Thursday, January 31, 2013

Belated Photos from B Ride on 9 January 2013

Walton bridge under construction.
The lunch pub, Thames Court, was super, it was so warm in the sun it was almost eating outside.

B Ride Wednesday 30 January 20132

An unusually large number of us laboured off to Redhill. 11 decided to risk it with me viz Dave, Ed, Helene, Ian, John, Liz, Pete, Peter, Terry, Tim, and Tom. I had chosen the Plough at Rusper for lunch which is south-west from Redhill. Guess which way the wind was blowing?  We got there without too much difficulty other than inital stutter from me (ie going round in a loop!) The weather gradually got better and, other than the wind, it was lovely, sunny and not cold.

The pub had laid a nice table for us and it provided us with a pleasant lunch.

After lunch we made a small detour to a minor stately house - Lyne House, home of the Broadwood family, Broadwood as in pianos - but access from the south was barred by a locked gate (the road looked normal enough on the OS map, albeit though a farmyard).
Then on to Dorking to a tea room I like, by which time we were down to four, Ed. Ian, Terry and me.
 Terry, who is a well-known expert on toes, pointed ot that the Dorking cockerel had one too few toes!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Demi B + C Ride - 30 January


Demi B + C with Walton Bridge in background???

Gill and I turned up at Molesey D.C. to lead the ‘C’ group only to find we also had half the ‘B’ group there as wellOn enquiring whether they were doing their own ride the answer was a definite NO; we are coming with you!! So off we set, a total of 19. It was a lovely day, plenty of sunshine and breezy.

We wound our way thro' Molesey Park Road, Island Farm Road, Molesey Road, Rydens Road, Sidney Road, Walton Bridge where David Bailey alias ‘RON’ took pictures of the group with the new bridge in the background. Thanks Ron. Then on to lunch at the ‘Kingfisher’ at Chertsey Bridge, where 8 of us crossed the bridge to the ‘Boathouse Inn’ to spread the load. We were then blown back to Hampton Court where 9 remaining had tea and cakes at the ‘5 on the Bridge’.

Thanks to Gill and John G for being back markers and thanks to everyone for an enjoyable day.

P.S. Brian - Molesey D.C. is being relocated some time in the summer to MOLE HALL??
Final announcement later.

Easy Riders, photos and map - 30th January

The Easy Riders have a day out to study the architecture of bridges and monitor flood levels

B Group - 30th January

Bernard's ride from Redhill to Rusper for lunch (16 miles) and on to Tea in Dorking (12.2 miles)

A Group - 30 January

11 Green Bottles at the Reigate Hill Table
8 Green Bottles at the Horley Wetherspoons Table

4 Green Bottles at the Box Hill Table

A Group 30th January

Today's ride was a bit of a leg-stretcher after a prolonged spell of poor conditions. The 'Two Tables' ride would take in the viewpoints on Reigate Hill and Box Hill, with some quick and easy miles in between. The weather obliged, with sunshine and mild temperatures, and we all had a pretty good day, but in rather different ways.

A dozen of us set off from Redhill, past the windmill on Wray Common and then up Wray Lane to our first objective, the viewpoint at the top of Reigate Hill. Very good views from here, and Fixie Mike peeled off as he had only come to elevenses to pick up a trophy for engraving. Not a bad little climb on a fixie, though.

For the rest of us it was fast down Gatton Bottom, along Rockshaw Road and Spring Bottom Lane to the bottom of White Hill. Jeff was obviously disappointed at the 'Road Closed' signs on White Hill, but no-one else seemed too bothered and we rolled down to Bletchingly at a good pace. Just the other side of Bletchingly Ray had a puncture, and a couple of miles further on Hans had one too. We stopped for a puncture break and Dave went back to help Ray. It was just as well that he did, as Ray had discovered two unhelpful things in beginning to sort himself out. The first was that the puncture was a substantial split in the tube, and the second was that the little box in his bag wasn't a puncture outfit, it was a first aid kit. Sometimes an Aspirin isn't enough...

