Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Very Happy New Year and Safe Cycling in 2017

A Group 28th December

Just five of us in the A group today. Mark, Geoff G, Dave V and myself following the route all the way and Mike Morley part time including lunch. We headed across the well surfaced track from Bockett's Farm to Norbury sawmill where we rejoined the tarmac path (often unseen under the leaves) down to Crabtree Lane and Westhumble. Then up Box Hill for an ethereally misty view across Surrey before the swoop down Pebble Hill to Betchworth.
Soon we caught up with Mike and the five of us headed south to Norwood Hill before turning left for a long gentle descent to lunch at the Three Horseshoes in Irons Bottom. After lunch it was through Redhill to Rocky Lane, up to Chipstead and then down How Lane to climb through Woodmansterne to Banstead. Still four of us for tea.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Wayfarers subscriptions - and Annual Lunch

Is it too early to wish you a happy New Year?  

Just a quick reminder that Wayfarers subscriptions are due in January.   We still have the reduced rate of £1 for membership, which helps towards the costs of the Sou'wester newsletter.  And you are cordially invited to the SW London CTC Annual Lunch and Prizegiving, which this year will be held in Prezzo, Cheam (just like last year) on Wednesday 1 March.   A deposit of just £2 will secure you a place.

I look forward to seeing you in 2017 and collecting £1, plus £2 lunch deposit if you plan to attend.   If you can bring exact change that will be very helpful.   Happy cycling in 2017!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Mileages - 2016 - Countdown to 31 December, 11.59.59pm

How far did you go in 2016? 

You still have a short time in which to tuck in a few extra miles before the witching hour of midnight on New Year's Eve. Time then to zero the Cateye or Garmin for 2017. Please then let me have your mileage for our annual mileage chart, whether it be breathtaking or simply sensible, like mine. Over time it makes an interesting and enlightening record. For the lady and gentleman who come out on top, there will even be a gong. So do not be shy and hide your mileage under a bushel. Write it down and let me have it!

Easy Riders - 28th December

We were 6 starting from North Cheam, and made our way to Longmead Centre for coffee.

Three others turned up and Ron & Doreen.

After a leisurely elevenses I led through Ewell village and the back way to Epsom; West Street and back of Sainsburys.  We continued round the back of Epsom Hospital, passed The Olive Tree and into Ashtead Park. Over the high street towards Lower Ashtead, and to The Woodman for lunch. We sat at a large table for seven. Brian did a longer ride before his lunch.

We came back over Ashtead Common towards The Cricketers, and made our separate ways home. The sun came out and made for a pleasant day.


B Group - 28th December

They were all still inside!
After a frosty ride down to Bocketts Farm for most of us the fog dissipated and the bleak Turneresque sky drew aside to unveil the sun in all its Winter splendour. Helene eventually prised herself and nine others out of the Tearooms to set off at 11:15 down Hawks Hill towards Leatherhead before looping back to Great Bookham and Effingham. After a brief stretch on the A246 we headed up Green Dene, one of our favourites, even in mid-Winter.

We descended Staple Lane, enjoying the panoramic views of the landscape as we went. From East Clandon we proceeded through Ockham towards Cobham where we turned sharp left up Leigh Hill Road, through Fairmile into Sandy Lane. Fairoak Lane brought us to Malden Rushett for a straight run into Epsom.

After riding 26 miles, which is way more than B Group usually manage before lunch, it was nearly 2 p.m. when we rolled up at the Wetherspoons pub in Epsom to find it doing a roaring trade. Unsurprisingly it took a little longer than usual to deliver our food but it was good stuff and with no afternoon ride scheduled we could take our time over lunch and conversation. Most of us must have made it home before dark.

It was an excellent day out and a good thing that Helene completely ignored my advice about the ride she had planned having too many miles in it.

~ Tim

A Group 28th December

Brian led a select sub-set of the A Group on a fine ride to see the old year out in style. 29.9 miles from elevenses at Bocketts Farm to tea at Pistachio's, Banstead, with a convivial lunch at the Three Horseshoes, Iron's Bottom.  Some road, some off-road and some hills.  Just right.

