Friday, June 28, 2013

C Group 26th June Longmead Day Centre

First I would like to say how lovely it was to see David Salmon and Ken Preest out today.   I felt like the “Old woman who lived in a shoe she had so many children:- you know the rest.  16 “C” riders and waifs and strays from the “B”s left Longmead D.C. at 11.30am. Heading for Walton-on-Thames {I vowed this time I would not lose any} making our way back via Claygate where Ken and John had said they would leave us to try the local ale, we said our cheerios and continued towards Esher “so far so good” I then jumped ship by ignoring a red light, with lots of shouting from behind {I blamed the peak on my helmet} I pulled over and put my captains hat on again, we then continued down Lammas Lane towards Walton.  The sandwich bunch lunched along the river and the remaining 9 ate inWetherspoons.  We then continued to Hampton Court to partake tea and refreshments at the 5 on the bridge.  Thank you everyone for a most enjoyable day.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Group 26th June

It was a fine warm day for today’s expedition from Caterham, where 10 riders assembled for the ‘A’ group ride. Geoffrey and I took the opportunity en route to get some spiritual guidance by having a look at the ancient wall painting in Chaldon Church, which vividly illustrated the Hell and Damnation in store for the wicked. Not that that applied to any of us, of course.
At Caterham, various reasons for non-attendance (such as receiving cycling awards, or being on the other side of the Atlantic) were duly noted.
Rides from Caterham always include a fair bit of up and down, but today’s ride wasn’t too punishing. Out of Caterham, we passed through Woldingham, before climbing Lunghurst Road and venturing eastwards along the Ridge, roughly parallel with the M25. Eventually we passed through Brasted, and then climbed for a couple of miles over  the Chart, before the rapid descent of Toy’s Hill. Lunch was at the Four Elms Inn, allegedly a 15th century hostelry, where we relaxed in the warm sun. The village of Four Elms, so it is said, was named after four trees situated in the local recreation ground, sadly no longer there as a result of Dutch Elm disease doing its dastardly work.
The return journey was through Edenbridge, Haxted, and should have been via Tandridge Lane. However, Highways Agency personnel engaged in road resurfacing were deaf to our pleas for right of passage along the verge. A full and frank discussion took place (though not as full and frank as the one they held with a passing motorcyclist), but unrelenting were they, which entailed a minor detour.

Having climbed Tilburstow Hill, Hans was unable to resist the delights of the rapid descent down Tilburstow Hill Road into Godstone, and was not seen again, while we turned off for Bletchingley.  I did hear later that he made it home OK, having covered considerably more mileage than I did. After that, we went through Merstham, Hooley and ended up at Banstead (actually Nork) for tea, at a new cafe called the Huggle Tree, where we were pleased to see Jen Mitchell, who popped out to see us from her work next door.


B Group - 26th June (maps)

Maps for Bernard's ride from Caterham to the Derby Arms in Epsom and on to Tea in Petersham

B Ride 26 June 2013

12 of us set out from Caterham viz. David, Eddie, Gary, John, Liz, Luisa, Peter, Rosemary, Sandy, Stephanie, Tony H and me. There was a considerable attrition rate, only six made it to tea.
We cycled the short distance to Chaldon Church, itself interesting dating from the 11th century, to see the mural. After we'd been admonished by the church cleaner to wipe our feet carefully we went in to see the mural. The mural on the west wall of Chaldon church is one of the earliest known English wall paintings – it dates from about 1200 and is without equal in any other part of Europe. It is thought to have been painted by a travelling artist-monk. The picture depicts the ‘Ladder of Salvation of the Human Soul’ together with ‘Purgatory and Hell’. Wall paintings of this kind were intended as a visual aid to religious teaching. There's more at:

The group was then subjected to a hour-long lecture by Bernard.

We then went to Epsom Downs to the Derby Arms and had a pleasant lunch in the garden. All the women went to the loo repeatedly, I'm not sure why.

The more spiritual of us admired the view

The less spiritual had a puncture instead, namely Peter, not only a puncture but a disintegration of his tyre as well. After lunch we had a rather unsatisfactory spell on busy roads to the river, I was keen to enjoy the towpath, but the towpath before Kingston is "no cycling". This caused the group to fracture, some went back to the road, some ignored the sign, some did both.

On the way to Petersham nursery guess who we met?

