Friday, January 30, 2009

B Group Jan 28th

Nine B riders left Shepperton and crossed Chertsey Bridge. But only eight were left a few minutes later when we stopped on Ferry Lane by Laleham Golf Course. A quick roll call established that Bernard was the missing rider. Gill kindly went back to look for him, but, after a few minutes, returned to report that she could not find him. It later transpired that she had gone as far as the North side of the bridge carrying Ferry Lane over the M3, but, because of the height of the bridge itself, had not seen Bernard mending his puncture 50 yards ort so away on the bridge's South side . On realising he had a puncture, Bernard, who was at the rear of the group at the time, had shouted for us to stop but, probably because of the noise of the M3 traffic, no-one had heard him. Further, I had not informed Bernard where we were having lunch. So, having replaced his inner tube, he made for home. Sorry, Bernard!

The rest of us emerged opposite the main entrance to Thorpe Park, hoping that Bernard might be waiting for us there. But, as noted above, this was not to be. We went via Thorpe and Virginia Water to Windsor Park, which we exited at Saville Gardens. We had lunch at "The Sun" on Wick Lane. While Les was still eating his mandatory gammon steak, Gill decided to leave us in order to be home in time to make her evening's entertainment in London.

The remaining group cycled through Englefield Green, and got slightly lost in trying to by-pass the centre of Egham. We eventually emerged at Egham Sports Centre on Vicarage Road. From there we took the direct road route through Staines, Laleham,Shepperton and Halliford to Sunbury, where no-one wanted to stop for tea; so we all (hopefully) reached home before dark.

John Gould

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A group January 28, P.P.S.

Diomeda Exulans - the Wandering Albatross

My most grateful thanks to Graham for his sterling embodiment of the Good Samaritan by assisting with puncture no. one and guiding me to the Cricketers at Winkworth Row in time for lunch, then offering a spare innertube on the return ride after puncture no. two.
Warmest appreciation then to the two ministering angels, Irene and Pam, who escorted me out of the wilderness to more familiar regions, from which I could navigate my way home. Could I get home safely, warm and dry, from Chertsey Bridge? Why not?

Well, nearly. A stop on the way approaching Leatherhead for some essential rehydration - a wonderful cocktail from the One Stop Shop of 'Lucozade Sport with Caffeine Boost' - highly recommended. Then a joust with the rush-hour traffic joining the M25 before onwards and upwards to Walton, where a stop for the Times and latest news of Armageddon - now just a gentle freewheel back home. Time 6.30 pm and in time for the 7 o'clock news. Less than a mile to go, then bang! Al-Qaeda had dynamited the road. A crater swallowed me up, to the astonishment of three following drivers. Bike and rider blasted into the darkness for a miraculous soft landing on a muddy grass verge, placed there for just that purpose by a caring Council.

Comforted by consoling words from compassionate drivers, I then walked with my crippled steed the remaining three quarters of a mile to blink into the light of home. Graham's unused innertube alas no help.
Signed: The Albatross

Message from Harold

I was surprised the phone woke me with a sound like come and get me come and get me faster, faster you know the way phones won't wait. I had another surprise, on picking it up the noise stopped and was replaced by a Wayfarers bird like voice saying a little group were on the path/road to my place! To wish me well. Needs no excuse to stop work, run around the house (tidy up) and produce a bottle of "good" white wine. This visit on top of a card signed by names across the groups was to welcome. "welcome" being understated as only a word, I must thank you all. Ask Pam, we seem to be taking turns with accidents just how important this contact is, she seems to bounce better that's all I can say. The phone's ring is getting louder and louder and can't be refused.

Hope to be back soon.
Harold Fifield

Easy Riders Jan 28th

Quite a few ventured from North Cheam to Shepperton in the drizzly rain. But, only 6 or 7 came on for lunch. I saw Bill H., and I think Mark make their way to the Day Centre in Molesey to eat their sandwiches; and I led Pat, Fuzz, Beryl and Mick to Hampton Court. Mike decided to go straight home, and then we were 4 who had lunch at The Albion. I recommended the fish & chips as I had this the last time I was there. It was superb! The best I have tasted. Just what we needed on a cold, wet day. The special price of get 1 free per 2 meals was an added attraction. £3.16 each! After lunch, Fuzz said he was going to visit Harold; so I phoned and Fuzz, Beryl and myself went to visit. Harold is in good spirits, (in more ways than one). We had a mini tour; and he showed us his DIY; and as a treat, he opened a bottle of Chardonnay. A very pleasant afternoon tea stop. Fuzz then made his way home; and Beryl came on with me to Cheam, where she got a train and I went for a jaquassi.


