Thursday, October 30, 2008

From Angie

Had a wonderful day because, as you all know, I only came out to win the PRIZE!!
It is here on my desk beside me at work and gets shown to anyone (fool) who cares to enter my office. Wasn't it a lovely day - I couldn't stop laughing?

Thank you Terry for leading B group so well and thanks to Norman for pushing us off and of course, so many thanks to Ed for my lovely PRIZE. He said I could also root around in his box of tricks for something else if I want - didn't know quite how to take that, but might take him up on the offer!

After lunch Grant and I left the main group and went up the zig zags, turned left at the bottom and then up and over out towards Headley, then down past RAC club and through Epsom. Wind was bloomin' cold but speed was great. I had done 39 miles by the time I got home and every one was good. I think Mike Morley's cake must have helped - thanks Mike and happy birthday.

See you all soon.
Love Angie x

Free Wheel Day

Pictures from Francoise
A cold but sunny, careful ride on snow/slush lined roads led A and B riders to 11s at Dorking. Here we had a very pleasant surprise - Mike Morley, currently in Australia, had organised delicious chocolate birthday cakes for us on his XXXth birthday, today. Whilst we were enjoying same, he rang Jeff and we all gave him a rousing chorus of 'Happy Birthday'. Many thanks, Mike. As we set off for Root Hill for the freewheel competition Les found he had a rear puncture, but he soon repaired it and caught up with us. We split into two groups to go along steaming, sometimes slushy roads to the hill, Vic led one group, Terry the other. Soon after we arrived Jeff appeared, having ridden up the hill from Brockham and declared the road hazard-free. Norman did his usual job of pushing - off (people, not leaving), and everyone seemed to have an interesting if uneventful run. After the competition we split into two groups, Vic leading some to The Red Lion at Betchworth, the remainder going to the Duke's Head at Brockham. After lunch we all met up at Betchworth where the latest CTC ruling was discussed - when 'D.A' is abolished should we Wayfarers become an independent ' Member' group or stay much as we are now, an 'Informal' group under the CTC South West London umbrella. A unanimous decision was made to stay as we are i.e. an 'Informal' group. The awards presentation then took place - Angie, enjoying a day off work, won one of Ed's unique wood carvings for Best Lady, John Mason (again) won a similar award for Best Man and Bernard won the traditional runner-up award, a new tube. We then split into two groups, some to go straight home, others to tea at Leatherhead. Terry

Mike Morley in Oz

Having a great time down under but its so good to hear some news.
Listen, I wanna tel ya a story, you wont beleive this. Yesterday I rode down to Manly beach to watch the surfers riding the fantastic waves, its so unreal living in OZ, people seem to be playing all the time. Just think if you finish work early you can be sunbathing on the lovely white sand and swimming in the Pacific Ocean,! Anyway I digress, as I rode back from Manly something fell out of a tree and whacked me on the head, I saw nothing but then my ear was so painful. I stoped and asked a postman what could that have been and she (it was actualy a woman looking like a man and it remminded me of Roger), It was a Magpie, they attack at this time of year when nesting. The Ba....d pecked my ear and made it bleed, its still painful this morning.
Best of luck for the FWC, its raining hear but quite warm. Going out to lunch with my old neighbors Robin N Bill to day and then meal out tonight with Helen and her friends at local Bowls Club. Going on river cruise friday then to stay at Bill n Robin at weekend as its Bills birthday on Sun 2Nov then on 6 to 10Nov go to Victoria and spend time in Melbourne and Balreynolds and go flying with Brian Helens cousin who treats her like is kid sister. Brian will fly me down the coast over the 12 Apostles, looking forward to that. Getting the biking in but not so much, too many parties.

By bi MM from WagaWaga.

