Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tom's Farewell

Some of Tom's friends returning in the damp after Tom's send off having enjoyed refreshments at the Winning Post provided by his family who were pleased that so many of his cycling friends came to say Bye-Bye. Harold Fifield and wife came all the way down from Scotland along with his sister. Thanks to David our able leader and to Lynda for rearranging the scheduled ride. The scene shows us negotiating an all day exercise to replace a lamp post.

The Tom Fish Ride Wed March 30th

Sixteen club riders gathered at the Kingston Day Centre before riding off to the South West Middlesex Crematorium to attend the funeral of Tom Fish who had been a CTC member for decades. We left the Day Centre and crossed Kingston Bridge turning right into the High Street and then right again into Lower Teddington Road, after passing Teddington Studios we did a left and then a right into Manor Road towards Twickenham. At the roundabout by Radnor Gardens we did a left and right into Tower Road and proceeded over the railway line at Strawberry Hill into Wellesley Road. Then a left and right into Fifth Cross road and crossing the Staines Road into Mill road which led us into Crane Park. After successfully negotiating our way past several Council lorries we followed the river crane under two bridges with limited headroom and width to the Crematorium arriving in good time to be ushered into the Chapel.

This small chapel was soon filled with about 40 cyclists many coming from as far as Scotland for the occasion and with about 15 family members we had to overflow into the upper gallery. The service was led very well by the vicar who in his commemorative address told us about the cycling exploits of Tom from the tender age of 5 years old. The bible passage was from Revelations Chapter 21 vv1-7 where John describes the wonderful vision of Heaven which Tom is now enjoying. After the service Tom’s daughter kindly invited all of us to The Winning Post on the A316 where we enjoyed a really welcome buffet lunch.

Feeling well nourished and since all the food had gone the original band that set out from Kingston made our way to Hampton Court via Teddington where the six of us that were left had more liquid refreshment, some of us even indulging in rocky roads and lemon cake, before breaking up and finding our different ways home. All in all it was an excellent day out despite the rain and we certainly gave Tom a good send off as well as providing plenty of support to his family which they greatly appreciated.
From David Salmon

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bike available

Norman Invader - bought around 1950.
Blue metallic finish, now has straight handlebars.

Natasha Claridge 01306 884536

(It was the first thing she bought after leaving school)

B group aka the not so hilly 41.6k

A word of warning - be very careful when gardening - it can seriously affect your health. If in doubt - ask Liz. Having heard a not very good forecast I led eleven from Dorking east past the cockerel roundabout and UP Punchbowl Lane into a headwind, thence via Henfold to Newdigate where we stopped to don waterproofs. The landlady at The Royal Oak, Friday Street, Rusper-ish (see blog) had been warned of our visit and we arrived at about 12.45 having ridden via Capel and Clark's Green roundabout. The menu was rather limited but the food was good (including the chips) and was served fairly quickly.

When leaving we noticed a free range hen outside but it didn't feature on the menu, at least not today. We continued south, shortly turning left and left again, heading for Rusper. Then we had the wind behind us, the rain eased and the hosts of golden daffodils looked much more cheerful. It seemed permanently downhill to Newdigate where we turned into Church Road en route to Parkgate. Keeping to the quiet sideroads we passed the still-closed pub at Blackbrook before turning into Inholms Lane, over the A24 into Dorking and a welcome cuppa at The Court Cafe.


PS Hasketts, the former tea shop in South Street, Dorking, has closed.

Easy riders at Ashtead

I had agreed to lead the Easy Riders from The St. George's Centre Ashtead today, so I appreciated Lynda's telephone call and info on the web telling me of the revised arrangements and Tom Fish's funeral. Feeling unable to make the journey to Kingston (distance and old age), I decided that I would go to Ashtead anyway, to check out St. George's Centre and meet up with anyone who may not have heard the sad news. I told Ron of my plans and he decided to join me. I arrived at Ashtead shortly after 10.00 to find Ron and Nev (Neville) waiting.

We decided to have coffee and wait to see if anyone else turned up. We were quite impressed by the facilities at the centre, waited until just after 11.00 and then made our separate ways home.

My local BBC weather forecast promised light rain soon after 11.00 so I considered myself lucky not to meet it until reaching Bookham. I arrived home slightly damp but feeling that the trip had been worthwhile.


