Sunday, April 30, 2006

26th April 2006 - Updates

'A' group, 10 strong, left from Redhill led by Pete B with Brian, Bob, Frank C, Frank H, Ed S, Ray D, Grant, Steve and newly retired Nigel Cornwell. A quick cut through the back streets of Redhill led to lanes through Leigh, Norwood Hill and Charlwood, heading for Ifield. A following wind put us ahead of schedule so a diversion through Rusper was in order before arriving at The Gate. Bob left us to seek out a Wetherspoons and the rest sat down for a hearty if slightly pricey lunch. After lunch it was back into the lanes to enjoy both the scenery and the weather and return via Parkgate. Ray departed to keep an appointment at B&Q and the remaining eight continued through Dawes Green and Trumpets Hill before cutting back through Betchworth and Brockham to Denbies for tea and then home.

A very good turnout at Walton with a lot of happy memories of our oldest member Ron Beams, whose death last Saturday just four months short of his one-hundredth birthday, occupied much of the conversation. Several of us saw him a few days earlier in hospital and althougfh he knew his time was pretty near, he was most upbeat and contented. We will remember him.

On a more cheerfull note; In perfect weather, no wind and sunshine now and then, Roger led 'C' group en route for The Castle Grove at Chobham, via the towpath to Thames Street, Weybridge where we waited for the following group to catch up. Lynda, Allan, Bill, Fuzz and one or two others had experienced an altercation with a dog, which Allan took it on to himself to restore the poor mutt to its owner, if possible. Tom. Dave, Dennis, Mark, Ron, another Bill and his lady wife made up the ride (I`ve missed some out but my doctor says it`s `age related`). Sorry. The pub`s in a bit if a state being `refurbished` with only one bar open, but eight of us enjoyed eating in the garden. Seven of us finished up at my place for tea so I`ll have to get in some more cake!

26th April 2006

Hello Wayfarers

All will share my great sadness to learn that our revered doyen Wayfarer and friend Ron Beams died peacefully on Saturday after being admitted to hospital for a recurring complaint and deciding that he did not wish to receive further surgery. He missed centurian status by less than four months. How lucky we Wayfarers were to have him in our midst most Wednesdays and how surely we will miss him. We offer our condolences to his son and daughter and their families in the loss of so eminent a head of family. Ron's funeral at Randall's Park Crematorium at 10.15 am on Monday week 8th May 2006 should be well attended.

Pete's 'A' group ride (to Ifield) report expected imminently, but I've got to go to Wimbledon Theatre with Lynda and friends, so will send on separately.

Hello Brian. On a pleasant, mild morning (a few pairs of shorts on view!) I led 'B' group of Angie, David, recumbent Ed, Johns M and S, Les, Norman, Ray H and Robin south from Redhill to Turners Hill (the four-letter word loved by cyclists), via Outwood, Smallfields, the eastern edge of Copthorne then Crawley Down to the only hill of the morning. We were made very welcome at the pub (forgot the name!) but it is on the right hand side as you head south on the B2028 beyond TH. After a delicious lunch Ray left to make his own way home, the rest of us headed back to TH crossroads where we turned left onto the B2110, shortly forking right to enjoy a long freewheel before turning onto a minor road which led to the western edge of Copthorne. We kept off the main roads as long as possible but eventually had to join the B2036 to Horley, where we left Ed at the railway station. We passed through Horley and Meath Green, checked the teddy bears were in residence, and then proceeded along Lonesome Lane. Soon John M had a rear puncture, but with 6 observers/opinion givers/helpers? and one puncture all was soon well - except when he came to inflate with a CO2 inflator when the cartridges supplied didn't fit the inflator! Back to the old-fashioned pump. We then had an uneventful ride to Reigate Garden Centre, after which we broke up into several groups to head in different directions.

And the previous week: From Dorking seven of us, Angie Launder, David Aylett, Terry Lowe, Norman Goody, Ray Harrison, Cliff Whitfield and I headed south. Ray (didn't feel like it) and Cliff (hasn't been out for some time) soon turned back. Five remaining rode to Lambs Green, The Lamb Inn, via Newdigate and Rusper for lunch. Comments re the lunch venue ranged from "We came here on Sunday" to "Never been here before". On to tea at Dover's Green, Sand Cross Lane Garden Centre via Charlwood, Norwood Hill, Meath Green Lane, Lonesome Lane. Weather good.
Les Johnston

Hi Brian, Thanks for regular updates of the Wayfarers, nice to feel still in touch. Linda and I will be in the UK from May 23rd thro June 4th and may be able to join up with you guys for coffee on those Wednesdays if you could please let me know where you will be meeting. Best wishes to you'll Bob (rides list forwarded to Florida)

I have paid seven deposits to Arun Sands B&B for our Littlehampton 07-08Jun06 tour.

