Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annual lunch—Wednesday 2 March

A reminder that this coming Wednesday we shall be riding from Cobham to Prezzos in Cheam for the annual Wayfarers' lunch, organised by Lynda.

Places are available, so if you have not booked but would like to come, please let Lynda know at Cobham on Wednesday (or beforehand, by e-mail).

Prezzo menus are on their website: and discount vouchers (which have various conditions) can be printed off from sites such as .


Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Group, 23 February

Walton on Thames - Dorney - Shepperton
Under watery skies, Ed had decided on a fluvial theme. After Walton bridge (I'm sure that you can see the river through some of those potholes) it was a familiar route past Shepperton to Chertsey; then along Thames Side beside a very full Thames, Ed nobly declining the lure of the seductively beckoning towpath, to guide us on terra firma (i.e. tarmac) to Staines. Here the bicycle came into its own, as we smugly pedalled past the massed ranks of Surrey Constabulary, keeping watch on an aptly named Biffa truck that had underestimated its size and now supported the railway bridge. Over Staines bridge to Egham, Windsor, beside the Arches to Dorney, to arrive at the Pineapple - nirvana for all sandwich lovers. As fine a selection as you'll find in all this land. The steady drizzle seemed to belie the venue as the most propitious place in England to grow its first pineapple.

The return via Datchet, in uninviting mizzle, was a variant of the outward route. However, the cattle grid at the end of Dorney Common claimed a victim, as Ed went 'ed first, ending up in a soft cushion of mud. X marks the spot. Fortunately muddied but unbowed, man and bike were able to continue, adrenalin upping the pace. At Staines, the Biffa truck still firmly wedged beneath the bridge, with an increased police presence, we were able to carry on unobstructed to tea at Shepperton. Most stopped, some carried on to chase the dwindling light. Today's distance in the saddle some 66 miles. Hope you are ok Ed.


Easy Riders Feb 23rd

Miserable morning on my ride to Walton Day Centre but cheered myself up with the weather forecast which said it would dry up in the afternoon and become milder.
I led six from Walton, Lynda, Roger, Beryl, Fuzz, Sandy and Les. We headed towards Staines via Shepperton, Church Lane, Ferry Lane and Dockett Eddy Lane (supposed to be one-way but the few cars we met didn't worry). Turned R before Chertsey Bridge onto tow path to Wheatsheaf Lane and on to Anglers Retreat - large pub popular and good food if a little expensive. When we came out of the pub the rain was falling - forecast wrong again. Headed to Hampton Court via Lower Sunbury you guessed it Five on the Bridge. After tea and cakes left for home, rain had stopped.
Fuzz was going to make his own way to Hampton Court. He hadn't arrived by the time I left, hope all was well.
John C

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

B Group February 23

On a damp, dull day I led a swarm of Bs from Walton Day Centre along the towpath (avoiding the amphibians with no road/towpath sense) under Walton bridge where we joined the road to Weybridge and avoided most of Addlestone by using the footbridge over the railway. Was this once a level crossing ? Keeping to the sideroads we crossed the busy M25 via the footbridge then through Row Town and Woodham to join the canal towpath at Scotland Bridge. Rejoining the road at Sheerwater Bridge we were greeted by several sets of flashing blue lights and two-tone horns which quickly passed. We were gradually getting damper but pedalled on through Pyrford to Papercourt Lane and our lunch destination - The Saddlers Arms, where we were quickly served with good meals.

During lunch the rain had become heavier and a few decided to go straight home. After turning right onto the Portsmouth road I then forked left into Burntcommon Lane. (Before the A3 was upgraded there were two cafes hereabouts - the Triangle and the Three Frogs - anyone remember them ? When I worked for Vickers/BAC in the late50s/60s we would rush out to either of these for lunch for a change from John Gardner's offerings. It was a rush - in those days if you 'clocked in' after lunch more than three minutes late you lost fifteen minutes pay !).

