Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easy riders April 27th

We were a fairly big crowd at Elleray Hall; but just 9 came on the ride to lunch. We left Dennis, Albert and the Squirrels drinking coffee; and some others turned off before lunch. I led towards Teddington High Street, to take the tow path after the blue bridge. We passed a favourite area of mine around the river at Ham and onto Kingston. We then wound our way passed the Apple Market, a right turn by the old Post Office and the bike route to Berrylands. Nine of us enjoyed our lunches at Woodies, sitting outside at a large round table. After a leisurely lunch we continued to Worcester Park, turning a right before the High Street and up to Stonleigh and turning at Sparrow Farm Road to enter Nonsuch Park. After getting our teas/cakes we sat on benches round the front of the cafe in the gardens. An enjoyable, leisurely day in the sunshine, although a bit breezy.


A Group, 27 April

Merstham - Ardingly - Fanny's
On a chill, spring morning at Merstham, the Wayfarers one by one entered Hunger's End until there was standing room only. However, when the starting whistle sounded, the Elizabethan Langshott Bs exerted a far greater gravitational pull than the negatively charged Ardingly As. "Sorry, Jeff, I'm saving myself for later", whispered a bashful clutch of timorous virgins. I must admit, those words brought back some wistful memories.

So it was that an uninhibited sextet of Brian, Bob, Ged, Geoffrey, Julian and Simon mounted up to follow a headstrong leader. All went smoothly until well past Nutfield, when the pressure proved too great for a weakening rear rim which split and demanded Brian's unwilling withdrawal and cautious retreat to Redhill Station. The rest pressed on to Outwood, Smallfield, Copthorne, Turner's Hill and West Hoathly. Here we stopped for a fleeting glimpse of the Priest House, being loth to pay a fee for entry to the house or garden. An impromptu exercise in democracy then led to a choice: pastoral calm or Armageddon. Two chose Armageddon; one we never saw again, lost somewhere in the depths of that cyclist's temptress, known starkly as "Cob Lane". The rest sailed serenely down through wood and field to stop at the Oak Inn, Ardingly, where a flushed and glowing Geoffrey awaited our arrival.

After a pleasant, garden lunch, we concluded that Bob had found his way to the one great Wetherspoons in the sky. We therefore went to pay our respects at the impressive yet unassuming Church of St Peter, Ardingly. On leaving, we enjoyed the swoop down to the reservoir and the swoosh up to Paddockhurst Lane, where GBS had to realign his rear wheel, forced out of true by a combination of slope and sinew. Thereafter, a steady canter took us via Turner's Hill, Copthorne, Smallfield, Redhill Aerodrome, Merstham and Harp's Oak Lane to Fanny's. Here we met Liz with some of her Bs, where we took a well-earned pot of tea and cake, before the final leg home, longer for some than others, for me a modest 58 miles, for others well over 70.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

B Group 27th April

A return to Spring - rather than the Summer of the last few days - for Liz's ride today. 23.5 miles from Merstham to Fanny's, with lunch taken at the Farmhouse, Langshott. Rolling average 9.8 mph and 1,147 feet of ascent.

An enjoyable ride in good company.


B Group April 27th

From Merstham around 20 of us set off towards Bletchingley to Rabies Heath, where the bluebells were in full bloom (a wonderful sight). Continuing down Tilburstow Hill and Blindley Heath we travelled through Horne and Smallfield to our lunch destination at the Farmhouse in Langshott (highly recommended) . A straight run via White Bushes to Redhill, where several riders opted for the train home, found us at Fanny's Farm for tea.
My thanks to Mark as sheep dog and Ed's navigational advice and assistance.
A perfect day for cycling, I clocked up 46 miles.


"B" Group

"B" Group all lined up for take off overlooking the South Downs and LGW Boeing - Boeing - Gone!
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"B" Group 27 April 2011 Langshot

Well done Liz for a smashing morning ride. Sorry Toni & I had to jump ship to get home early for KPRC evening 10ml TT. No doubt we will both be beaten by Mark & Maggie on Tandem!
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easy Riders Pt 2

Fuzz led, roger,david,lynda,malcom,ron,mark,allan.
We left Weybridge on a nice sunny day & went along by the cannal & through the mobile home park, then onto Chertsey Meads & through back alley-ways over Chertsey Bridge towards Shepperton.
then onto sunbury where we met albert at the Flowerpot pub, a few had their lunch in the pub & the rest had their's in the walled garden.
After lunch we went down the Sunbury road & rode through Bushy park & then onto Hampton Court where we had tea at Five on the bridge & after tea we all made our way home.