Yes, Christine. She looked well but said she'd given up cycling in favour of walking.

The remaining six of us met up at Petersham which was as charming as ever, and its cakes as delectable. Then we went our separate ways, about 40 miles from North Cheam.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Group 26th June

Quite warm for Rob's ride today, with some sunshine later.  40.5 miles from elevenses at Caterham to tea at Banstead, with lunch at Four Elms.  2,605 feet of ascent and a rolling average of 12.5 mph. 1,816 calories - significant, given the excellent cakes at tea-time.

A good, sporting ride.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Visiting the Giant of Provence

Maggie and I have been in Provence for a week or so.  We went on Chris Ellison's CTC Holiday based in the pretty town of Buis les Baronnies.  We've been before, a few years ago, but it seemed about time to go back and get some early summer sunshine.  Our friends Ian and Annie Birch were acting as tour leaders, so good riding was pretty much guaranteed.

Well, we certainly got the sunshine, with temperatures in the early part of the week over 40 degrees.  That was a bit of a trial for all of the party - we Brits simply aren't acclimatised to this sort of heat - so we were glad when the temperatures dropped a bit to the high twenties, which we could cope with.

The riding was indeed good, and the other members of the party were a cheerful crowd, so we had an enjoyable time.  The routes haven't changed since our last visit - no harm in that - but we did take the opportunity to explore a bit on our own, which we enjoyed.

The tradition of the holiday is to ride up Mont Ventoux on the Saturday.  The route taken is the ascent from Sault.  We've done this a number of times, so we thought we'd give the somewhat harder route from Malaucène a shot.  This is quite a pull, more than 1500 metres of ascent in 21 kms of riding, but it worked out fine and was a very enjoyable climb.  The final couple of kms aren't easy, but the views are spectacular, as is the descent.  84 kph, which is over 50 mph ....

The demographics of cycling are changing, if this holiday was anything to go by.  In the five years since we last went it was noticeable that travel by the Bike Bus had changed from almost everyone to almost no-one.  Most people flew, most of the rest drove.  Equally, the leathery old cycle-tourist with a faded Carradice has pedalled off down the road.  Many of the party were younger, drawn from the sportive and triathlon crowd.  There was one venerable Claude Butler, but most of the bikes were fancy race kit, with Pinarello and Wilier well represented.  Several of the party wanted more challenging riding, and it was easy for them to do this with the flexible routes provided, so everyone achieved or exceeded what they wanted to do.

The area is hugely popular for cycling at this time of the year, and there is a lot of investment in cycling infrastructure.  Many of the larger roads have cycle-lanes, Boris style, alongside the carriageway.  For narrower roads this is only done on the ascent, which is sensible and works well.  Surfaces are good, with, as ever, new tarmac being laid for the Tour de France routes.  And the local authority has some handy orange lorries with a rotating sweeping brush across the front.  These go around each morning ensuring that the cycle routes are clear - no punctures here.

If you're looking for good riding, good weather and good food, this trip is hard to beat.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Easy Riders - 19th June 2013

 The Easy Riders met at the Leatherhead Day Centre.  We were all pleasantly surprised that Summer arrived today and about a dozen of us set out for a favourite destination - Brockham Green.  (It was good to see a number of old stagers who turned up for the meet but who understandably were without bikes.)  The route to was the standard one by the cycle path alongside the A24 - Pixham Lane - a short run along side the A25 then along the Old London Road by the golf course.  Lunch was at the Royal Oak, sitting in the garden with parasols to protect us from the sun!  The service was quick and efficient and the staff friendly and helpful.

After lunch it was back home with people  leaving the peleton on the way to find alternative routes.  A touch of Summer made for a pleasant day. (I clocked up about 20 miles but then I live in Effingham,  others in the group will have done many more miles.) 

Mike Withers

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Easy Riders - 19th June

Mike Withers led the Easy Riders from the Leatherhead DC to the Royal Oak in Brockham and returned to Leatherhead by a similar route

Shoreham Slowly

I had promised a slow return and had no problem delivering it.  Must thank Dave for a fantastic ride down and for being so generous in his efforts at keeping us altogether.  Did the usual pint from the pub and fish and chips over the road.  Left a little before the A's.  Had tea at Southwater 4.30 - 5.00. Then decided on a Richard inspired route to avoid the mountain at Rusper.  Followed a quiet cycle path across the golf course to Warnham, then Capel.  Then in my enthusiasm to reach Dorking an error forced us onto the A24 at Beare Green.  Arrived Dorking a little after 7.  Train home for Carolyn and I.  Ascent of Box Hill for John.  Richard hastily to Wetherspoons in Leatherhead.  Thanks to all, a great day out.  Steph

Shoreham Century – Wednesday 19 June

A beautiful day, with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20’s.