We continued along Tithebarns Lane where unfortunately Liz had a rear wheel puncture - out in the open, no shelter from the rain and the cause couldn't be found. However the tube was soon replaced and we carried on to regroup at The Medicine Garden, by which time the rain had stopped. After suitable refreshment we went our separate ways - not a great mileage but sufficient for the conditions.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prezzo lunch - £10 voucher

Dear All,

Pete Barnard has very helpfully pointed out that, if you are going to the annual lunch at Prezzo on 2 March from Cobham, vouchers for a £10 lunch are now available. Click on the link below for details and, if interested, to request a voucher.


Monday, February 21, 2011

DA Barn Dance

Tickets now available

Friday, February 18, 2011

Easy Riders Feb 16th

John C, Lynda, Roger, Philip, Fuzz and Beryl enjoying the sunshine at the George and Dragon
Fuzz, Lynda, John C, Philip, Mark, Roger, Beryl, Angie, Cliff and Dave set off on a beautiful sunny morning turning left out of the Day Centre, and left again into the Park to a lane which led us to Pine Grove and the start of what became known as the Railway Station ride as we passed close to Walton, Hersham, Esher and Thames Ditton stations. From Pine Grove we took a fairly direct route down Oatlands Avenue, Station Avenue and Rydens Road cutting through the lane at Hersham Sewage works. Then via Mill road, Douglas Road and Weston Green Road. Before crossing Hampton Court Way we stopped on the corner and led by Fuzz we gave three cheers to Derek, and then continued on into Thames Ditton and the George and Dragon for lunch and some really fine ale. The George and Dragon was Shepherd Neame’s Community Pub of the Year in 2009. After lunch Angie, Cliff and Mark having left earlier we continued to Cheam to the Point for tea and cake and an amusing talk about Memories. A great day out with plenty of sunshine, I clocked up 37 miles and most of the others had over 30 miles.
From David Salmon

Thursday, February 17, 2011

B Group Feb 16th

The Riverhouse Gallery for Tea
On a warm and sunny day 22 including new boy, Neil of Colliers Wood, went over Woburn Hill and across the Meads to Chertsey Bridge. Willow Walk was the start of the way to Egham where Middle Hill was climbed and Priest Hill descended to reach lunch at The Bells Of Ouseley well before one. Ron and Doreen were already here. The service was quick and efficient so by two all were ready for the ride home. This went across the Runnymede into Egham where the back road was taken to Staines Bridge and the towpath to Laleham. Passing both Shepperton Studios and Station, ten made it across Walton Bridge to tea at the Riverhouse Gallery. A first for many and it will be repeated in the future as a very pleasant venue for tea
From Irene

A Group, 16 February

Weybridge - Sunningdale - Lower Sunbury

Brian, congratulations on a well researched and led ride. You are becoming a champion leader showing much research and dedication keep up the challenge - you are credit to our club. Meanwhile, our inscrutable Rides Sec with that typical smile is doing a good job as ever finding leaders each week and encouraging others; please support him for the "A" "B" & "C" groups as new leaders are always welcome to spread the load.Let's also not forget that Jeff is the custodian and champion of our cause to maintain the CTC as a strong members club. There is still some way to go in this debate so stay focussed - all is not over by a long shot.
Unlike our focussed campaign against a unified charitable trust, some of my shots are either out of focus or are in shade from the trees and the pleasant sunshine. Also featured is our able promoter of the Hilly 50 Graham Hill, who would welcome any help at 9.30am Saturday morning 5th March at Rykas for the start at 10am. Forty plus riders are already pre-entered and we hope for 100 plus on the day. Contact Graham if you have time to spare! I myself have booked to ride but will be on hand at the start to help. Ed Sharp who has championed this event for many years will be there as always.

Mike Morley

A Group Feb 16th

A pleasantly mild and bright day tempted out a good crowd and twenty one of us left Weybridge, through Addlestone and then directly to Chobham along Green Lane and Stonehill Road. After a short stretch through the town on the A319 we turned into Pennypot Lane for a quiet series of lanes leading us north round the edge of West End and towards Windlesham via Hock Mill Lane. Then along Church Road and on across the A30 into Sunninghill Road. A left turn into Coronation Road surprised some and then we cut back down some “private” roads to cross the A330 into St Marys Hill and through Sunninghill to the Nags Head at Sunningdale. They were forewarned but sounded a bit shocked when I told them the numbers. However they coped well and we were heading home before 2.15. A run round the path on the south side of Virginia Water seemed a first for some and led neatly to the lights across the A30 into Christchurch Road. A right turn took ( most!) of us down Wellington Avenue and Harpesford Avenue to reach the Lyne turning and then over the M25 on Almners Road to Chertsey. 15 made it for an al fresco tea at the Sunbury Walled Garden. I covered 57 miles from home.
Brian Greenwood

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Group 16th February

A bright enough day again today. Brian led us by an intricate route from elevenses at Weybridge to lunch at the Nag's Head, Sunningdale and on to tea at the Walled Garden, Sunbury.

