Friday, June 30, 2006

Update on Bernard

He's had one or two ups and downs over the last week but, provided that he stays free of infection over the weekend, Bernard's doctors have said that he should be able to go home on Monday. His daughters are going to be looking after him for a while and he's looking forward to more scenes like this soon (in the garden of the Fox and Castle near Windsor). Julian

Thursday, June 29, 2006

June 28th 2006

Hello Wayfarers and friends

We intrepid Sou'Wester Dieppe raiders finished wet through to claim our customary prize for content (second largest team). For some, our assumed 90Km ride, which turned out to be 120Km (76m), was their longest ever ride and in rain and drizzle all the way, this was a terrific achievement all round. Special congratulations go to our seven ladies and to debutant Nigel and to our Eric, oldest event finisher - not to overlook fast-finishing Ray, first Wayfarer 'A' group regular to achieve octogenarian status. Happy birthday, Ray.

Thanks to Robin Johnson for agreeing to lead our 'B' ride from Dorking Halls on 23Aug06 - I inadvertently nominated Bill, who no longer wishes to lead.

Barbara and Les are in Portugal touring and sightseeing for three weeks; now we have settled down for a bit of beach stuff. Today we did off road 4WD and it was great. One week to go, from Les

Three of our "A" team had ridden the "almost 100" on Sunday so it was time for a rest. From Leatherhead we went through Fetcham (hesitantly) and onto Bookham Common. The hard-stuff was regained at Effingham Junction and on the Drift to West Horsley. The mellow delights of Jury Farm's concrete hurried us towards Burntcommon and the A3. At Jacobswell half wisely ignored the leader and went round the roundabout onto the A320 going north. Road resurfacing through Fox Corner meant a close inspection of the footpaths and we were through easily. Lunch was taken at the Cricketers, Pirbright where ten (Graham, Bob, Ed, Frank H, John M, John S, Pam, Pete B, Steve, Vic) quickly became eleven with the arrival of Brian, back from failing to find Ray. By their normally high standards, service was a protracted affair but willing mouths helped John S devour 1/2lb of ploughman's cheese and we were away. More rough-stuff followed as Chapel Lane led to Fox Corner encountering a 4x4 on the byway. Thence onwards it was to Worplesdon Station, Pyle Hill, Sutton Green and the Wey to Cartbridge. Pyrford Church and Lock were signals for a speed-up by the boy racers before we settled into Ockham Bites for a noisy cup of tea. It had been a fine day - blue sky with bits of white fluffy; 60 miles and not a hill in sight - mission accomplished I'd say. Graham

Hello Brian, I led Christine, Cliff, David, Jon, Neville, Norman, Ray H, Tony (2 off) through Leatherhead Leisure Centre to the cycle track, noting Mrs Swan in the same place as last year. Avoiding Dorking town centre (and practicing for the hill to come) we used Moores Road, St Paul's Roads (east and west), Horsham Road and Knoll Road to take us to Coldharbour Lane. We always use this road to return to Dorking so I thought this time we would go up it and have a chance to admire the view. The plan was to have a rest at the top at the entrance to the forest and a few of us had made it when 2 huge timber lorries drove past in the opposite direction, with just the minimum clearance for our upward bound colleagues. After a break we continued to Coldharbour, shortly forking left into Broome Hall Road, but our planned quickish descent was foiled by a tractor/trailer preceding us, filling the road. We turned onto the A29 then off it onto Cole's Lane, crossing the newly completed bridge (I think we were the first to use it), then via Capel to The Six Bells at Newdigate. After a delicious lunch outside, Ray and Tony (1 off) left whilst we rode along Church Road past Cudworth Manor to Partridge Lane where right then shortly left into Beggarhouse Lane. After turning left at the end we were soon at Parkgate then back to Denbies (plenty of chocolate cakes, also a delicious date, walnut and carrot cake - recommended) via Brockham and the golf course. The afternoon was less challenging - the sun was pleasantly warm, most of the route seemed downhill and we had a following wind for much of the time (something wrong somewhere?). However, after refreshments we rode along the cycle track to Leatherhead where I left the group. Terry

Hi Brian First of all, I forgot to thank-you for bringing our panniers back from Dieppe on Monday. We arrived home about 8pm - and I was very surprised to see them still on the doorstep with our prize! When Dave came back from tennis, I queried it with him and he said they were not his property, so he didn't touch them!!!!!??? Ride report:- After singing 'Happy Birthday' to Ray, we left the day centre and headed for Cheam. I led Liz, Beryl, Roger, Harold, Dave, John C, Ken, Fuzz, Derek and Ron. (Where is Albert? - I hope you have recovered from your fall and see you next week). We went over the footbridge to Ashtead; thro' the park, down the back of Epsom hospital to the back-roads of Ewell, around Nonsuch Park to Pouchins bakery; where three went for pub lunch, a couple had their own sandwiches, and the remainder of us chose various food-fare, and a popular choice of home-made apple pie, which I recommended (I am a regular customer there). Afterwards, we found a very nice spot behind the mansion house, and enjoyed our picnic in the sunshine. Ken, John and Fuzz then made their own ways home, and the rest of us went to Kings Day Centre in Chessington for afternoon tea, via Stoneleigh and Ewell Park. Lynda.