I counted 19 riders (a Shoreham record?) leaving Henfold promptly at 10.45 including 3 new faces on Wednesday rides. Clearly this ride captures a spirit of adventure and ambition.

We made excellent progress, affected only by one puncture and one mechanical, arriving at the Bridge Inn, Shoreham around 1.45pm. The pub garden overlooking the harbour was packed, but luckily we had booked in advance. Food was excellent, and the staff were most helpful, despite some delays in service.

After lunch it was difficult to prise ourselves away from the garden; some elected to make their own ways home, so 14 of us set off on the “official” route just after 3pm.

Tea around 5pm in the Pavilions Horsham was similarly leisurely, leaving just before 6pm. On the homeward leg we managed a bit more speed, arriving at Leatherhead Wetherspoons at 7.30pm for a welcome celebratory drink.

My thanks to Brian Greenwood for such expert back marking and to a really enthusiastic group for making it such a memorable day.  

Distance N. Cheam to Leatherhead 95 miles; most will have made it a century. 7 hours cycling time averaging 13.7 mph on the road.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

B Group - 19th June

On the warmest day of the year so far, I led a group of 12 riders (including maybe a couple of renegades from the A group who did not fancy the ride to Shoreham) from the shores of Henfold lake. Not quite up to the image, many of you may recall from your school-days, of the lake portrayed in Longfellow's epic poem, Hiawatha:

By the shore of Gitchee Gumee,
By the shining Big-Sea-Waters,
Stood the wigwam of Nokomis....”

Nevertheless, Henfold lake is a pleasant spot that welcomes cyclists. We followed my normal route to Forest Green, via Newdigate, Capel, Weare Street, Walliswood and finally to the Parrot Inn, Forest Green.

After a nice lunch sat in the gardens, I decided that we needed to burn off the calories and returned via Leith Hill and Coldharbour Lane, down into Dorking and then to Ashtead Garden Centre, where 10 of us had refreshments. To our surprise the C group had beaten us to the Centre. The leader had a well-deserved ice-cream. There were no discombobulations to report.

Total mileage, door-to-door for F & F = 55 miles.

- A worn-out Frank

The maps show Frank's route from Henfold Lakes to the Parrot Inn at Forest Green then to the Ashtead Garden Centre for Tea

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A sign of the times

Harlow in Essex, cycle friendly?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Deanna Bailey

Deanna Bailey
Leaving the theatre

Nice 1999
On the road;a meeting with Deanna

Deanna's close friend, Anthony Esgate, has written an affectionate memoir of Deanna and some of their shared cycling experiences. As it is rather long to include in full on the blog, I have placed a copy on Google Docs, where it can be read using the link below. He has also provided some photos of Deanna.

David Aylett has also written:
“Dawn and I met Deanna in the mid 1970’s when riding with the Family Section with our children. When all the children grew up and young families no longer joined our all day rides with us Deanna continued to join us on our Downland rides. When she was no longer able to ride, as part of her social life, she joined our coffee meets with us using her car.

At her funeral we learnt that in her early years of club riding Deanna enjoyed rides with the Cheam and Morden Section. More recently she enjoyed meeting the Midweek Wayfarers, particularly riding from her home to Cobham on the first Wednesday of every month. Deanna’s quiet and warm personality will be missed by the many friends she made over the years cycling with us. “

David Aylett


Shoreham Century - Wednesday 19 June

Midsummer is almost upon us, so it’s time for the Shoreham Century, the Wayfarers annual “dash” to the coast.

I will be following Mark’s now classic “minimal hills” route, starting 09.00 sharp @ North Cheam, heading via Epsom Downs, the highest point of the day, to Henfold (16 miles). Non-Shoreham riders may choose a lower profile route to Henfold.

