Pam)

Brian, I would like to wish all DA members and particularly my old friends in the Wayfarers a very happy Christmas and good riding in the New Year. Ledbury section meets on alternate Tuesdays - usually about six riders, with an unofficial ride on the other Tuesday, same routine - coffee, pub lunch and normally home for tea. Main roads are quiet by Surrey standards and minor roads are almost traffic-free, the only punctures are from thorns in the hedge-cutting season. Any Wayfarers out this way please come and see us and perhaps spend the night, best to ring first to check where we are and that we will be in (01531 637372). Hope to be at the Barn Dance. Best wishes ............. Steve Bott.

A card to us all from over the pond wishes the "Lads and Lasses" of the Wayfarers, Happy Cycling for 2006 with best wishes from Bob and Linda Lees.

Brian, Thanks for updates. Sorry I could not make the pre Xmas runs. I have been in Sweden seeing my old work mates, parties, sauna, tall blond blue eyed girls etc. etc. Tuesday morning woke to 15cm snow and minus 16 deg C. Too cold 4 making Angels in the snow. Got back at 3am today (wed.) so had a late start. Too late 2 go 2 Cobham (just as well - we were at Walton). Have a good Christmas and merry New Year to all. Mike Morley (alias Emajay )

Wayfarers reports can be seen at on the SWLDA website, thanks to Pete Mitchell learning and dispensing blogging skills. This Blog route is the only source for yesterday's 'A' group ride and Xmas lunch report, complete with picture, both by Pete, so follow the links.

DA Photographic competition: Pete Mitchell is prepared to accept pictures for the DA Photographic competition, the rules for which can be seen on the SWLDA website under DA Competitions->Rules

Mileage totals: Also, from 01Jan06 all mileage totals for 2005 are welcome to be sent to answer phone 0208 394 2665 or Past totals covering the last ten years can be seen on DA Competitions->Mileages

Eleven of us 'C' group, led by Harold set off in pretty good weather from Walton, over Walton bridge to Shepperton where we turned right down Manygate Lane. Besides me'n'im there were John, Dave, Bill, Lynda, Mike and Mary also newcomer Stephanie. I'm sure the names of the other two will come to me although one peeled off early on. Our lunch destination was The Duke of Clarence pub at Hampton. Food was first rate and the beer was up to standard. On arrival at Bushey Park we were joined by Derek who appeared as if by magic. Then we set off for a tour of the park which included a short spot of mud, otherwise a good surface. We emerged at the gate opposite the palace and over the bridge for tea at a cafe either called Hampton Court Cafe or Five at the Bridge depending which piece of crockery you drank from! We were down to four by now, me, Bill, Lynda and Dave. I left them for a flog down to Walton, Weybridge and home making it just about lighting-up time. Many thanks to Harold for a very good ride. Albert

Have a good Christmas, one and all and we hope to see a big turn-out at Richmond Park or Garson's Farm, off West End Lane, Esher next Wednesday or soon after (joke intended!)

Olleh Brian

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dec 21st Xmas Lunch in Ewell

A Group Wed 21st Dec
A flyer in the free paper prompted an Xmas meal booking in anticipation for my ride.18 responded with a £5 deposit for The King William IV pub in Ewell, known locally as The King Bill! Jen, Jake, Ed, Rob, Norman, Judy, Frank H, Toni, John B., Brian, Pam, Ray D, Irene, Graham, Bob, Terry and Grant follwed me on an intricate route from Walton through the back roads of West End, Oxshott, the golf club at Leatherhead, Ashtead common and a new path behind Livingstone Park housing estate to end up in Ewell for an excellent meal.
From Pete Mitchell

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005

14th December 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends.

Another pleasant day for our Leatherhead elevenses, with several of our seniors making a welcome appearance.

From Leatherhead Terry led 'B' group of Gill, Cliff, John M, Les, Ken and Norman south along the cycle-track until we could turn right off it to press forward over Pressforward Bridge (as we did last week with leader Cliff en route to Betchworth). We could see the A group pulling away from us in the distance. We then crossed the dual carriageway and continued along the Old London Road through Mickleham, rejoining the cycle-track at Burford Bridge to Pixham Lane. Over the A25 and along the cycle-track to the entry to Betchworth Park Golf Course. Were those the tyre tracks of the A group we could see ? Emerging at Brockham we turned right, forked left past the church and continued to the south end of Betchworth. A few spots of rain along this stretch, but nothing to worry about, in fact the sun was still shining. Past Wonham Manor (plenty of deer grazing), up Trumpet Hill then the descent of Flanchford Road and on to Leigh. We then turned left onto Smalls Hill Road to lunch at The Fox Revived at Norwood Hill. (Apparently it was once called The Fox - did it close then re-open?). After a delicious lunch in the conservatory we set off about 1.30 returning via Parkgate, Shellwood Road, left at Gadbrook crossroads then right down nostalgic Roothill. Tilehurst Lane led us to Punchbowl Lane - then for Cliff, Norman and myself next stop was Denbies. Others chose to carry on home, Cliff and I sampled the cakes - Norman was saving himself for Christmas! It was distinctly cooler when we left, but I didn't have far to go then, arriving home before dark. Terry

Meanwhile, the aforementioned 'A' group, fifteen strong and led by Bob, took a similar route, but riverside from Brockham to Betchworth and going east before Leigh to skirt south of Reigate and follow the cycleway via Meadvale to a festive lunch in The Swan in Redhill town centre. Graham led a Kingston-bound group home via Walton Heath whilst the main bunch went to Fanny's Farm before dispersing. Just the sort of short ride we needed at this time of the year.

John C. led today from Leatherhead Day Centre. There were 10 of us altogether. Beryl, Bernard, Dennis, Phil, Bill, Gerry (back from his travels in Thailand), Ron, Harold and myself. We passed Tom on our way out. Where was Albert? - Cobham, maybe? We passed Mill Pond; lower road to the Anchor Inn, left then right, then left - (I'll have to read a map next time for the names) towards Polesden Lacey. We continued passed Phoenice Farm down the long, very steep hill to Westhumble station. The sandwich brigade stopped here; and the rest of us turned in to The Stepping Stones pub. We got there a few minutes before the kitchen opened; but this turned out to be a good thing, as we were served within 10 minutes, then lots of party-people came in and all tables were soon filled. We returned along the cycle path towards Leatherhead. I would like to report, that the cygnets Terry informed us about earlier on in the year, are looking very large, (as big as Mum), fit and healthy . Ah! We got to the Day Centre, where they were due to have a 'tea party' with school children singing carols. This went on in the dining-room, so we had a peaceful and very informative tea stop. Subject, being bikes stolen and how we can try to avoid it. (Funny thing was, when I got home I had a phone call from a Councillor, who asked if I wanted anything looked into. Well, I went on about bikes being cut free when padlocked, and gave various suggestions on how I thought this could be minimized. Will he do anything about it? - I'll let you know). Anyway, after tea we made out way home, and I was pleased to be going through Nonsuch Park in the day-light and arrived at Cannons at 3.45pm. Bye for now, Lynda PS: Don't forget {would we?} 'Bell Meal' people - tomorrow (Thursday, 7pm for 7.30pm).

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our pre-Christmas elevenses at Walton next Wednesday.

