Friday, June 27, 2008

A Group June 25th

Some 11 (Pete M, Julian,Rob,John B, Ray, Mike M, Bob, Toni, Ed and Will, led by Pete B) set off on a bright sunny, if a little windy, day. Joined briefly by Bernie before she headed off to Reigate and places west, we cut through the backstreets of Redhill and took the farm road through Doversgreen. Half a mile of the A217 and then off through Irons Bottom and another farm road from Mynthurst which took us to Parkgate. The, new to some, lane through Cudworth led us back to Partridge Lane and then south taking advantage of various almost traffic free lanes to enter Crawley from the Ifield direction. Whilst Mike and John choose to negotiate the traffic strewn roundabouts, the rest took the cyclepath, all arriving at the Jubilee Oak ready for the usual cheerful Wetherspoon's fare.
Hunger and thirst satisfied, we set off with the now favourable wind taking route 21 through the bowels of Gatwick Airport and into Horley. Here, Mike and Toni, fearing that more miles might ruin their performances in the evening 10, headed the direct route home, accompanied by Bob. The rest went up past Redhill Aerodrome to climb over the A25 and through Merstham to Fannys Farm for tea before making our own ways home.
From Pete Barnard

Thursday, June 26, 2008

AA Group June 25th

Pictures from Pam
Thought you may like to hear of the 'A A' group ride led by Irene. I met Irene on the towpath outside her home en route to Chertsey Bridge to meet Pete Mathews and Gill. Our planned lunch stop was at The Cricketers, Maidens Green (or is it Winkfield Row)! We stopped for some time watching the pony and her foal by the water where Nessie dwells! then down past golf club where we had to dive into bushes (well almost) to get out of the way of a fire engine, lights a flashing and all that. Peter finished upon the opposite side of lane cos his brake cable broke, just like that! Who had a spare cable? Irene! I was so impressed, must add one to my kit! On to Egham Hill and into Windsor Park at Bishopsgate for tea (11's) at the village shop. No Royalty to day! This is where we saw the swan taking his/her youngster for a walk along the verge. We decided to take lunch at the Oaktree Garden Centre, (very near to The Cricketers)just for a change, very good and very cheap!. We returned via bridle paths and onto Ascot race course (well, we crossed the course), through Cheapside, through Blackness Gate into Windsor Park again, past the Polo pitches and out of Bishopsgate, then down Tite Hill to my place for afternoon tea and bikies etc. When it was time to move on we all returned to Chertsey Bridge, reversing the route we used in the morning. Pam

B Group June 25th

There were 10 of us when we set off from Redhill. we lost one on the way (His choice because he was so near home) and Robin went straight to lunch because his hip is still playing up. The attendees are recorded photographically! The ride from Redhill to Crystal Palace really is a bit of a brute. I lost track of all the ups and downs but I did notice that whereas the high point on North Cheam to Redhill is 165m the high-point after Redhill was 225m. As well as the 2 or 3 big hills there's any number of short sharp hills. The route is more-or-less due north: Caterham-on-the-Hill, Warlingham, Selsdon, Shirley. One bit that's off-road (although it's marked a cycle path on the London Bike map) was a very different experience from that 8 weeks previously. Then it was like cycling along a river with a bumpy bottom, yesterday it was dry - but still bumpy. After Norman's puncture we eventually got to lunch at 2.00. Then a nice lunch sitting in the garden and several people had a swim in the nice warm pool I promised.

C Group - 25th June

I had so much on my plate that I almost gave up before going out to elevenses. However, not wishing to go without my usual Wednesday ride I phoned our designated leader, Lynda only to receive her reply from Hamburg Airport where she was in the company of Helga. After contacting Bill he said lunch was to be at The Old Plough Stoke d`Abernon. I made for that pub and arrived half an hour before Roger (who had taken up the leading job) arrived with Harold, John C., Beryl, Bill H., Ron, Dave, Pat and Bill M. and Dennis. The weather was great and we made our way up Blundel Lane and Claygate Common for our tea at Claygate. As for the photos I took at the pub;, I fear they have been lost in my endeavours to attach them. Better luck next time -------- Albert

"B" Group Ride Wed 25 June 08

Ian has asked me to blog this:

I would like to record for the Blog please that I and I am sure the rest of the "B" riders had a super day today. we rode a few hills and were then taken to a fantastic mansion for an excellent lunch,beer,wine and a dip in the swimming pool. Many thanks to Bernard.

