Monday, September 30, 2013

Wednesday 25th September - Easyriders

A lovely spring day and excellent company on a lovely run out to Thorpe Green via Penton Hook. Returning the same way though cutting down to the Thames path and following through to the walled garden at Sunbury. Welcome to a new female rider whose name I have forgotten, and also Sandy, David and Wendy, Ron, Fuzz, Brian.


Friday, September 27, 2013

B Ride 26 September

A lucky 13 B's set off from Shepperton on a lovely, warmer than expected, September day. Through Chertsey and over St Anns Hill to Lyne, before taking the long drag up to Longcross. Branching off over Staple Hill to take in the magnificent autumnal view across Chobham Common, then picking up the lanes through Sparrow Hill and the short roughstuff alongside Mill Bourne to Pennypot. Unfortunately the leader was unable to persuade anyone to brave the ford in Lovelands Lane, so it was on past Castle Grove and into Goldsworth Park before taking the Basingstoke Canal for the last stretch into Woking. After lunch (Wetherspoons) it was back on the canal to Scotland Bridge and through Row Town and the backroads of Addlestone, crossing Walton Bridge to Lower Sunbury, where the remaining 6 enjoyed tea in the Walled Garden with the Easyriders who were there before us. About 30 miles between elevenses and tea, with thanks to Don for acting as backmarker.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Group 25th September

North-west for Frank's ride today, to the Royal Standard at Wooburn on a hill above the Thames.  47.6 miles from elevenses at the Greeno Centre to tea at Richmond Bridge.  Rolling average 12.9 mph and just over 2000 calories.

A pleasant ride on a mild day in not-quite-Autumn.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

B Group 18 September

Fairoaks – Frimley Green – Addlestone
Like Paul leading the A’s I thought the opportunity of starting far out to the West at Fairoaks was an opportunity not to be missed. So we went even further West!
However there was some dissension in the ranks before the start with Vic and Toni deciding they could do even better. We saw them 3 times – once when we were in the middle of nowhere we came across them - Vic had stopped because of a puncture – and then at lunch and tea. Vic, I think, wanted to see a mausoleum in Farnborough.

However for the rest of us (16) we got to The Rose & Thistle at Frimley Green at 1pm having covered 17 miles via some quiet back roads, passing through Stanners Hill, Burrow Hill and Valley End to Lightwater and Heatherside for a tour of housing estates before ending up in Frimley. As we had the time we went down to the Blackwater Valley path before turning off for lunch.
The pub had reserved the conservatory for us – the service and food, apart from a slight delay for a couple of us, was excellent.

Afterwards we did some climbing on to the Old Guildford Road with a bit of off-road at the top over Tunnel Hill (see photo) before dropping down into Pirbright.
Knowing that I had planned to go past Brookwood Cemetery, Bob suggested we cycle through it (as he put it “for a reality check”) and he led the way circuitously to the station.

During the afternoon a number decided to leave the group, some finding stations more attractive, and 4 of us arrived at Crockford Bridge Farm GC for tea. From Brookwood we had got there via the Basingstoke canal through Woking to West Byfleet and then Woodham and Rowtown – all very familiar territory.
I clocked the total distance as 30 miles. The rain held off. No traumas apart from a group of back markers who were momentarily lost on one roundabout – soon recovered.

My thanks to Liz and Rebekah for the photos, John acting as TEC and Bob for leading the diversion.
Peter T

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Sunny 11's at Fairoaks

Nice to see Ed back on his bike.

A Group 18 September

  Fairoaks - Puttenham - West Horsley
A moment of reflection, before setting off for tea.

A Group 18 September

Fairoaks to Puttenham

Confession time: I am a fair-weather cyclist: I wake up. It is raining. I turn over and go back to sleep.

One of these days I am going to be caught out on a day when I am scheduled to lead: Duvet Day or Gortex Day? Could be a tough call!

Not today! I have clearly appeased the Weather Gods and in a week of rain, found myself waking to a cloudy and chilly, but thankfully dry, morning.

