Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Group July 29th

For the ride from Dorking, 14 riders gathered. All present if not correct were Vic, Jeff, Dave, Will, Toni, Pete, Ray, Mike, John S, John B, Bob, Dave J, Ian and Rob. Numbers may have been limited by the dismal weather forecast, but in the event the score was Sou’westers 1 Weathermen 0, as not a drop of rain fell.
Our route was strictly due South into a steady headwind through Blackbrook and on to Newdigate, and then into West Sussex and Rusper. After that we took the direct route into Faygate past the railway station, and having crossed the busy A264, climbed up the drag of Tower Road to our lunch destination at the Dragon in Colgate.
Our way home took us through Lambs Green and then Burnt House Lane to Langhurst, which led on to Partridge Lane, where we met up again with Ian who had taken a different way back. After passing through Brockham we ran (not literally) into the back of the Easy Riders who were returning from Leigh. Crossing the golf
course Vic picked up our only puncture of the day while the rest of us rolled into Denbies for tea.
Another splendid day out, enlivened at our meal stops by such diverse conversational topics as the perceived deficiencies of BT, musical notation, the geology of South Cornwall and the poems of John Betjeman.
I looked on with some satisfaction as the rain started just after I had parked my bike in the garage.

Easy Riders July 29th

Nine of us met at the Leatherhead day centre,numbers lower than usual probably due to holidays etc.We set off south via the paths around the Leatherhead leisure centre,where there seems to be a lot of building work taking place to the track leading to the cycle track alongside the A24.We diverted through Norbury Park Farm for the country smells then back onto the cycle track to Pixham Lane. We heade for Brockham via the
bridleway over Betchworth Park golf course ,and then onto Leigh via Wheelers Lane and TapnersLane for lunch at the Plough . The weather was too blustery for eating outside so went into the public bar well suited for cyclists. It had been my intention to return to Ashtead Garden cenre for tea, however Ron Weeden hove up who was assisting with his grandchildren and kindly invited us for tea at his sons farmhouse. Six of us took up this offer after tea we headed north with riders dropping off at various points.A whoosh of wind was heard on the golf bridleway as the A group steamed by.
No rain all day


Ken Preece

Latest from Ann Preece is that Ken has now had 3 operations and today goes to Royal Marsden and Friday back to see his Surgeon in Guys Hospital. He does welcome vistors for say an hour in the afternoon but please call before to make arrangements. We all send our very best wishes to Ken and Ann from the Wayfarers and his wider CTC friends.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rod's ride at Colgate 29th July

Wed 29 Aug "A" Group

Leader Rob and his crew awaiting fuel at the "Dragon" Colgate.

Ian looking pensive along with Vic looking very much alive and well after his latest comfrontaion with a car along with David and John in great expectation of the Ham, eggs and chips etc.

Afternoon Tea @ Denbighs, large slices of cake and two honourable members talking and listening!?
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

YHA Eastbourne and Hastings

Earth Roof of new YHA

Seating in front

Main entrance


We were made most welcome by temporary warden Dianna from Australia who is spending some time over in UK, she is normally based at Alfriston. The hostel was very modern, opened in May 2009 with excellent firm bunks to sleep in. On first night we were split 2 (with 5 others) and 4 in a dorm which was quite acceptable with its own en-suite bathroom. On the second night we had to move all together into a 6 bed dorm which was rather hot. The kitchen was unbearably hot with small windows in order to save energy. The kitchen was well equipped and clean and the dining room/lounge was comfortable with flat screen wall mounted TV and settees to lounge on. Each bunk was equipped with own light and socket to plug in personal stereo charger etc. On the second night warden Martin who was very young was also very helpful and friendly. Definitely well worth a visit with bus stop outside into Eastbourne.
Bob Starey did suggest Alfriston has much more atmosphere and of course good pub in village. Maybe for next time! any takers?

