Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Group Ride to Horton

All together at Horton

B Group Pictures

Pictures from Bernard

Easy Riders Oct 28th

A very good turnout at Shepperton in splendid weather with no wind and warm sunshine we enjoyed elevenses and set off for The Bell in Staines. Ably led by Bill M., with Lynda, Chris, Tom, Roger, Fuzz, Ron, John C., Peter and myself on the tandem trike plus Dennis and I believe one or two more, we took the route thro` the nearby gardens and the bridge with the spiral climb and descent which crosses the main road near Shepperton. When we reached a park which included a kissing gate and a five mph limit, we knew it would be impassible for the tandem trike, so we headed for Staines on the Kingston Road only managing a sip of our beer before the others arrived. Dear old Tom reported the loss of his wallet and Lynda telephoned the Greeno to no avail. When we arrived back there for tea, the missing item was found lying on a chair! A good day enjoyed by us all---------------Albert

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

B group 28.10.09.

From Shepperton in very pleasant cycling conditions I led 11 (7 more than last week, including rarely seen Gillian and even more rarely seen Bruce McNeil - last time 14 years ago). Crossing the Thames at Walton bridge we rode alongside it to Weybridge then to Addlestone and Ottershaw. Stonehill Road led almost to Chobham, but we chose Old Chertsey Road and Philpot Road. As we briefly joined Station Road John Mason punctured but since we were almost at lunch break (The Plough, Horsell) some of us carried on, others waited with John - they soon rejoined us. After a pleasant, quickly served lunch John found he had another flat ! Soon we were under way and enjoyed a few delightful miles of Basingstoke Canal towpath, leaving it at Sheerwater. A reasonably quiet ride through Pyrford and Ripley led to Cobham where most stopped for refreshments at Cafe Aromas, after which we went our separate ways. Thanks to Brian Greenwood for maintaining two groups and Bernard for backmarking.


A Group Oct 28

An interesting situation at The Greeno Centre as we shared the room with the ending of an elderly persons keep fit session complete with music. We seemed to have the edge as the Wayfarers at full volume take some beating!
19 riders followed on what was planned by me to be an idealistic ride at a steady pace and nobody being dropped as has happened on six of the last eight rides. A warm sunny windless day was ideal as we wandered through Chertsey, Staines and Wraysbury to a very efficiently served lunch at The Five Bells Horton.
Back to Staines via the cycle route alongside the M25 heading for tea at Upper Halliford, at this point the ideal ride disintergrated as one by one at least eleven riders overtook the leader and vanished into the distance the remainder turned left into Littleton & Charlton arriving at The Orangery Tea Room wondering why does one bother to lead at all!
From Pete Mitchell

A Group 28 October

Pete led us on an easy-going Autumn ride to Horton for lunch, tea at Upper Halliford. 22.89 miles all told, not much ascent (the Thames Valley is pretty flat), rolling average 11.28 mph and 1088 calories.


A + B 21 October

Royal Oak - Wood Street
A and B at the Royal Oak
(A few words from Vic to follow)

A Group Oct 21st

Group A Ride 21st October 2009
From Addlestone,19 riders went through New Haw,Woodham Lane to Six Crossroads,Shores Road,Knaphill,Brookwood,
Pirbright,Aldershot Road,CobbettHill to Wood Street and the “Royal Oak” for lunch. Then Pitch Place,Saltbox Lane, Jacobs Well,Burpham,A3 cycle path, Burnt Common, Ripley, Ockham Bites for tea.
The outward route had to be curtailed,omitting an excursion up Tunnel Hill at Pirbright to ensure we got to the pub at the pre-booked time. Despite this, the slowness of the service meant we didn’t get away until 1400, so that another leg, from Burpham to Merrow, the Clandons and Horsleys and Effingham to tea at Martyrs Green had to be abandoned.
reconnaissance showed that this ride,as planned, was do-able in the allotted time and at a reasonable pace . If we continue to attract such numbers, perhaps we should avoid routes with busy junctions, which break the flow. Also,choose lunch venues with more than one pub, and encourage people to bring sandwiches! Pleased as we are to see cycling so popular, we should be considering the logistics of conducted rides.
From Vic White

Report on Sicily Part 1

This is Part One because Luisa and I couldn't make the full three weeks that Ian planned, so we were together for the first week and then Luisa and I went on a shorter route the second week. Pam's going to do Part Two.The group was: Bob, Ian, Lesley, Luisa, Mike, Pam, Robin and me.