Olleh Brian

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Friday, December 09, 2005

Abinger Hatch

Half pint to go before we leave?
from Ray Dare

Yellow Jersey Adventures

At the clubroom on Thursday December 8th we enjoyed a slick and interesting presentation by ‘Yellow Jersey Adventures’ . A small group headed by Tony Costick and Andy , plenty of fine views and climbs were shown covering most of the major cols used in the Tour de France. We are invited to join them on their next holiday in the Pyrenees 1-15 July 2006. Camping & moving on, luggage carried, food provided covering around 100miles per day!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

7th December 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

How lovely of Hazel, Thelma and Joyce to provide a KitKat for the lucky ones at Cobham, yesterday. They were delighted with their Xmas parcels (Belgian chocolates this year) and touched by our appreciation. Tom rang to say someone had left a pannier bag behind - of course it was yours truly, having needed it to get the goodies to Cobham but not missing it till too late, once empty. I should reclaim it at Leatherhead next week.

Brian - just a thank you for keeping me in touch. I am very keen to join you all again one Wednesday - work and stuff has got in the way. I miss you all and will see you all again as soon as I can. With love, Dawn. We miss you too, Dawn.

18 'A' group left Cobham in brilliant sunshine, including Jake, Pete Matthews, Pete B, Steve, Rob, Irene, Grant, John M, John S, John D, Ed, Toni, Bob, Pam and Graham (apologies to those I've missed). Our route was Downside, Cobham Park Rd, Bookham Rd, Great Bookham Common, Little Bookham, Orestan Lane, Dirtham Road Effingham (the dogs were in evidence but did not attack), A246 short drop to Dene then steep climb on Crocknorth where it was necessary for Grant to walk due to fixed wheel. Thereon further climbing over White Down to descend to Rakes Lane and a little more climbing to Abinger Hatch. Lunch was very drawn out mainly due to booked Xmas lunches. It was a staggered departure (not due drink hopefully) with the last group heading home via White Down, a little bit different to that planned. Ray

Good to see you out on our gentle ride Brian. Roger was designated leader for this ride from Cobham but since Lynda had done us the honour to organise us a Christmas lunch at the Bell at Cheam I noticed he was riding shotgun! Unless I am mistaken, there was you and me, then Beryl, Dave, Bill, the aforementioned two at the front, Allan, Harold (who arrived via a different route) and Ron. I counted twelve at the start so apologies to the other two if they read this. Being on home ground Lynda took us over a bit of Fairmile Common and a few short stretches of off-road to Nonsuch Park and a great deal of urban residential area which I could never retrace. The weather was dry and not too cold and for most of the time there was brilliant sunshine. The meal was great with turkey and all the trimmings including crackers followed by coffee and mince pies. All most reasonable. I've paid more than that for a sandwich recently. Thanks Lynda. We had a pleasant tea at Squires Garden Centre at Long Ditton. I followed Dave to Hampton Court where after lighting up, I tried the towpath for a bit but found it tricky after dark and joined the Hurst Road at Ferry Lane. My new saddle was still comfy after over four hours riding and 37 miles but my Whisky Mack went down well! God bless and see you at Leatherhead. Albert

Olleh Brian

Monday, December 05, 2005

30th November 2005

Photograph, Ray Dare.

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Sorry to keep you waiting - I've been off-line with a dodgy modem. Sometimes I quite envy those who manage to get a life well away from computers. Apologies too, to those who print out these missives - I learn that the coloured ink is x-times as expensive as black. If this worries you, press reply and on the new page change the font colour back to black before printing.

A sizeable group consisting of Irene, Grant, Graham, Pete B, Pete M, John B, John S, Ed, Frank H, Frank P, Pam, Bob, Brian, Steve, Tony and Ray set out from Shepperton in a light drizzle, which thankfully soon cleared. After all the reported mishaps of the past week or two, everybody made it round the course in one piece, though Grant only made it as far as the first set of traffic lights after Walton Bridge before puncturing. Pete's B and M volunteered assistance, and they caught up the rest of us at the lunch stop. After Walton Bridge, we passed through Oatlands Park, then skirted Weybridge, before passing St Georges Hill, Brooklands and then Byfleet. Then it was under the M25 and out into the country past the picturesque Anchor pub on the Wey navigation. We saw the ruined Newark Priory at Pyrford, before turning off to Send down Papercourt Lane. A loop around Send saw us fetching up at the Saddlers Arms at Send Marsh, a friendly pub with a good range of ales. A quick burst after lunch took us through Ripley and on to our tea stop at Seymour's at Cobham. Brian, Steve and I went back via Leatherhead. I made it home at lighting up time, just before 4pm, which was just as well as I'd come out without lights. Rob

A round dozen of us made quite a late start from Shepperton and almost immediately encountered some drizzle. Fortunately it soon cleared up as we headed for Chertsey Bridge and then routed along the river to Staines. The river was very smooth calm and soothing. The mood was soon changed by the hassle and bustle of Staines as we scrambled through the town and over the bridge then straight ahead on the B3376. We crossed the M25 to Stroud Road and then along the quiet Hurst Lane to The Rose and Crown at Thorpe Green. Dodgy looking cyclists in the other bar, on closer inspection turned out to be our 'C' group. We exchanged fraternal banter and remounted to progress through Thorshort ride, too short for Les who decided to press on. At least we beat the crowds and enjoyed a convivial lunch with reasonable service. We observed some pe, Coldharbour Lane, Mixham's Lane and then Riverside and the bridle path to Chertsey. We crossed Chertsey Mead to Weybridge where Terry and John M peeled off and we went riverside to Walton Day Centre for tea. OK but oh dear, no cakes! We discussed the topic of the day ie pensions and decided that we were all very wise to be born when we were and consequently retire when we did, if that makes sense! After tea Jill made off to Weybridge and the closing sale at the lamented Beales while Judy, Norman, Cliff, Bernard, John and myself with Mary continued along the tow path to Hampton Court bridge before going our various ways in the dusk. Mike & Mary Pontin
Weather very cold and overcast but no wind. A pretty good turnout nevertheless at Shepperton. Nice to see Fuzz who, though he did not intend to ride out, had looked us up once more. Six of us, me, Dennis, Roger, Lynda, Beryl and Helga took the long way round via Staines bridge and Egham Hythe to lunch at The Rose and Crown on Thorpe Green. Being my turn to `lead` I had checked the `interesting` routes the previous week and decided they were too dicey with the inclement weather, so we stayed on the tarmac. I still managed to turn the wrong way up Coldharbour Lane but after a quick 180 not too much time was lost. As usual the beer and food were excellent (also checked last week!). A quick run back through Chertsey saw us back at Shepperton for tea. Regards Albert

Hi Brian I regret that I am unable to ride with the Wayfarers for the time being. My swollen right leg has now been diagnosed as DVT. Regards Nev
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Nev - we hope to see you early in 2006.

It's Christmas gift time for Hazel, Thelma and Joyce at Cobham on Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Olleh Brian

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Old House at Home

Wayfarers at Lunch Wednesday November 23rd

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DA Photographic Competition

I am prepared to collect entries for the DA Photographic Competition. A selection of last years entries are to be seen (click on image for a larger view) The rules of all DA competitions are on the main DA Website.
From Pete Mitchell

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Update No 2 - 23 Nov 2005

Hello again Wayfarers and friends

On Wednesday, 'B' group of Norman, Les, Cliff and Steve (Terry phoned to tell us that he and John M had hit black ice near Reigate and both had fallen off- cuts and bruises but otherwise OK. Bikes damaged, so they went home), trailed 'A' group past East Surrey Hospital then separated, we carried on to Horne to the intended lunch stop The Jolly Farmer. With only four of us we arrived too early. So plan B! On to the Fox and Hounds on Tilburstow Hill. We have passed this pub tens of times on the way home but never stopped. A pleasant and friendly pub, good food. The sun appeared, giving us good ride home via an off road trail north of Bletchingley to Merstham, then Fanny's Farm for tea. Les did not stop, so three of us rode back home via Banstead. Cheers Norman.

