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From Gerry Hulbert

This from Gerry Hulbert entitled life in Thailand, multi e mail no1:

Well this is it, I hope it gets to you all.
I am still having a lot of problems with computing, and the internet, and with a slow connection phone line, sometimes it just won't work at all. At the moment I am sitting round the pool listening to Mozart, and enjoying fresh fruit for breakfast, 6 or 7 different kinds as well as coconut, and crousons. I have become a very good Mosquito hunter, and at night when its bed time you must make sure there are none in the bedroom or bathroom, (their favorite spot) because they love to eat you at night, I also have a bat like a tennis racquet, with batteries in the handle that gives out a small electric shock, on contact with a mossie, and in this house there are 4 such bats, and I have not had a nip for at least week.

Its almost time for a swim, then off to the beach, to spend some time with John's mum, on to play Bridge at the Tropicana Hotel on beach road, they supply unlimited tea and coffee, plus a sandwich in with the table money, of 150bt about 2 pounds. When the game is over we go for a few drinks with the lads, and pick up on the latest news and what’s going on over the weekend, and who is in town. Then around 7:30pm visit the night market, which is busy around then and very cheap, large and exotic, with fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and sea food in abundance. Drive back to the house about 5km, make dinner maybe have swim, and plan on going out to Mick’s bar, till about 2or 3 am, then half an hour on the scooter back to the house. Do the Mossie hunt and then bed. T hats all for now folks.

Hope this gets to you.

The wayward Dingo

Part 2

I knew there would be a fair bit of standing water offroad so I stuck to the tarmac for my 11ml. ride to Kingston for elevenses. The weather was warm for February and there was a good turnout. Ron was down to lead but probably failed to get the change of venue. Harold took over followed by Beryl, Dave. Bill, Mark and your scribe. All went well until we entered Richmond Park where we experienced some pretty grotty mud most of which was unrideable. Beryl upbraided Harold who apologised abjectly but we still needed to get through and turned up at The Rose and Crown at Kew with dirty shoes. A very nice establishment near the river but rather in need of a change of both staff and prices, We made our way to Hampton Court for tea via Teddington and Bushy Park. Both Harold and myself suffered falls and I fear he is pretty bruised, For me it's to be expected anyway. I had a call from Harold re my welfare when I got home at 5.30 having covered 39miles. I will take the car to Leatherhead. Guess I'm getting too old!------------------------------Albert

Thanks, Albert
Yes, Ron did fail to learn of the venue change and went to Claygate (along with about five others such as Geoff, Pat & Bill and John H).
I've sent them a print-out of Wayfarers News (Part 1) along with their Sou'Wester, as compensation.


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Hilly 50k 2007

A Group's Target

News 22Feb07

Hello Wayfarers and friends

On Saturday I helped out at our DA's major event, the Hilly 50. I knew that it was a demanding course, but only now having assisted first hand did I realise what a great event it is that Ed Sharp has organised for the DA over the years, encompassing a series of major climbs over 50km of Surrey lanes.. Three years ago the entry was a couple of dozen or so, but with excellent warm weather and internet coverage, 153 riders from all over set out on this daunting course and virtually all completed it. I have nothing but total admiration for all who took part for completing this awesome ride and offer warmest congratulations to our own Grant, Rob, Ray, Mike (luckily almost unscathed after a nasty fall en route) and Jen (plus husband Simon and sister Jake - whose husband Gary got round fastest in 1hr46min). Pete M was around the course with his cameras, so check out http://midweekwayfarers.blogspot.com/, where we may be seeing more on this. Ed is so modest about his major role in the Hilly 50, but that his event is established on so many riders' programmes is testimony to the esteem due to him as organiser.

Just a note to say Cycling Weekly tomorrow will be doing a four-page spread on the Hilly 50. Can you tell the others? Thanks. Jake

It may be in other papers, but p13 of today's Telegraph has a story of the man that bought a used bike in 1956 that has since completed 100,000 miles. He's now bought a new £1200 Trek - look out for it!

Belated but nontheless sincere apologies to the six or so members who failed to learn of yesterday's switch from Claygate (under refurbishment) to Kingston - my recent absence meant that no announcement was made at previous elevenses and the Sou'Wester note appeared too late. I hope they got together for an impromtu ride in the sunshine. Quite different weather today (Thursday), when we are back to dull and wet.