A Group Jan 28th

I said "it's too far" but she'd already phoned so I could have saved my breath. Sixteen set out from Shepperton on a miserable drizzly sort of day. From Chertsey we took B388 beside the M25 motorway to be halted near Thorpe Lea when Jeff punctured. And that's all I know of the outward ride as I waited with Jeff.
Comparing notes later, our routes tallied more or less
namely Egham (lengthy stop for us at the level crossing), Middle Hill, in at Bishopsgate and out at Forest Gate. After the kidney roundabout we sought out the Drift Road and Maiden's Green. Here mistakenly I turned right but two lefts compensated and brought us to Cricketers Lane and its eponymous pub, five minutes late at around 13:20.
After a filling and well priced lunch
we were away one hour later leaving a pub emptied of customers. Irene had a surprise for us - we took a first left and first right into Ascot and a few minutes later we were offroading down Chavey Down. As we struggled for traction on the sticky watery ooze, her words were "I've NEVER seen it like that before!"; our words are not repeatable.
Once across Ascot racecourse we went
back into the Park at Watersplash Gate (or whatever it calls) and mingled with homegoing children from the Royal School. Just after Bishopsgate Jeff suffered a second puncture (front again). This time Irene stopped and I led a rump the shortest way home via Tite Hill, Pooley Green, Staines, Laleham and Shepperton where we fragmented around four o'clock.

Graham Hill

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mark Roy Trophy

Improvement in mileage covered, year on year.
Increase over the previous year, in miles:

Julian Calder 1601
Frank Cubis 1220
Dennis Broughton 1023
Neil Guild 943
Mike Morley 857
Judy Margery 760
Andrew Hewett 580
Liz Scrivens 339
Norman Goody 300
Lynda Barrow 236
Terry Lowe 147
Clive Oxx 147
Doreen Powney 121
Pete Mitchell 117
Les Johnston 71
David Ward 41
Deanna Bailey 27

One of those days

Help! Half past five on Wednesday morning: ooh! I did have a bad night thinking about my saddle bag and what would pack in it - might it rain? Should it be coat or cape? Do I need a hat or helmet? and many other thoughts crowding in a space not adeqate or able to cope on the best of days. So, five thirty - looking out of the window - very misty so no clue there, coat and cape then, must clean my teeth, might as well get up, stubbed my toe on my bike reaching for the coat in the hall - must find a new home for the bike - oh-no! a puncture, took about or nearly one hour to find the rubber solution and the patch stuck to my fingers not the tube.

Back to bed - woke up, half past nine ! I'm late shall I try to get to the Wayfarers by 11 or back to sleep? - get up you lazy girl - you can make it Cheam to Teddington - not so bad.
On the bike - got there 10 mins to spare - I'm the first, not a bad morning after all - just a mo'! Out with the runs list - 11's is Kingston - not Teddington!! - but I made it, locked the bike went inside, meeting a group coming out, asked for a coffee - had two sips, - no I did not have less than 50p shouting over my shoulder - watching my group turn the corner.

Back at the bike I can't find the key not in any pocket: pulled everything out of the saddle bag tearing my coat as I did, found the key still in the lock - had never locked it! Jumped on the bike only to find the chain off, by the time I reached the corner they were not in sight, it started to pour down - it was then I found I had left my cape at the centre! That was my Wednesday ride - none of the lads missed me - so I went back to bed. Reported in absence of Albert.

Harold Fifield

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Group January 21 - PS

Perhaps I should have followed the rest up Pebble Hill. It would have been a lot easier than Bell St. Reigate. The bell nearly tolled for me and did toll for the poor old bike. Has anybody got a spoke key?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

B Group Jan 21st

There were only 8 of us who set out from Redhill despite the lovely day albeit a bit cold. We were: Bill, Ian, John G, Norman, Richard, Stephanie, Terry and my good self. Bill's day had started badly - on his way to elevenses he skidded on some spilt diesel and came a cropper. A certain person then caused chaos by asserting that my chosen route was wrong. I foolishly believed him and there were two consequences: firstly we went a longer way round than I had intended and secondly I fell off (because I was so confused about the revised route that I was busy looking at the map and got caught in a deep gutter!) However we got to Lambs Green and The Lamb Inn along virtually traffic-free lanes in pleasant sunshine. The pub provided us with a nice table and prompt and pretty reasonable food. Back to Dorking via Newdigate to the Vineyard for tea. Bill and I caught the train from Dorking - he did me a great favour by giving me and my lightless bike a lift from Tulse Hill to my home which meant I was less late for my dinner date than I would have been otherwise.