Mon 12: We were able to check in for an early-the-next-day Easyjet flight after 8:00pm so we did so and stayed at the nearby Travel Lodge. Minimal hassle about checking our bikes in. Mike arrived looked as if he'd been in world war three - look for the scars in the photos.

Tues 13: Early start. Flight routine but with lovely views of the snow-capped Pyrenees in the early morning light. Arrived at Palermo on time and all the bikes were OK. We then pottered down the coast in sunshine at a pleasant temperature. Sea views to the right limestone cliffs on the left. In the towns the roads were pretty grotty, similar to London roads, but elsewhere the surfaces were generally good.Stayed two nights at Balestrate in a nice B & B run by a charming man who couldn't do enough for us, even buying our rail tickets for us. 22 miles.

Wed 14: Sight-seeing day in Palermo, where we went by train. Separate ways - six of them went on a hop-on hop-off bus, Luisa and I walked around. We saw some of the principal sights, including the fabulous silver and gold mosaic Cappella Palatina, Mary Magdalena's withered left foot (indubitably), the area round Fontana Pretoria with it's naked statues. back for dinner at the B & B which was good fun. Lots of nice vino and the brandy delivered by the waiter from the bar down the road. 0 miles.

Thurs 15: Off we went on a slightly damp morning. I persuaded the group to go via a large reservoir. This diversion from the CTC route meant going up a hill which was as steep as the dam ie. very steep! But all was well in the end. It had rained hard the previous night and there was sand washed on to the road in quite a few places, deep enough to stop a road bike. One downhill section was a stream and several of us got a good soaking from passing cars. Stayed in Corleone in a wonderfully-located hotel with a super view. Bit of a performance storing the bikes, especially when bikes locked together. 42 miles.

Fri 16: Nearly 10.00 by the time we left. We separated but met up in Bisacquino. Mainly sunny but with a few mini-showers. Lovely scenery, vineyards and olives. Quite a bit of climbing. After Bisacquino - which was about 750m - we went down one of the longest hills ever. Lunch in Burgio where Pam arrived spitting blood because no-one answered their phone! We had a bit of trouble finding the B & B but Luisa's invaluable Italian saved the day. The B& B was super, the nicest, a fairly large modern private house in the middle of a large olive orchard; beautifully furnished and appointed with a family who looked after us very hospitably, they provided a typical Sicilian meal which was delicious and plenty of wine. 34 miles.

Sat 17: It was quite cold but sunny, we stopped for a coffee at Montallegro and then on to Siciliana for lunch. After some difficulty we found a hotel where we had rather a nice meal, quite reasonably priced, and served by an amusing waiter who reminded several of us of Manuel in Fawlty Towers. Just as we were getting on our bikes it started to rain, hard, really hard. Luisa and I stayed on the main road to Agrigento, the others thought it safer to take a small road. Luisa and I found the B & B without too much trouble - other than having to carry our bikes up a lot of steps. The others had a more adventurous time which involved a police escort and a rescue by the B & B owner who led them up a long hill in his car. We were all cold and wet by the time we got there but by dint of hot showers and heaters we were soon OK again. One problem, someone had hidden Robin's passport in a secret compartment in his pannier. So there ensued 27 phone calls to all the places we'd stayed and eaten, his insurance company, the British Embassy and MI6. 37 miles.

Sun 18: Relief - Robin's passport was discovered. Sightseeing day, Agrigento is rightly famous for its Valley of Temples one of which is the finest Doric temple anywhere. After dinner a new record time was set - only 27 minutes to decide the division of the bill. 0 miles.

Mon 19: Luisa and I left the others and set out on a shorter route towards Catania. Quite a lot of climbing. Sunny morning but quite cold again, 14 degrees at lunchtime. Our route was Favara, Canicatti, Caltanissetta. It took us a few minutes to find the right road to start with, this was caused by us not realising that the main road was closed and there were yellow signs directing us towards Palermo which was not the way we wanted to go. Afterwards I realised the yellow ones were temporary. Nice little hotel in town centre, dinner in a pizzeria where the chap had been making pizzas for 30 years and could do all the tricks like throwing them behind himself. 40 miles.