The best day by far was the Thursday, we did the coast ride Sustrans route 21 all the way to Hasting, some 24 miles where I introduced everyone to the Fish man with the huge frying pan, very famous even in France. For £2 you get a very large brown or white bap with a fillet of whiting and fillet of sole, fresh caught that morning and cooked in top quality Italian olive oil. It was delicious and very filling. This was then followed by beer at the only pub in Hastings making its own beer. Bob had sussed this out from the Real Ale guide at the LIFO (Last in first Out - Pub) run by a man from Newcastle who was very friendly and after 5 pints cautioned us to drink no more and get on our way quietly and safely and thus we did retracing our revolutions along route 21. No self catering that night, Ray, Ed, Eddy & Toni dived strait into Weatherspoons in Eastbourne en-route back, Bob and I returned for a shower put on our glad rags and hit the town for the night catching the last bus back to find all were fast asleep in the 6 bed dorm.

The route home on Friday was much more pleasant via the Cookoo trail. Bob was in a hurry and went his separate way by road arriving in Sutton at 3pm having stopped at Redhiil W'Spoon for lunch. The rest dropped me for dead and went to a cafe in ??? and I carried along the Cookoo trail hoping to catch them and then stopped at Hayfield for coffee and as it started to rain and being on my own I caught the train at Becton?? and was back home by 1pm. The rest did remarkably well getting home around 4pm having stopped in East Grinstead for lunch approx 140mls for me and almost 200mls for the rest.

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Visit to new Eastbourne YHA and Pasta en-route

After elevenses at Tesco Hookwood Ed lead us to West Hoathley for our annual meet with East Sussex CTC and the indomitable Esther Carpenter (who remmembered my son Tim winning the National GHS trophy at his 3rd attempt having come 2nd in previous 2 years). Picture above shows us resting at top of Turners Hill. Note the green plastic bag of Pasta in a swinging position on Ray's pannier. In fairness to Ray Bob Starey was to carry much of the food for dinner as planned but he went his separate way!!

After lunch 6 of us set off to Eastbourne, Ray, Ed, Eddy, Toni de and me. As we decended down a steep hill and onto a main road the Pasta bag swung into Ray's back wheel causing him to skid violently and buckle his mudguard and in the ensuing swerve he could have been hit by a car from behind. Thank goodness Ray was not harmed but somewhat shaken up. The above picture shows the Pena Pasta spread around the pavement as we tried to clear the road.

Above is the crushed Pasta in the road which was now uneatable! The rest of the dinner, Chorizo Sausage, Dolomino sausage, garlick, ginger and other delights were all secure inside peoples panniers ans survived the journey to Eastbourne. It was a long hard ride into the wind with some rain, mainly down the arterial high speed A22 dual carriageway, all in all some 80mls for some. In my case 66mls was enough, I was shattered being the first time with pannier since breaking my hip. Ed enjoyed the fast motorway like road as if he was driving his Ferrari at high speed. My disappointment was absolutely no discipline at keeping together resulting in us all entering Eastbourne in different ways with fast men Toni & Ray arriving some one hour after Ed & I who did not get lost in Eastbourne as I new the way to the YHA.

Second part to follow (picture limitation!)
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B Group July 22nd

A large group of 18 set out from Addlestone Day Centre for the B Group ride to Cobham for lunch. Those in the group were Christine, Liz, Louisa, Gill's C. & F., John G., Nev, Mick, visitor Bob, Phil, Mike M., Adam, Mark, Bernard, Norman, Cliff, David and Eddy. Taking the Liberty Rise route to Row Town we avoided the worst of the Addlestone traffic and were soon well on our way through Woodham, New Haw, West Byfleet to Wisley. Here we crossed the airstrip, now neatly fenced off into numerous sections presumably to prevent any speedsters testing their skills. After a group photo shoot, we cut straight across to Bridge End Farm and Hatch Lane which brought us out at Ockham. It was now a straightforward ride up to West Horsley, along Drift Road and down to The Cricketers at Downside, with the help of a tail wind. Although a bit on the pricey side, we enjoyed the rural setting sitting outside and were served fairly speedily, with the sandwich group sitting on a large log the other side of the pub's boundary of shrubs.

