Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easy Riders - 29th April

I was in two minds whether I would make yesterday's ride, due to the weather forecast.  But, as it was dry when I got up I decided it wouldn't be so bad.

Just as I was leaving home, it started to shower; I had my overshoes and cape on ready, but hoped it would stop soon.  From North Cheam Liz led to Hersham; as we got to Tolworth the sun came out and it looked like the day would improve.  We thought about taking our wet stuff off but decided we might get another shower on the way.  Luckily, we kept them on!  We were only 5 from N. Cheam; Sandy, Liz, Les, Norman and myself; and  Don joined us at Hersham.  After coffee and waiting for a heavy shower to subside I led our group left from the day centre and round the big roundabout onto the cycle track towards Esher.  We took the next roundabout and left again at the Green.  Down to Thames Ditton, passing Ember Court. Originally, I was going to go through Bushy Park to a pub on the river; but due to another shower we turned right at Summer Road and crossed the main road and made our way to The Swan. We had a nice table for 6.  Sonia said she would make Ewell Court Park for tea so Norman and myself stopped off there.  And of course, the sun came out!


People and their trophies

On Monday I pedalled down to visit Jeff and deliver the Don Francis Memorial Trophy for which he didn't have enough space in his pannier after the annual lunch. Although Jeff seems very well he is understandably rather miffed to find himself under orders to refrain from cycling and also from driving for a month. As a consequence his garden is in tip-top shape and the grass in his lawn is a uniform 10 mm high across the estate.

I wanted to have a photo of him to share and thought he would look good next to the nice car in his driveway. Fortunately he had had the foresight to rummage around in his sock drawer for a pair of socks to match the beautiful automobile, thus avoiding a dreadful fashion faux-pas.


This morning I popped into the Guildhall offices in Kingston to see David Ward and deliver the trophy which had been awarded to him for the highest mileage for a male rider. He clocked up 9199 miles last year to earn this prize.

David is still working hard but is looking forward to retirement when he will be able to commit himself more seriously to cycling. When he is a little older, David would like to be a Wayfarer.

~ Tim

A Group 29th April

Jeff - Looking Chipper

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A group 29 April: Dorking - Red Sea - Turner's Hill - Fanny's

Last week Hans led the Israelites through the deserts.  Today we tried to cross the Red Sea, but failed to part the waters.

It was good to see Jeff at elevenses, looking well but not allowed to cycle or drive for another few weeks.  We hope it all goes well Jeff.  And we have been missing a few other regular A group members recently too: Peter Betts, Toni d'Italia, and John Bassett.  Best wishes to you and we are looking forward to you re-joining us as soon as you can.  Read on to see what you're missing!

The forecast promised heavy showers this morning.  A shower on the way to elevenses, followed by sunshine, led to optimism, but it started raining again before we set out, a hardy group of ten riders.   Up Dene Street and along Tilehurst Lane, perhaps not fully enjoying the beautiful countryside all around us.  Over Root Hill and lo! a land flowing with milk and honey!  Well okay, the Wayfarers budget wouldn't stretch to milk and honey, but it was certainly flowing with rain, which seemed to be on special offer today.  On the way to Charlwood, Ged punctured, and rather than hold us up he decided to head for Horley and the train home, while Geoff who was pretty wet and cold by then stayed with him.

Then there were eight.  We went round two sides of Gatwick, surprisingly traffic-free, and then through Crawley, surprisingly busy with traffic and a bit of an endurance test till we got to Three Bridges station and turned onto the Worth Way, a cycle track with a reasonably good gravel surface which took us to within a couple of miles of Turner's Hill: up the hill, still in the rain, and smartly into the Crown Inn to dry out and warm up.  They had reserved tables by the open fire and served good portions of good food.

The rain stopped for the return journey and the sun even came out a bit:  down the hill and then through the lanes past Rowfant, Copthorne, Smallfield to South Nutfield, where a few hills awaited us (and it started raining again) en route to Fanny's, where Keith and Ralph went straight on and six tried to dry out again.  The sun came out as we were inside, and I for one had a dry, sunny and warm ride home!  Thankyou to Brian for back-marking.

A Group 29th April

Wet for Simon's ride today.  A few welcome rays of sunshine after lunch, but basically wet.  36.6 miles from elevenses at Dorking to tea at Fanny's; lunch at the Crown, Turner's Hill, where we were glad of the open fire.  Rolling average 12.9 mph and a fairly flat 1,516 ft of ascent.

