Monday, March 31, 2014

Harold Fifield

Many of you will have heard with sadness of the recent death of Harold Fifield. His daughter has sent the following very warm message to John Scott,  to be passed on to all Harold's friends and clubmates:

"Dear Sou'Westers / Midweek Wayfarers

I am saddened to let you know that my darling father, Harold Fifield, died on Thursday 20th March at the age of 82 from Parkinson's Disease.

As many of you know he moved up to Scotland in October 2009, after one bicycle accident too many, to be close to me and my husband as he became more wobbly. 

Dad was determined to carry on cycling, but he was eventually persuaded to hang up his cap a couple of years ago. Undeterred, he would walk up the high street with his 'wheelie' for support. Or, when this became too much, just up the road, supported by his wife and his cat 'Georgie' leading the way - much to the amusement of the neighbours! He loved his bungalow in Biggar with the beautiful views and scenery that he still enjoyed in the many country drives that we took.

He had lived with Parkinson's Disease for over 17 years until it finally took its toll leaving him fragile and virtually immobile. My mother Veena, cared for him at home until August and then visited him every day at the nearby nursing home where he was well looked after and continued to cause his own kind of mischief when he could! The staff knew about his love for cycling and his cars through the photos on the wall and the stories that he told with that twinkle in his eyes.

Dad was an energetic, generous and joyful man. I know he treasured his many years with the cycling club, both for the wonderful rides and the special company.

There will be a humanist service on Wednesday April 2nd at Mortonhall Crematorium, Edinburgh. The local florist will be making a wreath in the shape of a bicycle. Other than this, we have asked for no flowers but people can make a donation to Parkinson's UK, if they wish, by going to this website in memory of dad:

Kindest of regards and the family wish you all many happy days of cycling ahead."

Shivali Fifield (01501 785 110)

We send our deepest sympathy to his wife Veena and to his daughter Shivali.


Easy Riders - 26th March

About 8 riders came with me for lunch at Teddington.  Another 5 came to Longmead for 11's.

For the ride I passed West Ewell station towards Nonsuch Park and turned left at Sparrow Farm Road. We took the back roads to Worcester Park and continued on the cycle track to the Kingston cycle route. We passed Berrylands station and continued to Kingston market place. It still looks like a building site there although the notice says opening March 2014· We took a left turn to the tow path and followed this around Ham to Teddington.  We enjoyed our lunch at Tide End Cottage. Coming back through Bushy Park, Hampton Court, Long Ditton, Hook, Chessington, Ewell Court to Cheam. 3 of us enjoyed drinks and cake at Tasha' s Tea room. We got to Nonsuch Park before the hail came down, and made 3's before getting wet.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easy Riders - 26th March (map)

Lynda's ride from the Longmead Centre in Epsom to Teddington Lock for lunch, and back to Kingston (I believe) afterwards.

B Group 26 March

It was 11.30 - a little  later than usual when B Group left Addlestone as our cyclists from Cheam needed time to enjoy their elevenses for they had not arrived until after 11am, and I understand that was after a speedy ride from the start!    Before leaving I was introduced to two first timers, Ingrid and Margaret who rode extremely well through out the day!   We look forward to having them with us again on future rides.

 Our outward route was Green Lane, Bittams Lane, through Homewood Park into Stonehill Road.  Gracious Pond Road led us into Windlesham Road and hence on through Windlesham to cross the A30, into Sunninghill Road.    A left at the X roads leads into Ascot High Street where we lunched at The Stag.  WELL.....the food was great, but the wait really was a little too long!  Only one person preparing food for 25 hungry cyclists!!??     Never mind, the staff did their best and they were very pleasant.

My plan was to have tea at Squires, Shepperton in Upper Halliford Road.... so we returned via Windsor Great Park, Englefield Green, Thorpe Village, Chertsey and Shepperton.   A very well known route to some...not to all, so I hope I did not lose anybody!!  I had lots of help from back markers and from Neil going between our two groups.  Irene and Gill did a fine job and thanks to anybody else who helped guide folks to our destinations!

Well done to all for the weather forecast was not very good and it was very cold in the afternoon and worse still when it rained!!  Never will soon be summer :) :)

Thank you Tim for posting the route maps and to Terry for posting this report - Pam :) :) 



A Group, 26 March 2014

Addlestone - Jealott's Hill - Shepperton

 Excellent value at the New Leathern Bottle

 A hearty lunch put a smile on our faces - despite hail and rain
 Graham's sturdy new steed - under cover and unsullied by any unseemly roughstuff gloop. Gold star!