31.3 miles at a decent 12.5 mph rolling average and a commendable 70 watts average power.

1040 calories and home in the light. Spring must be on the way.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

News from John Scott

John and Pat are moving to their new house in Acton on 16 February
. John aims to join us at the Prezzo lunch on 2 March. Meanwhile he sends best wishes to all Wayfarers.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome New Member

I was taken aback when approached at Claygate by Sandra (Sandy). She asked if I was Tim's dad and then I realised she is the mum of our top IronMan Steve Bayliss who is married to our top IronLady Bella. I hope you enjoyed your ride with the easy riders and that we will see you again very soon.
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A Group, 9 February

Claygate - Woodmansterne - Epsom
Welcome to Barry Read
Box Hill and the Woodman

A Group, 9 February

The final day of a dry spell brought the Wayfarers out in force at Claygate, and a good two dozen riders set off for Woodmansterne for today’s ‘A’ ride.

Fortunately, the track which took us out of Claygate across the A3, which can be a quagmire as it is also a bridle way, was dry and presented no problems. Our route then took us through Oxshott and into Leatherhead via Oaklawn Road. We then followed a short but picturesque section of rural track alongside the River Mole, disturbing a few moorhens in the process, before emerging onto the cycle track which runs towards Dorking. We turned off shortly at Mickleham before tackling the Zig-Zag up to Box Hill, which cleared a few winter cobwebs out of the system.

We still had a fair way to go to lunch, so it was at a brisk pace that we passed the top of Pebble Hill and Walton-on the-Hill before crossing the A217 at Kingswood, and then rode through Chipstead before another climb took us to the Woodman at Woodmansterne. Our number had reduced somewhat by then, so the pub was able to deal with all of us. The food was not bad, and definitely cheap. One of the Woodman regulars, when told of our day’s itinerary, looked aghast, and commented ‘must be mental’ (maybe he had a point…..)

To compensate for our pre lunch climbing, everything after lunch was basically downhill, including a panoramic sweep past the Grandstand on Epsom Downs, before a final descent into Epsom, where half a dozen redoubtables clocked into CafĂ© 1 (where we explained to the waitress that our request for a ‘mug of coffee’ was not the same as a ‘mocha coffee’).


B Group Feb 9th

Twenty set off from Claygate Taking Foley Road and footpath across Arbrook Common. Then round the Esher by Pass roundabout right into sandy lane for one mile into Faremile Common and leftish along Green lane.
Straight on via Foot paths and roads through Cobham.
Going south on Downside Bridge Road, Through Downside straight on across Great Bookham Common through north Fetcham to Leatherhead with a choice of Weatherspoons or cafes and pubs for lunch.
Doubling back to Fetcham then to Stoke D'Abernon, Blundel Lane onto Oxshot Heath, Fairoak lane then left on footpath to Claygate. Woodstock lane
under the A309. Through Long Ditton and Surbiton back streets to London Road Kingston then left into Park Road where six still fit cyclists had tea in an Italian corner shop, about eleven made it back to Claygate.
Unusually for the time of year all the paths were very dry, otherwise an all road route would have been essential. How lucky it was, a warm and dry day
I believe everyone made it to lunch, and no punctures, well done all.

Cheers Robin.

Easy Riders Feb 9th

we met at Claygate, i led Lynda, 2 Bill's, David, Ron, Mark, Fuzz, two new member's Gilbert & Sandy. through Claygate village then through Esher toward's Hersham & along to West Molsey.
then to the Albion pub at Hampton Court for lunch.
then we met Beryl there. we had a good lunch two lunche's for £8.
in the afternoon we went through Longditton & Thame's Ditton then onto Chessington where we had tea at the King's Centre. after tea we all made our way home.

