Friday, September 30, 2011

A Group Xmas Lunch - 14 December

Xmas Lunch - Group A - Plan B
14 December 2011

For circumstances beyond the ken of man, the planned A Group Xmas lunch, intended for the following week, will now take place on Wednesday, 14 December at JD Wetherspoons, Leatherhead. Paul Kelly will be devising a suitable ride from Dorking to Leatherhead for us to work up an appetite.

Pam has very kindly offered to co-ordinate the necessary arrangements in terms of booking, numbers, collection of deposits etc. Those wishing to join in should contact Pam with a £3 deposit and choice of menu. Here is the link to the menu. Please print off page 2, fill in your choices (including choice of drink) and give to Pam with your deposit. We should be alright for numbers but should there be a limit, it will be first come first served to get on the list.

September may seem a bit early for Xmas booking, but the West Horsley Garden Centre is already selling snow shovels!

Hope you can make it.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Easy Riders - September 28th 2011

Such a lovely day today, C group had a meander along the tow path. From Weybridge, we went to Thames Ditton - Ye Olde Swan. A popular, favourite pub; and sat outside near the river enjoying the sunshine. From there we double-backed to Hampton Court and took the tow path to Kingston, Ham and Teddington. Walked over the blue bridge and cycled thro' Bushy Park. A favourite route of mine. We had afternoon tea sitting outside at Five on the Bridge.



B Group - September 28th 2011

The jpeg only shows the section from Elevenses in Weybridge to Afternoon tea at Shepperton Lock.

From North Cheam to Shepperton Lock was 62.6 Kms (about 39 miles)

Tim C

On the warmest day in quite a while, Irene led a group of 19 from Weybridge via Staines and Moor Lane to lunch at the Royal Stag Datchet. The way back went via Old Windsor, Egham (Hummer Lane) and over Chertsey Bridge to Shepperton Lock for tea. About 40 miles door to door for the leader.



A Group, 28 September

Weybridge - Pirbright - Effingham

There is always a first time

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Group September 28

What a wonderful day for a cycle ride - even Frank was on his 'fine days only' bike. From Weybridge I led a large group via back roads to avoid Addlestone, then crossed the M25 on the footbridge, leading to Rowtown and Ottershaw roundabout. Fairoaks was very quiet as we passed by en route to Chobham and Bisley. Shots could be heard but we all got past unharmed and soon arrived at The Royal Oak, Pirbright (on the Aldershot road). Lunch (with one exception) was served pretty quickly and was good value.

The planned 3s stop shut at 4 so we moved off fairly promptly back along Aldershot road to Worplesdon where we took to the sideroads to Jacobswell. After a few noisy miles alongside the A3 we turned off and had a peaceful ride to West Horsley, where the choice of on or off road had to be made - everyone chose off! Emerging at Horsley staion we headed south to have another on/off decision, again all chose off. The only hazard was a low headroom Lovelace bridge (see photo). This bridleway leads to Orestan Lane, Effingham but fortunately below dog level. We reached Effingham just in time to catch the primary school pupils going home but not the secondary, and pulled into The Vineries well before the 4 o'clock deadline. After refreshments we went our separate ways - I chose to return home via Ranmore - from which I have a 1.41 mile freewheel to my front door if I get a free run at two pimple roundabouts which I did ! I covered 55 miles door to door - I expect others did more.


PS The Surrey Cycle Guides have been updated and are available (I think) only from libraries. Just recently I saw a £2 sticker had been added to each map. Sheet 2 is not available this end of the county yet (I have one on order) but Dorking library is trying to sell the old version at £2. All sheets of the new maps have the same cover.
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A Group 28th September

High Summer for Terry's ride today - balmy temperatures and cloudless skies. 30.6 miles from elevenses at Weybridge to tea at Effingham; lunch being taken al fresco in Pirbright. Rolling average 11.7 mph and 1,371 calories.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pete Mitchell - Funeral Arrangements

Pete Mitchell’s funeral arrangements - clarification below

Firstly Jake (& Gary), Simon (& Jen) and Lisa would like to thank everyone for all of their kind comments and messages of sympathy. You all know just how shocked we are, because you are too.

We are all agreed that we don’t ever want anyone to bite their tongue for fear of upsetting us, we would rather talk about Pete and cry than avoid mentioning him for fear of upset, so you will all just have to deal with it!

The three of us were certain of most things that he would have wanted, so:

The service will be held at Randalls Park Crematorium, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0AG at 12:30pm on Thursday 6th October 2011.

Everyone is invited back afterward to Horton Park Golf Club, Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8QG – however if you think you will be joining us can you email or phone/text to 07958 438791 as soon as possible so that we can assess numbers. (There have been, and still are, a LOT of people to notify, so we have no idea how many will be able to make it there after).
Clarification: It is only the numbers who are coming back to Horton Park Golf Club that we need to know, if you are joining the ride to the crematorium but need to return to work after (or whatever) then we do not need to know that you are coming - we will just see you at Pound Lane.