Hi Brian, Sorry to hear that Mike Withers, Bernard and "Young Tom" are under the weather. Please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery to the lads.
I feel very lucky to be wearing shorts in our wonderful 70/80f when I hear of black ice in Surrey and its only November. Be lucky, Bob Lees (living now in Florida)

Hi All There is a Christmas tea at Brockham Hall next Sunday, 4th Dec. They will be serving a light lunch, soup & a roll from 12-1pm; then afternoon tea and cakes, with Christmas Carols from 1pm-4pm. Anyone interested? (Brockham Hall teas start again on the first Sunday in April and go through every Sunday till first Sunday in November, before the annual Brockham Bonfire) Bye for now, Lynda.

Olleh Brian

Friday, November 25, 2005

Update - 23rd Nov 2005

Hello Brian,

Riding along well-named Slipshatch Road (south of Reigate) en route to Redhill with John Mason, I slid to earth thanks to some black ice. John also came off, ending up in the ditch. We picked ourselves up and checked our bikes (John's front forks were bent and had a crack at the carbon/alu join, mine had a couple of small dents in the top tube and the chainwheel change up lever has 'gone limp' but Guy Pearson has spares). We both received a few grazes at the corners so we gently made our way home. It was an interesting experience sliding along the road on right ankle, knee, thigh, wrist and elbow seeing John catching me up, wondering what he would do and glad he wasn't a ten ton truck. We did later see a motorist going in the opposite direction having slight traction problems. Hopefully we'll see you all next week at Shepperton. Cheerio, Terry.

Oops! How could I get your name wrong, Julian?Put it down to decrepiticity (add to spellcheck). I wonder how many more will point out my error - I'll let you know and apologise next issue.

Brian,No worries, as they say. Incidentally, I can't come next week- we're going to Amsterdam - but hope to be out on 7 Dec. I was very sorry to hear Bernard's news. Best wishes........... Julian

Shepperton next week, then! Brian

Thursday, November 24, 2005

23rd November 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Hi Brian I am having treatment for my neck and shoulder. The physiotherapist suggests I lay off cycling for a few weeks; I shall be taking her advice. I can keep in touch through your weekly emails; thanks for these. Happy Christmas - see you in the New Year. Mike Withers

Brian, please excuse me from leading for a while. The little op that caused my recent unavailability to lead was a biopsy and I got the result today. It's bad news in that the low grade Lymphoma I've had for 6 years has converted to a high-grade version. So I shall start chemo on 7 Dec, which will take 24 weeks followed by a bone marrow transplant. I hope to be with you next week but how I shall feel after that I don't know. Regards Bernard

We all wish you well Bernard, and you too, Mike.

Pat and Bill Matthews tell me they wish to be relieved from leading so, all considered, we are down to too few 'B' group leaders - volunteers would be much appreciated.

I had a call fro Tom Fish on Saturday and on Sunday he missed the SWLDA AGM, which was probably the gist of his call. As joint vice president, he rarely misses AGM, so he must be under the weather and would love a call from his Wayfarers friends.

We had a record turnout of 'A' & 'B' groups plus Eric at The Arches Coffee Shop Redhill yesterday, welcoming Mike Morley (see pen-picture in current Sou'Wester) and welcoming back Steve Cox (absent lately). Eric passed round a SWLDA members list from 1992 and it was remarkable how few names are still on board.

On Tuesday, Bob, Will and I on our regular MTB ride, going through Sutton Recreation Ground, met six others coming the opposite way, led by our own Godfrey Potter.
This, we learnt, is also a regular MTB fixture, started by the late lamented Tom Fiddemore and we duly turned tail and joined them for a splendid ride through the woods to Cobham and on to Weybridge in steadily improving weather, enjoying the British Volunteer's hospitality before a Thames towpath return. We split and four of us called on Ed and were treated to tea and his lovely homemade cake. I mention all this as it led to the aforementioned Mike and Steve joining us at Redhill yesterday and we shall again be a united MTB group for an urban ride next Tuesday, from St Barnabas Road Sutton at 10am.

Hi Brian, After saying, 'Hi' then 'Bye', to A + B groups at North Cheam; Judy & I made our way to Weybridge. We went via Briarwood, Aureole Park, and Tamesis Gardens to Malden Manor station, crossed the Hogsmill to Tolworth, and passed Long Ditton to Hampton Court, then the towpath to Weybridge. I had had a phone call from Albert, saying he went out Monday on his bike, had a tumble and was knocked unconscious and wouldn't be coming out today. Fuzz, Derek and Geoff A. were at the Day Centre. Fuzz getting to be quite a regular again and Geoff, who is nearing his move, made their way home after 11's. Derek went his own way for lunch and Dave led the rest of us, Beryl, Ron W., John G., Judy, Dennis, Alan and myself to Ripley. We went towards Addlestone via Poets Corner, and then we went over a bridge with glass doors, passed Row Town, New Haw and West Byfleet. The sun was trying to come through now and passing through Pyrford was very scenic. Four of us had a nice hot lunch at Watson's and the sandwich brigade went to the Day Centre. Cobham was our afternoon stop; where we passed a very pleasant teatime with Maria, the Centre Assistant there. A long-standing joke came about when Maria said she had lost weight, so Ron retrieved from his saddlebag a tape measure. Measurements were taken; it seems this had been done a previous time, when I wasn't there. The outcome was correct. Albert - you will have to ask Ron W. for more details! After tea and muffins we made our own way home. I went thro' a very eerie Nonsuch Park, round about 5pm. I passed a couple of dog walkers and could hear the sound of hooting owls. I was very pleased to get to the other side and see some lights. Then I was off to Cannons to pass a nice, relaxing time in the Jacuzzi and sauna. I entered 47 miles on the Fitlinx machine. Let's hope it doesn't snow too much before next week. Bye for now, Lynda.

Ed led 'A' group, comprising Mike M, Grant, Toni, Pete B, Brian, Pete M, daughter Jake, daughter-in-law Jen (lunch only), John D, Ray D, Jeremy, Rob and Bob on a spirited ride to Dormansland, where The Old House at Home once again did us proud. Being the year's bleakest day, we skipped tea and headed home via Bletchingley having covered around 60 miles from Ewell.

Norman led 'B' group and their destination was Outwood, but no more details are yet to hand. A call en-route from Terry to say that John Mason had been returned home before reaching Redhill leaves us hoping you are OK John. As for Albert, read on…….

Thanks for your kind wishes Brian. Sorry I was not quite up to yesterday's ride but now I have healed up well and am taking my usual nourishment, I should see you next week at Shepperton, hoping to lead a modest ride without snow-chains! All the best Albert

Olleh Brian

Picture: Wayfarers 2005

The Wayfarers at Cobham 2005

Friday, November 18, 2005

16th November 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

I have been up to my neck in Poppy Appeal accounting, hence a delayed newsletter. Thanks to Rob (and Ruth) and Ed for helping the Banstead Poppy Appeal.