So, off to Fairoaks it was. 19 miles to the start of the ride - most folks I know would have coronary if asked to ride 19 miles total!

I have to say, I was, in the modern vernacular, well impressed by the turnout. A good complement of A's and B's - well done all for braving the chill and the distance.

The big advantage of the far westerly start, is the opportunity to venture even further west without the ride being excessive. So, Fairoaks, Chobham, Windlesham and Bagshot it was before turning south to Frimley Green via Deepcut. Shortly before Frimley, the peloton swept up the breakaway of Vic and Tony, only to realise they were simply the B group advance party.

Due South from Frimley Green took us to Tongham, past the  Hogs Back Brewery and under the A3, then via  a well disguised off road excursion avoiding a busy section of the Hogs Back road, to Seale lane and then Puttenham Road. This stretch of road is one of my cycling all time favourites - spitting distance from the Hog's Back/A31 but part of the Pilgrim's Trail and seemingly little changed in the last couple of centuries and passing one of Surrey's last Hop Gardens on the way. Loverly!

To the Good Intent, (at exactly 1pm!!) home of good beer, even better food and, on our last visit, ultra prompt and efficient service. Ah well! The Service Gods were clearly upset that I had taken the Weather Gods for granted and at 2:45 we rode on. Might have been my fault for only booking us in at 10:45 on Tuesday night, but they were exceptionally busy with all tables occupied.

Thence up onto the Hog's Back and down into Guildford, up the Cobbles and along the A25 to West Horsley for 3's. More caffeine and calories and then an individual wend for home.

I enjoyed that day, I hope you did too!

Paul Kelly

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Group 18th September

A Lucky Wednesday for Paul's ride today - it didn't rain.  32.37 miles from elevenses at Fairoaks to tea at West Horsley; lunch at the Good Intent, Puttenham. Rolling average a sporting 13.1mph and 2,253 feet of ascent.

A good ride that everyone enjoyed.


Monday, September 16, 2013

B group leader needed Sept 25

Unavoidable circumstances leave us without a confirmed leader for the B group at Shepperton on Sept 25. Would anyone like to volunteer - probably an A group leader as all the B group ones are away or otherwise unavailable. If there are any aspiring new leaders out there this is an opportunity!
Please email me  .   Thanks.  Brian

Thursday, September 12, 2013

London Ride 11 September 2013

This year’s London Ride was to the newly reopened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to view progress to date on the Olympic heritage for cyclists.

Some 20 riders joined the ride, significantly fewer than the previous 2 years; was it the changeable weather, or the 9am start, or other attractions?

However a smaller group can travel faster in traffic, so we made good progress direct to Wandsworth. Where to cross the Thanes is always a difficult decision in London route planning, and Wandsworth Bridge is among the more challenging for cyclists. However the crossing went without a hitch, a tribute to our riders’ road skills.

Entering Brompton Cemetery we were greeted by Phil Benstead, a CTC councilor who was there with local campaigners about cyclist access to the cemetery, who photographed us enjoying the peaceful surroundings (thanks to David Aylett for the contact).

I was fortunate in have in a team of dedicated “turn markers” who stopped at each junction in turn to guide following riders until the back marker arrived. This worked well in keeping the group moving so we managed a good average speed of just under 10mph, faster than most of the traffic in central London.

11’s stop was at the open-air café in Kensington Gardens, where the only complaint was the 50p charged for a pee – thanks Kensington Council.

Shortly after the 11’s we passed 3 Craven Hill, the site of the first CTC HQ.

I had planned the route to minimise the number of changes of direction to simplify navigation, and only once did Mark, as back marker, have to round up a breakaway.

We passed through a fascinating cross section of London from elegant residential Kensington, through old urban “villages” like Marylebone and Bloomsbury, through the traditional commercial areas of Clerkenwell and Shoreditch to the newly prosperous east, supported by Olympic development, accommodation for City financiers, and the media and fashion industries.

