Saturday, July 28, 2007

More Dieppe Raid Photos (max 3@time?)

Right. Two Raiders capturing local Filly

Below. Two more raiders in a happy mood

More of the Dieppe Raid

Above the organising raiders/shirts. Above Near aV1 Doodle Bug Site.

Below, Morley with the Dieppe Tandem Girls (&boys), they were very fast and hard to keep up with.

See next issue of "Sou'Wester" for more details. Above are some pictures of some of the raiders, more in a social mood than a cycling one. Maybe Pete will put some cycling photos in.

Friday, July 27, 2007

B Group July 25

25.07.07. GROUP B

Cliff, Norman, Stephanie, Liz, Mick M, Les, Neville, Bernard, and Robin.
We set out from Dorking High Street westwards to the Reigate Road then south into Punch Bowl Lane. Straight on through Newdigate to Rusper, left into East Lane. Through Ifield then north to Charlwood and The Greyhound for lunch.
Good food, the Allday Breakfast was just that. Still in dry conditions but a little cooler we went NW up Stan Hill, and right to Northwood Hill, left to Leigh, Dawesgreen, Bunce Common, and Brockham where some light rain caused us to don jackets, whereupon luck was with us and it dried up. Coach Road over the golf course, A 24, Pixham Lane, London Road through Michelham, to Leatherhead. Somewhere Norman had gone missing on route and managed to find us at Annies for tea.
See you at Chobham.

C Group July 25th

Good turnout at Claygate. Weather sunny but rather windy. Lunch was to be someplace near the North Downs with tea at Epsom, so with around ten miles under my belt I chickened out and opted for a trip to The Old Plough at Stoke d`Abernon with Dave and Dennis leading. It all started rather badly as we left the day centre and a lady driver leaving at the same time came from behind and gave me a nudge towards the tarmac (not again). I was quite surprised at Dennis` knowledge of the offroad routes, but when we got as far as Cobham I decided to leg it for home as the bruises were developing rather. Now taking my usual medicine; see you at Cobham ---------- Albert

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thanks 2 'B' Group for my ride 25 July

Having arrived at Dorking with a slow puncture it was rapaired with help from Tony. Thanks also to Irene for the tea and biscuits which were almost as sweet as her!

In my enthusiasm to talk to Pete Mitchell, whom I had not seen for ages I missed the 'A' Group, I hope you all had a good ride. Thanks to the 'B' Group for inviting me to ride with them, it made pleasant change (one rider was overheard to say, we didn't invite you, you latched onto us). Well that's what friends and fellow cyclist's are for.

Thanks to Robin we had some good map reading practice and ended up at the Hungry Horse pub at Charlwood where I struggled thru an 'All day Breakfast' one of the most potent parts being the baked beans, they were very fast acting and gave me de Vind all the way home. Just as well it wasn't Vindaloo. On the return leg I went off road up the chalk path from the bottom of the Zig Zag, to try and consume some of the pile of chips, doorstep granary bread, mushroom, burger, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, rashers of bacon, tomato and Beans.... all for £5.95. It all came on an oval plate that needed a table to itself.

A Group July 25th

Fourteen riders set off from Dorking en route to one of our favourite haunts, the Blue Ship at the Haven, which lies the other side of Rudgwick. The peloton consisted of Ed, Ray, Graham, Irene, Frank H, Toni, Geoff, John B, John S, John M, Vic, Pete B, Ian and Rob. The day started off dry, something to celebrate in itself, and being a pretty flat ride, a good pace was maintained as we passed through Newdigate, where Pete left us to attend to a barbecue, then Capel, where John M returned home. Weare Street was its usual traffic free self, and without mishap we passed through Ellen's Green and Rudgwick before arriving at the Blue Ship where the food and cask conditioned ales were up to their usual standard.
A light drizzle started after lunch (why does it always rain when I lead?), the ensuing display of eye catching rainwear drawing admiring (?) glances from passers by. Just beyond Ewhurst on the way back, we somehow lost Irene, Ian, Vic and Ray, while Toni attended to a rear wheel puncture. Frank and John S pressed on, while the rest of us waited while Toni fixed his second rear wheel puncture complete with cut outer tyre. John B and Geoff went their separate ways, so Graham, Ed, Toni and I pressed on to Leatherhead, forgoing tea in view of the weather. I heard later courtesy of John S that he and Frank met up with those we had lost earlier at Dorking for tea.
I covered 66 miles in all.