As the editor of Sou'Wester, I would like to add my congratulations to Bernard for being so generous in his invitation. I was not aware of the invitation, though I am told it was on the Blog. (been away for a week with Barbara and missed it). Personally as it happened I would have welcomed a shorter ride today than the excellent "A" ride by Pete Barnard, simply because having joined the KPRC today, I rode the ten mile Vet standard TT. I am doubly ashamed to say that I was beaten 4 secs by Toni De. He also did the long "A" ride and ended up with a 29min. 18sec time, which puts him so superior to me as he is 2yrs older. Toni however does not take it serious like me which probably means he is not so competitive. I will get him soon but I also have to beat him on standard which is probably by 30secs? Toni watch out there's a sniper about! Meanwhile I congratulate my elders whom I have much respect for.

P.S. to Pete Mitchell, this latter tripe should really be on the KPRC Blog, you have my permission to transcribe it if you think it merits anything. To me its just friendly rivalry and engenders a good club spirit.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stephanie again

Regarding Stephanie's request for a replacement leader in August(see below), people can also call her on 020 8543 7228. She is standing by and waiting for your call! Come on Guys and Gals anything to help a lady out. (Maybe I should start riding with the "C" group, the rest are getting to fast 4me!)

Have a lovely ride Wednesday wherever you go and remmember life is for living, enjoy it, be happy and make someone else happy each day. If you have a problem with that, see me and I will see what I can do. Love to all the Wayfarers you re the heart of the DA as I see it.

Sou'wstr ed.

See above photo of me in Sufolk this weekend ( yes I was entoying myself)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Message from Stephanie "C" ride 6 Aug 08

Stephanie writes "Sorry I can't lead the C riders on August 6th, I am away for the first 3 weeks of August,I'm willing to swop. Stephanie (Also thanks to Albert for doing last weeks blog )"

You can reply to Stephanie by e-mail to: stephanie wyatt [].

While I am on the blog I could not resist a photo of this sign while Barbara and I were on holiday in Southwold this last week, the picture is taken in Walberwick.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

B Goup June 18th

B Group Ride, Wednesday 18 June 2008

On Wednesday the B and C groups set off together, initially there was some confusion as to who was riding with who and where we were going. However led by Stephanie by the time we had crossed Chertsey Flats through open fields and tall grass we had sorted ourselves into two groups. Group B consisting of our leader Robin, Judy, Frank, Francoise, Norman, David, John G, and new John Barrett cycled onto Chertsey Gardens where unfortunately we lost John G and new John at a junction despite heroic efforts by Norman to find them. The reduced group continued towards Windsor passing by Thorpe Park along a newly discovered path and on into Windsor Great Park. It was here that we watched the Royal coaches and horses proceeding along Dukes Drive to pick up the Queen and her party to take them to Ascot, a splendid sight! We continued over the hills and down into Windsor where we ate at Witherspoon’s. Our return through Windsor Park was less eventful, we only got lost once, as we cycled on through Coworth and Wentworth Estates past, no went through, Wentworth golf course, Addlestone, Weybridge and onto the Thames towpath. By the time we got to Hampton court it was too late for tea at “Five on the Bridge” and we split all going our separate ways. All in all an excellent day out lots of interest, plenty of hills and some fast stretches of cycling, I clocked up 52 miles, great – well done Robin!
Report by David Salmon

News of Harold Fifield

I received a call from north of the border from our friend Harold who would like his best wishes passed on. He`s been getting the best of the weather in Scotland and expects to be home soon and back with C group-------Albert

"c" group - 18 June 2008

Afraid I`ve been without internet for a week, trying to get Broadband in order to download photos a bit faster. Experienced quite a few snags on the way (not quite so painfull as the ones I collect on the bike) but it seems I`ve got back on line again and the bike, now the stiches have been removed. As for last Wednesday`s ride; I took my own route from Weybridge to The Rose and Crown at Thorpe Green as the other fourteen riders intended to go over Chertsey Meads where I had collected a bit of a mishap a couple of years ago.
About an hour later with my lunch finished and only half a pint of beer in my glass, our leader Stephanie arrived, followed by Charles, Beryl, John C., Mark, Bill H., Ron, Fuzz, a few more plus a lady whose name noone seemed to know. and i joined them at table after which they intended to make for the Weybridge towpath en route to their teastop. Thinking I would at least like to join them, I followed until we reached Line Crossing Lane where they took a right turn which was hardly the way to weybridge, so being at the back i peeled off to the left and made it for home which in any case is halfway to Weybridge. I hope someone sends you a more satisfactory report for the blog ----------- Albert

Les Johnston

We are having a great time on Greek Island already had two water ski s each
Les and Barbara

