Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you Lisa

Thank you Lisa. If this comes up on the blog, I've at last managed to accept your invitation to contribute. Thank you for persevering with a ham-fisted would-be blogger.


Friday, March 27, 2009

C ride - 25 March 2009

A cold day with a stiff breeze and a fair bit of drizzle when we met at Shepperton. There was a good turnout but I failed to see anyone who might do this report for the blog; so here goes. I was down to lead but with my dodgy eyesight and anno domino asked Roger to do the honours. He decided on The Grove at Chobham, so with me keeping my eye on the wheel in front, eight of us i.e., Dave, Bill H., Beryl, Dennis, Fuzz, Phil and me pressed on behind Roger through lower Shepperton and over Chertsey bridge, through Stepgates and Station Road. Then over the level crossing to the cyclepath as far as Green Lane. Then up Holloway Hill past the hospital with a left fork to Stonehill Road.
The rain did not ease up but was not so heavy that no one seemed to feel the need to cape up. I think we all looked forward to a following breeze on our return. Upon arriving at the junction with the Chertsey Road we went right for Chobham and a very good lunch at our destination. Most of us followed the same route back to Shepperton for tea, but on arriving at Green Lane and being less than a mile from home, with twenty miles on the clock I peeled off with a farewell cry---------see you next week at Cobham------------Albert

P.S. How could I omit to mention the presence on our Wednesday ride of Harold who not only was riding a magnificent mount but bought me a pint at the pub. Although we were eight at the count he was certainly one of us. Poor short term memory must be my excuse------------------Albert

Thursday, March 26, 2009

P & T ride - March 25 2009

St Jean de Gard to Florac (34 miles) via the Corniche de Cevennes in 7 1/2 hours! 1385m of climbing and a gale force head wind also gusting all around, all day.


B Group - March 25 2009

Here's the picture of today's ride - 103.4km (taken from my house), moving average 16.5 kph, 3053 calories (someone asked!) Mark

Well the weather certainly lived up to its forecast - strong winds and showers interspersed with lovely sunny periods!
B Group set off from the Greeno at the start of what looked like a prolonged shower, so a couple of minutes into the ride we stopped and some of us donned waterproofs - regretting it perhaps by lunchtime when it was fine and sunny and we were well and truly overdressed! There were 14 of us: Judy, Liz, Stephanie, Louise (on her first ride with the group - welcome and hope we see you out again), Brian, John G., David S., Bill M., Bernard, Cliff, Norman, Mark, Charles and me, Gill. Lunch was to be at The Duke of Edinburgh at Woodside, to the west of Windsor Great Park, which meant head winds along much of the way! There were also a few hills, so the morning's ride out through Chertsey to Pentonhook, Thorpe, Egham, up Middle Hill to Bishopsgate, across the Park to Ascot Gate, Cheapside, past Ascot Race Course and into Woodside by a back route, proved quite challenging.
We arrived at the pub at 1:20p.m. to find it fairly full but,with a table already laid for us, we were made very welcome and food was shortly being brought to the table. A brief shower just before we left at 2:30p.m. meant a few damp saddles and anything else left outside with the bikes, but these were soon dried off and we had a speedy and mostly sunny ride back through Windsor Great Park, down Tite Hill back to Egham, to the towpath at Staines, back to the road at Laleham and through Shepperton to Squires Garden Centre in Halliford Road for tea. Here I left the group as home was just round the corner and the remaining nine headed on towards Hampton Court led by John G. Thanks John for being back-marker during the ride.
Gill Finlay

A Group 25 March '09

With As and Bs heading in roughly the same direction we were away first from a showery Shepperton into a strong northwesterly wind (strong enough to send Frank scurrying back to his warren). "Capes on" at the bypass and "capes off" at Chertsey bridge set a pattern to be repeated throughout the day.
That odd bit of NCN4 which leads neither to London nor west but only to the other side of Chertsey conveyed us to Thorpe of Ferrari fame (hope to see you soon Ed). We've long avoided Prune Hill but not today - others misjudging its length/steepness added to ones merriment! After regrouping beside Royal Holloway we turned left towards Wick Lane before joining the real NCN4 at Bishopsgate. On the exposed slopes above the Long Walk how not to ride into the wind was amply demonstrated. The twists and turns and bumps of the descent soon ended at a regular haunt, Wetherspoons in Windsor much to JS's digust. By now our numbers had swollen to over twenty as independents Wilf and Grant rejoined. I'd planned on a alfresco tea but the weather said not. With the wind now firmly in our favour, we powered through Datchet (long delayed at level crossing), Wraysbury and Staines. In Shepperton a left over the motorway was greeted by much grating of gears on the double helix. Thus a dozen (being 85% of its custom) sampled Nutty Lane's cafe (naturally) without a hint of rain before we dispersed.


