Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prezzo Meal Mar 4th

Prezzo meal Wed. 4th March. 3 courses. Starters, main and either pudding or coffee. If people want pudding and coffee, they pay extra for coffee. 3 course lunch is £9.95. £2 deposits will be £1 tip and £1 taken off bill each. There is room for bikes round the back gate. We are expected at 12.30 onwards. I hope we will all be there by 1pm to order.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Group Feb 25

St Peter's Newdigate

The Six Bells

After the Service

A Group Feb 25th

My last led run I remember was dull and raining. On the 25th Feb 09 my run was dull and dry, the brightest parts of the day were the fuel stops with the banter and laughing, and the vast bright greenhouse at Denbies. From Hersham we headed to Whiteley Village a wrong turn too soon brought nearly all to a halt, Pete Mitchell took the main road and got ahead. Down Thru’ Cobham to Effingham Junction me trying to ring my brother awheel – no answer he appeared as we neared Bookham, a steady pace to here then a pull up Polesden Lacey – Bob Starey said cheerio. Regrouping at the Dorking Road after the climb and descent we headed for Pixham Lane – BAD MARKS- here by Mike Morley riding through the red traffic lights when the rest of us had stopped, this is not a good example by an experienced rider, especially as he was wearing a Kingston Phoenix top on a wayfarers run! . We pressed on up the hills steep now leaving Pete M, Brian Nixon, behind Pete B said he was’nt going to lunch I assume they went back to The Royal Oak we had passed earlier, apparently Brian Nixon suffered a puncture, we waited.
Lunch stop was partaken at The Six Bells in Newdigate the food and service good I thought . Grant, Geoff Pyke, Pete M, Frank C, Tony D’Italia, Julian, John G, Ed, Jeff Tollerman, Brian Greenwood (First Ride) please come out again, Vic, Mike Morley, John Barrett, & Will joined us for a drink and chat.
Out into the dull day again a route back through Brockham briefly seeing Brian Nixon & Pete B befor Denbies where Jen M eventually met us after several text messages between us, Mike M , Geoff said farewell. While chatting at tea Pete M pointed out the John Barrett was exceptionally well dressed for a club run sporting a shirt and tie!
At tea were Pete M, Myself, Tony, Ed, Brian G, Will, John B, & of course Jen.
Seven of us headed home via Leatherhead and Ashtead common to Horton Lane and home 55 miles for me.

Dorking Bikehut

Dorking Bikehut still give 10 % to CTC members but are now closed all day Wed (bad news for Wayfarers) but are open Sun 1000-1600 (good news for C & M).


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Plea from Angie

I was due to go on a C2C ride (Carlisle to Newcastle alongside Hadrian's Wall) in
May, organised by Tony Hooker, but as you know I have ruptured the cruciate
ligament in my knee skiing, will probably need an operation and therefore cannot
go. I wonder if anybody else would be interested in taking mine and Les' places?

It would be a wonderful ride and I am very fed up that I can't go (and that would
be anywhere for quite a while).

Angie x

Easy Riders Feb25th

There were about 15 at The Kings Centre, Chessington. Just in case; Ron had cycled on to Claygate Day Centre earlier and put a map up in case anyone didn't get the message. (Those who are not on the waves).

It was Ron's ride today, so it was to be expected that we would be going off-road a bit. There was Roger, Dave, Beryl, Fuzz, Bill H. Mark, Dennis, John C., Sonia and myself. We had just come out of the day centre, turned left and there was our first track. It was OK; a bit muddy but rideable. It brought us out to Claygate. Then we went a little further on road then left again, and through Claygate Common. This was a bit more dodgy. We had to negotiate stones, fallen branches and yes, soon in front was this rather deep looking puddle. There was no way around it. I was second in line. Ron went through and came out the other end. I followed and held my breath. We all made it, and agreed that there was a largish stone in the middle of the puddle, as we all seemed to waiver in the middle. You might think we are easy riders; but we do get some challenges. On we went, through Oxshott Village; passed The Tilt and met up with Mike W. on the way to Gt. Bookham; where we had lunch at The Anchor. There was a party of 14 there, so had to wait longer than usual. But, they like us there, and are very accommodating. After lunch we continued through Leatherhead, cycle paths to Ashtead Common, then made our way to The Wells Day Centre for afternoon tea; which was on Ron, as he chose the route and we followed him.