A Happy New Year to all Wayfarers,


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

B Group ride from Bocketts Farm

Helene has advised that we will be riding from Bocketts Farm to Epsom for lunch at Wetherspoons. At around 24.5 miles this is a long one so please be ready to depart at 11:00.

As the morning ride will be longer than usual and as it will probably be dark by 4 p.m. there will be no afternoon ride.

~ Tim

Invitation to enter the Photographic Competitions

Further to the great success of the photo competitions since we went digital we invite you to take part again this year. Please submit your photos before the end of January.

Remember that there is now a category for the Best Group Photo to cater for the many photographers who have taken good photos of a mixed group of cyclists.

Please use this method for sending the photos to us:

  • Visit this website:
  • Enter the access code: "WingedWheel"
  • Using your File Manager locate the photo(s) on your computer and drag them onto the big turquoise rectangle.
  • You may find it easier to click on the "+Choose Files" button and select, then 'open', each photo using your file manager.
  • Repeat this for each of the photos you intend to submit.
N.B. When using this website to transfer photos it is not necessary to sign up to dbinbox or Dropbox even if you are invited to do so.

Send an email to me, Tim, confirming the name and CTC membership number of the photographer, and for each photo list:

  • the filename (e.g. P1040276.jpg)
  • the competition category for which the photo is being entered
  • a short, descriptive caption

The rules and categories are simple:

Note that the full revised 'Competition Rules' document is available under the 'Information Hub' heading on our website.

Competition Period: Photos taken during the 2016 calendar year.

Your photos must all illustrate a connection to cycling by depicting a bicycle for example, or other cycling association.

You may submit a photo or photos for every category.

    6.1. Person or people (male)
    6.2. Person or people (female)
    6.3. Action
    6.4. Scenery/landscape
    6.5. Building/buildings
    6.6. Humorous or funny
    6.7. Best group photo

Note that the award for a winning photograph in each category will be given to the photographer who took the picture, not to the model(s).

If the method for submitting photos described above does not work for you, or if you don't use a digital camera, please let me know so that we can address the problem.

~ Tim

Monday, December 26, 2016

A ride 28 Dec

Not too far but should work off a few calories. Some hard surfaced but not tarmac "road" near the start. Lunch at Irons Botton then back to Banstead where we may have tea if there is a quorum.  15-19 miles to lunch depending on how the time is going.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas wishes

To all Wayfarers a very Happy Christmas and New Year, safe riding to all, hoping to see some of you on the first ride after Christmas.

Geoff Gregory

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas from Brian Bent

Original artwork:

The Anchor, as seen by Brian, in a Ripley High Street which has been reclaimed by Cyclists (click on the picture to enlarge)

as seen by Google

It could happen to anyone

Apparently one of the Easy Riders dropped off the back of the peloton recently and thinking that the group was intending to take Afternoon Tea at the Ewell Court Library he followed the map in his A-Z to find his way down there ...

(click to enlarge)

A Group ride to Xmas lunch at the Angel

It was nice to see Colin and Ken back with the As after their recent health issues:both coped admirably with the gentle ride from Walton, via Horsham, West End, Stoke D'Abernon and Oxshott to the Angel.  Despite a (minor) mishap when Dave tried to fit his front wheel into a drain cover on the A 307 at Stony Hill - luckily no serious harm despite giving over the bars, we all arrived in good time for pre-lunch pint.

The Angel proved to be an excellent festive venue for our Xmas lunch, with good food serve promptly to order. Thank you Pam, once again, for your sterling organisation.

Christmas greetings to all Wayfarers, and best wishes for a cycling 2017.

A Group Xmas Lunch the Angel

Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating and an excellent lunch in good company well orgainised by Pam as the pictures show.

And more photo's

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

B Group - 21st December

Eighteen B Group stalwarts got up early and braved the light drizzle to come to Walton for Elevenses. Three of these had other appointments so rode just a part of the morning route before peeling off. We set out and turned onto the river path by The Swan. Anticipating a rather mucky section of the towpath we turned up onto the paved road at the Walton Rowing Club and carried on to the car park by The Weir where we rejoined the route along the river. Despite the earlier drizzle the path was in pretty good shape and nobody suffered from too much mud between wheels and mudguards.