But a good run, and a cheerful bunch at tea.


Monday, April 27, 2015


Last year, I made the discovery that is is possible to ride the course of most of the Classics, as a Sportive, on the day before the professional race.  Paris-Roubaix was great fun, so this year's ride was La Doyenne, the oldest of the Classics, Liège-Bastogne-Liège.  This was the 101st running of the race since 1892.  They skipped a few years for the First World War, and a couple more for the Second, but they haven't missed many.  It's a race steeped in history and tales of cycling heroism - Hinault in the snow, Merckx in a 100k break to victory and many others.

It's an Ardennes Classic, quite different from the Flanders Classics like Paris-Roubaix, so there are fewer cobbles.  There are some, of course, or it wouldn't be Belgium, but it's mainly about the hills.  Lots of hills, the stuff of cycling legend.  I had formed the mistaken impression that the Ardennes were rather like the Surrey Hills, which is true to a degree, but the scale is bigger.  The Côte de la Redoute, for example, is steeper than Whitedown at 21%, but is nearly three times the length.  There are eleven classic hills, nine of them used this year, and they are joined by un-named hills, some very long, so you spend the entire day climbing or descending.  It's even a 5k drag up to the finish.  Unsurprisingly, the locals are very good climbers.

The Sportive offers three distances, the full course at 273k; mid distance at 156k and a shorter version for old people and children at 75k.  I went for 156k, which turned out to be nicely over 100 miles by the time you had ridden from sign-on to the official start and from the finish line in Ans back to the Sports Centre for medals and beer. 

Nairo Quintana behind ...

The day was mostly drizzly, with some mist on the hillsides, and it tipped down a couple of times, which all seemed rather fitting.  The poor weather forecast led me to take my disc-braked Lynskey, not really a race bike.  But the brakes work in the rain and it has a triple, which came in handy more than once.  Stroke of luck.

There were more than ten thousand entrants and the event was immaculately organised.  Excellent signposting, helpful Marshals and cheerful staff at the Food-Stops, where rock music kept you in the mood.  Great stuff.

At the finish line there was excellent security for your bike, so that you could collect your medal and have a beer without worrying, then back to the Hotel for a long hot shower and a traditional Belgian supper.

A proper day out.


ps - on Sunday, Alejandro Valverde won the pro race in much the same time as I took.  He had done 100kms more, of course, but then, he is a younger man ...

Wednesday's A Ride

We will be heading south-west from Dorking on Wednesday - a fairly flat ride until our destination, the Crown at Turner's Hill.   There is a section of well-surfaced off-road but a bypass is available for those with delicate tyres.   20 miles to lunch, and another 15 or so back to tea at Fanny's.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Group follow Moses through the deserts of Slough

Eleven riders set out for a pacey but undemanding ride to Hedgerley on Wednesday. There was nothing too taxing on route apart from executing a well-planned u turn outside of Burnham. A good lunch and fine beer at the White Horse set up the unsuspecting ‘Israelites’ for the ride home. They followed their leader through the wilds of Slough Trading Estate in a vain attempt to pick-up the planned route. Eventually we managed a pacey ride home to Sunbury Walled Garden for tea and cake. Approximately 43 miles from elevenses to tea.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easy Riders - 22nd April

Shepperton D.C. - Cap in Hand, Hook - Kings Centre, Chessington.

13 left the day centre on a bright and breezy morning heading for Walton Bridge, then through Ashley Park, over the roundabout to Burwood Park, down Onslow Road and out at Squires G.C. Hersham. We then proceeded along Burwood Road to the roundabout and on to Esher Road and Lammas Lane, turning sharp left before the Brown Bear in to Esher Park Avenue, through Claygate and on to lunch at the Cap in Hand.  Always sure of a warm welcome and good food, we were not disappointed.  After lunch on to Kings Centre Chessington.

I would like to say how nice it was to see Don back again and hope he continues to make good progress,  also Mark, after his 6 weeks back in his homeland to celebrate his 90th birthday with family.

