Thursday, January 31, 2008

C Group Jan 30th

Due to Albert's computer being poorly. Here is a summary of C group's ride.

Phil led C group from Walton Day Centre. There was Fuzz, Roger, Dennis, Tom (part way), John C, Harold, Ron, Bill H, Albert, Mark and Lynda. Beryl joined us for lunch.

The group split as we headed for the tow path. some preferred to go the road way. I thought this was because of puddles; but when we met up at lunch, it seems the others found an even muddier way! Where Fuzz took a tumble, but just got on again. The main group went to Weybridge then Addlestone and Chiswick direction, going through a very nice park called Homewood Park in Runnymede. We saw crocuses comiing up and some daffodils. It was a nice sunny day, although the wind was picking up. We went through some nice countryside of Lyne and ended up at Thorpe Green for lunch at The Crown. After a nice tasty baguette we returned through Laleham housing estate, then onto the golf course and back to Shepperton for tea and cake, compliments of Mark as his birthday treat. A longer ride today. I clocked 42 miles return trip.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Johns Punctures

You will have seen in Bernard's B ride report that I had another back wheel puncture shortly after lunch yesterday. I should like to thank Norman and Les for their assistance in tube changing, yet again, . But that was not the end. About one mile short of home , I punctured again, this time at the front. Needless to say, I have been to the local bike shop this morning to ask them to replace the racing tyres which came with my new bike with Schwalbe Marathon re-enforced ones.
My record since 1st Jan 2008 in summary:
Number of Wayfarers rides I have been on: 3
Punctures with Wayfarers: 4
Number of other CTC rides since 1st Jan: 1
Punctures on other CTC ride: 1
Regards John Gould

C Group Jan 23rd

We had a very good turnout at Shepperton which coincided with the Diamond Wedding of Bill and Margaret Squirrell (see attached photo). Lynda led ten of us to The Tide End Cottage at Teddington, via Walton where we joined the towpath near The Swan. There was Fuzz, Ron, Dennis, Beryl, Roger, John C., Tom, Dave, Mark, me and at least two more including Harold I know that makes more than ten but Dennis peeled off at Walton.
It was a towpath ride to Kingston where we crossed the bridge and rejoined the towpath to our destination. We had a most enjoyable and reasonable lunch bfore departing for tea at Hampton Court via Bushy Park. I guess we dragged it out a bit, being such good weather and after reaching home at five past five with lights I had done a most enjoyable 26.5 miles -------------- Albert

B Group Jan 23rd

The day started badly! When I went to the garage to get my bike the back tyre was flat. I started to change it - long enough to get greasy - and then decided it might make me late so I took my "shopping" bike instead. There was a good number at North Cheam, enough to need two groups, and all was well to Shepperton. Off we went to Windsor Great Park. We being Angie, Christine, Ed, Gill, John, Judy, Les, Liz, Mick, Norman, Phil, Roger, Stephanie and yours truly.I had apologised at coffee time that it was rather a short ride. We set off along the B376 to Laleham and Staines, across Staines Bridge and along to Egham. Then Fate took a hand and we we went the long way to Windsor Great Park. That is up to Wraysbury, Datchet, back across Albert bridge to the Fox and Hounds at Bishop's Gate entrance to the Park. Phil got lost somewhere along the way!
The lunch was pretty good, field mushrooms with palma ham and melted cheese was a popular choice. A few yards after lunch John's rear tyre punctured. Four punctures on consecutive rides - John wants to know if this is a record.While waiting I provided a cabaret by attempting to ride Ed's recliner and falling into a puddle. Down to Virginia Water along the Rhododendron ride, past the Obelisk, the Totem Pole, the Cascade and the Roman Temple (original). I had expected to be able to get out of the park at the South East corner but we had to go the Blacknest Gate which added about three miles. But the quid pro quo was a lovely ride along the lake.
Then through Wentworth Golf club (fortunately we didn't see the "private" sign on the way in). It really is wonderfully cared for. Another little detour (against John's advice) took us down Tramps Mill Lane which deteriorated into a muddy track and a zig-zag mountain ascent up to the road across the M3. We lost Ed at this point! On to Chertsey and Shepperton, By now the time was getting on so we skipped tea and retraced our steps back. 56 miles from North Cheam.

