Thursday, May 31, 2007

C Group May 30th

Good turnout at leatherhead in spite of the weather which was pretty dismal.````` . . It rained all the time and there was a lot of surface water. John led the ride ro `The Royal Oak at Brokham.In addition to me `n im there was Linda, Ron, Bill, Fuzz, Mark, Les, Roger and Mike. I am sure there were even more but cant recall their names.We used the cyclepath down the Mickleham bypass,, turning left down Pixham Lane. After a good lunch most decided to make for tea at Leatherhead via the golf course. conditions there were reported by those on the know as not being encouraging so four of us, Lynda, Roger and one other returned by the outbound route. I needed to walk up that last hilll upon entering Leatherhead and lost sight of Roger. Feeling like a wet rag I went straight to the Randalls Road carpark and re-embarked for home. I saw Harold before I left the pub (he had been to the Dorking elevenses). Dennis and Bill and Margaret Squirell saw us off at the start.
I`m still trying to get warm -----------------------------------------Albert

B Group May 30th

We set out from Dorking in bright sunshine. We being Carol, Liz, Stephanie, Terry, Cliff and yours truly. Norman's bottom bracket was painful so he called off as did Les who said his waterproof wasn't.

We went by undulating minor roads to Forest Green. By now we could hardly stand the heat but the Krugg at the Parrot cooled us down. We were all excited by tales of Cliff's bread-maker over lunch and we are all looking forward to his walnut bread which he promised next week.

Carol carelessly cycled over a piece of flint shortly after lunch, but we didn't mind because Terry mended it while the rest of us sun-bathed. However she was sharp-eyed enough to notice a tack in her other tyre which was 1mm in just waiting to get her.

The best moment of the day was Cliff being dislodged from his bike by a low-hanging bush and lying on his back imitating a two-year-old's tantrum!

Tea at the Vineyard where we met the A Group. They said that it was too hot for biking and so they had spent the entire day there.

Regards Bernard

A Group May 30th

'Never mind the weather, never mind the rain'!!!! How appropriate for to-day! Bob led nine A Group through the country lanes (I didn't notice any place names-sorry)! from Dorking to lunch at Horley. Not quite true, Tony D'I left us for home after a few miles whilst Mike M. Vic, Julian, Rob, Frank H. Steve and myself (Pam) continued on our sociable ride to Weatherspoons- surprised?! What a pleasant pub! The exterior is 'Art Deco' as is the interior with a really good ambience. Turns out it was a car showroom! The proprietors name was Jack Fairman - a grand name for a car dealer! We all sat around one table and there was lots of chat and laughter. Ian left early as he had to get home, but when we were ready to go the rain was lashing down, so we stayed a little longer before leaving for tea at Denbies. Our route took us along roads that skirted Reigate and via more lanes to the Coach Road through Betchworth golf course from Brockham.

Steve and Frank didn't stay for tea and Mike had peeled off well before Brockham. Several B Group riders arrived and had mostly left before Bob, Vic and I.

What a pleasure to ride home in the dry and the warmth of the sun after the days soakings! My mileage for the day was 70 and I have yet to go to Staines for a pint or two with my diving friends. Thanks Bob, a great day!

Report from Pam (on behalf of Bob)

Rasaay News May 30th

We woke up to no water – a burst water main, a problem that lasted all day. So we decided to take a leaf out of last Sunday’s C&M book and took the bus to Portree under leaden and liquid skies. Naturally we rode the bikes to the ferry and almost didn’t get wet. This was the second day of continuous rain so Grumpy has been grumpy. We’re winding down now and looking forward to 20-50 mph winds on our ride north to Uig on Saturday.

Rasaay Youth Hostel

From Graham & Grumpy?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day Out With C Group May 23rd