When I announced our 'A' group destination was to view the new Wembley stadium, the comments varied from "Wow" to "O my God", but 13 of us left the Kingston Bradbury Centre sharp at 11 o’clock, for the challenge. They were, Pete M. Pete B. Irene, Bob S. Julian, Frank and wife Francoise, Sou’Wester Editor Mike, recumbent Ed C, Mick Wakely, Grant for just a planned couple of miles and Ed S. Crossing to the north side of the Thames at Kingston Bridge we took the back road past Teddington Studios to Twickenham then the tow path to Richmond and Isleworth, and through Syon Park. We past Brentford football ground and past under the M4 to the cycle path at Gunnersbury Park, then disaster struck, recumbent Ed caught his front wheel on a ridge on the cycle path and down he went, bringing two others with him, fortunately there were no injuries, but half of Ed’s handle bar had snapped off. It was out of the question he could continue on the run and after some debate, decided to walk/ride the short distance to Kew station. We continued on the maze of side roads and quiet cycle paths across the North Circular, under the A40 at Hanger Lane and under the North Circular again to Stonebridge, along the service road past the famous Ace Café to Wembley and the stadium. A ride of 16 miles from Kingston. Pictures were taken and after a short break we rode the short distance to lunch at the pub, the Pleasure Boat, by the Grand Union Canal at Alperton, good food and very cheap, Bob preferring Wembley's JDW. After lunch it was a shorter route, keeping west of the North Circular to Kew Bridge, then Sheen, into Richmond Park and tea at the Roehampton Gate Café. From there members went their own way home. Fortunately the weather was far better than the forecast. Frank C.

Brian, You missed a fantastic ride yesterday, Frank took us on an exceptional traffic free route to Wembley Stadium. It looked fantastic but a bit off a mess all round;they are knocking the Wembley Conference centre down etc. We had good weather but the distance from Walton was a long way and the ride back a bit of a grind after Richmond Park but the Deer there were magnificent in the afternoon sunlight.

Hi Brian, I had a spill approaching Chiswick and broke the right handlebar on my P38. I managed to ride home using the pliers on my Leatherman. I'll have to get a replacement from California, so may be out of action for awhile. I got away with a small bump on my elbow. I'm sorry I didn't get to Wembley. Ed Campbell Also brought down were Pete M and Mick W, who injured his hand - could have been worse!

Hello Brian, On a much-better-than-forecast morning, Norman led a sizeable 'B' group (good to see half-termers Stephanie and David) plus a few usual A and C group members to Kingston Bridge. I then led along the towpath to Hampton Court Bridge where we turned into the Hampton Court Road. Still in sight of the river we noted daffodils and crocii in bloom and the parakeets serenading overhead (we don't have parakeets in Effingham). Soon we turned into the quieter Lower Sunbury Road which led to Walton Bridge, thence to Weybridge but using the road in lieu of the towpath, very briefly alongside Wey Navigation then up the hill , past Weybridge Station to cross Brooklands. (The northern half of the runway is now part of Mercedes test track with built in water jets. The Brooklands museum now has a Concorde and a very early Harrier outside). Through Byfleet to Murray's Lane and the Wey Navigation towpath, over Dodd's Bridge then onto the rather damp Dodd's Lane. (I did hear Christine promise to swear in French if it got any more challenging, but she didn't so presumably it didn't). At the end of the lane we stopped to re-group, clear mud from mudguards (and I think curse the leader) then rode on to The Seven Stars at Ripley. B group hadn't been there for a few years, it is now much improved. Most people had lunch there, some went home or to The Half Moon in Ripley where we all met up later. Tempus fugit so I chose the direct route along the old Wisley runway to Cobham (where some left) and tea at Seymours,Stoke d'Abernon, after which we went our separate ways. Brian - hope you're soon back in the world of the pedallers. Terry [thanks, Terry and thanks Harold and Mike who asked aout me - see you at Bockett's Farm next week]

Brian, can you do me, or at least Lynda, a favour. She was disappointed that I had not put anything in the Sou’Wester about printing Dieppe Raid shirts. I suggested you may be able to put out a general circular. Let Lynda know if you have any garments for printing with our "Sou'Westers" logo. Mike M.

'C' group report will follow, if and when.

Leatherhead or Bockett's Farm next week - enjoy!