Following up on an earlier note, Pete Barnard advises that the Carol Concert mooted for cyclists/ramblers at Walton on the Hill will not take place this year due to short notice, but please note that a provisional date of 10 Dec 06 has been set for next year's event.

Hi Brian As we will be off to Oz and NZ from 18 Nov (Heathrow 6am - with Frank C) we think it would be a good idea if you delete us from your email circulation list for now. We shall be thinking of you all, especially on Wednesday mornings, and hope you all enjoy your various Xmas and New Year activities and festivities, with or without bikes. We shall catch up with everyone on our return. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all. Doreen and Ron.

Thanks to Terry and his helpers for another enjoyable downhill competition from Norwood Hill towards Charlwood, with about thirty entrants and won in fine style again by John Mason, with Grant and Pete B again in close contention. We adjourned to the Rising Sun only to find lunch-time food no longer available, then to the Half Moon - closed for refurbishment and finally to The Greyhound, an already busy Hungry Horse pub, with too few staff. The food and drink was excellent. We had an outdoor award presentation, with special thanks to Ed, who had, as always, created the shield for the winner John - needing one more win for his hat-trick. We got a bit split up afterwards, but most found their way to Denbighs for tea and tactics review.

Phil led fifteen 'C' group from Claygate, comprising Lynda, Beryl, Carol, Anita and Helga, Alan, Ron, Mark, two Johns, Dennis, Dave, Geoff and me. I can't remember if Roger was there and I hope Harold's cold is better. We took a pretty off-road route across Claygate Common, Princes Covert and Ashtead Common to Epsom. The winding route through Ashtead Common was particularly attractive with the autumnal colours everywhere. Helga had a spill but she was OK and so was her bike. I think some of us found the hills a bit steep, in particular one on the racecourse with a soft sand surface and hoof prints. I had to walk that one. We lunched at the Derby Arms. Tea was to be at Ewell. I'll take a map another time to find out what sort of return journey that might involve. It was not until I recognised Kingston Bypass that I realised I had followed a home-going group. We were approaching the Tolworth Tower and Mark gave me a quiet route in the direction of Esher. I must have taken a wrong turn and after a mile or so found myself going east along the service road alongside Kingston Bypass. I continued back to Tolworth roundabout and on to a westerly heading until reaching Scilly Isles roundabout and the long hill to Esher. At least after 40mls I reached Addlestone before needing lights. Think I'll change to a softer saddle! Regards, Albert

Olleh Brian

Friday, November 11, 2005

9th November 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

We visited yet another new 11's venue, the Bradbury Centre in Kingston, where we were warmly welcomed by the staff of this lovely new facility, despite the snag that the manager (absent on a course) forgot to mention the booking for 40 or so, made formally a couple of months back.

We were delighted to see Fuzz again and Geoff Hunt, putting in a rare appearance. Albert was seen arriving as we left, but I guess he caught up OK.

Frank C reports: Leaving the new 11's venue (well done Brian). I anticipated an 'A' group of maybe 12 members, however, with 'B' group leader sending apologies for non-attendance, our combined group swelled to 29. We had 2 Pete's, 3 Franks, 4 Johns and 5 of the fairer sex. Pete M, Pete B, Frank P, Frank H, John S, John M, John B, John G, Bob, Brian, Grant, Pam, Rob, Ray D, Norman, Ed, Judy, Nev, Gill, Mike & Mary, Ray H. Graham, Les, Terry, Irene, Cliff and Toni. Negotiating Kingston town centre via the cycle route, we turned right off Richmond Road into Latchmere Road, across Tudor Drive and into Richmond Park at Ham Gate, the climb up to Ham Cross was the last real climb of the day. Exiting at Richmond Gate we passed the construction crane at Mick Jagger's house and continued into Richmond via the back road to the bridge, we then turned right along Ducks Walk and through old Isleworth, through Syon Park and out at Brentford. We could not pick up the Grand Union towpath here due to its closure for building luxury apartments, (how Brentford has changed since the days of the gasometers) so we continued through the Butts of Old Brentford passing the home for three years from 1875 of JWM Turner, to the A4 and picked up the Grand Union Canal towpath here. It is also here that our crocodile group of 29 stretched for probably 1½ miles, and at that distance at least I couldn't hear Judy complaining that her new bike was getting dirty, (again). We passed 8 locks and 5 width restrictions in the 8 miles of towpath, to leave at Horton Bridge, Yiewsley. It was then a short ride to Harmondsworth were we needed the 2 public houses to cater for our needs. After lunch we had a quick view of the famous Tithe Barn. 4 members excused themselves to ride via Staines, the rest of us rode a quiet route through Sipson, Harlington, Cranford, Heston, Osterley Park, Kew, and to Richmond Park for tea by 3-30. By this time we had covered 31 miles from Kingston. And unlike the earlier weather report, it turned out to be a glorious sunny day. Frank C.

Weather great but a bit cooler. I arrived in Kingston by 10:30 but got a bit bogged down in Brook St. so it was 10:55 when I found the elevenses venue. Two ladies outside assured me that everyone had left and if I hurried I would `catch them up at the lights` This turned out to be a no go, so back over the bridge I went and made it to Hampton Court where I received a call on my mobile from Lynda who told me 'C' group were due to arrive by the same route. It appeared they were in fact still enjoying elevenses when the two ladies gave me the bum steer. I joined them at the bridge and we pressed on to Bushey Park where we did a circuit of the Round Pond to enable Ron to take some photos. Ron was leading in the absence of Cliff, followed by Dave, Lynda, Beryl, Alan, Bill, John, Mark, Dennis, Harold, Roger, Derek and me. We went through to Teddington and on to Richmond Park where a bit of off-road and a few stiff climbs took the stuffing out of me. We had our lunch break at The New Inn at Ham, after which it was back to Kingston for tea. We had lost Derek early on with a broken mudguard at Bushey Park and before arriving back at Kingston Alan and Harold peeled off for home. At least I got my pint and Harold shared his sandwich with me. The tea was OK also but I was unable to remonstrate with the two ladies. Perhaps they were locked in the lavatory! I clocked up 42 miles and arrived home at 4:55pm. See you next week at Claygate. Albert

For some next week, it's Dorking and our annual downhill competition from Norwood Hill towards Charlwood - see you there!

Olleh Brian

Thursday, November 03, 2005

2nd November 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Yesterday's 'A' ride was a wash out! But I think all 18 of us who were on it enjoyed themselves, I (Jen) certainly did. Cobham was 11s and Bob, Brian, Pete M, Pete B, Frank H, Frank C, Ray, Terry, John S, John, Irene, Pam, Grant, Graham, Les, Vic, Ed & Me, all headed to Effingham and upwards on shocker of a 1 in 7 climb to Ranmore Common Rd (where the heavens opened). But we survived and continued up to the top of Staple Lane and DOWN it, which was a real treat for me. The Horse & Groom pub in Merrow was very welcoming, considering I'd told them we'd be about 13, and laid us 2 tables near each other. Luckily they had a real ale festival on too. The food was understandably a bit delayed (very tasty, I thought), but, hey, it was pouring outside, so there was no rush. Finally we left at 2.30, and Graham took us on a very exciting shortcut over the River Wey to Send. When we finally arrived at Ripley for tea there was only 4 of us left...I did 46.5 miles from West Ewell, quality miles though' and rather wet at times. Hope Bob got home ok, the last I saw of him, he was heading towards the bar for another pint of real ale... perhaps he's still there? Jen