Olleh returning Hub

April 19th 2006 - "B" Group

Better late than never, here is last week's 'B' group report - it didn't appear on the weblog. (It wasn't received for the Blog! But here it is now - Lisa)

After a brief committee meeting at Leatherhead, Norman led Gill, Jon, Les, Terry, Ray H and Phil M past Fetcham Mill Pond onto Lower Road through Bookham to Effingham. There we headed south along Beech Avenue to descend Whitedown, turning right onto the not so busy A25. Through Abinger Hammer (too late to see the clock strike) and Gomshall to turn off the main road and head for the Prince of Wales at Shere. Until quite recently a fillum was being made in Shere (and Godalming) but the makers and all their paraphernalia have now left. I understand one or two shopkeepers did quite handsomely out of their visit.
The PoW has been refurbished since we were last there, the food was fine. After lunch Phil and Ray left to go their own ways, I led southwards, then via Hoe Lane and Abinger Common to the foot of Leith Hill, pausing to admire the view south (we could barely see the South Downs). For a change we turned into Logmore Lane (the last time we went this way we were caught in a heavy thunderstorm with nowhere to shelter) - and enjoyed the views looking east, before arriving at Westcott, then back on the A25 to the outskirts of Dorking to Denbies where there was still plenty of chocolate cake. A nice day's ride - fortunately the forecast showers didn't materialise.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ron Beams - 99 and out

Sadly Ron Beams died in hospital on Saturday 22nd April.

Unfortunately he didn't quite make the 100, but 99 was a good age, and I believe that he had the health and mobility to make the most of those years, enjoying life until the very end - rather than retiring from life and gently fading away as so many have the misfortune to do.

The funeral is planned for Monday 8th May at 10:15am at Randall's Park Crematorium, Leatherhead.

At this time I have no information with regard to flowers or donations, but will update this post with anything that I do find out.

Also keep an eye out here for details of his recumbents. As specialist machines it is not easy to find a buyer for them, but if anyone knows of anyone interested, then please let me or Brian know.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 19th Rides

C Group - April 19th
Not much sun but otherwise good weather as Ron led us out of Leatherhead en route for The Anchor at Bookham (one of my favourite watering holes). A good turnout with Bill, Roger, Harold, John C, Dennis, Lynda, Beryl, Carol, Fuzz. That makes eleven with Ron and me. Being Ron, whose knowledge of the offroad is extensive, not to say unrivalled, I was pretty soon lost on some tracks of Bookham Common which were unfamiliar. Upon returning to the tarmac, Ron declared his intention to make another detour to include a bit more of offroad. He gave us an alternative route whereby we could remain on the road, so off went three of us; me John and Harold. I got as far as Fetcham before backtracking a bit and getting on Lower Road and finally getting my pint. Earlier Harold had gone with Lynda to the bike shop in Leatherhead to get her bike fixed (freewheel packed up). We did not travel far as the bird flies, but not being a bird it took me one hour and 50 mins ride time. I rode back to Leatherhead with John and Harold since Harold and I had left our cars there.
If you read this Ron, thanks for a good ride Albert

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New Wayfarer Blogger - Mike Morley

Thanks to the help from Lisa and Pete, I managed after some effort to register. For future Bloggers do not be put off if your first choice of user name is rejected. I chose a number of names but my first choices etc. etc were rejected, I assumed already in use but 24hrs later I got accepted morleymike which was my second choice, even though at the time, it was rejected.

I am definitely looking forward to swapping notes with Brian Starey, especially after his trip to the twin cities of Buda & Pest.
Today I did elevens's to Leatherhead solo but ducked out, after 10mls with the "A" group ably led by Frank on fixed, to go home for Lunch but ending up with Dave Aylett and Angie at Weatherspoons in Leatherhead. Got home 2.30pm and finished one corner of landscaping my garden.

Happy Cycling to all. New Blogger, Mike Morley

Thursday, April 13, 2006

12 April 2006 C ride

In the best weather we have enjoyed recently, Lynda led around 17 of us from Hersham en route for The Toby Carvery at Ewell. There was Carol, Christine and Anita with Lynda followed by Mark, Bill, Roger, Dave, Ron, Harold, Fuzz, me and quite a few more (I guess you can fill them in Lynda?). We took the right exit at the roundabout at the bottom of Lammas Lane up the Westend Road, then left through the golf course to Claygate. After Claygate to Hook and then the many residential roads of Cheam where I would be lost without a leader who seems to know it like the back of her hand. Harold had already set me up a pint when I arrived at the bar (thanks mate!). The food was good but I`m glad I had a sandwich instead of the enormous helpings served up at the carvery.
Most of the others went on to Epsom for tea but Harold and I returned by the same route to Hersham having had tea at Claygate. By the time I arrived home I had clocked over 30 miles.

Have a Happy Easter-- Albert

Message from Nottingham exile

Another short message from Nottingham exile. Still not much on the cycle front, domestic and household affairs still predominate, not to mention the weather but I have had a couple of forays locally and realised how rusty one can get. My big news is that I have had the cataract Op. and everthing is clear now, with the bonus that the new lens inserted enables normal vision without glasses, which I find very strange after 80+ years of wearing them. Didn't realise Mark R had been suffering ill health but very glad he's recovered and now putting in the miles. Hope Mike W will soon be doing the same. Note that the group has been keeping up the runs attendance in spite of weather conditions, would like to be with them. I felt very nostalgic on reading the article in Cycling featuring the group. Some time soon I shall make contact with the Nottingham group I hope.