Easy Riders Oct 29th

A beautiful, sunny day; John C led Roger, Bill H, Dennis, Fuzz, Beryl, Lynda, Dave and Harold from Walton Day centre towards Hersham. We continued onto the cycle path going towards West End. We made a left turn taking us up on to the old A3 road. From there, we turned left at the Rugby ground, then forked right which took us to The Running Mare at Cobham. A very nice pub with excellent food and service.
After lunch, we got our layers back on and made our way thro' Stoke D'Abernon and into Oxshott; down Birds Nest Drive and into Claygate Common. As John phoned from the pub; the ladies at Claygate Day centre were waiting for us with a pot of hot tea. Then we made our way home before it got dark.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Wheel Day

Wayfarers freewheel competition

The Wayfarers fwc (free wheel competition) is held annually about this time and this year will be held next week i.e. Wed 29 October (as publicised in The Sou’Wester). This will be the second fwc this year – because we didn’t have one last year.

A few thoughts before the event.

In ideal conditions of no wind (but tail wind would obviously help), the smaller personal frontal area the better, less wind resistance means you travel quicker and consequently further.

So – any forward-facing hemispherical protuberances eg caused by consumption of vast quantities of alcoholic beverages could create a disturbance to the airflow around you, thus affecting your distance travelled so either get rid of them or, probably easier, try and smoothly blend them in.

Owners of a large proboscis should keep ‘eyes front’ – unless there is a side wind, in which case try to turn the head 90 o (to reduce area exposed to the wind).

Any follicly challenged person could take advantage of the situation by a light application of Cherry Blossom (or similar) light tan polish.

Conversely, anyone with excessive facial follicles should seriously consider appearing clean shaven for the event (and hopefully remaining so) – if an award winner proof of identity will be required.

Polish (or, at least, clean), front forks and head tube.

Ensure the lever of qd wheels is horizontal.

On the day – head down, tyre pressures up, one eye looking for pot-holes, one eye looking for tractors, one eye analysing the road ahead and selecting the optimum route, think thin (unless it’s a tailwind), cranks horizontal – and – good luck.

See you at the bottom of the hill.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

22 October 08

The Full Picture

In the interest of equity and inclusiveness, I am adding this image to show that Adam was with us in every way on Wednesday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday Freewheeling Event

The Freewheeling is due to take place after 11s at Dorking. It is very easy all down hill! all riders welcome. Finishing for lunch at Brockham

Easy Riders Oct 22nd

Here is an account of 'C' group ride:-

Ron led a very autumnal ride from Teddington over to Esher Common to West End (Prince of Wales). After lunch we went over Oxshott Common to Arbrook Common then tea at Claygate. The trees were lovely golden colours, and to my surprise we didn't come across too much mud. There was just one puddle at the end of Arbrook Common. It was a very interesting ride and the weather stayed fine.


B Group Oct 22nd

Here is the B Group report for last Wednesday.

It was less than a minute after leaving Elleray Hall that our 19 strong party took a wrong turning into a cul-de-sac (mea culpa). But we eventually found Bushey Park and, after cycling through it, emerged on the High Street at Hampton Hill. We took a combination of quiet side roads and off-road paths through Hampton and Sunbury and, by mistake (mea culpa again), found ourselves in the middle of the Hazelwood Golf Course. So we cycled across the fairway ( the riders at the back claim they were sworn at by golfers) to re-join our intended route at School Walk. We then passed through the villages of Upper Halliford and Charlton before cycling along the main A308 for a mile or so, next to the Northern boundary of the Queen Elizabeth Reservoir. (I understand that the Highways Authority owns the land around the reservoir. Could they not build a cycle path on reservoir land that would enable cyclists to avoid this dangerous bit of road?). We then cycled via Knowle Green to the riverside at Staines and on over the bridge to the Jolly Farmer, our lunch stop on the South side of the river.

Believe it or not, the pub had run out of draught beer, and the printed food menu was out-of-date. Nevertheless the food that was still on the menu was good value and most of us were served quite quickly. Unfortunately, it eventually became clear that lunch orders from 3 of our cyclists had failed to reach the kitchen. One of our number (Harry) cancelled his order and went without lunch. Another (Judy) received her re-ordered jacket potato, but left most of it because, in the rush to get it to her, it was largely uncooked.