Olleh Hub --

Friday, February 16, 2007


Having reviewed part of the Hilly 50 course and found potholes, I would encourage all to use the new http://www.fillthathole.org.uk/ and the http://www.clearthattrail.org.uk/ facility. I used it for the first time today and the system works great. You can home in on the Google Map and pinpoint your pothole with the mouse, which then shows a red flag like a golf hole flag. At first I thought it was someone else that had flagged it up and was already in the system but No! it was my flag.

To prove this you move the cursor on the map, click on the mouse and the flag moves to where you have clicked on the map. I am not yet clear how you know if someone else has picked the hole up and reported it already. Anyway it seems to me to be an excellent tool and full marks to CTC. You can get at it by clicking on above or go to the CTC link on right-hand-side of this blog and it's under new tools. Give it a try when you find your first dangerous hole. I think we should highlight these two www. permanently in our Sou'Wester.

Mike M.

Feb 14th

Hello Wayfarers and friends

Having agreed to swap with Frank to lead this week, the dreaded lurgi
got me over the weekend and I am grateful to Irene for volunteering at short
notice to take over 'A' ride leading - subsequently 'B' leader Robin reported
similar lurgi symptoms and Irene manfully (to coin a phrase) took on the
combined 'A' and 'B' rides - with memorable success, in that all three groups
coincidentally lunched together for the first time in my recollection.
Thanks again, Irene.

A second-hand account from Graham: Both designated leaders had previously
gone sick on a wet day to start with but rapidly improving. After a brief
council of war, the combined A & B group was led out by Irene; Pete M, Pete
B, Les, Toni D'I, Ed S, Gill, John B, Ray, Norman and finally Terry
following on behind. From Shepperton the route via Chertsey, a muddy
Penton Hook, Thorpe Park, and Trumps Green before the dash down Staple Hill
into Burrowhill and The Red Lion arriving well before 1pm. Rather unexpectedly
'C' group were already there - talk about tortoise and hare as we were first
away from Greeno. The direct route back to Shepperton saw us devouring doughnuts,
carrot cake, and apple pies in Holts Bakery (scheduled to close at the end of
the month; may reopen?!).
Best wishes for speedy recovery to our stricken leaders and others in
similar straits. Many thanks from Irene to Terry for his excellent back
marking. Graham

With a pretty grim weather forecast, wet roads and lowering skies, the
turnout at Shepperton was good. With Roger leading and with no intention of
even trying to go offroad, Beryl, Harold, Bill, Phil M., Mark and me, we set
off for The Red Lion at Chobham without a drop of rain and almost no wind
through Lower Shepperton,then over Chertsey Bridge. In Chertsey we took a bit
of a diversion down Free Prae Road, Highfield Road and Station Road, over the
level crossing and along the Guildford Road for our first hard climb up
Holloway Hill. Stonehills Road was less demanding on my ancient legs and before
entering Chobham we made a short detour right which brought us into Red Lion
Road and our destination of the same name. During a pleasant lunch we were
joined by A and B group. They say `great minds think alike`. By this time the
sun was well and truly out. Apart from Harold and Mark who had a fair ride in
front of them, the rest did me the honour of coming to my place for tea. A
very nice ride Roger------------------------------------Albert

All together at Bradbury Active Aid Centre Grange Road Kingston next
week -
hoping for a grand turn-out!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mike Morley Chickens Out

Congratulations all you MW-Wafarers that braved the rain on Wednesday. At Walton on the Hill it poured untill lunchtime though turned sunny in afternoon. I felt shattered after the Tuesday SRCC offroad ride (lead by Bob S) to the new Weatherspoons at Horley. It opened Monday and is well worth a visit.
I had a chat to Vic White on the phone and he is in good spirit and on the mend.
Hilly 50km
I rode part of course today upto 25.2ml mark (A25 bottom White Down). The rain has washed many of the roads fairly clean and the council were sweeping the road from the 9.7ml mark (Wooton Hatch towards Friday St.) Whatch out for two massive potholes about 500meter past Wooton Hatch pub. Just before this point look for home made cake and jam stall outside house on right. Lovely Ginger Bread 50p. Also watch out for further large pothole near private school after Holmbury St. Mary. There is the usual dirt and muck on the decent from the RT after 6.8ml mark having gone down the dip and round sharp left bend towards Westcott. Generaly watch out for brambles and branches hanging out from the hedges after the wind. Also mind the sandstone rock thats in the verge on A25 ascent to Wooton Hatch. Hope to see many of you at Ryka's 10.30hrs Saturday 17 Feb. Mike M