All Kingston Phoenix members attending are commanded to wear Club Colours.

All cyclists attending are asked to wear cycling jackets whether you cycle or not, and your own club colours if you belong to another club.

Non-cyclists, family and friends, please don’t feel that you have to wear black.

All of our cycling friends are invited to join Pete on one last clubrun, leaving at 11:45am from Longhursts the undertakers in Pound Lane, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8RY and which will be followed by the hearse on the trip to Leatherhead. We will all cycle back to Horton after. This will happen even if it is tipping it down with rain - as the rain never put Pete off - so come prepared!
Any cyclists travelling by car to join the ride, should be able to park at the Golf Course

We are also convinced that he would have wanted any donations to go to the Phoenix – the legacy that Cis left for the club has kept her fresh in our memories - and the three of us also feel that we would like to instigate a perpetual trophy in his memory.

I’ll update this if there is anything I have missed.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Corsica - A Mountain in the Sea

Maggie and I have taken family holidays on Corsica for many years, and have done some off-road cycling there, but we have never done much on the road - in high season it's hot and busy. However, BikeAdventures' trip from Calvi to Bastia at the end of September looked appealing, so we signed up at the beginning of the year.

We went out a few days early, and trained hard on seafood and wine, meeting the group (and our tandem) when they came in on the ferry. There were twenty-two riders, and John and Tony supporting us. John drove the van and Tony rode as sweeper each day.

The days were varied and interesting - spectacular coastal scenery, rocky cols and winding descents. Although the highest point of the island, Monte Cintu, at about 9000 feet, isn't huge in Alpine terms, much of the climbing starts at sea level, so you get quite a lot of altitude gain. We did about 25,500 feet of climbing in the week, in 300 miles, so the scale is fairly Alpine even if the climate is less challenging.

BikeAdventures' route was pretty good, but there were a couple of major issues with lengthy and disruptive road-works on two of the cols, which were grimy and tedious. We met John Beer and Ken Day on the Porto Road - they were following the ACP Raid Corse route - and I think that may be a better bet. Logistics and support were, as ever, very good.

The terrain suited the tandem and we were able to maintain a steady pace; with such a large group we had no regular riding companions but we did meet people at lunch most days and enjoyed a convivial dinner each evening. A jolly end to summer.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Easy Riders - September 21st 2011

The Easy Riders met for elevenses at the St. George’s Centre in Barnett Wood Lane, Ashtead, a new venue for most of us. Whether this or the dismal weather had put people off I do not know, but we were a small select group, just eight plus yours truly. The St. George’s Centre has a pleasant spacious cafeteria, and is a useful starting venue for rides heading north, south, east or for today’s route west.

The drizzle stopped and we: Beryl, Phil, David, Fuzz, John C, Bill Mathews, Cliff, Ron and myself set out along Barnett Wood Lane in the direction of Leatherhead, along the Kingston Road through North Leatherhead and up the hill to join Oxshott Road. Left turn here and left again at the roundabout into Oaklawn Road. This leads via Woodlands Lane and Stoke Lane into Stoke D’Abernon. Traffic had been unusually heavy up to this point so we were pleased to leave the main roads and take the back roads and bridle paths to Downside, emerging by the tiny church which was looking very smart with a new door, porch timbers, and new notice board, I was sorry to see that the one time incumbent the aptly named Reverend Paradise no longer appears on the board.

From Downside, Bookham Road led us over The Hundred Pound bridge to Bookham Common and into Little Bookham Street where we made for Ye Old Windsor Castle, a new venue for pub lunches. We were made welcome and received good service and food at reasonable prices.

Appetites and thirsts satisfied, and in sunshine, we made our way back to Bookham Common, bade farewell to David, took the track through the woods to Fetcham, and the familiar route to Leatherhead for tea at Annie’s, after which we made our separate ways home.

Mike Withers


B Group - September 21st 2011

A small group of eight set off from Fairoaks Airport for the B Group ride - Pam, Ed, Robin, John G., Peter (without the pump), Pete B., Bob and me, Gill - a very select bunch. By this time the drizzle had stopped and there were signs of improvement in the weather with even the odd tiny patch of blue showing.

The Duke of Edinburgh pub at Downside was our lunchtime destination, so our route was basically northwards. Starting off towards Chobham, we turned off on Mincing Lane to go to Burrowhill, did a loop through Valley End and came back to Chobham Road to head towards Sunningdale, on to Cheapside and finally to Downside - about an hour's ride from Fairoaks. Although there were several hills to climb along this route, the descents inbetween made it all worthwhile. We were given a warm welcome at the Duke of Edinburgh and a table had been reserved for us inside which we took despite the sun now being out - the garden benches were still pretty damp for comfortable sitting outside. Meals, if a little pricey, were promptly served and there was even time to continue chatting before the standard hour for lunch was up.