London Freewheel Ride

Dear Cyclists,

We were delighted by the popularity and success of the ride from Kingston to the Tour de France prologue and we hope that you enjoyed it too.

Kingston Cycling Campaign are organising another ride to a big London cycling celebration on Sunday September 23rd - the London FREEWHEEL ride.

Transport for London are celebrating a Europe-wide "In town without my car" event by making traffic-free a 14 km route in central London, allowing thousands of riders to take over the streets and enjoy the capital's most iconic sights including the London Eye, Victoria Embankment, Westminster and St Paul's Cathedral and the Mall.

Freewheelers will also be able to take part in the Freewheel Festival - an event at St James's Park open to all participants and their family and friends. Highlights of the festival will include: a Hovis picnic, BMX, mountain and trial bike stunts, cycling acrobatics, and a cycling circus along with children's activities and information on cycling in London.

We shall be taking a ride from Kingston to join the celebration. If you would like to come too or would like to know more about it, please let me know.
There is a website
Kind Regards John

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Editor Thanks 'B' Group

Having punctured on the way to Dorking (thanks Toni d'Italia for helping repair), I missed the 'A' Group departing from 11's as I was talking to Pete Mitchell. Hope you had a nice day guy's and thanks also to Irene for my tea and biscuits on the park bench, while repairing my tube, they were almost as sweet as you!

I must also thank the 'B' Group for inviting me to ride with them (someone was overheard saying you were not invited, you latched onto us), well isn't that what friends and fellow cyclists are for. It was good to follow Robin and his wayward band for a change, exellent lesson in map reading. The choice of lunch stop was amazing, the Hungry Horse Pub at Charlwood. There I had an all day breakfast, it was enormous. I think the baked beans must have been fast acting! As I left the pub I became wind assisted. Now I know why they call it an 'All Day Breakfast' I am still suffering from de Vind, heaven knows what would have happend if I had chosen the Vindaloo!! I left the group to make their way to tea at Leatherhead, while I tried to ride off the chips, 2 sausages, burger, bacon, 2 eggs, tomato and mushroom pluse wholemeal doorstep bread and butter, by riding up the chalk track from the bottom of the switchback to the top of Box Hill. My saddle was very hot at the top.

Now to try and finish off the editorial for the next Sou'Wester by tonight.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Visit to Ledbury

From Steve Bott, Ledbury. This year a slightly larger group (Beatie, Carol, Liz, Lynda, Norman & Terry) stayed at Munsley Acre guest house, some four miles out of ledbury, coming up by train on the Wednesday. On the Thursday I took them to Upton-on-Severn for lunch, where we sat outside the pub looking down on the river. TV news yesterday showed those tables standing in floodwater, five metres above normal. The pics show the group at Clenchers Mill ford where I fell off, breaking my leg, three years ago and at Castlemorton common at the S end of the Malverns. Friday was wet, so a shortish ride to a garden centre for lunch and back to Ledbury for a look around the town. Later the group and six Ledbury cyclists came to my place for a buffet meal, the Wayfarers having to ride back to the GH in the dark and rain - this year they didn't get lost!. The other pic was taken last year on the Malvern hills. Best wishes to all wayfarers ............... Steve bott

Lost Padlock

On the visit to Addlestone I left my vintage cable lock on the wall outside did anybody pick it up?
From Pete Mitchell