The route for the afternoon's ride to Hampton Court contained a fair bit of off-road and several people opted to make their own way from here. Down to 14 now, we cut across to Stoke D'Abernon on the dirt track, temporarily stopping to offer helpful(?) advice to a family group agonising over a child's broken bicycle. Taking a route to Fairmile and the edge of Oxshott along Water Lane with all its huge houses, we climbed up Knipp Hill and came out on to Sandy Lane where we took to the marked cycle track across Esher Common to Arbrook Common and out into Claygate. Here we lost a few more and 8 of us headed straight down over Littleworth Common to the Portsmouth Road. Despite recent rain the tracks were in pretty good condition. Heading due north past Esher Station to Molsey to Lynda's favourite cafe for tea, we relaxed in the little garden before setting off for home.
(Gill Finlay)

A Group July 22nd

Our grateful appreciation to blood-sub Irene (and her little helper) for leading us on a most enjoyable ride to Pirbright, in place of our indisposed Vic.
The Cricketers (another one) at Pirbright

A Goup July 22nd

Vic was present at Addlestone but an accident victim of the previous Saturday so baton of leadership was tossed to Irene. The late arriving Cheam Brigade meant a hasty recast of the route; out went the Ridges, in come Chobham (3 times!). The evening's 10 meant deprived us of several so 15 was the number.
After the Ottershaw we reminded the leader that Foxhills was
next and suitably chastened she guided us beside Gracious Pond and over the Burrowhill crossroads. South down Halebourne Lane and east along A319 led back towards Chobham. Then Pennypot Lane was sampled for a photo shoot at the Lovelands Lane ford. Another left towards Chobham was balanced by a right before The Castle which saw us scuttling away to Warbury Lane where John B punctured but graciously waved us on.
Bangs and flashes signalled
competition time at Bisley and soon we were at the refurbished (um!?) but reasonably priced Cricketers in Pirbright. Instructed by his mobile phone, JB rejoined somewhat later.The route back was simplicity itself: between the cemeteries to Brookwood, along the Basingstoke to West Byfleet, through Woodham and Row Town and along Liberty Lane for an ice cream at Gelateria Danieli in Wyevales Addlestone. Less than 30 miles betwixt 11s and tea on a warm sunny but sometimes overcast day which never more than threatened.

Graham Hill

Easy Riders July 22nd

Good to see Albert with a lightweight racing tricycle, looking very nifty as he set off on a practise run with Dennis and Bill. We departed Addlestone southwards, cutting through Liberty Rise to cross the M25, through Rowtown, crossing the Basingstoke Canal on Scotland Bridge Road, down Pyrford Road, then a crafty left through Warren Farm Mobile Home Park, turning right down an alley just before the locked gates, through some woodland to Walsham Lock. Here we were videoed for posterity by Ron before continuing south-easterly entering Ripley by the cricket green and a few yards from lunch at the Half Moon. Landlord very accomodating and opened back gates to allow bikes to be parked securely (after we had mistakenly parked them all within a very pretty white picket fence which he informed us was a neighbours front garden!). Good lunch, pity this pub has no garden as they were very friendly and provided food at good prices. We then returned to the Cricket Green and headed north east to join Mill Lane and through Ockham Mill to rejoin the Wey Navigation. A right turn at Pyrford Lock and then left opposite Wisley Church to go under the M25 and join Sanway road, Church Road, back down into Weybridge by main roads, small detour down alleyways across Churchfields Rec and onto tow path. Tea at Walton Bridge. Thanks to Ron, Fuzz, Linda, Beryle, Roger, Chris, Liza and Jono for a really enjoyable day.
From Stephanie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"B" Squadron back after Sortie for lunch

Louisa and Group Captain Bernard having lunch with the crew to boost moral, savoured by a beautiful grab salad and avocado not shown in picture but looked delicious. Louisa by the way has expressed some concern about the 60mls per day in Sicily. I have reassured her it will not be that on a daily basis and said that as Tour leader Ian will not leave her behind.
Some of the crew relaxing after the "Sortie" over lunch.
Finally Squadron Leader Gill, with back-up crew Gillian, what a perfectly well balanced rider she is! I wonder if she fly's as well?

