Saturday, October 16, 2021

Invitation to a B group ride on 20th October

You are invited to join us for an undulating ride to Bagshot and back.

We shall be starting in Bourne Valley Garden Centre, KT15 3TH, NOTE not from Addlestone as listed, make our way to Bagshot and to lunch at the Kings Arms public house. After lunch, tea will be at The Ferry Point café, Shepperton.

About 17 miles before lunch and another 17 miles to tea. No major climbs but the afternoon is more undulating, mainly on roads, some towpath but a decent surface.

Please email me, David at by the latest 18.00 hrs. on Monday 18th October if you wish to join the ride. I will send out details of your groups and start times on Tuesday.

Please observe the current Covid riding rules.

I’m looking forward to a good day out and seeing you all.

David Jackson


Hilly 50k – A date for your diary – 7th May 2022

Next year’s Hilly 50 will be on Saturday 7 May 2022 from Ryka’s, Dorking.

The route, and all the hills you love are unchanged. The date has now been moved from the traditional March to May to guarantee fine weather and the most pleasant traverse of Logmore Lane imaginable.

Last year we learned to be flexible, so if 7th May is not suitable, you are welcome to do the ride alone or with friends at any time of your choosing.

As in previous years we ask riders to support St Raphael’s Hospice, a cause close to the heart of our late organiser, Mike Morley. Donations via our JustGiving page which will remain open.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Invitation for A group ride 20th October to Stoke Poges

 The start point will be Addlestone outside the Golden Cafe. There is Costa and Tesco just along from this and toilets in all three. The lunch destination is The Fox and Pheasant and the menu is here.

To save time and to avoid using the app to order your food, I have arranged to email your orders with names to the pub the day before. So if you would like to ride the route please email me also with your food orders.

The route itself goes north through familiar roads Egham, Eton,  an interesting cycle path bypassing Slough and Burnham with an option to do a 12 minute loop through Burnham Beeches forest depending on how the weather develops. 23 miles and 962 ft of ascent, which looks easy, but takes 2 hours because of the slow nature of cycle paths. The return starts with woodland and gradually becomes more urban after Iver Heath, through Stanwell, Ashford and finishing at Upper Halliford at Squire's Garden Centre. 17 miles and 292 ft of ascent. Because of the tricky junctions on the route, I plan to have three groups leaving at 10.30, 10.40 and 10.50 am. So if you live at a distance from Addlestone I can place you in a group with a later start time.

If you would like to ride please email me at by 6pm on Monday 18th with your choice of lunch order. I will email everyone on Tuesday morning with your group, start times and attach gpx route files for your use.

Steve D.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fastish 'A' group Freewheeling , Rusper, Horsham

With a 9:10am early start at Epsom Downs it was a cool ride to the start. We were not expecting Patrick because of his close encounter of the Kia kind. As we were discussing my group leaving a bit early there he was - Patrick loves these rides - it takes more than a dislocated finger to keep him away! It was good to find out that Steve D had fully recovered, and Janice mostly better from strains. 

Our group was Mike R., Hans, Dave B., Marcus, Patrick, Steve W., Mark, Steve D., and Peter. One of our group wanted to go not too fast, which I think I properly complied with for at least the first mile. We rode Tadworth, Walton on the Hill, Pebble Hill, then after a short way took a right up Sandy Lane. This was a great solution to the bad roads Janice and I found on the recce. The group seemed to keep up well so we pressed on. We covered the 20.8 miles to Brockham at an average 16.9mph, the group was mostly happy with this, (sorry Hans and others for my bad lead at the Brockham red traffic light). 

After the coffee break it was off to the top of Root Hill. 

I thought I was in with a chance having a big weight 'advantage' for this but the evidence is: greater mass does NOT win out over a long freewheel when the gradient becomes near flat. Patrick did well, but the awards, given at Brockham Green, went to Sue C. and well done Marcus for getting runner up.
We adjusted the groups a bit, Ged joined us. After a while at a T-junction I wasn't sure if all were up so I went across opposite the T-junction to a nicely concreted area of a farm entrance. As I wheeled round to see if all were up I had gone off the concrete and fell as the wheels slid out  (I like to think a graceful fall). Patrick had the sense to say I needed to check the bike properly, and I found a problem with the chain, soon after I found it was due to a bent outer chain-ring, unusable.

The group were good about my limited pace using the small chainring, after a while we passed a garage and I dropped off there to seek help, the others went on. It was a bit like the Monty Python cheese emporium. The sign said they serviced cars, motorbikes and bikes. I showed the problem, the mechanic said sorry he didn't have the tools for it. I asked for a wrench, (sorry mate, don't have one), pliars (sorry, no) spanner (what size -> small -> no). It isn't really much of a garage then is it? Finest garage in the area sir. And what leads you to that conclusion. Well, it so tidy. It's certainly uncluttered by tools. He let me have a hammer. Said he couldn't watch this, turned away. Two deft knocks and it was running nicely, nearly perfect.    

At Rusper the pub provided great service, including a workbench for Mike to try and fix a gear problem. 

We continued with great sunny conditions, penetrating Horsham, then promptly turning back. Just as on the recce the Garmin did not prompt a left turn off the dual carriage way, but I remembered it as Janice had said to look out for the rather good pub named the Frog and Nightgown along the lane from that turn. All good going back, except later on Dave B. got cramp, thanks Ged for backmarking and sticking with Dave. We finished with Box Hill, and Destination Bikes. To my taste their coffee is the best, better than any of our regular venues, and very good snack slices too.   

Many thanks Janice, excellent route, planning, lunch venue and after a forecast of it being overcast all day we had a great bonus of good sunny weather, you excelled again.