Next week at Cobham is the final date for payment for our two nights stay ay YHA Lee Valley 13-14Sep06. £45 secures a place. I then start a six days holiday, so ride reports next week should be sent to, to be lodged and found on the Blog.
Olleh Hub.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

CTC Long Service Award

After seeing Derek's award I applied twice by phone without a result. A recent email plus an email from councellor Simon Legg produced this badge plus a certificate.
From Pete Mitchell

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sou'westers on Dieppe Raid 24/25th June

A few pictures but regret did not get one of Linda and Norman receiving a trophy for the 2nd largest turnout of Sou'westers again.
(3) Bacqueville Sat 24th
(2) Lunch at St Aubin le Cauf. The weather wet throughout the event and far different to that of the day before.
(1) Dinner at Hotel Windsor Sun 25th after a successful if wet day of riding in the Three Valleys event.

Friday, June 23, 2006

June 21st

Les writes: Easier reading about these rides than doing them. Had a lovely boat trip today looking at birds on salt marshes and a short while on uninhabited island where Barbara picked up too many shells on beautiful beach. Where are you, lucky Les?

Having said that, some personal observations from yesterday's 'C' ride leader John Gould: Judging by yesterday's 'C' rides, and recent 'B' rides I have been on, there now tends to be a huge difference in pace between the groups [which is what this club is all about]. For example, during yesterday's ride, I led at a very leisurely pace and the route was totally flat, but we still had to wait every mile or so for some to catch up. In contrast 'B' rides have definitely got faster recently. I return from these happy and exhilarated, but often totally exhausted. Perhaps in future I should lead 'B' rides, but mine would perhaps be at a slower pace than those of some other leaders. Here is my report on yesterday's ride: Lynda, Liz, Beryl, Irene (new to Wayfarers), David (also new to Wayfarers), Mark, Roger, Ron, Tom, Bill, Harold, Mark, Fuzz, Dennis, Derek, Dave, John S and I set off from Kingston via Bushey Park, the back streets of Hampton, Lower Sunbury, Shepperton Marina and Walton Bridge for a latish lunch at the Badgers Rest Weybridge. Before lunch, we lost Derek who decided to make for home; and also Lynda and Liz who needed to get home early to pack for their early departure today for Newhaven and this year's Dieppe Raid. At 2 o'clock, we set off again, intending to take tea at Squires Garden Centre in Long Ditton. We cycled through the private Burwood Park Estate, and emerged opposite another Squires Garden Centre on Burwood Road Hersham. Those members of the group who thought we had already arrived at tea were quickly disabused. We then took an off road detour via Riverside Farm and various Hersham back streets, coming out at the Waitrose car park in the Centre of Hersham, then proceeding on a cycle/pedestrian route parallel and near to the A244 without actually crossing that main road. We went via West End and Clare Hill Golf Course into Claygate. Here Roger had a puncture; so we decided to have tea at Claygate Day Centre, before dispersing to our various homes. John Gould

Our autumn tour to YHA Lee Valley is booked for 13-14Sep06, two nights @ £22.50 pppn (small room basis) including breakfast. YHA require cash with booking, so £45 in advance is the name of the game - I will make the booking on Wednesday 05Jul06 for up to seven whose £45 I have at that time (YHA have kindly reserved seven spaces for us in an otherwise full hostel). So far we have Bob, Pete M, Brian and Ed S!

