Saturday, December 22, 2007

B Group Dec 19

In the absence of the scheduled leader, I led Jill, Liz, Cliff and Les on Wednesday's B ride from Walton by way of Hampton, Bushey Park, Teddington, Fullwell, River Crane Walk, Knoller Gardens, Twickenham 6th Form College, Twickenham Rugby Ground and the picturesque West Middlesex Drainage/Sewage Works to Old Isleworth and our lunch stop, the Town Wharf pub overlooking the Thames. Amazingly, even at this time of year the pub was pretty empty (how do they ever make any money?) and our excellent meals were served very quickly.

In the afternoon we took the Thames-side path southwards on the Twickenham side of the river to Teddington Lock where we crossed to the Ham side and took the tow path to Kingston. Here Jill stopped for some late Xmas shopping, while the rest of us returned home via Berrylands (sewage works are my specialty) and New Malden.

John Gould

Thursday, December 20, 2007

C Group Dec 19th

Having turned the central heating up a few notches (damn the expense) and putting an extra woolly on this ancient body, I had an easy ride to Walton where the turnout was a bit below usual and as Linda was leading the ride and said her intention was to make for Cheam, I felt the return trip would have made me rather late and so I set off having made my apologies and with the intention of a solo effort turned onto the towpath near The Swan and without having a particular lunch spot in mind, headed in the direction of Hampton Court. I got the feeling of being followed and heard a familiar voice a couple of times. This is starting to sound like one of those Christmas ghost stories but after passing the Weir pub I put a foot down to negotiate the lock only to find Fuzz, Lynda, Roger, Dave, John C.,and a couple more of C group had been tailing me! We then decided to have lunch at The White Hart at Hampton Wick. How`s that for a happy ending to the story?
I managed to cover just over 21 miles and got home by 3:15. It certainly made up for last week`s debacle. A Happy Christmas to one and all ----------------- Albert

A Group Christmas Lunch 19 Dec 07

Thanks to Pete Mitchell for arranging an excellent "A" group seasonal lunch at the Cap in Hand. In an impromptu gesture (or was it jester) by Toni de put his hand in his pocket and made a small contribution (he was feeling larey so he put in Lira) and we made an even more impromptu presentation, see photo, of old crackers wrapped in old serviettes. The real present will be presented by Jake when the sales are on.

Equally we were all delighted to see Bob & Lesley at the Cap in Hand. Bob couldn't resist a chance of a Wetherspoon bash. It was amazing to see him one week and one day after the replacement of his right hip. Hip, Hip Hooray. He cant wait to get rid of the sticks and get on a bike.

Finally I could not resist this photo, it's what you might call a "Thorn" between two "Roses. The one on the left I am Truly, Deeply, Fondly, trying to remember her name!! The one in the middle can at times be a complete pain but is off to Spain to keep out of the rain (well at least lands of grotty). I never forget the name of the one on the right, I just think of what she must have had after that epic Mersey 24hr (a bath) and it begins with Ann

A Group Lunch

A very enjoyable social occasion with good food at the Cap in Hand.
I am only sorry I could not have cycled there with you but the odds were against me what with the bad throat and bicycle at the repairers. Whilst I was out my wife received a call to say that the bike was now ready for collection. One day late for the meal. Anyway I look forward to seeing you all again in the new year for another year of good company and good excercise.
All the very best for Christmas and the New Year.
Kind Regards,
John Scott

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Group Dec 19th

20 Riders plus a couple of extras left Walton Day Centre over Walton bridge the serpent like group with no problems headed through Sunbury in cool but comfortable conditions, turning left off the major road found us following a twisty but quiet route through the back streets of Hampton and into Bushy Park out at Hampton Court and on to The Cap in Hand at Hook for a very good Xmas lunch for less than £10 including a drink! Bob Starey and Lesley were waiting for us and he certainly seemed in good spirits. Upon leaving it certainly felt very much like the winter we expect so homeward bound was the target for all and a warm home.
From Pete Mitchell

