Friday, December 29, 2006

Dec 27th

Emerging from seasonal over-indulgence, we were pleased to find at Garson's Farm yesterday morning a very fit looking and ebullient Steve Bott - bikeless and taking time out from visiting his sister in Kingston.

Tom Fish, too - with bike. Harold is taking Tom to Cobham next week - along with a variety of unmissable bargains.

It's subscription time too, next week - £5 will cover subs (£3, including £1 for SWLDA) and £2 deposit on our 07Mar07 anniversary meal at the Cap in Hand, Hook (A3xA243). Choose from JDW menu later.

From Suzanne Lyndon in Sydney: Merry Christmas to you Brian, Frank and other Wayfarers. I hope to ride with you again in 2007.

Not many bargain hunters found their way to Garson’s Farm on this dullish but mild morning (writes Graham). We were similarly underrepresented so only one group headed off for greener pastures. Graham, Bob, Brian, Ed, Irene, Jake, Pete, Steve and Toni made up its “A” section. Les, Lynda, Norman, Terry and newish-comer Ed Nolan were the “B” component, with C&M providing Ann Bath and Keith Rook to complete the roster. From the old A3, the route went via Fairmile Lane (now with illuminating “Slow Down” signs) into Leigh Hill Road. Crossing over with difficulty into Tilt Road we went off-road to Downside and over Bookham Common. On the far side it was back to the hard stuff - Meadowside and other back roads to Fetcham. Today the Mill Pond featured a cormorant as well as the usual ducks, geese and swans. Finally it was up into Leatherhead town centre and the Edmund Tylney. Here Ed N headed for home and Ann and Jake who had opted for an on-road route from Downside rejoined. For once, Wetherspoons service was disappointing - Les winning narrowly with an hour-long wait! Ed S nobly stepped forward as host for an unscheduled tea stop, which left the leader unprepared. Fortunately Steve (and others) knew the M25 footbridge route into Ashstead. Its level crossing and common led to Stamford Green from where Ed led us to tea. Six was the number with newcomers treated to a tour of his fine models.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

C Group Dec20th

Subject: C group ride 20.12.06

Foggy, cold and pretty dismal. On the towpath from Weybridge to Walton the visibility was not more than twenty yards and my fingers were just short of frostbite! I was surprised to find such a good turnout at the day centre, many of whom had had a much longer journey,including yourself Brian, to make elevenses. Ron and Dennis were there but did not come on the ride which was led by Harold along with his namesake ( a newcomer) Harold S. followed by Bill, Fuzz, the other Bill (I must get his surname [Parkhouse] although he assures me the male line of his family back to his grandad were all called Albert but preferred to be called Bill). I think I`ll stick to the name I have! Sorry to digress but that makes six of us setting off into the gloom for The Wheatsheaf pub at Stanwell Moor. We turned left after crossing Walton bridge then through Shepperton and left again at the lights to Laleham where another left down Ferry Lane took us onto the towpath to Staines. A bit of a diversion here took us into the main carpark and what is now the pedestrianised main street where the entire population of Surrey seemed to be doing its Christmas shopping. We pressed on north to the Crooked Billet roundabout, then along Stanwell Moor Road to the traffic lights where we went right towards our pint and lunch. At this point we had lost Bill No.2 somehow. By the way the prices are pretty reasonable atThe Wheatsheaf for your diary.
Tea was to be at Walton but before we turned off for Laleham, Fuzz left us for home and I having had enough of the cold did the same at Chertsey bridge which we reached via the towpath and Laleham Thameside after bidding each other all the usual compliments of the season which I am happy to extend to your good self. ------------------ Albert

Dec 20th

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Thanks to all that have sent or given me a Christmas card - I am touched by your kindness but will refrain from quoting all your goodwill messages to the Wayfarers - please take them as read.

A vibrant Christmas ambience greeted us at Walton yesterday, contrasting from the drab, damp, almost freezing foggy weather outside. Albert had bounced back, looking as good as ever, with little sign of scars. Rarely, there was no sign of Ed S, a notable absentee.

En route from North Cheam, 'B' group leader Les suffered a double blow-out near Old Malden and retired back home. How he managed to fix the first puncture amazes me, as when I punctured on the A244 Mole bridge by Esher, I was too cold to even remove my rear wheel, opting to walk the two miles to Walton to have a new tyre and tube fitted for me. Graham and Vic later questioned my choice of tyre, but as it was the only tyre they had that fitted my wheel and as I liked my new 700x35mm Bontrager, I was a very, vary happy (much warmer) bunnie. Thanks to John G for taking over 'B' group leadership at nil notice.

Les, our intended leader, had a puncture on the way to Walton and decided to return home, so I found myself leading 'B' ride at very short notice again today. On the towpath towards Walton Bridge, we narrowly avoided being hit by a flock of geese, taking to the air in great haste as they were chased by a dog. From the North side of the bridge we took an early right turn into Penny Lane. After passing over the river access to Shepperton Marina, we went past the entrances to the Moat House Hotel and to the Swan Sanctuary to emerge onto Fordbridge Road. We then cycled thru Lower Sunbury and Hampton and entered Bushey Park at the Dukes Head pub, emerging from the Park via the grounds of the National Physical Laboratory. We crossed the Thames at Teddington Lock and cycled up the (extremely muddy) towpath to Richmond. We crossed the Thames again using the footbridge at Richmond Lock and arrived at the Town Wharf pub at Isleworth for our lunch. All eleven of us (Carole, Christine, Gill, Liz, Stephanie, Cliff, Ed, Gerry, Roger S, me and the rider from Dulwich who has recently joined Wayfarers and whose name may be Brian, but I am not sure) managed to arrange ourselves snugly and sociably around a table designed to seat eight, and even managed to eat our meals without knocking our neighbours' plates to the floor. After lunch, we crossed Richmond Bridge and Richmond Park and cycled along the A3 cycle track to the Coombe Lane flyover. Here the majority of riders decided to make for home before dark, but a minority went to tea in Raynes Park. Cliff recorded a total of 37 miles from North Cheam to North Cheam (same as Pete's 'A' ride mileage). I understand that any 'C' rider from North Cheam would have cycled more than 40 miles today. Will we 'B' riders ever live down this disgrace? John Gould

I punctured at Old Malden, near Hogsmill crossing. I changed the tube but the valve had a list and my hands were too cold to get much air in. I bade the others farewell. I limped home, got another bike and did the ride I had planned. From 11.00 Oatlands Drive, Hanger Hill, Weybridge, Brooklands Road Parris Road Old Woking Road Rose Lane, Guildford Road Egley Road Mayford Bird in Hand PH lunch. Westfield Road Westfield Old Woking, send, Send Marsh Road West Horsley Garden Centre Les J (a glutton for punishment, apparently)

Brian, If you get this in time and have space say to Pete Mitchell "thanks for the Christmas Lunch - I owe you £5"; to Bob "sorry I let you down on the agreed Two4One meal deal. I thought you would have had two lasagnes on such a cold day instead of that undercooked raw steak". I left Walton on the Hill in sunshine at 9.40am and returned at 4pm with blue skies and setting sun. I now know why it's nice to live on a hill even though it’s a tough climb home. The rest of the day had been clouded in mist and mellow fruitlessness trying to get a drink out of Pam. Mike M

Christmas greetings to all Wayfarers and friends, particularly those far or not-so-far flung that we haven't seen lately. Enjoy the festive season and the inevitable struggle to regain new-year fitness!

Olleh festive Hub.

Dec 20th A Group

A Ride Dec 20th
Todays ride & destination was prebooked in advance, as the morning turned out to be very cold and foggy a warm lunch spot was anticipated at the ‘Cap in Hand’ at Hook. This found 22 of us on a brisk ride over Walton bridge & on to Sunbury, left on to Kempton Road (path really) & Kent,s Passage via quiet spacious back roads & into a mystical misty enshrouded Bushy Park , past the skating rink at Hampton Court & old worldly Thames Ditton & so to Hook and a super Xmas Dinner with the usual mix up over who had ordered what causing some entertainment. The short ride today & even shorter ride home for most of us was just right on such a cold day. 31 miles
From Pete Mitchell

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cheam & Morden Post Xmas Lunch

To be held at The Hand in Hand Boxhill 12.30am 11th Feb 2007 £10 tickets from Steve at 02083982775 or Pete at 02083942665

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mike Morley the new SouWester Editor

Dec 13th

Under the heading "hors de combat", Albert says afraid I've done it again. Fell down three stairs Sunday morning and have had to have my left hand stitched up four inches so cannot manage the bike for a few days. Sorry to miss Ron`s ride on Wednesday and hope someone will do the honours PR wise. I can manage to operate this computer thank goodness!! Regards ---------- Albert

There is a piece about Mark in an Indian paper... check this link to have a look. (That's not him on the motor-bike).

Congratulations and thanks to Mike Morley for the splendid carol service and reception following the SWLDA AGM last Sunday. Congratulations too, to the said Mike for fending off any semblance of opposition to succeed venerable Clive as Sou'Wester Editor, a role we are confident he will fill with distinction ('we' evidently does not include wife Barbara). Thanks to Barbara and friends for the reception refreshments.

'A' group had accepted Greeno's invitation to their festive lunch, so after elevenses at Leatherhead, we took a tortuous committee driven route via the mansions of St George's Hill to arrive late at Shepperton. In the festive spirit, we were made welcome and enjoyed a splendid freshly prepared lunch with wine and post prandial cabaret. Having been denied our customary swift half, some repaired to The Regent in Walton for further sustenance before battling through the traffic laden streets to home. Mike certainly managed the 20 miles home from Walton on Thames to Walton-on-the-Hill quicker by bike than he would have in a car!