After lunch we stayed on the South side of the river, taking the cycle path next to Chertsey Lane, and the path thru' Laleham Reach and Laleham Golf Course to Chertsey, whence we proceeded via Shepperton, Walton Bridge, and the Thames Towpath to tea at Hampton Court.

John Gould

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Group 22 October 08

At the Five Bells, Horton (sorry Adam!)

MWW Ride Report 22 October 08

A gloriously sunny, cloudless and crisp late October morning witnessed a flock of Wayfarers (genus: birota peregrinensis), resplendent in their autumn plumage, gather on the telegraph lines of their usual North Cheam roost. At the sound of the starting horn, off they soared, their instinct taking them, unerringly though circuitously, through the confusing to some, backways of SW London to their mid-morning watering spot of the Elleray Hall at Teddington. Grateful thanks to a determined Norman who headed the flock to its destination. A nominal novice ‘leader’ kept a respectful distance, shepherded by the ever watchful Lynda to the rear of the group.

At Elleray Hall the flock doubled in size, each member having its number tag duly checked on arrival, before being allowed its reward of tea and cake. With all refreshed, an imperious Pam called ‘time’ and the chattering flock reassembled, splitting into sub-groups each now with a destination of its own.

The genus ‘alpha’ sped off, this time headed by a perhaps over-enthusiastic and definitely inexperienced pioneer, who really had little idea where he was going, or rather how reliably to get there. Soon the flower beds of Bushy Park gave way to the filter beds of Sunbury and so along the house-boated banks of the Thames to Shepperton. Fate decreed that respite was needed and John A. duly punctured. Frank, as ever the rock, remained to supervise the repair and guide the victim back on route. The damage to the innertube alas proved terminal. Off again to spin around the single helix bridge across the M25 to the wonderful Nutty Lane, where the ‘leader’ disappeared to leave some of the flock in doubt about its left or right – a serious misdemeanour! From then a scoot through Charlton, Ashford (brief stop to check the compass and take advice), Ashton Moor, a well advised off-road diversion to avoid near certain death in crossing the M25 near T5 and a welcome arrival at the Five Bells, Horton.

A nourishing lunch enjoyed by most, not all, before a hasty photo-call (apologies to the missing half of Adam), remount and back through Wraysbury (familiar to last Sunday’s Cheam & Morden ride). Then back through Staines along the B376 to Shepperton where a very early tea was taken before the flock dispersed, each finding its own way back to its home coop. The distance perch to perch a modest 59 miles.

As for that probationary test ride, this time I fear no pass certificate. The provisional licence remains, no date yet fixed for any retest.

P.S. Remember, this was the last Wednesday before the clocks go back. Dust off those lights, recharge those batteries and fit them on the bike , not leave them in the shed, before you get caught out!

Interesting Bikes

Interesting Bikes from John Gould

Easy Riders Oct 22nd

Picture from Mike Pontin

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Man soon 2 be from WogaWoga

To the author of that dastardly trype and water closits, I say what good humour you have. I have to admit I hardly noticed the reference to FWC, never having heard of one. I've heard of FWC and MWC even Unisex, its amazing what you learn in the Blog.
Have a great "F" in ride and may the best man or woman win!

Alberts Progress

The doc told me yesterday I need another op soon (Nov.14) to fix the job they did on my right eye and he ordered `no cycling pro tem. Hope I`ll be able to see you before Christmas!!

All the best----------------Albert

Monday, October 20, 2008

Open Letter to Mr Disgusted of Wogawoga

Dear Mr Dundee (or should that be Carrot Cake?)