Gill, in closing may I say, that was a very well lead ride and thanks for waiting on the obstacle bits. The afternoon ride through the forest was fantastic and I hope Christine will not mind me saying pretty close to the fantastic off-road riding in France!
No doubt Pete will publish your write-up of the ride and I hope the pictures help to augment the story of what was a fantastic day!
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"B" Squadron on Airfield

Gill led a fantastic ride from Addlestone. Above is the crew at muster before the Spitfires take off.

Two Spitfires roaring off in front. Squadron Leader Gill pursued by French pilot Christine about to take off to engage!

An example of the very adequate sandwich lunch provided for the crew and ground staff!

The Alfresco Crew making the most of the sunshine and confusing the enemy as they work it all out in "Logs"
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July 22 Addlestone

Several enquiries have been made about the online 11s for July 22nd it is definately Addlestone Day Centre and not Greeno Centre at Shepperton


Sunday, July 19, 2009

B Group August 19th

Please could you post this where people in the B group are most likely to see it.

I've swapped with Terry so I'm leading the B group on Wednesday 19 August. I propose to provide lunch at my house with the option of a swim, even if the weather is grotty I'll make sure the water is warm. If you'd like to bring your swimming costume but I've got plenty of towels. It's 13 miles from Caterham and 12 miles back to North Cheam



Friday, July 17, 2009

Easy Riders July 15th

Albert wasn't out yesterday; so here is our report.

A large group left from Hersham with Fuzz leading. Our usual 'C' group: Beryl, Bill, Roger, Ron, John, Dave, Liza, Jonathan and myself. (Had a phone call from Harold but didn't see him at lunch). Also, some from the usual 'B' group who wanted a shorter ride, Liz, Mick and some others.
Fuzz told me his day started well as he was given a kiss by a lady on the train he was on to Hersham. What a charmer! From Hersham, we were soon off road following a track by the River Ember. This was quite tricky in places, so Fuzz called out to be 'careful'. Not long after this; he fell off his bike and cut his leg. But, without much further a do; a plaster did the trick. A couple of wrong turns and a locked gate, we eventually came out to Molesey. Here we went along the tow path and through a gate to Home Park and made our way to The White Hart at Hampton Wick. After a very tasty and very large baked potato with trimmings, we made our way through Richmond Park to Petersham on the more recent track. We stopped at the cafe under the bridge. As the main building was being refurbished, we sat outside with a nice view of the river. Once again, Fuzz started chatting to a lady with her Dad. After passing over some paperwork she said she hopes to join us some time.
A very nice ride with a new route for me. Going back was a different matter. As, Mick, who lives closest to Cheam, decided to go back via Test Hill. I made my way to Cannons for a relaxing jaquassi and sauna. I recorded 38mls.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

B group 15.7.09.

After several people had taken advantage of Tesco's offer of breakfast for £2.99, Ed led us from Hookwood to The Cat at West Hoathly. John S and some of the Sussex folk were already in residence, a little difficult to spot since they were in mufti having travelled BY CAR. Soon more of them arrived by bike and a happy, social (if somewhat pricey) lunch break followed. (We probably out-numbered them). After lunch we split into three groups, B group under Norman's leadership, ignoring the attraction of Cob Lane for the unknown quantity of a bridleway. 'It's only about a half mile long, it should be OK' said Stephanie after studying the OS. It started with an almost vertical descent down which we rode/walked/slithered, squelched and muttered politely. Some time later we rejoined the road, about a mile from our lunch venue.We soon arrived at Turners Hill, from which we followed the conventional route (ie no more 'OK' bridleways) to Smallfield. Plan A was tea at Fanny's, superseded by Plan B, Redhill airfield, which, due to tempus fugit, was superseded by Plan A for Norman, Stephanie, Johns G and S, Brian G and Rob. Dave and I peeled off on the outskirts of Redhill and had 3s at a deserted Reigate Garden Centre, returning home via Betchworth and Brockham (preparations well in hand for this weekend's Victorian Fayre on the green, hopefully there will be some cake left for C & M on Sunday). I rode 66miles, Dave probably 20 more.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Group Ride 15th July