Tues 20: Another sunny cold morning, 11 degrees at 10.00. More hills to Barrafranca and Piazza Armaria. We managed to lose each other which took a few minutes to sort out. We were there by lunchtime, found a hotel close to the Casa Romana and had the afternoon to see the Roman mosaics, the best-known one is the bikini girls. 30 miles.

Wed 21: It took a long time to get out of town and quite a big hill, caused by a combination of a closed road and an out-of-date map albeit recently purchased. We got to Caltagirone which has a thriving ceramics industry which are liberally scattered round the town. We caught the train at Caltagirone all the way to Catania and found a nice hotel with a wonderful view from our bedroom window of the west front of the duomo, extravagantly baroque. We stayed five nights at this hotel. 25 miles.

Thurs 22: Etna - in a jeep not our bikes! All very interesting, we only went to the limit of the road, about 2,000m out of the 3,323m height of Etna. we saw the place where the 2001 eruption came from and its end point. We also were taken along a tunnel in the lava from the 1792 eruption.

Fri 23: Off to Syracuse, confused by road signs (again), this time caused by a bridge which had collapsed. I had a bit of tummy trouble! Some nice bits of road but too many unavoidable main roads. Had a look round the Archaeological Park. Back by train.50 miles.

Sat 24: North from Catania, first to a pretty town of Acireale and then down to the sea sticking as close to the coast as possible, a lovely lunch in a tiny harbour called Stazzo. We got as far as Riposto, it started to rain so we trained back. 30 miles.

Sun 25: Again north from Catania but sticking to the main road which wasn't busy being Sunday and virtually no lorries. For the first time there were lots of cyclists, many of them fit-looking young men whizzing along on smart bikes with all the gear. So got to Taomina by 12.30 and had a look round. It's reputed to be the most popular resort in Sicily and is a very attractive town perched on a steep hill. Trained back. 50 miles.

Mon 26: Early flight home - BMI/Air Malta. There was a sign telling us to remove our front wheels which we decided to ignore. But when we tried to check in they were adamant, their machine "wasn't big enough to scan the bikes unless the wheel was removed". So unpack and repack our bikes. Otherwise flight routine.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

2010 Dieppe Raid

Date to be 13th June 2010 - announcement click here.


Message from Pam

Hi to all Wayfarers, from Sicily!

Greetings from the highest city in Italy, in the clouds at Etna! Very wet and blowing a gale....! We are on a rest day - thank goodness!!!
All's well with every one, Looking forward to seeing you all in November...!

Byeeeee :) :)l

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Easy Riders Oct 21st

We had a joint effort leading yesterday. Roger's route and me in front.

15 of us left Kingston for the ride; a few others called in for coffee and cake.
There was me and Roger up front, followed by Dave, Alan x 3, Ron, Dennis, Bill H. Pat, Cliff, Les, John, Fuzz and Albert.
Fuzz got a puncture and told us to go on; but think he went home, as he didn't show at the pub for lunch. Albert went back before lunch; I thought he was being rather optimistic after cycling all the way to Kingston. I had a call later on from him, so he must have been relaxing with his usual! The rest of us took the pretty way to Cobham via Hinchley Wood. Decided not to go through Arbrook Common, so continued the usual way to Blackhills. Passed the Fairmile and left at the Rugby Grounds. A right turn at the junction took us to The Tilt. Then we headed over to The Running Mare. Always a popular pub; with quite a few cars in the car park when we arrived at 12.15pm. But, we got served fairly quickly; and their food and presentation always very good. We returned, passing The Plough at Stroke d'Abernon. Through Oxshott via The Crown Estate; and made our way to Claygate for tea. Some went straight home and 6 of us had tea. I caught a shower on my way home; but it fizzled out as I was going through Ewell Park. It just shows; don't listen to the weather forecast!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A and B Group 21st October

Standing in for Pam, who is in Sicily, Vic led a large combined group to Wood Street for lunch and then on to Ockham Bites for tea. We covered 25.10 miles at a rolling average of 12.30 mph; 610.8 ft of ascent and 1193 calories.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Easy Riders Alberts story