Pictures by Harold Fifield

Vic Whites Reports Apr 25 -May 16

Train-Assisted Ride 25th April 2007-05-24
These train-assisted rides are based on those devised for the V-CC camp held at Long Sutton, Hampshire. Constraints of train time-tables and country pub opening hours mean that we can only sample a small part of the country. So I have added a few notes on what we might have seen with more time at our disposal. Most of those present had arrived at Farnham Station by the 10:57 train or by car, except for John Bassett who did an heroic ride from Surbiton to arrive just in time for the depart at 11:00.
The café at The Maltings, foot of Firgrove Hill is the current best place for elevenses, but everyone was eager to get at the hills, so we left tealess by West Street and Crondall Lane through Dippenhall. At Well we turned south through Lower Froyle and Upper Froyle (which is lower) to cross the A31 at Mill Court. Through the old hopfields, of which only the windbreaks of Lombardy Poplars remain at Wyck, to East Worldham where the old hop kilns have been converted to dwellings. Also here is a church containing relics of Chaucer’s family - although their main memorial is elsewhere - the church at Ewelme, Oxfordshire. Down Blanket Street to cross the Selborne Road by the curious Round House and drop down to Upper Faringdon. Here we passed the Massey Folly, a tall red brick building near the church and through the picturesque village to our lunch stop, The Rose and Crown.
After lunch along Hall Lane for a quiet ride into Selborne, with no time to visit the church with its stained glass window dedicated to Gilbert White, or his museum which also contains relics of Captain Oates, of Antarctic fame. At the far end of the village we left by Honey Lane to reach Oakhanger, notable for its radomes and (for me) the rare plant Spiked Star of Bethlehem, which I had photographed on a recce just two weeks before, but which had disappeared when I tried to show it to our party. The road north has no name, and continues so after crossing the B3004 (Green Street) by a staggered junction. From here it’s a long climb to Binsted, where the church contains the grave and mementoes of Montgomery of Alamein. We had to arrive before 3 O’clock, closing time of The Vine, our teatime destination. This spared us the horrors of our usual teaplace out on the A325.
After tea we took a look at “Monty's" last residence, the mill on the Wey at Isington, then through Bentley, home of another famous soldier, Lord Baden-Powell, who instigated the illustrated history of the village, which stands beside the main street. The climb up to the outward route, Dippenhall Lane gave rise to remark directed at the leader who, on such occasions points out the beauty of the surroundings. A last climb up to Three Stiles led to a freewheel down to Farnham Station and a rest for everyone except the two who rode another 25 miles home at the end of a glorious day.

Star of Bethlehem

Ride on 16th May 2007 from Shepperton
From Shepperton we went into Chertsey to pick up yet another segment of the National Cycle Route 4 to the foot of St. Anns Hill. Along Ruxbury Road to Lyne, Trumps Green, Longcross, Chobham Common, Windlesham, UpDown Hill to the A30, a right and left to skirt South Ascot to Sunninghill, then King’s Road, Larch Avenue (opposite Ben, where old cycle dealers spend their declining years), past Sunningdale Park (where Civil Servants ditto) to Silwood Road and The Nags Head, with Harveys Sussex Ales on tap. After lunch, up Whitmore Lane to Blacknest Gate of Windsor Great Park, through the rhodendron plantation to Smiths Lawn and past the Guards Polo Club to Egham Wick Gate. From here to the A30, a short distance west to an off-road path to Bakeham Lane, Prune Hill, past Great Fosters to Thorpe Green. Thorpe Lane to Chertsey, Addlestone Moor, cycle path to Weybridge, Portmore Park Road to the Thames-side and the tea shack by Walton Bridge, after which we dispersed for home.


Friday, May 25, 2007

1955 Train Assisted

One from the past

1955 Train Assisted nostalgic Film - part 1 - part 2

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Group May 23rd

Wednesday May 23rd at Newlands Corner for 11s on a perfect morning found Pete B, Ray D, (Complete with a new hat!), Tony D, John B, Julian, Rob, Ian A, Ed Sharp, Pam, Vic, Stephen, Richard Hoskin, Brian N & Jackie Townsend on a day off from work. Slight rough stuff & quiet lanes past Winkworth Arboretum & Dunsfold to a very good welcome & quick service at The Compasses Pub at Lakers Green. Pete Barnard suffered a bad experience entering the garden he tripped & fell losing a whole Pint of cool beer! Mike Morley joined us having been lost in the tracks between Ranmore & Newlands. John Bassett cloaked himself in material as protection from the sun which drew the remark from Ed that he looked like an extra in Beau Gest! . On leaving lunch we were surprised to meet Jen coming in the opposite direction a quick U turn & she joined us albeit with a rumbling tummy to tea & carrot cake at Tanshurst Farm - Newdigate. A very pleasant experience sitting in the warm sun surrounded by joking clubmates before heading for home helped by a light tail wind.
From Pete Mitchell