Roger (M)

Easy Riders April 20th

A really warm day and a fair turnout at Weybridge. Fuzz was leading and the venue being The Flower Pot , I felt capable of making the effort. I knew I could not tackle Chertsey Meads on my trike so took the direct route down Thames Street, Walton Lane, over Walton Bridge, the right at Marshalls roundabout. I took up a position outside the pub, with a good lookout for the arrival of the rest. Half an hour went by and my beer was getting warmer as they arrived (see photo). Fuzz, Bill H., and myself took a pleasant lunch, while Ron, Mark and the others went on to The Walled Garden. This was to be the tea stop; no doubt after a bit more energetic cycling. I left their pleasant company and made for home via Shepperton and Chertsey. By the time I arrived I felt fairly whacked but satisfied and became suitably refreshed, Bless you all------------Albert

B Group April 20th

Twenty eight of us set out turned left along the main street, right across
the canal bridge , back streets to Addlestone station level crossing, left after crossing the M25 through the back streets of Woodham to the canal for 2 miles Right up Monument road left at roundabout Woodham road through back roads Horshill road L and R Horshill common road, L and R Phillpot Road
L Chertsey Road R Mincing Lane and L to the Red Lion Pub. Because of the large group about 8 went on to another pub in Burrowhill/ Chobham. Just as well because it took some time to serve at the Red Lion . Jut as we were finishing lunch a large report came from the cycle’s area, Cliff’s rear tyre had blown of the rim, it was in the sun but partially covered by mudguard.
The Surry Cycle Guide Map showed a “comfortable to ride” track across Chobham common however it was hard to find and rather sandy when another puncture delayed us further. By now the group had split, some taking the Nehill road and tow path to Walton Bridge. The rest went through Ottershaw and back roads To Chertsey Bridge and via Shepperton to meet up for tea in The Walled Garden, without Paul whose chain kept coming off, and Terry who had a puncture.
What a beautiful warm summer’s day with all the fresh new green foliage and scents in abundance.
Cheers Robin.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Simon Lambourn

Thankyou to Simon for kindly providing tea for everybody at Weybridge

A Group, 20 April

Weybridge - Fifield - Sunbury

Cometh the hour cometh the man
Group after lunch outside the Fifield
Welcome to Ged (and his Ultra Galaxy)
At lunch - obviously!Some As (the headstrong bunch) and Bs mingle at the Walled Garden
Why does Pete always get all the attention?

A Group April 20th

We lifted our eyes to the hills(well,one of them)whence cometh our aid,but this time it cameth not,so we stood around waiting for one of our band to blink first.After half an hour a leader who thought he had retired took up the reins and led the group over Woburn Hill, Hatch Hill,Green Lane,Lyne,Virginia Water,Gorse Hill,Hollow Lane,Englefield Green,Bishopsgate,The Copper Horse,Forest Gate,the Peanut Roundabout,Cranbourne,Winkfield Plain,Drift Road,New lodge,Fifield for lunch by 1251,which should have been 1222.This pub can be relied on to cope with an unannounced mob turning up,and we were well served as usual. We left at 1400 for Monkey Island and the footbridge to the Thames Pathway,which we followed to Eton.Over Eton Bridge to Windsor with all its tourist horrors but mercifully soon escaped through Datchet,Old Windsor,Runnymede,Egham to Staines,which the leader thought suitable for a tea stop,but not the rest of the anarchists,so we continued along the riverside to Chertsey Bridge and Shepperton where the more orderly faction did have tea,waving goodbye to the small group who were last seen pounding on to points east.A beautiful day which would have been better spent boating on the river with a few girls,a wind-up gramophone and a food hamper,but there you go

A Group 20th April

A tour de force by Vic today, who stepped into the breach left by a missing leader and gave us an interesting impromptu ride to Fifield, where the pub also rose to the occasion, and on to tea at the Walled Garden, Sunbury. (Well, some of us, anyway ..)

