Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Group Route 31 December

A Group Ride 31 December

When Terry and I volunteered for the New Year’s Eve ride leads, I had anticipated, after extensive market research, a joint turnout of around a dozen riders. In fact some 25 hardy Wayfarers turned out on a bright cold morning with promise that the previous frost would soon be replaced with balmier weather. We decided to split the group and luckily for me Terry got the larger group of around 15, while I had a plucky 11.

We headed east via Walton on the Hill, down Chipstead Lane & ascended White Hill (after which our route split from Terry’s) through Hooley, crossing the A23, climbing to Chaldon and descending Farthing Down where the sun shone on a super view across London. Returning via Chipstead several riders were involved in a most unfortunate tumble descending Castle Road, which meant that two had to return home direct and missed our lunch venue. I wish them both well.

The remaining group continued via Kingswood and Epsom Downs (more super views). Lunch was at the Cricketers in Stamford Green, where we were relieved to learn that Terry’s group arriving earlier had not completely exhausted the pub’s kitchen, cellar or staff. We were well and speedily fed and most departed for home direct from the pub. About 25 miles at 12mph. A little hilly, with about 1,800ft climbing, max climbing gradient 12%.

Many thanks to Brian for assiduous back marking, and I wish all Wayfarers a most happy and enjoyable New Year.

B Group 31 December

With twenty-five or so braving the chilly conditions at Ashtead Garden Centre it was necessary to split into two groups so Dave led the As and I led the Bs on a similar route.

We headed south on Headley Road to Walton on the Hill then via New Road to briefly join the A217 south to the roundabout and the peace and quiet of Chipstead Lane. Having conquered White Hill a breather was called for and a diversion was selected to avoid Netherne-on the- Hill (the clue is in the name). We turned left into High Road then shortly left again into Castle Road. This is a narrow, steep (down)hill and fortunately one-way, leading to B2032 Outwood Lane at Chipstead Bottom. After a brief rest watching a sheepdog earning his keep in an adjacent field we continued on the original route to cross the A217 into Shelvers Way. You could almost feel the temperature rising but as well as admiring the views you had to keep one eye on the frozen puddles at the roadside.

A further diversion was soon incorporated taking Epsom Lane to Tattenham Corner then straight down into Epsom and on to The Cricketers in Stamford Green Road. Here lunch was served pretty quickly and we hadn't quite finished when the As arrived, but that's another story....

Thanks to Dave for the interesting route, Tim for backmarking and everyone for their company.


B Group - 31st December

A map and photo collage illustrating Terry's ride from the Ashtead Park Garden Centre to lunch at The Cricketers in Epsom:

The route and the lunch were very good and contrary to the early morning expectations we had a most splendid day out.

~ Tim

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Shimano M80 boots for sale

size 45 but too narrow for me, used 3 times only, SPD cleats, very suitable for winter.  £30.

Geoffrey Shields

Sunday, December 28, 2014

31 December Wayfarers Ride

Terry and I will lead on New Years Eve. There may be separate A/B rides or not depending on numbers and group wishes. My intention is to head east via Walton on the Hill, Hooley and Netherne, and back via Kingswood to lunch near Epsom. Some super views if the weather is clear. About 20 miles, with potential to shorten if necessary. A little hilly, about 1,600ft climbing, but nothing too challenging, max gradient 12%. Almost all on tarmac. Weather forecast (if it’s not tempting fate) is cool, but hopefully dry & not too much wind.

Meet at Ashtead Park Garden Centre, KT21 1HU (at the corner of Pleasure Pit Road and Wilmerhatch Lane) for elevenses in good time for departure at 1100 prompt. Please inform me ( 07962 05 48 79 or or Terry ( 0788143 86 44) if you intend to participate so that they can advise the pub of likely numbers.

Dave Vine

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

24 December 2014

Helenes ride to the 7 Stars pub at Ripley.

Around 15 Wayfarers gathered at Café Aromas in Cobham to enjoy some fresh air on what turned out to be a mild and relatively sunny Christmas Eve. Some 12 of us set out on the circuitous route to lunch, which ended up at around 15 miles. From Cobham we rode to Downside and then over Bookham Common, which was not at all muddy, to Little Bookham and Effingham. We then looped back almost to Cobham before taking a left opposite the Cricketers at Downside to join Plough Lane. Eventually passing the Hautboy, we took a right and left down Guilleshill Lane, then right into Ripley. Here we nipped almost directly across the High Street, bypassing the town centre, to try the Seven Stars in Newark Lane. Its range of generous and tasty baguettes seemed to satisfy most appetites, with the rest opting for soup or jackets.