I was most distressed to read of your perturbation at finding yourself unavailable for the Midweek Wayfarer's sporting Freewheel Competition on 29 October 2008. I quite appreciate your sense of grief at missing such a highlight of the cycling calendar. For the March '08 event I too was 'hors de combat' and experienced just those same pangs of grief that you are suffering - inconsolable as at that first lost love. Indeed, I read on these very pages of your undaunted enthusiasm and repeated efforts, alas in vain, to be crowned with laurel and designated the undisputed king of the effortless downhill. How you were so cruelly denied, at first by an agricultural engine of nemesis - and then by a fateful lack of length and distance, outstripped by the unconquerable Terry.
Your only recourse now, I feel, is a Letter to the Editor of the Sou'Wester.
Your sight, however, how can I put this gently, may be suffering the early,rheumy symptoms of those youthful (and maybe later), excesses. For if you pull out your eyeglass, there on the centrefold of the Sept/Oct 2008 edition of the Sou'Wester, is the proclamation on 29 October of a modestly bracketed (FWC) at Dorking, with an invitation to the Easy Riders to participate and show that the hare does not always win. This information was also transferred to the Current Runs List flaunted on the Home Page of the Group.
As for the reason for a bonus freewheel competition in 2008, I have heard it darkly murmured that the regulatory oversight of the FSA was not everything that it should have been - these bonus rides have been getting really out of hand! However, I am reliably informed that a ruthless new Rides Secretary has been brought in from the Private Sector who will tolerate no such laxity. Rules are there to be obeyed. No more bonus rides, no gravy train, no second chances! The days of austerity have come and they are here to stay!
I am sure that you will welcome a firm hand on the tiller.
I hope that these words have enlightened and reassured you. Think of us from down under on 29 October 2008 and wish us well.
Happy Birthday

Free Wheel Contest 29 Oct 2008

I protest. No one is allowed to fix a competition like this on my Birthday without informing me first! Its not printed in the Sou'Wester or flagged up anywhere that I can see. I happened to notice by chance as I look at the MWW Blog that the ride to Dorking 11's on 29/10/2008 incorporates the said event or am I seeing things. As we have already had an event this year what precedent is there for having a second one or does it usually happen in October and last year did not take place? If thats the case and we missed last year then we should wait untill October 2009 for the next one. Its not fair as I see it that Terry should keep the trophy for only a few months (unless of course he wins it again). The main reason for my concern is that as I shall be in OZ I don't get a chance to compete and maybe even win? After all this is not like the Olympics, its the taking part that counts, this is serious stuff and is all about winning!!

Well I guess I have to treat myself to cakes then, have a good speedy free wheel.

For those that did not see the KPRC Blog Jackie and I had a good 2-up Gentlemans ride on Sunday 19 Oct.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Memory of Jura 2008

To John Scott. Thanks for the memory. Just to let you know after our chat on Wednesday at Edenbridge, I had not realised that after all my efforts to write your R-RW CD, that it did not work. I have now written a new non rewritable CD which I will get to you somehow before going to OZ. Its a compilation of Pam/Ian/MJM photo's. Will try and get Frank and Francois 2u later. Meanwhile a collage 4u. Best wishes for happy cycling in 2009.
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Easy Riders Oct 15th

C group met at Claygate day centre. Apparently, Albert has had his eye operation - get well soon. Beryl, has made a good recovery after having her knee operation. Out cycling last week; but due to a bad cold not yesterday.
18 riders left the centre and headed towards Oxshott, a little off-road, then coming out by The Tilt. Charles, got a puncture, seems it was a piece of wire; but didn't have a correct new innertube . So, Liz offered to go into Cobham and get an appropriate tube from the cycling shop there. Eddie waited with Charles, and the rest of the group made their way to Bookham, through the Common and then onto lunch at The Anchor. We made our way back to Leatherhead, and went to the Day centre at Longmead. Four of us had tea, the remainder made their way home.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cycle Parking at the Brunton Centre - Caterham - and Elsewhere

At our visit to the Douglas Brunton Centre at Caterham yesterday, the Centre Manager pointed out that some of our cycle parking was creating a bit of an obstacle for some of the visitors to the Centre. She was concerned in particular about the railed off pathway leading to the main entrance. She has therefore asked, in the kindest of ways, that we try to avoid parking our bikes in this area, where they might be a possible hazard for visitors with balance or vision difficulties, or possibly in a wheelchair. This seems very reasonable and sensible and I said that I would bring her concern to our riders' attention. On our next visit she will designate an area for us. I took one or two photos to illustrate her concerns.