A Group 30 March - Hilly Over 50

Dorking - Sutton Abinger

A Group - The Hilly Over 50

A quiet buzz in the tea-room at Dorking this morning, as a surprisingly large number of A Group regulars gathered for the first of the Wayfarers' Spring Classics - the Hilly Over 50. Many sported lighter bikes than their customary steeds; some had shiny new low-ratio cassettes fitted. So we were ready to go.

Fourteen of us set off down the High Street heading for Coldharbour Lane, the first of the hills. It was a handy warm-up, but no problem for anyone as, half way up, the Hilly 50 route turns off down Logmore Lane en route for Sheephouse Lane, which is a bit of a toughy. But, with a grunt and a heave, we were all up. Most were puffing a bit, but not John B, who had managed to whistle a tune all the way ...

Over Friday Street, drizzling a bit, through Holmbury St Mary then fast down Three Mile Road towards Ewhurst, where the next climb began. This was Pitch Hill, which needed a long pull and a strong pull, but, when you get to the post box, it's all over. Of course, it's not all over at the first post box, or even the second. It's all over at the post box about five miles up the road. No-one seemed to mind, and some even thought that doing Whitedown before lunch might have been a good idea. As things turned out, it might.

Down towards Peaslake, into Hoe Lane and we were almost at lunch. But there's a kink in Hoe Lane and a big lorry was stuck in it. Your leader, with the confidence born of ignorance and without the benefit of map or gps, was sure that we could find a way round and avoid wasting time. Well, we found a way round all right, but it was a five mile detour over a big hill. In the rain.

In general, people took it quite well, and the conditions helped. The ground is sandy, so stoning wasn't really an option. And, of course, it was too damp for burning at the stake. We made our way briskly to the Volunteer, arriving good and late, and were treated to a warm welcome and a good lunch. So everything worked out well in the end, with the Over 50s having earned a bonus hill.

Although the rain had stopped it was cold coming out of the pub, but Raikes Lane warmed us up, so that we were in fine form for Whitedown. We paced ourselves, and arrived at the top in good order and in a pretty good time - impressive stuff on the hardest hill. A rolling cruise over Ranmore Common then fast down Ranmore Hill and on down Chapel Hill to West Humble. Here we waved to Irene and Gill, heading towards Leatherhead, and we crossed over the A24 and began the ascent of Box Hill. Some members suggested that, as it was the Olympic Hill, doing it nine times would be only proper. Despite general agreement that this was right enough, no-one was prepared to actually do it, so after a pleasant climb at a gentle pace we all gathered at the viewpoint and declared the job done.

Smiles, handshakes and photographs. Everyone had completed the route, no-one was exhausted and the satisfaction was palpable.

The plan had been for tea at Annies, but it was already past four and we were not sure when it closed. So we rode together to the former forge at Headley where we made our farewells, some going to Walton, some to Leatherhead and some to Epsom. Tony, Will, Ken and I took our tea at the Assembly Rooms and I have stopped the timing there.

The performance was good. Elevenses to tea we covered 41 miles with a total climb of 3,636 ft. Our rolling average was 11.9 mph - more than respectable in the circumstances - maximum speed 44 mph coming off Ranmore and an average power for the day of 100 watts.

Not bad for the Over 50s - heroes all.


Tom Fish


Tom Fish

The funeral of Tom Fish is on Wednesday 30th March at 11.40am
Hanworth Crematorium
Hounslow Road
TW13 5JH

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

B Group Mar 30th

Where is this?

B Group March 23rd

Picture from Steph

In glorious weather, our party of 19 cycled from Shepperton Day Centre to Shepperton Lock and followed the North bank of the river from Chertsey Bridge to Staines Bridge, through Pooley Green, past Great Fosters and up the hill into Stroude. Then through Virginia Water and Trumps Green, along Chobham Lane, over the M3 and through Chobham Common. Here, Margaret, our visitor from Canada punctured on her mountain bike , but Irene and Adam stayed with her and helped her pump up the tyre sufficiently to get the mile or so to our lunch stop, the Four Horseshoes on Burrowhill Green. (And thank you Adam for helping Margaret with the replacement of her inner tube during the lunch stop). Our lunches were served promptly with the exception of Ray's Sea Bass which only appeared after about 45 minutes.