We crossed Hampton Court Bridge to join the riverside path to Kingston, said goodbye to Pam and crossed the bridge to meander through Canbury Gardens and up into Richmond Park. Some had taken an alternative route to get to the Ham Gate where one or two others decided to turn left by the pond inside the gate and ride along the trail towards Petersham. The offical ride took the rest of us across the park to the Pen ponds Café, left past the Ballet School to Sawyers Hill and out at the Richmond Gate. In Richmond we turned off Friars Style Road into Mt Ararat Road then left at the bottom towards the bridge. Over the bridge we turned onto the Warren Footpath and followed the river all the way to the Barmy Arms in Twickenham. Some people reflected that the route was more barmy than the pub but the efficient and helpful staff delivered our wholesome assortment of victuals with great cheerfulness and, with no proper afternoon ride planned, we lingered until after half past two before heading off into the sunset. I'll call it that because we emerged into a feeble but warmish glow from the actual sun. By sundown the thing itself was nowhere to be seen.

We have had a great lot of good rides so far this Winter, thanks to many sunny days and an absence of the really severe weather we might have expected in November and December. Thanks to everyone for coming out for a ride today and to David Cox for riding as back marker.

Have a Happy Christmas and keep safe on the roads

~ Tim

As seen on the recce:

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Group Ride 21st December - Walton to Christmas lunch at the Angel

We'll have time for a leisurely coffee at Elevenses, before a later than normal depart and a modest 14 miles to the Angel, Thames Ditton. No hills, (sorry Simon!), only a short section off-road on New Road, (across Princes Coverts, Oxshott), so you shouldn't need your Father Christmas boots this year.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

B Group - Menu choices for Wednesday please

On Wednesday B Group will be having an easy 16 mile ride from Walton-on-Thames to Twickenham for lunch at the Barmy Arms. After lunch, with the prospect of the sun going down at around 15:54 there will be no official afternoon ride but I will be riding back through Kingston, probably via Teddington Lock. Note that between Walton and the Weir PH the path may be a bit mucky so we might deviate from the towpath onto paved paths and roads if it seems sensible on the day. The Forecast is for 'cloudy'.

The Barmy Arms would like to know what we are likely to order from this menu so please take a look at it and notify me about your choices:

Barmy Arms Menu 

The most affordable options are listed under 'Small Plates' which includes Soup of the Day, 'Sandwiches', and 'Baked Potatoes'. If you can't male up your minds it will help if you could just say Sandwiches or Baked Spuds or whatever and confirm the details about ingredients when you place your order on the day.

Many thanks


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Message from Tim Gibbons

John Austin told me yesterday morning that Tim G had been involved in a serious accident. Tim has sent me the following to share with everyone:

" Thanks for your message, very much appreciated.

Yes, it's been quite a saga over the last few days.

I was returning home through Leatherhead on Sunday afternoon, cycling back from Denbies.

I came to the roundabout by the 'Plough' and intended to cycle straight across towards Lower Ashtead. As soon as I was on the roundabout a car hit me on my right hand side and continued to turn left. The impact threw me into the air and I landed in the middle of the road with the bike on top of me.

It took me a while to come to my senses and fortunately two guys outside the pub came to my assistance, helped me to my feet and carried me over to a nearby bench.

I was shocked and dazed but at the time unaware of the injuries sustained. The driver did stop but as soon as he saw I was conscious drove away and was not seen again.

I decided at the time to try and get to Ashtead Station and then home from there. This proved to be a big mistake. As I walked along I was aware that my right arm felt very wet and as soon as I removed my glove blood poured out of the sleeve.

This prompted me to ring a friend for help and they came over in their car and took me to Epsom A&E. The doctors confirmed that I had a laserated arm and also an open fracture on the elbow that needed surgery.

Unfortunately they were unable to treat me at Epsom and I was eventually transferred to St Hellier's at 3am on Monday morning (10hrs later).