I'm sure that we will be very happy to cooperate. As so many of our 11's stops are at day centres for the elderly, we will no doubt show the same consideration for elderly users at the other centres that we visit.
I should perhaps say that not only the Douglas Brunton Centre but all those that we vist have said how pleased and delighted they are to have us visit and share facilities with their regular users!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Edenbridge Lunch

Thanks to Pete for leading the ride and to Ed for puncturing and to Toni de I for waiting for him. A few of the "A" group at the Queens Head where the food was very good and the wait excruciating. The "B" group also joined for lunch and Bernard's looked the most amazing and very tempting. I wish I was rich! Jeff's Liver and Bacon was also excellent as was my soup, John B's chips and the non descript Chili con (non) Carne that I finished off. You poor tight man Mike M you're Barmy! (where have I heard that B4).

P.S. On enquiring from John Scott, if we were to be treated to another Jura ride next year, he replied that he will be very busy in 2009!

A Group October 15th

Mild & Dampish was the weather at Caterham as we moved off in a southerly direction down White Hill & Brewer Street where todays puncture victim was Ed Sharp, Mike M & Tony D' stopped to admire Ed's repair technique allowing the rest to move on via damp lanes to lunch at The King & Queen Edenbridge. We arrived in good time at 12.45 but due to the altra slow service the last person to receive his meal was John B! at 14.30! During this lengthy lunch break new comer Graham Holder held up well enduring an indepth personal enquirery session from John S, Ian A, Tony D', scoring especially well in the box marked early retirement! Welcome Graham come again.
A devious lane route mystified most including the leader found us at Marden Park & Tea at Woldingham Garden Centre in time for tea and scones etc. at 4.15 (they close at 4.30) the afternoon had brightened considerably and a pleasant tailwind ride home finished the day.
56 Miles, 1 Puncture, Nobody dropped or lost.
From Pete Mitchell

Thorn Bike for Sale

Thorn Raven Tour with 14 speed Rohloff speed hub. Large frame (587L) V brakes Flat bars with micro bar ends Satin Black Dyno front hub and many other extras Datatracked equipped (transferable) Purchased Feb’07 £1800 less than 1000 miles – will accept £1300 Contact Neil 07768991624

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Mark Roy Trophy

Arthur Jessop Trophy

The Arthur Jessop Trophy awarded by a majority vote at the AGM
to Stephen Cox in appreciation to his help over the last two years

B Group Oct 8th

B Group set off from Hersham with a total of 15 riders - Judy, Liz, Stephanie, Francoise, Frank, John S., Norman, Cliff, Nev, Harry, David, two Scots Colin and Andy, John G. as back-marker (Thank-you) and me, Gill, as leader. We headed off towards Esher, turning at the top of the hill to take the road at the back of Sandown Park - a lovely downhill run - across to Weston Green (where we lost Nev - too close to home), then down to Summer Road, Thames Ditton. Here we turned left to cross the Hampton Court Way at the level crossing. At this point there was a slight wait while Norman picked up a book he was carrying which had fallen on to the railway lines - luckily no trains were in sight! Still on Summer Road we crossed the Mole and Ember Rivers before turning into Walton Road at Molesey to reach The Bell (Circa 1460) in Bell Road. Terry joined us here, having been held up due to secretarial duties. Lunch was rather a protracted affair - our numbers had increased to 20 due to the addition of a small contingent from C Group and being such a fine day the pub was busy with other customers. However, it was all very pleasant sitting in the sun in the garden and when it came, the food was good. (The menu is extensive and reasonably priced. Also there were special deals of 2 main meals for £8 or pie and chips with a pint of beer for £4.99.) After lunch we headed to the towpath on the R. Thames for the afternoon's ride to Teddington and thence into Richmond Park at Ham Gate - a lovely ride on such a perfect autumn day. Our numbers dwindled as we went and by the time we reached the cafe at Roehampton Gate there were just 9 of us to enjoy another break in the sunshine before heading our various ways home. (Gill Finlay)