We had a goodly turnout for the AGM after elevenses at Hersham and Roger led around fifteen of us to The Albion at East Molesey. I was stoking my tandem trike with my son Peter at number two followed by Fuzz, Bill H., Ron, John C., Lynda, Alan, Chris and the amazing Tom who at the grand age of 95 can knock the spots off many of us, to name a few enjoying a pretty flat ride in decent but rather overcast weather. Tea was to be near Chessington so since I had an appointment we peeled off home having covered around 20 miles--------Albert

Friday, October 16, 2009

Easy Riders Oct 14th

After the AGM thirteen of us left Hersham & rode to Molsey to the Albion pub where we had lunch.
when Alan came out of the pub, a lady had put a notice on his bike about locking it to her fence.
after lunch some of us went to Chessington Kings centre for tea.
& after tea we all made our own way home.we all had a good days ride.

from roger - m.

A Group - 14 October 2009

Hersham AGM to Staines and the Walled Garden

"Oh, no! It's not you cyclists again?" was the greeting I got from a horrified lady on arriving at Hersham for the AGM. Our number did indeed fill the Day Centre. However, we promptly removed to the Village Hall, where the business of the day was expeditiously dispatched by Chairman Pete B. Irene then took her place as Boadicea (for some reason renamed Boudica) at the head of the A Group and quickly led us away through the plutocratic estates of Burwood Park and Ashley Park. We followed an unhurried course over Walton Bridge to Chertsey Bridge and along the towpath beside a very placid Thames to Staines, where we secured our chariots outside the ubiquitous Wetherspoons.

Fortified by steak and kidney pudding and London Ale we then turned 180 degrees and took a tarmac route to Lower Sunbury, to enjoy the warm, autumn tints of the Walled Garden and for some a toasted tea-cake the size of a dinner plate.

The early afternoon was mild enough for us to take our tea outside before parting for an early homeward journey to forestall the rush hour and while still in fading October sunshine.

(For Mrs Scott)

Lost and forgotten at the garden, one black left Altura cycling glove. If yours, this little orphan is awaiting collection.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

At the AGM

Pictures from Francoise

Wayfarers AGM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

B group 14.10.09.

After the AGM at Hersham, PC-less Liz led a sizeable bunch to The Cricketers at Stoke d'Abernon. I left Hersham later and joined everyone for lunch (how many more times this year will we be able to eat outside ?). After a pleasant break some went home but the majority headed south to Effingham Junction and East Horsley. After joining the A246 I was politely told by a frustrated motorist that we were breaking the law riding in convoy. Equally politely I told him we were not. Soon we turned into Chalk Lane, then Honeysuckle Bottom, passing Bob Symes' 10 1/4" gauge (GWR) model railway - but no trains running today. Soon we arrived at the saw mills, but Liz opted to about-turn rather than accept the challenge of an off-road steep uphill track. Not wishing to deprive us of a climb, she then chose to go UP Crocknorth Road to Ranmore, eventually passing Ranmore church and DOWN Ranmore Common Road to Westhumble. We used the cycle track to Leatherhead, past the recently ram-raided Cycleworks to Annie's where there was a goodly selection of muffins (flavours various), after which we went our separate ways.


B Group Ride 14th October

An entertaining ride that Liz neatly fitted in to the time available after the AGM. Taken Hersham to tea; 24.58 miles, 1228.7 ft of ascent, moving average speed 9.14 mph, steepest climb Crocknorth Road at 14.3%, highest speed on Ranmore Common Road at 33.4 mph and 1168 calories.

Friday, October 09, 2009

B Group Oct 7th

WAYFARERS GROUP B 7th October 09.
Sixteen rode off from Cobham.
Jill, Judy, Liz, Pam, Irene, Ian, Phillip, Norman, Bernard, Bob S, Mike, Frank, Pete, Eddie, Roger and Robin.