38.8 miles at a brisk rolling average of 12.7 mph, with some particularly rapid passages, notably the runs in to lunch and again in to tea. Maximum speed 34 mph and an average power of 71 watts.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easyriders in the Thames

Easyriders in the Thames
Here are the Easyriders on their fun day out on 13 April 2011 being ferried across the river Thames from Molesey to Hampton. David Salmon

Easy Riders April 13th

David S. had arranged a fun day out for C group on Wednesday. We came out of Molesley day centre, turned left, and a couple of back roads to get to the river. There we waited a few minutes for the ferryman to come over and take us and bikes to the other side at Hampton. When I saw the small size of the ferry, (like a row boat), I was a bit apprehensive. So, I decided to take the second trip! David's daughter, wife Wendy , Fuzz and Mark were the brave ones to try it out. Their bikes were put slanted at the back (no fastening) and they took their seats. As they set off, a large ferry came by; us others on land were waiting for the ripples; but to our surprise the small ferry was very stable. We were all safely on the other side with 3 trips. It was fun and the first time for many of us. Ron took some photos - to see at a later date.

We then took a side turning into Bushy Park. We came out at Teddington and took the road opposite and made our way to Richmond Park. It was getting towards lunchtime now, so decided to stop at The Ram in Kingston for lunch. It was quite full, being 1pm, but we managed to get enough chairs around a table and for some, enjoyed their delicious fish and chips. We saw Dawn D.and her girls also enjoying lunch there. Our afternoon stop was at Yummy Mummies in Stonleigh. Although it was a cloudy day, I think we all got home before it rained.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Youth Hostel Trip

Blackboys and Truleigh hill Youth Hostel trip
Pictures from Pam

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hostel trip April 13-15

After the Shoreham Centurions had left Henfold, Pete led the hostellers to lunch at Tulleys Farm via Parkgate, Charlwood, Horley and Copthorne in cool, cloudy but dry conditions i.e. good cycling weather. Easter hols meant lots of people at the farm, mostly children, but we were served quite quickly. Our route then was via Turners Hill to West Hoathly (where llamas of various hues serenely watched cyclists in clothes of different hues pass by), also where we paused to admire the chainsaw-carvings below. Shortly after when stopped at a road junction we turned in time to see the smoke and carriages (but not the engine) of a train on the Bluebell line. Heading southish via Horsted Keynes and Fletching we reached Uckfield in good time for tea and cakes at a coffee shop recommended by the local cycle shop. When leaving Ian discovered he had a softish rear tyre but reached Blackboys Youth Hostel with a few top-ups, saving the tube change until later. We were the only hostellers there and Allan the warden had thoughtfully spread us out in all the dorms so nobody had a top bunk. Self-catering only here, so we rode the mile or so to the pub sans panniers, returning in the dark, but our lights picked out the local hedgehog which we carefully avoided, not wishing to sustain multiple punctures.

Brian led on Thursday, retracing our route to Framfield then heading south west on minor roads to Lewes including a stretch alongside roadworks (construction of a cycle track). 11s were taken at the foot of Lewes High Street, then up the hill and north on the A275 before shortly turning west onto the quiet B2116. We now had the South Downs on our left whilst the road undulated gently through Plumpton and Westmeiston to Ditchling. Here we took locals' advice and had lunch at The White Horse Inn. Ignoring the challenge of the Beacon Brian led us south west to Clayton, noting Jack and Jill windmills on the hilltop. A short stretch of the A273 which we left at Pyecombe led to peace and quiet through Poynings and Fulking where with plenty of time in hand we decided to miss Steyning and go directly to Shoreham. We noted (and enjoyed) the not-entirely-welcome little hills the Centurions encountered and soon were enjoying tea and cakes at the Airport. Suitably refreshed we crossed the old toll bridge over the Adur and tackled the looooong drag up to Truleigh Hill Hostel - not so bad given the conditions (the same as Wednesday). We arrived just after opening time, which gave Ian plenty of time to replace his broken rear brake cable before dinner. The hostel was virtually full with two busloads of Irish students who were fairly noisy during the evening but I'm told they were very noisy later on !

