Friday, October 29, 2010

Easy Riders Oct 27th

You will no doubt, get a much more accurate report,so please feel free to use it rather than this which is only to apologise to the others in our group for my inability to keep up. We had planned to make for The Running Mare after elevenses at Walton with a good turnout of Phil (leading) Norman, Lynda, Beryl, Roger, Chris, Fuzz, John C., Dennis, and me on the trike. We took to the towpath at a tricky spot for me unlike my usual entry point near The Swan. This proved to be prophetic,since a fair bit of offroad rather slowed my progress (having dodgy eyesight) and our final lunch destination became another Swan at Claygate. Good food and ale and a pretty decent ride home. God bless and thanks everyone--------------Albert

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Free Wheeling Day

Leaving a damp Dorking behind us, the (mostly B) group crossed the golf course to Brockham, noting progress on the bonfire en route to Norwood Hill. Here Jeff’s (mostly A) group were awaiting us. The weather was gradually improving. After Brian pushed me off (not too literally) I thought for a moment I’d had a good run. A few seconds later Mark whistled by, stopping about 100 yards along the road ! Soon more contestants arrived and my second place seemed assured until Godfrey beat me by inches. Soon everyone had arrived and we rode on to Charlwood where we divided loyalties between two pubs and the Pine Shop. Sadly no ladies competed this year. After lunch I had to return home in order to go on holiday again, leaving Brian to lead one group to 3s and Jeff to do likewise, in grand, sunny weather. Thanks, gents.
Thanks to Ed for his handsome,unique carved trophy for the winner. Runner-up award was a (new) tube.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

News from Geoffrey Shields

I am very sorry to have missed 4 successive midweek runs in September and early October and to now have to say that I will not darken your days until the New Year.

Early in October, whilst on a group run of 10/11 riders, a mid-peloton rider fell into a large pothole (B2029 towards Lingfield). You can guess the result; 5 riders down - 1 broken collarbone, 1 dislocated shoulder, 1 broken ulna, 1 broken thumb, bruises for many, blood, ambulance, police etc. The first faller had bruises only! The CTC legal service is on the case.

Strangely, the ride was abandoned. I slowly rode off to Lingfield station - slowly because of the break to my R thumb and ulna left me with little power for the front brake. I was successfully pinned and wired up at CX Hospital and today, 16 days after surgery, I am free of the cast and sling. All should be in good repair by the second half of January so I hope for a few fine Wednesdays in February.

The Pearson Pave (c/f stealth machine that has not appeared in yr midst) has minor scratches and ruined RHS handlebar tape so the bike will be ready before I am.

Best wishes to all and as the station sergeant used to say on ”Hill St Blues”, a vg US police series of the mid 1980’s, “go carefully out there”.


Free Wheeling Also Rans's been the ruin of many a good man
At The House of the Rising Sun

Free Wheel Contest

As ever Terry organised the contest and there was a good turnout at Dorking for Tea/Coffee on the house (B'day boy MM!) Christine leads the line-out at the finish taking first (and only) ladies prize so she declined. Pam had intended to ride but did not make it due to puncture!
The winner as last year was Mark (by a mile or it seemed like it) with Terry in 2nd place until Godfrey came through and beat him by a wheel so it was very close. Terry is presenting the trophy to mark at the Hungry Horse Charlewood with Godfrey receiving an inner tube.
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Free-Wheel Competition

Terry's Free-Wheel Competition gave us all a most enjoyable day. On the course I got up to 29.2 mph and that allowed me to travel 1522 yards; for the day we did 24.14 miles from Brockham to tea at Annies, with lunch being variously taken in Charlwood - I had mine in the Greyhound. Only 1081 calories today, so I'd better avoid cake for a day or two.

Mileage enthusiasts will be short-changed by today's map - I forgot to press the button until Brockham so you should add on 2.57 miles to get the correct distance.


John Scott

I have had quite a disruptive time since our initial move from London on the 8th September. I am currently camping out at my daughters new home in Wokingham pending a complete refurbishment of an old Victorean ruin in Acton which the builders say will be ready for just after Christmas. Looking at what needs to still be done I feel it must be more like February or March. I am currently living out of card board boxes with space limitation and have not found all my belongings. some of these may be in the unopened boxes Pickfords left us with or may be in their store awaiting light of day when we return to London hopefully next year. As far as cycling is concerned I am a little too far to make regular sorties to Wayfarers elevenses. I have tried contacting the local groups here but they seem to be shambolic in terms of where to meet and convenience of regular attendance. I have been out by myself to Silchester to view the Roman ruins (you may remember this from Vics train assisted rides). It reminded me of the house we have bought in Acton.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

