Monday, February 29, 2016

Annual lunch and presentation of prizes

The annual lunch is this Wednesday, March 2nd, at Prezzo, Cheam.   All groups will meet at Cobham as usual and ride to Cheam.    The manager has asked that we pay cash for drinks before the meal (at the front counter), and that one person is in charge of each table to pay for the food.   That should be fun.   We can use discount vouchers, one per table, available here: (currently the offers are valid until 29 Feb but check back tomorrow and hope).

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016


Is this CUK's inspirational new logo?

.....or this?

Perhaps something in-between.
Maybe a winged wheel?

I wonder what missionary zealot will be sent to convert the cannibal natives of SW London.
Get the cuking pot ready and the fire burning.

Great shall be the name of CUK
Now we are all cuckers.
Or should that be the past participle?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

B Group 24 February

                                       Bs at H.G.Wells/Wetherspoons, Woking

A Ride: Leatherhead to Esher

The promise of a fine day attracted a large number of A riders for the journey to Esher yesterday. A swift ride through Effingham up and over White Down, where Mark demonstrated his downhill skills. We made good progress through Holbury St Mary's, Ewhurst and Cranleigh to Farley Green and our lunch destination at the William IV.  A good lunch and a team photograph with the local livestock before a swift descent to the foot of Newlands Corner. Up and over but not before Keith had won the 'I Spy' award at the top of the hill. The Giro cafe in Esher for tea and cake after making good time from lunch.

Good to see so many out enjoying the fine day especially Ray and Tony d'Italia, who passed us with remnants of the B group whilst we were at tea.

Thanks to Geoff for back marking and everyone who marked corners, it makes the ride that much swifter and easier to manage. Great day everyone, well done!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

B Group - 24th February

One cannot help but wonder why so many came to elevenses yesterday? Was it the promise of good weather, the longer days and/or maybe their ride from home was not too far?  Gill counted 28 members as we left Leatherhead, making our way down Bridge Street on route to Cobham Road, Lower Road; right into Kennel Road where we kept left for The Glade and so onto Bookham Common.  At the next junction came my first 'dither' of the day - should have kept right but the troops were very understanding and we were quickly on route to Downside. From here we rode the lanes towards Send, going past 'The Mucky Duck'!! Remember??   Then ' Hautboy Inn'  (was an inn well used and well known by cyclists in years gone by -  and others) which has been renovated to become luxury dwellings!   From Send Marsh we headed for Old Woking via Tannery Lane.   The Old Woking Road took us to Maybury and very shortly into the Herbert Wells for lunch!  (Named after the writer H. G. Wells who lived in Maybury Road in the mid 1890's)

Twenty five B's, all ready for the road again after lunch headed for the Basingstoke canal.  Ah Ha!!  What's this.. I was surprised  to find the tow path closed, a deviation to Monument Bridge was the answer - no problems there!   Terry, who had kindly been back marker left us at West Byfleet for his homeward ride to Dorking and the rest of us carried on to leave the towpath at Scotland Bridge Road, through Addlestone to Weybridge, up the hill towards the station where we turned into St. Georges Avenue, heading for Seven Hills Road.  I took a chance by riding through Burwood Park, not a problem until I realised I was not on the road I expected, so when we exited on to Burwood Road I didn't know whether to go left or right to Squires.  Second 'dither' of the day, turned right but noooooo, it should have been left!!   Fifteen at tea, and nobody seemed in too much of a hurry :)

A very nice day, a few more miles for me than of a late - at last, a full day out!!!  Must say - it was very cold by the time I got home at 17.30!   Just to add, for those of us who were as puzzled as me...Irene stayed on the canal from New Haw to Weybridge, hence her appearance near Weybridge Lock!

Thanks so much everybody, a very big thanks to all corner markers and back marker Terry :)

Pam :)

Route map for Pam's very popular ride to Woking:

A Group 24th February

Warm in the sun for Hans's ride today - though still chilly in the shade.  39.5 sprightly miles from elevenses at Leatherhead to tea at Giro, Esher.  An enjoyable lunch at the William IV, Little London and a sporting hill after.

A good day out, and some very good cake.


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A ride from Leatherhead

Tomorrow's A ride from Leatherhead takes in a few lumps and bumps on the way to lunch at the William IV in Little London. The afternoon challenge is Newlands Corner followed by tea at Giro in Esher. All on good roads. Prompt start from elevenses please. Approx 41 miles from Leatherhead to tea.

Monday, February 22, 2016

CTC Tri-Vets - Reminder

On Wednesday 15th June the Wayfarers will be organising one of a number of the CTC Triennial Vets' 100 mile rides that will be held around the country.  A description of the event is here, and we have had a large number of entries already, despite minimal publicity.

In the next few days, Simon will be announcing our event on the CTC Web Site, which means that any member will easily be able to enter.  It's the first time we have done this, so we have no idea if this will mean lots more entries, or just a few.  However, we are restricted to 80 riders in total, so if you want to ride any of the Wayfarers rides on 15th June it would be wise to get your name on Simon's list as soon as possible, just in case.  Email him, or speak to him on Wednesday.

To recap, there will be three rides on the day; 100 miles, for the Tri-Vets Award; 100 kms, for a good day out; and 50 kms, which is more like a normal Wednesday ride.  The courses are all based on the Surrey Cycleway, so the terrain is fairly easy, and all are 'figures of eight' around Brockham Cricket Pavilion, so you could ride half of any of the routes, if you wanted to.  It's an easy ride from Dorking Station, there will be sandwiches and cake at the Pavilion - and there are plenty of other pubs and cafes on all of the routes, if you want to cruise in the June sunshine.