A final turn through Victoria Park, established in the 19th century, and modelled on Hyde Park for the workers in the East End, took us to QEOP, where we took in the distant view of the still-closed (until 2014) Velodrome and Stadium. Lunch was at the Goldengrove in Stratford, the nearest JDW to the park, and one of the area's few pubs not charging astro prices for gastro grub. There, with our bikes in the garden, we were speedily fed and watered by friendly staff.

After lunch we had a further tour through the north of the Park, bounded by the cycle-unfriendly East Cross A12, before diving onto the Lee Navigation towpath for a couple of miles of peaceful riding. We passed under the dreaded A11/A12 Bow Junction on the newly created Olympic legacy path along and over the canal, before emerging at Three Mills Island by the old tide mill and former distillery. After the relaxing canal path it was back to action with an off-road bike-handling test to take us under the A12 and through back-streets to Stepney.

The final part of the tour was straight along CS2 to Aldgate, through the City to Southwark Bride, and straight down CS7 to South Wimbledon; old Roman roads now painted blue but still doing excellent service. Tea was at the Gooseberry Café, noted for its excellent cycle parking, and good cakes.

Along the way I spoke to several cyclists who were interested in our ride, asking about CTC; we must have made quite an impression in our Wayfarers jerseys.

42 miles in total, 9.75mph: a good distance and speed for a London ride. No hassles with motorists; perhaps some things are getting better.

It would not have been achieved without an excellent team, especially Mark and Simon in turn as back markers, and Peter, Jeff, Paul, Toni and Brian, Angie, Helene and Stephanie and others as turn markers. Thanks to you all.


A + B, 11 September

The London Ride - QEOP
Dave led a peloton of Wayfaring Olympians to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Glorious velodrome in the background. Stadium stands silent. The Mittal monstrous monument to egotism still not yet dismantled. Perhaps it might be resited in Brussels outside the offices of the European Commission.

B Group alternative ride (with apologies to Dave) - 11th September

We started off through Thorpe to Egham and up Middle hill into the Park and then descended into Windsor where we took the cycle path to the river arriving at Eaton Wick.  Vic then took over and led us to the pub, The Old Five Bells in Burnham Village.   They served us well and we did not get away until 2.50!   Nevertheless we still arrived in Shepperton for tea at the Italian cafe approx 4.45!  A simple return route , back to Dorney, Jubilee river to the Datchet road and on to tea via Horton, Wraysbury, Staines and tow path to Chertsey Bridge.  Very few on the towpath, no doubt due to threats of rain (maybe)!    I only got wet on the way home from Gill's place as I had cycled from tea with her to check out a damson tree for it's fruit yield!!!   Not good :(
- Pam

Red in the morning, Turquoise in the afternoon
I have now added the Old Five Bells to the Pubs Register which for B Group is fairly up to date, at THIS LINK.

Easy Riders - 11th September

Lynda's route with the Easy Riders from the Elleray Hall in Teddington to Woodies in New Malden for lunch and then to Ewell Court Library for Tea:

A Ride Wednesady 18the Sept

 9 am Cheam 11's@Fair Oaks

I will be leading the A ride but will not be riding from North Cheam - See you at Fair Oaks!

Lunch will be the Good Intent @ Puttenham (21 miles) and Tea at Annies in Leatherhead (19 miles)
ie with the 20 mile ride out To Fair Oaks, a 60 mile day (plus your ride home)

Random fact:
The village features in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley: "Puttenham was a modest little village nine stories high, with silos, a poultry farm, and a small vitamin-D factory."

Paul Kelly

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The London Ride

A carefully planned route from Dave today, taking us from North Cheam to the Olympic Park. An interesting and enjoyable ride, through the heart of the City and back to the Gooseberry Cafe, Wimbledon.

42.48 miles and home before the forecast rain.

An excellent day out.