Anyway, the resourceful Ray had made himself known to the landlord of the Prince of Wales, who had very kindly offered to drive to Redhill to buy him a tube. The arrival of Dave made this unnecessary, but, puncture fixed, they decided that the least they could do was to have their lunch at the Prince of Wales.

The rest of us rolled on to the Jack Fairman in Horley, where reasonably priced food and drink was cheerfully provided in the customary Wetherspoons style.

Off again in the sunshine after lunch, to another little contretemps on Horse Hill. Here Colin and John were inexplicably separated from the group, so we were becoming a pretty select band, heading for Box Hill.

We soon became even more select, as Pete and Simon decided that Box Hill might be a hill too far at this point in the season, and that the flat road to Annies was the one for them.

So five of us got to the second table on Box Hill, which is a pretty high attrition rate. But, twenty minutes later, riding up a windy Leatherhead High Street to Annies, we were pleased to see familiar bikes outside and familiar faces inside, already tucking in to their teas. Dave and Ray were there, as were Pete, Simon and Colin. Only John was missing, presumed to have gone straight home.

Chatting it all over it was pretty clear that although the ascenders of Box Hill were jolly pleased with themselves, those who had avoided it by various stratagems were no less pleased.

So that's a good start to the season - and maybe the beginning of Spring. Daffodils almost out on Bunce Common lane, and a profusion of snowdrops.

Stats are 39.6 miles elevenses to tea, 2,672 feet of ascent, maximum speed 44.8 mph and 1,774 calories.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Team Wednesday 23rd

Due to the inclement weather, riding to the Bradbury Centre in Kingston I wasn’t too sure how many would turn up, however 9 other hearty souls braved the conditions and we set of just after 11-15 for our destination to Harmondsworth, negotiating our way through Mkt Place and over Kingston Bridge, right into Sandy Lane to Teddington and Hampton Hill avoiding Bushy Park just in case it was slippery.
Avoiding the main Uxbridge Road we rode the parallel Hanworth Road to Hanworth and Feltham, skirting the South West of Heathrow through Stanwell, Stanwell Moor across the M25 to Poyle were the sleety weather started in earnest, right, back over the M25 near Longford, we were now riding in the real stuff, but by now it was just a mile or two to The Five Bells pub, although the pace was brisk, I started with 10 and there were still 10 of us for lunch, with a table of ten reserved for us, with just one other customer there all lunch time it wasn’t really necessary but a kind thought. 

After being well fed and putting the world to rights as is customary at lunch times it was back onto the bikes, unfortunately into a slight Easterly wind, although by now the sleet and snow had stopped.
Through Sipson, Harlington, Cranford, Heston, Osterley, Spring Grove to Isleworth.

It would have been along the Tow Path to Richmond but this looked very icy so it was along the main road across the A316 to the south side of the bridge to the café under the bridge. I made it 29 miles from Kingston to tea, hopefully all got home before lights were required.

Frank C

B Group 23 January

Kingston-Weybridge-Stoke D'Abernon
Slippery Walton Bridge

Having plotted today's route in better weather, some serious re-thinking was necessary before leaving Kingston. Instead of the towpath we eleven used main roads over Kingston Bridge to Hampton Court and Hampton, then enjoyed the relative peace and quiet of riverside roads to Walton Bridges. Here a half-hearted snow flurry stayed with us to lunch at The Old Crown, Weybridge. As requested, I had phoned our lunch choices ahead so we had little waiting before delicious meals appeared.

There was still the occasional snowflake in the wind when we left. Some chose to go straight home, others rode to Cobham and three of us stopped for a tea at Stoke D'Abernon Garden Centre. Hopefully everyone arrived home not too cold, wet or late.

Thanks to Tim for backmarking.


A Group 23 January

Wet roads and snow showers for Frank's ride today.  Elevenses at Kingston, Lunch at Harmondsworth and tea at Richmond Bridge - 28.2 miles.

A good pace to keep us warm and an enjoyable ride for a dreary day.


Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm not sure this really counts as cycling but...

...for anyone who hasn't seen this yet:

CLICK HERE for a short YouTube video clip

- Tim

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Group 16 January

The temperature was below -3ºC as I approached Shepperton on Wednesday morning, so I was amazed when a little later a group of 15 hardy Wayfarers left, bound for Mortlake, possibly encouraged by the appearance of the sun.