I eventually had the operation, in the afternoon, under a general anaesthetic  where they removed fragments of broken bone, washed out the wound, stitched and bandaged me up.

I was kept in overnight and eventually discharged on Tuesday evening having been bombarded with painkillers and antibiotics.

I am now thankfully back at home feeling very stiff and sore. I feel as if I've done time in a concrete mixer ! Mobility is a particular challenge at present.

Although mechanically I am intact they have advised me to to avoid any form of strain or impact that may inhibit the healing process.

I am due to see the consultant again next week when they will assess my progress. 

I am determined to get back to normal as soon as I can. Cycling and other activities have proved a lifeline for me since I retired and I have no intention to turn my back on them.

Thanks again for your kind enquiry. Please feel free to share any details with other members of our group.

I wish you and all the other wayfarer cyclists a happy Christmas and prosperous new year and I hope to be back on two wheels as soon as possible in 2017.

Very Best Wishes,

Tim G

A Group ride to Kew

The group, plus me as a shadow on Kew Bridge
A large group set off from Claygate on our journey to Kew via Richmond Park, Putney Bridge and Hammersmith. A swift run through the park and delicate negotiation of the Thames Path between Putney and Hammersmith on a lovely day for a ‘social’ ride meant that we made good time to Kew. Lunch (and beer) at the Express Tavern was excellent. Our return to Hampton Court was via Sheen Gate and up hill to exit at Ham Gate, back down to the Thames , over Kingston Bridge and the towpath  to tea. Thanks to all who took turns to mark the corners, Steve and Simon for back marking and Brian for not sacking me after missing his text and leaving him stranded on the Portsmouth Road.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

B Group 14th December

No frost, no rain forecast, negligible wind and hours of sunshine - difficult to believe today is 14th December. After very acceptable elevenses at Claygate we headed south on the dampish, leaf covered track leading to Fairoak Lane (I'd checked it out en route to the Day Centre). We soon turned left into Birds Hill Road, crossed the A244 in Oxshott then via Blundell Lane, Station Road and a short stretch of Tilt Road before taking to more tracks to Downside. Using familiar lanes we were soon alongside the A3 heading southish. Passing under the A3 to quieter Ripley we turned right into Newark Lane then Polesden Lane led to lunch at The Saddlers Arms, Send Marsh. Numbers seemed a little low - Tim and John A were missing. It transpired both had punctures - by the time we had almost finished our quickly served, delicious lunches, they appeared.

After lunch the western trio (Gill, Irene, Pam) headed straight home, most of the rest headed to Cobham via Grove Heath Road, Grove Heath Lane and Guileshill Lane for a cuppa at Bronte's. Again, numbers seemed low - Tim was missing again, having found another flint but he soon joined us.

Welcome to Sue, a new rider with the Bs. Unfortunately Liz couldn't come on the ride, she has a very painful foot after being run over by a trailer - colour photo available, and Vic is suffering from a wry neck - hope you're both better soon.

Thanks to those who marked corners, Tim for backmarking and all for company.

B Group - 14th December (maps)

Late afternoon view through the trees in West End Lane
Thanks to David Cox for following Terry and recording the above tracks while I was attending to punctures.

~ Tim

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Group Wednesday 14 December

My original plan was to climb both Staple Lane and Crocknorth with a final hurrah over Box Hill. However, two weeks back to back might be asking too much so I’ve hastily change the direction and the amount of climbing. Instead we are heading to lunch at The Express Tavern at Kew Bridge, excellent range of real ale and good, reasonably priced food to look forward to. 18.5 miles to lunch and only another 10 miles to tea at Hampton Court, so if you’re enjoying the beer another pint might be on the cards? Possibility of a trip along the Thames towpath from Kew to Richmond but we can decide at lunch.

Friday, December 09, 2016

John Mason...

...moved into a home in Bookham in July. His wife, Marguerite, has a twenty five minute walk or five minute drive to see him. I will visit him soon - he may recognise me.