Monday, September 09, 2013

Ripley Autumn Cycle Jumble - Sat 14 Sept

Vic White has alerted us that the Ripley Autumn Cycle Jumble will be held at Ripley Village Hall this coming Saturday, 14th September, from 09.00 onwards. The organiser is :- John Lattimore 01932 247614. 
Jeff (for Vic)

Friday, September 06, 2013

Looking after the cyclists

Its not just the mile eaters like Mark who visit the Dolomites. We were walking but there are plenty of mountain bikers and facilities can be good. We came across this at a mountain hut - all the tools on elastic cords.

Strange man at the RBL

Pam discovered a strange French person at the RBL on Wednesday:

However the moustache proved to be a fake and fell off even before he started munching on his baguette and a close inspection of his knobbly knees revealed that he wasn't really French at all.

Tomorrow Simon will be off on his ride for the British Heart Foundation in which he will cover 244 miles in a three day ride from London to Paris. Let's hope the weather improves for him as he sets out on this challenging ride.

More info at

Thursday, September 05, 2013

B Group - 4th September

We all assembled at The British Legion, Cobham. The weather was clearly going to be sunny and hot, which probably explains why there were 26 riders in the group. We set out for Shalford going via East Horsley to Combe Bottom; this a steady climb nearly all the way (Pam went very fast down the hill at Combe Bottom/speed probably off the scale); then to Albury, Chilworth and Shalford (14 miles). At Shalford we stopped at The Parrot Inn where lunches and drinks were served by cheerful and very efficient staff.

The meals at The Parrot Inn were of a very high standard and the staff did an excellent job coping with such a large group together with their usual customers also having lunch. The Parrot Inn is definitely worth another visit in the future.

After lunch we set off towards Guildford taking a route on the periphery via East Shalford Lane, Tilehouse Road, Pilgrims’ Way, Echo Pit Road, Warwicks Bench Road and Sydenham Road, eventually joining A246. We continued on A246 until we reached Effingham, where we made a detour via Great Bookham to Polesden Lacy. At Polesden Lacey we stopped for tea.

Twenty six bike riders is a large group to manage (although the numbers reduced during the afternoon). I was very grateful to Tim and Terry who did backup and marshalling duties. Having this kind of support is essential with a large group.
Peter Carpenter


Although there was no sangria in the park
the refreshments and service at the Parrot Inn really hit the mark
and in every other way
it was such a perfect day.

B Ride Wednesday 4 September 2013


The pub

Taking care of our leader

 Some of the others

Lost in translation

Easy Riders - 4th September

Lynda led the Easy Riders from Cobham to Teddington Lock. As the bearer of the GPS logger became detached from the peloton in mid-ride it is possible that the above is not an exact record of  the path actually taken to reach the pub.

- Tim and Ron

A Group, 4 September 2013

Cobham, Warnham and Denbies part 2

 If I'd googled earlier in the planning phase, I might have discovered that I'd replicated June's ride! But to quote JC, alea iacta est, so this may be styled Cobham, Warnham and Denbies part 2
Seventeen tackled Bookham Common(s) becoming sixteen as we cross Crocknorth; a hill too far for Julian. I couldn't recall when last visited so Abinger Common was next. After plunging down past Leith Hill Place (rather more rapidly than the Pru riders who’d tackled it from the South), the verdant Mole Street got us to Walliswood. Beyond Rowhook, it was downhill to the A29 leaving only bumpy lanes to reach our destination, The Sussex Oak Warnham , just after one. The staff were most welcoming and we dined alfresco shaded by the many trees.
Eventually the troops were roused from their torpor for the usual photo shot. Just one final surprise in my trick bag: The Royal Oak (Friday Street) followed by Rusper. Now on familiar roads, I led like the Duke of Plaza Toro (or for those unfamiliar with G&S, was cream-crackered). Despite this heterodoxy, all made it to Denbies for tea and cakes before dispersing.
63 miles door to door, rather too many on such a warm and humid September day.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A Group 4th September

What a lovely day!  Graham led us over the Downs from Cobham to lunch at the Sussex Oak, Warnham, and back through Newdigate to tea at Denbies.  Despite the lack of vouchers, cyclists' discounts were still available.

37.3 miles elevenses to tea, moving average 11.8mph.