I suggested returning via part of the Downs Link but we settled for Pete's alternative flattish route on quiet country lanes. Whichever route had been chosen we were immediately faced with a steepish descent to Upper Beeding using a track which fortunately was dry - we rode/walked/slithered down without mishap. Heading north we passed through the pleasant small town of Steyning, then via Ashurst, Dial Post and Dragon's Green to have well-timed 11s at Sumner Camp Site/lake/angling centre at Barns Green. Particularly noticeable along this stretch were carpets of dark blue bluebells, primroses and hosts of golden...dandelions. We continued through Itchingfield then a short, busy stretch of A264 to Broadbridge Heath where things became much more peaceful en route to The Six Bells at Newdigate via Warnham and Rusper. Most of us then headed for Dorking, having a practice run for the fwc at Root Hill, finally going our separate ways at Leatherhead.

A very pleasant break thanks to good company, well chosen routes and cooperation by the Clerk of the Weather (although a few sunbeams would have been nice).


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B Group April 13th

There was a good turnout of B Group riders at Molesey and with a couple from A Group to make up numbers, twenty of us set off for the lunch stop at The New Inn, Cartbridge. Heading down to the river, the first stretch was along the towpath to Weybridge where we turned inland to Addlestone and followed the New Haw road to the New Haw Lock on the Wey Navigation. Joining the towpath, we followed the Wey, then transferred to the Basingstoke Canal before coming off at the first bridge and headed into West Byfleet. While waiting at the lights to cross on to the Pyrford Road, we found ourselves facing Dave's jeweller's shop which he had pointed out to us from a sideways angle last week. No time to stop on this trip, Dave, but we certainly know where it is for future reference! To add something new to the ride, we turned at Floyd's Lane and joined the bridleway, Sandy Lane, which cut across country to Pyrford Village. From here it was easy cycling to Newark, along Papercourt Lane to Send and a short downhill run to The New Inn. Seats had been reserved for us inside and given the chilly wind and only spasmodic sunshine, it turned out to be a sensible move. With twenty hungry cyclists to feed, they did an amazing job in bringing out the food very speedily.

With the morning's route being relatively flat, a few hills were thrown in for the return route to the tea stop at Shoots Garden Centre in Stoke D'Abernon, the first being up Potters Lane which brought us to the slip road from the A3 leading into Ripley. At the roundabout at the top, we crossed to the other side of the A3 and took the road leading to the HM Prison, Send with lovely views southwards over the countryside. Hungry Hill, Guileshill, Ockham - the well-known route back to Cobham, only at Pointers Green we cut across to Downside Cobham and the off-road track to Stoke D'Abernon. Arriving reasonably early, 3.00p.m., it was a group of fifteen who took tea sitting outside at Shoots. Dark clouds were massing as we set off homewards in all different directions. I had a few spots of rain. Hopefully everyone else was just as lucky. Thanks, Liz, for being back-marker. Gill Finlay

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Group, 13 April

We didn't really need a breather
Refuelled and ready for the return
Just for the record - the Royal Navy at Anchor in Shoreham Harbour

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Shoreham Century

Quieter than usual at Cheam, and only Simon was there as I arrived. Elevenses for the Bs was at Molesey and didn't need a nine o'clock start, and the Hostellers were meeting at Henfold, so the eight of us who were there at 0900 were all on their way to Shoreham.

Through Ewell and over the Downs to Walton at a good pace - which we maintained all day - then fast down Pebble Hill and on through Brockham towards Henfold. We saw Ian on Red Lane, taking a phone call, and soon after were reminded of the advantages of the bicycle as we were easily able to pass a large container lorry stopped short at the railway bridge on Henfold Lane. Neil was already waiting for us at Henfold, and a steady stream of Hostellers and Century riders arrived over the next few minutes.

Fourteen of us set off at 1045, immediately supplemented by Luc, who had missed his way and added on a couple of miles via Newdigate. So we were fifteen and rolling South.

Familiar roads at first through Rusper and Faygate, swiftly up Tower Hill to Colegate and a steady roll at more than 20 mph down Grouse Road to the Hammer Ponds. Here we had our second bit of excitement, also solved by the bicycle. The road was closed with fairly extensive road-works going on, but we took the view that closed roads didn't apply to cyclists, a view happily shared by the road-menders. They cheerfully folded up bits of machinery to let us pass, and shouted encouragement as we went up the short steep hill past the ponds. Many of us were caught out by being in the wrong gear, which added to the fun.

Crossing into Hamshire Hill the first hour was up, with just over thirteen miles from Henfold, so we were well on the pace. Down through Warninglid, with a couple of dropped chains on the fast and rough descent down Sprockett's Lane, then a short stop for Neil to pump up his rear tyre. He had a slow puncture and was hoping to make it last to lunch.