Thursday, December 08, 2016

Happy Birthday Terry

As everyone will know, Terry very generously funded our morning tea at the RBL on Wednesday to mark a very significant birthday. We are most grateful and wish him a slightly late Happy Birthday, and excellent cycling in 2017.

~ Tim

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

B Group ride to lunch at The Angel - 7th December


First of all I must thank Vic and Irene for making it possible to spread what could have been a very large cycle group into three separate groups.  I don't know how many people cycled to The Angel Inn - only that 43 sat down to lunch!

My route was via Downside, Stoke D'Abernan, Oxshott, Claygate, Hinchley Wood, Thames Ditton. (I am pleased to say that New Road (bridle path) was no where near as muddy as two weeks ago)!   No doubt Vic and Irene followed their routes as was shown on the I did!!   My group was first at the pub but by the time we had locked up and bought a drink Vic and Irene had also arrived.

The function room looked very festive - and it was buzzing during lunch - full of good humour :)  Our meals were served promptly and they were delicious. Everybody congratulated the chef and staff........ who were extremely grateful for the 'pot' which had been passed around the tables :) 

I didn't notice the time when we started leaving but I do know I was one of the last and that was 3pm so I guess most people got home before it was dark?

Thank you Gill for sorting and handing out the menu cards  -  also thank you Terry for back marking.

Pam :) :)

photo by Liz B

photo by Liz B

A Group 7th December

Fifteen of us made a leisurely start from Cobham, for a short winter's ride.  The usual route through Martyr's Green and Hungry Hill brought us to the Old Epsom Road, where we were able to observe the long-standing Wayfarers' tradition of looking at the curious fence made from a variety of agricultural tools.

Then, back to work, with a long and steady pull up Staples Lane.  At the top, a surprise for some, as instead of plunging down Combe Bottom as we usually do, we set off to the West along the old Saxon Drove Road heading for Newlands Corner, Guildford and points West.  The surface is pretty good, with plenty of leaves, though parts did need skilful handling to stay on the easiest path.  Across the A25 at Newlands Corner and then back on to the track, picking up a bit of tarmac at Guildford Lane before returning once more to the trackways of our ancestors.

Fine views from Pewley Down, then a descent that got steeper and steeper as we made our way down to Guildford Castle.  Here we took a brief culture break, admiring the route up The Mount on the other side of the river before ducking in to the pub.  (We were also careful to avoid the 'blokes outside pubs' picture, favouring 'blokes outside castles'.  Much more sophisticated.)

At the Kings Head we were welcomed and offered a good choice of beers and food quickly served.  We sat in a corner near the log fire - not entirely necessary on such a mild day - and cast around for ghosts in what is said to be the most haunted pub in Guildford.  The best we could manage was the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, as represented by John in his St Nicholas hat.

After lunch, a change of pace, cutting round the back of Shalford and across the railway, then along through Albury back to Combe Bottom - going up, this time. Down Green Dene to the bottom of Crocknorth Lane, then back up again to the rolling road across Ranmore Common, with the spire of St Barnabus visible on the horizon.  

From here, it was a few minutes to Pilgrim Cycles, with tea and cake for some and the road home for others, making the best of the fading light.

An enjoyable winter's day out, with some good climbing and impressive riding, particularly by those who rode the Drove Road on racing slicks.  Good stuff.


Tuesday, December 06, 2016

In Praise of Helmets

LOG 16.11.16

Planned route: SW6, Ewell, Farthing Down, Bletchingley, Four Elms, Ide Hill, down Bayley’s Hill, Hildenborough, Kemsing, Knockmill, Knatts Valley then to Swanley for the train to Victoria, about 120Kms.  Solo ride.

sunny, light wind

What happened: 
I remember turning R, to the SE, into Popes Lane near Oxted, on track and on time, at about 1000.  Thereafter I have no memory of events until I woke up in St George’s Hospital, Neuro-ICU at about 1700. 