B Group May 23rd

On a gloriously warm, sunny and virtually windless morning I led Gill, Bernard, Cliff, Nev and Norman from Newlands Corner east along the Drove Road to Combe Lane whence we plummeted down Combe Bottom to the A25. After crossing it we saw Deanne in the distance (towards Guildford) - she had left NC after us. Down Rectory Lane and either through or bypassing the ford brought us into Shere and then the climb south. After crossing the railway line we turned left and headed for Peaslake via Lawbrook Lane then cycled down Walking Bottom. Leaving Peaslake on Ewhurst Road we passed the elegant Duke of Kent school and soon arrived at Ewhurst. Here we paused for a few moments (while Cliff's legs recovered) and considered how fortunate we were to be far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife. Soon we arrived at The Punchbowl at Oakwood/Okewood Hill where a pint of draught Stowford Press worked wonders for Cliff. Deanne joined us briefly but had to get back to celebrate a friend's birthday. After a delicious lunch outside we headed east and soon joined Weare Street, sadly too late for the bluebells. Towards the end of WS we turned off and used the railway level crossing, getting a friendly toot from the driver of an Up Slow. A short off-road stretch led to the roundabout at Clark's Green, then on to Capel and Newdigate. A rather pot-holed Cudworth Lane led us past the well concealed (by foliage) moated Cudworth Manor, then left to Parkgate and Brockham, along Coach Road to Dorking and Denbies cakes. Norman had become aware of an intermittent bottom bracket? problem but decided to carry on gently via railway stations 'just in case'. Bernard had a rear puncture on the cycle track before reaching Leatherhead but a replacement tube was soon fitted. Rather worryingly the cause wasn't found but he reached home with no further problem. A great day out, I did 53 miles but I expect everyone else did much more.

I rang John Mason yesterday (Tuesday) - he has now been 'signed off' by his doctor and is back at work but must only do 'light duties' - the civilian equivalent of 'Excused Boots' perhaps (for the benefit of the ladies and our younger readers that is a military expression). He still has to go to Epsom Hospital and later St Thomas's for a check-up. He hopes to be able to get to 11s when there is one near home eg Cobham, Dorking or Leatherhead.


Rasaay News

The last 24 hours have been a haven of tranquillity as our young visitors departed for a night of character building under canvas at the north of the island. All were issued with compo rations but some may go hungry judging by the stuff left behind. In truth it's been pretty easy as they're public school chaps and chapesses.

We've restored the hostel (except naturally the dorms) to its normal state but it took quite a while. We've been walking most days and only managed short rides northwards to Brochel and southwards to Eyre. The "main" road features 11 arrows in 8 miles with winds averaging 20 mph and occasional spiteful showers so relaxing uses copious energy in short bursts. Hopefully the weather will improve, no doubt after the bank holiday.

Graham Hill

Rasaay Youth Hostel
Creachan Cottage, Raasay, Kyle

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ladies bike wanted

Bernard wants to buy a ladies frame bike. If you can help, please contact him via

Thursday, May 17, 2007

D Group in Scotland

Ron & Doreen Powney turned up expectedly mid-afternoon. I thought they were coming next week. They're staying for the night. The weather has taken a nosedive after decent weather since our arrival.
Yesterday's D ride was Raasay-Glenbrittle camp site-Struan-Portree-Raasay.
Probably only short rides/walks for the next few days (until the end of the month?) as the forecast isn't promising.

Graham Hill
Rasaay Youth Hostel
Creachan Cottage, Raasay, Kyle
IV40 8NT

C Group May 16th

Good turnout at Shepperton. Weather fine and very little wind. Dennis kindly gave me his hip flask, the contents of which bucked me up no end after the ride. Dave led a ride the sort of which I find ideal, being on road at a gentle pace to The Castle Grove at Chobham.
Then there was Ron, Bill H., Fuzz, Harold, Mark (who has been reporting so well in my absence), Lynda, Liz, Roger, Bill and Pat M., Phil, also a cheery chap (not a member) who followed us and made himself known to Fuzz, the whole way over Chertsey bridge, up Holloway Hill and Stonehills Road. Lynda gave him the gen on our perigrinations for want of a better word when we arrived at the pub. We ate outside being such good weather but a brisk shower started up just as we left. No one seemed to know the tea venue and the sandwich group were not evident at the bus shelter. The rain had stopped by this time and I made a beeline for home to enjoy the contents of Dennis` hip flask!! I saw you at Shepperton Pete but I guess you went for the hardriders ----------------------------- Albert