Friday, March 20, 2009

'Young Tom at 95'

Congratulations to Tom Fish on your 95th Birthday

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Group March 18th

Crowhurst Yew

A tree with real history
Alleged to be as much as 4,000 years old by various sources, this tree is as famous for its age as it is for the wooden door that has been built into the tree. It is not known exactly when the door was attached to the tree, other than some time after 1820; this was the date when villagers hollowed out the bole of the tree.
In the process of hollowing out the tree they discovered a cannonball, which may have inadvertently embedded itself in the tree after being fired by an errant cannon during the English Civil War. The farm opposite the church was a staunch Royalist position and as such may have been a target for Cromwell’s troops.
Suffice to say that the yew is not involved in such drama these days and is happily growing into its ancient years.

A Group with 12 riders left the Douglas Brunton Centre on a lovely sunny morning heading south down to Bletchingley , Ian managed to drop his pannier but no mishap occurred, on and a short visit to the old (very) Yew Tree at Crowhurst past Lingfield Race Course preparing for a day of racing to lunch outside in the sun at ‘The Old House at Home’. Last time here some of the people said it was so cold a train home was taken! This time several sought shade from the hot sun.
A complex route under at least 5 railway bridges after lunch found us at Godstone Garden centre for tea having lost Tony D’Italia one of several pusher onners who often push to far
From Pete Mitchell

A Group March 18

St George's, CrowhurstThe Crowhurst Yew
Some say he is 4,000 years old, some say he carries a cannon ball from the Civil War, but we know him as Ray
Roundheads and Cavaliers gathered around and in the Crowhurst Yew
The Old House at Home - Dormansland

B Group Route March 18th

A first for the blog from Mark Gladwyn, ie the route taken by B group on wednesday

Easy Riders March 18th

It was a great day for cycling today. About 20 turned up for coffee and cake at the Bradbury Day Centre in Kingston.

Fuzz led the way on our ride; but not before long we had a mishap. Turning a corner, our leader collided with Helga, both fell off their bikes and somehow Fuzz got his key ring, which was tied to his belt caught round the valve of Helga's front tyre; and fell on the wheel. This resulted in a very badly buckled wheel! So, we took if off, and had to find a cycle shop for a new wheel. This was quite a feat. The first shop I knew, near the market, is now selling 'Oil & Vinegar'; so we walked on to Halfords, who didn't have that size, which is an ordinary 700. We then walked over the bridge to Sigma, who only cater for racers, not hybrids. Onwards, to the next shop in Hampton Wick; where we found Moores. Very helpful staff; and put a new wheel on while we waited. Barbara, a friend of mine, decided to look and try a bike out; and hopes to go back soon and buy it.

We started our ride just after midday! Fuzz led a good number of us the backway into Richmond. We had lunch in the garden at The White Swan. We then planned to call in on Tom F. for afternoon tea. Beryl carried the apple pie in her pannier and Fuzz had the other necessities. We were 8 outside Tom's house, and when he came out we sang 'Happy Birthday'. He looked well; and we all went in and enjoyed tea with him. He has a bandage on his leg at the moment; but said he hopes to come out soon; maybe Teddington.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Editor at Calpe Spain.

For those soon to set out on training camps (Majorca) and Sicily later in the year here are a few tasters. Mountain roads near Calpe are good and spectacular. Long climbs, at times steep with spectacular downhills and scenery. Max speed 47mph, in 305mls.
The borrowed bike suited me fine and the backdrop shows the rock of Calp ("Ifach") which has fantastic beaches and clear sea. See below.
Storm damage and plenty of flood damage still evident.
Guess who all at sea water 14C. I had a great time and hope to go back next year if not before.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday "Off Road Group"

The famous Four! or was it 5?