The road runs E/SE and Emma H says that the low sun made driving difficult.  She wrote “- You were cycling along Popes Lane going a reasonable speed,  if not slower than many of the cyclists I often encounter in the area.
- As I approached you from behind on Popes Lane coming from Gibbs Brook Lane you appeared to try and move over to let me overtake.
- I stayed a good distance behind you as I was not going to overtake due to the poor state of the edge of the road on the right and the upcoming bend in the road.
- You had made efforts to move across and slow down when you hit a pot hole and disappeared from my view.
- I pulled around you, stopped the car and immediately dialled 999 whilst pulling you out of a second pot hole filled with water that you had hit having been thrown from your bike hitting the first hole.
- It was clear that in being thrown in to the second pot hole the right side of your face, nose and eye socket had borne the brunt of the impact on the edge of the pot hole.
- Your bike was on the side of the road snapped in two in the middle”

The bike was a much loved Van Nicholas Yukon with a titanium frame.  Until l Dec last this was the bike that I regularly used on MWW runs. The conclusion by the lads in my LBS is this was a material faillure not a weld failure and that other materials would probably have failed.

Apparently I was air-lifted to St Georges which houses one of 27 Major Trauma Centres in England.

This was fortunate in that the range and depth of services available at St George’s is considerably greater that than of East Surrey Hospital, Redhill.

What next:

·       I anticipate a full recovery, without surgery, within 12 weeks – say mid –February.   Apparently even senior citizens can expect successful healing of multiple fractures to the bones around the eye sockets.  The skull and spine fractures are not impinging upon nerves.  Apart from bruising my discomfort is limited to the v severe headaches that frequently follow concussion.   I suffer partial historic memory loss but this is not likely to permanent.  I have been fortunate.  I hope to be back on the bike in late February.

·      We have unpacked suitcases – on the Monday following the crash we were scheduled to fly to HK then Vietnam and on to Burma for a 3 week vacation.  I guess we will rebook for late April if I survive skiing in March

Conclusions/Lessons learnt:

·      I must have lost concentration for this to have happened.  I am at a loss to understand why: I had a short food and drink stop on Tilburstbrow Hill at about 10k back; I was not in the least tired but I was looking forward to brunch at the 1809 café in Hildenboro’ about 20k ahead; my only time constraint was nightfall – six daylight hours remaining with several contingent bailout points available

·       if you have the misfortune to be involved in a head injury case or indeed any trauma ask about the nearest major trauma centre or even better know where it is - St George's, Tooting for the MWW patch

·       the helmet probably saved me from serious sustained injury

·       once/twice a month I lead a small Fulham Gruppetto ( a group core of 2 good friends from around here plus myself) on rides into Surrey, Kent and The Chilterns and one week or so each year on Mt Ventoux or the Alps - we have an unwritten expectation re helmets.  In future I will not accept any occasionals unless they too are in helmets.

A3 Wisley / M25 J10

I've received the following note ( abridged) from Carole Frost of the Woking Cycle group. All those who use the A3 path at Ockham and the bridge to Wisley Lane should read. The main consultation is about M25 Junction 10 but it will impact the A3 crossings between Ockham and Painshill.

I have some important information and require some active participation from as many people as possible. This is in regard to the cycle lane we would like to see along the A3 between Wisley/ Ockham roundabout and the entrance to Wisley. When our campaign guru, Keith Cresswell  contacted Highways England, he was told within the context of the A3 developments between the Byfleet Road and Ockham Road junctions (including M25 interchange) over the next few years the  aim to improve the pedestrian and cycle provision alongside the A3 would be addressed. Highways England also hinted it would have to be proven that the cycle lane would be used. It is a bit hard showing  how useful it would be since there is no way you can go this route at the moment.
The good news is that the consultation is starting.  The following link will take you to the Web site and give you an opportunity to read what they propose and give them feedback.
There will be public exhibitions held between now and 4 Feb. at Ripley Village Hall and Cobham Village Hall. Your views have to be lodged by  6 Feb. 2017. 
Norman and I went to the public exhibit today. WCUG are most interested in the cycle lane between the Wisley/ Ockham roundabout to the entrance to Wisely as well as improving the already in existence path on the other side of the road between Old Lane and the pedestrian/cycle bridge across the A3. It looks like they are not planning to put a cycle lane in but instead they are closing off the entrance to the A3 from Wisley Lane and they are putting in a two way access road between the Ockham roundabout and Wisley. This would be used by cyclists. They seem to be planning to maintain the existing Junction and existing provisions for the use of cyclists, horse riders  and local traffic.