Thanks once again to Lynda for being T.E.C.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

B Group - 22nd April

By travelling in circles - so some thought! - we managed 30 miles from elevenses at Shepperton to tea at Squires , Upper Halliford!   First of all we made our way over Chertsey Bridge towards St Anne's Hill via the off road route from Free Park Road to Cowley Avenue. From then on it was Almers road, Lyne Lane into Longcross Road.    Accommodation Road, right and right into Gracious Pond Road, through to Burrowhill.   Instead of straight over, sign posted Windlesham,  I turned right, taking  2nd left towards Valley End.   Once again I did not go directly into Windlesham!  I turned off Woodlands Lane into a delightful narrow lane - Rye Grove - which led us into Hook Mill Lane to the junction with Broadway Road.  From there it only took about ten minutes (I guess) to The Sun - a pub with extremely well priced good food served by two very efficient young ladies!   Some of us sat in the garden whilst others stayed inside.   I was told (I had not counted), that we had 26 riders today so I guess it was a good idea to spread ourselves about!

It was roughly an hour later when we were on our way to Halliford.   Actually, I had planned to have tea at Shepperton Lock but the clouds rolled in and the wind seemed even more keen than during the morning - hence the garden centre became the choice of many (all)!!    The afternoon's route was more direct - we returned to the junction of Hook Mill Lane and Rye Grove where we turned right, then left towards West End.    We passed the Castle Grove pub, touched the edge of Chobham village, turned right then left into Sandpit Hall Road, passing close to Fairoaks airfield.    I then headed along Stonehills Road en route to Chertsey.

As we approached Chertsey Bridge, Frank pointed out to me that our back marker Tony had not been with us for a while!!   Oh dear!!  Frank kindly took the group onto Squires, I made a few phone calls, one being to Terry but he was making his way home but could not get a reply from Tony or Tim but decided to continue after a bit.  Tony and Tim followed Vic and I into Squires where we heard that John Gould had punctured some way back but by the time they got to Chertsey he decided to let the train take the strain!    Unfortunately all the corner markers had waited for some time before continuing!!  Also,I must apologise for the volume on my phone was at its very lowest ????  hence I had not heard calls to me.

Never the less, we had a good day as much due to the company and the very diligent efforts from all who marked the corners and to Tony Hopkins for back marking.   Also, to Vic for showing me a few roads I had not used before last week.  My gratitude to all :):)

Pam :) :)

It was a pleasure to welcome a new rider today, Peter Brown who seemed to enjoy himself enough to want to come out with us again. So keen in fact that he will probably ride with A Group next time!

~ Tim

Note that for the afternoon ride the track shown after St Peter's Hospital is not the one taken by the main group which went via Chertsey Bridge.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Group ride: Wednesday 22 April

The A Group ride this Wednesday is to the White Horse in Hedgerley. I am stepping in at short notice to lead the ride so I’ve been unable to do a recce but many have been this way before so it shouldn’t be too much of a mystery tour. Not as ambitious as last week although I had thought of a more challenging ride to the edge of the Chilterns but I’ll save that one for another day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

B group April 15

                                                      Awaiting starter's orders
                                                    Vintage biplane at Redhill

What a wonderful day for cycling - pity Jeff couldn't have been with us - hope to see you soon, Jeff.

 Contrary to 'normal' Henfold departure we nine headed north, turning into Lodge Lane opposite Fourwents Pond. This leads to a reasonable track, but , since I recced it a very new surface of cinders has been applied making the ascent somewhat tricky. I can't recommend using this track again. Joining the metalled Shellwood Road we were soon passing through Parkgate and Charlwood, turning right into Ifield Road to keep us a little further away from the departing aircraft. Soon we had to join the A23 briefly before turning off to Tinsley Green and our lunch destination, the Shipley Bridge.

As requested, Tim had phoned our choices in advance so we were quickly served good food enabling us to have a leisurely break. Heading east on the B2037 we soon turned north into Rede Hall Road then shortly into Broadbridge Lane. Perrylands Drive led to a byway on which ponies and traps are banned but we rode along unchallenged. Rejoining the road we headed north to Redhill Aerodrome and the newish cafe/restaurant Pilot's Hub which served us well with a good selection of cakes. A bonus was sitting outside, watching the aircraft and a walk through a hangar with lots of light  aircraft en route to the loo! What more could you ask for?

Thanks to all for the good company, especially lunch monitor/tec/photographer Tim.