Just before we left, we were joined for a quick drink by John Brookes and his wife. John had been unable to join the ride, but wanted to catch up with us – which we much appreciated. Afterwards we wended our separate ways home. For me, I reckon it was a little over 40 miles door to door – an approximation as I need to replace the battery in my Cateye.


                                                                The 7 Stars

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 24th - a note from Helene

A Group 17th December

A short 15 mile run to our Christmas lunch and in truth thats just about all your leader was fit for while recovering from a nasty pre Christmas cold. However we had to get in a bit of countryside and a hill before the compulsory urban approach to the Cap in Hand so off we set, hard on the heels of the Bs, up Hillside Road from Leatherhead. Then we turned right and left them, heading up past the Cherkley Courrt golf course preparations to Headley Heath and then onwards to Walton on the Hill. Here we turned north, along Hurst Road and back to the outskirts of Epsom where a cut across the paths took us to Stamford Green.  Then we headed along Horton Lane to Chessington and Hook.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Message from Geoff Gregory

To all Wayfarers, it's been a year now since joining your group and what a year it has been for me, thanks to Tim for his early encouragement and warm welcome to the B's and then his suggestion of joining the A group.

The years seems to have gone by so quickly and the rides so enjoyable, it has been great to chat and be in such good company.

A very happy Christmas and New Year to all the Wayfarers and I look forward to meeting you again and enjoying the first ride in the New Year
Geoff Gregory

'A Group Christmas Lunch, 17 December

 Our Hostess

 Our grateful thanks to Pam for organising our super Christmas lunch at the Cap in Hand, Hook. Went like clockwork.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"B" Group - Leatherhead to Woodies, New Malden - 17th December 2014

Tony, our Leader, 
took us all around Surrey to get to "Woodies", a most unusual pub, so well hidden 
that in our 29 years of living in New Malden, we had never heard of it... (F & F)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Plans for December 31st

David Vine (A)and Terry (B) will lead. Meet at Ashtead Park Garden Centre, KT21 1HU ( its at the corner of Pleasure Pit Road and Wilmerhatch Lane) for elevenses in good time for departure at 1100 prompt for a ride that will return to the Epsom area for lunch ( no ride to tea). There may be separate A/B rides or not depending on numbers etc . Please inform David  ( 07962054879) or Terry ( 07881438644) if you intend to participate so that they can advise the pub of likely numbers.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Santa Clause Alias Mad Hatter

 Sorry I could not make it to the Bull on Wednesday with the "A" Group but I had an urgent call from my local school in Walton le Hill. Santa had become ill so I was asked to stand in at the last minute. Not allowed to take pictures of me presenting presents to the children due to current legislation! Even Santa can no longer be trusted.
 Before leaving Claygate I could not resist taking this picturfe of two in the Christmas spirit. They are over 16 years of age.
Finally due to a search by Google from a cyclist in Long Eaton someone is interested in buying my old Norman Butler hand built in 1961. It sits in my Log Cabin but because of it's bar end changers is not considered to be a proper vintage bike?!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

B Group 10 December

Wednesday 10th December 2014

Firstly I must thank Gill for leading the ride on Wednesday.   Turned out she knows the area far better than myself - hence she offered to lead:)    ALSO - thank you Gill for collecting names and money and managing the staff !!

Plus - my thanks to Mike for leading myself and others back to the front riders whom I lost after receiving a phone call!  

We arrived at the Cap in Hand in good time for our 1pm booking - all seated in the conservatory area.  Thirty seven Wayfarers had booked lunches ..... joined by a few more ....the staff were extremely pleasant and served us well!   It was good to see Bernard, John Gould and John Bellamy back in our midst - each making good recoveries :) :) 

Most were on their way around 3pm, apart from yours truly, always takes an age saying goodbye!

Thanks to all for making the day a success! 