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Midweekers A&B groups

Virginia Waters & Red Lion Chobham

Friday, February 09, 2007

B Group

Twas a fine clear but very cold day which nevertheless saw a pretty good turnout at Cobham. Though the temperature was just about freezing, the previous few days had been dry which kept the roads fairly free of ice. Twelve of us, Cliff, Norman, Ed, Roger, Bernard, Les, John, Gill, Brian, Terry and Nev, led by Rob, set out down the well worn Plough Lane, soon to be passed by the dynamic speedsters of A group. Passing the Black Swan, we then headed for Ripley followed by Send. In Papercourt Lane, it became apparent that a good proportion of the group was missing. Investigation found that Terry had had a puncture and would meet up with us later. So we pressed on through Old Woking and crossed the A320 near Mayford into Prey Heath Road. After that we passed Worplesdon Station and then Fox Corner before arriving at the Cricketers at Pirbright, where the landlord had reserved a table for us, and where the food was good and the service quick - other leaders may wish to note. After lunch, we returned via Salt Box Road and Jacobs Well, before picking up the A3 path which took us all the way to our tea stop at Ockham Bites, arriving shortly before A group, which proves the old adage about the tortoise and the hare! We also found Terry had beaten us there, having lunched at Sutton Green. After tea, we took a detour through the woods and then picked up Pointers Road, before dispersing at Cobham in rapidly subsiding temperatures. I covered 54 miles in all. Rob

Feb 7

Hi Brian-- It is 9.30 Tuesday morning 06Feb07 and I`ve just had a call from Vic who was hit from behind by a woman motorist last evening and although he says no bones are broken he is some considerable pain and wanted me to let everyone know he will be out of commission for some time. At the moment he is at his cousin`s home in Addlestone phone 01932 844207. He was here at my place with Bill for tea and left around 6.30. See you at Cobham----------------------------Albert

Thanks, Albert I've spoken to Vic, who is fairly upbeat, albeit fairly uncomfortable and won't be out for a while. He has organised a wheelchair. BS
Cobham hosted another good turn-out, including Tom Fish, who seems a lot better than a few weeks back. A birthday card went round for Derek Robinson, our latest octog, not seen for several months. We hope our card encourages Derek to get on his bike in the Spring. Again, Wednesday was a fantastic day then, lo-and-behold, Thursday morning a heavy overnight fall of snow has brought everything to a standstill.
Suffering from a non-avian respiratory problem, I was intent on a modest target for lunch. A bright but very cold morning meant a muddled departure from Cobham. Groups 'A' (Graham, Bob, Brian, Ed, Irene, Jen, John, Julian, Mick, Mike, Pete B, Pete M, Steve) and 'B' headed off in the same direction and we overtook them in Plough Lane. After Ockham (where Julian fell on black ice), Hungry Hill and Burnt Common we used the A3 path to Jacobs Well. For a change the northern half of Guildford including Stoughton barracks was next before the turn was made towards Wood Street and the Royal Oak. They were fully booked but obligingly erected folding table and chairs on the oche. Lunch became a protracted affair with several meals (2 courses for Mike M!). Due to the overcrowding we had lost Brian and Bob to the White Hart and next Jen and Mike M headed for home. The way back was via Fox Corner Mayford and Pyrford to Wisley where we met up with the soon-off 'B' group. By now we were down to 4 but there was still time for a detour to Chatley Heath Tower. Hope I havent forgotten anyone! Graham Ray's picture of a group labelled midweekers is at http://midweekwayfarers.blogspot.com/
It must have been the coldest day so far this winter but we had a good turnout at Cobham RBL. With Mark in the lead then me, Roger, Harold, Bill, John C plus another John, Fuzz, followed by the ladies, Lynda, Carol and Dianne with a welcome back to our 'C' group of Beryl we set off for our lunch venue to The Half Moon at Ripley. Up Plough Lane (accent on the `up`) we crossed over to the Ockham Road at The Black Swan. After passing Ockham we took a left up Guilshill Lane. That`s the one with a bit of a climb where oncoming cars usually stop for one to get by. Then there`s this bit of a quick drop to a left turn where one can usually encounter loose shingle in the middle of the road and attempt to avoid it by picking a careful line by some pretty ghastly potholes. On this ocassion the area was flooded for about 25 yards with a large amouint of frozen slush where not only me but Mark took a purler. It was mainly bruising for both of us and he rang me to see how I was after reaching home. We then joined Rose Lane over the A3 into Ripley and a decent lunch and pint. As the others were going back over the A3 to Ripley for tea I took a route home down Newark Lane . At least we were a day early and avoided this snow!!!----------------Albert
Derek Robinson rang this evening to say how delighted he was by our special card and that he hoped to challenge Mrs Robinson's ban on bike riding before too long.
Afasic are organising a charity bike ride during national bike week and we wondered if you might be able to publicise this to your membership for us. Starting Sunday 17th June to Saturday 23rd June 2007 from Great Yarmouth in Norfolk, right across the country to Barmouth in North Wales. Access details via our website: http://www.afasic.org.uk/how1.htm Thanks. Mark Thompson
Olleh icy Hub