B Group Oct 20th

As I had been asked to give an expected number for lunch I made a note of B participants - and almost ran out of paper! A rather large group of 24, and I could not split the ride for nobody else knew the route! Terry very kindly took up the rear and I did not hear of any problems on the road! We turned left along the High Street and another left over Woburn Hill, across Chertsey Meads, then along to Willow Walk to circle around the rear of Laleham golf course to emerge onto the A320. Straight across through Thorpe village where we stopped to look at the Animal Pound of 1840 (unusual because it is made of brick) that has been renovated by local companies, plus some input from the Lottery! Also in the village is a 10th century church where photos were taken. It was here that I first saw Jeff had joined us, surprise, surprise! Onwards to Thorpe Green where we took a cut through to Stroude Road, up the hill to pass Virginia Water crematorium (now rather posh dwellings!) At Trumps Green we hung a right into Crown Road and then a short ride through the Wentworth estate, avoiding the greens and club house! And so to lunch at The Wheatsheaf, Virginia Water. This rather large Chef and Brewer pub was ideal for a large group! We were fed and watered with out hastle , then we were on our way into Windsor Park via the lake, totem pole and Saville Gardens to emerge at Bishopsgate. I am sorry to say that two riders went off route but Irene and Graham hung back to escort them to the tea stop! Thank you I and G :) Our return continued through Englefield Green and down Prune Hill, back to Thorpe Village to A320 where we used the cycle path into Chertsey, cut out a little of the town by using Colonel's Lane and Willow Walk, over Chertsey Bridge to tea at the Walled Garden, Lower Sunbury....where Irene and Graham AND the A group were already tucking in to tea and cakes! Unfortunateley two riders had mudguard problems but no tumbles! A wonderful sunny day - even though a trifle chilly - great company - thank you all, Pam :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Easy Riders Oct 20th

Quite a crowd met at Kings Centre, Chessington for coffee. We left Pat & Bill M., Chris , Bill H, and Fuzz (who was to join us a little later)still chatting while I led John C. Beryl, Roger, Alan, Sonia, Ron, David S., and Norman the backway through Chessington along the trail leading to Ewell Park and out to Green Lanes and over to Longmead. A right and left to Manor Road, then along to Ashtead Common. A lovely, sunny day with a nip in the air. We crossed the station crossing and went straight up to Ashtead High Street, where we had a delicious fish and chip dinner. We recommend the Superfish here, a very good waitress service, fresh starters and fish and chips. I expect Albert and Peter went to the Woodman. After lunch, I led 6 of us back to Cheam Village through Ashtead Park, back of Epsom and Nonsuch Park to The Point cafe. (Opp. Whitehall) Tea and cakes for £1. Plus slides and talk on Brazil (missionaries who work over there). At the end we sampled Brazilian coffee and speciality sweets.

I then went for a sauna and the others were going into Kingston to go their separate ways home.


From John Hammond

Just to let you know I am still alive (I think!) tho I shall be 94 Oct 25th (along with my twin brother in Seaton Devon – a non cycling life member of the CTC. I cycled to the end of ’08 to complete 80 years cycling but wish I was still able to ride. I hope the wayfarers are still flourishing despite all the strong winds and heavy rain in your area. Tell the guest Editor I fully concure with his views on the vote about the future of CTC. Kevin Mayne is trying to improve his own views and doesn’t want opposition! Best wishes to all the members I enclose a donation for everybody at Cobham to have a drink on me on November 3rd – Merry Christmas From John Hammond

A Group Oct 20th

On a bright chilly morning thirteen riders left Addlestone by Green Lane,St. Peters Hospital,Stonehills,Accommodation Road,Longcross,Chobham Common,Chobham Place,Valley End,Windlesham South Ascot and Sunninghill to lunch at "The Nags Head" in Sunningdale High Street. After the lunch hour the route continued through Windsor Great Park to Smiths Lawn,past the Guards Polo Club to group photographs before the totem pole,having crossed with the "B" ride en route. From the Wheatsheaf gate we took Christchurch Road to Virginia Water,Lyne Crossing Road,Ruxbury Road,St. Annes,Chertsey,Chertsey Bridge,Shepperton and Lower Sunbury for tea at the Walled Garden by 1515,leaving room for people to get home before LUT after a bright cheerful day amid plenty of autumnal colour.
From Vic

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Group 20th October

Sparkling Autumn sunshine for Vic's ride today; 28.1 miles from elevenses at Addlestone to tea at the Walled Garden, Sunbury, with a handsome lunch at the Nag's Head, Sunningdale. Rolling average 11.9 mph, 1260 calories and average power 65 watts.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Rides

Yesterday I tried the Waterlink Way as a route up to London. It's not bad - rather like some of the better bits of the Wandle Trail. It's part of NCN 21 and I picked it up at South Norwood Park, about a mile from East Croydon Station. The surface is pretty good - some tarmac and some gravel - and it's continuous and traffic free from Croydon to Greenwich. There's even an interesting cycle bridge over the railway at Lewisham, where you ride up a spiral, cross over and then spiral down again. Not many of those about ...