We went through Pointers Green, Martyrs Green, and Ripley, then NW to Woking, left along the canal to find Weatherspoons in the centre of Woking for lunch, which was all the more enjoyable having the company of several whom are usually A group riders. Unfortunately because of the weather forecast the ride was kept short.
Sure enough as we resumed riding so did the rain fall. Heading back to the canal, and on the tow path to Weybridge, through back streets to Walton bridge and along by the Thames to Hampton Bridge where five stopped for tea. A pity the day finished with an early wet ride homeward.
From Robin Johnson

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Easy Riders Alberts story

Weather forecast was pretty dismal but we had a good turnout at Cobham with nine or ten on the actual ride. John C. was leading to The Anchor at Bookham with Bill H., Bill ?, Roger, Fuzz, Chris, Lynda, Ron. Alan, and me to name but a few. Upon arriving at Bookham Common I found no trouble getting my trike between the posts but foolishly did not wait for someone whom I could follow and came off the edge of the path into a bramble. I`ll have to get some better glasses! The meal and the beer was welcome but tea was to be some distance from my home run, so I chose to return across the common and consequentally missed a turn which resulted in a total of 35 and a half mile total, all in driving rain! I`m not sure how long my powers of recovery will last but they came up trumps last night----------------------Albert

Easy Riders Oct 7th

In view of the weather forecast I decided a short ride would be prudent.Fourteen of us left Cobham via Downsend and Bookham Common Crossing the common Albert fell off his trike luckily into brambles although not pleasant cushioned his fall .we pulled him up, no damage and continued to the Anchor in Bookham.The sandwich folk going to the church porch,whilst in the pub the rain started.Albert and Mike Whitton left us after lunch .Mike will be having his hip operation early November we wish him well. After lunch we were left with eight riders the others heading for home.We proceeded in heavy rain to the Ashtead Park Garden Centre for tea.Unfortunately i lost four en route the rest of us had tea and very nice
cake. After which we went our various
ways home.

John Conacher

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Group Ride - 7 October

Conquest of Sheephouse Lane (see Mark's report)

A Group Ride 7th October

Eleven of us left Cobham; Brian, Ed, Graham, Jeff, John, John G, Mike, Ray, Vic and Will under the uncertain guidance of Aspirant Leader Mark, out for his first canter. The plan was a ride of four hills - two before lunch and two after. It was grey when we started, but the weatherman had been promising rain and then changing his mind for the last twenty four hours, and it was pretty obvious that we were going to get some before the day was out.

We set off along Downside Bridge Road, crossing first the M25 and then over Effingham Common to Effingham village. High Barn Road provided our first test hill - nothing too demanding at 15.6%, but good enough to blow away the cobwebs and we were soon on our way over the top of White Hill. In sunnier times the descent has been the scene of high jinks at high speed, but on a grey Autumn day with the surface slippery with leaves it was a different matter, and it was a cautious team that re-grouped at the A25 with a highest speed of just over 27 mph - and many went slower. Vic branched off here - his chest had been rattling on White Hill and he had decided to take Raikes Lane towards Holmbury St Mary and give himself a bit of an easier run to lunch. So we were ten.

We went along the main road for a couple of miles to Wooton Hatch - thankfully there was little traffic - and Mike signed off here. He too had a chest infection and didn't want to crock himself before his trip to Sicily next week. So now we were nine.

The morning's second hill was now in front of us, Sheephouse Lane, and Jeff the photographer nipped ahead to capture our smiling faces as we came over the crest. The clinometer shows 17.6% for this one, which doesn't sound much, but I think that all will attest that it's a tough little number and well worth a visit for the connoisseur of Surrey Hills. The rest of the climb up to Leith Hill was pretty straightforward by comparison and within a few minutes we were ready to capitalise on our climbing by enjoying a good whizz down to the pub. Then Jeff got a puncture. Nobly, he said that we should leave him and that he would join us at lunch. Naturally, the team rallied round.

'OK' we said, and left him. Now we were, at least temporarily, eight.

Within a few minutes - during which we achieved the day's highest speed of 35.6 mph - we were at the Scandrett Arms in Walliswood. They were expecting us and had reserved a table - and there was Vic sitting at it. Things seemed to be looking up - and indeed they were, in all matters but one. It was just starting to rain ... Still, a good lunch and it would surely pass.

For the next hour things went well indeed. Pete and Don arrived, followed by Jeff and we were a dozen at table. However, looking through the window it was evident that things were not getting better outside. It had started to rain, heavily at first but it soon got to really chucking it down. Three plans began to emerge to deal with the problem. We could:

- stay in the pub;
- ignore the weather and carry on; or
- shorten the route a bit and hope that the worst of it would pass over.