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Group June 18th

Leader Ed Sharp Weather Fine Elevenses Weybridge - Destination Eton Wick 16 members set forth via Addlestone, Chertsey Bridge, then using the towpath to Laleham, Staines and Runneymede then on road to Datchet & Eton. Vic knew a quiet pub (The Greyhound) away from the Ascot crowds. Return journey Vic led us to Windsor Park, then Pam led to Englefield Green & Egham and very kindly provided tea and biscuits at her immaculate new house. Pete M showed a DVD of this years Dieppe Raid on the giant screen. We then went our separate ways, Pam guided some to Chertsey Bridge who were not sure of the wayback. Myself visited friends in Staines. Another jolly Day Distance for me 60 Miles. 1 Puncture Ed Sharp

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Group 18 June 08

Lunch at the Greyhound, Eton Wick

Leader Ed - I'm sure there's something missing
Report to follow

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Landsend to John O'Groats

I will be cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats on 12 to 26 July 2008 to
raise money for NCH, the children's charity that I have supported for over
30 years. This will be quite a challenge for me I have done the occasional
long rides but never 70 miles a day for 15 days and would appreciate your
support by way of a donation to NCH through my website
David Robert Salmon

June 25th Ride

I am leading the B riders on 25 June from the ever-popular Redhill. I intend to have lunch at Chez Brindley and I shall make sure my swimming pool is nice and warm. So you might like to bring some bathers - I've got plenty of towels.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh not more Dieppe08

Yes and it's one more from me B4 I depart for a week. It's me in my Element (mental) state Crumble'ing at the knees!

Dieppe Raid 08

Another exitable winner, I think Terry's cup is falling apart.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dieppe Raid 2008

Many cups were won. Norman has agreed to do a full and good write-up. Meanwhile I am away all next week but would like to post a photo of two very happy winners, the one in the Red could hardly contain herself. Not sure what she won but she was so exited.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

C Group June 11th

Good turnout at Walton. Weather ideal. Ron led around fifteen of us to an unspecified pub in the Stanwell Moor area. There was Bill H., Dave, Phil, Mark and Charles plus Tom, David, Fuzz, Bill and Pat Matthews, Lynda and Dawn, then Dennis, Roger, Geoff., and me. I know that`s more than fifteen but at a later count fifteen it was. We turned down to the towpath near The Swan and were obliged, due to our number and also some pedestrians with a large dog, to walk over the footbridge near Walton Marina. After going under Walton Bridge we tooka left turn over same bridge and made for lower Shepperton and Chertsey bridge, under which we all trooped to arrive on Laleham Thameside. At Laleham we took the towpath route to Staines Bridge under which we made for Moor Lane where, after another half mile we chose a nearby pub as time was getting short. It was closed so we retraced down Moor Lane to a pub I know to be first class, The Bells. We had a splendid and well served lunch after which Shepperton was to be our tea stop. For once we crossed the bridge like everyone else and took the Chertsey Road. At the Thorpe Park roundabout we went left to Penton Hook and enjoyed quite a bit of offroad before arriving on Bridge Road in Chertsey. A further count showed there were still fifteen survivors so it was pretty straitforward and over the bridge to Shepperton. 25 miles ro-day------------------Albert

A&B Group June 11th

Most Wayfarers must be night owls as only eleven early birds (Graham, Angie,
Bernard, David A, Harry, John G, Norman, Rob, Stephanie, Toni, Tony) were
about for the 2008 Breakfast Run. The Dewsbury Gardens railway footpath was
closed forcing an unexpected and extended tour of the Worcester Park
suburbs. Next we passed close by Maisons Sharp et Dodd before heading up to
Headley and down Pebblecombe. Brockham, Parkgate, and the Newdigate back
road were preludes to the Rusper climb, and Old Holbrook was used for the
A264 dash into Horsham and The Lynd Cross aka Wetherspoon's. Here we were
joined for breakfast by independents Ray D and John B. After an decent
interval it was time to go. John G and Bernard had a plan (a paddle in
Brighton I seem to recall) and Ray had one too. Concensus was against an
all-day ride so we went over the golf course and under the A24 to emerge in
Warnham. After going under its station, we headed up the hill beside the
brickworks/landfill site. Norman was in for an eventful day, firstly going
AWOL near Horsham before brekkies, and secondly diverting here into a
private garden much to the owners' surprise after misinterpreting my
handsignal. Familiar roads through Capel, Newdigate and Dorking meant it was
five for tea at a crowded Denbies whilst the rest were for home. A warm day
with a tad more sun in the morning.