From Greenwich you've got plenty of choice: there's the Thames Path East or West, the Foot Tunnel under the Thames to Canary Wharf, the Thames Clipper commuter boats will take four bikes and go up and down the river every twenty minutes or so and the Overground will whisk you back to Croydon in about twenty minutes. It takes bikes between ten and four and at weekends.

I rode West and picked up the CS7 Superhighway at Southwark and then the Wandle Trail from Colliers Wood - an easy and pleasant Autumn ride.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Group - Lucky 13th?

Hersham - Addlestone - Fetcham
You can't keep a good man down!

A Ride 13th Oct.

Just a short report for a shorter ride than usual after an interesting AGM at Hersham. 14 of us left the AGM at about 12:15 to the Crouch Oak pub at Addlestone at rather a fast pace but not unusual for the A's with a slight delay in Weybridge taking the wrong right hand turn.

We arrived a bit late at the pub after  pm it having been booked for between 12 and 1:00. We left at about 2:15 after nicel- cooked and copious food. There was another delay shortly after leaving lunch with myself being knocked off my bike by a lady barring my way with a car door in a busy section of Addlestone. On my recovery the Lady in question received quite a lecture although she prefusely apologised to the point when she was in tears. We continued on after I understand she was consoled by my valient companions.

The route taken as planned was quite direct to New Haw then via the Wey towpath to Wisley and the disused Airfield (where a part of the Film War Horse was to be completed the next day) to Downside, Bookham Common and Fetcham and my home to have a modest 3's come 4's of tea and biscuits on a self service basis, Pete M even managed to warm his bread pudding on the microwave. My dear wife arrived in time to wash up.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

AGM - 13 October, 2010

AGM at Hersham

Chairman Pete and Secretary Terry in firm control of proceedings.
Protective shields just in case things get out of hand.
Not sure what he's doing here!


Arthur Jessop Trophy: Jeff Tollerman 2010

Mark Roy Trophy: Gill Finlay with an increase of 1991 miles over the previous year

B Group Oct 13th

B riders crossing Thames Lock on return from Chobham.

Easy Riders -2

After the agm at Hersham, fuzz led beryl,lynda,roger,chris,ron,and dennis.
we went through Hersham and turned left down a pathway then through the back road's towards the river along the towpath to Sunbury.
Then we went right past Apps farm onto the Hurst road.
then past the waterworks then right at the bottom of the road we turned left to ward's Hampton Court, we had a late lunch at the Albion pub where you can get two meal's for £8.
we had a nice lunch and after ward's we went over Hampton Court Bridge through the palace then into bushy park and had tea at the pheasantry.
after tea we all made our way home.

Roger - M.

Easy Riders Oct 13th

After quite a long AGM! Fuzz led Lynda, Chris, Roger, Beryl, Ron, and Dennis from Hersham Day Centre down the road to an alley, where we were soon lost, so had to stay with our leader as knowone else new how to get to the pub. Eventually, I got my bearings and we turned down along the tow path heading for Hampton Court; but to our surprise, there was a right turn up ahead, and we found ourselves going down another alleyway. I didn't like this one so much; as I could feel the nettles through my long trousers! But, we carried on as we were getting hungry. Another road, then, this time a footpath way; but so remote that we didn't pass anyone. Another mile, and we came to our destination pub; but, alas they were not serving food. So, onward to the next pub, The Albion at Molesley. It was 2pm by this time, and we were lucky there were not many diners, so got served quickly. After a nice hot lunch, we had a ride through Hampton Court then crossed over the road to enter Bushey Park. We continued passed the fountain to have tea at The Pheasantry. After, our leader, (GBS), left us to catch a train at Teddington. The remainder of us made our way to Kingston, through the park, passing some deer loitering in our paths. Pity no one had a camera.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Group 13th October

A half day today, thanks to the AGM. Ray led us a steady 18 miles from elevenses at Hersham to lunch at Addlestone and kindly gave us tea at his home in Fetcham. Poor Beryl arrived just in time to tidy up after the gannets.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brian Starey

Rob and I took Brian for lunch on Friday 8 Oct to the Woodman at Woodmanstern and very enjoyable it was too sitting in the sunshine. I invited Ken Preece but he was otherwise engaged. Ken continues to recover but still has a persistent problem with the healing process of the skin graft which is delaying the fitting of his hearing aid a new ear.
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Thursday, October 07, 2010