March 26 A ride

My timing was out on the road to Addlestone so no tea for me and a quick turnaround saw 15 heading towards Trumps Green. We sneaked through Wentworth on West Drive and left the A30 at Sunningdale. On Ascot's racecourse I made the call and after escaping North Ascot, we turned onto minor roads past Warfield church. Missing Wellers Lane saw us riding on the A3095 rather than crossing it to Tickleback Row! At 1250 the New Leathern Bottle hoved into view where two reserved tables were ours.

An hour later we left; the skies had darkened with light hail. But the wind proved helpful as we headed along the A330 towards the Loch Fyne restaurant. On this stretch increased rubbing from my new and ill fitted mudguards was cause for comment. After Windsor Great Park, it was down Tite Hill into Egham and a queue at the level crossing; a phenomenon repeated in Staines and Laleham. Rain fell as we turned north in Shepperton and over the motorway to the reopened Longacres Garden Centre in Nutty Lane. Still raining as we split over an hour later. About 35 miles from 11s to tea.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

B Group - 26th March (map)

The Map shows Pam's route from Addlestone to The Stag in Ascot (13.2 miles) then after lunch to Squires in Upper Halliford (16.6 miles).

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Our leader

On our way through Hyde park we saw ... not quite sure who!

Pleasant pub for lunch

Easy Riders - 19th March

About a dozen riders left Ashtead hall after 11's.  Judy, with a broken ankle and stick (playing football at the w/e!); went to lunch by car with Doreen and Ron.   I led over Ashtead Common towards Longmead in Ewell.  Down the cycle path and left at Green Lane to the back way of Ewell Court Park.  Down past the playground then left onto the cycle/walking path to Ruxley Lane.  Crossed over to Derek Ave., then the backways through Chessington to the Ace of Spades, and lunch at The Cap in Hand.  Only three went all the way back to Cheam.  We left Les towards home; and Sandy and I had tea and cake at Tasha's teashop in Cheam Village.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Maps for Tony's London Ride with A and B Groups

Tony Hopkins led an excellent ride today and for all of us who were mere passengers we cruised through the centre of London and out the other side with very little stress at all. The London rides are probably among the most demanding for leaders and Tony pulled this one off with great panache. Dave Vine too did an excellent job of leading and looking out for our secondary group and kindly led many of us as far as Wimbledon after Tea which saved us all a lot of navigational bother.

The maps, all on an old version of the Geographers' A-Z, are in a different place this time. They are at:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The London Ride

March the 19th is the London Ride and a 9.00am start from North Cheam.
11's will be at the Madeira cafe Vauxhall just opposite the MI5 building
Lunch will be at the Gatehouse pub (Wetherspoons) Highgate.
Afternoon tea will be at the La Gondola Al Parco cafe in Battersea park.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A group route to Balcombe

Jeff met and even exceeded his promise of an undulating ride to Balcombe.  I made it 40.2 miles with 2300 ft of ascent.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Group, 12th March.

Redhill - Balcombe - Dorking

Curtain-raiser of the day was mist, soon burned away by Redhill. Standing room only at 11's before the troops fell in behind their designated leaders. Platoon A's objective was to storm the fracking fields of Balcombe. With the first roundabout negotiated without casualty, the yomp was underway, soon bearing S.E. to the welcoming undulation of Philanthropic Road, to set the circulation in motion and stretch those sluggish tendons. We skirted Redhill Aerodrome to the East and were soon within sight of the rather raggedy sails of Outwood Mill. South then to Smallfield and Copthorne to enter Old Hollow, for the short, sharp climb to meet Turners Hill Road and the steady upward angle of incidence to crest Turners Hill.

We doubled back along Paddockhurst Road and into Back Lane for the reward of a long and effortless downhill scoot through the woods of Paddockhurst Park. A glimpse of a rather hazy Worth Abbey invited a photo stop, before we resumed our downhill helter-skelter to the benign waters at the head of Ardingly Reservoir. With our destination now almost in sight above us, it took no more than a granny gear to overcome the force of gravity and arrive glowing at the door of the Half Moon Inn.

A table reserved for 10 was soon extended for the 12 who wanted lunch. The question of whether to order at table or at the bar was resolved by a mass migration to the bar.  After one of our number ordered diet coke, my request for diet Sussex Best caused some consternation; the beginning of a steep learning curve. The menu, food and beer were good, though the inexperience of the young and helpful staff did show, with some unfortunate delay in service. However, our hostess could not have been more apologetic. I shall return.

Our delayed departure encouraged a lively pace for afternoon tea, via Handcross (where a front wheel met a rear one, fortunately causing no more than a bruised sense of dignity), Pease Pottage, Colgate, Faygate and Rusper. Here Angie, undaunted by the earlier undulations, decided to plough her own furrow to Leatherhead. We were then on auto-pilot through Newdigate to a welcome pot of tea and cake at Denbies.