The route took us through Lower Sunbury, leaving the river on the footpath across the waterworks, to Hanworth and via Hounslow Road to Crane Park. By now the sun had thankfully melted most of the ice on the path. Taking to the roads through Twickenham and Isleworth, then through Syon Park to Brentford, we crossed the Thames at Kew Bridge. Lunch was on the river at The Ship, surrounded by (but thankfully not tied to) the Budweiser (formerly Watneys) brewery.

Service was friendly and efficient. Following lunch most of us were closer to home than on a “normal” Wednesday, so several elected to ride home directly. Six of us made the short trip across Richmond Park (which offered the only gradients of the day bigger than a speed-bump, and the only chance of a little competitive hill-climbing) to Café Galio in New Malden.

At just over 20 miles it may be the shortest ride of the year, but it felt long enough in the cold.

Many thanks to all those who braved the weather with me, and especially to Simon for his most efficient back-marking.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Risen from the ashes!

We DO exist!

After a considerable time in in the Gulag Archipelago, CTC SWL, phoenix like, has risen from the permafrost and is now on full display as a Member Group for the whole world to see  on the website of the CTC Charity. The snapshot above proves it. As Descartes said in the 17th century:  'I'm on the CTC website, therefore I am'. Hooray! Who do we have to thank for this New Year miracle?


The London Bike Show

Maggie and I went to the Bike Show today.  It was well attended, despite the snow, and there was a good buzz and lots going on.  The thing about the Excel Centre, where it's being held, is that you've got lots of space, so they've made an indoor race track, for example.  People were whizzing around on test bikes while we were there, but there's a proper indoor Crit tomorrow evening, which looks like a lot of fun.

Plenty of fancy bikes to lust after; bike holidays, bike clothing and even cars to carry your bike.  Jaguar had a big stand, for example.  Cycling's definitely on a roll at the moment.

I've picked a few out for the photo - Ricky Feather's Rapha Continental, winner of the Bristol Handmade show last year, on the Microsoft stand, for Heaven's sake.  Light Blue had a very pretty Reynolds 853 roadster, plenty of fancy fixies - this one is a Pinarello, and, speaking of Pinarello, the new Dogma is there for ten thousand quid.

Well, if you've got to ask the price ...


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Easy Riders 16 January

Quite a small group this week mainly due to the cold weather I suspect. Wendy, Les, Norman, Ron and myself left the day centre and within less than a mile we had a three bike pile up involving Norman, Ron and Les as we turned left at the end of Renfree Way. Undaunted everyone re-mounted and we continued on down the Chertsey Road to Chertsey bridge where we turned right to follow the river towards Staines.

We turned right at Thames Gate and followed Worple Road, turned right into Kingston Road and then left into Woodthorpe Road into Ashford where we stopped for lunch at the Kings Head, good food and good prices well worth a visit. After lunch we continued into Feltham where Norman, still suffering from the effects of the pile up took the train home.

The rest of us turned right off the High street and rode past Hanworth Park and crossed the A316 into Hampton where we stopped at David and Wendy's for tea after which I took Ron and Les into Bushey Park where they both continued on into Kingston and back home. Short ride this week for me only 20 miles so Les and Ron probably did around 40 miles.

Easy Riders' route - 16th January

Phil Lintott

Alison Butterworth, Phil Lintott's daughter, has informed Pete Barnard of the sad death of her father on Tuesday, 15 January, and given the following details. There will be a family funeral and flowers. Donations in lieu of flowers will go to the Alzheimer's Society.

