Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pam at home

Hi Mike, thanks for all 'get well' etc.messages. Tony did ring me yesterday but didn't talk for long as I had visitors all day. Not complaining cos I was given my dinner and have another meal left here for to-day, lucky me Huh!!

Please would you pass on my thanks to all the guys and gals who have sent me their best wishes including Lisa who took time out on her holiday to wish me well! I guess every body knows now that I have a fractured pelvis, but apart from the head injury, little else! I am not in pain, much to the surprise of the hospital staff for I was told that this particular fracture is a painful one. (The nurses tell me they are all going to take up cycling!!!) My thanks to the help I was given on the day, regrets for punctuating Pete Barnard's run with the incident, and I was so enjoying the ride!

My biggest frustration is that I have no recollection of what or how I finished up lying in the road. It would be great to see any of you if you should be passing this way - I have quite a few mugs and a tea pot! Cheers Pam :) :)

Mike, I forgot to say thank you for the get well card I received from the 'A' group. It had the names of all the riders out last Wednesday. (I believe it was sent via Ed)! Please may you add this to previous message - ta ever so. Cheers Pam :) :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

C Group - 20th June 2007

Mark Roy reporting, I got to the day centre at Weybridge about 10:30 only three people were there, Our leader Ron did not show up till 10:50 The other sections came thick and fast only three more people from our group.When we left Albert, Dennis, Fuzz decided to go home only three of us left Ron, Roger, and Mark. Our leader took us through Byfleet and then through the woods heading towards downside at Cobham. We got the Pub Cricketer at about 1:00 had our lunch and finished at Claygate tea. Not much of a report.

I am attaching couple of old time club members see how many you can recognize.
(Pictures to follow - there's only so much one can do from an internet cafe in France! Ed)


Pam Jones

She's back at home (Friday) and zimmering (hopefully for not too long). Graham

A Group - 20th June 2007

An 'A' group of 11 (Pam, Vic, Ray, Ed, Steve C, John B, Frank C, Toni, Mike M, and Graham - led by Pete B) set off from Weybridge in blustery but dry conditions. With a helpful wind we sped past Gracious Pond and over Chobham Common to enter the glorious Windsor Great Park at Blackness Gate. Leaving via the Ranger's Gate, the track across to Spital put us in the back streets of Windsor near to our destination (Wetherspoon's of course). It was good to see that the service and beer selection had returned to normal since our last visit.
Intending a tour of the Berkshire byways, we were heading West when there was a loud crash and Pam and John were on the deck. Help was at hand as a delighful young female PC pulled up behind us and almost immediately an ambulance going the opposite way also came to our aid. Unfortunately though, Pam suffered a nasty cut to her head and had to be taken away for further treatment.
Leaving her bike in the hands of the constabulary, the remainder took a slightly curtailed route via Woodside back into the Park to stop at the rebuilt and revamped Saville Gardens. Prices may have been revamped as well but the Gardener's Tea (ie a mug) at £1.10 was quite acceptable. From there, with a generally favourable wind, each made their way home.

(Update from Pam: 13 stitches and a cracked pelvis but she hopes to be out of hospital in a couple of days. We all wish her well and hope she back on the bike soon).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pam Jones

After lunch and still in Windsor, Pam was involved in a collision with another 'A' group rider, falling to the ground. She was taken to Wexham Park Hospital Slough, from where she text messaged Mike Morley "Shall be in hospital two days. Fractured pelvis and thirteen staples in head. I only remember cycling then lying on the ground. Will be in touch when I get home. Ta-ta for now. Pam"

Best wishes Pam. We all hope your recovery is as speedy as possible and that you are soon back with us. Mike

Thursday, June 14, 2007

From Julian

I'm sorry that I missed the early bird ride yesterday. I got to 
Leatherhead station 10-15 minutes too late--my fault for a slow
start and sluggish ride out. Never mind, I had a cup of coffee
in a cafe near the theatre, waited a bit for the traffic to
subside and went home. Hope everyone had a good day.

AA Ride June 13th

Mornin! A couple of photos from the 'AA' run yesterday!! Gill, Irene and I took a ride out to Binfield to check out this pub for a future club ride! I met Irene in Staines then cycled to meet Gill at Walton Bridge . Back to Egham, via tow-path, Pooley Green and Egham Meads to the Magna Carta tea room for a much needed cuppa!!

Up the hill to Bishopsgate, through Windsor Park to exit on to the A322 then A3034 to Cabbage Hill where we turned off to Binfield. Our brown sandwiches came to us as huge 'white' doorsteps accompanied by salad and chips! Very filling!

Our return was via Maidens Green and Winkfield, back into the park, then a great whoosh down into Egham to have tea at my home. A most enjoyable day! Pam :) :)

Pictures of
Pub at Binfield
Gill +Irene

A local ride on June 17th

Dear All,

C'mon Ride the Tour of Kingston this Sunday 17th June to celebrate the 2nd day of bike week and get ready for the Tour de France next month.
We will start at 10.30am from the Kingston Market Place and I shall be baking a bread pudding.
It will be a chance to meet the Committee and enjoy the bread pudding. It will be a gentle paced 20 mile ride which will end back at the Market Place.
There are two more rides in Bike Week. The Midweek Ride will be on Wednesday 20th and start at 7.30pm.
The ride on Sunday 24th will start at 10.30am as usual but return to Kingston to start again at 2pm.
All three rides will be easy paced and about 10-15 miles in length. As ever they will start from the Market Place.