From Cobham, Ken, Carole, Gill, Judy, John, Mike and Mary and first time out on a Wednesday, Toni and I (welcome Toni - we hope to see you as often as work allows), made our way to Epsom Wetherspoons; via Claremont Park, Chessington, Poole Road, Ewell, Green Lanes, then over to Longmead cycle path to Epsom. We enjoyed a nice, hot lunch enjoyed by all after a wet ride. Norman, feeling a little under the weather with a cough joined us for lunch. I have since heard from John, who punctured before getting to Claygate, and told us to go on and he would see us for lunch. He didn't make it, due to 2 spare inner-tubes being wrongly marked in their boxes - from Halfords! He got the train and had to go back and collect his bike in the afternoon. Anyway, after a visit to the 'Best Loos in Surrey', we made our way down Ashley Road to the back of Sainsbury's to Ewell Village. Here, Norman and Judy left for home. Then there were six; who made our way to Hampton Court via Long Ditton. We took Mike and Mary home, then continued to one of my favourite tea-stops - 'five on the bridge'. We enjoyed afternoon tea and for me a delicious cafe latte and a 'generous' portion of lemon drizzle cake. Gill then left us for home; and Carole, Toni and myself made our way back to Cheam, where I popped into Cannons for a very hot Jacuzzi followed by a sauna. I clocked 45 miles by the time I got home. Although, the weather was grey, we had a good day.

Cliff led ten of us from Cobham in the pretty dismal weather en route to Mickleham, our intended lunch venue being the Running Horses. All the ladies apart from Beryl had already gone on a ride of their own and I hope they enjoyed better luck than yours truly! With Cliff in the lead then Mark, Ron. Bill, Beryl, Dennis, Roger and me (cant remember the other two) we went up Stoke Road straight on to Cobham Road towards Fetcham. Not my favourite route so in anticipation of a hard climb ahead I made the mistake of hammering down past everyone downhill expecting to be overtaken on the hill. This did not transpire so I waited quite a while until concluding they must have gone off-road (surely not in those conditions!) Confident I knew the way I pressed on through Fetcham towards Bookham then left down Lower Road. Faced with a climb up Hawk Hill near Leatherhead I punctured, found a fairly dry spot under a tree and changed my tube (front thank Heaven). A passing motorist offered a hand when I was putting the wheel back with the forks getting tangled in the spokes. I said I was OK and thanked him, then turned left with a fast downhill to join the A24 cycle-path. I got to the pub at one o'clock, had a slow pint and checked the menu. I decided to skip lunch since the least expensive item was a bowl of soup at £4.50! By two o'clock after another half of bitter and not having been able to raise Beryl or Bill on their mobiles I departed still in pouring rain through Leatherhead and Stoke D`Abernon where I collected another puncture. Opposite the Old Plough there is a bus shelter which I reached in a short walk and after phoning my son who was at work in Guildford got down to the nitty gritty of trying to stick patches on a wet tube. The fourth one was successful just as Pete turned up and ran me home in comfort. I phoned Cliff who said they went to the George IV at the rear of Frascati's and that they did in fact take the same route to Fetcham as me and that I must not have waited long enough. When I phoned Bill later on he said some of them went to the day centre at Leatherhead. Not much of a run report I'm afraid Brian. More a catalogue of miseries! Hope to find you at Kingston next week.

Some may remember the carol services held at Charlwood, which lapsed a couple of years ago or so. Horace Mouatt sounded out the vicar at Walton on the Hill recently and she has agreed to hold a service in her church on Sunday 4th December at 2.30 pm. Mike Morley is making the arrangements for seasonal refreshments. All are welcome.
Colin Quemby.

Our new venue next week is immediately on the north side of the pedestrians-only iron girder bridge over the Hogsmill river at MR 184687 - see you there!

Olleh Brian

Thursday, October 27, 2005

26th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Everyone seemed to enjoy our new Teddington venue (and Elleray Hall enjoyed hosting us), down Tom Fish's way and it was good to see him, and Fuzz, turn out for the occasion.

Tonight (Wed) at 8 on ITV was their annual TV awards show from Royal Albert Hall, apparently live as they invite viewer vote input. I wouldn't have given it a second glance except that when assessing on which ride to join us, new Wayfarer John Bassett told me he was concerned to get home in time to get to said RAH in time for tonight's organ recital by Dame Gillian Weir, which is taking place as I write. How do ITV get away with conning people into believing they can influence the awards, when the hardware is already gracing mantelshelves. At least our award ceremony was genuinely live and I am disappointed that eloquent Ron Beams (99) was not there to make the award to Lynda. That would have made a picture for the album. I managed to get the shield back to Cheam for Lynda despite a buckled wheel caused by a snapped spoke. No "A" group punctures this week though,

Seen by Deanna in The Surrey Advertiser: "The funeral of Angela Bullard who for 25 years ran the tea rooms at Abinger Hammer, took place at the Church of the Holy Ghost, Chilworth Friary, followed by interment at Shere. A widow with one daughter, Mrs Bullard was 75 and had lived in the village for 60 years. She died after a short period of ill health." Many cyclists will have revived [and relieved] themselves at these tea rooms. When Angela retired not so long ago, the Abinger Post Office/store found room to open a small cafe so the Abinger Tearoom tradition thankfully lives on. Thanks,

Hi Brian (says Pam) Thank you for taking the trouble to email me re the cycle show. Sorry I missed you there but I did see 'les girls'! Sorry I missed yesterday's ride (19Oct05). Irene arrived back from her hols the same day I arrived home after being away for several weeks! Irene told methat 11's was miles away from us so she, Peter, Ron and myself met in Chertsey, for our 11's at Fairoaks, lunch at The Rose and Crown, Woodside then back to my place for afternoon tea! I did make 35 miles! After tea I cycled to Staines Bridge with the others, on my way to Thamesside Trailers in Chertsey Lane. I was so lucky, just got there as the heavens opened! No doubt (I hope) Irene and co. found shelter! Hope to see you next
Wednesday, all the very best,
Pam [hope fulfilled]

Returning from his fifth wardening stint of the year, our "A" group leader Graham had only a day and a bit to devise the ride which turned out to be short by our standards. Bob, Brian, new boy John Bassett, Ed, Frank C, Irene, Toni, Pam, Pete B, Pete M, Ray D, Ray H, Rob, Vic and me (15) went from Park Road into Bushey Park where we passed "B" Group. It was a day for encounters; the next being with a gentleman on the Hampton Count Way shared path. Left over the level crossing and right into Speer Road produced roadworks and a mounted police lady rider under instruction. Back across Hampton Count Way we passed close to Esher sewage works (where our leader had "lifted" in '65) and along the path to Hersham. A right turn before the railway led to Rydens Road, Station Avenue and Oaklands Avenue. More roadworks in Princes Road and a breakaway headed for the loos at Weybridge Day Centre. We regrouped for the canal road into Addlestone, and Ottershaw via Liberty Lane. Lunch was taken in the Royal Marine in Lyne; very 'cosy' and by chance almost empty. For once there were no moans about the service. Luckily, Irene had plenty of cakes left over from Sunday's run so it was back to her place for tea via Chertsey, Shepperton Lock, Gaston Way and Sunbury Cemetery (Green Lane). There was time for a detour into Springfield Grove to view a recent sculpture created from a storm-damaged tree. It had been the perfect Autumn day: warm and the ever present threat of rain not materialising. Our day was spoilt by a white van driver who found it amusing(?) to drive straight at us on the wrong side of Almners Road (Lyne) with horn blaring, passing us dangerously close then turning back to have another go, just as close but in our direction. This was our chance to get details and he has been reported. PS If you're thinking of going the way I intended to get home, the EU meeting in Hampton Court Palace means the towpath to Kingston is closed until Friday.