AGM at Hersham 8 October 08

1. Wayfarers at the AGM at Hersham under the steadying hand of Chairman Pete and Secretary Terry.

2. A bracing cup of tea before the event.

3. Toni receiving his just reward (and an unpublished kiss) for going the extra mile.

4. The 'A' Group being regally entertained to tea by Beryl and Ray.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

'A' Ride

Beryl is saying " Hope you can all find your right shoes".

A group agm ride 8th Oct

A casual ride on a very nice bright day for fourteen of us leaving the AGM from Hersham. It was the great distance of 5 miles to the Foley Arms at Claygate via West End and Blackhills at which point Graham deserted us (bad lad! after all the entreaties at the AGM) to reappear approx 1 ml before the Foley arms. After a leisurely lunch a very concerned host enquired whether we had been adequately served, we in full chorus assured her that we had, in fact we had also been given a great welcome.

We now made our way in warm sunshine to our residence for 3's that my wife Beryl had planned ( this was by mobile to me whilst at 11's ). So off to Fetcham another great distance approx 9 miles using a mixture of offroad and tarmac some private via Oxshott and Bookham common.
The use again of the 'mobile' assured us of well prepared refresments by Beryl for 11 of us on arrival. There was a pleasant sojourn with entertainment supplied by Graham's CD of Pam's party. With thanks to Beryl and even to myself I having done little, each went their own way.

My total miles 22.34, which I enjoyed and hope likewise by all others.

Friday, October 03, 2008

News from Gerry Hulbert

This a first,I always enjoy the newsletters, helps keep me updatedwith one part of my life in the U K.Just thought i would run this past you, somthing different what, let me know what you think,regards to all, (that might remember me) Gerry Hulbert. Dingo. Well, here we go again, another shot at the Thailand newsletter. For 2008 (sep)Firstly, Baby Poppy Ella Moore entered our world on 19th sep 08 at around 4am weighing in at 8 pounds 3 ounces, mother an baby doing well. So exited when I saw her first Grandchild. Onward, Arrived on 20 sep after a comfortable flight, still take xanex to sleep the flight, works every time, breeze through costoms, dispite the unrest in the civil servis, in Bangkok, Bus from the Airport to central Pattaya, 110 BT, properly my best value in Thailand, motorbike Taxi to hotel Holiday mansions, 60 BT, Pan has booked us a room, so a quiet night visiting a few old haunts then early to bed,. Pay 700bt for the room. Mam, Johns wife picks us up in the morning around 10 am, and it so of to our rented house 7km out of town, I pick up our scooter and computer from johns house, so we are set up in our home in Pattaya, do a quick shop and its round the pool for drinks and nibbles, the roads are becoming busy in town but its lov,l and quiet out here, as this is the 2nd year we have had use of the house, things are familier,Its hot and sunny here at the moment around 100 degrees, and its monsoon season so some serious rain at times most welcome, Sunday went to Mick’s bar to watch the soccer Chelsea and man u then golf Ryder cup a bit disappointing, so home by 4am, borrow old Johns car and drive up to our house in the village, TY Parrier, about 5 hours to get there, the house is nearly finished, and Pan and the children are living there when I am away in London, and Pan has had the wall built around the estate in my absence, to keep the hens and the dogs out, but me need a sliding gate to finish it off, also some curtains and more furniture, so looking to that next. No air con in the village as yet pick up our rice, and slow cookers ect plus my golf clubs stay one night make a list of the next part of the project, and who is available for work, we have spent a month or so there painting and plastering, last trip, Plus all the floors and walls are tiled, as required, Over the 12 years or so I have been coming here, I have made up a wide circle of friends, some of which come and go like me and some who stay permanently, and of course they are from all over the world, so its great fun to touch base and catch up on what’s been happening, I always play Bridge once or twice a week, its held at the bowling club in the afternoons a nice air conditioned room, and a good mix of both sexes. Well that’s all for now, will write again soon. Dingo.