Regards Bernard

Wraysbury Mill

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A Group Jan 23rd

With that smug feeling that comes from picking up a real bargain (James Arnold’s The Joyous Wheel for £12.99!), I set off along the towpath from Kingston on a very warm but sunless day. At Shepperton day centre, twenty ‘A’ riders were gathered for Irene’s latest excursion. A rear spoke replacement by Toni delayed us but eventually the Chertsey Road was the chosen way. Then we were beside the swollen Thames; a lake (easily bypassed) at Laleham being a reminder of the recent past. And so we came to Staines; from Vicarage Road we joined Moor Lane and headed alongside the motorway. Around halfway I hit one of those ruts that appear in tarmac with no foundations and ended up blooded and muddied with Wester Ross also suffering minor damage. With a chase, the bunch were caught just as they reached our destination, the Five Bells at Horton, where Pete Matthews was into his lunch. After a quick turnaround, we were away within the hour. A wake(of sorts) was in progress in the churchyard so diplomatically we withdrew.
Retracing slightly Wraysbury became our next target. Here we paused to admire the windmill, allowing Frank time to fall into discussion with the gardener. For those unfamiliar with this structure, it was built in 1996 with timbers salvaged from Tilbury docks. The shortest route to Shepperton ended at Watson’s Bakery where Jen joined us for tea. It had been an easy day, about 20 miles in company.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gipsy Graveyard & Windmill

Thank you Irene for a very interesting ride today. The lunch was also good value. My cold is worse and after a hot bath earlier I must get to bed. I hope that Graham feels OK in the morning it was a nasty fall. He must be made of steel or has a very tough Hyde.
Could one or two of you let me know your recorded mileage to day, I only did 53ml and it felt like much further! Yesterday I only recorded 33ml which was even more surprising. I noticed that from Walton on the Hill to Greeno's was 16mls. After stopping for tea I eventually surmounted Epsom Downs at 5pm and was home by 5:15pm after picking up the paper. I felt shattered and still do.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Diamond Wedding

Bill & Margaret Squirrel celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on Wednesday 23rd Jan
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Group Pictures 16 Jan 08

Deanna, Eric, Pete & Bill early birds at R.H.

As lunch progressed the table appeared to slope or was the observer sleeping?

Ready to leave Wire Mill.


B Group Jan 16th

Riding to Redhill via our usual cycletrack /country lane route, John and I (Terry) noticed the subway near Burford Bridge was flooded and also had to make a detour when we found the Mill Stream at Wonham Mill was the depth of a Land Rover's axle ! From Redhill I led Stephanie, Bob (on his first post-op Wednesday ride, congratulations), Ed (now feeling better), Ken on his new bike, Bill, Bernard, John, Les, Mick and Norman whence we headed south. After a brief discussion we decided the lane from Asylum Lane to the Hospital roundabout should be OK - it was. (Should you be visiting anyone in Redhill Hospital from this rdbt park in the Golf Course - it's far cheaper ). Originally I'd planned to continue on Route 21 but thought better of it in today's conditions and stayed on metalled roads, noticing much water everywhere but enjoying plenty of sunshine and negligible wind. We passed through Meath Green (see blog for November 21st ), crossed the A217 then headed north to The Plough at Leigh where we enjoyed generous, delicious food served pretty quickly. We followed the usual route to Dorking, then noted how wide the Mole was all the way to Leatherhead (I don't recall ever seeing it wider) - the last stretch of the cycletrack was under water. From Dorking people had been making trheir own ways, and after looking at the river four of us stopped at Annie's then continued home in the dry.
From Terry

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Group Jan 16th

A Group Jan 16th
After the wind and rain of Tuesday it was a pleasant surprise to be greeted by a calm, mild & bright morning at Redhill for the start. Ray D, Mike M, John B, Neil, Will, Ian A, Rob, John S, Jake, Brian N, Toni’D, Mike W, joined together for a wiggly route through Sth Nutfield, Outwood past the Windmill & New Chapel on very wet and flooded roads in places to lunch at The Wire Mill (Dates from 1602) at Felbridge. A very friendly and warm welcome plus good food made it a memorable visit. A pause for a group picture by Mike Morley and a fairly direct way through Smallfield and Lonesome Lane took us to tea at Reigate Garden Centre and a rendezview with Jen. The road to Betchworth was impassable due to flood so a U turn took us back to the main road and home via a very busy Pebble Coombe
From Pete M