My thanks to all for their sporting company, to Mike M for his welcome work as TEC, and a special mention to Ray, who floated along all day and absorbed the ups and downs with aplomb on a single gear. We can only stand back and applaud in admiration. Other mortals may have felt a twinge or two.

Our mileage, like our vision, was 20 out x 20 back, plus whatever bonus miles you earned from home and after tea. Our feet and bottom brackets stayed dry (I have had to replace one - BB that is) and hopefully all made it home in daylight. The lengthening days and warmer weather may encourage some longer, springtime rides.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Easy Riders - 12th March

Kingston Bradbury Centre – Kingfisher, Chertsey Bridge – Five at the Bridge, Hampton Court. 

First I would like to say how lovely it was to see Wendy & David Salmon this morning. Sadly they weren’t able to continue with us as David has just started another course of treatment which leaves him quite weak.  We wish him well.

15 left the D.C. on a beautiful sunny day to go to Chertsey Bridge via Bushy Park – Hampton Lower Road – Sunbury Village – Shepperton, We returned along the river to Laleham – Walton Bridge – Hurst Road – Molesey to Hampton Court, where 7 enjoyed tea and cakes.

Thank you everyone for a lovely day.


Morning ride in Fuchsia, afternoon ride in Aqua

B Group - 12th March (maps and photo)

Most of us sat outside and soaked up the rays

Showing the unmapped cycle path which Terry discovered

The main ride, Redhill - Horne - Reigate
Vital statistics: North Cheam to Redhill 11.3 miles, Redhill to Horne 15.9 miles, Horne to Reigate GC 10.4 miles, Reigate GC to Friends Prov. roundabout 7.3 miles

Terry led us back to Dorking so that we didn't have to ride up Pebble Hill

B Group 12 March




Crowhurst yew

Yew again

Is that yew, Ed ?

Jolly Wayfarers at Jolly Farmer, Horne

On what was probably the best day for cycling this year so far, sixteen Bs including new Wayfarer Jenny set off north westish from Redhill on N21, but not for long due to a flooded section. An alternative was a new track to a housing estate (formerly an industrial estate) which led to Nutfield Road near Mill Lane. Back on course we were soon in Nutfield where the A25 took us to Bletchingley and we turned into Rabies Heath Road to Tilburstow Hill. A brief pause at the top to admire the hazy view then via the lanes to the next stop to see the elderly Crowhurst yew. Continuing south we were soon in Blindley Heath, then a short stretch of the A22 led to Byers Lane and the lunch venue, The Jolly Farmer at Horne.
Some of the food was a little slow in coming, (for which we received apologies) but we were sitting in the sun, 3s wasn't far away, and one bench had an interesting conversation - 'Will I be able to see my keys hanging on a tree above my eye-level about six miles back?' (The answer proved to be 'Yes'). The afternoon route was via Smallfield, Salfords and Lonesome Lane to Reigate Garden Centre, just over twenty-six miles from Redhill. Most stopped here and later continued on lanes to Dorking where I peeled off.    
A wonderful day's cycling with everyone arriving home dry and in daylight (I hope).
Thanks to Tim and David for keeping an eye on things at the rear.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Goosey Goosey Gander, whither shall we wander?

For those in the 'A' Group, for whom the pleasure of anticipation is as exciting as its fulfillment, know ye that tomorrow's ride will be a gently undulating jaunt from Redhill to Balcombe. Nothing like the Hilly 50k! Our lunch-time venue will be the Half Moon Inn, some details of which can be found on the following link:

Don't forget your sun-tan lotion.

P.S. Forget the lotion. The forecast has changed!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Ride to Redhill on March 12th

If no-one else is intending to, I will lead anyone wanting to be led from North Cheam to Redhill. This will be over a hilly but scenic, 11.5 mile route and I would like to depart at 9:30 on the dot so that leaders can get away from elevenses at a reasonable time.

- Tim

Saturday, March 08, 2014

The Photography Competition - see the photos

If you didn't find time to look at the many photos entered into the competition, for which the awards were presented at Prezzo, here they all are, organised by category:

Section 6.1  Person or people (male)
Section 6.2  Person or people (female)
Section 6.3  Action
Section 6.4  Scenery or Landscape
Section 6.5  Building or Buildings
Section 6.6  Humorous or funny

Section 6.7  Hors cat├ęgorie (photos which defied classification)

Enjoy !