Terry led Gill, Judy, Bernard, Cliff, John M, Les and Norman from new 11s venue at Teddington, through Bushy Park (being passed by 'A' group) to Hampton Court bridge then along the towpath to Walton bridge. A very enjoyable ride, fairly dry so the fallen leaves were not a problem. At Walton bridge we took to the road to Weybridge, through Brooklands, noting the remaining stretch of banking on which Geoff Avis [cycle] and John M's dad [motor cycle] competed decades ago. Then via Parvis Road and Old Parvis Road to join the towpath alongside the Wey Navigation (beware roots, but drier than when we last rode here a fortnight ago). After a very nice lunch at The Anchor at Pyrford Lock we rode along Lock Lane and Warren Lane to Pyrford then via Ripley, Rosehill Lane and Guileshill Lane. Passing The Black Swan we soon reached our most elevated point of the day - at the crest of the slope we were 60m higher than Bernard's house [a few more people now know that]. Shortly we turned right into Chilbrook Lane to Downside then via the track to emerge onto Tilt Road, turning right onto the A245 for refreshments at Seymour's. From there we went our separate ways, I continued with the main group to Leatherhead to order a replacement tyre for the one that blew out on me yesterday just as I was beginning to pick up speed descending, after having ridden up Coombe Bottom.

The weather was great and I had a nice flat ride to the new elevenses at Teddington which appeared somewhat lived in, but was nevertheless clean and inviting with the added bonus (as Vic informed me) of being cheap! We had a good turnout and you made a nice presentation speech to hand over the shield to Lynda . John led fifteen of us 'C' group en route for The George at Stoke D`Abernon. Apart from me`n`im we had three ladies, Lynda, Carol and Beryl. Then came Mark, Dave, Ron, Roger, Phil, Bill, Geoff, Derek, Harold and Alan. We rode through Bushey Park and over Hampton Court bridge, then turned left into Summer Lane where we found the level crossing gates closed. While waiting Derek decided to leave us. He turned up for tea at Claygate incidentally. When the gates opened we carried on through Thames Ditton, Claygate and Claremont Park with a spot of off-road on Esher Common arriving as last week in Fairmile Lane and then Stoke Road with a short ride to The George where Harold bought me a pint. Alan seemed to be missing (hope you were OK if you read this Alan). John's rear wheel had shed one of its sixteen spokes and since no end of tweaking with a spoke spanner could take out a distinct wobble he decided to call it a day and make for home as his bike was just about rideable. The rest of us turned up Blundells Lane with a few hard climbs for the return journey to Claygate where ten of us took tea. By the time I arrived home it was five o'clock and I had 36 miles under my belt. Thank goodness the sun was over the yard arm. (not that I need an excuse!)
Regards Albert

See you at Cobham next week

Olleh Brian

Thursday, October 20, 2005

19th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Hello Wayfarers from Mark Roy. At our AGM, when Brian handed over our rides attendances records, someone suggested we should also keep our records of punctures, marked with Ps. The matter was left at that without serious attention. This made me think what is the importance of a puncture? I think a puncture is the most important part of our cycling. If we have a puncture we can't keep on cycling without changing the tube or mending the puncture and that is a lot of trouble and effort and embarrassment and it delays other cyclists, and if you have two punctures in one ride we feel very bad about it, sometimes I feel I am going to give up cycling (not all). Therefore, it is a brave effort get over the incidence of punctures. I think a person should be honoured who weathers this storm of having so many punctures and continue cycling. For this I am willing to put up cup or suitable trophy awarded on an annual basis to the person with most punctures during a year. It may be called Mark Roy puncture cup. You may laugh. I think it is a suggestion we can all give our opinion on. [Several members have recorded their punctures for the period just ended, but most have not. I suggest all regulars wishing to participate in puncture recording do so on their annual rides attendance record and we assess the response at our next AGM before Mark commits to his generous gesture. Feedback from others on this proposal would be most welcome - Brian].

Pete M led 'A' group from Caterham with Ed, Grant, John S. Brian, Bob, Pete B, Tony and Ray D enjoying an often-brilliant day of serious hills taking us via Marden Park to lunch at The Crown Knockholt in Kent. More 1in5 hills to Cudham and Biggin Hill, a welcome long run down Featherbed Lane before a climb to tea at The Pond Tea Rooms at Coombe Wood. A busy ride home through the school rush period, noting the trams were well loaded with scholars. 52 miles From Pete Mitchell

From Caterham, five of us, Cliff Whitfield, Bernard Brindley, Angie Launder, Norman Goody and I rode to “The Old House At Home” at Dormansland, Licensees; Trevor and Tina Jobson. We partook of the usual grotty lunch. After lunch Norman set off for home- he was going to The Albert Hall in the evening. The rest of us rode via Titsey Hill. The intention was to have tea at Woldingham Garden Centre, but nobody wanted to stop for tea, which was just as well because it appears not to exist now. Weather: sunny intervals and showers. We didn’t have any heavy rain but judging by the amount of surface water there had been heavy rain previously. I clocked 60.66 miles. Les Johnston

Nice to see Fuzz at elevenses at Claygate. I counted eleven of us following Harold en route to The Running Mare at Cobham. There was Bill, Mark, Geoff, John, Beryl, Roger, Ron W, Dave, plus Harold and me (I've only missed one out this time!). In about half a mile we were on Claygate Common, then Arbrook Common and Esher Common. Apart from a few light showers the weather was fine but the surfaces were somewhat tricky in places and some walking was necessary. I managed to come off and skin my arm but with Beryl's help and my first aid kit was soon patched up. We regained the tarmac in Sandy Lane at the end of which we turned left into Miles Lane, then Fairmile Lane and Stoke Road less than half a mile from our destination. I assumed it was Harold's intention to return to Claygate for tea where he had left his car but I made tracks for my local clinic via Cobham and Byfleet. I am pretty sure their return route was a little gentler! Regards Albert

See you next Wednesday, all together at our new Elleray Hall, Elleray Road, Teddington venue, where Lynda will be awarded her shield. Not to be missed!

Olleh Brian

Thursday, October 13, 2005

12th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

That's it for another year - AGM done and dusted - a new name for engraving on the trophy - read all about it in the draft minutes - thanks for your vote of confidence - your comments on the minutes and on the next paragraph welcomed prior to firming up.

Regarding our annual Anniversary Lunch, I have contacted The Foley Arms PH: 106 Hare Lane, Claygate, a previous venue, and confirmed that they would be pleased to accommodate us for a £10 two course set lunch on Wednesday 1st March 2006. Meals would be served on plates collected from servery tables, not self-served. We would be accommodated in the separate "Hall" and numbers would be limited to 50 members. Sounds OK.

Our Indian summer came to an abrupt end at lunchtime yesterday, giving our gardens much of the water they craved. Despite wearing both rain-proofs, I managed to arrive home soaked through. I expect I was not the only one. As I made off for Tooting to deliver medical data, a big white van stopped on a lay-by at Sandown Park, pretending to have a go at me, but it turned out to be a greeting from our own Tony Hooker, who even in the pouring rain, said he wished he were out with the Wayfarers - he would say that from his dry cab, wouldn't he?