After stopping for the mandatory group photograph, taken by Stephanie on her mobile phone, we set off on our afternoon ride via Addlestone and Weybridge to tea in the sunny courtyard of the Riverhouse Arts Centre at Walton. After tea some of us visited the current exhibition.

John Gould

Friday, March 25, 2011

Toms Funeral

We have been invited to The Winning Post Chertsey Road for refreshments after the funeral

The Hilly Over 50 - Trip Notes

I'm sure that the turnout for next Wednesday's ride will be reduced by members attending Tom Fish's funeral. But, for those who will be riding, here is the plan.

The five hills are:

Coldharbour Lane - steady enough, and we only do the first half anyway;

Sheephouse Lane/Friday Street - a short steep piece that is easy enough to power up;

Pitch Hill - a long pull that kicks up at the end;

Lunch at the Volunteer, Abinger Hammer, at about one o'clock;

Whitedown - probably the stiffest of the hills. About a mile of hard climbing;

Box Hill - a classic, but not hard - and now the Olympic Hill, of course.

We'll finish off with a run over Headley and down to Annie's in Leatherhead for tea at about four o'clock.

I plan to take each hill at an easy pace, and to re-group at the top of each one. Anyone who wants to walk a bit - no problem. It's almost as quick as riding some of these - and remember that when the Tour de France first crossed the Galibier, a hundred years ago this July, only Émile Georget managed it without walking. And he didn't win.

Equally, most of us know this part of the country pretty well, so anyone who wants to miss out one of the hills can easily ride round it and meet the rest of the group on the other side.

So, it should be a good ride, well within everyone's capability. Let's hope that the Spring weather continues!


Toms Funeral March 30th

I have phoned the Bradbury Centre in Kingston to expect 6-12 of us for coffee about 10am. I will lead anyone from North Cheam at 9.30am to the day centre, if they would like to go to Tom's funeral. We will meet some others there who do not go from Cheam. Once there we can have one group going to Hanworth to the Crem.
From Lynda

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easy Riders March 23rd

What a difference the sun makes. It seemed that Spring had sprung. Fuzz was at Shepperton but didn't cycle out on account of his ongoing hernia.
I led 15 of us from the Day Centre to Thames Ditton via Walton Bridge, Cottimore Lane and Walton Park to the Molesey road through the trading estate and over the river Mole to Ember Lane. Thence Ember Lane to Hampton Court and on to the Old Swan at Thames Ditton. My thanks to David for being the back marker. Nev and Mick left at the pub before lunch to go home. Bill departed after lunch.
The Old Swan has been improved with outside seating going to the river's edge. Lovely day for sitting outside and the food was good. After lunch we proceeded via skirting Claygate to Ewell
Court for tea. Sonia joined up with us at Squires. Once again an excellent venue with outside seating. From there we went our different ways after a good day.
John Conacher

B Group March 23rd

In glorious weather, our party of 19 cycled from Shepperton Day Centre to Shepperton Lock and followed the North bank of the river from Chertsey Bridge to Staines Bridge, through Pooley Green, past Great Fosters and up the hill into Stroude. Then through Virginia Water and Trumps Green, along Chobham Lane, over the M3 and through Chobham Common. Here, Margaret, our visitor from Canada punctured on her mountain bike , but Irene and Adam stayed with her and helped her pump up the tyre sufficiently to get the mile or so to our lunch stop, the Four Horseshoes on Burrowhill Green. (And thank you Adam for helping Margaret with the replacement of her inner tube during the lunch stop). Our lunches were served promptly with the exception of Ray's Sea Bass which only appeared after about 45 minutes.

After stopping for the mandatory group photograph, taken by Stephanie on her mobile phone, we set off on our afternoon ride via Addlestone and Weybridge to tea in the sunny courtyard of the Riverhouse Arts Centre at Walton. After tea some of us visited the current exhibition.

John Gould

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Group 23rd March

Spring sunshine for Ed's ride today, and hawthorn blossom on the paths. 35.63 miles from elevenses at the Greeno Centre to tea at the bakers in Shepperton High St, with lunch taken in the garden of The Fifield, west of Windsor.

