Friday, August 31, 2007

Ripley Cycle Jumble

Cycle Jumble, Sunday 14th October 2007, at Ripley Village Hall.

Pre-booking for sellers essential.
Contact: John Lattimore 01932 247614

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pictures from Françoise

"Another lovely ride which took us - as far as I am concerned - into unchartered territories.Lots of contrast through the day between the cool underwood roads and the pretty towpaths. Thanks Terry." Françoise

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

B Group Aug 29th

From a not very busy Fairoaks I (Terry) led Angie, Caroline, Francoise the phographer, Gill, Bernard, Cliff, David, John G, Les, Neil, Nev, Norman and Phil L (until lunch) via the lanes to Chobham, Knaphill and Fox Corner. Passing the infamous labs on the outskirts of Pirbright we joined the busy A324 Aldershot Road to the junction with the A323 before shortly turning into Wyke Lane and some peace and quiet ! We then used lanes to reach Tongham via Ash Green having passed Ash Lane West - probably still closed due to f & m precautions. Unfortunately Neil then punctured (and we hadn't yet gone off-road !) but it was soon fixed and we then went off-road alongside the A331 heading north. After passing under the Basingstoke Canal aqueduct we joined the towpath and crossed the aqueduct en route to The Swan at Ash Vale (alongside the canal). It was very popular but some of us were served fairly quickly, eventually we left about 1415. Back on the towpath, destination Curzon bridges, but due to 'works' we had to leave it at Deepcut bridge and rejoin the metalled road, however it did mean we'd missed the climb from Frimley Green. Through Pirbright then via Fox Corner again to Goose Rye Lane and Jacobs Well, alongside the A3 to Ripley to be just too late for tea at Watson's, so we rode along Wisley runway (where there seemed to be some filming/photography involving a tall crane dangling a human-size cage, and a small tailor's dummy torso - but I don't think we will all be fillum stars or even cycling past extras). Destination was now Cobham - the cafe opposite Watson's - W's were busy shutting up shop. After a leisurely break the six of us that had stopped went our separate ways - to end a pleasant, warm, fine day out. Terry

C Group Aug 29th

Good turnout at Elleray Hall, Bill and Margaret Squirell were there on their tandem trike for elevenses and a few others including Dennis who were not on the ride. Even so with splendid weather around fifteen of us set off with Lynda leading, for lunch at Ye Olde Swan by the river at Thames Ditton. Our company consisted of Lynda, Beryl, Carol, Sonia, John C., Tom, Ron, Dave, Roger, .Bill, Phil, myself and lots more whose names escape me. We explored a few interesting paths through Bushy Park and a few awkward gates, leaving at Culled Deer gate with a short ride to Home Park where some took a litle time to view the odd spot of interest. Not having brought my reading glasses, the signs were unreadable. I just about carry the kitchen sink as it is. Ask the kind friends who help me with the bike when we arrive at steep steps and awkward gates! I think we all enjoyed our lunch which was inexpensive and promptly served outside by the river in the sunshine... I intended to go home via The Scilly Isles and Esher, but by the time I found my way through Thames Ditton the first spot I recognised was Hampton Court bridge so opted to make my way back as I had arrived in the morning, down to Walton and Weybridge. Thanks Lynda for a most interesting ride in good company. I clocked 42mls ----------------------------- Albert

A Group Aug 29th

Despite being our most westerly outpost, Fairoaks attracted a goodly number (16) of "A" riders; these being Graham, Bob, Ed, Frank, Grant, Ian, John B, John S, Mike, Pete B, Pete M, Ray, Rob, Toni, Vic and Pam (a very warm welcome back!). At her request, we were gentle on the ups but still lost Bob to a puncture within the first three miles. Our course was northwest to Windlesham, then north and east through the Ascots before turning west to Winkfield Row, Warfield Church, and Tickleback Row. From there lunch was north at the New Leathern Bottle, Jealotts Hill. We dined alfresco; the portions more than making up for the preparation time and lack of brown bread. At departure time (around two), we were the last customers save one rather dilapidated car. Pam was for Slough but the rest rode by Maiden's Green and Woodside, in at Cheapside and out at Bishopgate. Thanks to a misbehaving freewheel, Ed had to walk Tite Hill but rejoined at tea.
The route from Egham went past Irene's Teas (closed for two weeks) and back onto roads at Laleham for a final dash to Watson's (ex Holt's) bakery in Shepperton. A comfortably warm day though cloudy at times; route as described: around 35 miles.
Graham Hill
and hope I havent forgotten anybody!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