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Hi Mike

Thanks for the encouragement. I seem to have found a way into the system now through Google, but it's rather roundabout and I have to work it out from scratch each time! Perhaps I'll keep posting trivia until I've burnt the pathway into my memory—so people will be seeing boring paragraphs like this for some time to come. Big thanks too to Lisa for help with this at the weekend.

I'm glad to say that I don't seem to have any ill effects from the encounter with the black ice near Ockham yesterday. After Ed's story of his fractured elbow, I was delighted to be able to move mine when I woke up this morning.


Hi Julian

Just to let you know and to encourage others to keep trying, you can blog through Google. I see Julian you can still get into the SWLDA blogg, so try typing into a new post and see what happens. Sorry for this trivia to the rest of you but don't be frightened, it does work even if it is a bit of a blogger. Mike M.


Checking I can still get into the blog....Julian

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Thank you Lisa

Thank you Lisa for the invitation to blog. I've got this far—let's hope it's solved the rest of the problems I had............Julian

B Group Jan 31

After helping Graham eat his birthday pie, nine 'B' group riders - Bill, Brian N, Ed N, John G John M, Ken, Les and Terry, led by Norman, left Anita's cafe , turned left into School Hill, right under bridge into Nutfield Road, up the steep Cormongers Lane, across A25, down Fullers Wood Lane to Clay Lane. These lanes derive their names from the fine talc-like clay Fullers Earth or Fullers Clay dug from the local hillside and used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Into Kings Cross Lane, under M23 into Coopers Hill Road, Prince of Wales Road then right after The Dog and Duck into Green Lane, Axes Lane, crossing A23 at Salfords to Lodge Lane left into Meath Green Lane, right into Lee Street and Mill Lane. Over A217, Horsehill and Irons Bottom, left to Deanoak Lane, right into Smalls Hill Road to The Plough at Leigh where we found Mike Morley waiting, he had got "mislaid" somehow at Merstham!
After lunch back towards Brockham, Blackbrook, Punchbowl Lane, Pixham Lane, Mickleham, riders leaving homeward en route to Annie's at Leatherhead. Five stopped for tea then we went our various route home after a fine winters day. Norman

Photographic competition - We need to judge entries for the 2006 competition. If anyone has contributions to make, please let Brian know asap.

If anyone wishes to submit a verbal entry for "most punctures", also please let Brian know.

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Hungers End Merstam

Ed's A Group Report

Wayfarers Jan 31st 2007
Elevenses Hungers End Cafe Merstam
Nearly everyone was there. It was Graham's birthday so an apple pie disguised as birthday cake was produced for us to sample - thanks Graham.

Ride A - Destination Dormansland Pub, Leader Ed,
On ride Bob, Brian, Pete M, Jake, Jen, Graham, Pete B, John, Frank H, Rob, Ray, Steve, (Richard & Mike first time out).

Weather dry and sunny.
Route out Nutfield, Outwood, Newchapel, Lingfield, Dormansland. Route back Blindley Heath, South Godstone, Bletchingly, Merstam.
Graham treated some of us to tea at Fanny's Farm - thanks once again.
Distance for me was 50miles. No punctures, home before dark
From Ed Sharp

Jan 31st

Hello Wayfarers and friends

After two pretty atrocious Wednesdays, yesterday was as all-things-bright-and-beautiful as to be hoped for in January - it was one of those days that make this little corner of England as attractive as anywhere, fabulous as would appear many Holiday 2007 locations.