'My Dad - Philip Lintott sadly died yesterday aged 82
He was an enthusiastic member of the South West London DA clocking up many thousands of miles over approx 15 years ending around 2009. He had many happy memories of rides with the club.
Funeral details below.'
This is to inform you that Philip Lintott died peacefully early on Tuesday 15th January 2013.
We would like to invite you to a service of Thanksgiving for Philip’s life at 2.30pm on Friday 1st February 2013 at St Matthew’s Church, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6JJ.
There will be a short cremation service at 10.15am on Friday 1st February at Leatherhead Crematorium, Randalls Park Cemetery, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, KT22 0AG. This is mainly for family but please let us know if you would like to attend.
Family flowers only; donations in memory of Philip will be given to The Alzheimer’s Society via the Funeral Directors.
Lodge Brothers [Esher], Waynflete House, 78 High Street, Esher, KT10 9QS, 01372 463903.
RSVP Joyce Lintott 0208 398 5416.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

B Group - 16th January

Eighteen of us left Shepperton at 11:25 and with three exceptions rolled into the garden bar of the New Inn in Cartbridge, near Send, just before 12:50 after a pleasant 12.4 mile jaunt through several south western towns followed by green pastures of farmland and golf courses on either side of the Wey. We turned left immediately after Chertsey Bridge and followed our well-worn route through Addlestone Moor, using the cycle path to get past the roundabout which links the various tentacles of the A317 to the A318. We trundled along the footpath and got off the A318 as soon as we could and used the cyclists’ bridge to cross the M25 before riding through Row Town and Woodham, over the Basingstoke Canal and through West Byfleet onto the Pyrford Road. At the end of Warren Lane we turned left to pass the remains of Newark Priory and cross the River Wey before taking to the quieter Papercourt Lane which brought us within half a mile of the pub.

Service at the New Inn was extremely efficient and cheerful; some of us were eating by the time the last of us had placed our orders. And the food was good too.

So we were able to get away well before 2 o’clock which suited many people and left me feeling comfortable about the rest of the day’s itinerary. A small group left the ride at that point, probably when I announced that we were not going to Cobham by a particularly direct route. Eight of us pressed on down Potters Lane past Crickets Hill  and took the sharp left turn for the short climb up Send Hill which had a dangerous amount of ice on it. After passing through Send Marsh we arrived at the main Portsmouth Road where Richard kindly proposed a scenic deviation down Kiln Lane, picturing, I think, a cunning route through to Gambles Lane to rejoin my intended route. After traversing some mud and ice and a certain amount of broken glass we arrived at the embankment of the Ripley Bypass and sensing the peril of trying to get across the A3 we did a U-turn back to the Portsmouth road. We passed the Jovial Sailor with its recent memories of another happy lunch and turned into Grove Heath Road which produced in Richard a minor déjà vu moment I think. When we reached Guileshill Lane I expected more defections but the sun was still shining so we pressed on down Ripley Lane, cut through Pincott Lane to The Street in West Horsley and followed East Lane and the Drift Road, with its little hill, through to Effingham Junction. Without any further deviation or any more gratuitous miles to pad out the afternoon ride we cruised back into Cobham where Terry took the lead to a nice cozy café in Hollyhedge Lane which he had recommended at lunch time. We arrived at 3 o’clock after 12.6 miles and six of us took refreshment there.

Thanks to everyone for their warm support for my first ride. Thanks to Peter C for doing the recce with me back in December on a day which was even frostier than today, and for being Back Marker. He performed at least one sterling act by retrieving a new Sou’Westers top from the road after it had bounced out of Liz’s bar bag. Thanks too to John Gould, Gill Finlay and others whose previous rides I have recorded digitally and was therefore able to commit brazen acts of plagiarism in order to devise today’s route.

- Tim

  per Birotam ad Tabernam

A Group 16th January

An interesting and enjoyable ride from Dave today.  Cold, though - the temperature only briefly got above freezing, and soon went back below. 21.5 miles from elevenses at Shepperton to tea at New Malden, lunch being taken at the Ship, Mortlake.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Group 16 January

Unfortunately Paul is unwell and so will not be able to lead the group on Wednesday. I will be leading a ride from Shepperton to The Ship on the river at Mortlake, with tea to be decided by the group. I hope you will be able to join me.

Dave Vine

Monday, January 14, 2013

Douglas G Reynolds, MBE, JP

 Doug in 1997

I have received the following message from Douglas Reynolds, who tells me that he was a pre-and post-war member of Kingston CTC and Kingston Phoenix. Lisa has kindly provided a photo. Some of you may well remember him. His citation in the Queen's New Year Honours 2013 was 'for services to the community of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames'.