Vic, having wrested leaders duties from Ed, said 'A' group were off to Laleham - I've heard nothing more of them since.

'A' group ride report from Pete Mitchell

At least I can do something that Vic can't do ie send a report in! Due tochatting I missed the start but met up with Vic, Ed, Les, John, Ray, Rob,Pete, Tony, Frank C, and Jen at The Feathers at Laleham for a friendly welcome and good food. Upon leaving the rain hit us and the route to TheTilt Café at Hampton Court via the tow path made us very muddy due to an assortment of sandy puddles. I did mention that Judy's pristine new machine would need a good clean if 'B' group came this way!
[Thanks, Pete. Shame I missed what would have been a new-to-me pub - Brian]

After our AGM, 'B' group, a select and very clean six of us, set off led by Bernard in his maiden leader-role. For reasons best known to him there were no clues as to where we were going. Initially it was through the very posh private estate of St George's Hill, our exit was barred by an eight-foot gate, but - by magic - it opened for us. Then to the Basingstoke Canal and to the not-very-special Black Prince pub. So far it was nice and dry. After lunch it was wet, seriously wet. Back to the towpath where the puddles are already forming. Three more miles on that towpath then we cut across to the Wey Navigation and five more miles of puddles with a good many roots, pot-holes, etc. But we did have the compensation of seeing a Grebe. Anyway, we survived and no-one fell in the canal, but we were no longer clean, being somewhat bedraggled and muddy at a pub at the beginning of the Thames Path where we had tea. Judy's pristine bike didn't look quite so smart after this ill-treatment. Along the Thames Path to Hampton Court after which we had tarmac for the rest of the way. From North Cheam it was 44 miles at an average speed of 10 miles an hour, which was quite fast considering how careful we had to be on the towpaths.
Hope this is OK
Best regards Bernard
[excellent, thanks Bernard - we hope your next lead is in kinder weather]

The weather was still fairly mild and the rain had held off so, after the AGM at Hersham, most preferred a ride and Ron led around ten of us, Bill, Mark, Dave, Dennis, Beryl, Roger, Mike and Mary on their tandem, plus yours truly up the Burwood Road where we turned right into Burwood Estate emerging at Sir Richards Bridge on Queens Road. Crossing over the bridge we took a left turn into Ashley Park and then out again at Walton Bridge. Going under the bridge we joined the towpath. We took a right turn at Molesey Boat Club and five of us went to the Bell for lunch, Beryl, Roger, Mike, Mary and me. Draught beer was off, there being a hitch in the pumps so we made do with lager. That's beer anyway. They do a very nice bacon and brie baguette by the way. While this was all going on the rain started in earnest. The others who had been to the day centre were waiting for us outside all caped up. The prospect of making for Claygate for tea was not promising but Ron, Dave, Dennis, Roger, Beryl and me went into Indian file behind Ron along some pretty damp off-road (I cant find it on the map) and ended up at Claygate DC where we recovered with tea and coffee. I rode home via Esher and Hersham and it was still coming down stair rods, not to mention the showers from passing cars. The one bright spot on my journey home near Esher was a huge traffic tailback on Lamass Lane, which I was able to circumnavigate.
I clocked 27 miles and three hours ride time. By the way, it was nice to be nominated for the Arthur Jessop Shield, but like nearly everyone else I voted for Lynda, a worthy recipient of the trophy.
Yours Albert [and yours a worthy nomination, Albert]

Hi Brian I am very pleased to hear that I have been voted for the Arthur Jessop Shield. I am very chuffed that enough people voted for me to win. Thank you all very much. I am busy at The Bell this week, filling in for my manager, who is away on holiday in France. I shall be going to the Cycle Show on Sunday, then, early Monday morning I am off to Rome for a few days. I look forward to seeing you all again at Teddington the following week and to receiving and holding my shield! Bye for now, Lynda.

Olleh Brian

Friday, October 07, 2005

5th October 2005

Hello Wayfarers and friends

At Cobham yesterday we welcomed new faces in Linda and Paul Foster and outside, Ron Moore. They have been added to our email contact list and we look forward to seeing them again soon. From Albert's report below I see other new faces that I haven't had the pleasure of greeting yet.

With several stalwarts away, just eight of us 'A' group, Vic, Rob, Bob, Brian, Ed, Bill M, Pete B led by Ray left Cobham for Merstham via Cobham Park Road and over Bookham Common to Fetcham River Lane, crossing the River Mole at the Splash. So far, conditions were good for off road riding. Back on road to Leatherhead to climb to Walton on the Hill via the Forge at Headley. Taking Chequers Lane we crossed B2032 and Walton Heath. Surface still good to Mogador to cross A217 into Babylon lane on to a rather rough descending track under M25 to Gatton Bottom. Here Bob left us to lunch with his daughter at Redhill. Vic at this stage did not appear to be too happy with the last track, which may have been the reason for his deciding to leave for home as we arrived at the Railway Arms Merstham for lunch. After a pleasant lunch where Jen met us, we returned via Harps Oak Lane and Markedge Lane to Mugswell to cross the A217 over to Banstead Heath thereon to Walton Heath crossing B2032 to Walton on the Hill where Brian punctured and opted for home. We continued via Headley, Little Switzerland and A24 to Denbies, Peter having left us en route for home. At Denbies we rejoined Rob, he having taken a different route from Walton Heath. We parted after a refreshing 3's. My total mileage 40.

Even after attending our club-night at Worcester Park Athletic Club (see Sou'Wester - out next week), I have heard nothing of 'B' group, led by Norman, except possibly a sighting in Albert's report which follows.

I had forgotten sponsoring Lynda for some charity event and was pleasantly surprised to be rewarded with what I believe was a homemade chocolate brownie. It went down well with my coffee at our monthly elevenses at the RBL at Cobham (mine was nice too!). We had a good turnout; around fifteen of us followed Roger en route for The New Inn at Send. They included five ladies, Lynda, Beryl, Carol, Nita and Dianne. As for the chaps, apart from Roger and me there were John, Dave, Jonathon, Mike, Phil, Ron plus the other Ron, which still leaves me short, so apologies to anyone who got left out! Plough Lane was the first and hardest climb of the day, passing The Black Swan then up Hungry Hill Lane. I've tried to retrace the route using four maps but the best I can come up with is we took the scenic route via Potters Lane to The New Inn only to find we had been overtaken by one of the other groups, making things a bit overcrowded. We then decided to head for The Jovial Sailor at Ripley. We turned up Tannery Lane, which becomes Papercourt Lane, but a smart right turn remains Tannery Lane and turned at the end into Polesden Lane, then Send Marsh Lane and a left turn on the old A3, with The Jovial Sailor a little farther on the right. Nine of us sat down to a pleasant lunch after which everyone except yours truly pressed on to Cobham DC for tea.
The weather was cool with no wind and overcast but thankfully dry. All in all, a most pleasant ride.
bRegards Albert

Our AGM takes place next Wednesday at Hersham Village Hall, adjoining our elevenses venue, starting 11.00 sharp. Chairs have to be put out, so if anyone can assist at about 10.30, I'll be very grateful. Hersham Day Centre again invites us to partake of their roast lunch after the meeting, so if you wish to eat there, please let the meals team know before you go next door and upstairs to our meeting.