C Group Jan 16th

The weather was kind today as we met at Elleray Hall in Teddington. The main part of the hall is being refurbished so we made do with one of the side rooms. Our turnout was much better than of late and John C. led a large contingent up Middle Lane en route for The Prince of Wales pub at West End, Esher. There was Fuzz, Bill H., Dennis, Roger, Mark, Lynda, Beryl, Mick and Mary on tandem, Phil, Ron, Dave, the chap on the recumbent ( Lynda told me his name, but I`ve forgotten) and me. We arrived at Hampton Court via Bushy Park, crossed the bridge and joined the rather muddy towpath before turning left to join Walton Road at E. Molesey then W. Molesey before the left turn at Apps Court and then Terrace Road to Walton on Thames heading left to Hersham. At this point my front brake cable gave up the ghost. I bade the others farewell and made for the bike shop, luckily only about fifty yards away. Tea was to be at Claygate but I went home after the bike was fixed. I was sorry to miss out on such a good ride in great weather and on home ground. ----------------- Albert

Friday, January 11, 2008

A Group Jan 9th

With the overnight gales abated, Wednesday morning was bright sunshine, albeit cool and blustery. An A Group some 17 strong, led by Pete B, left Hersham after saying goodbye to Bob Starey who was testing out his new hip with a ride to elevenses. Great to see him recovering so fast. Going down through Weybridge, where the canal was close to overflowing following the rains, and then through Chertsey and Egham, we were able to exercise our lungs with the climb of Tite Hill. Into Windsor Great Park, stopping to admire the magnificent view down The Long Walk (cue Mike Morley's photo below). Lunch was the Wetherspoons in Windsor, staple fare promptly served, and then back north of the river through Datchet and a rather bleak Wraysbury. We left Irene at her front door in Staines and split with half opting for a faster road route while the rest took the towpath to Chertsey. A few took tea at Shepperton but, with the forecast light rain arriving, most headed straight for home.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

C Group Jan 9trh

Sunshine and a bit of a breeze behind on the way to Hersham where all groups had a good turnout. The breeze eased off but the sun still shone as Ron led around twelve of us en route for lunch at E.Molsley. We started up Burwood Road and turned right into Burwood Park. A nice quiet ride ended at Walton on Thames where we entered Ashley Park after which we joined the towpath for a rather muddy ride to E. Molsley. At the rowing club there were only around eight of us left and we split up with some, led by Ron probably took their lunch at the day centre. Lynda, Fuzz, Roger and I pressed on to The Albion (wrong way down the one way street) near Hampton Court bridge. Tea was to be at Claygate so I peeled off home via Walton and Weybridge with the sun still shining and 23 miles on the clock.
I have attached a snap or two of Hersham DC ---

B Group Jan 9th

After yesterday's rain, plan B was put into operation so that B Group's route avoided the Thames Towpath, normally a favourite of mine but I knew its puddles and mud would not be appreciated! At the beginning there were 18 of us - Judy, Liz, Stephanie, Carol, Johns G and M, Terry, Norman, Roger, Les, Bernard, Robin, Mick, Nev, 2 Phils, recumbent Ed (feeling better but still not 100% - welcome back!) and me, Gill. However numbers fluctuated during the ride. Ed left us in Bushy Park, then at lunchtime we lost three more - the 2 Phils and Nev - but gained one, namely Ian who had started off with A Group but dropped off after a puncture and knew where we were heading for lunch. Others left us at different times during the afternoon.
From Hersham we headed north, then cut across on a sealed path to the River Mole and wound our way east and then north again to Molesey and Hampton Court Bridge, the scene of a puncture for Terry. With puncture fixed, we went into Bushy Park to pick up the path leading westwards off the Diana Pond. Then it was back to the road again through Hampton, Lower Sunbury, Upper Halliford, past the Charlton Tip to Littleton, Shepperton Green and the edge of Laleham, turning off at Abbey Lane and heading down to the River Thames. The last lap to the Kingfisher Pub at Chertsey Bridge was alongside the Thames where we felt the full force of the wind on some stretches. The pub did us well, opening up a section to accommodate us. For some reason John M. had rather a long wait for his meal but once it arrived he demolished it pretty quickly and we were on our way home. Our route was fairly direct - back to Shepperton, over Walton Bridge and across to Molesey. We crossed the Mole and Ember Rivers, coming out on to Summer Road and the Hampton Court Way. From here everyone knew their way and in a very short time we were through Thames Ditton and at Squires in Long Ditton for tea, spurred on by the first drops of rain. Six of us had tea, with Robert from A Group joining us as we were about to leave and head homewards, the rain having stopped by now. A lovely sunny day for most of the time, we felt we had been very lucky.
On the subject of punctures, B Group seems to be well up the ladder. Since the New Year Terry has had 4 punctures, John Gould 3, Carol had one on New Year's Day and Judy had one last week!
Gill Finlay