C Group Ride

Despite the dismal weather (cold, wet and windy) we had a good turnout at Hersham. Tom and Dennis were there but did not join the ride which was led by John C., Mark, Beryl, Ken, Phil and yours truly. The intended lunch destination was to be The Anchor at Bookham. We took the dual carriageway towards Esher, then right at the roundabout towards Westend having shortened our sights about lunch due to the conditions to The Cricketers. However in Fairmile Lane Beryl's bike punctured, so after spending some time getting that fixed a general consensus decided to make for The Old Plough at Stoke d,Abernon. It was pleasant inside the pub and there was no haste to get outside to the cold and wet. Tea was to be at Leatherhead so I wended my lone way back down the Stoke Road towards Cobham, home and a stiff drink! All the same, it was a good ride, in good company and most enjoyable.
Thanks John ------------------------------- Albert

Friday, August 24, 2007

A&B Ride August 22nd

Elevenses was at Caterham: it was a rather windy & dull day and only eight of us that set off for Lingfield. Up Woldingham & down Chalkpit lane to Oxted, then lovely quiet lanes, through, to borrow a phrase "undiscovered country", well for me!! Luckily with a tail wind all the way to "The Star" pub opposite the church, with huge portions of lunch for all! Back via Tandridge up a horrible hill or two & onto the Woldingham track past the school to the garden centre for tea in the conservatory. The rain still held off but now it was a head wind. Thanks all for coming on my ride - Pete M, Grant, Tony D'It, John G, John B, Bernard & Ed. Quality not quantity miles; I hope you all enjoyed it as much I did. Jen

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Accident to Harold

I have just been speaking to Harold by phone.
He had an accident on his bike last week on Wednesday on his way to the lunch stop. He was on his own as he was late for 11's. He says he has a broken rib and bruises.
Apparently, he was going up a slope and his wheel got caught in a gulley. He was in Kingston hospital when I spoke to him, awaiting a doctor to give permission for him to go home today. He says the rib will take approximately 10 weeks to heal. He is on morphine, but he can still feel pain.
Please pass on to other Wayfarers.

Bye for now,

Monday, August 20, 2007

News from Norman

from Norman Goody
Last week, my wife suffered a minor stroke. She is out of hospital but cannot be left on her own for long periods and cannot drive.The cause of the stroke was diagnosed and the appropriate drugs prescribed, she is expected to make a complete recovery but the time factor is unknown. So I will not be able to lead this Wednesday or ride future Wednesdays until my wife can be left alone.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Phil & Friends Challenge Ride. Sunday 12/08/07

It has long been my ambition to ride the above but it is a challenge in itself getting there and back, over 500mls. It was also great to revisit my old stamping grounds from where I did all my early CTC riding in the late 50's & early 60's. I last visited "God's Country" as I call it, to cycle on the Birthday Rides in 2004 and it brought back so many memories to inspire me to come back again soon. I stayed in my Aunty's caravan on Beely Moor both Saturday and Sunday night leaving me about 25mls from the 8am start at Stannington, Sheffield, for the 150km. The 100km started at 8.30am. I had chosen my MTB with off-road slicks and heavy bag, only to be dismayed by all these young riders on top of the range road bikes. Before the start Jill Kearen, Chair of Council, presented Phil with a bound book of his 10yrs as President of CTC a catalogue of all that took place in his time.

