Saturday, October 09, 2021

Invitation to join A group ride Weds 13 October

The good news is that Wednesday sees the return of the freewheel competition but the bad news is that it could be another low mileage day following on from our annual lunch.

For those who like to keep their miles up I'm therefore offering the opportunity to have a pre-competition ride of 21 miles which will be led by Neil W and myself. This ride will meet at the Tea Hut (which will be closed) near Tattenham Corner on Epsom Downs at 9.10 ready for the first group departing at 9.15 and the second (if needed) by 9.20. The ride will end around the corner from the start of the freewheel competition at the Reading Rooms in Brockham where we can take on board coffee and cake in order to add a bit of weight and improve our chances in the competition.

For those who prefer the traditional freewheel competition day please make your way to the advertised meeting point at St Martins in Dorking from where Ged will lead you at about 11.15 to the start of the freewheel competition which begins at 11.45.

After the competition we'll make our way in 2 groups led by Neil and me to The Star in Rusper (11 miles). After lunch we'll take a 26 mile circuitous route to Destination Bikes just past the top of Boxhill.

Mileage for the day will be 37 if you start at Dorking or 58 at Tattenham Corner.

Please let me know by Monday 2pm if you'd like to join the ride and state which start point you would like (9.10 Tattenham Corner or around 10.50 Dorking, depending on how long you need there). If you are happy to upload the route please let me know and I'll send the garmin connect link.

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