Friday, July 20, 2007

B Group July 18th

7 riders: Judy, Liz, Cliff, Bernard, John-G, & Robin, led by Norman, left Addlestone bound for Chobham. The route was via Crouch Rd (alongside the Day Centre) across the staggered crossroad into Green Lane. Left around twin roundabouts into Holloway Hilland, left into Stonehill Rd. Right into Accomodation Rd, left at Longcross Rd and left at Staple Hill, left into Windsor Rd to the Four Horseshoes pub for lunch.
After lunch, left into Red Lion Rd, staight on to Gracious Pond Rd, through woods to Stone Hill Rd (where we passed the Easyriders going in the opposite direction), left down to Chertsey Rd, back to Addlestone and Weybridge, continued on to and under Walton bridge, along the towpath for tea at Hampton Court.
Robin and John went their seperate ways, the rest of us back to N. Cheam.
The weather was dry and sunny after elevenses and I was surprised to learn that part of Surrey had heavy rain during the afternoon.
See you at Dorking,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Me & 'Er Meander

Sunday 15 July 2007 dawned bright and breezy and Bob Starey turned up at my place topless to ride with me to Brockham for an 11 o'clock start, what a hairy chest he's got. When we got there the organisers had published the start as 12 noon! Meanwhile Irene bless her cotton socks, soon to become soaked cotton socks, had turned up at 10 o'clock believing that was the start time. Irene had been expecting other friends to join her but in the end she rode alone looking like a flower pot man in her waterproofs and flower pot mans hat on return. Thank you Irene for brightening our day, you were the only CTC member that rode.
Colin & Shirley turned up at the start to show support and help some of the very young starters set their saddle heights to something more rideable than the very low positions that mums & dads preferred before they proceeded on to another event they were assisting with. David and Dawn also turned up to lend their support complete with Tandem after their morning Downland ride.

We had a total of 16 riders mainly local families from Brockham and 2 from Reigate. The excessive amount of paperwork produced in anticipation of a massive response was an over estimate on my part. Only one family returned to collect their certificate and they only completed the 5 mile section if that? Slightly disappointing but hopefully most enjoyed it. It's perhaps not surprising that few returned due to a very heavy rain and hail storm that enveloped the green around 2.30pm. Within minutes the seat Bob, Irene & I sat on was awash with water. Bob and Irene donned their waterproofs and I along with Brian sheltered under the church Litch Gate only to have to hang onto the wall as the water rose to ankle level. It was great to see Brian turn up and support the event which he had created. Although the event was supposed to finish at 5pm, we abandoned it at 3.30pm as no more riders had turned up since the 12 noon rush, we were soaked and wanted to punish ourselves further by riding back up Pebble Hill, which we did creating one long tailback of cars as we rode away from the torrential stream still running down the gutter. Bob flew ahead and Brian returned to Banstead via Walton Le Hill having waited at the top of Pebble Hill for me. I had, had a bad night Saturday with some food poisoning and was feeling grim all day.

Doreen from the village fete committee obtained a box of Surrey Cycle Maps, which were abandoned under the flooded garden seat soaked. I have said to her that if they are found I will retrieve them but so far no response! Sorry Lord for such a waste (and SCC rate payers) but you sent the rain in the first place!

Bob has some wonderful photos on his camera of the rain, if I can get them blogged I will, meanwhile my offering is above. Note the box of maps under the seat b4 rain.

C Group July 18th

After the blustery weather of yesterday it was great to see some sun and almost no wind at elevenses at The Eileen Tozer centre in Addlestone. Harold was leading with the intention of lunch at The Castle Grove Chobham.
We had a good turnout with Harold S., Bill, Fuzz, Dave, Roger, Mark, Dennis and me. We went along Church Road, over the motorway bridge then left up Ongar Hill. I was rather intrigued with Harold`s choice of route but somewhat dismayed when he turned left to the fast downhill at Rowtown to pass the Bourne Valley garden Centre after which a short but almost vertical climb arrives one in New Haw. We got on to Woodham Lane with a reasonable marked cyclepath, as far as the six crossroads near Woking. The traffic was not very heavy and we turned there towards Chobham. A pretty heavy shower meant a stop to cape-up, but a little way further on there appeared to have been no rain. We enjoyed a good lunch after which the intention was to have tea at Shepperton. Dave, Mark, Bill, Roger and Dennis took up my invite to come home for tea at my place. I made it just under 10 miles to lunch and six back via Stonehill Road. Thanks Harold, nice ride (unlike your goodself I had lots of gears!) ------------ Albert