A ride of two halves - or three if you count the Eastbourne contingent, who went on from West Hoathly. There are two telemetry graphs - one for Cheam to West Hoathly (1 to 2 on the route) and one for West Hoathly to Fanny's (2 to 3 on the route).

Oddly, few Wayfarers were keen to take advantage of the proximity of Cob Lane to West Hoathly, leaving only John and me to enjoy this classic climb. The gradient is 19.9%, as the data show.

Totals for the day are 68.9 miles, moving average 10.75 mph, total altitude gain 3619 feet and 3275 calories.

B Group July 8th

8/7/09 B Ride

Thirteen of us, Terry, Bernard, Mark, Eddie, Dave Jarvis (Marco?) Cliff, Norman, Stephanie, Ian, John Gould, Charles, Adam and myself set off from Redhill, in somewhat soggy conditions (the depleted number of A group was noted). However, as we cycled through Merstham to
Bletchingly the weather improved. Untill, after passing through Outwood and Smallwood we reached Langshott and the Farmhouse where we enjoyed a pleasant lunch in the sun.
We continued through Norwood Hill, Leigh and Brockham, enjoying tea at Denbies before departing our separate ways home.

Liz Scrivens

Ding Day 2009

From Lynda

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jack Dowson's Funeral Arrangements

I spoke to Diane, Jack's wife, this morning: she told me to tell you that the funeral is arranged on the 20th July at 3.00 pm at Kingston crematorium, before that the service is at 2pm. at St.Mathews church, Kingsdown Road Surbiton. The church is off Ewell road - from the lights pass the cycle shop, Cyclopedia, and police station.

Mark Roy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jack Dowson

A popular rider with the Wayfarers for at least 20years Jack died in Kingston Hospital on thursday

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Jack Dowson

A photo of the lovely Jack Dowson who at this moment is losing his fight for life in Kingston Hospital
Barbara Johnston

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

B Group Ride 8th July

Here are today's route and telemetry. A well managed ride, adroitly avoiding the showers and taking best advantage of the sunshine in the garden of 'The Farmhouse', Langshott.

Measured elevenses to tea: 25.14 miles, moving average 11.02 mph, 857.3 ft of ascent and 1195 calories. Click on either image to enlarge.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cafe at Headley

Headley Village Store/cafe.
The tearoom reopened just over one month ago (Dkg. Advertiser 2.7.2009). The proprietor took over the store in October 2008. Her daughter helps with shop and tearoom. Open 10-4 every day.

Regards Deanna.

Response to Weybridge Incident on 24 June '09

Dear All

You will be aware of the unfortunate incident at the Weybridge Centre on 24 June, that I reported earlier. This has been considered by the CTC SW London DA Committee, which has suggested that a copy of the response letter sent to the Centre be published on our website and brought to the attention of all members. I am therefore attaching a copy of that letter below. I hope that it is fully legible. Please click on the two images to enlarge them.