Hi Brian,
sorry I forgot all about a report but here goes: Cliff lead a group of eleven from Leatherhead including, but sorry I cannot recall everyone, Christine, Judy, Les, Norman, Terry our good backmarker, the two Eds two handsome bearded members and John, to Brockham via the golf course and on via Newdigate to Capel where we discussed whether or not to go on to Okewood Hill and the Plough. It was decided that we had had enough of the wind and weather and decided to have lunch there in Capel, all except Les that is who would have preferred to go on to Okewood. He was however out voted! Norman left at this point because he had to get back as his wife was, I believe, coming out of hospital that afternoon. Cannot remember the name of the Pub but it was the one opposite the road leading from Newdigate. A lovely fire greeted us in a small snug where we had nice lunch. We retraced our route back to Newdigate where we turned left up the Henfold Lakes road back thro Brockham to Annie's where Terry, John, Judy, Christine and I had tea and a bun. Terry left us here and the rest of us made our way to North Cheam. I was told that it was a bit fast, sorry it is this new bike! Just remembered there where two Johns there and John I won't accept your invitation to join the A group just yet thanks. Cliff

In the absence of our chief reporter Albert, bless his soul, I was given this task. I was thinking of skiving as I thought after my long absence from cycling in India I would not be able to keep up with the others. Our leader was Ron before we started I found out our lunch venue which was Derby Arms on Epsom downs I knew it would be a bit hilly but not that hilly the route he took, thought the woods and muddy pass Stane Street and following the Roman road and Shepherds walk to Downs road hill pass Langley village and long uphill to Epsom Down race coarse stands and Derby stables where sandwich brigade sat in the bus shelter and others went to Derby arms for lunch. Our bunch was Ron, Bill, Mark, Pat and Bill Mathews, Lynda, Elizabeth, John and Roger M. The wind was bitterly cold on top of the downs. John left us to go home and the rest of us flew down the Chalk Lane behind the hospital to the bottom of the hill. At that point except Ron, Roger and Bill everybody disappeared on their own way including your humble reporter to glad get home in warm room. It waaas cooold after my warm trip to India. Mark

Hi Brian,
Albert wasn't out today - hope he is well - and that Leatherhead was just too far from home. Here is a (backup) summary of our ride. Ron led Mark (just back from 5 weeks in India), Roger, John, Bill, Pat & Bill, Liz and myself up to Epsom Downs. It was a good route, out of the Swan Centre, left at the traffic lights to the roundabout, and straight onto the pavement which led to the woods. It wasn't too muddy, and was a very pleasant route. We came out to Langley Vale, and just headed up towards the Downs. Four of us went into the Derby Arms for lunch. Pat & Bill went for a ride (too early for their lunch); and the others went over to the bus-stop to eat their sandwiches! (The hardcore of the group). Just as we had finished lunch, I had a phone call from Harold, who is in Scotland at the moment, staying with his daughter. He said he couldn't go out on his bike today, as there were winds of 100mph! - and some parts were icy. It had been snowing in a nearby area to where he was staying. After lunch, Ron led the others to the day centre at the Wells. Liz & I headed for home. I stopped off at a couple of post offices looking for Xmas stamps. Epsom PO had a queue of about 30 deep; Stoneleigh didn't have Xmas ones; so I ended up in Cheam for the 2nd time this week and purchased some after a surprisingly short wait. I then popped into Cannons. An enjoyable day, a bit windy but pleasantly mild. Lynda.
Dear Brian Sorry to miss you all today, particularly as I really wanted to have another ride out with you. Having set off for the rendezvous in Leatherhead for elevenses I started to feel progressively out of sorts-I'll spare you the details-but it felt like a virus [over-excitement, perhaps?] so I turned around near the Tip. Hope to see you next week. Brian Forster.

I've just received a card from former Wayfarers secretary Geoff Avis, who writes:
"Here's wishing all my old "easy-riders" friends many more happy cycling miles in '07 (and fewer punctures) in the lovely Surrey country - how I miss it!! We miss you, too, Geoff."

Happy holidays and great cycling in the New Year from Janice and Ken, who would like you to visit

Olleh festive Hub.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Greeno Centre Sheperton Xmas lunch

Just one or two frolics ----
Presentation of Spoon

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Roehampton PS

...........and it was open this morning (Saturday 9th).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Roehampton reprieve!!

Here are Frank, David, Judy, Doreen, Ron and me (holding the camera) enjoying—as we thought—a last cup of coffee at the Roehampton café on Friday morning.

But on wishing the staff a tearful farewell, Frank learnt the good news that it had been decided on Thursday not to demolish the café but to keep it open, at least while the new one is being built. That at any rate is what we were told. So New Year's Day might be saved after all.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Ride Dec 6th

At Cobham we presented Hazel, Thelma and Joyce with a bottle of sparkling chardonnay each to enjoy at Christmas and took the opportunity to thank them for opening the RBL Club each first Wednesday and serving us refreshments and making us feel so at home. Long may this happy situation continue. Tom duly arrived with his stock and it was good to hear that his voice retains its qualities. We welcomed two newcomers, Brian Forster and Bernie O'Donovan, who we hope will wish to make their Wayfarers ride a regular event.

From Mike Morley in Sydney Australia:
Hi Brian et al, Fantastic hot weather here in Sydney, Fri 1 Dec. Regrettably we leave to Bangkok tonight, spend 4 days there and back home to cooler weather. Glad to hear Tom Fish OK, obviously there was some concern about him. Still on target to see you all on Wed 6 Dec [subject to Bangkok tummy]. I am on for the Xmas lunch at Greeno 13 Dec if available. Best regards, Mike M.

Dear Brian,
Brian Stead sends his warm greetings from Oz . I had to return by train last week before 11`s as my down tube snapped !! Best wishes, Brian N. Thanks, Brian via Brian, Brian.

As from 9th December, the Richmond Park cafe at Roehampton Gate will be closed indefinitely. Apparently the existing building will be flattened and a new one built. 3 months was mentioned. ' Oh ' yes, Wembley Stadium comes to mind. Presumably it will be open on Friday 8th. If any wish to be there at 11, it might be a good farewell gathering. Frank

Hello Brian,
From Cobham I led Christine, Gill, Judy, Liz, Toni, Bernard, new member Brian Forster, welcome, (Steve, Jack and I met Brian years ago on Sunday mornings at Alison's tea wagon at Headley), Cliff, upright Ed, John B, Les, Nev, Norman and Robin along Plough Lane (no longer awash as on Sunday), to be shortly passed by A group. We turned left at the now-expensive Black Swan (ask Norman) and carried straight on through Effingham and up Beech Avenue to have a brief pause at the crossroads before crossing Ranmore. A gentle descent to Dorking outskirts, turn left into Ashcombe Road then a few hundred yards of A24 before turning onto the cycle track, across the golf course to Brockham. Along Kiln Lane, admiring the views to north and south and soon we arrived at The Red Lion at Betchworth. We climbed over 500ft between Cobham and Betchworth (thanks Bernard). After enjoying lunch, we returned to Dorking alongside the A25, turned into Pixham Lane, then by (fairly) popular request a group of us scaled the south face of Boxhill via the Zig Zags, followed by a cup of National Trust tea, after which we went our separate ways. A good day out helped by the wonderful weather. After the next two Wednesdays the evenings will start to get lighter! Terry

Best weather so far this week. Sunshine all the way and just a spot of breeze. Roger led around twelve of us 'C' group from Cobham en route for the refurbished Black Swan (formerly but no longer Mucky Duck). Apart from me `n Im, there was Ron, Bill, Dave, John G., Alan,Fuzz,Dennis, Mike and Mary on tandem,Lynda,Liz, Bill `A` and another who name I did not catch (I cant remember him throwing it!). I know that`s more than twelve but Dennis and another took an alternative route probably up Plough Lane while we carried on up Downside Bridge Road and turned right at The Drift, at the end of which we did a left and right into East Horsley. Another right turn took us to Ockham, then past the disused Wisley airfield (stirring old memories), to the pub. They have done a complete makeover which is reflected in the prices but unfortunately the service was poor and some of the offerings when they arrived half an hour after we ordered them were a bit cold. None the less the staff were welcoming and there was nothing wrong with the beer. As the intention was to take tea at Claygate, I took the route back over the airfield, a rather lonely ride apart from a few friendly old ghosts, leaving at Wisley over the footbridge which crosses the A3 and a spot of offroad to Byfleet Village and home via Oyster Lane -------- Albert

The fine weather brought a large turnout to Cobham, where, in 'A' group were, Brian, Bob, Vic, Pam, Bernie, Pete B, Pete M, John S, John M, Frank C, Frank H, Graham, Ray, Toni, John B, Steve, Julian, Nigel, Grant, Ed S and Ed C. (was that all?). An early puncture for Grant saw our number reduced by 1, although when we passed B group in Plough Lane, we made up a combined peleton of not far off 40.
At modest pace, partly due to the stiff headwind, we passed through Ripley, then down Papercourt Lane, where there was quite a bit of surface water still lying on the fields, not to mention the roads. Then it was through Send and on to Old Woking and Mayford, then up Prey Heath Road past Worplesdon Railway Station. After crossing Fox Corner, and Bullswater Common, we arrived at our lunch destination, the Cricketers at Pirbright, to find ourselves beaten to it by a short head by West Surrey CTC. So some went to the White Hart just down the road for lunch, with a detachment heading off to Wetherspoons at Woking. While the rest of us were enjoying our lunch in the Cricketers' snooker room, a large black cloud unkindly disgorged its contents on Pam just as she was mending a puncture (ably assisted by Brian).
After lunch, at brisker pace we headed back via Worplesdon and Jacobs Well, where Bernie picked up our third puncture of the day, whereupon a small committee headed by Ed S soon fixed the problem and had us on our way again up the cycle path on the A3. I had originally intended to head for our tea stop at Ockham Bites via the lanes, but to save time we continued there up the A3, to be rejoined by Grant and also Jen.
By the time Brian and I got back to Banstead, it was well after dark, and we covered 54 miles altogether. Rob

This Sunday, please support the SWLDA AGM at Breech Lane 12.30pm and/or follow-up Cyclist's/Rambler's Carol Service at 2pm at nearby St Peters Church Walton-on-the-Hill. See you there.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 29th

We were invited by the manager to partake of Greeno's Christmas lunch on Wednesday 13Dec06, the day we rendezvous for 11's at Leatherhead. Ron and Cliff said that their 'C' and 'B' group ride plans precluded taking up this offer, but always adaptable Bob for 'A' group said we should take up the offer. At lunch yesterday at JDW Windsor, all present (bar Vic and Steve) signed up to this and paid me £5.50 up front, stating their preference for turkey or beef main course. Any 'A' member intending to be with us 13Dec06 and wishing to be added to the lunch group should contact Brian now.