The last option was the one we took - or at least the one that the majority took. Will headed for home - he had some domestic duties to catch up on. Pete and John G decided to make their own way to tea; Ray and Vic headed for home through Holmbury St Mary.

So seven of us set off - Don had joined the amphibians - and we made our way towards Ewhurst dodging puddles in a torrential downpour. The original plan to go to Cranleigh to tackle Barhatch Lane (which is a fierce hill) was postponed for another day and instead we took the first part of Pitch Hill and then turned off towards Peaslake for a bit of a softer option in view of the conditions. At this point Ed dropped back to set an easier pace for himself - six - and we swept into Shere hardly daring to believe that the rain might be easing.

All that now lay between us and tea was Combe Lane (14%) with the curiously named 'Agony Corner' at the top - see pics above. It was wet, but well within our compass and we rolled down Green Dene at a steady clip.

The gods of cycling mishaps hadn't finished with us yet. Just as we passed Crocknorth Road Don got a puncture. He too said that he would sort it out himself and so the five survivors carried on through Effingham and the Bookhams to Leatherhead.

As we walked up the High Street to Annie's there was something of a fairy-tale ending. The rain had pretty much stopped, a string quartet was playing (no, really) and Pete and John appeared round the corner. Into Annie's, we so wet that we made the windows steam up, and Ed appeared five minutes later. He had seen Don who had presumably had enough. Tea, cakes and then off into the gathering gloom. Winter's coming.

Raw stats - 36.97 miles elevenses to tea; moving average 11.42 mph; 2594.4 feet of ascent and 1757 calories, which seems a bit mean, given all the effort.


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Croatia report

Pretty harbour towns

Grappa for breakfast

Island scenery

Bikes on train

Six of us have just returned from a week’s cycling in the north of Croatia . We had looked at the south starting from Dubrovnik but it’s hard to find a route there without using the nasty busy coast road. The best way to get to the north is Easyjet to Ljubjana in Slovenia and then train to Rijeka , only €120 for six of us. That’s what we did. We all used the CTC plastic bags and there was no damage to any of the bikes – although we all got fed up with the check-in process at Stansted which took ages, we needed most of the two hours we allowed. By contrast, on the way back the process at Ljubjana was painless. The weather was great, almost unbroken sunshine and not too hot.

Our route was:

Day 1: About 18 miles from Ljubjana airport to the railway station on a rather busy road. We found a better way on the way back, a road that more-or-less follows the route of the motorway. We were able to leave our plastic bags at the Celica Hostel where we stayed the last night. It’s a converted prison complete with barred doors on the cells! Not the sort of place one would want to stay for long but amusing for one night. We paid €115 for five of us for B & B. The train was equipped to take up to 12 bikes with no hassle. Then just 10 miles from Rijeka to Opatija, an attractive sea-side town. We stayed in a hotel, other than the prison we booked nothing in advance. 25 miles.

Day 2: Our first exposure to the hills. Down the coast to Brestova, ferry to Porozina, then down the island of Cres to the town of Cres , where we stayed. Cres is a pretty place, pastel coloured buildings round a small harbour. We found accommodation by the expedient of having a beer when we first arrived and asking the waiter. No problem, we were soon established in an apartment. It’s a common arrangement there for a family to occupy the top part of a small block and rent out the lower part. Very cheap, and when we left the owner plied us with grappa-like booze! Only 34 miles but plenty of hills.

Day 3: Down the length of Cres, across a bridge to the island of Losinj and then down to the southern end to the town of Veil Losinj , where we stayed. There’s also a town Mali Losinj, both are pretty harbours but Veli is smaller and more charming. One of the things I did not expect was the quality of the roads; I should think three quarters of them were wonderful. Often it felt like velvet. The combination of the hills and the road surfaces enabled me to set a new record for myself – 41 mph. We found an apartment without difficulty. Again only 38 miles but more hills.

Day 4: We retraced our steps up Losinj and Cres to the town of Cres. We had originally planned to catch the ferry that evening but by Cres we were tired and there was another 350m climb between Cres and the ferry so we stayed again in Cres, at the same apartment. All the islands are pleasant, nice scenery and not very developed so few places to get a drink between the towns. 38 miles.