For the reassurance of the hawk-eyed among you, the headed notepaper has been amended to reflect the latest approved wording.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Group 1 July '09

Ladies of Ascot, eat your hearts out!
John in the Enclosure at Ockham

Leader Pete B with some of his flock relaxing at Ockham Bites

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Group July 1st

An A Group 15 strong, led by Pete B, left Cobham, linking up with the B's along Plough Lane before forking off at the Hautboy. With early morning clouds clearing and temperatures rising, we headed south along Long Reach and through West Horsley. Cries of anguish were heard as members saw the climb of Shere Lane ahead but onward we pressed. At the top a message was received advising of Mike M's mechanical difficulties and so Ian, armed with directions of a shorter route to lunch, kindly headed back with a bag of tools, so enabling the rest to continue on the planned route. The Coombe Bottom downhill race was comprehensively won by Pam (was it a bird?, was it a plane?, no it was SuperPam!). Then through Albury and Chilworth to climb up onto Blackheath. After a brief stop to help four damsels in distress with directions as to regain their planned route, we dropped down to Wonersh and a short detour was enough to enable us to pick up the, now magnificently resurfaced, old railway track up towards Peasmarsh (it appears the railway companies want to reopen this line to Cranleigh) and then through the backroads of Farncombe for a well deserved lunch at the Godalming Wetherspoons, with Mike and Ian rejoining as we placed our orders. After lunch a couple of miles of mainroad led us back to where we had left the railway and on to the path following the Wey into Guildford. We enjoyed the shade of the trees as Pete M fixed a puncture followed by a brief wait in Guildford centre as he replaced the wheel the right way round (rumoured to be a cunning ploy by helping hands determined to dethrone Pete from the top of the mileage table this year). A quick climb of the cobbles and then a, new to most, route through Stoke Park and along the Wey through a Nature Reserve right next to the A3. Then it was the well trodden path next to the A3 through Ripley and on to Ockham Bites for a welcome cuppa and thence home.

Report on The Dieppe Raid

Dieppe Raid 2009 Intrigued by talk of Dieppe when Charles started riding with Sou'westers in 2007, he did not catch on to what it was all about for 2008. Circumstances changed, and he wondered whether it would be suitable for grandson Jack,15, in 2009. Asking around, it seemed that there was no reason why not; he had already been on some Wayfarers' and Beginners' rides.
So, for his Christmas 2008 present, he was told of the trip. Lynda Barrow & Carole Dockett were proposing to go a day earlier and leave a day later than the main CTC party. This meant Charles booking the ferry and the hotel. Sailing straight to Dieppe from Newhaven, booking with Transmarch was no more nerve-wracking than most email shopping. The web-site was out of date, which did not help. An email in halting French to the Hotel de la Plage was easier still, as Isabelle Luc had perfect English when Charles confirmed the credit card.
Jack and Charles were able to cycle through Sussex to the port by 9:30am, staying overnight with helpful relatives, whereas Lynda, Carole, Cliff and Maureen had to run the gauntlet of National Sustainable Rail's cycling policies.

They wondered if they were ever going to make it! All went well, until they went slightly wrong in following Norman Goody’s directions; then, a bus in front of them drove along the wrong side of the road and wrote off an almost-new BMW 4x4 parked at the side – the bang made them all jump. Another wrong turning, seeking directions, and then getting stopped for pavement cycling outside East Croydon Station – and guess what? They missed their train! Then, the Lewes connection was delayed... Frantic phone calls and texts - could Charles have a word with the ferry people?