14 'A' group members left the Greeno Centre at Shepperton in glorious November sunshine if a little cool, they consisted of Pam, Brian, Ray D, Pete B, Tony, John B, Vic, Grant, Ed, Steve, Graham and 3 Franks H, P & F (that’s all were worth). We headed West along the Chertsey Road over the Thames and skirting Addleston Moore to turn right into Green Lane, under the A320 and over the M25 past St. Peter’s hospital, then right into Longcross Road for 2 miles before the right turn into Kitsmead Lane, over the M25 to Knowle Hill were right and left passing Wentworth on our left, through Virginia Water were Vic punctured, he suggested we continue and would meet us at lunch. We crossed the A30 south/west of Egham, into Englefield Green to turn left via Dell Park, Crimp Hill and Old Windsor, a short ride along the A308 into Windsor to dine at The Windlesora (a Wetherspoon’s). 16 miles from Shepperton. Such was the brisk pace we arrived just after 12-30 and Vic arrived a few minutes later. After lunch it was again a brisk ride, but taking the direct route back to the bakery in the High St. at Shepperton via Stains and Laleham, from were, riders made their own way home in various directions.

Hi Brian,
From the Greeno Centre I led Gill, Judy, Bernard (welcome back to 'B' group), Cliff, Eds recumbent and upright, Johns (3 off + friend), Les (thankfully recovered), Nev, Norman, Phil and Robin over Chertsey bridge onto the cycle track. After a brief detour to Chertsey Meads as a last resort I consulted the map and we were soon heading in the correct direction. Norman felt a boulder in his shoe which needed removing, then we went over Woburn Hill and passed through Addlestone to Ottershaw. The cycle track heading south kept us away from the traffic then at McClarens roundabout we turned into Martyrs Lane and shortly left into Woodham Lane. Time was 'getting on' so I decided to give the canal and Wey navigation towpaths a miss (sorry folks) and kept to metalled roads (the best place to view the flooded fields) to The Saddlers Arms at Send Marsh. Here we dined very well and were served quite quickly. After lunch we kept to the lanes, but with people leaving at intervals only Gill, Judy, Bernard, Cliff, Norman, Robin and myself had tea at Stoke d'Abernon. All in all a good day out, mild with plenty of sunshine, no rain though we did see a rainbow in the afternoon but the pot of gold wasn't at Seymour's. Terry

Good weather and a good turnout at Shepperton. It was my turn to lead 'C' ride with Bill, Fuzz, Dave, Ron, Dennis and Allan. Good to see Tom at elevenses. Our lunch venue was The Red Lion at Thorpe, so to make a bit of a ride of it we went down Laleham Thamesside and joined the towpath to Staines, then over the bridge to Egham Hythe. With a bit of help from Dave I found Ten Acres Lane at the end of which we took a right turn to the end where the pub was a welcome sight. The pub by the way is up for let. The service and food was good but the only member of staff seemed to be a pleasant young lady of oriental appearance. We returned to Shepperton for tea via Thorpe Road and Chertsey. John S. and John G. were intending to accompany us but it was rather out of their way for the home run. I still managed to get 23 miles on the clock. See you at Cobham -------------------- Albert

Forgive the plug, but like me, you could be in need of Christmas present inspiration.

"Hi Fellow Cyclist I hope you don't mind me writing, but my book Four Fifty-Plus Fools Flit Fru France is on, RoadCyclingUK Online Magazine website. I think the book will suit the humour of many fellow senior cyclists. It's not like the many round the world cycling books! My website gives details of the book with extracts, photographs and a link to buy the book for less than a tenner (someone may think you're worth it!).... Mike Newton"

See you all at Cobham next week, when we shall present our traditional Christmas presents to Hazel, Thelma and Joyce at th RBL Club.

Olleh Hub

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tom Fish

Hello Brian,
I think everyone was very pleased to see our old friend Tom Fish meeting up with the Wayfarers again today. Despite still having a very painful left leg he had managed to ride, on his brand new Trek cycle, from his home to Twickenham station and then from Shepperton station to Greeno Day Centre. Upon his arrival everyone present gave him a great welcome.
Ken Loy

Friday, November 24, 2006

News of Les Johnston

On arriving home Les went to St Helier Hospital to check for eye damage. The cut was given 3 stitches, the eye was OK, the eyelid swelling will recover without treatment. This is the second accident (one of our newer members had one recently) involving bikes fitted with the old style front mudguard stays. I strongly recommend fitting SKS mudguards which have quick release front stays which open if the bike picks up branches or similar objects and prevents jamming the front wheel. I think that anyone whose bike has the old ones should seriously consider fittng the SKS mudguards, they are a little dearer than the older guards, but they could prevent serious injury. Les' accident was on softer surface, on a road it could have been extremely serious.
Wishing you all safe cycling,

News of Tom Fish

No sooner had I despatched Wayfarers News when Harold rang to say that he had called on Tom at home and found him in good spirits, and intending to be at Shepperton next week. Several enquiries had failed to contact Tom at home, so it is good to hear from him. He has much cycling gear to go to new homes, so Harold will bring it and Tom to Cobham 03Jan07 - unmissable.

Nov 22nd

Best wishes to Beryl, recuperating at home after knee or hip surgery (one or the other, I forget which) - we hope to see you back with us soon, Beryl.

Peter Hammond writes: Hope my Dad didn't go on too long at your presentation. He is still aiming to reach 100,000 miles on his bike since he retired at age 63. He has cycled over 98,000 so far including Lands End to John O' Groats in 13 days when he was 66. But he may have told you this!

Brian Et Al, (writes Mike M) Here we are in Queenstown after 4 weeks in Australasian @day the weather has been fantastic and we have been in the mountains and been on location for the Lord of the Rings. Fantastic mountain biking country. Not done much biking apart from some gentle stuff in Sydney on a crap bike. Previous days it has been very wet and complete cloud cover over the glacier region and Mt Cook was completely obliterated. Hope everyone is well give my regards to all. I will try and be out on 6 Dec as we back on 5 Dec but it depends on jet lag. Emajay.

Angie had a great day last Wednesday. All that free-wheeling made me think my legs had been paralysed! Cliff, Dave A, John G and myself set out last from Dorking - helped fix John's puncture, so went via the Golf Course and Brockham, out to Leigh and round the bottom of Norwood Hill (down Deanoak Road and back up Collendean Road). Thought we had missed the event but just managed to tack on the end. Great fun! Then on to lunch with everyone else. Came back the opposite way down Lonesome Lane, up to Redhill, whizzed out that way and down the A22 through Merstham and Coulsdon way. Dave A left us there and Cliff and I came up Rectory Lane into Banstead and
the home to Worcester Park - just under 48 miles. Boss is away so hope to see you all again next Wednesday. Thanks again for an hilarious day out - loved it. Angiex

Many thanks for the Sou'wester and Attendance Record. I am sorry to have missed you at Dorking but I only got as far as Denbies before turning back having run out of time. I turned left at West Humble, past Polesden Lacey to Bookham including the 1:5 hill, without getting off the bike. NB: the last ride in Sou'Wester Wayfarers rides should read 03Jan07. Regards Philip

Hi Brian, Sorry I was not out yesterday with the Wayfarers, Redhill is just a little too far on a winters morning! Have to start out too early for a 30mile ride!! Luckily for me, Irene and Gill also feel the same! Hence we 'Three Musketeer's' (Pete Mathews was unable to join us), had an enjoyable ride! I cycled to Irene's then along the towpath to Chertsey bridge to meet Gill. We had a photo stop before arriving at Fairoakes airport for coffees - well - we have to see how the planes are doing!! I chatted to a gentleman who arrived in a 50 years old Jaguar sports car, it was in super condition, yet he had bought it as a wreck 30 years ago! As the weather forecast was not in our favour, our original ride plan was reduced to the 'long' ride to Woodside for lunch. In fact, it was raining when we came out of the pub after a very tasty bowl of soup and pate with crusty bread so we returned via Windsor Park, Egham and Chertsey where Irene and I waved goodbye to Gill and we continued to Staines. Thanks girls, nice ride with an early finish! Cheers Pam

8 potential 'B' riders arrived at Redhill, but 3 were put off by the weather forecast. So five riders, Brian N, John, Les and Terry, led by Norman, followed 'A' group along the signed cycle route as far as the East Surrey hospital where we left the road and on to the off-road path towards Gatwick. We rode along the Autumn coloured treelined path when Les rode over a hidden piece of tree branch which jammed between the mudguard stays and front wheel and Les was thrown off. He sustained a cut over his left eye. Fortunately Terry had a first-aid kit and put a plaster over the cut. The damaged bits were removed and Les said he would carry on. We stayed on the path to Horley where we returned to the road through Smallfield and Horne on to Felbridge to lunch at the "Wire Mill" It wasn't Les' day. He blew his nose and his left eyelid swelled up.We asked for some ice and the barman brought out a pack of frozen peas to help relieve the swelling. After lunch we asked Les if he would like to go home by train but but, stout fellow, he said he would stay with us. It had started raining so waterproofs on and back via Horne Outwood, past Wasp Green up Coopers Hill to the A25. the rain had stopped. John and Terry turned off towards Redhill and home. There we went on to Merstham. Brian carried on towards Coulsdon , Les and I on to Fanny's Farm. As it was getting dull Les declined to stop so being thirsty I had tea. Nearing home, in Banstead, it started to rain lightly, About half mile from home there was a downpour. A welcome warm house awaited! Norman