Roger - M.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A Group 9th February

A mild and bright day today, and Rob gave us a sporting outing, through Leatherhead, Mickelham, Box Hill, and Chipstead to lunch at Woodmansterne where we were well looked after at the Woodman. Then over the Downs to Epsom and tea at the Assembly Rooms (sounds better than Wetherspoons).

27.4 miles elevenses to tea, rolling average 11.5 mph, 1478 feet of ascent and 1227 calories.

Climbing enthusiasts will note that the Cubis peleton peaked at 11.3 mph on Box Hill pulling 302 watts. No messing.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

News of Harold

Around 10pm, last evening while watching and dozing in front of the old telly, the phone rang and I was greeted with a friendly voice which I could not identify. It turned out to be Harold in Scotland and he was sounding pretty chipper. I feel rather guilty, not having contacting him first. Several times he gave me a lift home in his car with my bike in the recent past before his illness struck him.He said his wife was well and he was still enjoying his photography. His call cheered me up no end.---------------Albert

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Problems for Ken

A Tale of Two Inner Tubes (plus one!)

(With apologies to the Charles Dickens)

It was the best of rides, it was the worst of rides with the A Group on the 2nd Feb………

Leaving the canal at West Byfleet, I stopped with a punctured rear tyre and, assuring those passing me that I was ok, set to work. Removing wheel and inner tube took only a few minutes and taking my spare inner out of my bag, I spotted the first problem – a tiny hole, probably caused by rubbing around in the bag.

Securing bike, wheel and tyre to a lamp post, I went in search of a bike shop and found one within a few minutes that had been open just 4 days (Motion Plus Bikes, Aussie owner, Viner bikes) and parted with £3.78 for a Kendar tube.

Back to the bike, checked tyre for foreign bits and finding none, decided that it was a ‘pinch’ puncture happening when in advisedly dropping off a high kerb, fitted new tube and rode on.

Ten minutes or so later I felt something strange with the rear tyre, stopped, and yes, it was flat again! Decided to pump up and press on. With hindsight the sensible course would have been to return to Motion Plus

Reaching Cobham after stopping every couple of miles to pump up, I spotted Village Bikes and this time parted with £5 for a Schwalbe inner tube (clearly, Cobham is more upmarket than West Byfleet, presumably due to Premier League footballers living in the area).

This time I did find the tiny speck of flint that had caused the original problem, fitted the new tube and arrived home about 5pm – somehow having clocked up a total of 49 miles (I must get myself a decent map).

Ken Williams

Easy Riders Feb 2nd

On a dull overcast day I was pleased to see a number of familiar faces at Cobham. Fuzz, still nursing his foot (recent operation) was treating it warily for a while and would not be joining me. It was nice to see Mark Roy again, but he and Bill (the calligrapher) both felt they could not come on today’s run.

So it was that nine of us, Lynda, Beryl, new member Gilbert, Roger, John C, Bill P, Norman, Les Johnston and yours truly left RBL making our way along Downside Bridge Road, over the bridge and right into Plough Lane. We took the usual route to West Horsley passing The Black Swan and continuing along Ockham Lane to reach the sad looking boarded up Hautboy Hotel and into Alms Heath. All the buildings and walls in this area have the hallmark of the Lovelace Estate in their design and patterned brickwork, I understand that The Hautboy is a Grade II listed building so any development could be a bit restricted.

There is a CTC connection with The Hautboy which some members may have heard of. Back in the 1890s cycling was really taking off with the development of the pneumatic tyre, and many ladies had taken up the hobby. In 1898 one formidable lady cyclist, Viscountess Florence Harboton called into The Hautboy, wearing her cycling knickerbockers, seeking some refreshment. The landlady refused her entrance to the tearoom thinking her dress unseemly. She said that Florence should go into the public bar but Florence did not fancy the public bar so she left. The CTC decided to prosecute The Hautboy on behalf of the Florence. I do not know the outcome but I understand that CTC members boycotted the hotel. If anyone happens to know the outcome, or can correct me on any points of detail I should be interested to hear from them.