Jack and Charles were amazed when the 4 suddenly appeared on deck beside us. Much to our surprise the alerted ferry had waited for them – how lucky was that! Their bikes were snatched from their hands by willing staff; seconds later the ramps went up.
So we all settled down to a relaxing voyage in comfy chairs, then going off to lunch in a pleasant cafeteria.
Arriving at Dieppe, we rode straight to the hotel, parking our steeds in the garage, secure at the rear. Tipped off by those in the know we had a room on the third floor overlooking the seafront, reached by a lift. After a lovely bath we all met up for a meal.
Friday we met up with Norman Goody, who was already in France, and gently explored some of the countryside, and superb food in a little village bistro.
Saturday morning saw many of us going to the Dieppe Street Market, while others went cycling. At 5pm we met for the usual very friendly reception, to be welcomed by the Dieppe organising team and Mayor's representatives, followed by eats and drinks.
Sunday 14th June, the day of the Raid, everyone awoke to the sound of rain... Our group of about 17 saw a French first puncture only five minutes from registration; then, on to the first hill, and the sun began to shine. Before 11’s there was a broken spoke, and, a little later, a chain came off; not too bad at all.
The morning was very pleasant cycling, through beautiful French countryside and quaint villages; Raid triathlon runners waved and shouted “Allez, allez, allez!”; “Go, go, go!” we replied.
The promised route marking could have been better, and Terry with the bar-bag map-case made much smoother progress as our leader than did Norman, without. Much needed lunch was at a different, better, venue to past years.
After bread, cake and fruit, we set off for what we thought was the second half. But, no, it was longer, the 100km (60 miles) turned out to be nearly 130km (77 miles), a few sore bots and aching backs at the end, but all very good fun. As we had had more miles than expected to cover in the afternoon, we missed our coffee, but the sensible majority of our group held out for an eventual quick ice cream stop before the final long, long, hill climb.
It was a fantastic week-end as usual with 27 Sou’westers registering and bringing home a team cup – well done, all you Sou’westers. Also, Maureen Gallichan won the top raffle prize, a nice new mountain bike – congratulations Maureen.
They all thoroughly enjoyed Jack's company, who was great to be with and cycled extremely well; he came off his bike during the Raid afternoon with quite a thump, during an uphill breakaway with young Pam, but just bounced straight back up, and got back on – well done, Jack!
Many thanks to the organisers for all the hard work they put in to making the Dieppe Raid the great event it is. We are looking forward to next year already. Charles Barraball and Carole Dockett

B Group July 1st

From Cobham, a dozen of us "B" riders cycled in 90 degree temperatures through Ripley and Woking to Chobham, which was only a mile or so short of our intended lunch stop, the "Red Lion" at Burrowhill. However, I must have thought we were insufficiently exhausted because in Chobham we took the Bagshot Road towards West End instead of the Windsor Road towards Burrowhill. On discovering our error, instead of retracing our steps we turned into Clappers Lane and into the very picturesque (and narrow) Watery Lane, an off-road path which led us over the River Bourne and, after a few hundred yards, into .... a field. We had missed the gate into Ford Road. We soon found Ford Road, turned right into Windlesham Road and crossed Windsor Road into Red Lion Road and lunch at about 1 p.m. The special weekday credit crunch menu was outstanding value- I had an excellent rump steak with chips and peas for £4.

After lunch, we went via Virginia Water, Chertsey Bridge and Shepperton to tea at the Walled Garden in Sunbury.

John Gould

Message from Harold Fifield

Lynda, can you insert this into your wednesday feature ,
Traveled by first class train to glasgow to my ofspring and her husband to enjoy the next 3 weeks and borrow her triathlon bike this machine is even faster than my new one! enclose photo of unknown chap passing by on end to end . Take a look at his load ! when he departed he had become well known with stories of his travel. by the way--camping !
will try to keep in touch Harold

Easy Riders July 1st

C Group – Easy Riders run 1st July

Nine of us left the RBL elevenses stop together, (Denis and Fuzz electing to make their separate ways to lunch) We headed towards West Horsley via Plough Lane, passing the Black Swan, through Hatchford then along Guileshill Lane. We turned left into Rose Lane/Ripley Lane and on to West Horsley and lunch at the “King William IV”. Diana left us at West Horsley to eat her sandwiches in the churchyard, and Tony left to keep an appointment. Denis and Fuzz joined us for a pleasant lunch in a shaded part of the the garden. After lunch Denis left us and we headed through West Horsley towards Effingham Junction via The Drift. Bill left us here to make his way to Cobham. At Effingham Junction railway station the remaining six of us went offroad across Banks Common to come out at the tunnel car-park Bookham. From there we took to the leafy avenues of Fetcham then across by the Leatherhead mill pond to arrive in time for tea at the Leatherhead Swan Centre Day Centre. After a welcome break we all made our separate ways home. A round trip of about 16 miles from the elevenses start, quite far enough on a scorching hot day

Mike Withers