When I say Off Road I mean simply Off or put it simply Off the Wall. Especially the gentleman on the left who said he got hit by I car last week. Not surprised was there a "Cow" driving it! Today they were as usual sitting on the fence so to put it. Personally I think Will should simply put it away and grow up instead of talking a load of bullocks. Fabulous ride over Walton Heath Golf course, onto NDW then lanes to "Jack Fairman" Horley returning cross country route and paths to Wsp Redhill for Coffee and muffins (some Irish) for indeed not only was it St. Patricks Day it is also "Will's Birthday" As for me, got back midnight from fantastic week in Spain (Calp/Calpe), sunny warm weather and 480km (305 more mls for the chart),amazing mountain riding.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

David Salmon

Wayfarer David Salmon Winner of the DA Trophy for the most interesting ride of 2008

A Group March 11th

Perfect cycling conditions today – cool but sunny with just a bit of breeze. Today it was ‘due South’ from elevenses at Bockett’s Farm, as we were headed for Charlwood via Newdigate and Rusper.
On today’s ride were Will, Graham, Toni, Julian, John A, John S, Dave, Dave J, Vic, Ray, Pete M, Pete B, John B and Rob. Our route took us along the ‘Gap’ towards Dorking, then up Punchbowl Lane via Pixham Lane. Hurtling down the other side of the peak in Punchbowl Lane, Toni, Graham and John overshot the turning into Titehurst Lane and disappeared despite some collective bellowing, though they did eventually make their own way to Charlwood and Reigate.
The bunch then carried on to Newdigate (no sign yet of B Group) and then Rusper where we turned up East Street and Burnt House Lane, past the pond at Langhurst, and into Charlwood via Russ Hill. Lunch was at the Greyhound, where a table had been reserved for us, which was fairly academic as we had the place pretty much to ourselves.
After lunch we meandered past Norwood Hill, where the ‘Fox Revived’ appears to have closed down (refurbishment?), and to our tea stop at Reigate Garden Centre. After tea most dispersed but Will, Julian, John B, Rob Dave and John S decided to tackle Reigate Hill little knowing what excitement awaited! As we were headed into Reigate town centre past the car park next to Morrisons, a car came out and struck Will’s bike a considerable clout on the front forks. Fortunately, Will’s bike appeared to be as strong as its rider and no damage was apparent. This incident took place more or less exactly where Jeff had his bike written off a couple of weeks ago, so if you’re in Reigate – Beware. Undaunted we then took a side road off Somers Road which went steeply uphill with Colley Hill towering above, before passing onto a track which eventually disgorged us together with about a hundredweight of mud onto the A217 about half way up Reigate Hill. After grinding our way to the top, at least it was downhill all the way from there. As ever an interesting and eventful day! Rob

Easy Riders March 11th

A summary of Wednesday's ride.

Ron led Lynda, Carole, Helga, Sonia, Susie, Beryl, Allan, Fuzz, Bill H., Roger, Mick on a history tour en route to The Stepping Stones. We stopped at several places of interest on the way; Ron, our tour guide, stopped at Leatherhead pond, where we read a plaque saying Canadian engineers had started making a road near the roundabout in 1941. We cycled on to Juniper Hill, where he showed us a Roman Road . Then onwards to Box Hill School, where Ron's teacher witnessed a tree falling into a hole! (Ask Ron for the story). We had quite a wait for our lunch as there were a few parties there. The sun was shining and we made our way back to Leatherhead Day Centre for afternoon tea. Carole, Helga, Beryl and myself came back to Cheam, via Nonsuch Park; where we saw Lionel Blair walking his dog. Beryl got the train to Victoria and three of us went to Cannons or Nuffield as they are now called for swim and jaquassi.


Brooklands Test Hill

Sunday 22nd March
The Test Hill Challenge
A spectacular family-oriented event celebrating the
Centenary of the opening of the Brooklands Test Hill
+ Demonstrations by original Brooklands vehicles
+ Bicycle and running races up the (steep!) Test Hill
+ Spectacular demonstrations and competitions
+ Spectator rides up the Test Hill...
+ ...and much, much more
Gates open at 9am - Special parking arrangements
apply - please follow the event road signs