Graham Hill

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

N.B. Early start times

June 11th Early Start at 08:00 for Horsham

Thursday, June 05, 2008

C Group - June 4th

We enjoyed some real summer weather with sunshine all the way. A good turnout at Cobham but Mike, our leader was missing so Mark took on the job with the intention of making for The New Inn at Send. There was Beryl, Bill H., Roger, Fuzz, Ron, Alan, Phil., Tom and Dennis plus yours truly taking the Plough Lane route to Martyrs Green and the Ockham road by which point the lunch destination had changed somewhat and we landed up at the George IV instead. Nothing wrong with the pub though. Tea was to be back at Cobham so having an appointment I made for home down the Ripley Road (nearly all downhill} which a very pleasant bit of the Surrey Cycleway. By the way; near Ripley where the road goes over the Ripley Bypass, some pretty extensive work seems to be going on with half the carriageway closed over the bridge. ---------------- Albert

B Group - June 4th

17 B Group cyclists led by Yours Truly set out from Cobham, going via Martyr's Green, Wisley Airfield, Elm Corner Wisley, Pyrford Lock, and Pyrford to Woking, where we avoided the Town Centre by taking to the towpath of the Basingstoke canal. We then passed through Horsell and Chobham to lunch at the Brickmakers pub at Windlesham. The service, the setting and the food were all excellent (N.B. - When trying out the route on Monday, I had met the chef and successfully persuaded him to add 3 varieties of jacket potato to today's menu - just for us).

Our afternoon route went thru' Virginia Water, Chertsey and Shepperton, to tea at the cafe in the Walled Garden in Lower Sunbury - a beautiful spot. From tea we cycled to Hampton Court, whence we dispersed homeward. On my way home, I noted that parts of the Thames towpath near Kingston were flooded. Those that started and finished at North Cheam did a total of almost 60 miles.

John Gould

A Group 4 June '08

The Magnificent Seven at Godalming Wetherspoons

Refreshed and rarin' to go
Leisurely tea at Squires, West Horsley

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Monday 26 May 08

Bob & Brian joined me for lunch at the Red Lion Cheam. Very nice it was to. Brian sends Bon Voyage to the Dieppe Raiders.

Wed 28 May

A belated photo! Pam and Will studying form. Lunch

C Group May 28

Weather a bit `iffy` damp less cold and hardly any wind. We had a good turnout at Kingston with Roger leading us for lunch at The Weir pub. With all the deep puddles from the recent heavy rain we avoided the towpath and with Roger`s knowledge of his home ground and the back streets of Kingston, the first place I recognised was East Molesey. Present on the ride were Lynda, Beryl, Carol, Fuzz, Dave, John C., Bill H., Alan, Ron, Mark, Robin, Charles, Tom, Dennis and me; a goodly crowd of sixteen with Roger. We took a right down Walton Lane going left in the Walton direction then right at the next roundabout down to our lunch near the river. The pub has much improved with good service. Tea was to be taken at The Five at the Bridge cafe at Hampton Court so it was my second ride along the Hurst Road that day, returning after tea to retrace my way home by 4.30 with 32 miles showing on the handlebars and a goodly thirst. Thanks Roger ------------- Albert

Raasey Times

Raasay Times - Final Edition

A Skye circular (47 miles), our only long ride, ended at 1230, which made G even grumpier as the ferry left at 1315 (not 1235 due to my misreading of the timetable). During a roughstuff we met the Tamworth Two of Eyre (siblings of last week’s departed four), a grieving woolly jumper and a lot of tall ferns. Bednights are up 50% on last year so we’ve been busy and restricted to short walks; despite my urging G would not make a close inspection of the old iron mine shaft so is still with us. Today’s heavy rain (the first since we got here) provoked a cowardly and sustained attack by local hooligans, namely the council tip seagulls, on our washing line. That’s it – next week we’ll be making our way via Mull Iona and Islay to Glasgow and should be home late on Friday night. And next year we’ll be back here again!
From Graham Hill

B Group May 28

11 riders,Christine,Francoise, Gil, Liz, Bernard,
Cliff,Frank.H,John.G,Harry, Les,led by Norman departed Dorking to lunch at The Punchbowl at Oakwood Hill. The route was westward on the High St. up Horsham Rd. down Flint Hill. and across the A24 into Spook Hill. Left into Inholm Lane to Blackbrook on to Newdigate and Capel across the A24 past Ockley stn into Weare St across the A29 on to Oakwood Hill. Return via Walliswood, Forest Green to Okley, across the A29 and A24 back to Capel.
Thro' Capel to the A24/A29 junction crossing the road just before the junct. on to the righthand path.Stayed on path to Esso and under A24 subway to Beare Green. Thro' village, back to A24 towards Dorking under next subway turned left along path then right into Mill Rd to Fourwents Pond and Blackbrook. It had not stopped raining all day, and at Inholms Lane some of our riders decided to call it a day and returned to Dorking and the train. the rest of us carried on the usual route over Punchbowl Lane to Dorking, Pixham Lane, Mickleham By-Pass, where it stopped raining! At this point we decided not to stop for tea and carried on home. In Sutton it was still raining.
From Norman Goody