Geoff A.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lunch at Horsham

A Group April 12th

Vic, Frank C, Pete M, Recumbent Ed, Graham, Irene, Frank H, Bob, John, John S, Mike & Gino all followed first time leader Steve Cox who decided that we should all earn our lunch by Tackling Leith Hill when we came out from 11s at Dorking. It was a challenge but we manfully (and wonderfully) managed it except for Gino who felt that he needed to turn back. Another challenge was on the rather dangerous Tanhurst Lane descent to Forest Green before reaching Horsham's Wetherspoon public house in the centre of town. After a good lunch we returned via Rusper and Brockham to the Dorking Leisure Centre for a tea stop before heading for home.
60 miles - mild & comfortable weather.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

April 5th (More!)

What a buzzing throng greeted founder member Bill Stead as he made a rare appearance, looking great, at Cobham yesterday. We also welcomed several visitors, including Pete's crew Owen, keeping up the Barnard family tradition. I had to break in to the jollity to announce that a mooted change of venue next week (12Apr06) is off and that 'C' group should meet at Hersham as programmed.
You may be encouraged that our early birds 21Jun06 ride will be less ambitious than suggested, a more modest 70 miles being preferred by most would-be participants, so note the early start in your diary.
Bob Lees from Florida has spotted BBC's "Test the Nation" search for a team of 40 cyclists to take part in their 28May06 live show. If you are interested, ask me for details straightaway.
I shall be visiting Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg bikeless with Saga and as a consequence no Wayfarers News emails will be circulated until 27Apr06. By visiting you can continue to keep in touch. Leaders reports for 12th and 19th April should be addressed to Pete Mitchell ( for Pete to paste directly on our web log, for everyone to see.
Another link, offers 50% off SW Trains journeys. I have downloaded a voucher for travel between Surbiton and Fleet on 24May06 for our train-assisted venture with Vic to Silchester. Trains outward leave Surbiton at 09:00 and 09:30 but their capacity for taking bikes remains unclear.
Yesterday, 'A' group was 21 strong, including a record five lady riders, when Ed led us off from Cobham, but leaving tarmac meant we lost visitor Gino early on and Norman when we caught up with 'B' group. Our route was similar to that taken by Mike and 'B' group as far as Park Lane Reigate, where we headed east past Wanham, Flanchford Mill, Woodhatch and Meadvale to Redhill, The Swan providing an excellent lunch venue. Some made their separate ways home whilst the main group, still 14 strong, repaired to Denbies for tea. Thanks, Ed, for a fine outing in the sun and for my tea. Brian

Pic of Littlehampton

Rides April 5th

On an absolutely perfect day for cycling, about 13 strong 'B' group set off from Cobham and made our way through Downside and across Bookham Common where we were passed by 'A' group on a similar route. Somehow we lost Norman and Terry. We waited a while and tried phoning but to no avail so we continued along the beautiful lane to West Humble then Pixham and the A25 path to Brockham. We proceded at a gentle pace through Betchworth and Trumpets Hill to The Skimmington Castle. This is an unusual pub located on the Greensand Way and accessible only along a track. We were underwhelmed by the welcome but the beer was good and the service OK considering that it was quite busy. Some of us sat outside in brilliant sunshine. Others enjoyed the snug interior and open fire etc. Fortunately Terry and Norman knew our destination and arrived soon after us having dealt with Norman's puncture. Ray opted to make his own way home and the rest of us headed along Flanchford Lane and Roothill Lane back through Pixham to Leatherhead where we had tea at Annies. Thereafter we went our separate ways after enjoying the best weather of the year so far. Mike & Mary
Conditions could not have been better; sunny, no wind to speak of and a good turnout from Cobham with John leading en route for The New Inn at Send. There was Allan, Roger, Dave, Beryl, Fuzz, Mark and Dennis plus quite a few more including Bernard (travelling light) who I believed was a refugee from either A or B group! Up Plough Lane, turning right at The Mucky Duck arriving on the A3 cycle-path and over the footbridge to Wisley. A pretty fair run brought us out of Ferry Lane into the Pyrford Road and Warren Lane. After Pyrford Lock bridge (the one with one-way and traffic lights) we took a right turn before The Seven Stars, which brought us into Send with about half a mile to go to lunch, which we ate outside. The intention was to return to Cobham for tea, but I took a chance along the Wey Navigation Canal which was not such a good idea as most of the track was muddy and deeply rutted in places and required a spot of walking. I came back to the road at the aforementioned bridge at Pyrford Lock. Thanks John. A very nice ride. Albert
All together at Leatherhead Fairfield Day Centre next week - I shall be thinking of you as I wait in Heathrow departure lounge. Olleh resting Hub.