B Group March 11th

From Bockett's, I led a large group including Irene, Liz, Stepanie, Bill, Bob, Charles, Harry, Johns G and M, Norman and Roger (sorry for omissions!) but on joining the A246 split into two groups and headed west to Bookham where we took to the side roads. After passing Polesden Lacey (awaiting a report on new catering from Andy C) we sped down Bagdon Hill (1 in 5 or 20% if you're a youngster) and crossed under the dual carriageway to Pixham Lane, then back to sanity by crossing the golf course.From Brockham we kept to the lanes and arrived at The Six Bells, Newdigate via Dawesgreen, Leigh and Parkgate. After a pleasant lunch (if rather slow, in a couple of instances) to aid our digestive systems we rode along the very pot-holed Cudworth Lane, past the moated Cudworth manor to turn left into Partridge Lane. Back to Parkgate and Newdigate then we headed north to the wonderful comfort of the Blue Cafe at Leatherhead via the usual route. A very pleasant day out, dry, sunny and virtually windless.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From Albert

Six of us went out to a new community centre on Monday and I thought others might be as well pleased as ourselves.
The address is Parkview, off Blackmore Crescent, Sheerwater. Map Reference :176 West London O.S. 021 624
Ample car parking and easy reach from West Byfleet rail station. It is about a mile from Woking.
Our, Monday ride included Bill and Margaret Squirrell, Bill H., Vic and Chris Pow and myself. They were most welcoming and prices modest.
For the keen offroaders, the Basingstoke canal towpath is adjacent.
For the record, I had a good 19 mile ride with lunch at The Jovial Sailor,Ripley and tea at Woodham and New Haw.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harold Fifield

Harold Fifield receiving Two DA Trophies
for the Photograhic Competition at the Barn Danc

Friday, March 06, 2009

Thanks from Les

Les Johnston would like to thank everyone for the lovely card

Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Group, Wednesday 4 March 09 - Prezzo

A Toast to all Wayfarers

After Tuesday night's buffeting squalls, Wednesday dawned bright, sunny and frost-free. The RBL hall was heaving with eager, wayfaring legionnaires fortifying themselves for a foray into Hancockland. Instinct drew riders to their native packs, then off and away to a common lunchtime destination.

The 'A' pack chose to follow Downside Bridge Rd to Cobham Park Lane, then off-road awhile along River Lane, the puddles somewhat fuller than two days earlier but still fordable. Then over the Mole past the cemetery at Cobham Tilt and back on dear old tarmac to cross Stokes Rd and follow Blundel Lane to Oxshott High Street. Bird's Hill Rise took us through the Crown Estate (to which I understand there is no impediment to public access), after which it was a busier road through Malden Rushett to Horton Lane, Chessington Rd, Ewell and finally along The Avenue in Nonsuch Park to Anne Boleyn's Walk and the Prezzo restaurant - Italian not spoken 'ere! Pace gentle and arrival two mins in advance of the target 12.30pm.

With bikes secured, the tables gradually filled, with Wayfarers arriving by two wheels, four wheels, by bus and by walking stick. There were faces familiar and unfamiliar and a welcome appearance by Stephen Cox. Food served and nobody I think went hungry. Grateful thanks were offered to Lynda for masterminding the feast on our behalf. An unspoken vote of thanks from me to all Wayfarers who make the club such a pleasure! Thanks too to those unsung heroes, the ride leaders of each group, who lead us week on week down unfamiliar lanes and show us unsuspected corners of our lovely countryside!

Time then for each to wobble his or her way home!


More Prezzo Pics

Pictures from Francoise

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Prezzo Lunch

Lynda to be thanked as usual for organising yet another memorable Prezzo lunch.

Some of the stalwarts that always support these events, thanks to them and all that attended. (Maybe you get some more and better pictures from Jeff. While on the subject of the rides sec. it was good to see Steve Cox turn up looking very well indeed. Obviously the Narrow Boat is doing him good!
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Prezzo Lunch

Dave Jarvis our new rider from the VCC, introduced not long ago by Pam and Ray enjoying the excellent lunch. Having struggled to finish their Pizza's, the editor helped Dave out but Ray stuffed himself to the end and missed out on the sticky toffee pudding!
In order to ensure good time keeping Ray turned out looking as smart and dapper as ever!
Pete with that inscrutable smile was keeping an eye on us all as ever and giving advice and a helping hand whenever needed!
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Quiz

Where in the world is this and what is it!
This picture is the giveaway but its also a test to encourage all MWW members along with C&M, Downlanders and Begginers to become familiar with using the Blog. If you are not already a bloger then get invited by Lisa or Graham. (Pete if you see this and feel it should be on the DA Blog then you may transfer adding the email address for L&G)
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