Added to that (or maybe because of that), 'A' and 'B' groups turned out in numbers not previously known for an "eastern" 11s venue, traditionally venues on or east of A23 being too far for mainstream SW London members.
We were boosted by the welcome return of Ken Preece and octogs Eric and Ned and also by new members Richard Hoskin and Mike Wakely, the last three named being mates enjoying a Redmon CC (aka Morden) connection. Welcome Richard and Mike - we enjoyed your company and hope it will be a regular occurrence.
Thanks to birthday boy Graham for the delicious Anita-baked apple pie - Graham had hoped to be at Merstham in time to buy 11s for both groups, but those 'A' members hanging on (literally, Ed) till tea were treated at Fanny's Farm instead - a very warm and kind gesture, Graham. Ten
years and one day younger, Stephen provided chocolate cakes for 'A' group at The Old House at Home, another lovely gesture for which many thanks too, Stephen.

What a perfect January outing. Ed's report and Ray's photos are at:
http://midweekwayfarers.blogspot.com/, where also on the website can be found rules for our annual DA photo competition, due for judging now, prior to awards at our 31Mar07 barn dance.

At tea someone remembered a special visit made several years back (when Steve Bott was Tsar) to Frogmore Royal Mausoleum in Windsor Great Park, on one of the few days that it opened to the public (free). That visit was a real special, in that it is the only Wayfarers ride I have taken part in on a Tuesday (plus, I met Babs), so I remember it well as a popular success.
I have checked the possibility of a return visit, to find that Frogmore Mausoleum is open similarly Wednesday 23Apr07, when 'C' group are expected for 11s at Molesey (where I've yet to visit), fitness freaks being due to go for 11s on the North Downs at Newland's Corner. I am asking regular riders to respond to the suggestion that 'A', 'B' and 'C' go to Molesey 23May07, then those that so wish, to Frogmore and Windsor. We could then postpone 'A' and 'B's visit to Newland's Corner to 13Jun07, for tea after our mid-summer early start for 11's at Horsham. All I ask is that you respond by preferring Molesey then Frogmore (Option 1), or Newlands Corner et al ('A' and 'B' groups, as programmed) (Option 2). If sufficient opt for Frogmore Mausoleum, we will go there 23May07; if sufficient opt for Newland's Corner 23May07, we may do both, an extra leader being tasked to lead from Molesey to Windsor.

Norman led a large 'B' group from Merstham to Leigh, where a leisurely lunch at The Plough was sufficient to recharge the batteries enough to get most to Annie's at Leatherhead for tea.

On the last day of January the weather was less cold and the sun was shining. We 'C' group had a very good turnout at Molesey. Several ladies were present including Lynda and Carole. Tom had also made the trip out and from those present we could have made up at least a couple of rides. In the event around twelve of us with Phil M leading set off for The Victoria at Woodham. Apart from me there was Mark, Harold, Bill, Dave, Robin, Fuzz, John Barrett, Roger and Ron. John C was there but I did not see him after the start.
The first part of the route took us into Rydens Road and The Halfway at Walton. At Sir Richards Bridge we took the footpath alongside the railway, at the end of which we turned left and made for Queens Road, Weybridge which we crossed into Princes Road and came out on Hanger Hill (an ancient Roman camp). On arriving at Weybridge rail station I lost sight of the others who were waiting over the bridge in Brooklands Lane. In earlier times (no, not olden) it was a cul-de-sac and I had never explored it. Now it introduced me to the first spot of the day's offroad. I just managed to stay upright as I followed their wheel tracks. At one stage we climbed some steep steps to cross double rail tracks where a stationary train was to our right.
Good old Harold insisted on lugging my bike over this obstacle. and after we had all got across the train continued on its journey seemingly having merely stopped for our benefit! After some more offroad we reached the Wey Navigation canal towpath then over the bridge to the towpath of the Basingstoke canal which just about took us all the way to the pub, After lunch and being on home ground I led off for the Woodham and New Haw Day Centre where the sandwich lads had gone. They did not follow me so I assumed they had pressed on to the tea rendezvous at The Greeno at Shepperton.
Five of us carried on in the Shepperton direction. We parted company in Addlestone and although they appeared to take a strange route, I am sure Phil had something up his sleeve! ------------------------------------------ Albert

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Now Blogging thru Google

Just a test to see if it works. The transfer to google as Lisa said is fairly straitforward ( assuming this has worked). As Lisa says try to create a post in the old way and it does ask you to transfer using you old user name and password, which you repeat twice and then you have to give your current e-mail address and then you create a google account ( which I didn't have before) and as Lisa say's it should be useful to have. Happy blogging. Mike M.