Rolling average 12.6 mph, 1,596 calories and an enjoyable day for all.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Dieppe Update
Latest list of entrants

David Salmon

I would just like to thank all the CTC members in the Wayfarers and the Saturday rides from Cheam for all the support you have given me over the past year during my treatment for colon cancer. Your kind thoughts and concern for my well being have been much appreciated, have been very uplifting and have helped immensely towards the success of the treatment. I am gradually getting back to a reasonable state of fitness and hoping to ride again with the B group as the weather improves. It gives me great pleasure to be able to ride with such a caring group of cyclists.

David Salmon

Friday, March 18, 2011

Easy riders March 16th

An excellend turnout at Kingston Day Centre. I think we must have eaten all the cakes!

Dennis, (still on the mend), Bill H. and Pat M. came for coffee. Fuzz hopes to be back next week.

I led Beryl, Sandy, Roger, John C., Ron, Mark and Bill M towards Surbiton and through Hinchley Wood towards Claygate. We took Arbrook Common route to Blackhills. We then continued on the old A3 road to the traffic lights, turned left at Fairmile Road, then right at the next junction and made our way to The Tilt, near Cobham. We met Sonia for lunch at The Running Mare. We returned via Claygate and Hook and enjoyed afternoon tea at The Kings Centre in Chessington (concessions on Weds.). We then made our separate ways home.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

B Group March 16th

24 riders set off under leaden skies and a chilly E wind, through Kingston market square and over the bridge to Cobbler's Walk gate at the entrance to Bushy Park. On through the Park to Hampton Gate and then via suburban roads at the top of Hampton to Hanworth Main Street. There was an interesting navigation of a spiral footbridge over the A319, but no-one fell off, and we then went down Snakey Lane to the ultra-modern and imposing BP Research Headquarters at FelthamHill (no hill however). On via Charlton and Littleton, over the M3 to Dockett Eddy Lane and lunch-stop at the Thames Court vintage inn by Shepperton Lock. Though too chilly for most to sit outside as the sun failed to appear, 20 had lunch which was served promptly and was good enough value according to some conoisseurs.
After this we went past the lock and old village, over Walton Bridge to the River Mole crossings at Lower Green. Here Gill had a slow puncture and dropped off to return home while Les had brake cable trouble. Others peeled off as well as we were on home turf for them and the remaining 10 went through Weston Green and Giggs Hill to Squires Garden Centre Cafe at Long Ditton.
Although almost entirely on the flat and quite short at around 22 miles overall there was a lot of interesting suburban architecture and fragments of former green belt.
It was a pity it was so chilly and grey after two sunny days, but I hope it was an interesting variation to the usual rides out to the country.

Harry Cole (leader) and Ken Williams (back marker).

A Group, 16 March

Kingston - Hammersmith - Bushy Park

A Group March 16th

An A Group some two dozen strong set off from Kingston led by Pete B with Graham Hill ably taking the rear. The weather was a little chillier than one or two days of late but at least it stayed dry. Taking Lower Ham Road alongside the river and then the cycle path to Teddington Lock before turning inland to skirt Ham itself. The ominously named Cutthroat Alley took us to the back of Ham House where a brief stop enable Ray Dare to perform some minor maintenance. A small detour was needed to ensure a moderate mileage before lunch and this led to Ham Gate, noting that Church Road is currently closed, so allowing the Common Toad a traffic free migration from Ham Common into Richmond Park (must be Spring on the way!). In the park the fairly recent extension to the Tamsin Trail took us to Petersham Gate and thence back on the towpath through Richmond and along to cross the river at Kew. Back roads through Duke's Meadow and past Barnes Bridge took us to lunch at Hammersmith where some opted for the old favourite Blue Anchor and the rest the Wetherspoons. After regrouping it was across Hammersmith Bridge to Barnes Common where we had the misfortune to catch both level crossings (four trains in all!). Through the traffic free centre of Richmond Park and across the footbridge at Teddington Lock to cut through Hampton Wick and into Busy Park. Tea and cakes awaited at the Pheasantry which, being quite new, was a first for many. About 26 miles between elevenses and tea.
From Pete Barnard

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Group 16th March

Pete led us on an interesting ride today, to Hammersmith by parks and riverside ways from Kingston. Some lunched at Wetherspoons and some at the Blue Anchor, then back to The Pheasantry at Bushey Park for tea.

25.36 miles at a rolling average of 10.3 mph and 1136 calories.