Regards Bernard

The Plough at Horsell

To-day, Pete Mathews, Gill, Irene and I 'reckied' a
ride to Horsell. The pub is great!
From Pam

Easy Riders Jan 21st

Albert sends his apologies for not coming on the ride with us today; but Phil had Hayes, Middlesex in mind, so it was a bit out of his way.

Phil lead, Roger, Bill H, Ron, Mark, Liz, Eddie, Allan, Les J, Beryl and Lynda onto the quiet side roads of Teddington towards Crane Park river. All was well, it was a sunny day and not much traffic. We followed the river, enjoying the scenery, a few bumps, stones and a bit wet in parts. But, nevertheless, all was well. Then we came onto the road for a while, and back into parkland - called Donkey Wood. This is where the trouble started.

It was getting wetter and boggie. By the time we were coming to the end, there were a few grumbles to say the least. About 100 yds from the end we were all literally stuck in the mud! We had to use sticks to free our wheels and brakes. Some swished their bikes over the side of the river to wash it off. Phil apologised and said it was dry last time he rode that way. Well, by this time it was getting on, so we found a pub, The White Hart by Heathrow airport. They were doing main meals, 2 for £10. Our waitress said she was going to be on the television, Thursday night at 10.30pm, discussing the third runway. She is one of the main protesters.

So, after a late lunch we did a tour of Heathrow, which was on our route back. It was quite exciting seeing the planes come into land as we were cycling along. Roger, Beryl and myself made our way to Hampton Court and had tea and cake at 5 on the bridge. Everyone else went straight home. I got back home at 6pm and did 40mls - and my bike is a sorry sight! But we were very lucky with the weather as its pouring with rain outside now. A challenging ride, Phil; one that will be talked about in years to come!


A Group Jan 21st

Chilly but comfortable best describe todays conditions. 16 riders left Redhill Methodist Centre tackling the short but steepish way out of Redhill through quiet lanes along a peaceful Bones Lane with it’s Plaque at the place where the Southern most runway used to cross the road back in 1943 when the area was an airfield prior to the start of D-Day. A very pleasant lunch at The Wire Mill New Chapel, good cheerful service and large thick sandwiches & soup kept everbody happy. More lanes via Lonesome Lane to tea at The Reigate Garden Centre. Homewards past the half rebuilt mill, up Pebblecombe noteing on Headley Heath the lack of the old CafĂ© Shack as the presant mobile trailer was being towed on it’s homeward journey.
Puncture Victims Pete Barnard & Julian
54 miles From Pete Mitchell

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hostel Trip 2009

From Weybridge 11s on April 22 I plan to ride to Streatley Youth Hostel (approx 50m), on Thursday 23 to Jordans Youth Hostel, returning home on Friday 24. If you would like to come please let me know by March 4 (Cobham and Prezzo day) with a £20 deposit. If you can only come for one night Streatley is very close to Goring station.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Easy Riders Jan 14th

Nearly decided it was too foggy to turn out but groped my way to Hersham to find a pretty good representative crowd of all three groups enjoying their elevenses in no great rush to press forth into the still present gloom. However a few minutes after eleven, led by Ron and around nine more including Mark, Lynda, Roger, Charles, Fuzz, Dennis, Bill H.,and me, set off for The Bell at East Molesey. A nice flat route over Sir Richards Bridge through Ashley Park in Walton. At this point we got rather decimated and since Ron offered us an alternative route via either road or towpath with the intention of meeting up under Walton Bridge, Fuzz and I went over the bridge and he, climbing to the top of the wooden footbridge near Walton Marina where I from below opted to take the direct route down Terrace Road where I joined forces with Mark and we continued up Hurst Road to our destination. I left him to his sandwiches and found myself alone in The Bell enjoying a
pint when Charles and then Fuzz appeared. The food was good and the beer was less expensive then most other pubs. Ron and most of the others turned up when we were about to leave and we learned that Lynda and others had gone a bit upmarket to lunch at The Albion. I left them at Hampton Court Bridge and made for home where I found I had covered over thirty miles. Did anyone go for tea? At least the fog had dimmed somewhat and it is quite a bit warmer today-------Albert