Sketches of the routes are below - I have detailed .gpx files for those that want them, and nearer the day there will be route sheets too.

But the key thing, if you're interested, is to get in touch with Simon.


ps - while I'm doing reminders, don't forget the Hilly 50 - 5th March.  Details here

100 mile

100 kms

50 kms

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ken Ryall pushes off Ken North on the Feltham Road Club evening 10, not sure which year, Irene North was time keeper. Photo Courtesy Irene North.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Derek Robinson

Dad's (Derek Robinson’s) funeral will be on Tuesday 1 March at 12 noon at All Saints Church, Weston Green (Chestnut Ave, Esher KT10 8JL) with the burial at Long Ditton Cemetary (Rectory Ln, Long Ditton KT6 5HW) afterwards at 1.15pm.

There will also be a buffet available at The Greyhound, Weston Green

If you could let people know should they wish to attend, many thanks,



Friday, February 19, 2016

A group 17 Feb - Maps

Here is the map for Brian's very enjoyable tour of the lanes on Wednesday.  37.9 miles and 2045 feet of ascent from 11s to tea.

PS.   The Annual Lunch is on Wednesday, March 2nd at Prezzo, Cheam.   All groups will ride from elevenses at Cobham (or you can go direct there).   If haven't already let me know you are coming, please email me asap.  

Detail of the lanes around Shamley Green (travelled clockwise)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Wednesday 17 February



8 left the daycentre on route for the Turks Head a 19th century pub in the village of Laleham,  The weather was dry and bright, we set off to ride along the Wey navigation and back roads to Addlestone, cross the railway lines and continue to the Ottershaw Roundabout, along Foxhill Road and right to Chertsey Bridge then left along side of River Thames to Laleham.


After lunch we headed for Walton Bridge, Esher & Claygate where the rain finally came and made for a wet ride home.


Thank you one and all for a very nice day and for Dave W, for being T.E.C.



Midweek Wayfarers CTC: "A" Group 17 Feb 2016

Midweek Wayfarers CTC: "A" Group 17 Feb 2016

I can't recall leaving before the rain - (second from left in the photo!), and enjoyed the 'newly discovered lanes' around Godalming - despite the rain, before leaving at Christmas Hill for Guildford and the train home.

Chief Executive’s statement on CTC’s new brand

Further to our extensive consultation last year with CTC members, member groups, partners and key stakeholders, I am writing in response to the various online posts and discussions to confirm that our charity has a new name.

Through the rebrand process we engaged with over 2000 members, supporters, partners and local and national government departments across the UK. Based on this comprehensive research, and listening to your views, we are confident that this change is one that reflects the pride that we all take in our charity, and that helps to magnify the great work that we do to inspire people into cycling, campaign to protect the gift of cycling, and help people to overcome personal barriers to cycling.
Our charity will still legally be registered as the Cyclists’ Touring Club with its charity and companies registrations unchanged. The Cyclists’ Touring Club is not being disbanded. In fact, part of the need for this change is because we hope the new brand will enhance our touring offering. The new name (as I’m sure many of you will now have seen) is ‘Cycling UK’ and the brand ‘we are Cycling UK’ will be adopted as ‘trading name’ of the charity. We are very proud of our heritage and history, and we know that a new name and brand will really help to make our charity even more attractive to many more people.

As planned, we will be officially launching our new name and brand in April, through Cycle magazine, our online communications channels and via the media. We will also be back in touch with you before then to provide you with new resources and guidance so that your group can maximise this opportunity to raise the profile of your group locally, to help to attract new members and to gain local media interest.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this positive step for our charity. Together, We Are Cycling Uk!

A Group: Feb 17th

The A group was smaller than normal today - just 12 set off from Weybridge. Was it the weather forecast or my threat of muddy lanes?  The first part of the ride was straightforward heading out through Addlestone and Woodham Lane to West Byfleet and then through Pyrford and Poleden Lane to Send. From there it was Potter's Lane and the A3 to Burpham followed by some suburban ramblings through Merrow to minimise our time on the A25 and reach Tangier Road. Countryside returned in the shape of Halfpenny Lane to Chilworth and then on through Blackheath to the Bricklayers Arms at Shamley Green. Lunch was a bit slow and it was about 2.30 before we got away as the first spots of rain were falling. Never mind - a loop south to Run Common brought us back to the A281 for a few hundred yards and then left into Brookwell Lane, an access road and bridleway with a good surface leading to Gate Lane and Thorncombe Street. The latter tries to impersonate the Greensand Way in parts but it was drier than Sunday's recce and we were soon back on clear tarmac to Bramley. By now a steady but not heavy rain was falling and some had headed for the train. A climb up Echo Pit Road to Warwicks Bench behind Guildford Castle brought us to the A25 at the top of the town and the remaining 9 of us headed to Squires at West Horsley where 5 stopped for tea. The rain must have been moving eastwards very slowly because it was barely drizzling when I got back to Ashtead. 38 miles from Weybridge to tea.

"A" Group 17 Feb 2016

Thank you Brian for a wonderful ride today through many interesting lanes that I had not been through before. If I recall there were 14 starters from Weybridge and we all had a good lunch at the Bricklayers Arms. Photo above shows 12 of the disciples as Dave V and Jed had left before the rain had started to make an early exit home. I found the ride hard but I am grateful to back marker Geoff  for nursing me all the way to tea at Squires West Horsley. Apologies for the early photo no doubt Brian's full report will follow! Approx 58 miles for me, no doubt well exceeded by many. I was quite bemused by the route via the back of Guildford resulting in a steep climb to avoid the cobbles up the high street!