Friday, March 11, 2011

A Group, 9 March

Bockett's Farm - Rusper - Reigate

A good number turned out for today’s ride from Bockett’s Farm, on a cool breezy day with just a hint of Spring in the air. Our route today was to head for the sun ie due South, with a lunch destination of Rusper.

Firstly, we headed along the A246, hard on the heels of B group, before turning up Dorking Road, past Polesden Lacey, before dropping down Bagden Hill to meet up with the A24 cycle track at Westhumble. Past Denbies, we picked up the A25 before turning off towards Brockham, and headed South.

South of Brockham, our day was enlivened somewhat when a police car overtook us and came to an abrupt halt. The officer emerging told us that in his view we were not riding in a suitable way for the conditions, and that we should have been in single file. I was told later that cars at the rear of our peloton were having trouble passing by. It was pointed out to the officer that the Highway Code does allow for cycling two abreast, in appropriate conditions. He then said that there had been a lot of trouble with cyclists lately and also that the police would be keeping a close watch on the roads, due to the forthcoming Olympics road race around Box Hill. Quite how our group was connected with the Olympics was not made clear. Be that as it may, the police saw fit to speak to us, so although I am sure none of us need reminding of our responsibilities towards other road users, it is well for everybody to be aware that the police may in future be paying attention to groups of cyclists, in the Dorking area at least, and to act and ride appropriately for the prevailing road conditions.

After this brief hiatus, we continued on our merry way South to Parkgate, where we picked up Partridge Lane , which eventually took us to Rusper, where a warm welcome and decent food awaited at the Plough, an atmospheric sixteenth century building complete with open fireplace, whose only drawback for anybody over about five foot eight came from its low flying oak beams.

After lunch, most of us headed back via Charlwood and Irons Bottom to Reigate, for tea at the Sandcross Garden Centre, after which the masochists among us chose to return home via the ascent of Wray Lane.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easy Riders March 9th

Phil M led Lynda, Beryl, Pat, Sandy, Roger, Dave S., Ron, Bill M., and Les from Leatherhead day centre through a park towards Bookham Common. We continued to Downside where we had lunch at The Cricketers. Our way back, went off road over The Tilt to The Fairmile; passing all the posh houses. Then through Oxshott Common and another off road section towards Claygate, which to my surprise was not muddy! After having tea at the day centre, we made our separate ways home.


Bockett's Farm

Some were tempted in.

Bocketts Farm

Before the rush on Wednesday
Picture from Ken Loy

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Group 9th March

Glimpses of Spring sunshine for Rob's ride from Bockett's Farm to lunch at the Plough, Rusper, where we ate well in a pleasant upstairs room; then on to tea at Reigate where I feasted on cake as we resolved the difference in size between 700c and 27" wheels. The jury believes that 8mm is the answer.

28.2 miles at a good moving average of 12 mph and an efficient 1266 calories.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

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Have you ever wanted to make a comment on something somebody has said in a blog and been frustrated that you can't do so? Well, you can and it is easy! All you have to do is sign up for a Google Account , if you haven't got one already. You only need to enter your email address and a password, enter the word verification, click 'accept' and Bob's your uncle. Click on the blue link above, fill in the details and you are there.

Then if you want to comment on a report, just click on the 'comment' link
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Why be one of the silent majority? Sign up and speak out! On the other hand, some say that silence is golden. Over to you. Comments welcome.


A Group 30th March - The Hilly Over 50

With the real Hilly 50 out of the way - and thanks to Graham and his helpers for another excellent event - now's the time to gird up your loins for the 'A' Group classic - The Hilly Over 50. A fast rider - Ray Dare, for example - can expect to do the real Hilly 50 in about two and a half hours. We plan to miss out one hill and to do it in four hours. And to take an hour for lunch.

More information follows, or have a word with me on one of our Wednesday rides. But be sure to make a note in your diaries - Dorking, 30th March.

Be there, or be a banana.


Monday, March 07, 2011

Ian's Bike Stolen!

Stop thief! Keep your eyes peeled!

Ian Appleton's bike was stolen on Wednesday, 9th February from outside John Lewis at Home in Purley Way. Croydon. This was after the Wayfarers' B Group ride from Claygate Day Centre.

