Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Group - 23 September '09

West Clandon

Visiting Rides Sec Andy from the C&M takes us to the Onslow Arms

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Group Sept 23rd

For those after a long ride,I failed their expectation............ Nevertheless,a 15ish size group followed me south from Weybridge past Brooklands and Cobham Bus Museum to negotiate the A3 at Ockham Bites. On to the lanes to Hungry Hill then right to join the A road to lunch at West Clandon (Onslow Arms). The return,I tested their bike riding skills and followed the green lane all the way to Ockham then Cobham Sainsburys for tea. A dull old day but pleasantly mild. 44 miles (from Ewell). From Andy Coxhill

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Easy Riders Sept 23rd

Easyriders, Wednesday 23rd September. Names first, before I forget them all, Alan and Alan, Bill, Roger, Fuzz, Chris, Ron, and the fast lads, Dennis and Albert, and Lynda and Philip. Also good to see Mark out at Weybridge. A familiar route, through Poets corner and straight through Addlestone, Ottershaw, Foxhills Rd and Gracious Pond to the Red Lion. We were with Albert at Addlestone level crossing, from thence he became a disappearing blotch of fluorescent jacket on the horizon as he sped his way on that racing trike to reach the bar way before the rest of us. On the return journey we passed through Chobham said goodbye to Bill and turned left for Stonehill Rd. Again Albert made his bid for freedom but this time hotly pursued by Dennis. I am still in shock as it is the first time I have seen Dennis sprint uphill. However as you can see from the photo when we reached the summit Albert was nowhere in sight.

A lovely day and lots of fun, thanks for continuing to put me through my apprenticeship, I think it will be a good few years before I qualify. Thanks to Philip for showing me the route through Homewood Park onto Bittams Lane. We all did manage to get to tea at Walton Bridge. Steph

Pics from Bernard

B group run 23.9.09.

On a windless, sunless and almost rainless (later) day I (Terry) led Francoise and Frank, Gill, Jane and David, Judy, Liz, Pat, Bernard, Brian G, Charles, Cliff, Gary, Harold, John M, Mike, backmarker Norman (thanks), Ray H, Robin and Roger from Weybridge across Brooklands noting the VC10 at the museum (I remember seeing the first one take off), and also a short stretch of the race track.
Passing through Byfleet led to the very dry Muddy Lane, Wisley pedestrian bridge and the airfield where two people were expertly flying (and filming) a model aeroplane (it looked like a Vampire). No time to watch - onwards to West Horsley, noting Bill Matthews eating a lonely lunch in a bus shelter then the hill climbing began with Shere Road leading to Peeble Hill followed by the swift descent of Combe Bottom.
After turning left onto the A25 we soon reached the lunch stop at The Compasses, Gomshall where we dined very well alongside the Tilling Bourne and the not very busy A25. After lunch we headed south to Burrows Cross then via Hoe Lane, Leith Hill, Coldharbour and Dorking to the (closed) Blue Cafe at Leatherhead - so we went to Annie's.
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A Group Ride 23rd September

The days are getting shorter, and so are the rides - Andy led us 21.18 miles today, elevenses to tea. Moving average 11.45 mph, 692.7 ft of ascent. And no more calories than a couple of Mars bars ...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Group Sept 9th

Group A Ride 9th September 2009

An early start allowed us to explore the farther reaches of OS Explorer map 160. From Fairoaks Airport we skirted Chobham by Mincing Lane to Burrowhills, over Chobham Common to Sunningdale, Broomhall Lane to Sunninghill, London Road, Cheapside Lane, past the Golden Gate where the Queen makes her entrance to open Royal Ascot Week. Then New Mile Road, Winkfield Road to Winkfield, Maidens Green, Hawthorn Hill, the Drift Road, Gadbridge to Fifield for lunch. After noon, back to the Drift Road, Cranbourne, the Peanut Roundabout, Cheapside, Blacknest, Wentworth, Trump Green, Lyne Crossing Road, Chilsey Green, Willow Walk, Chertsey Bridge, Shepperton for tea. A dry sunny day and a new lunch stop, which we shall visit again.
From Vic White

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wednesday, 16 September, 2009

Mystery Riders at Trafalgar Square

What has caught their attention?
As Frank says: "The changing of the Wally" on the fourth plinth

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mystery Ride Wednesday 16th September

The A & B rides combined at North Cheam for the annual mystery ride and as I, Frank, was leading it wasn’t too much of a surprise that we headed for the Metropolis. The only mystery was how 21 left North Cheam and 21 arrived at The Pommelers Rest, Wetherspoons at Tower Bridge. They consisted of Judy, Stephanie, Tony, Toni D, Grant, Graham H, Rob, Godfrey, Jeff, Norman, Mark G, David, Bob, Harold, Mick A, Eddy, Lawrence and Paul. Ron & Doreen met us at lunch.