Friday, February 20, 2009

The way to Chessington

I will be going to North Cheam first, so if people don't know their way to the Chessington centre, I can lead them.

Easy Riders Feb 18th

Rogers Ride on wednesday 18th feb.

I led Bill,Fuzz,Beryl,Lisa,Dennis,Johno,Mark,from Weybridge towards Walton bridge, back roads of Walton & along the hurst road to Molsey to the albion pub.
where we met lynda & sonia & ron & we all had a good lunch.
then after lunch we went onto Hampton Court towpath to Kingston, & then onto harolds for tea. harold & his wife made us all very welcome & there were thirteen of us altogether.
the c group thanks harold & his wife for having us all.

From Roger Mitchell

B Group Feb18th

Out of Weybridge Day Centre westward over The Way Navigation into back streets, and over the Addlestone station level crossing. Straight on over the M3 immediately left up Ongar hill.

Straight on towards Woodham right into Park Road passing very near to The New Hay Centre. Right along Woodham Lane for 1.5 miles then at the roundabout took Woodham Road , a few back streets right and left turns through Littlewick, up Barrs Lane then north to Castle Green for lunch at The Castle Grove pub.

Going north approaching Chobham right along Station Road and Sandpit Hall Road . North on the Cycle Route into Old Chertsey Road then Onehill Road right into Foxhills Road . West along Murrays Rd , Spinney Hill and Church Rd. North to Chertsey Road , third exit at the roundabout a small road Addlestone Moor and north along cycle/ footpath to Chertsey Bridge , over the Thames . Then on roads to Shepperton Lock and Sunbury for teas at The Walled Garden. Sorry no muddy Off Road Mountain Stuff to day. It was cloudy, dry and up to 10 C

So no extra special bike cleaning.

Starting the ride were: - Gill, Terry, Les, Norman , Brian, John G, Liz, Bernard, Godfrey, David,

Judy, Eddie, Mick, Neville, Bob, Phillip, & Robin who led most of the time.

A record 15 arrived at tea time, to ride home from Sunbury.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Group 18 February - about to leave the Fox and Castle

Should be renamed the Fox and Hounds
Photo shows Foxy Frank with the Hounds ready to give chase

A Group Feb 18th

Wed 18th Feb ‘A’ ride
As today was the warmest Wednesday of the year, so far. It was not surprising there were so many at Weybridge. And so, 20 A team left at 11-15 bound for Old Windsor, the group consisted of Pam, Irene, Jake, Jeff, Editor Mike, Neil, Pete M, John H, Bob, Grant, Ed, Dave J, Vic, John S, Will, Toni d, Rob & John B.
Riding along by the river Wey, through the industrial estate to turn left and over the level crossing at Addlestone. (This time no delay) past the day centre and into Green Lane.
Under the A317 and over the M25. We zig zaged the A320 and followed the west side of the M25 to Virginia Water, a left and right fork into Wellington Avenue, skirting Wentworth on our left to the traffic light on the A30 at Prune Hill. Left onto the A30 for a few hundred yards then right into Wick Road, past The Savill Gardens on our left and once we had climbed to the top of Bishopsgate it was all down hill to the Fox & Castle at Old Windsor. I did get the impression Irene thought the pace was a little slow, so will have to rectify that next time. After a leisurely lunch it was a straight forward route to the bakery at Shepperton via, Runnymede, The Causeway, Staines centre, Laleham to the Bakery. Where they do a special offer of coffee and cake for £2-20. After, members chose their own route home. On reaching home at Hanger Lane, my mileage was a modest 50 miles, but should think all reached home without lights.
Frank C.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tea At Harolds

Harold and his wife put on a splendid spread for all the gathered there. Only problem being it was like a mini dinner and now I'm in trouble and strive for being too full. 61mls all told and so I have to do another 20mls to build up an appetite or fast like in Lent. Oh no when does that start, not next Wednesday surely? If so its pancake day next Tuesday and any one in Spain should have a fantastic Ferrier! Wish I was in Rio de Janero, down on Ipanima
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Easy Rider Feb 11th