B Group - 15th April (map and photos)

A map and photos for Terry's ride to Shipley Bridge and Redhill Aerodrome:

~ Tim

A Group 15th April

Well, what a wonderful day.  It may be the middle of April, but we enjoyed High Summer today - clear blue skies all day and 25°C this afternoon.  It doesn't get much better ...

Eighteen of us left Henfold setting off at a steady clip towards Rusper, Faygate, Tower Hill and points South.  Past the Hammer Ponds, up the hill at Warninglid arriving at the White Horse, Hurstpierpoint before one.

Picture by Ray

Hans had arranged for us to tour the Hurst Brewery, a relatively recently opened micro-brewery that follows the tradition of the original Hurst Brewery which ceased brewing many years ago.  The scale of the brewery may be small, but the product is proving very popular, currently being distributed from Brighton to Redhill.  Expansion is taking place, with new equipment on order, so we can expect to see Hurst Brewery beers more widely around the Southeast.  The company's ethos is based on a locally made, high quality product, and those of us who sampled it absolutely agreed that this was the way to go.

The pub was old-fashioned and interesting - there were some traditional English foods on offer, but the main thrust was Thai, which was the choice of many.  The Thai food took a few minutes to prepare, which worked out well as small groups could place their order and then take the brewery tour, returning when their meal was ready.  This was very successful.

Lunch over, and back on the road.  Sunny lanes though Spring countryside, not big hills but plenty of 'pimples', as Ken put it.  At the Hammer Ponds we rejoined our outward route, rolling steadily through Rusper to tea at Tanhouse Farm.

45.7 miles from elevenses at Henfold to tea at Tanhouse, rolling average 13.9mph, with a reasonable climbing total of 3,060 feet.

Thanks to Geoff and Simon, who acted as back-markers, and to all of the Wayfarers who marked corners to speed their companions - it makes for an easy day for the leader.  Special thanks to Hans for arranging the brewery tour, and a welcome to Ruth, who rode with us for the first time today.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Ice-Cream Bike

The Ice-Cream Bike appears fairly regularly at the Car Park in Flanchford Road, Reigate Heath.  Very welcome on a sunny day, and very good ice-cream made at the farm down the road (where you can also buy it, if the bike's not around).



Monday, April 13, 2015

Status update from Bernard


Plastered literally rather than in the vernacular. Surgery all straightforward. But I'm finding the non-weight-bearing hard work. I've got crutches and a wheelchair but even everyday things, like a cup of tea, are tricky. I'm glad to have Luisa here to wait on me hand and foot.

In the end a moped in Cuba wasn't possible outside main cities and eventually we decided Luisa cycling and me driving wasn't going to be much fun. So the holiday changed to a motoring one. Enjoyable nonetheless.

Best wishes


A Group 'Brewery' ride this Wednesday

The White Horse Pub at Hurstpierpoint serves Thai food only. To see the menu click onto this link  I have booked for the group on the understanding that some may prefer to find an alternative local  food stop.

A Group 15th April

A test of the A Group's organisational capabilities ... it's a ride to a Brewery...

Hans has kindly arranged for us to be shown the Hurst Brewery, a microbrewery in Hurstpierpoint.  Brian has done a recce, I have tested the route.  What can possibly go wrong?

It's about 26 miles from Henfold, so an early start, please.  If we can get away at 1045 that would be very good.  Lunch at the White Horse, Hurstpierpoint, a pub that serves Thai food, tea wherever's open when we get back - Denbies, or maybe Wetherspoons in Leatherhead.

Forecast is for sun.


Friday, April 10, 2015

A Group, 8 April 2015

Effingham - Loxwood - Denbies

After lunch - minus the shrinking violets

'A' Group Ride - 8 April 2015

A perfect warm Spring day made for ideal conditions for today's trip through the Surrey hills, 15 of us deciding to take part.

The first gentle ascent took us to the top of Combe Bottom, and after the descent, into Shere. Peaslake is picturesque in all seasons, but the flowering magnolias, hawthorn and cherries made for a real picture en route. The road levelled out through Ewhurst and Cranleigh, before we took the Loxwood Road to lunch on the lawns of the excellent Onslow Arms, a cote du canal de Wey & Arun.