The weather was great for the first part of the 'C' ride; sunny, no wind and the forecast proved pretty accurate when it clouded over but the rain held off until after lunch at The New Inn at Send. Dave led us from Weybridge. We comprised apart from me and him, Roger, Roger S., Ron, Fuzz, Geoff and Harold. Dennis arrived at the venue and Bernard who had intended to come changed his mind and went off with the ladies (welcome back, Bernard)
We rode through Weybridge up Heath Road, over the railway bridge, up Brooklands Road, turned right at the end to Byfleet, down Church Road at the end of which we encountered a short spot of offroad taking us to the Wey Navigation canal towpath. This we followed as far as the Plough at Pyrford Lock. We crossed the bridge then down Lock Lane to the Pyrford Lane, then left to Warren Lane at the end of which went left as far as The Seven Stars.We then took a right turn down Papercourt Lane leading to Tannery Lane after which we arrived at Send and our destination. I had intended going with the others to Cobham for tea but with the state of the weather Harold and I left them at Newark Lane having started the return ride downn Tannery Lane. Harold pressed off in the direction of Weybridge when we arrived at Addlestone. See you at Shepperton next week ------------------------------ Albert

Yes, see you there

Olleh Hub

PS: A contingent of Wayfarers consisting of Ed C, Rob and yours truly John S half-completed a circular ride encompassing Saffron Walden, Thaxted and Finchingfield in Essex. The other stages of the 32 mile ride via the Bumpsteads had to be abandoned due to horrendous weather conditions. Ed and I went by train from Liverpool Street Station to Audley End departing at 09h58 train and arriving at 11h01. Meanwhile Rob drove to Saffron Walden and met us at the Cross Keys pub. After a difficult start due to problems in finding the correct route out of the town we had a good ride to our lunch stop at the Swan in Thaxted. Opposite the pub was a most huge and magnificent 14th century church. Clarence House built in 1715 I am told is where composer Gustav Holst worked on part of The Planets. After lunch we pressed on in deteriorating weather to Finchingfield, a jumble of medieval cottages and Georgian houses around the village green and pond. It also had a delightful square towered church. At this point we deviated from our intended route to ride in rivers of water formerly intended to be roads and arrived back at Saffron Walden drenched ready to return to London. Ed and I split up at Liverpool Street station and I took the busy route through the City via the Bank, Fleet Street, Strand, Trafalgar Square, The Mall and Hyde Park. A drenched yours truly arrived home just after 6-00pm. I would be pleased to hear from any other Wayfarers interested in another alternative ride in the future under better metrological conditions (preferably not on a Wednesday). Kind regards, John Scott

A Ride Nov 22nd

Report by Ed Sharp leader, Pete M, Pete B, Bob, Brian, Ray, Steve, Jen met at The Star. Destination Lingfield The Star Pub. Morning: Weak winter sun and falling leaves. Route: Outwood Mill Newchapel & Lingfield.
Afternoon: Rain in the air and looming darkness so made for home via Blindley Heath, Bletchingley, Merstham, Banstead.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Cheam & Morden Dinner 2007

The date of the C&M's annual lunch is 11th February 2007. Declare your interest to Steve Gordon & 020 8398 2775. More details published shortly.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nov 15th

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Freewheel competition There was a good turnout at Dorking yesterday, from where Vic led ' A' group and I (Terry) led ' B' group to Norwood Hill for the annual free-wheel competition. Norman was chief pusher-off, and in reasonably dry conditions but with an occasional headwind, John Mason completed his hat-trick, winning by a considerable distance from David Aylett who narrowly beat Pete Barnard (last year's runner-up) into third place. Vic, Ray D and John Scott were also very close, very interesting from my point of view since the leader and runners-up kept changing. We then continued to The Greyhound/Hungry Horse at Charlwood, the only establishment which could cope with our numbers. Ed had carved a beautiful shield for the winner and I bought a not-so-beautiful inner tube for the r-u. Just after starting the return journey we thought we heard a rifle shot, but in approximately half a second I realised it was my back tyre. Norman led the rest in the general direction of Dorking, John M stopped to help (thanks John) and by replacing the tube and patching the tyre with some Gaffer tape we reached homes with no further problems. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of a different venue for next year.... Terry

Still quite warm and the rain held off. Phil was leading 'C' group from Claygate in the absence of Mark and his intended venue was The Bell at Walton on the Hill (bring your own oxygen!). Our number consisted of Ron, Dave, Fuzz, Harold, Roger, Roger S, Ed N, John K. and Dennis (who only came for elevenses). That`s eleven with me and Phil. Sorry if I missed anyone. There were no ladies present (shame). Since most of the ride was offroad I can only report Claygate Common, Princes Covert, over the Esher Bypass, Ashstead Common, soon after which the climbing started. surfaces varied from muddy tracks, no tracks at all, long grass and mole hills with plenty of wheelslip. pot holes and broken tarmac and always uphill. About a mile short of the pub when I had clocked over twenty miles, we had a bit of a rest while Dave mended a puncture and I got to wondering what route to take after after lunch. Two lady horse riders approached at this point and we stood aside to allow them to pass. One of the mounts was a nervous animal and began to rear. It seemed It was our bikes and not us that upset it so we did our best to make them less conspicuous. After lunch Phil declared his intention of making for tea at Ewell, so I left the others at Tattenham Corner in the hope of finding my way home via Leatherhead. The first sign I saw was to Kingston so I went via the bypass and Esher (where I needed to light up) and got home at five. The total distance was only 39.67mls. After all that climbing most of the way was downhill -------------------------------- Albert

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Free Wheeling Contest

John Mason completed his hat trick by beating Pete Barnard & David Aylett on Wednesday in windy conditions.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Nov 8th

Hello Wayfarers and friends

As I announced at Kingston elevenses, I had a call over the weekend from Tom Fish, saying, in effect, that his cycling days are numbered due mainly to his permanently swollen ankles and shins. He cannot get about unless taken. He promised to write offering various cycling goods and I now have his letter "Thanks for taking my phone message. I've tried to make a list for DA members (Tom is President). Cannot get to midweek without transport. Was glad of a car ride Sunday 29th October with Robin to Newport Pagnell for a smashing Sunday Dinner (route details). Would like to borrow an open-frame (ladies) bike. Probably manage that a bit better. Tom" He then lists: Free - just ask: 21" Blue/yellow bike, semi-light, cut-away lugs; 27x1.25wheels, tyres, tubes; brakes; bars; saddle; 3" stem; mudguards; carrier; pedals; toe-clips; bottle carrier; (further details). All ready for adjustment - to take away. He also lists many new tyres - ring Tom on 020 8755 0724 for details.

I also announced that our annual lunch would be at The Cap in Hand (A3/A243 junction, Hook) on the first Wednesday in March 2007 (after Cobham elevenses). The date is 7th March 2007 (I got it wrong - thanks, Ray) and I will collect £2 meal deposit with £3 subs from 03Jan07. It is standard Wetherspoons menu on offer and I carry a copy. For the numbers expected, management require choice of main course to be advised in advance, so I will prepare a chart.

Deanna writes: His daughter Linda phoned me (Deanna) today (Monday), telling me that Arthur Clarke died at home on Saturday 10.30 pm. The funeral will probably take place next week. During this year he was in and out of hospital until his heart could take no more. He survived a heart attack nearly twenty years ago, and managed to live until his early eighties. Although they used to cycle with the Family Section (now Downland) which is where I met them and have remained friends ever since, I believe some will remember Arthur and his wife Eileen. Years ago they hosted elevenses at their home - Oakenstaff, Heathway, Chaldon, Surrey, CR3 5DL. Regards - hope to see you at Dorking on Wednesday. Deanna.

"As I was going up the stair I met a man who wasn't there He wasn't there again today I wish that man would go away". I now know how that man feels, I thought I was out with the 'C' ride last week but must give way to the prose of Albert, so how did I get the cycle dirty?
PS: I wasn't out with 'C' group again this week.

Sixteen 'A' group — Pam, Jen, Pete B, Pete M, Vic, John B, Frank C, Frank H, Brian, Graham, Toni, Rob, Nigel, Ed, Recumbent Ed and Steve — set out with Julian from the Bradbury Centre in Kingston for a figure-of-eight ride around the local area. After wiggling through the centre of Kingston we went along the new bit of cycle track in Skerne Road, up King's Road to the Kingston Gate of Richmond Park along to Ham Cross and did the loop by the ballet school, left to Richmond Gate back to Ham Cross and down the hill towards Ham Common. The deer were much in evidence in the Park and there was a generally, calm autumnal feel. Crossing the Richmond Road, we turned right down the track towards Ham House, passed across its river frontage then took Riverside Drive to Teddington Lock, went along the tow path into Kingston (where Nigel paused to buy spoons), over the bridge and down the tow path to Hampton Court, through Thames Ditton and so to the ornate glories of the Coronation Hall (aka Surbiton Wetherspoons) for lunch (about a mile from our starting point). After lunch, Brian, Graham, Nigel and Ed C took off for home at various stages along the route, which took us up St Mark's Hill, down past Berrylands, through Malden, under the by-pass and up Copse Hill—where John B survived crunching into a bollard by the Atkinson Morley hospital—over Wimbledon Common, down through the Roehampton estate and into the Park once more and the Roehampton Cafe for an early tea. A light drizzle was starting as we left for home, but otherwise, we'd been remarkably fortunate with the weather.