BTW Old School Lane from Brockham to Rad Lane is likely to be closed next week for much-needed resurfacing so probably we will go via Middle Street and Brockhamhurst Road.

At Henfold we regroup leaving 10.45 sharp for Shoreham (33 miles) arriving, headwind permitting, around 13.15. Two short sections of gravel (less than ½ mile) which should not give anyone problems.

Lunch at the Bridge Inn ( or wherever you fancy. You may also choose to dive into one or both of the cycle shops with eye-catching displays opposite the Bridge.

I will lead a group back, but some may prefer to get a train at Shoreham, Horsham, or Dorking.

First tea stop in Horsham (22 miles) hopefully around 16.00 at the Pavilions in the Park (which is actually the sports centre) Hurst Road, RH12 2DF, opposite the Station, as last year. (

Second Tea stop in Leatherhead Wetherspoons (19 miles).

Which adds up to about 90 miles + your ride to/from home.

Pray for dry weather, and I look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

Any questions, please ask (


Friday, June 14, 2013

Road Furniture

Why use 1 sign when 2 will do?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

update for B Group ride on 5th June

Peter's account of his great ride on the 5th has now been added to the photos and maps below;

Easy Riders - 12th June (map)

The map shows Lynda's route from Weybridge DC to The Anglers at Teddington Lock for lunch followed by a ride through to the garden centre behind the Ewell Court Library.

You may have noticed that there was no map for last week (5th June). The normally reliable Mr Ron Weeden, whose job it is to gather the GPS data, chose to break away from the peloton and wander off with his accomplice Brian (ex Air Force) and walk around Painshill Park. When confronted with the charge of a dereliction of duty, ex-Army Private Signalman Weeden (# 357272) broke down and mumbled something to the effect that he would try to behave in future and carry out the duties assigned to him. When the resulting GPS data was analysed it was deemed to bear no relation to Lynda's route and was therefore not published.

A Group 12 June

After lunch at the White Hart Tongham
Fearless boneshakers with loosened dentures. Apologies to those airbrushed out of the picture!

Leader Paul with Graham

Tarmac twosome who declined the invitation to a jaunt along the Blackwater towpath.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Group 12 June

Weybridge - Tongham - Ockham Bites

When I started leading rides, I resolved to not lead on territory I had previously ridden with the Wayfarers. That now is a tad difficult and I am in the position of finding rides on roads I have never ridden at all before!

Hence, today's ride out from Weybridge. Addlestone. Burrow Hill. Windlesham. Then out into unknown territory - South West to Frimley, then due south along the Blackwater Valley Trail to the White Hart at Tongham for lunch. I'd warned everyone that the Trail was off road gravel track and trust all who rose to the challenge enjoyed the excursion through gravel pits and along river banks - not something to feature regularly on the Wayfarer menu, but I hope enjoyable and not too many loose fillings!

Thence, via Normandy etc to the A3 and an abortive visit to Ockham Bites, arriving just before 4pm to find it shut and deserted. Having since checked their website, I see they close around 4 depending on how busy they are - I guess the drizzle had driven away any earlier punters.

11 out from Weybridge, 8 down the Trail and 3 taking the road alternative. Good beer and good well priced food at the White Hart.

Paul Kelly

B Group - 12th June (story, maps and photo)

First of all I must thank Gill for standing in for me at elevenses.   I had to be at my house when engineers arrived but was able to leave soon after.  Luckily they were knocking on my door by 10.30, so once one or two queries were sorted, I was able to get away so picked up my route in Thorpe and cycled towards the group!

My route from Weybridge was via Woburn Hill, Chertsey Bridge, Willow Walk, Ferry Lane then past Laleham golf course to Thorpe.    It was in Ferry Lane  where I met the group and was able to relieve Gill from being 'stand-in' leader:).  After Thorpe we took the lanes through Lyne and on to Chobham where we lunched at the Castle Grove.  Although there were approximately eighteen riders it did not take long for us all to be served - and the food was very good!   I noticed that we all donned more clothing when we left the pub - who said it is summer time??

To get to tea at Crockford Bridge Nurseries/Weybridge Garden Centre - I turned right from the pub, left into Carthouse Lane, through Horsell Village on to the Basingstoke Canal to the River Wey.   We left the river at New Haw and so to tea. By now our numbers had diminished but there were still 10 of us enjoying tea, coffee and cakes before we made our way back to the river, round Weybridge and onwards to Walton Bridge where, once again, there was a parting of the ways, with me turning back to Egham and Gill and co. onwards to Sunbury and further.