A Group 1 October 08

After a dry but blustery day, the Windswept Wayfarers take tea at the Denbies Tropicarium

A Group Oct 1st

After the squall we had earlier on, the day turned out bright and sunny, without rain. Before setting out, we had a roll call of walking wounded, Ray had knee trouble, Ian had a dodgy ankle, and Grant was under the weather with a cold. Also present and relatively able bodied were Brian, Will, Frank C, Mike, Vic, John G, John S, Pete M, Pete B, Jeff, Toni, Graham, John B, Simon and Ed.
We were hardly out of the starting blocks before we lost Ian, though despite sore ankle he turned up later at lunch. We also lost Brian to the first puncture of the day. Other early finishers were Pete B, Ray, Grant and Frank C, who left at lunch for a date at Hyde Park Corner as timekeeper for the tandem trike 12 hour/ Lands End – London record attempt. Our route took us due South to Effingham, then it was a steady climb from there up Critten Lane before emerging at the top of White Down. Conditions had dried out by then, so the descent of White Down was trouble free. Then we went along Raikes Lane, past the Volunteer pub, and up into Holmbury St Mary. After that it was downhill into Forest Green, through Walliswood before arriving at Rowhook and the Chequers Inn for lunch (decent food but a tad pricey according to some). Just short of lunch, John s had our second puncture, but at least it was close to the pub.
After lunch, our return led through Okewoodhill and up Weare Street, through Capel and into Newdigate. From there it was the usual thrash back into Dorking, though John G and John S missed the turn into Punchbowl Lane, but found their way along the A24 to tea at Denbies, where Jen joined us for a cuppa. I covered 59 miles in all. Rob

B Group Oct 1st

Pictures from Bernard
Group B - 1.10.2008 Consisting of- Bernard, Liz, Roger, Norman, Andrew, Adam, Harry, David, Godfry, Alan, Robin, and Welcome to a new member Marion Putland. Set off southwards to Horsley Road , then left straight through Effingham, and up Beach Avenue, Left along Ranmore Common. Past the church right onto a track, left to stop for the fine view and photos. Down through Denbies vineyard to cross the A24, then along Pixham Lane A25 and Coach Road to Brockham Common for lunch at The Dukes Head, when there was a light shower, and Deanna arrived having mislaid us at the start. There was no great enthusiasm to ride over Box Hill, so we reversed tracks to the A24, then to Leatherhead. Six pressed on to Epsom for tea at the Tasty Pasty Café, and five back to North Cheam . Our thanks to Bernard for the blogg photos, and Norman guiding us through the back streets and parks of Ashtead and Epsom. Cheers Robin.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pams Party Pictures

Happy Birthday Pam from all your Fans

Easy Riders Oct 1st

Easy Riders There were nine of us to start Lynda, Roger, Harold, Mark, John, Dennis, Bill , Fuzz and myself, and we gained a couple more at lunch time. Fuzz set off to make his own way, seeking a flatter route than the one I had planned. We were making our way to West Horsley through the lanes, via Martyrs Green (home of The Black Swan), Hatchford, Guileshill Lane, Hungry Hill and the Jury Farm Estate. We arrived at the King William IV West Horsley where we were joined here by Fuzz who had found a "lost" Stephnie on the way, and Brian. We enjoyed a good lunch and were very well looked after in spite of the fact that the staff were dealing with a very large luncheon party. It rained while we were lunching, but the sun was shining again by the time we were ready to set out again. After lunch we made our way to East Horsley following the track alongside the railway. After that we took the fairly recently opened cycle track through the Great Ridings Woods to Effingham, and then to Leatherhead where some looked for tea while others simply went home. Mike W