Greetings from Steve

                Greetings from Ledbury
Steve Bott (section secretary 1994-2002) wishes all
Wayfarers a Happy Christmas and good troublefree
riding in the new year.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

12th Dec 2007: Albert's Tale

Yesterday was pretty chilly but sunny and I got my gear together for a ride from Leatherhead and bunged it in the car.
After parking in the Randells Road car park and opening the hatch to extract the bike. I realised I had left the front wheel behind in the garage. Everyone has had a good belly laugh so I thought I`d share it with the the rest of you!!
On my return home the only one of you I could contact was Lynda who was unable to say where you were having lunch as she was not out owing to feeling poorly. I got some gen from Mark who did not go as far as the lunch stop and rode to Bookham instead; sorry about that Ron ---------------- Albert

Update on the Brothers Starey

Bob is home from a successful replacement of his right hip and is almost roadworthy. Well he walked to his local paper shop this morning on 2 sticks and is determined to get back on his bike (or at least my wife Barbara's bike-an old single speed steel ladies bike) asap. Not surprisingly he is sore and its painful but he is very determined and eager to get cracking on the second one maybe in 3 to 4 months time.

Brian and I took Bob out for a pub lunch today in the Red Lion Cheam. Photo attached of all three but last Monday at the 3 Horseshoes Irons Bottom before Bob had the Iron fitted next to his bottom last Tuesday.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

'A' Group 12th Dec

At the request of Stephen I took the ride intended by Bob who as we know is having hip operations.We wish him well and that it will not be too long before he is leading once again in his impeccable way.

We left Leatherhead-18 0f us in icy cold but beautiful weather entering the path at Mill Lane and followed the railway by path and byways to River Lane where we were interrupted by ice,myself and Stephen coming down. Fortunately we were able to continue until we were temporarily stopped by police in Fetcham where a diversion was in place but were able to continue on our intended route.This was the road through the Glade and Bookham Common path to Bookham Railway station, theron by road to the end of Orestan Lane to the new Sustrans path to East Horsley. At the low tunnel on the path a picture was kindly taken by Will, the tunnel is not easily seen by our number obscuring it but hope we are identifiable as I have not named all.

At the end of the path is East Horsley's butcher shop where men were humping carcasses into the shop, they warned us of ice as we entered the road whilst the conditions on the path were ideal for off road riding.

It was on road to the Barley Mow at West Horsley via Horsley station arriving by 12.30 as arranged for lunch.

Rob entertained us at the bar when he shattered a lamp with his head from a lantern hanging over the bar. The barmaid blinked not as she continued to serve him.

After a meal served in reasonable time in view of the festive season now in swing we were away by 1.30.

Some returned directly home whilst the rest of us returned to Leatherhead a direct road route to have tea etc. at Weatherspoon's and Annie's. We left by 3pm hoping most of us would be home before dark. My total was less than 20miles! a record for me I believe.

'A' Group 12th Dec

This ride I took at Stephen's request in place of Bob who as we know is undergoing hip operations and undestand one has been completed.We all wish him well and hope it will not be too long before he is back in his stride leading in his impeccable way.

The ride to West Horsley was a short one . 18 of us left in cold but beautiful weather taking a route close to the railway and river Mole to Fetcham on path and byways. Our ride was interrupted as we hit ice in River Lane,yours truly coming down followed by Stephen,fortunately we were able to carry on to Fetcham where we met what appeared to be a diversion with police in control, presumably due to another ice accident,however we were able to continue on our intended route. This was the path on Bookham Common to Bookham station then road to the end of Oristan Lane picking up the new Sustrans path to East Horsley.

When we encountered the low tunnel photos were taken which was almost hidden by our number which have not be named but I hope are visiblle.The path ended at the East Horsley's butchers shop where men humping carcasses into the shop warned us of ice as we entered the road. Our route finished up on road via Horsley railway station to the Barley Mow where we lunched as arranged. Rob entertained us at the bar when he shattered a lamp with his head from a lantern overhanging the bar. The barmaid blinked not as she continued to serve him.