The route can be seen on Mark’s very good map details below. We left North Cheam at 09-40hrs unfortunately a few minutes before Mike M arrived who missed the ride.

The route was via Worcester Park, Motspur Park, West Barnes, the A3 service road, Richmond Park, past the Priory Hospital, Barnes, where the level crossing was closed (naturally), Castelnau, Hammersmith Bridge past the Thames Studio for a comfort stop, Barons Court, past Olympia then Edwards Sq, South Kensington into Hyde Park for 11’s by the Serpentine. This was a bit pricey for some but not for our Runs Secretary, Jeff, who had a free plate of beans on toast with the compliments of the management.

From here we went across Hyde Park Corner, Constitution Hill, The Mall through Admiralty Arch into Trafalgar Sq to see the changing of the Wally on the fourth plinth at mid day. Then Whitehall, Westminster Bridge along the South Bank past the London Eye to Blackfriars past the replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hinde, just touching Tooley Street then back onto the Embankment to Tower Bridge.

After lunch it was a very cycle friendly route with no traffic to cross the Thames at Lambeth Bridge, then along Millbank and Chelsea Embankment and Chelsea Harbour to Putney Bridge, Lower Richmond Road and back to the café in the Park by Roehampton Gate. From there all dispersed their separate ways. A mere 33 miles, dry if a little windy and hey it could it could have been yesterday.

Frank C

Wayfarers and friends in Brittany.

The group leaving the St Malo-Dinard ferry

Wed Sept 16th

Having been invited to join Frank and Francoise in the seaside area of St Cast le Guildo, west of St Malo, 20 riders selected for their ability to socialise and ride as a group at a steady pace enjoyed their Wednesday in France.

Today headed for a 50 mile circuit via quiet lanes, a cafe stop and a stretch on a disused railway, led very consciensiously by Frank Humphreys with Francoise bringing up the rear to ensure no lost bodies. We ended up at Dinan old town for sightseeing and lunch with Frank and Francoise standing guard over the bikes while the group wandered around for a couple of hours, soaking up the atmosphere of old buildings and food, before heading back with the odd shower and a niggling strong side to headwind. A last minute coffee stop and back by 6pm. Ready for what has become a mystery evening meal, even though we have a written menu, eg: "filet de merlu grille", "pates tortis" or "kouigh amann". Mostly based on fish as this is a seaside area.

Tuesday afternoon we had our tea stop at the french home of Frank & Francoise which surprised several of the group with the quantity and variety of food and drink provided. Simon and Jen joined us for the day on their way back to St Malo and then home to Ewell.

BBQ with Charles

Barbeque at Charles' place.

From 12 there will be a BBQ, on Sunday the 27th September.

Please do come, perhaps bringing something to slap on the flames, and something to sip? There will be some burgers, sausages and salad stuff, too.

The gazebo will be up, and the object is to have a good time, celebrating life, cycling and whatever.

Charles Barraball

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Easy Riders - 16th Sept 2009

Thank goodness the weather was better than yesterday.
Apart from a bit of breeze the sun was shining as we met at Leatherhead. Once more I was riding shotgun on my tandem trike with my good son Peter up front. We made for The Old Plough at Stoke D'abernon by the direct route down Randells Road for a very satisfying lunch, after which we decided to have tea at Claygate. A pretty good turnout included Bill H., John C., Fuzz, Ron. Roger, Mike, Chris, Alan plus we two. I saw Dennis at elevenses and one or two more who did not make the ride.
32 miles in all --------------- Albert

A Mystery Revealed

Here is the route of Frank's Mystery Tour of London - click on the picture to enlarge. An excellent day out, taking in most of the sights. '1' is Cheam and '2' is tea at Richmond Park - 32.87 miles, moving average 9.61 mph, not much altitude gain and rather fewer calories than I consumed at lunch. Hey ho - there's always next week ...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 2nd 2009 - A group

2nd Sept 2009 run led by Grant.