Day 5: Up the 350m and to the ferry at Merag to Valbiska on the island of Krk. Lunch in the town of Krk and we stayed at the SE end of the island at Baska which is a sea-side town with a good beach. Another apartment block with three apartments between us for €120 only. I had my altimeter with me and I generally tried to remember the heights of the summits. This day was 350m, 200m, 320m with sea level in between. So 870m and with a few more undulations I reckon it was at least 1,000m. Other days were similar. 32 miles.

Day 6: Up to the bridge that connects Krk to the mainland via a pretty sea side village of Silo where we had lunch. We stayed at Kraljeveka which is not a tourist town. The only hotel in town was a workers place where we had the last two rooms three-bedded rooms only €60 together including ham and eggs for breakfast! There was only one place to eat, a pizzeria where I had the best pizza I’ve had for many years. 40 miles.

Day 7: One of the party had to go home a day early so we cycled along the main coast road to Rijeka . A busy and not very pleasant 13 miles despite there being a motorway alternative. God knows what it was like before the motorway! We put the early returner on the train back to Ljubjana and the five of us caught another train up to Lokve – we didn’t fancy the 1,000m climb. There were a few minutes of anxiety when the train conductor said “only two bikes” but eventually the station-master over-ruled him. We then cycled to Fuzine through pine forests and European bears (not that we saw any) via two lakes. Apparently one can hunt the bears, it costs €20-40,000 depending on the size of the bear. More hills! Very nice hotel in Fuzine, where bear was off the menu because they relied on road kills and there hadn’t been any. 31 miles.

Day 8: After yet another climb we enjoyed the 1,000m whiz to Rijeka . Train back to Ljubjana, quick look round town and then our night in prison.

Day 9: We visited the castle in the rain in the morning, Ljubjana is quite a small city but nice for a day or maybe two. Then back to the airport and a punctual and uneventful trip home.


Monday, October 05, 2009

Friday Lunch 2 October.

Ken Preece, Brian Starey, Pat & Bill Mathews enjoying lunch at the Queen Adelaide Carvery Stoneleigh/Ewell Bypass. Using our Diamond Card we got a full Buffet meal with all the trimmings (Beef, Turkey or Ham) for £4.95, as much veg as you like plus either a starter or a pudding £1 (price 2.95). Pat chose a really generous size prawn cocktail starter and Bill the soup, whereas the rest had apple pie and custard/ice cream for pudding (Bill wanted the same pudding until he realised he had to pay full price). We were all completely full. Pat's knee continues to be a real problem and she cannot bike or barley walk at the moment, Brian was in good spirits and Ken continues to make excellent progress. He has finished his Radio Therapy and now awaits the fitting of a special bone mounted hearing aid and a prosthetic ear. His inner ear and hence balancing mechanism, remarkably is not affected and he has been for a short bike ride on Nonsuch park. We hope to see you at Cobham soon Ken if you can make it car assisted.
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Beginners BBQ Saturday 26 September

Original post moved here:

to the DA blog - as the Beginners are not the Wayfarers!

Easy Riders - 30th Sept 2009

Fuzz was leading the group, there were 15 of us altogether & it was nice to see Tom out on the ride.
We left Teddington & rode through the roads & back alleyways to Isleworth, then on to the Aprentice pub for lunch for about 12:30.
Some of us had our lunch inside the pub & some outside in the back yard.
After lunch we rode back to Isleworth through Richmond & through Sheen Gate in Richmond Park for tea.
We all had a good day out & the weather wasn't too bad for this time of year, then we all went on our different ways home.

regards Roger.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A Group - 30 September

Star Inn - Lingfield

After a leisurely ride, the A group enjoy a leisurely OAP's special for lunch - it even included apple pie and custard! Good for those hills on the way back.

A Group Sept 30th

Wayfarers ride for Sept 30th Leader Ed Sharp My annual ride to Lingfield weather fine with a tint of autumn in the trees. 13 riders set off plus newcomer Luc. Route out Smallfield, Horne, Newchapel Temple. A very quiet lunch was had outside the Star Pub. Return route Blindley Heath, Outwood Mill, Nutfield to Redhill Wetherspoons for tea with some hills for the lads to stretch their legs back home past Fanny's Farm and Banstead.