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Group July 18th

Bob, Tony, Pete B, Frank C, Vic, Graham, Frank H, John B, Ed, Ray D, Stephen & Ian - fresh from his end to end & looking very fit. Heading out through Egham a sudden very heavy shower took us by surprise, but it soon passed & Sun & Cloud continued for the rest of the day.
Lunch was taken at The Pineaple Pub at Dorney - huge multi filled sandwiches caused several improvised doggy bags to appear! Frank was rather surprised to find his allday breakfast also appear as a sandwich. The Jubilee River cycle route, a path into Eton Wick and we were back in Windsor, a brief halt to study The Windsor Eye here for its summer visit; on cycle routes into Windsor Park for a look at the splendid view, a chat with the Park Wardens revealed that park policy was for groups no bigger than six was in order. Two fast riders overtook us but seemed somewhat shocked when Frank Wooshed past them on the descent into Egham on his fixed machine feet a blurr!.
Tea and cake provided by Pam at her home was much appreciated, she looked and sounded as wonderful as ever but still not quite fully recovered from her mishap. A good day out 65 steady miles at a comfortable pace.
Fom Pete M

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Robin Johnson

To SW Midweek Wayfarers

Thank you all, for the lovely get well card and all your kind thoughts.
I am now fine, but with a small forehead scar. Regret not sending this earlier, but the card arrived during the last two weeks when I was cycling in Slovakia. The Tetra Mountain area is beautiful average hill 700 meters climb two to three times per day.
See you soon

Friday, July 13, 2007

C Group

After a twelve mile ride to Kingston I thought I`d better have a go with Ron in the lead. The lunch pub was to be The Gander at Sutton with tea someplace at Epsom which in the event I did not make having become lost in dense woods looking for tyre marks in muddy puddles. We had a good turnout apart from Ron and me there was Fuzz, Les, John C., Mark, Roger, Bill H., Harold (on fixed) and a few more. Soon after we started off Fuzz had gear trouble and pulled a wheel (spanner job). Ron waited while Mark went to see if he was OK. Ron is a great trail finder and I managed most of his offroad efforts where he waited for me to catch up. In the end it was Harold who found me and offered me tea at his home but although tempted I felt my remaining steam would be better used getting home... I left the dear lad when I knew where I was on the Kingston bypass and got home via Esher and Hersham having covered over 36 miles.
A large whisky /mac was all it needed to put me right. ---------------------------- Albert

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Geoff Clark

At Kingston on Wednesday Geoff Clark celebrated his 80th Birthday with tea & cakes all round - thankyou Geoff

July 11 A-B Groups

Both start times, 08:00 (newsletter) and 08:30 (website and actual), Seemed inappropriate as we reached Tesco Hookwood via Headley and Leigh at 10:15.
Francoise and Cliff had disappeared early on with separate mechanical problems; Deanne and Grant went no further. After a leisurely breakfast (for many), the rest (Ed, Bernard with friend Will, Brian N, Frank H, Graham, John B, John G, John S, Mike M, Richard, Rob, Toni, Phil L ) carried on.
At the A217/A23 junction I deviated onto NCN21 and then went by road to Tinsley Green, Turners Hill, and the Cat Inn at West Hoathly - a route discussed at 11s. The others ignored my shouts and loyally followed onto the dual carriageway. Later they took in the sights of Crawley including its larger supermarkets; the exact route, a mystery even to the leader. The difference in our routes was around thirty minutes. CTC East Sussex riders arrived from various directions and disappeared into the pub. Eventually all of the Midweekers joined them.
We set off back to Turners Hill and then rode to Effingham Park. In Downlands Lane we found ourselves behind an exceptional load which unintentionally was hedgerow trimming and adding large branches to its load; those nearest also enduring a mini dust storm! After Outwood there was the long uphill drag to Bletchingley and then flatter roads lead to Merstham and Fannie's for leisurely tea and cakes.
Around 70 miles for me on a day that got better and better.

