Thursday, September 27, 2007

C Group Sept 26th

With any luck someone else has provided a more complete review of this
event in view of the recurring doses of `bonk` which caused me to quit the ride
before we got to Fetcham where lunch was to be at The Bull. When we started
out from Molesley with Phil in the lead, there were twelve of us at least, Phil,
Roger, Fuzz, Bill and Pat M., Lynda, Beryl, Mark, Tom (I still dont know how
he does it, but I`d like a bottlefull),Sonia and at least a couple more with me
trailing behind. After several stops to get my breath and the others
waiting patiently we arrived at Stoke Road leading into Cobham Road where we
crossed the southern extremity of the M25. Here Tom had some bike trouble and
several of us stopped to see if help was needed. I have always tried to avoid
this route which is hilly and badly surfaced, so I made my excuses and since
I was only about half a mile from The Old Plough, I returned and got a pint
under my belt. This helped a bit and this morning the medicos at the hospital
have given my pacemaker a bit of a tweak so I`m hoping this will cure my ill to
some extent. See you at the AGM--------------------------------Albert

A&B Sept 26th

A hearty crowd of 18 (too many to name or mention) combined A & B members set off from the Arches, Redhill on a fine and sunny, if a little chilly, morning. A brisk climb through the backstreets and then it was out through Woodhatch and Dawesgreen with a nice following wind towards Parkgate. Just short of there a pleasant track through Hammond's Copse led to the farm road to Mynthurst, fortunately unaffected by the Foot and Mouth. Along Irons Bottom and into Horley where the recently opened Wetherspoon's awaited. After the customary good beer, good service and reasonable food, we were joined by Jen who had parked en route.Venturing a little further south to Fernhill there was a, new to many, track over to Burstow followed by some delightfully unspoilt lanes round the the back of Smallfield and up to Outwood. By now we were exposed to the full force of the northerly wind which made hard work of the trip through Crab Hill and Nutfield Marsh and so we were quite glad to reach Markedge Lane and the climb to Fanny's Farm for a welcome tea stop, before making off our various ways.
From Pete Barnard

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

C Group Sept 19th

Weather rather damp at the start, but a very good turnout at Weybridge. Ron led us via the towpath to E. Molesey and The Bell situated behind the church. In addition to Ron there was Tom, Lynda, Sonia, Beryl, Carol, Roger, Mark, Fuzz, Bill (A), myself and at least two more. We got a bit split up before reaching the towpath as a few of us took the direct route down Thames Street, i.e. me, Dennis, Carol and Sonia who used her mobile to confirm we were ahead of the rest who had tried some of the narrow back roads. We all met up at The Swan at Walton and pressed on together from there. The pub service and food was excellent. Tea was to be had at Claygate so I decided to go home, but it was still 3:45 before I made it. Thanks for a good ride Ron ------------------------ Albert

B Group Sept 19th

The route for B Group's Ride was a last-minute Plan B following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth last week, and thanks are due to my good friend Irene who rode it out with me on Saturday. Thirteen of us (or twelve and a leader for the superstitious!) set off from Weybridge - Judy, Liz, Stephanie, Pam, Norman, Bernard, Cliff, Terry, John G., Roger, Mike and Mary on their tandem - welcome back Mike and Mary, it was good to see you out again - and me, Gill.
We made for the towpath on the Wey Navigation Canal at Blackboy Bridge just above Town Lock and followed it to Walsham Gates - a lock famous for being the only original turf-sided lock left on the Wey. Despite being a bit dusty in places, the towpath was in reasonable condition and on the last stretch from Pyrford Lock the National Trust workers were busy cutting back the nettles, etc., anticipating Norman's concern that the path was very overgrown! They must have known we were coming!
All was peaceful on the calm waters and a heron standing tall on the opposite bank must have been surprised to see us cycling past. It was also nice to pass one or two narrow boats on the move. At Walsham Gates the towpath was taped off as a no-go area due to Foot and Mouth (it is closed from here to Papercourt Lock) and having crossed the weir we left the Navigation Canal behind and took to a footpath leading up to Ripley Green. From here we followed the Portsmouth Road, across the roundabout at Burntcommon and down to the start of Wood Hill, then Vicarage Lane which led to Potter's Lane and a final downhill freewheel to The New Inn at Cartbridge - beside the Wey again. Here the weather was kind enough to give the occasional burst of sunshine as we sat outside to have our lunch - the food was good and service was friendly and speedy.
The route for the afternoon was back to Ripley, climbing back up Potter's Lane but turning off on to Wood Hill, through Send Marsh to Polesden Lane - Tannery Lane reputedly being closed due to Foot and Mouth - and right into Ripley along Newark Lane. (Pam left us here.) At Ripley we crossed into Rose Lane, left into Guileshill Lane, through Ockham and into Cobham for afternoon tea at the cafe opposite Watson's Bakery. Thanks for your generosity, Cliff, your reward will come another time!
Gill Finlay