Fuzz Edwards

I received this news from a friend of Fuzz:  

I think some of the Wayfarers know Fuzz Edwards. He has had another stoke and is in the Charing Cross Hospital (9th floor, west) in Fulham.

I went to see him on Saturday, he is up and about and definitely receiving visitors, but has lost some movement on his left side. I think he is likely to be in there for a while. He was asking after the Wayfarers and asked me to make contact.

Perhaps you could pass this around those who know him. I think he would welcome the company.

Let's hope he makes a good recovery.  Get well soon Fuzz!

Monday, December 05, 2016

Message from Pam re B Group rides

Please note the following advice from Pam:

Please note that there will be three leaders for B Group's rides to The Angel to accommodate the number of riders (42 having lunch), not that they will necessarily all be leaving from Cobham!

Anyone making their own way to The Angel should aim to arrive before 13:00.

PAM'S ride is via River Lane, Downside, Blundel and Steel's Lane, Birds Hill, Fairoak Lane, onto the bridle path, (New Road) into Coverts Road, Claygate, heading for Angel Lane to our lunch time venue.  Note the OFF road!!

VIC is also going via River Lane, Downside but then his route will be heading for the Portsmouth Road, through to Sandown Park, Western Green, Giggshill, Thames Ditton... NO off road!   (River Lane has a good surface).

IRENE has also offered to lead a group in yet another direction, via Notre Dame School, Hersham, Esher, heading towards Claygate, then after a wiggle or two reaching The Angel.....NO off road!!

~ Pam

A Group Next Wednesday - 7th December

I'm planning a short ride on Wednesday, so that people will have a chance to get home in the light.  Lunch at the King's Head, Quarry Street, Guildford, and tea at Pilgrim Cycles.

There are a few miles of benign track, and I've tucked a couple of hills in, to give us a bit of exercise on an easy day.


Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Group Ride Report Wed 30 Nov

Frank Cubis led us on some memorable rides but my personal favourites are his rides to the historic Ace Café, taking in Wembley Stadium en route. He used mainly quiet suburban roads, parks and towpaths, managing to avoid breaking any no-cycling ordinances, and showed us an ingenious and surprisingly easy route across West London. 

My objective was to revisit this ride, but with a starting point of Kingston, which provided a reasonably relaxed start across Richmond Park. 

As I arrived at the Bradbury Centre the sun was out, and the temperature was rising, reaching minus 2.5deg, so conditions could only improve, as indeed they did. During the day we averaged about 3deg in the sun, but a lot less in the shade. There was ice on the Grand Union, though luckily almost none on the towpath.

We were 17 departing Kingston, but Ian was out for a short ride, parting company with us in Richmond Park. Keeping moving was important to keep out the cold, requiring spot-on corner marking in the suburban streets. The peloton made good progress across Kew Bridge, Gunnersbury Park and North Ealing, passing under Western Avenue on the cycle path at Park Royal, then under the North Circular to reach Wembley. Luckily there was only minor traffic delays in Wembley before we reached the Bobby Moore statue on the Stadium concourse. The view right across London was a little hazy today, so we made a swift descent, with a hint of frost on the Stadium slope, to pick up the Brent River Park, a sliver of green between recycling works, which delivered us directly to the Ace Café spot on 1pm. There we were welcomed with reserved tables, friendly and speedy service. 

Leaving just after 2pm we made good progress homewards, surviving Hammersmith Bridge which looked in real need of repair, braving the double level crossings at Barnes to tea at Roehampton Gate. There some elected for tea, others to continue homewards in the light, and possibly some to extend their mileage with a turn round the park in the setting sun
25 ½ miles Kingston to tea, plus about 10miles for me, I daresay quite a few more for some.

Many thanks to Mike Barrett for back marking, most helpfully instantly recognisable in orange top, Geoff Gregory for the photos, Frank for the route, and to everyone riding for the turns and the company.