My best wishes for a Merry Xmas and a Happy and Healthy 2015

Pam :) :)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Group, 10 December, 2014

Claygate - Ewhurst - West Horsley
 Leader Simon
Half santa - half guardsman
10 + 1 outside The Bull

The 12th man

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

B Group - Claygate to the "Cap in Hand" for Xmas Lunch - 10 December 2014

A few photos of today's short but excellent ride led by Gill.
With 37 booked for lunch,
it must be the largest group ever on a Wayfarers' ride.

A big THANK YOU from all of us
for the excellent choice of lunch venue and splendid organisation
from Pam and Gill.

A Group Winter Warmer, 12 December

*Christmas Quiz*

Advanced level:  Simply arrange the words below into a ride report, without referring to the template below.

Regular level:  fit the words into the template.  Each word is used only once.

beauty, Burrow, blowout, Bar
chainring, Christmastime, Combe, Claygate
elevenses, Ewhurst
friends, Fine, Effingham
Green, Gomshall, Goose
Horsley, Hill, Hoe, Hatch,
London, lanes, Little
motorists, mud
Pitch, puncture, Peaslake,
ride, rain
sleigh, Shere, syrup, sticky, sunlight
Winter, White, wind, Winterfold, Wonderland, west

I originally planned the ride as a pre-Christmas b_____, but not in the p_____ sense.  Twelve left e_____ under a Wedgwood sky.  The track out of c_____ had less m_____ than I feared after last night's r_____.  We wound our way up to e_____ and headed for the hills, up and over w_____ d_____.

Avoiding h_____ Lane as a courtesy to m_____, we headed to g_____, g_____ g_____ and b_____ Lane,  bypassing p_____ on our way up to p_____ h_____, whence we sped down to the Bull's Head at e_____.   A fine selection of sandwiches and Senior lunches were consumed and we were all finished by 2pm.   This was followed by something hot and s_____, in the shape of b_____ h_____ Lane, which is a b_____, especially near the top.

We found we had the w_____ at our back, something I often find around c_____.  Golden s_____ made the l_____ look beautiful, as I hummed the tune of s_____ r_____ to myself.  A detour took us to w_____ and down past l_____ l_____ and a long descent before we found ourselves in sh____.

When Brian found we were going up c_____ Lane, he exclaimed "you b_____".   Another f_____ hill, I heard someone say. John even had to change down from his big c_____.  It was all downhill from there, apart from the brief uphill bits.   t_____ at w_____ h_____, which had been transformed into a w_____ w_____, to round off a very enjoyable day in the company of a bunch of old f_____.

Bonus point: find the missing word.   Alternatively, find the most imaginative use of the words.

A Group 10th December

Clear blue skies for Simon's ride today.  34.13 miles from elevenses at Claygate to tea at West Horsley; lunch at the Bull's Head, Ewhurst.  Rolling average 11.7 mph and 3,321 feet of ascent.

Some fine hills - the perfect foundation for the Christmas Pudding.


Monday, December 08, 2014

A group Winter Warmer - 10 December

This Wednesday will be the last full-day ride for the A group before Christmas, so I plan a ride over the hills and not too far away.  A day of cycling indulgence to get in shape for the other kind over Christmas.  We will leave promptly at 11, and our escape route from Claygate is over a short track which was muddy last week, but it hasn't really rained since.  If you want to avoid this, you will need to leave a bit earlier to meet us at Oxshott station by 11.15.  Lunch is at The Bull's Head, Ewhurst: tea will be at West Horsley, and in between, the glorious Surrey hills.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

3rd December 2014 - "B" Group - Cobham to Box Hill

John Scott, celebrating his 70th birthday, kindly provided cakes at the coffee-break at Cobham for which we all thank him and wish him many happy returns.

On a chilly and sunny morning, I led 17 cyclists from Cobham, to the Tree on the Hill pub on top of Box Hill. After leaving Cobham, we went up Plough Lane, before turning left down Old Lane heading towards Effingham. We continued along Effingham Common Road, up Beech Avenue, Critten Lane towards Ranmore Common we were turned left. We followed Ranmore Common Road and then down onto Westhumble where we picked up the zig zag to Box Hill. We reached the refurbished pub by 1 o'clock. (previously known as the Hand in Hand).