Big representation of Sou'Westers in Dieppe this weekend - hopefully the team prize is within our grasp. Olleh travelling Hub.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Early Birds Pics II

The picture at Leatherhead failed so here goes again. Correction- lunch was at the Three Compasses. Ray

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Early Birds Pics I

Some pictures to add to Pete's excellent ride and report. At Leatherhead Station and lunch at the Compasses Lakers Green Dunsfold. Ray

Early Birds

The earlier start of 7am attracted Frank H, Grant, Tony, Norman, Julian, David A, John, Ed & Angie to the start at North Cheam. A devious and pleasant route across Ashtead common found us at Leatherhead Station to meet Ray D, Brian S, John M, Rob & Terry. Lanes and more lanes all the way to Horsham accompanied by the sound of birds and the merry twittering of Angie. (How quiet it seemed after breakfast!) To ensure the group kept together a very complicated twisty network of minor roads made keeping with the leader highly desirable. Barns Green, Billingshurst, Wisborough Green, Kirdford, Dunsfold all passed gently by. 58miles covered and lunch at The Compasses at Lakers Green was reached to sighs of relief! A shorter hillier way to Abinger Post Office, An Open sign so in we went anticipating tea and cakes only to be informed much to our disapointment that closing time was imminent (3:45!) so onward to the Leasure Centre for a well earned rest. Total 86miles comfortably warm with a strong tail wind after lunch.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Good news from Bernard

Bernard rang on Thursday from his isolation room in King's College Hospital. He said he was feeling fine and he certainly sounded in good spirits. He had the operation to insert new bone-marrow about a week ago. Now he must wait for it to build his white blood cells back up while trying to avoid infection, as at present he has no immune defences—hence the isolation. Progress is measured by daily blood tests; and with luck he could be ready to leave hospital in three to four weeks. He thinks he'll need a week or so at home resting, but after that he's looking forward to coming out with us as soon as possible. He sends his best to all Wayfarers. I took the picture on the tow path near Sunbury lock in early May..............Julian

Thursday, June 15, 2006

June 14th 2006

Hello Wayfarers and friends

"Brian, Having agreed to be a good friend to my daughter's dog, Freddie, by taking him for a walk this week-end, I regret to report being taken out by a high speed golden Labrador who chased Freddie and proceeded to run strait through me. What a stupid dog! My wife says it’s me that am stupid and not the dog, why did I not get out of the way? What a bitch! (the dog I mean??), no sympathy. The lady owner of the dog asked if I was OK as I lay on the floor unable to get up and did I have far to walk home? To cut a long story short I ended up in Epsom A&E for hours unable to see a Dr. as they had not turned up!! (NHS4u). I had an ex-ray and no broken bones. The nurse however described my injury as not insignificant and said it would take 6 to 8 weeks to heal. The pain on the inside of my left knee is bad if I twist it, which must be avoided. The hospital said no cycling or driving for now! I will see a sports injury guy tonight (prognosis confirmed). Looks like I won’t be out this Tue or Wed. My other concern is Dieppe Raid? Most likely I will have to curtail my participation, if at all, to getting there and staying in Dieppe. Happy cycling but avoid dogs!! Mike Morley."
Get back amongst us soon, Mike

A welcome cooler day saw a good turn out at Weybridge, which didn't include locals Margaret and Bill nor Geoff Clarke who has decided to curtail his cycling due mainly to partial loss of vision and whom we hope will return to our ranks soon.

Bob led 'A' group of Irene, Pam, Vic, Ed S, Graham, Pete B, John B, Steve, Frank H and Brian to Bagshot, via Addlestone and Windlesham. There being no JDW nearby, a new venue was found from the good beer guide, a Courage pub on the A30 that, with another leader, might well have received bye-bye Bob disdain, but which nevertheless proved another winner. We returned via Deepcut where we took to the Basingstoke Canal towpath back to New Haw and tea. Details become hazy, as your correspondent had left at Woking to catch up on World Cup football on TV.

Nine 'B' group riders, Gill, Christine, Mary, Mike, Ed C, Terry, John, newcomer Mick (Saturday Beginner group) led by Norman, rode via Addlestone, New Haw, Byfleet and Knaphill to our lunch stop at the no-smoking Royal Oak at Pirbright - Good food, good selection of beers. We returned via Old Woking and Send to tea at Watson's in Ripley. On to Cobham where we divided to our widely spread homes ie Effingham, Thames Ditton, Sunbury, Claygate, Worcester Park and Sutton.