Back via Walliswood and Forest Green, it was good to see the ascent of Leith Hill tackled in a variety of ways by our intrepid Wayfarers. The main peloton went up past Leith Hill Place, formerly the residence of Ralph Vaughan Williams, one of Britain's finest composers (bet he didn't cycle up from Forest Green, though).

From there, we took the rapid descent via Coldharbour to Dorking to a well earned tea at Denbies, where we basked in the conservatory, before heading home.

Thanks are due to Dave V for backmarking.


Thursday, April 09, 2015

B Group - 8th April

Some twenty of us set out from the Effingham Vineries at 11:25. The air was cool to start with but the forecast was good and I knew that after riding up Dirtham Lane and Green Dene/Combe Lane we would all be feeling warm enough. This route, which continues down Combe Bottom and across to Shere and up Sandy Lane, is now a well worn one for B Group, not least because the gradients are moderate and the woodsy greenery usually puts us in good spirits. From the top Pam hurtled down Juniper Hill towards the A25 and the rest of us caught up a minute or two later.

At the top of Sandy Lane we frequently head towards Peaslake but this time we turned right, towards Farley Green, on a route that we hardly ever use. The route through to Shamley Green is extremely pleasant despite a few ups and downs. We crossed the B2128 into Hullbrook Lane which led us on to a narrow but well paved path across Lordshill Common. Just across the Wey and Arun Junction Canal there is a sharp and complicated right-hand turn up onto the Downs Link. We regrouped and trundled along the path towards Shalford. We passed through the gates to cross Station Road to ride past Bramley and Wonersh Station where two people were waiting. The station is well known for having been attacked by the Luftwaffe in 1942, killing several people. At the Tanyard Lane bridge we walked our bikes up onto the road and shortly joined Chinthurst Lane to ride into Wonersh.

During the recce I had intended to check out the pubs in Shamley Green but saw the Grantley Arms in Wonersh and changed my plan. I was advised that they could only handle a group of more than a dozen if we pre-ordered our food. I imagined that this would be a nightmare but along with a few orders collected at the Vineries I was able to pre-order for just about everyone. Our reward for enduring this minor tribulation was very prompt delivery of our meals and I thought that the food was of a very good standard, especially my fish cakes which seemed to contain at least 90% fish.

We departed along the Cranleigh Road towards Shamley Green but turned left up Northcote Lane and then took Littleford Lane up the hill to Blackheath. In conversations at lunch two or three people expressed their antipathy towards the idea of riding up the A25 to Newlands Corner and I was persuaded to turn up Guildford Lane before we reached Albury. Unfortunately I didn’t make a good job of communicating the two options to everyone and caused a certain amount of discombobulation for some. However, we drafted ourselves into two groups, one sensible and one daft, the sensible ones riding up the A25 and the daft ones following Vic’s cunning plan to ride up a very steep hill and then take a rough track through the wilderness to the Newlands Corner car park where we reunited with the sensible people who had kindly waited for us. My map shows both routes.

We zoomed down to the A246 and turned north at East Clandon to pass H M Prison and Ockham and ten of us went to Tea at the Medicine Garden.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the morning ride with its gentle hills, nice flat bits, lovely rural scenery, and at 14.4 miles, quite modest mileage. Much of the afternoon ride (15.6 miles) was excellent too although it would have been desirable to avoid the A25 and Newlands Corner. However I didn’t feel that the group would enjoy riding up Combe Bottom since we had already come down that road in the morning.

Many thanks to Peter Carpenter who rode as back marker and managed the tail end of the group with his characteristic efficiency. Especial thanks too to Angie who marked numerous corners to ensure that nobody got lost. Thanks to Tony, John and others who marked the corners where Angie wasn’t already stationed.

Thank you everyone for your very good company. It was good to see our two teachers David Vines and Stephanie again and also Chris Dent and Jennie who we only see from time to time. And Tammy, Liz's daughter who currently lives in Geneva, rode with us to lunch but became troubled with an inflamation around her eye so made her own arrangment to be transported back to Molesey.

~ Tim
Shamley Green - Downs Link - Wonersh, detail on OS Explorer

Hurst Brewery - A Group Ride 15 April

In response to enquiries about the lunchtime destination next week, here is the link to Hurst Brewery 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Group 8th April

Spring is here, and Rob led us over the hills and far away to enjoy an alfresco lunch at the Onslow Arms, Loxwood - the first of the season.  41.4 miles from elevenses at the Vineries to tea at Denbies, rolling average 13.1 mph.