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Windsor Wednesday 9 Jan 08

Pictures of today and yesterday. Below "A" group in Windsor Park. Zoom into Castle behind. The shadow on ground is me, a shadow of my former self. No doubt Pete B or M will do a write-up.
Picture on RHS shows the three musketeers at Wetherspoons Surbiton yesterday. Will is almost horizontal being reduced to Soda Water as he is on Anti-biotics. Bob should be figuring well up in the mileage charts already with his new RH hip. Rides sec also just had mini op at Dr.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

B Group Jan 2nd

From Cobham, Liz, Bernard, Cliff, Les, Norman, Philip, Terry and I rode through Ripley and Pyrford to Woking. A couple of miles North of Woking, in the bitter cold, my fellow riders were most patient and helpful while the punctured rear tube on my new bike was replaced. The delay meant we arrived slightly late at the Pelican, between Addlestone and Weybridge, where we were served our (markedly good value) lunch at a large round table with a view across the Wey Navigation to green fields beyond. After lunch, we proceeded via Chertsey Bridge, Shepperton and Sunbury to tea at Hampton Court. John Gould

Friday, January 04, 2008

From John Hammond

My mileage for the year was 1885, at least 100 every month but it is getting harder every week thanks mainly to arthritis!. However i have acheived one final target - for the first time in my 91years I cycled everyday in 2007 whatever the weather and two weeks on anti-biotics, but when you're well past the sellby date what have you got to lose? Best wishes for 2008
From John Hammond

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mileages for 2007
As the mileage totals arrive than can be seen on the SWLDA blog
From Pete M

A Group 2nd Jan

Fourteen of us left Cobham at about 11:15 am taking a route across Bookham Common to Bookham Station & Effingham, crossing the A246 where we met Mike M. From there to High Beech and Ranmore common-White Down and Raikes Lane- photo stop (hope every one is recognised). Continue to climb thro' Holmbury St. Mary and drop down to Forest Green. We arrived at the Parrot in good time approx 12:45, the lunch I hope was adequate.
We left by 2pm unfortunately without Stephen as he had a puncture and preferred us to carry on without him. I hope he had no problem with that old Hercules which he is left with until his two stolen bikes reappear or new ones to replace them. Our route thereon was fairly standard: Ockley, Capel, Newdigate and Denbies, Dorking for tea by 3pm. Some of us continued directly home in good light - it had been a cold but bright sunny day.

C Group Jan 2nd

It was pretty chilly with a bit of a breeze and overcast when we met at Cobham for our first run of the year (mine anyway, although I guess the hardy folk beat me to it). The turnout was pretty good but Lynda led just around six of us for lunch at The Carvery at Ewell. There was John C, Roger, Bill (Albert) and was it Carol and me. We negotiated most of the back streets of Cobham and got on the main road to a right turnoff through a housing estate and emerged in Claygate. Straight past the day centre turning on the road to Hook.

At this point I was feeling quite happy to remember the return route. Perhaps happy is not the right word since on a steep bit of road my chain came off and without ceremony the bike put me on the pavement. John kindly came to help and fixed the chain. After a while we entered somewhat urban surroundings with many turns and parked cars until we reached our destination and good old Harold arrived to give me a lift home after a very pleasant lunch. Even so, the bike had 26 miles on its clock and I needed lights.
A Happy New Year gentle readers of the Blog ------------------ Albert