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Group Jan 14th

Some 21 set off as the A Group from Hersham in cold, damp, thick mist. Dropping down into Weybridge and along the canal road to Addlestone and the footbridge over the motorway, before a quick detour down Spratts Lane brought us to Ottershaw. The familiar route over Stonehill and the Old Chertsey Road led to Chobham and on towards a favourite watering place at Castle Grove. Unfortunately Jeff hit a pothole and punctured with a loud bang (his second of the day having shared the honours before elevenses with Pete B). Rob and Will, armed with directions of a short cut to lunch, kindly offered to stay and help him effect the repair whilst the rest continued towards Littlewick and a, new to many, cycle route through Goldsworth Park. Circumnavigating the lake in an eerie heavy mist before joining the Basingstoke Canal for the last mile or so, we reached lunch (Wetherspoons of course) just in time to be rejoined by Jeff and friends. After lunch it was just a short trip through Woking backstreets and Pyrford to join the A3 cycle path at Wisley. A quick cuppa at Ockham Bites gave all the chance to reach home before darkness fell with the sun finally starting to break through the mist. From Pete Barnard

B Group Jan 14th

The lunch venue for B Group was the Town Wharf at Old Isleworth and a group of 14 of us headed off into the foggy conditions bound for the river at Molesey, with three others who were making their own way home tailing us. The main group comprised Christine, Judy, Liz, Roger, Robin, Eddy, Les, John Scott, Adam, Norman, Godfrey, Nev and Mick. Godfrey had a puncture somewhere along Molesey Road and he said to go on, so we did and we didn't see him again. At Hampton Court we said farewell to Nev and Mick. There were now 11 of us as we cycled along the towpath from Hampton Court to Kingston, then 10 as we lost one more at the Bridge. Staying on the Middlesex side of the river, we went by road to Twickenham, then along by the river, past Marble Hill House, to Richmond Bridge. In the misty conditions, the reflections on the mirror-like surface of the water made a wonderful picture. From here it was a short stretch mostly along paths to The Town Wharf. A table was waiting for us and a warm coal fire (albeit gas) which acted like a magnet when we entered! The food is extremely reasonably priced here. After a somewhat leisurely lunch, we headed back to Richmond Bridge, up Richmond Hill and into Richmond Park. Views on the way up were non-existent due to the fog still hanging around. Taking the cycle path we had a pleasant ride down to Roehampton Gate where 5 of us took tea. The humble tea bag dominated our conversation as we pondered on how long you could keep make one tea bag last - a topic which has been in the papers recently!! As we set off on our homeward journeys, a patch of blue sky was making itself visible - alas, too late! Thanks, Norman, for acting as back-marker. Gill Finlay

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Group 7th Jan 09 ( Postscript)

It was a pleasant surprise seeing Brian Starey at Leatherhead Weatherspoons whilst the 'A' group were lunching there. Brian has been absent from the Wayfarers for some time and it was good to see him looking so well having a drink with Brother Bob their Uncle Joe and Ned.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Easy Riders Jan 7th

The overall turnout at Cobham was a bit thin; not surprising considering the bitter cold. However Lynda led off for The Swan at Thames Ditton and I figured there were at least three behind me at number three with Lynda and Roger in front. Having been off the road for some weeks with ops on my eyes my ability to keep up suffered somewhat but I was sure someone was following and would no doubt overtake my too sedate pace.
After a few hills on what I think now was the old Portsmouth Road going in the direction of Esher, I soon discovered I was alone and asked the way to be told to go over the `Big roundabout` some way ahead. Had I realised it was the Scilly Isles`everything would have been hunky dory' as we used to say and I took the wrong turnoff and found I was on a busy double carriageway (the Kingston bypass). A van driver in the next layby was no help as he was looking for Thames Ditton and was obliged to press on while I got on the pavement and returned to the correct turnoff to our lunch destination where I found Lynda, Roger, Phil and a little later Fuzz, Ron and Dennis. A nice pub but getting to it meant a walk through a narrow lane and the local graveyard, not wishing to ride and upset any of the locals.
Tea was to be at Chessington so I made my apologies and made for home through Esher, Hersham, Walton and Weybridge. Only around twenty miles but feeling a bit fitter today. Cheers------------Albert