B Group May 16th

Here is my ride report for yesterday

From Shepperton, Bernard, Christine, Cliff, Harold, Nev, Robin, and John cycled the off-road path over the M3 onto the Laleham Road and then the river path to Staines; continuing through Egham and Englefield Green into Windsor Park at Bishops Gate. In the Park, we turned South, passing Cumberland Gate and the Guards Polo Ground. Just before Blacknest Gate, we turned East and cycled along the southern shore of Virginia Water, emerging at the Wheatsheaf on the A30. We took a scenic ride thru the Wentworth Estate, arriving for lunch at the Stag and Hounds on Wellington Avenue just after 1 p.m. Despite being right on the edge of the Wentworth Estate (which reportedly has the most expensive housing in the South-East outside Central London), the Hare and Hounds is a very basic, simple and reasonably priced establishment with all the cooking being done by the lady publican herself. For this reason we did have to wait a bit for our jacket potatoes, but when they did come, they were delicious.
After lunch we cycled, via Longcross Road, Almners Road and Ruxbury Road, into Chertsey, and through Shepperton to tea at Lower Sunbury.

John Gould

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Group Picture

Taken by Harold at Cobham

Monday, May 14, 2007

John Mason - update

I saw John yesterday, he's on the mend. Next week he expects his doctor to 'sign him off', he also has to go to Epsom Hospital and later in the month to St. Thomas's. Hopefully after 'signing off' he will be able to drive and presumably go back to work but he doesn't know where/when cycling will feature.


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pams Day

Hi, made home 8pm, very wet and cold! Had to wait ages at Egham level crossing! Vic and I called into Denbies but food counter was closed so we sat outside and ate the fruit I had been carrying with me! Hope these photos may be of some use.
Ttfn from a tired old me!!! [really did enjoy the three days] Pam :)

Rays ride back

Hope you all had a good ride back.
The attached is for your report assuming useable.
My route back was mainly via the A22 but to avoid the trunk section from Polegate to the A267, I left Eastbourne on A259 eastwards to B2104 to A22 at A267 junction.Arrived home 1.20 pm -64 miles, not one of the best of journies but reasonably practical.

From Ray Dare

Friday, May 11, 2007

Eastbourne Wed & Thurs May 9-10

The forcast was grim! But it was OK as far as The Pear Tree Pub at Wivelsfield (Just a drizzle). This trip had the luxory of a backup vehicle driven by John Akeham (Clarencourt CC) For the journey down this enabled the heavier bags to be carried all the way from 11s at Henfold Lakes. I travelled via Horley (Waitrose) & the London to Brighton cycle route & met the others at lunch. Stephen Cox left us for home having added to last weeks mileage of 509 miles! John Bassett arrived as we were about to leave (14:30) eating at a Phenominal rate enabled us to leave at 14:45.On to Sainsburys at Newhaven for tea. We now found Vic White was missing – mobile phone switched off so no way of contacting him – it later turned out he experienced speed wobble at Burling Gap & headed inland to the busy A27 where his chainset came loose – he now switched on his phone to call for help from our invaluable back up car. Meanwhile the rest of us tackled the very busy and hilly A259 towards Eastbourne, Mike Morley lost control, more speed wobble and came off at 25+ mph virtually into the arms of a local car bound First Aider who soon had him swathed in bandages, more phone calls and every thing was sorted. The Camelot Hotel made us very welcome with Warmth, Sweets & First Aid. On to Wetherspoons- Cornfield where after several pints Bob, Pam & Mike broke into wild songs for the benefit of Rays camera.
Day 2 Thursday
A dry but very windy westerly encouraged an easterly route along the sea front cycle routes to coffee at Bexhill. Vic had gone to Cycleman Cycles to get a replacement chainset (second hand £10 including fitting). Bob took a bus to visit friends at Seaford. The remaining seven continued via Old Bexhill & a network of narrow sheltered lanes through Hooe, Warting & past Herstmonceux Science Centre to a super roast lunch (£4:50) at The Horseshoe pub at Windmill Hill. A chilly day and on to The Cuckoo Trail for a warm up and tea and cake at The Old Loom café, following the cycle route all the way back to within a mile of our Digs. No rain all day but as we were about to depart for curry night at Wetherspoons it chucked it down, so our host ordered two taxis and we travelled in comfort and style to town.
From Pete Mitchell

A & B Groups May 9th

Leader Ed Sharp. On ride Cliff, Bernard, Julian, Terry, John, Frank, Tony, Grant, Norman, Jeff. Destination - Park Hatch Cranleigh - Weather Slight Rain at times.
Route out - Newdigate, Capel, Weare Street, Okewood Hill, Ewhurst, Cranleigh. Cliff, Bernard & Julian stopped at Okewood Hill. - Route back Ewhurst, Forest Green, Coldharbour-in low cloud, Dorking Halls Sports Centre for a cup of tea.
Distance for me 55 Miles.