Dear Jeff,
I was an active member of the Kingston CTC and Kingston Phoenix before and after the war and I am sure that there are still a few members who remember me and when possible, I attend the Annual Dinner of the Phoenix. I am sending this message to you as I have received an MBE for Service to the Community, as I am sure that those who remember me will be interested.
Kind regards.

Easy Riders - 9 January

I led eleven from Walton Day Centre over Walton bridge towards Gaston Bridge Rd. Then we went left past Shepperton golf club,  past the studios and made our way to Eddydocket Lane, where we had lunch at the Thames Court pub. When we were leaving the pub, the sun came out and we made our way back through Shepperton & Sunbury to Hampton Court, where we had tea at Five On The Bridge; then we made our way home.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy Riders - 9th January

David Salmon's ride from Walton DC to The Thames Court pub for lunch and thence to Five at the Bridge for Tea

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Group - 9 January

A full contingent outside the Plough at Horsell, greatly discomfited by the unwonted sunshine. The only protective gear we lacked was sunglasses.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Riders - 9 Jan

Walton DC - The Plough, Horsell - West Horsley

An equestrian theme to today's ride for which we were joined by a new rider, Hans - welcome Hans! - and an old companion whom we haven't seen for a while - Mr. Sunshine.  Although the day started damp, it was dry when a round dozen left Walton.  Heading over Walton bridge to observe the construction progress, we continued through the maze that is Chertsey, and via a gratuitous circuit of St. Anne's Hill, across to Lyne.  My sense of direction disagreed with my notes at this point so Graham kindly advised on the route to Trumps Green (the notes were right...).  Horsell now lay directly to the South so we zig-zagged through rather waterlogged heathland to the Plough.

Mark was waiting for us, having taken a rather more direct route, sporting an unfeasibly large raffle prize in his unfeasibly small saddle-bag.  Apologies Mark, for losing you before we even started.  There was a warm welcome in the pub: good food was served promptly, and the sun came out!  

The route for the afternoon was planned in the depths of winter rain, and with the sunshine we could have gone further, but as it was we struck out through Woking towards Ripley and then to Squires at West Horsley, where we arrived still in sunshine at about 2.30.  Peter (Betts) was struck twice by bad luck when he punctured almost within sight of Squires, and then his (combination) lock jammed locked and had to be forced open after tea.  I made it about 26 miles from elevenses to tea.  Roll on the longer days!

B Group - 9th January

Walton D.C. – Five Bells pub, Horton – Italian Café, Shepperton
             What a beautiful day, 19 left Walton D.C. but only 18 arrived, somewhere Bernard seems to have gone AWOL.  We travelled via Walton Bridge, Chertsey Bridge, Thorpe Road to Egham over the level crossing turning right at the roundabout to The Causeway where we walked up the footpath to the A30 flyover and down the path to Wraysbury and continued to Horton where Doreen and Ron had already arrived.  Everyone was well fed and we were ready to leave at 2.15pm  returning via Staines and Laleham to Shepperton where 7 remained to partake of tea and cakes at the Italian café.
               A big thank you to one and all for a lovely day and thank you Terry for being T.E.C.  Thanks to Tim for the map.

- Irene 

Per Birotam ad Tabernam

A Group 9th January

Today's map is not to the customary level of accuracy.  Chatting at elevenses I missed the departure of the As, not finding them until lunch at the Plough, Horsell.  Things looked up from this point, with a good lunch and the sun coming out.

I rode 20.3 miles from elevenses to tea; others may have done more.  It was a good ride in the sunshine, anyway.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Vic by Vic

Farewell to 2012

These watery photos were taken by Vic and show what he gets up to when not under our weather eye.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

A Group - 2 January, 2013

Cobham - Woodmansterne - Tattenham Corner

 Outside the forbidding gates of the mysterious Old Rectory in Mugswell

A rousing clarion call to the New Year from a shrivelled pea roused a reluctant legion of eleven to abandon empty cups for the first MWW ride of 2013. With the inertia of gravity once overcome, the pace quickened as we headed East via Stoke d’Abernon and the Yehudi Menuhin School to Leatherhead. Here our statutory lady (the enigmatic J) discretely left the gentlemen to their own devices. Once past the Leisure Centre, we pulled back the joystick and our angle of inclination held steadily positive.