The bike is a dark green Dawes Galaxy with very distinctive World Tour handlebars. It has, or had, two panniers containing a wollen jumper, tools, spare inner tubes, folding tyre, Top Peak Road Morph pump. The only photo I can find gives some idea of what it looks like.

Ian says that he has reported the incident to the police, who refuse to treat it as a theft but rather as a loss, as the bike was not secured at the time. Perhaps that keeps the Croydon police crime statistics that little bit lower.

Please keep your eyes open and report it at once if you see it!


Friday, March 04, 2011

Easy Riders

'And we went straight to Preezo' - and a good time was had by all!

Lynda and C group

P.S. What we did notice and tried was that the newly installed black gates at Blackhills Estate open, even when just one bike gets near.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Prezzo MWW 2 March 2011

Well done Lynda and Julian for a very enjoyable lunch
Well done "A" Group for managing not to wait for the two tail enders Julian and me! Sorry Ray we also missed you falling off and hope your are OK. Having got tangled up with lots of traffic and two horses we reached Fetcham to find everyone had gone. So we headed for Bockets farm then down to the A24 along to Box Hill School up Little Switzerland then from Headley we went to Epsom via the RAC Club and then through the myriad of cycleways to bypass the town past Nescot by cycleway to Cheam Rd and along past Nonsuch to arrive with 5mins to spare. Well done Julian for having the patience and confidence to follow me but I think you will agree much better than the "Mad Mile"
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B Group Mar 2nd

It was our “Christmas” Lunch so all I had to do was to return almost to where many of us started in North Cheam. I was keen to avoid the busy roads and after the A245, A244 and A243 we escaped on to Ashtead Common along a path marked green on the Surrey Cycle Guide. The key says the green paths are “Offroad routes where it is reasonably comfortable to cycle at any time of year without the need for a mountain bike”. The first couple of miles were super, a good firm surface, open fields to the left, woodland to the right which contained some really old trees. After a bit the path turned south and the surface deteriorated to soggy grass and mud. Norman said, quite wrongly, that we were going round in circles which may have disheartened some. Anyway, I became aware of whinging from behind but chose to ignore it. There was a breakaway, led I suspect by Liz, leaving the rest of us, viz. Harold and me only, to continue. Shortly after we separated the path became excellent, not a scrap of mud! After a fiddly bit through Epsom we got onto another green path, this time tarmac, across playing fields. Then along the A232, turning off at West Drive and the back way into Cheam. I had a bit of luck – I saw a chap with a pressure hose cleaning the road outside a building site and he was kind enough to wash the mud off my bike. I had planned a short ride after lunch but everyone seemed keen to go home, so that was the end of the cycling day.
Regards Bernard

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


2 Raleigh bikes, 1 ladys, 1 gents, vgc £40 each - for details ring 01932 864346.
(Request from lady at Cobham this morning).

A Group, 2 March

Cobham RBL to Prezzo, Cheam

With Cheam barely 9 miles distant as the crow flies and the starting pistol sounding at 11.15am, today's route had to be somewhat circuitous to fill 105 minutes of cycling endeavour. Perhaps for what it lacked in distance it could compensate in altitude. We followed the B Group as far as the Tilt, where they left Stoke Rd. The sun seemed to take some time to warm our reptilian blood, but haemoglobin gradually began to flow a bit more freely as we aimed for Leatherhead. Ray had a spill, when clothing and chainwheel had a tiff and brought him to an involuntary halt; but he remounted to continue, despite some probable toothmarks to his leg.

We circled Leatherhead and began a steady climb up Reigate Road past Tyrell's Wood, to enjoy part of the KPRC hill climb, before taking the cycle link up Tumber Street and Slough Lane. Right beside Headley Forge that is no more took us to Langley Vale, the Grandstand, Nork, the mad mile, Burdon Lane and destination Prezzo. With 10 minutes in hand before 1pm, the cycle park in Prezzo garden was already pretty full. With the A group peloton safely docked, I headed off. What happened next I leave to others to relate.


A Group 2nd March

A good run to a good lunch today. Bit of a duff map, I'm afraid - I forgot to press the button at the start so I've added a bit on at the end to compensate. It's about right for speed, distance and calories.

17.8 miles, rolling speed 11.3 mph and, ah, 797 calories. Probably not enough, in the circumstances ...