Starting from Kingston, often seen as a good place from which to follow the river or venture towards the metropolis, I decided to take 'B' group in the opposite direction and head out into the country. There were sixteen of us: Nev, Robin, John Scott, John Mason, Harold (who thought he was joining 'C' group till he got to Woodstock Lane), Lynda, Liz, Terry, Mike and Mary, Les, Ed, Reg Beever, Brian N, new rider - Peter Taunton (welcome, Peter) - and me, Gill. Hurrying through the built-up areas of Kingston and Surbiton to Long Ditton, we headed up Rectory Lane and then followed Woodstock Lane to Claygate. Admittedly there was the roar of the A 3 but on the other side of the road there were fields and Surbiton Golf Course, which made it feel rural. Passing through Claygate, we turned into Arbrook Lane and on to Arbrook Common. Here we followed a cycle route (white signs with a red bicycle on them and white arrows) - take the middle track on entry to the Common. This led us due south, then across to Esher Common after crossing the busy Copsem Lane. At first we followed the pylons but soon turned into the woods on a sandy track. The autumn colours were glorious. Crossing high above the A3 we emerged eventually on to Sandy Lane and from here it was a mixture of on and off-road all the way into Cobham. Our lunch destination was the Jovial Sailor at Ripley, so from here on we followed the traditional route to Ockham and into Ripley down Rose Lane. A short stretch on the old Portsmouth Road and we were at the pub. (For the record, leaders please note that the Jovial Sailor now has a policy of table service and central billing for a group. They very kindly accommodated us this time, allowing individuals to order at the bar, but as a venue for us in the future it may need checking first.) The return route was along Grove Heath Road, up Ripley Lane to West Horsley and along the A246 to Effingham where we joined the Lower Road. I had planned to join this road by taking the earlier turn-off of Dirtham Lane but was warned of ferocious dogs down here so opted to take the advice of those in the know. We ended up in Leatherhead and five of us went for tea at Annie's, where we forgot to say we were having the 'special' of tea and cake for £2 but luckily the lady kindly allowed us to get away with it! I'm not sure what happened about the Passion cake but hopefully it was all sorted out amicably!! A good day's ride with lots of good autumn colours despite the grey skies. Gill

Downhill competition for the competitive from Dorking St Martin's (Church) Centre next week - Thanks to Terry for organising this popular annual event. A bit damp and overcast but little wind and quite warm for November. From Kingston, John G. led twelve of 'C' group - two Rogers (welcome Roger Sceats, a newcomer in our midst), then came Ron, Fuzz, Harold, Dennis, Dawn, Allan (welcome return), Bill and me. John must have a very good knowledge of the busy built-up parts of the area and we had little in the way of hold-ups apart from the odd traffic lights. The first gate we entered to Bushey Park had a memorial to some cobbler outside, but before I could discover how such a one achieved such fame, it was my turn to negotiate the bike-upending gate. We followed traffic-free paths until we left the park at the Hampton Hill gate. Lunch was to be at Isleworth so after a bit of towpath and footpath riding and mostly traffic-free areas including a footbridge, we arrived at the rather splendid Town Wharf near the Thames. There were eight of us at a table already laid out with `Reserved` signs. In the event the prices were most reasonable and the service was good.. The water was high when we left, being tidal this far down the river. The intention was to have tea at Raynes Park and of course that was the group I followed until John advised me of my error. The Kingston few had gone to the towpath, but I took a wrong turning and found myself on the Chertsey Road which I followed until turning off to Sunbury. Shepperton and home. I enjoyed the ride and clocked up 38.99 miles (that's 40 in my book!) At least the Chertsey Road has a decent bike path ------------------------- Albert

Saturday, November 04, 2006

B Group Nov 1st

Starting as a crisp, cold morning in brilliant sunshine, eighteen 'B' group comprising Judy, Bill, Gill, John G, Reg, Les, Nigel, Lynda, Francoise with Frank H, Norman, Liz, Ed N, Nev, Cliff, Ray H, Frank P and Robin leading, left Cobham along Brook Road, across Fetcham Common, through Fetcham, up to Bockett's roundabout, onto the bridleway through Norbury Park where three followed the leader and fourteen took an alternative track, leaving the leaders group waiting and searching for the remainder. Luckily, the obvious route continued down past Boxhill and Westhumble station, along the A24 cycleway to Pixham Lane, across Betchworth Park to lunch at The Dukes Head at Brockham. The afternoon plan was to go slowly over Pebble Hill to Epsom, but a majority of wimps voted to ride the flatter route through Leatherhead, finishing in Epsom for tea. We had nearly an hour of daylight left and I enjoyed the setting sun whilst crossing Richmond Park en route home.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Nov 1st

At Cobham yesterday, after a good response to the Poppy Appeal, Brian Nixon warmly bade farewell to Brian Stead, who returns to Oz this weekend after 14 weeks of tending to his dad and to his dad's affairs. We all enjoyed your company, Brian and from your response, it was gratifying to know how much you enjoyed being out with us. We had a very welcome visit from Fran Humphrey and look forward to more of the same.

'A' group, 13 strong led by Pete B, set out from Cobham in brilliant sunshine, if a trifle on the chilly side. The route took us down Plough Lane, past the newly refurbished Black Swan Martyr's Green, Ockham and East Clandon to climb Staple Lane and admire the views across London from the top. Then the fast decent of Coombe Bottom, up through Shere and down Jesses Lane to arrive at Peaslake and a gentle climb before dropping down to Ewhurst. Here Toni suffered a puncture (new tyres fitted last night!) but, assisted by Ed and Brian, quickly fixed the problem and they were able to join the back of the lunch queue just along the road at the Little Hatch in Cranleigh where there were now 15 of us. After a sumptuous meal, it was back along the road to Ewhurst Green to take another Plough Lane towards Holmbury. Unfortunately John Scott suffered our second puncture (more new tyres!) and John Mason kindly offered to take him back the flatter route whilst the rest of us, now somewhat split up, continued through Holmbury and Raikes Lane before tackling the dreaded White Down. Some stopped for tea at the Bakery in Effingham but most, with wintertime now with us and the nights drawing in, decided a direct route home was in order.

Great cycling weather on All Saints Day from Cobham. Phil was down to lead 'C' group but for some reason was unable and Mark was to do the honours but in his turn had an appointment for a flu jab so it was left to Roger who decided on lunch at The New Inn at Send. There were around fourteen of us, Bill H., Bill and Pat Matthews, Mike and Mary on tandem, Brian Stead and another Brian (no not you old chum!). By jove - Brians were thick on the ground yesterday. Then there was a welcome return with Beryl also Dave, Fuzz, Dennis, John C. and me. The route was familiar up Plough Lane, straight across the road at The Black Swan, then a right and left at the end to Hungry Hill Lane. A bit of a climb and a right turn on the main road to Send with what seems to be an interesting diversion to the left at the roundabout where all the vans are parked, to enable us to reach our destination without passing through Send itself, Tea was to be at Cobham Day Centre so we all rode down Tannery Lane to the Newark Road near The Seven Stars which is where I split for home having some earlier appointments which was true apart from being nicer to say than "afraid I'm a bit clapped". A splendid day all round ------------------------------- Albert

Les Johnston, one of our most regular and most reliable ride leaders, tells me that he wants to ride but not lead from 2007. I can only say thanks for all the originality and research you have put into the task and that you are a hard act to follow, Les. More recently Gill, John G and Robin have begun to lead 'B' group and we hope that they will continue; anyone else out there feeling overlooked only has to offer.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

'A' group at Cranleigh

Did not check on the name of this pub we dined at,but good value.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

25th October 2006

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Elleray Hall Teddington yesterday witnessed a very special occasion. John Hammond celebrated his 90th birthday, on his first visit to this venue. Our birthday chorus was in fine form. Brian had recently won the ballot for our Arthur Jessop shield and John, a previous winner, presented the shield to Brian, which made the award even more memorable. John recalled and thanked the four volunteer Wayfarers secretaries over his 25 years with the club, particularly mentioning the one we nearly lost one Sunday morning John when called for Arthur Butcher only to smell gas - AB had turned on and forgotten to light the oven and was blissfully unaware until John's arrival. Thanks for our refreshments and your memories and many happy returns, John.

'A' group enjoyed a towpath ride to The Cricketers at Horsell. For your correspondent, the ride was unlovely due to the weight of the trophy in the pannier causing the pannier to leave the carrier at every tree-root along the Wey - and the Basingstoke. Twelve were at lunch, Julian, Pam and John, Pete B, Ed, Pete M (arriving via tarmac), Graham, John B, Ray, Frank C, Brian and leader Vic who earned and shared a rebate for bringing ten or more of us to this new venue. The ride to tea at Tesco Brooklands was marred by a puncture by Pete M (meaning we saw little of Pete all day) and by Frank chewing grass in sympathy.