Graham Hill

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

John Hammond update June 2007

Although I got to Molesey at the end of May, I missed out on Cobham on June 6 when I discovered, after buying my train ticket at Wimbledon, that buses had replaced trains on the line from Surbiton via Cobham! I could have gone to Esher and cycled from there, but it was colder than I expected with a strong NE wind so instead I left the station and cycled via Raynes Park to Norbiton and back, but was sorry to have missed seeing everybody.
Have of course been out on the bike every day but the increasing ravages of arthritis everywhere mean that I have to be sensible and ensure that I don't cycle too far and then find it difficult to get back home again. Yesterday I went to Hampton Court and back - far enough, but I hate to admit it!!
Hope to see everybody soon.


P.S. "Only" 184 miles now to complete my 100,000 since age 65!!
Not important, just a target which keeps me going despite all the obstacles!

Friday, July 06, 2007

C Group

Having read Marks report I realise my effort got the pub name wrong! All the same the beer was OK. I failed to find shelter after we parted at the Seven Stars but soon dried off when the rain stopped.-----------------------Albert

Pictures from Mark Roy

C Group July 4th

Our leader decided to take us to New Inn at send our group included Mark Roy, Albert, Roger, Pat and Bill, Mike, Harold, Dennis and John. We met riders from group B at Ockham one of them had puncture. However as we just reached the bridge over A3 the rain came down and we had to get our waterproofs but it stopped very quickly and we reached the Pub still in rain gear After lunch on our way back Albert left us at Seven stars pub and the rain came down again we took shelter under trees near Ripley but it stayed dry till we reached Cobham Day centre.
From Mark Roy

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pam's Progress

Yesterday I collected my 'friend' (bike) from Windsor, no hustle and then took it on to Addlestone for new bars and tape. Seems to be the only damage, so that is good news! Zimmer frame was returned to Wexham Park hospital and the loo frame has already been taken away - walking stick only now. But, I must confess that sitting in the car and maybe the walking did take it's toll on me! After a nights rest I feel as good as new again! I now understand why physio said not to travel in car to Kent!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Group June 27th

The excitement for A group started after we left the Redhill Methodist Church and headed out on the national cycle route towards Horley and Gatwick. There were eight of us: Brian N, Frank H, John B, Ed, Pete M, Will, Julian and myself. The terrain was pretty smooth for the most part with odd bits of off-road thrown in for additional pleasure. Very few are really bumpy but there was a short stretch with some rather large pot holes. When we were coming into Horley we turned left at the first traffic lights and headed down a main road before turning left again onto one of the Surrey cycle ways. Again, there was a little bit of off-road included but very little really. At the end of a stretch, having just passed under the M23, we turned away from the cycle way and took a right turn, heading down a country lane towards Burstow. Off again to the right and down Church Road we passed the 12th Century Burstow Church before hitting (fortunately not literally) another main road where we turned left and headed towards Crawley . Soon after a left at the roundabout we again turned right through Tinsley Green and then left before coming into Crawley proper, mostly by using cycle tracks alongside the main road. In Crawley we once again sampled the delights of ‘The Jubilee Oak’ which also happens to be a member of the Wetherspoons chain of pubs. It was about 15 miles on the outward journey. The return journey was fairly direct, going as we did via Ifield (including crossing a bridge rather than negotiating a busy roundabout), Charlwood, Leigh and Brockham before six of the eight of us sampled the delights of Dorking Halls for tea and then making our various ways home. Getting to Dorking from Crawley was about 13 miles. All in all, an enjoyable day seems to have been had by all.