Kind Regards
John Dunn

C Group June 13th

Our chief reporter Albert did not show up so the stand in Mark Roy is sending the report. It was good turn out at Elderly Hall Teddington Pete with a pile of Sou' Westers everybody snapped up the magazines, Bill and Margaret Squirrel on their tri tandem After our usual tea and cakes twelve of us left for our ride Ron leading through back roads we entered the Bushey park at Teddington gate and emerged at the Kingston gate back tracked and through Lansbury passing by Cliff Richard's house we finished up at Teddington lock. We saw a big fish floating upside down and Ron identified as Pike. From there we entered the Richmond park through Kingston gate towards Robin hood round about via perimeter path It was getting late for lunch we voted to cut across the park to Ham gate for lunch at New inn in Petersham and then tea at Bradbury house. It was a very enjoyable ride may be not many miles but good for elderly people. The riders at lunch were: Ron the leader, Mark, Bill, Dave, Harold Summer, Harold Fiffield, Pat and Bill, John, Roger and Fuzz.

Mark Roy

C Group June 13th

Wayfarer’s ‘C’ Group Ride, Wed., June 13th, 2007

‘C’ group foregathered at Elleray Hall, Teddington and left at about 11am under Ron’s excellent leadership. There were initially some 11 riders, but their numbers and names varied as some took slightly different routes from the main body, and others just vanished along the way. Those at the start included: Ron (the aforesaid leader), Pat, Bill, Fuzz, Tom, Geoff, Allan, Mark, Roger, Harold and me. In sunny, humid weather, the route taken was roughly as follows: Bushey Park, Teddington, Teddington Lock, Ham, Kingston, Richmond Park, Ham Common (stopping here for lunch), Richmond Park, Kingston, stopping for tea at The Bradbury Centre. Total distance for the ride was about 12 miles. A very pleasant outing!

Report by Harold Somers

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Final Raasay Report

As we left Raasay the promised winds arrived and we were blown up to the Quiraing where we suffered a thorough soaking. For the rest of the week it could have been more perfect - tailwinds most of the way and cool bright conditions. On Sunday and respecting the Sabbath, we walked from Tarbert to Rhenigidale YH and back - 11 miles and very lumpy (3000' of climbing).
For Irene's benefit, Callanish was next and on Tuesday's return to Berneray YH we met 42(!) cyclists excluding those who turned up after we reached the hostel. Cycling gently through the Uists meant Wednesday's stop was Howmore YH where I couldn't resist tidying up. Friday saw us depart from Barra at 07:00 hours on the 7+ hours cruise to Oban from whence we rode to Inveraray.
Our final stop was beside Loch Eck before boarding the first of several trains in Gourock. That's just over 300 miles.
From Graham Hill

Dieppe Raid June 10

Dieppe Raid June 10

The Wayfarers and friends under the Sou’Westers banner took part in the rides at Dieppe on a comfortable day for weather and pace.Ray, Carol, Norman, Terry, Pete M, Mike, Ed, Nigel, Lynda took on the 100k. Eric, Sonia, Debbie, Beatie, Katherine, Susie, Liz the 50k. Tony the 140k. Trophies collected for various catagories were taken by the group. Eric, Ray, The Ladies and the second largest UK contingent.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

6th June 2007 - B Group

B Group's ride this week was to Shamley Green for lunch at The Bricklayers' Arms and back to Ripley for tea at Watsons Bakery - there were 14 of us - Judy, Liz, Toni, Terry, Norman, Harold, Robin, John G., Les, Cliff, John M. (thought a B ride might be a good one to start on after his recent stay in hospital, only to find it was a very hilly one, so hope he suffers no repercussions!), new(ish?) rider David S. and me, Gill, leading. It was a ride which had something for everyone - there were plenty of up's for those who like hills and some wonderful downhills, especially in the morning as we gradually made our way to the summit of White Down, followed by the secondary summit at the top of Raikes Hollow near Sutton Abinger, ending with a lovely long downhill into Shamley Green; there were pretty country roads and sunken lanes; there were busier, flatter roads; there were city roads through Guildford; there were opportunities for those who like going off-road and getting away from it all - bribery and corruption in the form of jelly snakes seemed to do the trick and quell the whingeing when we had to take to our feet along part of Rad Lane - other stretches were through Stoke Park in Guildford and through the Riverside Park Nature Reserve next to the A3 which even included a short stint along the R. Wey towpath. Even the weather was kind to us this week - what a difference a spot of sunshine makes to the day!

Cheers, Gill

6th June 2007 - C Group

It was a bit cool to start with at RBL Cobham but soon warmed up. We had a good turnout with Mark leading Lynda, Bill H., Bill and Pat M., Roger, Geoff, Ron, Fuzz, Alan, Mike, Dennis, Harold on fixed, me and sorry if I`ve missed you out to one of our favourite watering holes, The George IV at West Horsley. The route was up Plough Lane crossing at the Black Swan with some downhill, a right and left at the end before we started the long, steady climb to West Horsley. We enjoyed a good lunch and took the alternative route passing The Drift Golf Club to return to Cobham for tea at the day centre. The tea ladies generously gave us seconds before we made for our respective homes. Thanks Mark ----------------------------------- Albert