Hi Brian. Having consulted our TEA (Towpath Expert Adviser) Gill, at Teddington, I decided to put my plan B into operation for 'B' group and led Christine, Gill, Judy, Cliff, recumbent Ed, Grant, Johns B and S, Les, Norman, Phil, Robin, Rob and Tony through Bushey Park onto the A308, turning off it onto the quieter Lower Sunbury Road with views of the swollen river, leading to Walton bridge. Over the cyclists bridge, down the steps, under the bridge to ride alongside the river to Weybridge then by the Wey Navigation to Addlestone. Along Green Lane to cross the A320 at the double roundabout into Holloway Hill where unfortunately Tony punctured. Then we were only a couple of miles from lunch (The Royal Marine at Lyne) so I gave Tony and assistant Grant instructions and the rest of us carried on, arriving at about 1300 hrs. When ordering our food the barman said we would have a half hours' wait. During our stop the pub electrics failed but were soon restored. We left soon after 1500 hrs, apparently the kitchen staff were new standbys. This meant a shorter afternoon run than planned, we retraced our route to Weybridge with riders leaving at frequent intervals and when we arrived at Stoke d'Abernon Seymours only Judy, Cliff, Norman, Rob and myself stopped for refreshments. As we departed the heavens gradually opened as forecast earlier; all things considered not one of our better rides. Terry

Pretty wet and miserable for a twelve mile ride to elevenses at Teddington but I think we all wanted to celebrate John's birthday and there was a very good turnout at Elleray Hall (I still have trouble locating it!). Harold led around twelve of us 'C' group en route for `The Weir` pub. I had already passed it on the towpath having picked up a great deal of mud on the bike and I was curious as to Harold's route. Our company comprised Lynda, Liz, Deanna, Bill H, Roger, Fuzz, Mark, Ron, Brian Stead, Harold and me (I know that's only eleven, but I saw Dennis and he did not join the ride). As far as I can make out we went in the Strawberry Hill direction with some pleasant offroad (wide and well-surfaced) through woods and under a couple of rather narrow footpaths under bridges, one of which I found rather disconcerting but in my case to be expected. We came out of Cadbury Road in Upper Sunbury, then through Shepperton to Walton where we joined the towpath to The Weir pub. After a good lunch I took the towpath for home as the tea venue was Hampton Court and I clocked up thirty muddy miles in all. See you at Cobham. PS: It was Ron Weeden who led last week's 'C' ride. The only Rod I know is Rodney in `Only Fools and Horses` and he was `Dave` according to `Trigger` All the best ----------- Albert

Olleh awarded Hub

Achievement Trophy

Brian Starey receiving the Arthur Jessop Wayfarers trophy for outstanding achievement in the year 2006 as voted by members at the recent AGM. Birthday boy (90) John Hammond is presenting the award at Teddington elevenses.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

News of Wayfarers.... 21st Oct 06

Hello Brian,
Janice and I were down in Epsom today and visited Margaret and Bill Squirrell and their collection of old and ancient bicycles, which they had been invited to display in the large forecourt of Ebbisham Library, Epsom.
This is the 2nd year running they have attended together with the local Fire Brigade, various craft / charity stalls.and our local jazz band.
You might already know this is just one of the many such functions Bill and Margaret attend, dressed in their Victorian cycling outfits and displaying their ancient bicycles throughout the year.
A very good effort, held in dry, bright and sunny weather. (thank heavens).
Janice and Ken

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oct 18th

From Douglas Brunton Centre, Caterham, four 'B' group, John Gould, Norman Goody, Bill Parkhouse and I rode via Woldingham Garden Village, Tandridge and Crowhurst to Dormansland, The Old House at Home PH for lunch. We were joined by Terry Lowe and John Mason. We did have a little light rain but of no consequence really compared to last week. After lunch we headed north via Haxsted, stopping at Crowhurst church as some of party had not seen the hollowed out tree with door where it is alleged 12 sat down to lunch. Bill left us around Tilburstow as he had left his car at Douglas Brunton Centre.
Onward via Bletchingley to Merstham where it was hoped to have tea - Hungers End was closed. On to Fanny's Farm where Norman stopped for tea, he likes his tea. John G and I carried on.

I clocked 56 miles.
Les J

From Claygate, Rod led around sixteen of us 'C' group en route for The Old Plough at Stoke d'Abernon. Lynda, Liz, Deanna, Bill and Pat Matthews,Harold, Roger, Bill H, John C and John Knox, Dennis, Dave and Cliff with his new bike. The last two named were unfortunate to collect punctures during our ride. The weather was spot on, not cold and plenty of sunshine. After less than a mile we joined Arbrook Common for a spot of offroad, crossing the A244 to Esher Common then over the Esher Bypass to Fairmile Common,leaving the dirt at Sandy Lane (I was more careful this time having hit the tarmac with my elbow not long ago). Near the next bend on a rather sandy stretch we went offroad to Green Lane.It was nearly all tarmac on Hogshill Lane down to Cobham where after a ride up Cobham Park Road we had some more offroad on River Lane passing Downside Farm and crossing the Mole. It was about here we saw our Dennis coming the other way (how does he do that?). We split up at the cemetery with the picnic party to join up later at the pub. After lunch I went home as tea wasto be had at Epsom. --------------------------- Albert

All together again next week at Elleray Hall Teddington, where John Hammond, our latest nonog, wished you to be his guest for elevenses refreshments.

Olleh absent Hub.

Carol Service

A Group Oct 18th

A Group October 18th
A mild autumn ride in Kent is rather nice,Wednesday was no exception with a hint of colour in the trees promised things to come in the next month. Ed, Pete B, Stephen, Tony, Frank H. Mike M & myself set off from Caterham down into the valley & a leisurely ride past the convent, climbing to the top of Titsey Hill stopping briefley at the junction of next Sundays Bec Hill Climb (87 riders £1000 first prize!) Ed. Sharp plummeted down towards Westerham – a mistake as we were turning left to Tatsfield (will they never learn not to second guess the leader) however we had a nice rest and chat awaiting his return! On to The Crown at Knockholt for lunch where Jen met us just in time for drinks on Mike Morley a birthday treat. Afterwards the sun came out Ed punctured & the lanes & day became very pleasant , a steep drop at Cudham down and up to Downe? being overtaken by a group of 40+ riders one of them dressed in pink said to me Good Afternoon Mr Oxx !! (he needs new glasses) Tea was taken at Coombe Wood in The Pond Tea Room afterwards we all took a walk around the pretty gardens glowing in the evening sun.
From Pete Mitchell

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Maps Free

Two of the new cyclist friendly maps now available FREE at Surrey Libraries from a collection of 8

Friday, October 13, 2006

AGM day

After welcoming Christine Seddon at elevenses at Hersham, we proceeded to the village hall next door, only to find that our pre-booked amenities room was under maintenance and without chairs. With Julian's help, we managed to procure about 30 chairs and persuaded the technician to take a break,allowing the meeting to proceed late and with insufficient seating.
Minutes of the meeting are available to any member asking for them, and will be distributed the week before next year's AGM, but they include Brian's notice to step down as Secretary/Treasurer at next year's AGM. If you think you might like to serve as Secretary/Treasurer, please ask Brian about what precisely has to be (and what need not be) involved.
See AGM pictures from Pete M on Wayfarers blog

I was not surprised by 'A' group's depleted numbers leaving with the roads awash. Six of us including Irene, Rob, Pete B, Vic and Frank C arrived at the Blue Anchor Byfleet before 1pm and had a leisurely lunch. Food was good and surprisingly quiet apart from us with Vic at the helm in conversation.
Irene left for home after lunch. My planned route thereon regardless of conditions along the Wey towpath went ahead with a slight hiccup. My route was via Murray's Lane, over the M25, Dodd's Br. to Pyrford Lock whereas Vic taking Rob the shorter route Sanway Road, under the M25, Lock Lane to meet us at Pyrford Lock. We had no difficulty with my planned route and arrived in a clean state. Frank left us at Pyrford Lock to take a shorter route home via Wisley and the four of us continued on to Ripley. Pete carried on home and the three of us stopped at Watson's, where over a cup of tea science and religion were leisurely discussed. The three of us parted ways after a day of low mileage together but including the AGM an interestingday. Ray

Amazingly, after the deluge during the AGM, we had a great day! With 11 of us (Liz, Norman, Les, Terry, Christine, John, Angie, Cliff, Mike and Mary,and me, Gill) all kitted up for the rain, we were blessed with an easing and shortly thereafter a cessation of the wet stuff from above. However, down below the roads were certainly awash with water, right across in places. We set off northwards along Molesey Road and having avoided the water under the railway bridge by taking to the footpath, soon turned off to the right on toa sealed path which took us between fields and water works across to the River Mole and Mill Road. At the railway bridge we turned left through a flood on to Douglas Road before turning north on to Grove Way. This brought us out on to the busy Ember Lane. Passing Imber Court, we turned into Orchard Lane, signposted as an industrial estate. At the end we were on a path once more - grumbles about puddles coming from the rear of the party! We crossed the River Ember, then the River Mole again, and followed the Mole for a short way before branching off and coming out into the back of West Molesey in Bell Road - site of our lunch destination, The Bell. The food was good and we were well looked after. By now the weather had improved immeasurably with patches of blue sky and sunshine, and it was a pleasure to set off again minus all the wet weather gear. Passing through Molesey, we crossed Hampton Court Bridge and moved on to the towing path. Fortunately,this was not too bad with regard to puddles and from Kingston to Teddington we had a sealed path to ride on. The river was looking particularly beautiful in the still conditions. At Teddington Lock we turned off and headed towards the Ham Gate and into Richmond Park. Here we had our own version of Autumn Watch, with at least one stag with a good set of antlers roaring to let everyone know that this was his patch! We crossed the Park on National Cycle Route 4 and rounded off the day with tea outside at the Roehampton Gate. What a change from the morning! Gill.

It started out OK weather-wise at Hersham until we were in the middle of the AGM. Then the sky fell in with torrential rain thunder and all the trimmings. Happily very soon after 'C' group were able to start a rather truncated ride to The Prince of Wales at West End Esher, led by John C with Lynda, Bill, Roger, Dave, Ron, Fuzz, Mark and me along with dear old BillStead's son Brian from Oz. We enjoyed a pleasant lunch before departing fortea at Claygate via Claremont Park. See you at Claygate next week d v -------------------------------- Albert

Otherwise, looking forward to seeing 'A' and 'B' groups out east at Caterham.
Olleh Hub

Apologies for being unable to get on-line this afternoon due to unacceptable unidentified addressee BS

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

AGM presentation

The Mark Roy Mileage Improvement Shield being presented at the AGM by secretary Brian Starey to Irene North an improvement of 2489 miles over the previous year.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AGM Papers

Ready for the AGM on Wednesday 11th October:

Minutes of last year's meeting - Word Document

Agenda for this meeting - Word Document


Thursday, October 05, 2006

October 4th 2006

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Great to see so many at Cobham yesterday, particularly John Hammond, due to become our second nonog in three weeks time. Norman seemed to have fine riding in Belgium - bikes being given priority wherever sharing with other traffic. Good news from Albert - his pacemaker is good for another 12 months (our third nonog?), keeping more than just him on the road - where would we be without his weekly reports. After about four rides with us, it is time I welcomed Bill Parkhouse to our ranks. We also greeted Stephanie, seriously considering joining our rides.