Good to be out on a day like today.


Monday, April 06, 2015

'A' Group Ride - 8 April 2015

This Wednesday's ride features another jaunt into the Surrey Hills, to the Onslow Arms, Loxwood. Having missed the ascent of Leith Hill last week, I thought it would be a good idea to have another look, albeit from a different direction. So back via the aforesaid, Coldharbour & Denbies for tea. I'd be lying if I said it was a flat ride....

Please note - I'd like to get away from the Vineries (which tends to have a slow turn round), by 11.15.


B Group ride on 8th April - Lunch!

Although I have managed to avoid doing this so far I will need to pre-order our lunches for this ride.

Although awfully olde, the Grantley Arms in Wonersh seems like a very nice pub with a friendly staff and management, good food and beverages so well worth the slight inconvenience of having to think ahead.

Please visit their website at: and look at the "Lunchtime Sandwiches", "A la Carte" and the "Daily Specials" menus. Let me know your choices by email, text message, or even a phone call. Note that I will be away from Sunday 29th March through to late Monday evening on April 6th.

I will record your choices in a spreadsheet and email it to Emma the day before. It would help to have all the information from most people by the evening of Monday 6th so that I can pass it all on by midday Tuesday.

Sorry to give the game away about where we are going but the route we will take to get there, as with the weather, can remain a secret for now.

~ Tim

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

B group 1st April

                                                B group after lunch at The Weyside

B Group - 1st April

It was a slightly smaller group than in recent weeks that set out for Guildford.  Perhaps it was the strong winds of the past couple of days, or the thought of the Staple Lane climb?  Anyway, it was a good-sized group of 16, plus Pam who peeled off early to go home and pack for the Easter trip.  We headed out in the wake of the A group down Plough Lane, soon losing sight of them, and turned southwards at Ockham for a gentle climb along Long Reach to West Horsley.  Turning right on to the A246 we soon left it to take the quieter option of Blake's Lane running parallel to the busy road.  This brought us to East Clandon and the bottom of Staple Lane.  With excess layers having been divested in anticipation  of getting hot on the climb, we headed up, each at their own pace, re-grouping at the top of Combe Lane ready for the steep descent to the A25.  Here we turned right again and our route took us through Albury and Chilworth, across the railway line to East Shalford and out on to the A281 at Pilgrims Way on the edge of Guildford.  Fortunately there is a good cycle path beside this very busy road, which took us straight to the pub, the newly refurbished Weyside, where we received a warm welcome and where a group of tables had been reserved for us.  Food and service were very good - a pub to be recommended!

After lunch, the return route was up to the top of Guildford High Street, out to Stoke Park and the Leisure Centre, where we dropped down to the Wey Canal and cut across the nature reserve to Jacobs Well and the A3 cycle path.  Later we turned off the Ripley road to go through Send Marsh  to Pyrford, and the familiar route via W. Byfleet and New Haw to the Wyevale Garden Centre at Addlestone where eight of us stopped for tea.  Thanks to Terry for back-marking until lunchtime, when he too took off home to pack for the Easter trip, also to Vic for all his help, especially in the afternoon.  Well done to those not usually out on a Wednesday due to teaching commitments (Stephanie & Kay) and Canadians Robert and Margaret. 

 Gill F.

A Group 1 April

A Group 1 April Cobham to Dorking via Newdigate

A cracking ride - but I would say that, as I led! But hopefully others thought so too.

Out from Cobham, up to Ranmore Common via Effingham, down White Down. Up tp Leith  Hill via Abinger, then down and along to the Surrey Oaks at Newdigate. Back on a rolling flat route to Denbies via Betchworth.

As promised, a ride of two halves. Testing climbs before lunch, taken at a steady pace, followed by a romp through the flatlands to lunch then on the tea. 33 miles 12.5mph average - but see the plot below for the am/pm contrast!

The pub was outstanding in every way. A not-messed-around-with old school pub of many rooms and multiple log fires. A range of real ales that would be difficult to better. An extensive and interesting menu. AND we arrived at just about 1pm and were fed, watered (sic) and ready to roll by 2pm - not bad indeed considering there were 16 or 17, or was it 18 with Ingrid who rode there directly? Herding cats is a doddle compared to counting Wayfarers!