C group - 9th May 07

We had a good turnup at Bradbury house in Kingston, Albert came to show us that he is still alive and kicking and reported about his health saying that when he went to the hospital for his arm xray they must have damaged his pacemaker because he find a small hill is like a mountain so he is going back to tell the doctor, so he did not come with us on the ride. Also we had report on Beryl's accident on Sunday ride by Lyinda Barrow to say that on Sunday, near Ashtead, a car came too near them that made Beryl lose her balance and she fell towards the pavement and hit her head and had to spend two days in the hospital but she is out now going to her daughter for some rest.

Harold was our leader took us to the Richmond park to see the ISOBEL NATURE reserve when was really lovely, the blooom was out of this world we all enjoyed it then afterward to lunch at FOX AND DUCK pub in Ham. Harold had to leave us in the hands of Ron after the pub because he had to visit his wife in hospital Ron took us to Ditton for tea. The original number by name myself, Lynda, Liz, Carole, Sonia, Ron, Dave, young Tom, Fuzz, Bill, Roger, and Albert; we finished with only seven in the end. It was not a long cycle ride but a pleasure trip and very nice too. I am enclosing two pictures for your pleasure one of recent and one of yester-years.
Mark Roy.

Friday, May 04, 2007

C Group

At Cobham all three groups were present Harold wanted to take pictures before we departed, After A B left we started off with our leader Phil to an unkown destination towards Ripley, turned right at Black swan crossed A3 at Wisley garden centre and took the canal towpath towards weybridge crossed the canal towards west byfleet and through a lot of rough stuff and farms and stopped at the pub for lunch.
Our group included myself Beryl, Bill Hammond, Sonia, Lynda, Helga, Ron, Roger, John Knox, and Phil. After the lunch we headed towards Shepperton for tea. The wind was very strong and cycling was hard into the wind. However it was a very good ride and no mishaps.
Mark Roy

Thursday, May 03, 2007

B Group - 2 May

Cliff lead B Group comprising Gill, Liz, Christine, Nev, Norman, Roger, John, Bill, Terry, Les, Harold plus Brian and Irene guesting from A Group and Harold from C Group and his two new friends Michael and Anna plus another newcomer who we will call Dorking man as I have forgotten his name, out through Stoke D'Abernon to Feltham into Leatherhead up over Headley Common down Pebblecombe into Betchworth and along the Reigate Road intending to go to Capel. Sad to say the hills caught up with our leader and some of our party and we terminated in Leigh where we had Lunch at the Plough mine was good and I didn't hear any complaints. On the way Harold and his friends turned back on Headley however we hope to see them again soon. Irene and Dorking man left us at Leigh, Irene because she had to get back and Dorking man because he was close to home, hope to see him again. The remainder of us had a convivial lunch then returned via Brockham and the teashop in Leatherhead before going our separate ways. I clocked 47 miles


A Group - 2 May

A Group trip to the Blue Ship & Gibbons Mill
The attractions of time trialling led to slightly reduced numbers leaving Cobham on the stroke of 11 (after our group photo) for the Blue Ship at The Haven. We were fourteen: Pam, Frank H, Bob, Toni D'I, Graham, Ian, John B and John S, Pete B, Ed S, Rob, Vic, Steve and Julian. Our route was more or less due south, through Effingham Jn, up and over Whitedown, the longish drag up to Holmbury St Mary and then through Ewhurst Green (where the leader, deep in discussion of string theory, missed a turning and nearly caused a pile-up), Ellens Green and Rudgwick. The weather was glorious, the countryside looked fresh and green and pheasants were running around.

Our arrival at the Blue Ship was greeted by an anguished cry from the waitress that we should have rung ahead, how could we possibly expect, etc, etc which she repeated ad lib during our stay. Despite that, the food came reasonably swiftly, the beer was excellent and sitting in the garden so enjoyable that it was difficult to tear ourselves away and take the rough track to Gibbons Mill (the track was very dry, but some walking proved necessary to avoid ruts and horses hoof holes) and then head towards home.

At some point between the A281 crossing and Baynards, the group unintentionally split, both sections following roughly the same Surrey Cycle Way route towards home through Capel and Newdigate. Pam, Graham, Ian, Ed, Vic and Julian had tea at Denbies (while Pete set off straight for home). John S phoned later to say that the other, faster group of Bob, Toni, Frank, Rob and John S aimed for Leatherhead for tea, with one or two peeling off en route, leaving John B and Steve's whereabouts unknown.

Mileages will have been fairly high. John S did 87 and I clocked up 64.

Photos from Pam.