Good 'C' group turnout again and good weather; thank goodness a bit cooler than Monday. Dave led fifteen of us from Weybridge en route for the refurbished Castle Grove at Chobham. There was Mark, Bill, Ron, Harold, Dennis, Tom, Fuzz, Chris, Roger, Lynda, Beryl, Pam, Pat and Liz apart from Dave and me and a chap whose name I did not get (so you see Lynda, your estimate of fifteen must have been a bit short of the mark, but thanks just the same). We took the road down by the canal, then through Poets Corner to Addlestone rail crossing, then over the main traffic lights and left down Addlestone Park, turning right at the end into Liberty Lane, then over the footbridge emerging in Liberty Rise and up Hare Hill, going left at the end to the Otter crossroads. On to Foxhills with a well-surfaced road towards Stonehills, but then turned right up the hill in Accommodation Road going left at the end on Longcross Road. Dave thought it was more rural but my legs told a different story! We turned left just before the M3 flyover at Chobham Common with a good downhill run to the left turn into the Chobham/Windlesham Road. They've made a good job of the refurb and the beer was most welcome not to mention the food, which was good value. We returned to Weybridge for tea via the Stonehills route. Thanks Dave.
See you next week -------------- Albert

To state the obvious, Wayfarers is a section of SW London District CTC and SWLDA membership is restricted to paid-up CTC members. Section subscription of £3 includes £1 DA contribution and was due 1st January. Also obvious is the regular presence amongst us of lapsed members and I understand we have instances of non-CTC members, not referring to those welcome on a maximum three rides trial basis. Although I have most CTC membership numbers, to avoid individual embarrassment, please email your membership number for recording on our annual return to CTC and if you haven't a 2006 DA card, let me have your lapsed £3 soon. Members from other DA sections are of course always welcome to ride with us.

Following up on our successful last week's Littlehampton tour, our Autumn tour to YHA Lee Valley is scheduled for 13-14Sep06, two nights @ £22.50 pppn (shared room) including breakfast. YHA require cash with booking, so £45 in advance is the name of the game - I will make the booking on Wednesday 05Jul06 for up to seven whose £45 I have at that time (YHA have kindly reserved seven spaces for us in an otherwise full hostel). FCFS!

Olleh officious Hub.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

B&B Littlehampton

June 7th Rides

Roger led fifteen of us 'C' group from Cobham RBL en route for The New Inn at Send. Apart form me`n`im there was Mark, Bill, Lynda, Beryl, Dave, John, Ron, Harold, Derek and two extra ladies. There were probably more than fifteen including Dennis, but that's the best my ancient grey matter can surface before I have a go at the route. Weather sunny and warm, turning up Plough Lane we crossed the road at Martyrs Green into Ockham Lane. After a few minor climbs and descents I recognised Tithebarns Lane, at the end of which we emerged right on the Clandon Road and Send Manor Road. At the old Portsmouth Road crossroads, instead of going straight on through Send we took the left diversion where all where all the trucks get parked, with a right at the end across the main road and a few more climbs with a more rural arrival at our destination. Lunch outside was pleasant and the beer more than welcome. Tea was to be back at Cobham, but two more climbs over the A3 was more than I felt able to take, so after we rode down Tanners Lane emerging via Papercourt Lane near The Seven Stars, I made my farewell and headed home via Warren Lane and West Byfleet. See you at Weybridge (easy ride for me!) next week -------- Albert

Elevenses was well attended and I expected quite a large 'B' group, but in the event eight of us set off with the intended destination of Norwood Hill. On a lovely morning for cycling Judie, Liz, Beattie, Christine, John, Ed and Terry made our way across Bookham Common, past Polesden Lacey to West Humble. The countryside looked delightful. We continued to Brockham and at Leigh Ed suffered a puncture. Beattie is new to us and had thought she was only cycling to Cobham and was feeling a bit stretched so we decided to lunch at the Plough in Leigh, which turned out to be quite satisfactory if a bit hazy. That is the weather not our state of consciousness! We made our way back fairly directly via Parkhill to Leatherhead where the redoubtable Annie's provided tea, soft drinks, ice cream etc. Mike

Pete B led nineteen 'A' group via Effingham, White Downs, Sutton Abinger, Holmbury St Mary, Forest Green and Wallis Wood to lunch at The Chequers Rowhook, chosen with the touring group in mind. Seven departed south for our Littlehampton tour whilst the others made their way back to tea at Denbighs, unless I'm mistaken.

Our route to Littlehampton was direct and uncompromising and when we arrived, our digs were very comfortable. We ate both evenings at JDW's and on Thursday Bob led an excellent visit to Singleton Outdoor Museum, calling in at glorious Goodwood en route and afterwards sampling the disused Midhurst to Chichester railway track at Lavant. After a late JDW lunch across the street from Chichester Cathedral, we lost Pam due to her reluctance to ride the pedestrianised city centre. Re-united, we returned via Barnham, where Pete M's cousin David and wife Val made us very welcome at short notice for tea - we devoured the lovely chocolate cake that Val happened to have made that morning. Today Friday we returned with Pete M leading via the most scenic of routes, including the riverside tree root covered track beside River Arun under Arundel Castle walls (the footbridge at North Stoke being long-term closed) - just the ticket when carrying all your gear. After a riverside break at Amberley we proceeded via Pulborough, West Chiltington, Barns Green and Christ's Hospital to lunch at our favoured Horsham pub. The quiet road up to Rusper, then via Newdigate and Henfold to Dorking (jam packed due to M25 closure) for tea and departure for home. We all enjoyed a lovely tour in the most excellent weather. Two World Cup matches later, it may be time to spend some quality time with the wife. Olleh itinerant Hub.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