Thursday, March 06, 2014

'A' Group

Thanks Jeff for your most comprehensive report and pictures etc of the lunch yesterday.
For my part it is just to say that we were fortunate with the weather and able to lead a responsible group of riders to arrive in good time and apart from the rather mucky section in Nonsuch park did not keep up to it's name in that respect,


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

5th March, Annual Lunch at Cheam

Cobham to Cheam -The Annual Coming Together at Prezzo

Ray - Leader of the 'A's, safeguarding his options

The impenetrable vaults of Fudger in Chief
 Some of the aforementioned gentleman 'alphas', including an alpha lady!
 Once in the year we all come together to share lunch as a cycling community
Some of the worthy (and perhaps not so worthy) winners
And who might these be? Our thanks to Lynda for making this possible.

I'm not sure who will write a ride report for today, so here are a few pictures and words of thanks and appreciation to those who made it possible and to all those who came to make it happen. I'm sure that we all enjoyed our different rides with leaders Ray, Ed and Steph in brilliant sunshine from Cobham to our lunchtime venue at Prezzo in Cheam Village. For some reason, Ray chose to ride on a gear of 68, perhaps to show his disciples what is possible, as well as to work up an appetite. The venue as always is so pleasant and the  lunch almost an enjoyable extra. 

We must thank Tim, as our newlly appointed District Secretary, for all the work that he has already put in to our Group in so many ways, not least in organising our photo competition, as well as coordinating the collection and engraving of shields and trophies for presentation today. Little did he know what he was letting himself in for at the AGM. Next year I'm sure that he will be much wiser. Already we owe him a great debt of gratitude. Our thanks also to our Chairman Colin Quemby for the presentations, as well as all the work behind the scenes that most of us never see. We must not forget our Fudger in Chief, Simon, who is guiding us in the ways of financial rectitude, that will put the CEs of our maggot ridden banks to shame - if only they knew the meaning of the word 'shame'!' Maggot' they probably do understand.

Finally, we must thank all those ride leaders who, week after week, make our rides possible and so enjoyable. Without them we have no Club. We depend on them and on new prospective leaders to take their courage in both hands and offer to lead and play their part to contribute to our pleasure, as well as enhance their own enjoyment and sense of satisfaction.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that Gordon Seabright, the newly appointed Chief Executive of The CTC has resigned and will be leaving in May? Does anybody fancy throwing their cap into the ring, or does it seem all too much like the EC rather than the CTC?

Who knows what will be the outcomes of our shared sense of community today?  Who is to fathom the ways of destiny?


B Group ride to Prezzo in Cheam - 5th March

Ed led B Group from Cobham to Leatherhead via Tilt Road and then left at Squires into Woodlands Lane and Randalls Road. After taking the footbridge over the M25 then Ottways Lane we took the scenic route through Ashtead Park into Epsom. We meandered through the suburban streets of Epsom and Ewell and turned into The Avenue in Nonsuch Park to reach Prezzo at 12:45. Ed was able to deliver much better weather today than he produced for his ride on New Year's Day and we were a very happy peloton because of it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Invitations from St Raphaels

Dear Tim and Graham,

I am one of the community fundraisers at St Raphael’s Hospice in Cheam and I was wondering if any of your riders would be interested in the cycle events that we have places in this year. We have places in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100, London to Paris Cycle and London to Brighton Bike Ride. I am more than happy to send you some more detailed information about these cycle events and would be very appreciative if you would be able to promote them to your riders if possible.

I’m sure you are aware that St Raphael’s Hospice cares for over 1,000 patients every year in Sutton and Merton. It costs £5million for the hospice to run for 1 year and only 20% of that comes from the NHS, meaning that we rely on donations from the community to raise the outstanding £4million. So we are looking for keen cyclists to take on these challenges to help to raise funds for their local hospice.

If you are able to help in any way that would be very much appreciated and I will look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindest regards

Emily Nicholls

Community Fundraiser

Tel:  020 8254 2450 (main office)

        020 8254 2463 (direct line)


The event dates are:
Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100: 10th August
London to Paris: 2nd-6th July
London to Brighton: 7th September

If you would like to participate please contact Emily directly at or at the phone number above.

Caring for people in Merton and Sutton.  Did you know that 70% of the money needed to run the hospice comes from fundraising, donations and legacies? 

Can you Help? Ring  020 8254 2450 for more information or visit our website:

Please go to and set everyclick as your home page. St Raphael's Hospice will receive a donation for every internet search you make - at no cost to you or us. Thank you.


Monday, March 03, 2014

Wayfarers Lunch this Wednesday

Just a reminder that we have the annual Wayfarers Lunch at Prezzo, Cheam, this Wednesday.   Meet at North Cheam, or Cobham for elevenses as normal.

Prezzo has two offers available at the moment:  25% off food, or a two course set lunch menu for £9.95 - visit to get the voucher for the first of these.  No voucher needed for the second.