We set off with poor weather forecast towards Penistone, over the Moors to Holmfirth. Turning left to climb Holm Moss the first check was at the Victoria Inn, where I stopped and met with Phil Liggett. After a chatt I set off to accend the first big climb. It was raining and very windy and as I strugled to the summit, I stopped and sheltered behing a parked van and soon started to feel cold. However I ate a cheese and date roll, one of my old favourite bonk foods before making a rapid decent down to Woodhead, then across the reservoir dam and climb towards Glossop. At Glossop I made a pit stop (cafe) for more fuel and met lots of riders. Still basically riding on my own I set off for Chapel en le Frith and Edale. As we started to climb over Ruship Edge I was overtaken by Phil & Friends. After a long climb we reached Mam Nick and then decended into Edale for the next control. At this point 80km/50mls time was marching on. I asked Phil was he riding the 100km or the 150km? He said I always start out with the idea of doing the 150km but usualy end up doing the 100km. (See photo's). At Hope village, 55mls you either go right for anothe 4omls and over 1:5 Winnants Pass, Millers Dale Monsal Head etc or you go left back to the start to finish the 100km. It was now 2.30pm, I was shattered, turned left and finished at 3.30pm. One of the toughest rides I have done in my older life. Could I do the 150km next year not sure but not on MTB. I cheated and did remainder of course next day on my own. As for Phil he is a smashing chap and I talked to him on several occassions and he is so Friendly. Now I must send a donation to CTC defence fund. Anyone who fancies subing me is most welcome as its a sponsored event.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

C Group Aug 15th

Happily the met forecast must have been for some other area, since we enjoyed sunshine and just an occasional windy gust all the way from Shepperton to The Castle Grove at Chobham. A good turnout included Dennis, Roger (who led in the absence of Dave who was indisposed), a welcome return of Beryl, plus Ron, Phil, Harold, Mark, Tom (climbing the hills better than myself), and one or two others.
It was nice to see Pam at elevenses with a bike of 26 vintage which must have belonged to her grandma. We got to Chertsey via lower Shepperton, then over Chertsey bridge, left into Fordwater Road, right past Stepgates, then down Highfield Road, Station Road and over the level crossing to Holloway Hill. Then up Stonehills Road and via Gracious Pond to where Red Lion Road starts where we took a left to bring us out to the main road about half a mile from Chobham. Here we parted company with those who had sandwiches and pressed on to our destination.
We had lunch outside in the sunshine. The food was good, as was the beer, and afterwards we split up with some having a long ride home and some going back to Shepperton for tea. For the return ride there was just three of us Roger, Harold and me. I left them at the bottom of Holloway Hill and made my way home via Green Lane. The first taste of headwind was as I turned into my road with just over 100 yards to go!
Thanks Roger ---------------------- Albert

B Group Aug 15th

First I should say how nice it was to see Pam, who had come on her less racy bike to say 'hello'.
Let's hope it won't be too long before she is able to come on a ride again. Despite the forecast and damp start to the day, there were 10 of us in B Group this week: the French contingent of Francois and Christine, Carolyn, Bernard, John G., Terry, Les, Cliff, Neil and me, Gill, the leader.
Amazingly, again despite the forecast, we had a dry day with quite a bit of sunshine.
The forecast strong winds which did eventuate didn't really worry us until we headed home. This was a ride following the River Thames downstream from Walton to Old Isleworth where we had lunch at The Town Wharf. We followed the towpath to Teddington, with an unplanned stop at the Molesey Thameside Heritage Marker requested by Les. Here he showed us a plaque with the name Les Johnson and a bike, not his name - no 't' - but apparently that of a former member of the Wayfarers(?). While there we tested the sundial which did work when you stood on the disc with the correct month! At Hampton Court we were joined by Brian who just happened to be passing and going our way. He left us at Teddington Lock where we crossed to the other side of the river. After a bit of main road to Twickenham, it was back to the river and on to Warren Footpath which skirts Marble Hill Park, coming out at Richmond Bridge.
A combination of roads and alleyways finally brought us to The Town Wharf where, to start with, we were the only ones lunching on the riverside balcony. An idyllic spot if you discount the constant flow of aircraft heading to Heathrow above us, looking across a narrow channel to Isleworth Ait (admittedly the tide was down but it was coming in) and with a view downstream to the church and well-known London Apprentice pub. After lunch we continued to follow the Thames Path signs across Syon Park (with its Highland cattle), down to the Grand Union Canal and the Thames Lock where it enters the Thames, across Waterman's Park and finally down a flight of steps to join a riverside path which took us to Kew Bridge.
This had been the challenging section - no hills, just steps. From here it was an easy ride through Strand on the Green to Chiswick Bridge, and round Duke's Meadows to the final challenge of the steps at Barnes railway footbridge! Here we left the river and headed for tea in Richmond Park at Roehampton Gate, after which everyone went their own ways home.
Terry, Neil and I returned to the river at Teddington, retracing our outward route and passing several C group riders coming the other way!
Gill Finlay