At the end of Alms Heath we turned left into Ockham Road North and right into Long Reach. It was then along Long Reach to The Street West Horsley and lunch at The Barley Mow. I think we all gave our thumbs up to the Barley Mow. The food was good, as was the service, and the staff pleasant and accommodating.

After lunch we made our way in a slight drizzle, over The Drift to Effingham Junction. The sunshine of Sunday and Monday had, when planning the run, made me consider leading the troops across Banks and Bookham Commons but a quick recce on Monday afternoon persuaded me that this would not be a good idea (the bridleway was very very muddy),so we made for Effingham, Bookham and tea at the Leatherhead day centre, just five of us, three of our number having peeled off on the way.

After tea we all made our separate ways home, in all we were lucky with the weather, the sun did try to shine from time to time but not for long, a run of just under 15 miles from elevenses to tea, not bad for a dull February day.

Mike Withers

B Group Feb 2nd

Having punctured outside Long Ditton Garden Centre it was nearly 11.30 a.m. before I arrived at the British Legion Hall where 16 B riders were patiently waiting for me. After passing the Black Swan we crossed the airstrip to Elm Corner, croosed the A3 by the bridge and cycled through Wisley village. The road from Pyrford Lock was closed to traffic for road resurfacing, but we managed to avoid the wet tarmac and squeeze past the approximately 10 surfacing machines to reach Pyrford Green. We joined the Basingstoke canal near Maybury and cycled along the canal through the centre of Woking, and eventually left the canal path at Arthurs Bridge Road. One of our number stopped to make use of the "facilities" at the "Communty Church" on Bullbeggar's Lane (Thank you Liz for waiting for him). We cycled thru' Chobham, where we lost our way only slightly, and arrived for lunch at the Red Lion in Burrowhill shortly after 1 p.m.
A group of Cyclists from Woking CTC were already in residence as were quite a few other diners. Nevertheless the service was quick and we were able to leave again shortly after 2p.m.
The way back in the afternoon was thru' Ottershaw, Rowtown, Cox's Lock, Weybridge and Walton. Most went straight home but three of us had tea at The Weir Public House by Sunbury Lock.

John Gould

A Group, 2 February

Cobham - Horsell - Cobham

A Group Feb 2nd

I imagine that most of to-days A group found the ride - shall I say -
'a little more relaxed' than expected! I shall not be here 23rd
February and Terry kindly agreed to swap our days to lead. As we only
spoke about it a couple of days ago I'm afraid I had to lead a ride
that I had led in the past.
We departed via Downside Road, turning right into Chillbrook Road
instead of Plough Lane - to avoid B group! Our planned route went
through Ripley, touching Pyrford, skirting Woking and reaching The
Plough at Horsell approx 12.30.
The main attraction of this pub is it's homemade pies, not forgetting
the real ales! The food was good and we were most impressed with the
speed of service!
Ron and Doreen joined us in the pub and I counted 24 cyclists whilst
our photos were being taken before making our way to Horsell High
Street on our way to join the towpath of the Basingstoke canal. At West
Byfleet we left the canal with every intention of turning down Lock
Lane to Wisley and Ockham, then Cobham for tea at Sainsbury's.
Foiled.!!!!..Lock Lane is being repaired and closed to traffic so we
cycled on to the junction where we turned left to Ripley - back onto
the mornings route.
Frank stayed on the A3 whilst the group turned into Rose Lane. Dave
told me Jeff had punctured and would go straight home when it was
repaired but I had missed Terry, Ian and John B! I believe they stayed
on the A3 but I had not seen them go by! When Vic and I arrived at
Sainsburys, all but Ian were there but it was only about 5 minutes
before Ian arrived!
Many thanks to Terry for backmarking and to Irene who showed the way to
Cobham! Infact - my thanks to all for it was a very enjoyable day,

:) :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Group 2nd February

My shiny new Christmas GPS gave me a bit of a surprise today, showing the distance from Cobham to Horsell as some 5800-odd miles, covered at an average speed of nearly 4000 mph. Hmm. However, subtracting the distance from its native Taiwan gave a more reasonable eleven miles; 27.1 miles Cobham to Cobham at 11.1 mph, which seems more plausible.

I must get round to reading the manual.