My thanks to Peter C. for being back marker in the morning and  thank you to Gill and Tim for 'back marking' in the afternoon when Peter left us.
Another thank you is due to Tim for mapping the ride.

I wondered if every one got home before it rained?  I was very lucky for it had started as I was approaching Staines but was indoors before it poured!!  I hope so.....thank you all for being out to-day - after all - the weather forecast was not very good!

....... Pam

The team ready to depart from the Castle Grove

The route from the Weybridge DC to the Castle Grove for lunch and then to the Crockford Bridge GC for Tea

5th June C Group

From Cobham, I led Les, Ray, Norman, Alan? -  Fuzz joined us later; we passed Mark on our way.  We joined the old A3 road to West End, then turned left and right at the roundabout to go up to Esher Green.  Passing Sandown Park we went down to Ember Road and passed Imber Court making our way to Molesley and Hampton Court.  Once over  Hampton Court bridge we crossed at the lights and joined the tow path to Kingston.  It was a nice, sunny day and the towpath was quite empty of pedestrians, so that made it more pleasant.  We continued to the market place, pass The Rose Theatre and turned right to The Ram, by the river.  We enjoyed our lunches outside, then just Norman and I went on to our tea stop at Ewell Court Park, passing the blue bridge near the Active Life Centre to Berrylands and Worcester Park to Stonleigh and into Ewell Court.


A Group 12th June

An intermission in Summer for Paul's ride today, though the rain held off for most of the day.  40.87 miles from elevenses at Weybridge to Ockham Bites, where we didn't have tea because it was closed.  Lunch at the White Hart, Tongham, where there was a good choice of beer and some decent food.

A nice, pacey ride on the road; steadier on the gravel in the Blackwater Valley.  Rolling average 12.5 mph - good to cover some new ground.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bicycle Traveller e-magazine - latest issue

I raved about this a while back in the Sou'wester newsletter, so I hope you will forgive me doing it again (no, I don't get paid!).  Bicycle Traveller is a free online publication about long-distance cycle touring, with superb pictures and good writing.

The latest issue can be read, or downloaded from . If you like it, you can leave your email to be reminded of new issues (about twice a year?).  Let me know if you enjoy it...

Monday, June 10, 2013

A group 12 june - more

A group 12 june... more...

Jeff Tollerman is likely to take the alternative road route to lunch avoiding the off road bit, so no need to be concerned if off road is not your thing, you can join him!


Sunday, June 09, 2013

A Group Ride 12 June - pre-ride

I will be leading this ride from Weybridge. Destination is Tongham at a modest pace but with an off road section of around 6 miles on gravel track of a similar standard to the Thames or Canal tow paths (ie considerably better than Tanhurst Lane along which we ventured last week, and that is euphemistically called a road! ).

I've reccied twice on my Yukon with 25mm conti 4 seasons with no problems, but you might want to leave the fancy carbon and race ready tires at home!

Total ride: 40 miles to Tea at Ockham bites.

(In the event of wet weather I have an on road alternative to Tongham)

Paul Kelly

Friday, June 07, 2013

A Group 5 June

Cobham - Warnham - Denbies
Welcome to John Baker
Cobham at 11am  saw reptilian Wayfarers, with blood warmed by the sun, ready to stir. For the A Group this meant slithering south towards the sun, starting with a gentle push to Effingham Junction and along the Drift to East Horsley. Having stirred the circulation, it was time to enter Green Dene and exercise the lungs with a bit of heavy breathing for the widely welcomed climb up Crocknorth Rd. and a scoot along the ridge to Ranmore Common, before the helter-skelter of White Down Lane. With the A25 behind us we climbed steadily up to Abinger and beside Leith Hill to Campfield Place.

Contemplating Tanhurst
Here we paused to test our brakes and steady the nerves before playing the game of ‘hunt the tarmac’, on what must be the crowning glory of Surrey County Council’s rural road network, unblemished by unwelcome modern maintenance, the pristine Tanhurst Lane. Pete B’s response was to throw himself off his bike before he had even started; having failed to sustain a sufficient injury, his only option was down. What greater testament to the skill and courage of this fine body of men (with of course a statutory lady) than that they navigated this glorious lane intact and unbowed.