A Group Report Sept 19th

I've attached an image to include in the blog - at least its title is spot on!
After the morning forecast, I hurriedly packed my cape and hat. Later on these seemed wise precautions - spots of rain falling as I chased down our Secretary on the way to 11s. At the same time the route crystallised in my mind: Wood Street and back by the shortest route.
Delayed by the late arriving North Cheam mob, 17 riders (Graham, Bob, Ed, Frank, Grant, Irene, Janice, Johns B, M and S, Mike, Pete B and M, Rob, Steve, Toni, Vic) set out from Weybridge just behind Tom! and the 'B' group (who quickly disappeared onto the Wey). We rode through Poets' Corner, and over the motorway at the end of Liberty Road. Woodham lead onto West Byfleet and the Pyrford road. As we passed Newark Priory, I noted that the Wey Navigation towpath was closed in both directions. We turned after the Seven Stars towards Send Hill and Potter's Lane. After the A3 cyclepath, the towpath was a possibility but instead we continued to Jacobs' Well.
From here we headed into Guildford's suburbs eventually riding along Stoughton Road. After a couple more turns and miles, we were in a crowded Royal Oak spot on one o'clock. Lunch was in the empty garden under threateningly skies; the service prompt given that we had turned up unannounced. Our return was the obvious one: back via Salt Box Lane to Jacob's Well and
then beside the A3 to Ockham Bites for tea. No rain fell on the ride. "Cool and overcast with a hefty southwester" sums it up; ah well you can't win 'em all!
Graham Hill

News from Les & Barbara

Unfortunately we leave here on Thursday morning. We hired bikes of a kind one day and cycled up a mountain. Les cycled up a mountain and I cycled some of it and pushed some did my best. Wonderful view.

Les and Barbara

Friday, September 14, 2007

C group - 12th Sept 2007

It was great weather for a ride and as I had arrived at Leatherhead with my bike in the back of the car, I considered a spot of exercise was in order. We had a good turnout of around twelve with Lynda leading then Fuzz, Bill and Pat M., Ron, Mark Bill (Albert), Roger plus Roger mark 2, Dave, Tom (dont know how he keeps going) and me barely managing to keep up. en route for Nonsuch Park with our purchases from the cake shop (Coke, no beer!). The route was pretty familiar and invariably offroad and Lynda had promised we would take tea at Ashstead. I remembered Ashstead required a pretty straight run on the main road to Leatherhead so it suited me fine. Fuzz, Bill A. and me got to Ashtead having somehow lost touch with the rest, but Lynda and Roger spotted our bikes outside the cafe and joined us. Bill kindly offered to accompany me to Leatherhead but chose a rather offroad route. When we arrived, sooner than I expected, he told me it was our destination I was glad to get in the car again. I think I overdid the exercise rather. ----------------- Albert

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Angies Ride

I managed to get a day off work to go on the Wednesday ride and there were so many cyclists at North Cheam it was quite overwhelming!!
Anyway, Bob went off with his merry ladies and gents on their mystery ride, but I decided I wasn't up for a mystery so Dave Aylett, Godfrey, Lorraine and I went on our own mystery ride. After a bit of shouted discussion whilst we rode and a change of leader we made our way out to Cobham Day Centre for 11s. Then made our way via Effingham, etc back to Leatherhead and good old Wetherspoons for lunch.
Returned, I must say I felt a bit wobbly after a large glass of red wine, round the back streets of Ashstead and Epsom and home. Had a goodish ride (30 miles for me), a lovely day and thanks to my companions.
Angie x

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bob's Mystery Ride

At North Cheam the pavements teemed with riders; well over thirty I counted. Some were for Leatherhead so Bob's mystery ride started in confusion.
Eventually we gathered and headed off through Worcester Park, Malden Manor and Tolworth, down a less than fragrant Lower Marsh Lane and into Kingston where elevenses were taken in the upmarket (for us) Riverside Cafe.
A late arriving Mike swelled our ranks to 21. That's too many names to recall but, believe me, the usual A & B suspects all were present. Speculation about our destination was rife as next we crossed the Thames. Bushy Park was entered at Hampton Wick Gate and left at Hampton Hill Gate. A partial lap of Fulwell Golf Course was followed by a westerly run along the Crane River where we paused at the Shot Tower.
After a soupcon of suburbia, Bob's route now took us across Hounslow Heath (pathless and bumpy) and past the Cavalry Barracks and beyond. A hair-raising crossing of Henlys Roundabout (A4/A30 junction) was the prelude to more suburbia but soon we were on the Grand Union Canal just below Southall. Two to three miles later, we turned off into Stockley Park (according to Bob, an old gasworks, TQ080804) and The White House (naturally Wetherspoons) where lunch was taken on the terrace overlooking a lake. Our return was back along the canal and through its five tiresome "anti-biker" gates. Toni's first puncture was just before Southall.
Turning off at Norwood Green we entered Osterley Park to admire Adam's Osterley House of 1761 (in truth, an early loo stop). Continuing down the main drive and across the A4 took us into Isleworth. The Thames was reached for the second time at Old Isleworth; we switched to the Surrey shore in Richmond and continued along the river bank. Near Teddington Lock (under reconstruction - diversion in place) we lost Toni for the day to a second puncture. The Kingston YMCA on the old Hawker's site was the spot for leisurely refreshment before we dispersed our various ways. Warm and sunny, and under 40 miles (for me) - many thanks to Bob for a very enjoyable day.
Graham Hill
0208 549 0366
if you want to include all those names, please do! well there was you, me, Ed....