B Group Jan 7th

On a philtrum phreezing morning I (Terry) led Irene, Liz, Pam, Eddie and Norman from Cobham along Plough Lane to an interesting Pointers Road. After semi-circumnavigating the M25/A3 roundabout we used the cycletrack past frozen Boldermere to cross the A3 via the footbridge. Then via Pyrford Lock, Papercourt Lane and Tannery Lane to the Saddlers Arms at Send Marsh where we had reserved tables next to the fire ! After lunch Irene and Pam made their ways home, the remainder briefly rejoined the old A3 turning into Grove Heath Road. At the Ockham Road junction we made a brief detour to see the icicles formed by spray from cars due to a leaking pipe. The boarded-up Hautboy was passed (Lady Harberton may well be chuckling in her grave but I understand [from the internet, of course], that it may re-open, the locals would prefer a pub to offices). We were the only customers at Shoots (formerly Seymours) at Stoke d'Abernon, after which we went our separate ways. PS I have tickets for the Barn Dance on March 7, price £12 (under 18 free). PPS Vic tells me there is a bike jumble at Ripley on the same day.

A Group 7th Jan 09

In view of the cold conditions I suggested two alternative rides both to Weatherspoons either Guildford or Leatherhead. General opinion was for Leatherhead the shorter ride approximately 8 miles. The route taken was mainly off road regardless of snow and ice having checked the route the reverse way from Fetcham. Ten of us departed a little later than usual including Vic, Pete B, PeteM, Rob, Grant, Ian (who we hadn't seen for some time) Neil, Mike M, comparitively new member John from Durham and Tony.
We took the Cobham Park road through Downside to Bookham common, at the Bookham/Fetcham fork, seeing that the Bookham path looked dodgy with packed ice decided Fetcham was safer. We continued via Woodside the Glade, Kennel Lane, Lower road into Cobham road and the Mill pond path and thereon to Weatherspoons. Glad to say no mishaps.
There was discussion about 3's, Tony flippantly though kindly suggested his place in Sutton but most of us were contented to go straight home.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 Membership

2009 Membership
At our next meeting at Cobham on Wednesday 7 January I will be collecting £3 Wayfarer membership subs for 2009 and, from those who are able to come, deposits of £2 for the annual lunch organised by Lynda at Prezzo's in Cheam on Wednesday 4 March (another Cobham day).


Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 Mileage Chart

For those who record their mileage we have a spreadsheet with lots of bells & whistles for you to watch your mileage increase day by day. Click on the name to download the file: MileChrt09.xls

This file is for most versions of Excel, if you only have Microsoft Works then you need to go to the DA main page and download the file for Works from there.



Friday, January 02, 2009

Morley Blogging Again/Photo Competition

Thanks, Lisa, for the new invite.
It seems that I'm now up and running again. While I'm bloging on the MWW, I assume this invite also covers the C&M and the SWLDA?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

December 31st 2008

After seasonal refreshments at Leatherhead Wetherspoons I led Christine, Irene, Pam, Charles, David (see you at February half-term), Harold, John G, Norman, Robin, Vic (briefly), new slim-line Mike M (less briefly) via Leatherhead Leisure Centre and Fetcham Mill Pond to the Lower Road. Heading south at Eastwick Road we soon confronted Hill of the Day on Chapel Lane, leading to the 1 in 5 DOWN Bagdon Hill which brought us to lunch stop at The Stepping Stones. Here tables had been reserved for us and we were soon enjoying our meals. Some then made their own ways, others crossed under the A24 and joined the Old London Road. Just beyond the Headley Lane junction we halted and Christine and John had an observation/memory test. In July we had visited Broadwood's Folly on Boxhill (photo on blog, similar to cover of previous issue of OS187) - from the spot we stopped you can see the Folly in winter when the trees are bare. They passed the test ! We freewheeled through Mickleham, crossed the A24 and rode along the cycletrack to Leatherhead where we went our separate ways, hopefully arriving home before dark. Terry