Stephen Cox

C Group June 27th

I (Lynda) lead 14 from Claygate for the 'C' group ride: Liz, Carole, Anita, Pat, Sonia, Dennis, John, Harold, Roger, Ron, Dave, Fuzz and Mark.
We made our way up Claygate hill, when Ron passed me and said to slow down as the ladies were going too fast!
A short wait at the top, then we proceeded to Hook, then the back roads of Chessington to Ewell, where we took the bike path along near Nescott college. We then went thro' the alleyways to Epsom, round the roundabout at Ashley Rd., and continued to the back of Epsom hospital up Wilmerhatch. We then took a right turn by the garden centre and went through Ashtead Pk. A right turn at the High St. took us to Barnett Wood Rd., where we stopped for lunch at The Woodman. The weather stayed dry, although cloudy. After a nice lunch we went back over Ashtead Common to Epsom and had tea at Longmead Day Centre.
It did rain when we were inside but it stopped when we were ready to leave. What luck! We went our separate ways home and I got back without getting wet. A good day out don't listen to the weather forecast.

June 27th B Group

Well fellow midweekers its strange what fate has in store for you, and little did I know as I settled into an extremely nice slice of coffee cake and a cuppa at Redhill DC this morning. People were very friendly and seemed pleased to see me out again after my return from France. Anyways there was the usual talk of the forthcoming rides. Some of which appeared directed to me. "Pourquoi ?" I thought, and having not read or seen the June issue of the Sou'wester........ being away an all that !!!! it soon dawned on me. To say that I was a tad under prepared would have a been a mild understatement.

Opps! and big apologies to Brian S. who had kindly noted my mild interest to lead in the spring when previously asked. Never happen I thought i'm not really a cyclist with all ex pros to do the job.

Well with very little time and quick chat with young Norman my original intentions back in the spring of a ride towards KENT was put together. Edenbridge was deemed to far due to the very uncertain weather forecast for the afternoon. So East Grinsted it was with Wiremill as the stop, an old haunt of mine when it was a disco/nightclub back in the early 70s. The loop back was easy via Bletchingly and Fannies Farm for the teastop. JOB DONE !! Who needs maps.

Feeling sort of pleased I headed 7 keen riders Norman, Les, Bernard, Cliff Tony'D, John and myself out of Redhill towards the old hospital, just follow the signs..... Several back turns later and still in Redhill with a vote of no confidence rapidly building, I was getting the distinct feeling this was not going to be as easy as I had thought. Well thankfully Norman saved the day and acted as my navigator. He wasn't to know of course that I'm slightly deaf with a mind prone to wandering.

Thankfully... give or take the odd missed turn we all made it to the Wiremill for lunch. The route B roads via Outwood, and Newchapel, to Felbridge was very pleasent and undulating. Much talk amongst the peleton of a previous night's visit by some riders to the Sound of Music got my mind wandering "the hills are alive" more of that later.

Fully fed and watered... (thumbs up to the Wiremill for reasonable priced food served in pleasent surroundings and no long waits). I headed the peleton out for the return leg. Reasonably fine weather prompted thought by me that things were looking up, slightly ahead of schedule and no puntures. BANG! wrong. Tony quickly put paid to that. But then gave a fine demonstration of tube/tyre change 5 mins excellent stuff.

So we rolled out, a minor change of route... well, after all the others, water off the proverable ducks back! saw us heading towards Lingfield. This diversion via Crowhurst was to lead us back across the A22 into Bletchingly via the infamous North face of Tilburstow Hill. Well a ride with Nigel C without a hill?
Up though Bletchingly then left and down Little Common Lane gave revenge.
Bernard desending like a blade (Pam watch out when your back you have competion!!) The final assent of Muckridge Lane to Fannies brought crys of "Da ja vaux" and proved Tony... soft rear tyre is a serious power climber. So then it was my turn for teas all round, but as Cliff said we can't be bought the truth will out.
Well I award myself 5/10 for effort with a big thankyou to Norm for helping save the day and my fellow B riders for putting up with me. I do promise next time ..................

Cheers Nigel C

A couple of past pictures from Mark Roy