Les Johnston

Thinking of you out cycling tomorrow. We did boat trip today with great bbq on secluded beach must have been 40deg we may hire bikes one day
Les and Barbara Johnston

Friday, September 07, 2007

Shattered Editor going Sou'West

Thanks Frank for what you call a moderately brisk pace. I know you were trying to avoid the hills but on your superb Pearson Fixed Steed its amazing how you go up hill so well with one gear. I think we will have to create a Super A Group meeting the stragglers at lunch. Being under the weather I struggled on the back for most of the day, along with Pete M, causing me to secretly feel inside that we should re-name you for the day by putting a "B" in front of your leader status. I must thank Graham publicly for waiting in Guildford for the stragglers. The flat route was already proving challenging with more to come.
Equally I must congratulate Ray for falling in a ditch in such a way that you came out unharmed and smelling of stings and scratches only, you must be so strong and as we all know superbly fit. I look forward to returning to my normal self soon or join the "B" or "C" group until rejuvenated. My thanks to Toni for gently nursing over Little Switzerland and Hedley to Walton on the Hill. I too did 51mls on the day but it seemed more like 81, which I guess is the age of Ray!

B Group Sept 5th

Cliff led a group of 11, including Gill, Judy, Liz, (ladies first) Bernard, Norman, Nev, John G, Les and Neil and who have I forgotten! We exited Cobham via Downside Road, right at Plough lane and over Martyr's Green to the B3289, where we turned right and a left at Guileshill Lane down to Hungry Hill.
Turning right at Tithesbarnes Lane we joined the A247 to West Clandon and to the traffic lights on the A25.
Here to avoid the heavy traffic to Guildford, we crossed forward to Dorking and met our first real hill of the day climbing to just short of Newlands Corner,. not too many joyful faces at this! Turning right we took the small downhill and rough road back to Merrow and turned left back onto the A25. A left at Tangier Road took us up the aptly named Tangier heights [our second nasty hill which our leader failed to climb] and took a left.
We continued to White Lane and along the downs with lovely views through a series of impressive properties, all having extensions to already big houses, such is having money. At the T junction we turned into Albury and through to a right turn at New Road. At the top of another hill it was a left turn into Park Road and to lunch at the William IVth at Little London. We all enjoyed lunch mostly Sandwiches, but pretty good as the other options were fairly big meals and a bit pricy.
Out of the Pub we turned left up to the railway bridge south of Shere and turned into Hook Lane, Keeping left we went into Pursers Lane and then left at Hoe Lane and at the end turned right onto the B2126. And left at The Volunteer took us into Raikes hollow and then Raikes Lane up to the A25 and thence to Dorking and Denbies for tea where we the A team before splitting for home. I clocked 51miles.

C Group Sept 5th

Good turnout at Cobham; probably on account of the weather which was quite a bit warmer than recently. Roger led the ride with Lynda, Fuzz, Dave, Bill and Pat M., Mike, Bill (Albert), Jonothan, Lisa, Mark, Ron, Dennis and me. We set off up Plough Lane for the usual detour to have lunch at The New Inn at Send. We encountered several very large trucks on the single track road near Send prison and managed to squeeze past by almost becoming one with the roadside shrubbery. It was Cobham for tea and I left the others at the end of Tannery Lane, glad to avoid another encounter with the traffic on the Byfleet Road! Thanks for a nice ride Roger. I`ve attached a couple of pictures. Hope they download ok ---------------------- Albert

A Group Sept 5th

A Team Report From Frank Cubis

We left Cobham sharp at eleven numbering 17 consisting of Don & Richard from the Redmon CC, Ed, Rob, Toni, Graham, Ray, Pete’s M & B, John’s S, N & B, Vic, Julian & Sou’Wester Editor Mike M.
Heading for I know not where, I thought it was Ewhurst but lunch was on the Bookhurst Road, Cranleigh, via Ockham, Ripley, Burntcommon, Burpham, Guildford Town centre onto the A281 to Shalford then took the lane to Wonersh then Shamley Green then Smithwood Common to lunch at The Little Park House Pub, where we ate outside and many found the helpings just to large for comfort. From lunch it was through Ewhurst, Forest Green where 16 of us negotiated a tight right hander and Ray was seen untangling himself from his steed in a ditch, fortunately with just a few scratches and nettle stings, the group broke up a little here not knowing of our super fit Octogenarian’s plight.
Dropping down into Ockley to the A29 it was a left and right into Cole’s Lane, across the A24 to Capel to Newdigate, Blackbrook were we more or less regrouped to Pixham Lane to Denbies for tea, there we found the B group just beating us to the counter. From Cobham to lunch was 18 miles, the same distance from lunch to Denbies, ridden at a fairly brisk pace.