A group freewheel competition - Rusper - Destination Bikes

With the prospect of a short ride following on from the previous week's annual lunch I decided to offer the A group the option of a pre-competion 21 miles. This meant an early start of 9.10am from the Tea Hut at the top of Epsom Downs so I was unsure of the response but it turned out to be a popular choice with 14 of us meeting there, leaving 6 to start the day a little later in Dorking, just a short ride away from Roothill.

I split the 20 riders for the day into 2 groups with Neil sub leading a faster group and me leading a group at a pace that suited the rest of us. Here's Neil's report of his slightly eventful ride.

(Edit: Neil’s report has been deleted and re-posted separately to enable his photos to be be seen).

My group comprising Dave V (thanks for back marking Dave), Dave W, Sue C, Richard and Pete B left the Tea Hut first to allow Neil's group the joy of overtaking us, which of course they did. It was a cold start and I for one was regretting my lack of layers. However, the day was clear and the roads and scenery pleasant and by the time we arrived in Brockham the sky turned blue so we were able to sit and enjoy our coffee and cake outside in glorious warm sunshine.

Off we then went the couple of miles to the freewheel competition where we were joined by the rest of my group; Keith, Mark, Dave F, Gina and John B. Ged had led them from Dorking and he went on to join in with Neil's group.

The freewheel competition started and some, myself included, had their ride frustrated by a fast moving tractor. However, Sue C managed to claim a resounding victory by not only winning the ladies competition but also by beating the men, not something that has ever happened before. Well done Sue!

Marcus won for the men with Keith taking 2nd place.

After prize giving we split into our 2 groups and took a relatively straightforward route to The Star in Rusper. My group managed to get to the bar first and avoid any queue due to Neil's mechanical issues. The Star did an excellent job of serving 20 of us bearing in mind they also had a large group of West Surrey CTC there.

After lunch, still in glorious sunshine, we dropped down into Horsham before turning towards home. The long descent was then paid for by the ascent of Wimlands Hill after the Frog and Nightgown. We mainly travelled lovely Surrey roads and lanes but with one incident with a van driver who edged so close to Sue that she was able to knock on his window. 

With some gritting of teeth the group went up Boxhill and it was worth it for the sense of achievement after a long ride and for the fantastic coffee and cake in Destination Bikes. I'll certainly be using there again!

Thanks you for your cheerful company on a glorious early Autumnal day with particular thanks to Dave V for back marking and Neil W for sub leading.

The 2021 Freewheel Competition

Thank you to the 15 or so riders who joined the B ride in glorious weather on Wednesday. And an extra thank you to Dave for getting us all off to a fine start at the top of Root Hill and to Clive for leading the second group, or was that the later, or shorter, or longer one? I think most of us have forgotten and probably never really cared too much.

John A.


John Austin led one group of Bs from Dorking Christian Centre to Root Hill for the annual freewheel competition. Fixie Dave was in the second group and soon after he arrived he pushed off and the competition was under way.

Waiting for everyone else
Poised at the start

Waiting for the big tractors
I went first and stopped opposite a large yellow vehicle. Mark soon rushed by my marker as did many others. A little later Sue Chasty and Marcus Phillips came by, almost level. Eventually they stopped, Sue travelling about one length further. The other Sue (Foster) was lady runner-up – this competition was in complete contrast to her recent marvellous performance in Scotland (see blog), Keith Rook was runner-up (male) – I remember when he used to win.

We gathered on the green at Brockham for prizegiving – again Ed had made a couple of unique wood carvings for the winners (Thanks Ed), and the runners-up received an inner tube – never know when it might be useful. I hope everyone enjoyed this annual diversion – I understand large tractors with large trailers were a problem for some – if it happens again you can always go back and try again.


The streamlined Sues

Runner-up Sue with her prize

Sue with her Work of Art made by Ed

Runner-up Keith with his new tube

New rider Marcus, proud of his trophy


Clive Janes led the second B Group:

Mother nature confounded the forecasters once again and the early cloud dispersed giving way to blue skies and sunshine by the time everyone arrived at St Martins church in Dorking.  The warm sunshine had its effect, and my group of Sue, Tony, Tim, Grant, Dave and Paul were very laid back and not concerned at all as we chatted, drank coffee and ate cake in the church cafe while the appointed departure time slipped by. We were still very relaxed 20 minutes later when we mounted our trusty steeds to make the journey to Root Hill. Even the prospect of intense competition to come could not crack the chilled nature of this group.

After making our way through Dorking High Street, then through Betchworth Park golf course we were soon cycling through England’s green and pleasant land. The divine countenance was certainly shining forth and illuminating Surrey’s pleasant pastures on this beautiful Autumn morning.

As we approached Root Hill, a chromatic spectrum of coloured cycling jerseys could be seen gathered at the summit – we were the last to arrive, but we weren’t bothered.

This breezy attitude clearly paid off and our group performed admirably in the racing with Sue Foster collecting the Womens runner-up prize; well done Sue.

After the racing, and the prize giving on the Green, we were the last group to set off for the short ride to the lunch stop at Henfold Lakes.

Soon after eating lunch the topic of conversation quickly turned to where we would stop for tea and cakes. You can see where the priorities of this group lie! It was decided that bicycle friendly Ginger & Charlie in Leatherhead would fit the bill nicely, so we made a bee line for Leatherhead. Only the south face of Punchbowl Lane stood in our way, but it was a piece of cake with tea and cake almost within touching distance.

Following a very enjoyable tea stop where the topics of conversation were wide ranging from how good the coffee was to climate change to the merits, or otherwise, of various  elevenses locations, I made the short journey home while others had further to go.

~ Clive