Blackstone Lane, newly resurfaced with sharp, stony top-dressing put paid to that plan, so Neil dropped out to fix his puncture and would meet us at the pub.

We cracked on, picking up the tarmac-ed part of the Downs Link and were initially pleased to find that it has been extended, then a bit dismayed to find that it wasn't finished, and that a couple of hundred yards of marble-sized gravel wasn't optional. But we've all watched the Paris-Roubaix on the telly, so, hands on the tops, relaxed stance, stay on the crown and plenty of power and before you could say Cancellara we were in the Bridge Inn.

Peter was waiting for us - indeed, he had been waiting for quite a while. He had started at about eight o'clock from Guildford riding the Downs Link on his mountain bike, en route for relatives in Seaford, and had arrived at Shoreham at about 1230. We were nearer 1330 than the planned 1315. Peter joined us for lunch, and a few minutes later Neil rolled in, all fixed. He was on his way to Brighton, so a half-century for him so far, and fourteen of us set off along the sea front before turning North past the airport and up a couple of not-entirely-welcome little hills on the way to Steyning.

By Partridge Green we had reached a bit of a post-lunch trough, but with a short break for drinks and snacks we refreshed ourselves for the push to tea. Here we had our second puncture - Luc was the unlucky one this time - and he, like Neil, said that he would sort himself out and meet us in Horsham. This didn't work out so well, as poor old Luc got lost in Horsham and made his own way home to Epsom, arriving about 1930, which is a pretty good show.

Thirteen of us arrived at the Steam Packet Cafe in Horsham, immediately reduced to a dozen by Jeff's departure. He needed to get home - the rest of us took on substantial quantities of tea and cake, setting off again in a couple of drops of rain that came to nothing.

Once on the Rusper Road things were more familiar, and everyone knows that familiar miles are easy miles, so we got on with it and arrived at Wetherspoons in Leatherhead at about half past six. Some carried on to get their hundred, some had a drink first, and some called it a day. But, at 90.19 miles from Cheam, and a rolling average speed of 13.6 mph, everyone had good reason to feel pleased. 4,545 feet of ascent, 4,040 calories and an average power output of 98 watts - a very strong performance. The highest speed was 40.2 mph on Pebble Hill, though, to be fair, not everyone was daft enough to do it.

Shoreham Century - done.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Charity Vote - John Meudell resigns from CTC National Council

Dear All,

In the light of the voting papers that you will have just received, you may be interested to read the following letter of resignation from John Meudell, who represents members in SE England on the CTC National Council. I share his concerns.

Your District Committee opposes the proposed conversion of the CTC into a full charity. You can still oppose the conversion by voting against Motion 1 on the voting form. Do not forget to put your signature in box 2a (beneath your membership number) and put a X in the appropriate box for Motion 1 in section 3, headed Charity Vote - Direct your proxy how to vote. The other blank columns are for family members, who may wish to vote differently from you.

Don't forget to vote on Motions 2 - 9 on the back of the page - and don't throw it away!

Please contact me if you would like to discuss.

Comment to follow.


Friday, April 08, 2011

Easy riders April 6th

From Cobham i led sandy,sonia,bill,david,malcom,lynda, we went towards Plough lane, through Ockham then Hungry Hill,then towards Send.
Then onto the back lane's through Papercourt road,to the Halfmoon at Ripley, where we had a nice lunch. then after lunch we made our way back toward's the A3. then back to Cobham.
From there we went through Fairmile & Blackhills, Arbrook Common,Claygate to Chessington Kings Centre, where we met ron for tea then we all made our way home.

Roger M.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sou'Wester Printing

A reminder of printing Sou'Wester tshirts. I have booked them in for next Friday 15th April. Anyone else who would like their own tshirts printed, please get them to me before next week. This is a once a year opportunity, so don't miss out.
From Lynda.