B Group Oct 6th

Early morning rain kept numbers down at Cobham but it was dry as 15 B's set off towards Effingham Junction. From the Drift Road we climbed towards the William IV before dropping to and taking on the Jury Farm concrete. Between the prison and A3 turnoff both Jarvises punctured becoming detached but happily they rejoined at lunch. The New Inn was sunny and warm enough to dine alfresco and watch the boats go by. Easy Riders were emerging from the Seven Sisters as we headed into Ripley. At the A3 roundabout Irene surprised us by continuing to the footbridge before entering Wisley airfield where Spielberg is filming battle scenes for his latest film, Warhorse. After diversions and rubbernecking, we overtook the Easys again beside the Mucky Duck before tea'ing at Sainsbury's. From Graham

Easy Riders Oct 6th

Presumably due to the early inclement weather only eight cyclists left Cobham. Lynda,Beryl,Fuzz, Albert on his trike,Mike, Roger, Dennis initially & myself.
We headed towards Ripley via Plough Lane past the Black Swan into Guileshill Lane and into Ripley via Grove Heath Lane.We had a very good lunch at the Seven Stars.Albert left us after lunch and headed home.When leaving the pub the B group were sighted heading for Cobham we let them go ahead and headed ourselves for cobham .Mike left us at the Black Swan .Five of us had tea and ice creams at the Aromas Cafe in Cobham sitting outside in the sun very pleasant. Fuzz headed for home on the train and the remainder headed for home via Blackhills
Security gates are being fitted on this short cut and access will probable not be available from the middle of November.
My apologies am unable to attend the AGM next week

John C

Watch this Space!

Cycling back from Cobham today, they are erecting two huge black gates at the entrance to Blackhills Road, Cobham end. Steph

Easy Riders Oct 6th

When I left home en route for Cobham, the weather was not promising with flooded roads and a fair amount of drizzle. Riding through a flood near Byfleet I hit a raised drain and just avoided coming a cropper. attendance was rather low, but after elevenses the sun came out earlier than forecast and, led by John C., we made for The Seven Stars at Ripley. Our number consisted of Beryl, Lynda, Roger, Fuzz, me plus two more and John of course. Plough Lane showed no signs of heavy flooding either and crossing the road at Martyrs Green near The Mucky Duck, I kept on Fuzz` tail on a somewhat flatter route than the others who had tackled Hungry Hill. We crossed into Newark Lane at Ripley and very soon got to the right side of a pint of the best ale.
After a good lunch I made for home via West Byfleet and was enjoying my usual aperitif in the garden just after three. Thanks John-----------------------Albert

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Group, 6 October, 2010

Scarlett Arms and Denbies

A Group Oct 6th

Although I set off to Cobham with my waterproofs on I could soon see blue sky in the distance. So waterproofs were packed away when 13 of us headed away to East Horsley and up Chalk Lane. When we stopped to regroup at the top of Green Dene I found that one of our number was Chris, a recent recruit who I had talked to at Cobham and indicated he would go with the B Group. At the last minute he had changed his mind but on a mountain bike he came to realize that this was a bit of a challenge. So we dropped down to Shere via the ford – well 2 through the swollen Tilling Bourne and the rest of us over the bridge. Then on up Sandy Lane and left to Peaslake and Ewhurst. My planned off road stretch was abandoned in view of the soggy conditions and we went directly to the Scarlett Arms at Walliswood for lunch. The new management offer 10% off if you turn up on their nominated bike of the month – but I missed out as Specialized was last month and Ray didn’t bring the ( October) Boardman. ( See Chris decided to head back at his own pace and Bob S had not come in for lunch. A beautiful afternoon followed as 11 of us rode back via Mole Street to Ockley, and from Newdigate went via Parkgate to Brockham. Some took the A25 and a few of us braved the Coach Road to Denbies for tea. The group in addition to myself and Chris were Mike M, Vic, Ray, Jeff, Toni, Rob, Ed, Bob S, John B, Mark and Graham.

Brian Greenwood

A Group 6th October

After an unpromising start to the day, Summer returned at Cobham and Brian led us on a very pleasant ride from elevenses to lunch at the Scarlett Arms, Walliswood and on to tea at Denbies. 33.9 miles at a brisk moving average of 13 mph; maximum speed 39.5 mph; 1,797 feet of ascent and 1,519 calories.


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weybridge Incident - 22 september, 2010

Dear All,

Please see below a copy of the letter of apology that I have sent to the Manager of the Weybridge Centre for Retired People, following the incident on 22 September. It is most unfortunate that we do not know who was involved in this incident. Until we do, we shall not be able to consider arrangements to ensure that it does not happen again.


Easy Riders Sept 29th

I Led from Teddington, lynda,beryl,chris & chris,fuz,ron,cliff,charle's,john,& les, we went through Bushypark then over Hampton Court bridge through Molsey, Walton & Hersham.
Where we went to the Prince of Wales pub at West End Esher. we all had a nice lunch, since we were last there they had decorated the pub out and it was very nice. we then made our way back to Hersham, then back to Hampton Court to five on the bridge for tea and cake's. after tea we made our way home. i hope you all got home before the rain.

from Roger.