I left the house prepared for a dull, damp day, getting worse in the afternoon but it wasn't like that. The ride to Cobham was appreciated by most whom I led there. Because the day looked bad, I expected half a dozen on my ride but there were 16 plus.
Leaving Cobham it was dry and fine, a gentle pace through Ripley past Pyrford, through Woking, stopping to don waterproofs, but unfortunately because the riders were well spread out a proper message that Pete had stopped didn't get to me at the front and Pete got dropped - I didn't have my mobile with me (for when he tried calling me).

The sun was shining and it was getting warm - unexpectedly - with my waterproof jacket on.
Lunch at Windlesham, The Sun, provided everyone with meals that some couldn't manage, because of the size, the last ones had to wait nearly an hour though. At The Sun were Norman, Mark G, Ray, Ed, Jeff, Brian, Vic, Toni D'It, Bob, Mike M, Graham, Julian, John B, Terry and Grant. Pete turned up after talking to Ed on his mobile, very disgruntled and threatening to tear up the new "rides behaviour" guide recently issued by the DA.

We left The Sun about 2:30. I tried to be clever and find my way back through the lanes and lost myself. We took a pleasant route, Valley End Road, I asked Vic to assist me to get round Woking for a tea stop at Ockham Bites at 3:55 they closed at 4pm, I didn't know that!

It was light rain now, turning steady when we left in dribs and drabs, waterproofs on but I took mine off again after Cobham - it didn't pour till later. A lucky day after all.
62 miles for me.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Rides 2011?

These are the photo's that go with the initial blog. Dont aske me what I did but photo's did not get printed but a hidden. If you can correct like Lisa used to then please do so! Meanwhile I apologies for using all your web space. Mike.

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Birthday Rides 2011?

A new idea a new beginning, the breaking of a glimmer of an idea (not yet breaking news!) in fact the resurrection of an idea by Simmon Legg to bring 2012 Olympics to Surrey/London, lets say with the agreement of SWLondonDA but run by a small group of good volunteer organisers! This is early days and no formal offer has been made or agreed to. On the other hand, think about is there any support for the idea at all? Positive suggestions mainly please though negatives can also be constructive!
With the idea in mind and led by Bob Starey, Paul & I did a first reckey of what may well be one of the rides undertaken. Lea Valley to new Olympic Stadium partly via the Wandle, many parks, past the Cutty Sark at Greenwich and under the Thames foot tunnel to Canary Wharf on the way, returning via the Grand union to Camden Lock, thence to St Paul's, Millennium Bridge, the Beehive, South Bank. London Eye and Big Ben and back via Clapham common. What a wonderful route for those not familiar for the big smoke seen via greenways. Bob did an excellent job!
No Cycling but magnificent views enjoyed much better walking
Paul and Bob taking time out!
This message is just a teaser a tester and an even bigger idea! The Birthday Tea, hosted by Boris Johnston at the Beehive, now that would be a sensation and get CTC on the Map!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