B Group 6th april

Time to write one or two words re to-day...having eaten and showered etc.etc. It was so warm when I got home that I sat in the garden, in the sun, for about an hour! Terrific!! Maybe we should congratulate the 'weathermen', they were spot on with to-days forecast! It was already 14c in my garden at 8 o'clock this morning - great - shorts and top weather! Robin had phoned me yesterday to say that he had a severe cold and asked me to lead his ride. I have only lead one ride from Cobham, so it had to be the one - to the Plough at Horsell. Fortunately their garden was plenty big enough to accommodate our group of 25, plus Ron and Doreen. The food is very good, particularly their homemade pies! Also, they have a very good selection of ale!! There was no rush to get under way for the planned tea stop was Ockham Bites, where ice cream, tea and cakes was enjoyed in the sun! Two of our number had to get home early so took the train from Woking, but most of the group stayed for tea. Gill, Irene and I took a longer route than normal to get home...just had to make up the mileage!! I did 51 miles in all, so Irene would have done about the same, at which point, I must thank Irene and Graham for being to-days back markers. Thanks to all for joining me - yet another enjoyable day in good company...Pam :) :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Group, 6 April

Cobham - Alfold - West Horsley
A sign of the times

A Group April 6th

A beautiful spring day and about 20 of us left Cobham towards East Horsley for a day on quiet lanes. There was a suggestion at EH that someone had punctured and been dropped early on but the bush telegraph failed. From there up Green Dene, down Combe Bottom and on over Albury Common from whence the descent was checked by the level crossing where we waited for 2 trains. At Farley Green we took the left fork and Shophouse Lane to Winterfold, then through the edge of Cranleigh where Jeff waited to guide another puncture victim to lunch. From there it’s a flat run along Alfold Lane to the A281 and on to the Crown at Alfold. It’s up for sale and its days as a pub may be numbered but the reception was friendly, the garden was sunny and after some delay we were all acceptably fed. From the pub we turned right along Rosemary Lane and across a short stretch of forest track ( from which Frank deviated into the wood, avoiding a gate and demonstrating his ATB skills on a fixie). This took us past the Old Lock House of the Wey and Arun canal to join Knightons Lane into Dunsfold. A left turn into Hookhouse Lane led to Loxhill , up to Hascombe and then the ever pleasurable run down Thorncombe Street to Bramley followed by the Downs Link to Shalford. Then the main roads took over through Guildford to Squires at West Horsley. A very enjoyable 40 miles to tea so all should be fit for Shoreham next week.

Brian Greenwood

A Group 6th April

Suddenly it's Summer, and Brian led us on a sparkling ride from elevenses at Cobham to tea at West Horsley, lunch being taken al fresco at Alfold. As a change, our leader promised fewer hills this week, but we still managed 2,675 feet of climbing.

40.19 miles at a rolling average of 12.3 mph, 87 watts and 1,800 calories. A good day out.


Monday, April 04, 2011

Shoreham Century - Trip Notes

The daffodils are out, and the Wayfarers' Spring Classics are coming thick and fast. It is just over a week to the Shoreham Century, to be held on Wednesday 13th April this year. Unusually for a Century, it isn't actually a hundred miles, and the Wayfarers are less picky than some as to how far you choose to ride. Those who wish can easily manage a 100 miles door to door; some go further, and some are happy enough to ride only part of the course and to give themselves a leg-up with a little light train or car assistance. That's all fine in the Shoreham Century. The aim is to have a good day out in good company; the challenge is a personal one and you set it at your own level.

Here are the details:

0900 sharp leave North Cheam;

1045 sharp leave Henfold Lakes;

1315 Bridge Inn, Shoreham for Lunch;

1415 leave Shoreham;

1545 Tea at Horsham;

1815 Supper (for those who want it); Wetherspoons Leatherhead.

Cheam to Leatherhead by this route is about 90 miles. To shorten the ride you can take a train to Dorking or drive to Henfold, or you can ride out from Cheam but take a train from any station on the Horsham line to whisk you home if you like. The point is to enjoy the ride, and to do so you'll need to be able to cover twelve miles in the hour for two or three hours without a break. The route isn't hard, and all major hills are avoided, but it's still a long day at a good touring pace. A bit of food and some drink are a good idea.

On the way out we'll keep the group together, but on the way back people should feel free to set their own pace if they wish and to ride in smaller groups as suits. Maps are above - click for a larger version, and I'll happily provide gps files for those who want them.

See you at the seaside!


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Molly Johnstone

Molly Johnston died recently from cancer.
For more information ring Darren at 07780331496.
We remember her as a strong cyclist and good friend
We were also informed that her funeral is on the 7th April at the N.E Surrey crematorium at 1.00pm
Pat & Bill