May 31st Reports

We had a splendid turnout at Henfold yesterday, welcoming two octogs (Eric and Ned) and one stb octog (Ray D) and also Eric's son Anthony, David Vine on half-term break and Bob's (and Brian's) visiting friend Ray Stanborough. Some pointed out that Henfold should have merited an earlier start from N Cheam, but as we all got away comfortably by 11.30 and were further out anyway, the format was successful as the ride reports testify. Grant and Ray D left for home to prepare for evening time-trialling.
Rob led fourteen strong 'A' group to lunch at the Abinger Hatch, which over-simplifies a scenic and hilly tour of Surrey via Weare Street and Ewhurst. We were Vic, Ed, Nigel, Steve, John M, John S, Pam, Irene, Mike M, Gino (who we lost, on his last guest ride before "retiring" to Shoreham), Toni, Graham and Brian, and with so much "young" blood, the pace was brisk. Refreshed, we retraced our route up the side of Leith Hill to Coldharbour, descending to Dorking for tea at Denbighs. Thanks Rob (whose computer glitch means he cannot report via email), for truly brilliant day out.
But, (managed to do this at the library): A good sized group, 14 in all for the 'A' ride, assembled at Henfold Lake, to be greeted by the smell of fried onions, - late breakfast for the anglers. Ed, Brian, Gino, Nigel, Tony, Steve, Mike, Rob, Irene, Pam, John S, John M, Graham & Vic set out in fine but cool weather. We lost Gino early on - Murphy's Law, as it was his last trip out with the Wayfarers before moving house. Then it was through Capel and Weare Street past the pond by Holbrook Farm with its Canada geese and goslings. Then we passed Oakwoodhill and Ellen's Green, before turning north towards Ewhurst and Forest Green. The hard work started as we took on Leith Hill Lane, glimpsing the odd passing deer before arriving well strung out at the Abinger Hatch, whose prices were not quite as steep as the hill we had just climbed. The idea of taking the direct way back over White Downs did not seem so good after an extended lunch, so it was back via Coldharbour and a fine display of rhododendrons, before a well earned tea stop at Denbies rounded off a puncture free day.
From Henfold Lake I led eight 'B' group of John G, Brian N, Norman, Bob, Ray (friend of Bob), Nev, David Vine and me via Newdigate, Parkgate, Russ Hill, Jordan's, Rusper to Warnham (avoiding Warnham Station and its closed level crossing). Six had lunch at the Sussex Oak - two had sandwiches. Return via Mayes Road, Marches Road, a stretch of A24, Stane Street because bridle path was flooded (good news?), Payne's Green, Weare Street, Capel, Newdigate, to Dorking where Brian, Norman and I had tea at Haskett's. Weather dry but chilly. Les Johnston

C group chief reporter octog Albert did not come today so I am a stand in reporter Mark Roy: At Walton Day Centre the turnout was not too bad, the morning was dry but a bit chilly. Tom Fish, our nonog leader, asked who was coming on the ride. Eleven of us were ready to go - Lynda, Carole, Helga, Beryl, Roger, Bill, Mark, Fuzz, Dave, and a new face everyone knows John Knox, and of course our leader Tom. Big John, who is going on holiday tomorrow, Ron, and Liz did not come with us. The destination was Stanwell, near the airport. Tom our leader was leading in front right from the start, over the bridge towards Shepperton and then via the by-pass to Laleham and up to the roundabout. Tom never looked back. Other than four people, all others were struggling at the back. I was in front of the second group who were left behind. We could not meet up with Tom until we crossed Staines. We went under the main road to get on the road to Stanwell. Lunch was taken at The Hope Inn and Tom brought us back to Greeno at Shepperton. Fuzz had already left us to catch train home and at Greeno Den made up the number. The ride was good and everybody enjoyed it. Mark Roy

Leafing through this month's 'Cycle' magazine, I thought I ought to introduce myself. I recently launched Go Pedal! Cycle hire service; with a difference: we deliver and collect. We're based in Battersea and may be of interest to SW London members, if, for example, they have visitors wanting to join a ride. More details on 07850 796320 Regards, Simon Ford