We all had a pleasant lunch by a log fire. Although there was a Christmas Party, we were served reasonably promptly by attentive staff. Certainly a pub to be placed on Tim C. 's list of suitable lunch time venues.

After lunch several cyclists retraced their route back down Box Hill to make their way to Leatherhead. 7 of us continued to Headley with the intention to have tea in Raynes Park, but as the drizzle turned into more serious rain, we abandoned the idea.

Ralph, a newcomer on a gap year, had no problem keeping up with us and is a candidate for the A Group.

A round trip for F & F of about 40 miles – which is sufficient in winter.
Frank H.

Too cold to wait for the full group....

Happy 70th Birthday, John!
Many happy returns.
Ralph, on his gap year, 
first ride with the Club

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Attendance record ( ride plan) for 2015

Please follow this link to find the rides list for 2015. It is an Excel file and the totals should appear when you add a 1 for each attendace ( zero totals are hidden for the benefit of those that fill in by hand!).

Note that this is only a plan so rely on the  bi-monthly web list or Sou'wester for the latest version.

Easy Riders. December 3rd

We left Cobham day centre after enjoying a mince pie and coffee, from John's b/day celebrations.  Thanks, John.
A small group this week, due to Fuzz having had his eye op last week and the weather getting colder.  Les, Margaret, Norman, Ian, Maureen and myself made our way to the old A3, down Westend Road, going towards Esher.  Left at the green and down to Thames Ditton, Molesey and Hampton Court.  Here we said goodbye to Maureen and picked up Liz, who had an early morning errand and continued to lunch.  We went over Hampton Crt bridge towards Teddington, down the high street and took a left turn into Twickenham Road.  Along by the river to our lunch stop at The Barmy Arms.  We were welcomed by a real fire and nice lunch.  One of the locals suggested we see the nearby York Gardens before our journey home.  So we left our bikes at the pub and walked a couple of minutes to the gardens.  There were about six or seven Italien marble statues of naked ladies and a picturesque fountain.  I remember seeing this before in winter when the statues had ice on them.  We then had a walk round and continued homeward.


Thursday, December 04, 2014

A group 3 December

Jeff treated us to an enjoyable tour to Rowhook yesterday: 35.7 miles and 2446 ft of ascent from elevenses to tea.

A Group, 3 December

Cobham - Rowhook - Denbies

At the Cobham RBL Hall we started off the day with a presentation by our Runs Secretary Brian, of some indulgent chocolates of appreciation to our constant RBL ministering ladies, who on the first Wednesday of the month, fire us up for the challenges ahead. Our grateful thanks too to John Scott, for fuelling us with birthday tea and cakes. Happy Birthday, John.
With the shortest day just 18 days away and with sunset due at 3.55pm, nobody would get home in the light. To chase a few miles a pretty smart ‘there and back’ ride seemed to be the order of the day. The ref’s whistle sounded and a team of ten set off with the compass set due south. No time for loops or watery byways; our route was direttissima via Effingham, White Down, past the hidden gem of Woodhouse Copse at Holmbury St Mary, Forest Green and Walliswood to Rowhook. 
We arrived early at The Chequers Inn and had ample time to chat as our meals were prepared, though Ken Day left early and unfed to chase the sun, as he was in an unfortunate state of unenlightenment. The teasing foreplay of the Chequer’s kitchen left us in eager anticipation of the tasty dishes to follow. Good food and drink. Come 2pm, with Mark already on his way home, an eightsome now set off for tea at Denbies. Familiar lanes once more through Warnham, Rusper and Newdigate, with a brief delay to cape up for some light drizzle, before reaching Denbies in the light, our number now reduced to five. It was dark when we left, each to grope his way home by lamplight. From elevenses to tea our distance run was some 36 miles, supplemented by whatever homely bonus each rider may have earned.

The days will soon be getting longer.


Monday, December 01, 2014

More wayfaring on the Costa Blanca

Wednesday 19th November - Quesada - Dolores - Callosa del Segura

Mid-November a year ago marked the start of the Spanish winter and the colder weather arrived very abruptly. Fortunately we had no such bad luck this year as lovely warm temperatures and bright sunshine have continued all through November and were particularly enjoyed during last Wednesday's ride (19 Nov.) and this Wednesday's  (26 Nov.).