We passed Headley Court, where construction work seems well advanced, and Headley Forge, to crest Hurst Road and level out at Walton-on-the-Hill. After a short stretch of A217 we took Chipstead Lane to explore the scenic ups and downs of Mugswell, stopping in Rectory Road at the forbidding wrought iron gate of the Old Rectory for a surreptitious photograph. We speculated what shady potentate might darkly shelter behind the portcullised gates. Answers under plain cover please.

A chorus of groans greeted the long downhill from the High Road down Hazelwood Lane to Outwood Lane, to be replaced with cheers as we welcomed Chipstead Way, knowing that our lunchtime venue of the Woodman in Woodmansterne was now just a stone’s throw away at the end of the road. Some thought that it really was the end of the road. A special mention must go to Pete, who stoically faced all these ups and downs with a single speed gear.

After lunch at the Woodman
Revived by a reasonable lunch washed down with a pint, we sped downhill down Rectory Lane into incipient drizzle, before another gentle climb up How Lane to Chipstead. A cautious descent of Castle Road (two single chevrons and now one-way only), led us to Waterhouse Lane. At Kingswood a straw poll, influenced by steady drizzle, revealed a strong consensus in favour of a shortened route to Tattenham Corner. We were warmly welcomed at the Silver Spoon by one of those seemingly ubiquitous, smiling Slavonic young women, with apologies for the absence of carrot cake and fudge cake (for which our Treasurer has such a soft spot), though the toasted tea-cake was delicious and calorific.

With the drizzle eased and dusk approaching, home was downhill for nearly everybody, with 40 – 50 miles to start off the New Year’s mileage total.

 Apologies for the tardy appearance of this ride report. The sluggard has been sharply reprimanded.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

East Riders - 2 January, 2013

I led C group today. We went on the old A3 road to Blackhills - the iron gates still open; so continued to Claygate. Took a left passing Squires at Long Ditton and went round to Ye Old Swan at Thames Ditton. Had a nice lunch, 3 having hot curry.

It was a bit chilly out today and seemed to get chillier after lunch with the drizzly rain. I decided to stop at Ewell Court shops for afternoon tea. A new cafe but no cakes! Don't think we will be going back there. Roads were noticeably quiet today due to school holidays.


Easy Riders - 2nd January, 2013

Not quite the official Easy Riders' route from Cobham to Thames Ditton

B Group - 2nd January, 2013

I was feeling a little unsure of myself when I left Cobham with the B group!  It was the first time I was leading a ride without having previously ridden over the route AND I had forgotten to phone the Jovial Sailor prior to Wednesday!   Fortunately Tom got the pub's number from his phone so I was able to ask/forwarn the pub before we left the British Legion.

There I was on Saturday night, four maps on the floor, plotting a reasonable ride to Ripley.

Lucky me, the ride went well, I had great back up from Frank C around the route and Irene did a grand job as back marker.  Eighteen cyclists left Cobham - past Effingham Station to the junction where we turned right, then  into 'Dog Alley'!   Out on to the Guildford Road, Epsom Road and into Blakes Lane where our cycling skills were challenged!! (Lot's of pot holes and water).   Then a left, right and left into Ripley Road, Gambles Lane and Grove Heath Road which took us almost into the pub! 

I had planned a few more miles but it wasn't necessary for once in Ripley Rd I realised that we could go direct to the pub to arrive at 12.45 as planned.   It wasn't far to lunch when Tammy punctured but she had plenty of help and was back on the road before one could wink their eye!!!!!
Fifteen of us sat down to eat and the service was great!   Seems that there were no other bookings for Wednesday so we were served very quickly.  (I believe the staff were pleased to see us!)

We took the direct route to Cobham where six of us had tea in Sainsbury's.   I do enjoy these relaxed tea stops in good company and lots of chat!

More good wishes for a Happy New Year, and then the ride home - and I did not get wet, well, maybe a little damp - I hope others fared the same!

Pam :) :)

[essay to follow...]

Per Birotam ad Tabernam