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

B Group Pictures

Pictures by Françoise Appreciative comments on the ride: " Truly enjoyed the ride - Very well prepared - Touring cycling at its best! Thanks Gill." Bye for now Françoise

A Group August 15th

Vic, Ray, Ed, Frank H, Pete M, Pete B, John B, Mike M, Bob, departed from Shepperton into a fairly stiff breeze & hint of showers which did'nt materialize turning into a comfortable day. A steady pace brought us to lunch at The Sun Windlesham, a very warm welcome from the publican and food soon arrived very quickly. Glasses were raised to toast the continued good health of Ray Dare who has just received the status of Veteran Time Trials Association National 100miles champion on age related for an 81year old with a qualifying time of 4.59.25 last sunday. A following wind helped us back to Ockham Bites for tea and a rendezview with Jen.
From Pete M

Vics "A" Group Aug 8th

“A” Group ride 8th August 2007

Nine of us rode out from New Haw Day Centre at 11:10. Up Row Hill to Ottershaw, Stonehills, Gracious Pond, Red Lion Road, Windlesham, Rye Grove, Hook Mill Lane, Lightwater, Ambleside to Red Road Hill. After a regroup the going got easier along the Maultway on the Bagshot Ridges, past reminders of the areas military history. At Deepcut we turned right down Lake Road, home of fat dartplayers, to Frimley Green. The cycle path behind the Green led to Farnborough North Station and “The Prince of Wales” for lunch. The leader pointed out two imposing buildings, once the domain of the last Empress of France, Eugénie, which are sometimes open to public view, but never on Wednesdays. After lunch we left Hampshire via Mytchett and its lake, up Tunnel Hill and down to Pirbright, where Ian left us to visit a friend in Christmas Pie. Because of the local foot-and-mouth episode at the time, we skirted the area and crossed Brookwood Cemetery to Heath House Lane, Saunders Lane, Smarts Heath, Guildford Road, Whitmoor Lane, Jacobs Well Burpham and then along the Old Portsmouth Road through Ripley to Ockham Bites for tea, all done by 3:30

From Vic White

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Group Aug 8th

The summer had taken its toll and only nine A riders lined up at New Haw Day Centre. The group was Vic, Graham, Ian, Irene, John B, John S, Pete B and Toni, and our destination, one of Vic's favourites, the Prince Of Wales in Farnborough. The journey took in Ottershaw, Burrowhill, and the back lane around Windlesham Park. We headed through Lightwater before climbing up to and descending the Chobham Ridges. Once past Lakeside, we crossed over the Blackwater relief road, where Vic gave his lecture on Napoleon III et al before settling in the tarmacced pub garden. Our shelter was a gazebo illegal under the new smoking law but perfect for us. The lunch was substantial
and leisurely but eventually we headed back towards Pirbright.

Ian caused two short delays, firstly by unshipping a pannier on the descent of Tunnel Hill, and secondly by needing directions to Christmaspie, his resting place for the day. We went past the shrine of Edward the Martyr before descending to Mayford. Here Vic has a small surprise in store.
Avoiding the customary Pyle Hill and/or Old Woking routes, we continued to Worplesdon Station and onto the A320. Turning (thankfully) at the next left,we went into Jacob's
Well and along the A3 cyclepath to Ockham Bites where we separated. After the miserable late spring/early summer, it had been another sunny day and about right temperature wise.