We left about 1.30 so the service was quite reasonable in view of the festive season already in swing. Other than those who went directly home we ended up at Weatherspoon's and Annie's Leatherhead for tea etc. and left by 3pm whereby I hope most of us got home before dark.My mileage was less than 20, a record I think.

'A' Group 12th Dec.

The ride from Leatherhead Day Centre to West Horsley was comparitively a short one compared with most rides regardless of the beautiful conditions. 18 of us set off,hopefully they will be recognised in the pictures. The route followed the River Mole and railway on byways when progress was halted on hitting River Lane where yours truly was brought down by ice bringing down Stephen as well. Continuing on through Fetcham there appeared to be a diversion controlled by police thought perhaps due to an accident caused by ice, however we were allowed to continue on the intended route. It was not long before we entered Bookham Common via the Glade and thereon to Little Bookham and Effingham ,Orestan Lane and Sustrans route to East Horsley's butcher shop. Here delivery men humping carcasses into the butcher,s warned us of ice as we were leaving the track which had been perfect to ride on to that point.We arrived in good time at the Barley Mow via Ockham Road South and Horsley where as arranged sustenance was provided in reasonable time in view of Xmas functions.Rob entertained us when he sent a lamp from a lantern

flying that was overhanging the Bar which was obviously impeding his vision at that hight.The Barmaid blinked not and blithely dealt with our needs.

Our routine journey back to Leatherhead other than those returning directly home was uneventful arriving around about 2pm. Weatherspoons and Annies were selected for tea etc. and we parted company about 2.45. My surprising total from home was 20 miles,disgusting Ray

'A' Group-Report

Stephen asked me to take the ride as Bob would have lead but was having hip operations.We wish him all the best and understand one hip has been done. We look forward to him taking rides again in the not too distant future.

We left Leatherhead-18 of us in icy cold but beautiful conditions,soon entering Mill Lane and followed the path adjacent to the railway then byroads and path to River Lane.Here both Stephen and myself were brought down by ice, fortunately with minor injury only we believe.

Onwards to Fetcham where the police were controlling a diversion but we were able to continue on our intended route which was the Glade to Bookham Station via the common.Road riding thereon to the end of Orestan Lane Effingham and on to the new Sustrans path to East Horsley.

At the low roofed tunnel Will kindly took a picture, The tunnel was obscured by the number of us but I hope we are recognisable as I have not named us all.On leaving the path at the East Horsley butchers shop we were warned by men humping carcasses into the shop of ice just as we were reaching the road.However the conditios on the path were ideal for the time of the year.

To West Horsley via Horsley station brought us to the Barley Mow where we sat down to lunch as arranged.Rob entertained us when he shattered a lamp with his head from a lantern overhanging the bar The barmaid blinked not as she continued to serve Rob. Rob was unhurt but safety regulations could have been in doubt!

The food I think was good and served in reasonable time in view of the festive season now in swing.

Some of us left directly for home whilst the rest of us returned to Leatherhead by road for tea etc, at Weatherspoon's and Annie's . I hope most of us were home before lights as I was- with a total 20 miles! a record for me I believe.


'A' Group 12th Dec- photo

Text to follow

2007 Mileage Totals

Last year over 50 people submitted a years mileage total rangeing from
1128miles to 12905 miles, after Dec 31st 2007 any total mileage
recorded is welcome Pete Mitchell will collect on 0208 394 2665
(answerphone) or