'A' group, led by Bob, descended en masse on The Swan at Redhill after a typically devious route, so I believe, having taken time out myself.

As last minute (literally) 'B' Group replacement leader, I had never before led a B ride. My hastily formulated plan was for an off-the-cuff route, which combined elements of two C rides earlier this year. The pre-lunch leg from Cobham, via Ripley, to Pyrford Lock should have been about 10 or 11 miles, which is rather shorter than on a typical B group ride. So it was lucky that I missed the turning from Pyrford village to the lock, and we ended up going the long way round via West Byfleet, thus adding two or three miles to the morning run. All 13 starters (Anita, Beattie, Carole, Christine, Liz, Cliff, John G, John M, John S, Les, Nev, Norman, Terry) had lunch at the Anchor pub at Pyrford lock (long wait for food, but good when it came). Carole and Anita had to leave early to get back to Sutton/Cheam before 3p.m. So now we were eleven. After lunch, we set off southwards down the tow-path next to the River Wey Navigation. I had intended to turn left from the tow-path onto Wharf Lane, but was confused by a public footpath notice, and turned off too early. We found ourselves on a wide, well-paved, winding path through the greens and lakes of Wisley Golf Course.
When we got to the Club House, I called a halt to look at the map. Three of our number did not wait for the decision to turn South, and instead turned North which would have taken them back to Pyrford Lock. We waited for them for a few minutes but they did not return; so now we were eight. At the Southern exit from the Golf Course, the big gate on the bridge over the River Wey opened automatically for us (NB: this doesn't work when cycling in the reverse direction). We turned left into Mill Lane, crossed under the A3, and proceeded via Ockham and Martyrs Green to Downside. We then took off-road paths to Stoke D'Abernon, private roads to Oxshott and paths through the woods to Claygate, and crossed under the Kingston by-pass to tea at the Long Ditton Garden Centre. As the sun was now shining again, we decided to sit outside. Les was last to come out with his pot of tea-and ten miniature bags of brown sugar. He poured his first cup of tea and emptied all ten sugar bags into it. Having drunk the first cup, he went inside and emerged with twelve more sugar bags for his second cup. Having drunk the second cup, he took the teapot in for more hot water, and emerged with fifteen more sugar bags, all of which he opened and put into his third cup. Les is the thinnest man I know, and I need to lose weight. It therefore seems logical for me to try a soft brown sugar diet. In case it doesn't show, I'll let you know how I get on. John Gould

A bit cooler but good weather for cycling. With Roger leading, there was Lynda, Mark, Fuzz, Harold, Ron, Dave, Frank, Bill/Albert, John Knox, Dennis (around the halfway mark we saw him coming the other way!) , Bill and Pat Matthews and I, setting off for The Jovial Sailor at Ripley. With a feeling of relief we passed the turning at Plough Lane and took an unmarked right turn half a mile further on then a left up Ockham Lane, at the end of which we did a right and left at Ockham village church. There were a few climbs for about two miles but the roads were quiet and mostly traffic free until we got to Barns Lane where we crossed the roundabout with the Portsmouth Road. I thought maybe the venue had changed as we were going into Send, but a right turn at Send Marsh Road brought us back in the direction of Ripley just a few yards short of The Jovial Sailor. After lunch we made for Cobham Day Centre via Ripley village with a right turn at the corner cafe bakery, back over the A3 to the Ockham Road and down Plough Lane where I was still trying to catch up. I caught Ron on the long downhill as he was trying to see how far he could freewheel. Most of the group made it for tea and by the time I reached home I had clocked 31 miles. Thanks for a good ride Roger. Afraid I'm getting too old! --------- Albert

Don't miss the Ripley cycle jumble sale this Saturday - head West out of Ripley and it held in the school on your left after about 500metres. Same old faces - same old format - unmissable!

This Sunday, why not cycle off main road with Brian via the Wandle, the Ravensbourne and Greenwich Foot Tunnel to The Cycle Shoe at Excel E14 - leave Cheam Station (South side) at 09:00 - allow all day.

Wayfarers AGM takes place next Wednesday at Hersham Village Hall (adjoining Day Centre) at 11am. Agendas and previous meeting minutes were distributed at Cobham (please bring them to the meeting) or will be available at elevenses. I have asked (nominated) Pete Barnard to chair the meeting and he has kindly agreed. Anyone arriving at about 10:30 to help put out the chairs would be most welcome!

Olleh greaseless Hub

Friday, September 29, 2006

September 27th

After greeting octogs Eric and Ned at The Arches coffee bar at Redhill, fifteen from 'A' group, led by Pete B, wend their way to The Jubilee Oak at Crawley, via Wonham, Betchworth, Cudworth and Ifold. If you expected a left turn, Pete took the right, and so on, leading one dissident to comment that we might make Crawley for tea. We made it by spot on 1pm. Our return took us through Charlwood, Root Hill, Brockham and Pixham to tea atop Box Hill, by which time our numbers had halved. Still with us, though, was new man Chris, whom we welcomed for his first outing with us. Chris found us via Simon Legg's recent intrepid London to Brighton night ride, which Chris will remember particularly for seeing the sun rise over Ditchling Beacon.

Hello Brian, Very nice to meet you and so many other riders on Wednesday. I enjoyed the ride and I hope I can flex the occasional weekday from work to join you again from time to time. Just thought I would drop this note so that you have my email address. Regards, Chris O’Hearn.

Hi Brian, Ed, John, Les, Phil and I rode as far as Redhill Bus Station before we stopped - John had a soft front tyre. No cause could be found so he fitted a fresh tube and we carried on hopefully. We went south, on or alongside the A23 until soon forking right into Pendleton Road to Woodhatch then regaining peace and quiet on Lonesome Lane (appropriately named). Pleased to notice the teddy bears in residence in Meath Green, soon we turned right which led us to the A217, fortunately not too busy for the short time we used it. Through Povey Cross to Charlwood where we headed south, then for a change, along quiet, shady Prestwood Lane. Ignoring my tummy rumblings and the attractions of The Lamb at Lambs Green we pressed on to Faygate arriving at The Holmbush just after 1pm. After a good lunch we retraced our route briefly before turning left into Wimland Lane then heading north with a slight tailwind through Rusper and Newdigate. Unfortunately Phil then punctured, but repairs having been completed we enjoyed tea at Denbies. At Leatherhead I left the group. Terry

A good 'C' group turnout at Molesey and still good weather. Dave led around fifteen of us en route for The Anchor at Bookham. Apart from he and me there was Bill, Mark, Harold, Roger, Ron, Beryl, Lynda, John Knox and a few I had not met before including Christine and Bernard (fugitives from B group in need of a rest). Dave really had the route buttoned up with quite a bit of offroad (which always gets me lost). We got onto Littleworth Common, then Arbrook Common, over the A3 then Esher Common. I got my bearings at Stoke d'Abernon when we entered Miles Lane from Sandy Lane thus being in the Fairmile area. We got some more offroad in River Lane at the end of which I spotted the village pump and small chapel at Downside Common. Out of curiosity I attended a Sunday service there with a congregation of ten and one of the two incumbents appropriately named Rev Paradise and Rev Kirk. From here we proceeded across Bookham Common and our destination which we all know provides good beer and lunch at a most sensible price. We came back over the common by the usual route to Cobham for tea. Dennis started out with us but I don't know what happened to him. I managed to contact the tarmac at one stage with my elbow but with the tender care of my good companions have made a speedy recovery ------------- Albert

Hi Brian, Just using this as an update. Any idea on the numbers coming (Friday 7pm to watch the epic "Lawrence of Arabia") yet? Also what about us all having a take-away, 'tis a long film after all and we don't want to waste away. My local INDIAN is doing a 50% deal for cash following its refurb. I have a few beers and large quantities of red wine could share. Unfortunately the HUBBA BUBBA pipe set has broken down. Anyway let me know. Also pleased to report my arm/shoulder is now thankfully on the mend, but reckon another week before even 'C' group riding will be possible. Cheers Nigel C.

Next week at Cobham, I should be collecting completed annual attendance records (on which I trust you will record your CTC membership number) and distributing invitations and agendas for our AGM the following Wednesday at 11am in Hersham Village Hall. When you get your agenda, please put some thought to nominating (at or before the meeting) the Wayfarer making the most significant contribution to cycling, to facilitate award of the Arthur Jessop Shield.

I mentioned last week The Mark Roy Trophy. This will be awarded annually (with certificate) to the CTC SW London Wayfarers member recording the greatest improvement in miles over their previous year's recorded mileage. NB: All cycled mileage is self-recordable. A plate has been added to the reverse of the trophy clarifying this for posterity.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sept 20th

Hello Wayfarers and friends

I enjoyed hearing from Ron at Weybridge of how he managed to sell his tandem to a blind man - a great yarn well worth getting him to tell you. This came about after someone was enquiring after Derek, who has injured his back and has been unable to mount his bike for a couple of months. He sounded bright enough when I rang him, but if you get to see this, Derek - we all miss you and look forward to your early return.

Mark Roy has presented his handsome new trophy to the club and it will be revealed to all (and presented to our inaugural recipient) at our AGM at Hersham Village Hall 11am Wednesday 11Nov06.