Graham Hill

C Group Aug 8th

Good turnout at Walton. Weather forecast so good I saved weight and left cape at home. Ron was leading; venue The Cricketers at Downside. they got away from me in Walton High Street due to traffic lights, but being on home ground I pressed on hoping to catch up with the rest, consisting of Mark, Roger, Fuzz, Dave, Alan, John, Dennis, Lynda, Helga, Dawn et al (Oh come on thats`s not bad for one of my advanced age!). As I got nearer to Hersham (I had already missed the right turn at The Halfway), I was overtaken by Harold and we rode together up Queens Road, Seven Hills Road and turned left to go under the A3 near Notre Dame School. At his suggestion we waited for the others to arrive for a photo session. In less than five minutes they did just that. From then on we kept together thro` Cobham to our lunch. Afterwards tea was to be taken either at Claygate or Ewell (I think). Giving in to my old bones I opted for a ride home down the busy Byfleet Road. I must stop this awful habit. I`ve got a darned good bike!!-------------------Albert

B Group Pictures

Here are a few snaps taken yesterday.

My comments about the ride (for what it is worth...) - High conflict between cycling and photography as Terry's off the beaten track ride was very colourful whilst riding along the canal. I regret that I couldn't stop to take snaps of the blossoming waterlilies and refections in the water...
From Francoise

B Group Aug 8th

From New Haw I (Terry) led Francoise, Gill, Liz, Cliff, David V, Frank H, Johns G and M, Les, Neil, Norman, Phil L (to lunch) and Robin through West Byfleet to turn right into Floyd's Lane and then a new (to me, at least) bridleway, Sandy Lane. I hope others apart from me remained unstung by the nettles. Through Pyrford, down Send Hill and along the very wet Potters Lane to the cycletrack alongside the A3 we rode, turning right onto the cycletrack to its' end, passing anti foot and mouth precautions at farm and field entrances. Peace and quiet briefly as we rode along Stringers Avenue, then north on the A320 until soon turning into Burdenshott Road and Smart's Heath Lane. Continuing north we took to the Basingstoke Canal towpath at Hermitage bridge, leaving at Brookwood bridge. Shortly we found our road was closed, for resurfacing, but cyclists can usually get through, can't they ? The roadworks ended just as we turned into the Broadway, Knaphill, and soon we arrived at The Castle Grove, Chobham, for a good, reasonably quick lunch. Afterwards we briefly retraced the morning's route, soon turning into Carthouse Lane. Just before reaching a roundabout Francoise and I (and others?) witnessed a most unusual incident. A magpie was squawking loudly whilst hopping up and down in the road, meanwhile a terrified weasel was running to and fro, about three weasel lengths at a time. Eventually the weasel shot off to the left to hopefully live another day or two whilst the magpie flew off as we approached. We soon joined the Basingstoke Canal towpath at Horsell and headed east, leaving it at Sheerwater. Very little wildlife was noticed near the canal but there was a lot of lilies in bloom. Back through Pyrford we soon arrived at Ripley for 3s at Watson's then most people went home via Wisley airfield (to avoid the newly loosely resurfaced Ockham Lane) and Cobham. A very pleasant day (did the sun ever disappear for more than a few moments?), the route was mostly over familiar roads but in the opposite direction to 'normal'.
From Terry

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pam reports from V-CC

Text message from Pam." Have cycled each day. 1st day 18mls on disused railway, next day 24 on roads. Not many yesterday pub n back twice?! Back on road tday? Getting there slowly. All the best t everyone, Pam:-)"

Monday, August 06, 2007

Le Tour on Video

David Aylett (Phone no on The Sou'Wester) offers to lend the complete 21 days as put out on the highlight programs now recorded on Video if you missed it and wish to catch up contact David

Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Bull at Clandon

C Group at lunch at The Bull Clandon Pictures by Albert

Thursday, August 02, 2007

C Group Aug 1st

The fine weather was still with us as we assembled for our monthly meet at Cobham. Our lunch venue was The Bull at Clandon. John C. led the way up Plough Lane followed by Ron, Roger, Dave, Linda, Beatie, Bill H., Bill and Pat M., Fuzz, the other John, Dennis and a return visit from Lisa and Jonothan. I managed to stay in there somewhere and apologise if I`ve left anyone out. One puncture ocurred about a mile from our destination and one of our number stayed to help. Afraid I did not spot who they were as I was passing (probably getting groggy with the hill climbing) The only bit of offroad was a concrete farm path. We returned by much of the same route as the intention was to have tea at Cobham. I left the others when we got to The Ripley road and went home via Send and Tannery Lane..
Thanks John for a nice ride. I did around 32miles by 3.45-----------Abert

Message from Pam

My Physio gave me the go ahead to drive just over a week ago but no way will she say that I can ride my bike!! She is quite right for last Thursday I cycled to my house, ten minutes away and found it extremely painful! My walking is good but I do have to be careful -cannot run yet-but can stand on one leg, right and left!!!!
John left here on Monday for Hereford where he will collect his caravan and on Thursday he will make his way to Norfolk for the V-CC camp where I will join him and around 100 more members for a weeks cycling(on my 1928 Raleigh loop frame), that's IF the Phisio gives me the go ahead! Fingers crossed!

She sends regards to everyone, saying how much she misses the club rides and how terrible it is having to drive every where.

B Group

Puncture victim Neville Dable!

B Group Ride 1 August 2007
On a delightful warm sunny day, I counted 21 starters for the B group at Cobham, but at lunch there were only 19. Apologies to the two riders we lost-whoever you are.
Having passed thru’ East and West Horsley, we took two successive cross-country tracks, the first Northward and the second Westward. The first track included some muddy and rutted sections, which we walked. At the end of the second track, which was concrete and a much smoother ride, we crossed into Tithebarns Lane where Neville had his first puncture. Norman kindly offered to stay behind to help Neville, while the rest of us cycled through Send (Phil C punctured), Pyrford Village and Pyrford Green to lunch by the River Wey at the recently refurbished Anchor Inn at Pyrford Lock.
Neville and Norman eventually joined us, and, despite the vast numbers of lunchtime diners, our lunch was served efficiently and quickly.
In the afternoon we cycled via Wisley Village, Elm Corner, Wisley Aerodrome, Martyrs Green and Downside (Neville’s second puncture) to Stoke D’Abernon. In Oxshott the party divided into two, some taking tea at Epsom and some at Long Ditton.
Those who made it to lunch at Pyrford Lock were: Christine, Francois, Gill, Judy, Nicky, Alan, Bernard, Bill, Cliff, David, John G, John M, Les, Neil (returning to Wayfarers after some years), Neville, Norman, Phil C (Nicky’s Dad), Terry and Will. Also, Harold arrived independently at the Anchor to take our photos.
Round trip mileage from North Cheam was 45.
John Gould

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Aug 1st

21 Wayfarers started at North Cheam on Wednesday

Alberts 90th

Thankyou, Albert, for the tea and cakes at Cobham - good luck for the future.

August 1st A Group

Today I led the A team cycle ride from Cobham.
There were quite a few of us, not least people who seemed to share the same name. There were two Johns (B and S), Two Mike’s (M and R), two Franks (C and H), two Steve’s (C and H – although the author of this masterpiece prefers to be known as Stephen) there might even have been two Pete’s if B had turned up but it was only M. Additionally there were a number of people who just rejoiced in their own name: Bob, Ray, Vic, Ian, Ed and Tony.
We went over the usual back routes via Ockham and on down to East Clandon . At the end of that, there is a climb up to the top and across to Shere. When you get near the top, there is a pretty good view behind you over to London . We did not take advantage of this since we were too challenged by the climb. Going down the other side gives you a nice rest as well as a good bit of speed.
We then joined the A248 through Albury before joining the A3001 and ambling along to Godalming where The Jack Phillips (a Wetherspoons public house let it be said) happened to await our arrival.
For our return trip we retraced our tracks for a bit and then went along the A3000 to Guildford, skirting the main part of the town and then going round to Burpham and along the edge of the A3 to Ripley and on to Ockham Bites for final refreshments before heading for home.

I trust this is helpful.
Yours hopefully Stephen