B Group Dec 12

Thirteen riders left Leatherhead, or tried to leave, as our leader punctured on the traffic lights outside the Day Centre, he was however ably assisted by amongst others Bernard and Robin to repair the offending wheel and continue. The group included the aforementioned plus Liz and Judy John John G Nev Norman Les Gerry Roger and our faithfull backmarker Terry. Our route took us along the byepass to Pixham Lane and over to Punchbowl Lane and down to Henfold Lane to Newdigate, Capel,Coles lane to Ockley and a left and right turn to Mole Street where a left took us to aright into a freezing and black iced Stanton Lane and up to the Gatton Manor Golf and Country Club. Some of our members were a little apprehensive of our welcome at a fairly prestigeous G.C. but we had a good reception and lunch. The owner came out to see us before we left and assured us that we would be welcome any time we revisited.Our return took us via Cathill Lane to Ockley where we retraced via capel and Newdigate to Annies at Leatherhead for tea. The consensus of opinion seemed to be a good ride but definitely challenging
From Cliff

Friday, December 07, 2007

Connect 2 Vote

We believe that Sustrans' Connect2 campagn to obtain £50 million pound for critical cycle routes across the country is going well but we do need the votes. You can now vote by phone and it is extremely easy.

Phone: 0870 24 24 602. It will cost 10p. Simply dialling this number registers a vote for Connect2. You will hear a voice confirming this fact. Only one vote can be made per phone. Voting ends midday monday 10th Dec.

If you want more info or to vote on line visit:
Fingers crossed!
Regards Mike Pontin.

Cheam & Morden Post Xmas Lunch

Cheam & Morden Post Christmas Lunch
12:30 on
Sunday 27th January 2008
At Horton Park Golf & Country Club, Hook Rd, Epsom

Cost £10 for two courses.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Clive Oxx Celestial Chair

See the DA blog for story on above and the reason for my absence at Cobham.

Mike M.

A & B Groups Dec 5th

Accurately forecast heavy showers kept the numbers down at Cobham. However, following Terry's offering of our traditional Christmas thank you to the good ladies at the British Legion, some 14 (Pete M, Jake, Vic, 2xJohn, Irene, Stephanie, Norman, Terry, Steve C, Les, Ian and Roger S, led by Pete B) set off on a combined A & B ride. Cutting across Downside Common and Chilbrook to avoid likely flooding along Plough Lane, it was off along familiar roads albeit in the reverse direction. Pausing briefly to cape up when the heavens opened and then to extract Ian from a ditch, it was past Ockham Bites and over the A3 to Wisley and Pyrford Lock, through Byfleet, Woodham and Row Town before a lengthy wait at Addlestone level crossing. Then through the back roads of Weybridge with Jake puncturing just short of the planned lunch stop in Walton (Wetherspoons of course).
After lunch, the equally accurate forecast sunny intervals arrived and, whilst some headed directedly home, the rest crossed back over Walton Bridge for a wind assisted trip through Lower Sunbury and Hampton Wick, with a quick diversion through Bushy Park, and over Kingston Bridge to ride along the river to the Hawker Centre at Ham for a welcome cuppa and so home.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Arthur Jessop

On receiving the Arthur Jessop Trophy Albert enquired who was Arthur Jessop? Thanks to Bill Squirrell for providing the picture from the distant past

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wayfarers Punctures

Punctures reported are now being collected on this site click on 2007-08 Puncture Tables
Under Links on the right

Monday, December 03, 2007

East Horsley - Effingham Sustrans Route

"Bonjour Monsieur Spindleshanks, shall we try out this new route young Ray Dare was cracking on about?"

"Morning M de Railleur. Certainly, lead on."


Unknown to our intrepid friends, There may be problems ahead !!!

The route is well signposted and is shown on Surrey Cycle Guide No 5. It is the purple track starting at the junction of Orestan Lane and Calvert Road (west of Effingham), almost immediately becoming a short, sharp, vertical challenge, then briefly joins Old London Road before forking left becoming a red track leading to Lynx Hill (green road). It then joins the B2039 alongside Conisbee the butcher. The surface is quite good but beware, it is very loose in places.
The approach to the bridge shown (from Effingham) is down one of these places. The route will be very useful when riding to/from Squires’ at Horsley since it cuts out a stretch of the A246 and avoids the dogs in Calvert Road (hopefully a thing of the past). As always, do look and listen - motorcyclists have been practising along the track.

Terry Lowe