Last week, a small group of 5 followed Leader Lynn on a very rural ride to Callosa del Segura, which lies at the foot of the Callosa Sierra. We were 5 ladies from 5 different countries, ie. Lynn from Scotland, Lesley from England, Randi from Denmark, Ann-Karina from Norway, and yours truly from France (albeit a long time ago).

We left Quesada towards Benijofar, Formentera and soon found ourselves on small rural lanes lined at times with fields of vegetables, other times along orange groves or pomegranates trees. We crossed through tiny hamlets with their single story terraced casas giving a feeling of travelling back in time. No doubt this is what Costa Blanca looked like before the invasion of the Northern Europeans seeking sun and warm climes. Although just a few kilometres away from the coast, these hamlets are in marked contrast with the newly built villas of the coast.

Our coffee-break was at Pasticeria Roman in Dolores. The Pasticeria is famous for its cinnamon magdalenas, freshly baked daily, which were devoured with café con leche. Dolores is one of the largest villages in the area and has a pleasant square dominated by a blue-tiled dome church and extraordinary tall palm trees.

Refreshed, we moved on to Catral and progressed on a quiet road taking us to the Callosa Sierra which was facing us all the way. For lunch we stopped at Toscana Restaurant in Callosa and enjoyed tapas and bocadillos.

Our journey back took us via a long cycle path lined with thin and tall conifers. I could not help thinking that these were too thin to be of any help at providing shade for the summer rides. I felt quite hot and bothered in this mid-November and I cannot imagine what it can possibly be like to cycle in the middle of the summer -  although Lynn's Ladies Section continues riding all through the year. May be I shall give it a try one year!

Door to door kilometrage = 65 kms.
Francoise H.
Photos: Quesada-Callosa

Wednesday 26th November - Quesada - Parc natural del Hondo - Crevillent
With another fine day ahead of us, Lynn guided a group of 7 ladies (from 5 different countries) to Crevillent, which lies at the foot of the Sierra of the same name, in the Alicante Province. For this we set off towards Elche, famous for its footwear and palm groves. This was a pleasant change from the rural lanes of last week as we were effectively crossing through a nature reserve (El Hondo) and an impressive forest of palm trees. So many palm trees... and no one to pick their dates meant that at times, there was quite a heady aroma in the air from the perishing dates on the ground. That too made a change from the smell which rises on hot days from the cabbage fields.

We stopped on the way at Los Molinos for our morning coffee. A very Spanish ambiance awaited us in this bar/restaurant with its selection of Serrano hams hanging from the ceiling whilst at the table next to ours, four dominoes players were so engrossed in their game that there was no talking (rather a rarity in Spain) and the only noise was the "clacking" of the dominoes pushed face up on the table at the end of each game.

We continued our ride through the palm groves with the Crevillent Sierra in front of us getting larger as we were getting closer to the town of Crevillent, known for its worldwide renowned hand-made carpets. We stopped for lunch at a Pasticeria with a good display of savoury and sweet offerings. The former were the order of the day and however tempting, the sweet counter was ignored.

On the way back we rode by large fields of yellowing pomegranate trees and freshly cut hay. In this part of the world, there is no real "autumn feel", no real change of seasons. Most of the trees are not deciduous - the orange and lemon trees are green all year round, so are the palm trees. Only the pomegranate trees bothered to change colour through the month of November. In the same way, hay-making is not just a spring occupation as in northern Europe, the very verdant lucerne had just been cut at this end of November.

We crossed through San Isidro where we stopped as Lynn pointed out a Memorial marking the "forgotten grave" and the site of a concentration camp during the Spanish Civil War, as explained in an article published in the Leader, a local newspaper for English-speaking Expats:

Having cycled at a good pace, there was enough time for an afternoon break at Formentera which boasts around its square some very unusual trees pollarded as a kind hallo (photo below).

A few more kms and we were back at the cycling shop having travelled 71 kms (81 kms door to door for yours truly).

A change of scenery awaits us next Wednesday (and temperatures, I dare say) - we shall be cycling in Surrey as Frank will be leading the B Group from Cobham. And to the Ladies of the Costa Blanca, it is only "Au revoir", as we shall be back in Torrevieja at the end of January.
See you soon.
Francoise H.

Photos: Quesada-Hondo-Crevillente