B Group Sept 9th

After yesterday's burst of hot, sunny weather and the sunny start to today, it was rather disappointing when skies clouded over after we left Fairoaks. Still, at least it stayed fine - well apart from the odd spot or two. There were sixteen of us in B Group - Irene, Stephanie, Liz, Angie, John G. and John M., Mick, Frank and Francoise, Eddy, Bernard, Norman, Godfrey, Laurence, Terry and me, Gill. (Thank-you Terry, it was invaluable having you as back-marker!) Setting off from Fairoaks Airport and aiming for The Cricketers, Warfield/Winkfield Row the other side of Windsor Great Park, we headed out basically westwards doing a loop through Burrowhill and Valley End before turning north to Sunningdale, Cheapside and eventually to Downside. With several steepish hills behind us, it was now a level ride westwards across to Winkfield village and Maidens Green where we turned south to find Cricketers Lane and the pub! Arriving about 12.30 p.m. we were served pretty quickly, though Angie and John M. found themselves last to be served despite early ordering which caused some discussion about the difficulty of preparing their choices. However, all was well in the end. We had opted to sit outside which enabled several people to try and make friends with some fine-looking young black bullocks on rather short legs (a special breed?) - were they the source of the roast beef baguettes we wondered! Lacking sunshine and with rather a cool breeze, everyone was happy to make a move and we set off on the homeward leg. Turning east and south, some newly laid tarmac on the way up to Chavey Down was much appreciated especially as after this we turned off onto an off-road section of bridleway. Ending up at Ascot Racecourse we cycled towards the new grandstand and out through an underpass. More new tarmac made cycling easy before reaching Cheapside where a nice downhill stretch along Watersplash Lane brought us back to a gate into Great Windsor Park which we had passed on the outward route. Following Dukes Lane we saw several open horse carriages being driven and the group even became divided for a short time with one of these in our midst after a road junction. Once out of the Park at Bishopsgate, it was a familiar route back to Staines and the towpath to Shepperton Lock for tea. Waiting to join the main road at Chertsey Bridge, we were surprised to see A Group riders flying past and it seemed both groups 'feared' the other was heading to their tea spot as I caught up later with A Group in Shepperton village - there were eleven of us and what looked like a similar number of them!! (Gill Finlay)

Easy riders Sept 9th

The weather seems to be getting a bit autumnal but still fine as we met at East Molesley. We had a good turnout and were graced with the presence of the mayor, a most pleasant man who engaged us all in conversation. Charles managed to take a photo and with luck may place it on the blog to complement my effort. Lynda led the ride to The Anglers at Teddington with Fuzz, Mark, Bill H.,Bill M.,Charles, Roger, Dave, Chris, myself and Alan (a newcomer who hails from Claygate). We took the route by the river from Hampton Court to Kingston bridge. It had been our intention to take the towpath to Teddington and to cross the river again via the tidal weir, but we were informed this route was closed. I had this from Bill H who kept an eye on me and followed me over Kingston bridge with the gen. We took a right turn after recrossing with a pretty straight road ending at our lunch spot. The food was good and so was the beer. Tea was to be at `Five on the Bridge` so Mark, Bill and I made for Bushy Park. Bill and I took the park route and Mark pressed on towards Kingston. I waited for a while at the cafe but it was getting chilly and I felt a spot of rain so headed for home. Have a nice holiday Lynda-------Albert

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Group - Wednesday, 9 September, 2009

(Commentary to follow) The Fifield at Fifield
Happy band of brothers - and one sister
Family at table

A Group Ride

A Goldilocks ride, led by Vic. Not too long, not too short, but just right ...

Taken Elevenses to tea - 35.77 miles, moving average 11.38 mph and 1700 calories

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Easy Riders Sept 2nd

I`m still wondering why I volunteered to write this up for the blog since from my vantage point as stoker on my tandem trike my view of the route was largely obscured by my son Peter who handles the front end. However here goes. The weather forecast was pretty grim which made the turnout rather lower than usual at Cobham. As it happened we must have got the right slot of sunshine for a pleasant ride to The Albion at East Molesey. There were Lynda, Bill H., Roger, Chris, John C.,plus me and im at the rear. Ron who was to have led has been suffering with a bad cough and could not attend so I can only assume our destination was the result of a consensus of opinion. We went from Cobham up the old Portsmouth Road to West End.Then the dual carriageway to Hersham where we took a right turn at The Barley Mow, then Molesey Road to West Molesey with a pretty straight ride up Hurst Road to our lunch. It`s just as well we do not all ride such monsters as the bike parking at The Albion would not accomodate more than a few. Tea was to be at Chessington but Pete and I made off down The Hurst Road for home after a most pleasant outing. Just under 25 mls. See you next week--Albert

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Group - 2 September '09

The Sun at Windlesham

In a ride of devil take the hindmost, the sun was nearly setting before Pete was able to make a brief appearance, thanks to switched-on Ed. Grant forgiveness, O Lord.

A Group Ride

A serpentine route, devised by Grant, that managed to cover some interesting ground while almost entirely avoiding the showers. 34.61 miles, elevenses to tea, moving average 11.59 mph and 1645 calories.