I managed to get over for elevenses at Walton and it was good to see so many of you. Thanks for your kind wishes for my recovery after the wallop I got on my back three weeks ago. I figured I should put a spot on the blog since I could not see either Lynda or Mark. John C. was leading the ride to The Running Mare at Cobham with Fuzz, Bill H.,Phil, Beryl, Ron and a fair sprinkling of a few of our quicker groups. It was nice to see Bill and Margaret Squirrell too. The old back had taken rather a hammering from the potholes so with apologies to John I came home. See you at Weybridge------Albert

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Group Feb 11th

Wayfarers Ride A From Leader Ed Sharp Weather bright and cold, some ice. Norman took us over the downs to Merstham via Banstead Station, Nork & Purley to escape the ice. We were greeted by Anita & Emma at the Hungers End Cafe. I was undecided what to do but took a chance & ride to Horley Wetherspoons via Nutfield (some ice on the hill) Smallfield & Horley. We had a group of about 12 good for a cold winter day. Tea was at the sports hall Dorking via Hookwood, Norwood Hill, Leigh, Brockham. The group split up on the way home everyone seemed to have a good day. Distance for me about 50miles. Two fallers on black ice on the way to Elevenses Eric Ashford & John Scott!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ian Appleton Dieppe Raid

To clarify 2 items in the Mch/Apl 2009 Sou'Wester. Note that the Dieppe Raid takes place on Sunday the 14 June 09.
Ian Appleton's e-mail address is incorrect. His new one is as shown on the SWLDA blog. Please contact him for his proposed itinery and timing. The mobile number 07770976782 is correct.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Barn Dance

0208 394 2665 for Tickets

Sunday, February 08, 2009

B Group ride 25th February Claygate - Upcoming

I'm sorry but due to continuing knee trouble (tendons) I will not be able to lead this ride. Can someone please take it over for me thanks, in anticipation of a rush of offers.

Cliff Whitfield

Friday, February 06, 2009

Picture from Harold

Sent in by Harold Fifield as a curiosity!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

A, Group Feb 4th

After a series of phone calls between thoughtful Thelma (British Legion, Cobham), Brian Starey, Pete M and myself we decided that 11s this week should be at Sainsbury's, Cobham, and I put a notice on the BL window saying so. Jake, Pam, Frank C, John B, Mike M, Neil, Pete M and I assembled in Sainsbury's cafe (any hot drink with any doughnut 30p off, PLUS NECTAR POINTS - who could say no? - sorry, I'm beginning to sound like Tartan Socks long). After a brief discussion we decided lunch should be at Leatherhead. Frank and Pete soon peeled off, we stopped to remove the sign from the BL (but somebody had already done so!), then rode on along fairly clear roads to Effingham Junction. Heading towards Effingham we saw this wonderful snowman which warranted a photo stop. Carrying on cautiously we rode along Lower Road to Leatherhead - first choice being The Running Horse, built 1403. ('If tradition be believed Queen Elizabeth slept at The Running Horse on one of her visits to Slyfield when she was unable to cross the river owing to flood'). I wonder how she would fare today ? After a very pleasant, lengthy break we made our separate ways home.


Pete - wasn't TRH a Youth Hostel once ?
1943-44 the Youth Hostel was at The Old Rising Sun by the roundabout.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Fast Ladies in Action

As the title says there were really going at it!

See also Collage on SWLDA Blog and further pics on KPRC
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Cobham Sainsburys 11's 4th Feb

Three RED Noses

Eleven's group at Sainsbury Cobham

A magnificent snow man, note a certain lady feeling shy for a change and trying to hide!!

The same fast lady coming out of her shell suported by an even faster lady as delightful as hell (not sure if that sounds right or left!)

One more photo to come. Please note I am using Picasa and it will not publish more than 4 pics at once. The 5th one shows the fast ladies in action!! and will be blogged separately.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow in Walton on the Hill

Mike M outside his house trying to get started, imposible in 12 inches

Near the Pond at Deans Lane, bike in hand (you will have to take my word for it).

Borrowed a villagers upright with nobbly tires still difficult but riding by the pond.

Also riding by the pond. I think the stars are because I am dreaming about a certain person or its the flash reflecting on the snow.
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