It seemed that Bob and most of us had never visited the Royal Oak, so sixteen 'A' group (Graham, Bob, Brian N, Brian S, Ed, Frank C, Frank H, Irene, John M, Julian, Pete B, Pete M, Ray, Rob, Steve and Vic) set out from Weybridge to find it. We passed 'B' group near Poets Corner before heading along Liberty Lane and over the M25. Woodham came next and then West Byfleet and Pyrford. Send Marsh led onto Send Hill and the riverside church. Here the "fun" started - the banks of Wey Navigation were in view but getting there... Techniques were many on the cyclist-proof bridge over the Wey but the sight of others strung out over hundreds of yards was much enjoyed by early finishers - pity it wasn't captured on film! This all took its time so the pace was sprightly through Sutton Green and Worplesdon before the turn into Wood Street Village. Second helpings beer-wise made for a convivial alfresco lunch before we set off into Jacob's Well. Here Frank C departed, having taken over transporting the new Mark Roy trophy which Julian had borne manfully all day (Brian's Tour of Britain freebee rucksack being too small). Tea was taken at Ockham Bites before we went our several ways.
The Banstead contingent enjoyed 64 splendid miles and had he been asked, Rob would have offered his panniers, but that would have denied us our post-lunch farce.

Hi Brian - a hasty report as I am due out within the hour! With me as last-minute stand-in leader, it was not until elevenses at Weybridge that the lunch destination and route were confirmed. Bound for the Castle Grove pub at Castle Green, I found myself leading a vast line of A and B cyclists towards Addlestone. However, once we had let them through, there were just 8 of us - Norman, Judy, Ed N, Ed C (on the recumbent), Nev, John, Bill (a visitor from C Group) and me. Unfortunately Ed C had a puncture almost immediately and that was the last we saw of him as he told us to go on. We cut across to Holloway Hill and along Stonehill Road to Accommodation Road - both nice roads lined with trees. Joining Longcross Road we followed this westwards, then dropped down Staple Hill into Burrowhill, through Chobham to Castle Green. Service at the pub was remarkably fast and we were on the road again within the hour. In bright sunshine now, we headed south along Chobham Road to join the busy Bagshot Road for a short way before turning off on to Hill Heath House Road and Hook Heath Road - an area of magnificent homes. Dropping down Hook Hill Lane we arrived at the Mayford Roundabout and were now on familiar territory as we skirted the southern edge of Woking through Westfield to Old Woking and Send. We passed Pat and Bill Matthews in Send, going in the opposite direction. Tannery Road took us off the busy roads and we had a pleasant ride into Ripley for tea at Watson's. From here it was across the Airfield and into Cobham where we split into two groups to head home. There are big signs at the Airfield but we decided we were non-vehicular traffic and crossed without problem. It was not a long ride by B Group standards but it had included some new territory (for the leader, at least!). Gill

Still great cycling weather but rather less than usual 'C' group numbers for a ride from Weybridge to The Nags Head at Sunningdale. There was me leading, Roger, Bill, Dave, Mark, Harold, Ron and Fuzz (the latter two dropped off earlier on) also a chap named John Knox (new to me). We turned down Minorca Road in Weybridge, the traffic being pretty heavy in Church Street and entered Portmore Park Road, joining the cyclepath to Addlestone Moor where we used the lit crossing of the dual carriageway to enter the tunnel under St Peters Way and cross Hatch Bridge still offroad into Prairie Road to a right turn up Green Lane where a decent cyclepath has been provided to take one over the M25 as far as White Lodge. Climbing began up Holloway Hill, then Fan Court Hill, after which the hilly bits were more modest.
Crossing over the M3 we turned left and then right at the next roundabout with a short run to Sunningdale. We turned right at the junction with the A30 and after a bit of a climb turned left towards Sunningdale Village and the pub which is situated in High Street (oddly named as no shops were in sight). However the beer and food are of the best and four of us lunched until the others joined us for a drink after their sandwiches. I led this ride on the same route previously and on our return as before went into Wentworth Estate. A few yards into these hallowed grounds we were accosted by a fellow in some sort of uniform who informed us of the estate's privacy. My reply must have impressed him somewhat as he allowed us to continue and we made our way through the sacred place eventually going back to my place for tea via Lyne Crossing Road. Mark and Harold had a long ride home and left us before we arrived. Hope it wasn't too boring. I only clocked 21mls and where were the ladies? --------Albert

CTC - Local Groups Conference 2006 Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2006.
Location: New CTC National Offices, Guildford. Times: 11.00 -17.30 Saturday, 09.00 - 16.00 Sunday.

If any Wayfarer would like to represent us at this event (and get to see our new HQ), let Brian know and I will put you in contact with organiser Alex Geen.

Don't miss "Lawrence of Arabia" at Nigel's (020 8642 1100) 7pm Friday 29Sep06 - Cheam - Wayfarers welcome.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The four riders at Lee Valley YH

Heading for lunch at Hertford

Thursday, September 14, 2006

13th Sept 2006

Ride completed on Wednesday 13th September 2006.

Participants, some departing sooner than others, were as follows :

Yours Truly, John Gould, Toni D Italia, Fuzz Edwards, Harold Fifield, John Stead, Brian Stead, Brian Nixon, Robin Johnson, Mark Roy, Frank Cubis, Judy, Julian, Brian Starey, Ed Campbell, Roger Mitchell, Vic White, Bob Starey, Ed Sharp, Ray Harrison, Norman Goody, Nigel, Steve, Lynda Barrow, Helga, Mike Pontin, Mary Pontin, Margaret Squirrell, Bill Squirrell, Liz Scrivens, Terry Lowe, Dave Davis, Pete Mitchell, Tony Hooker, Pete Barnard, Rob Maskell, John Aitken.

As there were 37 riders and it would appear that CTC rules only allow 20 riders per leader, Frank Cubis kindly accepted my suggestion that he became a Sub Leader. On the run to Hammersmith Bridge Frank decided to take his section on a different route to mine. We eventually met up at Hammersmith bridge enabling the ride to continue as planned.

My planning and execution was as follows:

Richmond Park Café to Richmond Gate via the cycle track.
Circumnavigation of the one way system into part of the old town and on to the Thames Path via the rear of Kew Gardens.
We exited the Thames Path at Mortlake to circumnavigate the rough section of path then on to Barnes.
Barnes to Hammersmith bridge via the Thames Path then under the bridge and up to street level.
Crossed the bridge via the footpath (walking was required).
Down the slope to the Thames Path then a left turn to follow a network of back-streets thus circumnavigating the Hammersmith one way system and on to Barons Court.
Crossing Talgarth Road at Barons Court and following a network of back-streets to emerge at Kensington Olympia via the North End Road junction.
Kensington Olympia to Kensington High Street and a left turn into Melbury Road.
Then right into Abbotsbury Road and left into Holland Park.
Using the Holland Park Gate to enter on foot Holland Park itself (Strictly restricted to walking, unfortunately, because of Park Rules).

In Holland Park we were treated to the delights of the floral displays and viewed The Third Lord Holland's Statue (MDCCLXXIII to MDCCCXL or as my daughter Olivia translated it - 1773 to 1840. How did the Romans progress without sensible mathematics.) Then we walked around the beautiful Japanese garden. We continued through more magnificent gardens, viewed the ruins of Holland House. Saw the Ice House and Orangery. Saw water features and lawns and eventually came to the Café where we stopped for a restful lunch.
Exiting the park we crossed Holland Walk and entered Duchess of Bedford Walk and into Holland Street turning left into Hornton Street and then a right into Sheffield Terrace. We then crossed over Kensington Church Street and wiggled to make a right into Palace Gardens Terrace and continued on to reach the lower end of Church Street. Here we turned left on to a path, just past Vicarage Gate, which led us to Kensington Palace (Home of the Duke and Duchess of Kent and the late Diana Princess of Wales and other Royals).

Here we entered Kensington Gardens to view the magnificent Kensington Palace with the statue of William III at its entrance. We were treated to a view of the spectacular wrought iron gates in front of the façade of the Palace. Continuing straight on we were able to cycle a short distance past The Round Pond and a short walk to the right brought us to the view of the Albert Memorial, relatively newly refurbished. Opposite we viewed the Albert Hall.

On exiting the park we turned left on to a cycle track which we followed just short of the Bayswater Road. Here we turned left and once again had to walk a short distance to view the spectacular Italian Fountains and The Jenner Statue; he being the discoverer of vaccination.

We walked back to the cycle track and crossed into Hyde Park soon turning left to cross the Bayswater Road using a conveniently situated pedestrian crossing. Using a network of small roads we crossed Edgware Road at the Beirut Express restaurant to enter George Street and continued on to Manchester Street, Marylebone High Street and via Weymouth Street to make a left into Upper Wimpole Street and on to Devonshire Street and then to cross the Marylebone Road. We soon exited this busy road turning left into Regents Park where we followed the outer circle round to Gloucester Gate and followed the roads to Primrose Hill. We had to walk due again to park restrictions to reach the summit of the hill where we were treated to a spectacular panoramic view of the city encompassing St Paul's Cathedral, The BT Tower, Cannery Warf, The Ferris Wheel to name but a few of the sights to see.

We returned to Regents Park to continue the circuit using the outer circle to view the Regents Park Mosque and exited the park at Park Square East. Crossing once again the busy Marylebone road we entered Portland place where we turned right into Cavendish Street and followed basically the same route we had taken to travel from Hyde Park. This circumnavigated a mish-mash of difficult one way streets entirely unsuitable for cyclists.

On re entry of Hyde Park we took the right hand direction to circulate via the serpentine.

The ride took longer than I expected so by popular request it was truncated at the Serpentine Restaurant where the remaining riders took refreshments. Frank kindly led most of the remaining riders from this point and I returned home early for once.

Thanks go to back-markers / helpers; John Gould, Norman Goody, Pete Barnard and Sub leader Frank Cubis.
Hope everyone had a good day and see you soon.

Kind regards,
John Scott