Thereafter, the road stretched smooth, flat and inviting through Forest Green, Mayes Green and Walliswood to Rowhook and an exciting downhill to the A29. With Warnham just round the corner, we were soon dismounting to admire the chickens in the garden of The Greets Inn, two minutes ahead of schedule.

We dined in sunshine. Food was good, delivered methodically, not rushed. The leader’s seafood platter alas was rather behind schedule, to arrive as others were licking their platters and admiring the roosters. Departure thus later than planned, a question mark hovered over our intended tea-stop: Annies or Denbies? Despite a spirited canter via Langhurst, Capel, Newdigate and Blackbrook, Annie’s proved a tad too far. A united coalition agreed on Denbies.

Shamefaced apologies to our welcome new rider, John Baker, whom we neglected to ensure turned right, not left at the A25, within spitting distance of our destination. However, we did not neglect Brian, custodian of the Denbies 10% group discount voucher, which we put to good use. Parking space for bikes was precious as the B Group had arrived before us and had their way with choice of cake, leaving some late arrivals to lament the last coveted slice of caramel cake. Had we been just that little bit faster………!

Good news came from John, who kindly ‘phoned to let us know that he was safe and well and to explain our parting of the ways. We offered our profuse apologies and a compensatory cup of tea when next he joins us.  My thanks go to Mark for his valuable way-marking and for the ride statistics. Total mileage for me was a modest 59 miles door to door. My appreciation also to a sporting bunch of riders who made the ride a great pleasure for me and I hope for them as well.


Tour Series - Canary Wharf

Yesterday evening the Canary Wharf leg of the Tour Series took place, and we went up to watch.  Pearl Izumi is the main sponsor this year, and they brought the weather with them. It's a fine spectacle on a warm summer evening, with lots going on and plenty of pleasant places to eat and drink.  

This was the fourth year at Canary Wharf and it's clearly a growing event, with more corporate entries in the pro-am and many more stands and hospitality booths.  

If you're interested there are highlights on ITV4 at 2200 today.  The next race is in Woking on Tuesday.


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

B Group - 5th June (story, maps and photos)

We all assembled at The British Legion, Cobham. The weather was perfect for a bike ride (sunny with a light cool breeze), which probably explains why there were 26 riders in the group on Wednesday. We set out for Ewhurst going via East Horseley, Shere and Peaslake (14 miles). At Ewhurst we stopped at The Bull’s Head where lunches and drinks were served by cheerful and efficient staff.

The meals at The Bull’s Head were of a very good standard and the staff did very well to cope with us and another large group also having lunch. The Bull’s Head is definitely worth another visit in the future.   

After lunch we set off for Forest Green on B2127. After Forest Green there was bit of walking on a very steep lane with a very bad road surface (Tanhurst Lane) leading up to Coldharbour (highest village in Surrey?) From Coldharbour there is a very long descent to Dorking (Coldharbour Lane). Pam clocked up 37.2 mph on this section (she is fearless!).

From Dorking we went to Denbies for tea, where we were joined by the A-group. 

Peter Carpenter

These maps show Peter's route from Cobham to The Bulls Head in Ewhurst (14.6 miles). The very hilly bit after lunch, from Forest Green to Coldharbour via Tanhurst Lane, is shown in detail on OS1:25,000. The afternoon ride to Denbies was 10.8 miles. The rainbow map from GPS Visualizer illustrates the general hillyness which characterised the day.

(Click images twice to see them at maximum size and best resolution.)

A Group 5th June

Jeff gave us an excellent ride on a sparkling day today - hills, both up and down, pace on the flat and glorious countryside, all under the June sun.  37.3 miles from elevenses at Cobham to tea at Denbies, lunch at the Greets Inn, Warnham, where we ate well.  Maximum speed 38.8 mph, with 35 mph being achieved several times, 2,767 feet of ascent and 1,672 calories.

A top ride in fine company.


Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Group ride from Cobham 5 June

Tomorrow's A Group ride will be 21 miles  miles, heading due south to Warnham - destination The Greets Inn - so a prompt start soon after 11am is advised. A late start might require a somewhat sporting avs. The choice is yours!


Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Group 29 May

The Puncture Fairy strikes again
Many hands make light work