Don't forget to think about nominating the member making the most significant achievement (your interpretation!) for award of our Arthur Jessop Shield. I shall be nominating Lynda Barrow who, since joining the Beginners Section five or so years ago and then Wayfarers, has done more than anyone to unite our Wayfarers groups and to bring in fresh faces from the beginners Section. She leads rides for that section, for the London Central DA, for both our 'B' and 'C' groups and has initiated or joined many (most) of our away rides. She regularly organises meals at "The Bell" (management must love her as much as we do) for her friends from all sections and groups and Wayfarers would be a lot poorer without her - flapjack. You may have other ideas on who to nominate, so think about it before Wednesday.

Olleh Brian

Oh me of little faith - thanks to Terry our report is now complete:

Hello Brian,
From Cobham Norman led Judy on her new Pearson (welcome back!), Carole and daughter, David, Bernard, Franks C and H, Les, Cliff, Terry, Nev plus a couple I didn't recognise and anyone I've forgotten along Plough Lane to the Black Swan and on to Ockham. Then via Guileshill Lane and Grove Heath Road to turn left on to the old A3 at The Jovial Sailor and shortly turn right off it to Send Marsh. It was about here Cliff decided his rear tyre needed a few more psi, we had just passed a recently flailed hedge. On to Cartbridge via Potters Lane and a delightful lunch by Wey Navigation. Whilst we munched, Cliff changed his tube - he had problems loosening the shop-tightened wheel nuts - he managed to break Les's spanner! Meanwhile the easy riders arrived then changed their minds and went elsewhere, but Mr X (sorry) stayed with us for the afternoon ride. We continued south on the A247 across the Burntcommon roundabout and on through West Clandon to turn left on the A246. Riders had been turning off from time to time and only Cliff, Norman and Terry had tea at Annie's at Leatherhead. A nice ride, the weather was fine, but I doubt if shorts will be seen many more times this year! (that's a relief!)

Thelma called me from RBL Cobham to say a set of keys had been put back through the club letterbox and not recognised by the club. If anyone thinks they are theirs, ask me on Wednesday at Hersham. Brian

Thursday, May 26, 2005

25th May 2005

Hello Wayfarers

Nice to be out on a Wednesday again after my sojourns to Spain and France. We were down on numbers this week, due to many different reasons, but those that ventured out enjoyed a great day. Ray D and Ed S were unwell with chestiness, but Ed expects to be out again on Sunday and hopefully Ray will be, too.

Vic, Norman, Terry, Brian, Rob, Les, John S, Ray H and Phil arrived at Fleet on various trains, car and bike (30 miles from Barnes in Phil Marks' case - pity we lost him so soon) for Vic's away day. We went along lovely Hampshire lanes and villages to Old Basing, where after lunch we visited local antiquarian sites and hidden canal grottos en route to Fleet for our homeward journeys in time for the European Cup drama. I was out at a meeting and watched a thrilling recording from 05:30 this morning.

Thanks once again to Albert for finding time to record 'C' group's ride: Good weather; very little wind and dry. The sun came out later. Dave led nine of us from Hersham up the Burwood Road across the Seven Hills Road and through St. Georges Hill to cross the busy Byfleet Road and up Redhill Road. Being en route for Ripley. Harold, Beryl and I thought the intention was to go across the A3 at the road's end but we spotted Dave leading the others in through Kat's Kastle and turned back to follow. At this point Roger's rear mudguard started to disintegrate so a short halt was called for in order for a temporary repair. The path surface as far as the cattery is good apart from the speed bumps, but later became pretty hazardous with rough loose shale and later soft sand which had me down once more. We walked for quite a bit after that until we arrived at the car park on the Effingham Road where we took the cycle track along the A3 as far as the Ripley Road (the old A3). It has been resurfaced with fresh markings and the cycle path is as good as the road surface for once. We stopped at the Bakery and discussed the lunch venue. No one volunteered to join me at The Anchor so with Roger, John and Beryl, I lunched at the Bakery while the others went to the day centre. The intention was to have tea at Cobham but my return journey from Cobham is a pretty hazardous flog for a body of my advanced years, so I bade a fond farewell until next week and went my usual way home down Warren Lane and the Pyrford Road to West Byfleet, New Haw etc. By the way, I see Beryl has some new mudguards since our encounter a couple of weeks back. I hasten to add that I was nowhere near Roger when he lost part of his rear mudguard!!
All the best Albert.

Angie writes: Just love the feedback from the rides messages. It's 8:15 and I am one of the unfortunates sat at my desk, but the messages really brighten my otherwise boring day! I had hoped to be out to Newlands Corner but instead found myself cycling along the front at Worthing. Very windy, not very sunny, but pleasant. Sorry I missed all the action, but have laughed non-stop through the messages. Long may they continue! Will come out as and when work permits.
Pedal carefully, Angie x

Olleh Brian

Friday, May 20, 2005

18th May 2005

Hello Wayfarers

Graham writes to say that North Cheam's arrival at Dorking after 11:15, and no "B ride" leader made for a confused start. The destination of a brisk "A" ride was The Haven via Newdigate, Capel and Weare Street. The Blue Ship was duly reached at 12.50 by Graham, Ed S, Pete B, John S, John M, Bob, Julian, Steve, Rob, Ray H, Frank H and Vic; Irene opting for an early stop at the King's Head in Rudgwick, which might have been a better choice for us all as it was virtually empty whereas the Blue Ship was packed. In the long wait for food, only the leader recognised Edward Enfield (a Billingshurst resident) enjoying a pint and a book at a nearby table. Last to be served, Vic had scarcely finished his bacon buttie before we were off on the return at 14:20! That left no time for frills so a swift return via Walliswood, Ockley, Capel and Newdigate was the order of the day. It was aided by a strong southerly, both Johns and Bob. Five sat down to tea at Denbies (Dorking Sports Centre being closed until June 6 for refurbishment). Thanks for that, Graham. Did EE recognise you?

Did 'C' group get to see the bluebells? Some rescheduling for 2006 should mean seeing early bluebells late April.

Meanwhile, Nesles' Norman invasion went with a swing. Wednesday we visited Etapes War Graves Cemetery, lest we forget. Lest we forget our padlock keys, gardeners are equipped with hacksaws. Thursday we found the valley route to Wimereux, avoiding Mont Lambert this year. The return home went very smoothly and Lynda for one was home by 4pm Friday. Pam has some excellent pictures, which she hopes to circulate via CD. Pete went off to Calais to meet Lisa and to drive down to Italy for a couple of weeks CTC tour. Thanks again Norman, for a very enjoyable few days. We look forward to your next venture.

Next Wednesday 25May05 we enjoy Vic's away day, meeting at Fleet Station for elevenses. Trains for Fleet from Surbiton go at 09:30, 10:00 and 10:30, so if we spread out a bit there should be spaces for bikes. The fare is around £7.00 and car sharing is another option.

Olleh Brian

Hi Brian (writes Mike Withers - thanks Mike) Yes, 'C' group saw some bluebells though they were past their best. Ron Weeden led us from Dorking across Holmwood Common using his satelite guidance system (yes really) and he emerged where intended. Eight of us altogether made our way cross country for a pleasant lunch a The Plough at Leigh. After that via Brockham and the Dorking by-pass back to Leatherhead for tea. I left them at Boxhill to go the hilly way back to Effingham, so I assume they got to the Day Centre in Leatherhead. In all a very pleasant ride.
Cheers Mike.