It was a different day after lunch - the clouds having been chased away by the wind which had come up, it was blue skies and sunshine all the way home. Leaving soon after 1.30 p.m. our return route was into Windsor Great Park to Bishopsgate, Englefield Green, down Tite Hill to Egham, across to Staines (both level crossings were open - is this a record, I wonder?) and then beside the river to Chertsey Bridge. Afternoon tea was at Shepperton Lock, so there was one more bit of river along Dockett Lane before reaching our destination. We had had a tailwind most of the way back and had made very good time, arriving at 3.00 p.m. With tables strategically placed in patches of sunshine, five of us enjoyed a very leisurely tea with no-one seeming to be in a rush to leave.

Thanks to Pam for being back marker.

Gill Finlay


A Group, September 21

Fairoaks Airport - Tilford - West Horsley

A Group - Sept 21

It's always difficult to know what time we might get away from 11s and what distance to cover to lunch, but Fairoaks gives an opportunity to go to places other rides dont reach so a longish day it had to be, spurred on by Vic's recent challenge to visit Tilford. Plans for a departure soon after 11 were blown by the lost and the late, not to mention those who order bacon sandwiches at ten past 11! Never mind, a dozen of us including Chris, a visitor from Reading, were finally ready by 1125 and I had absolved myself of the responsibility of getting us to lunch by 1.

So off via Sandpit Hall Road, Castle Grove and Barrs Lane to Knaphill where we turned left at the lights. South to Blackhorse Road and then the B380 took us through Fox Corner to the A324. We left the main road at Wyke Lane to follow the back roads through Ash Green to Tongham and under the A31 at the end of the Hogs Back. Then up Blighton Lane and Botany Hill and it was all downhill to Tilford though the Duke of Cambridge is another mile down the road. Just over 20 miles and it was only four minutes past one. By this time the sun was ( mostly) out and we spent a pleasant lunch outside on the terrace.

The return took us through Whitmead Lane and then along Fulbrook Lane and Lombard Street to Shackleford and Hurtmore before cutting round the back of Farncombe to approach Guildford down Sandy Lane. The quiet roads were behind us and now it was the sprint up the A246 to tea at West Horsley. Thirty nine miles from elevenses and a very good day out after a damp start.



Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today's B Ride Breakaway

At 9.00 there were very few at North Cheam. And no-one was confident of the way to Fairoaks Airfield. Ian had a map but no glasses, I had glasses but no map. So the four of us, Francoise, Frank, Ian and my good self had an alternative ride - partly because Frank wanted to reconnoitre his next lead. We went to Dorking by a route which Frank knew, mostly on side roads. I was lost most of the time but we passed by Epsom race course then Box Hill village, down to the A24 and coffee in Dorking Halls. We got to 225m which was 185m of ascent from North Cheam. Leisurely coffee and then on to Capel. We had a gourmet lunch at the Crown sitting on comfy sofas. The day gradually improved, sunny intervals from lunch-time, sunny after tea which was at Denbies. Ian's bike was a wreck, he had to change chain-wheels by dint of stopping and doing it by hand! At Denbies we parted, Ian to go to B&Q (for preposterous reasons to complicated to record here), F & F to cycle home and me to catch the train.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

2011 AGM - Agenda



12th OCTOBER 2011 11:00am

Wayfarers are cordially invited to our annual general meeting for the year ending 30 September 2011 at 11am in Hersham Village Hall on 12th October 2011. Agenda, previous minutes, Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports attached.


(1) Election of Chairman; welcome to new members.

(2) Minutes of 2010 AGM (see page 2).

(3) Matters arising.

(4) Secretary’s report (see page 3).

(5) Statement of accounts and Treasurers Report (see page 4).

(6) Annual subscription 2011/12 (from 1st January 2012).

(7) Election of committee.

(8) Annual Rides Programme/Attendance Record

(9) Annual Mileage Competition

(10) Award of Mark Roy Trophy for 2010.

(11) Anniversary Dinner

(12) Ballot for Arthur Jessop Shield

The Arthur Jessop Cycling Award, commemorating a former member , is an annual award to the current member with the most significant achievement.

Previous winners were Arthur Butcher (1985), Harold Wares (1986), John Dee (1987), Don Corke (1988), Ron Beams (1989,91), Bill Stead (1990), Pat Matthews (1992), John Hinton (1993), Geoff Avis (1994), Steve Bott (1995, 2000,01), Margaret and Bill Squirrel (1996), Ray Dare (1997), Geoff Clarke (1998),

Tom Fish (1999), John Hammond (2002), Norman Goody (2003), Pete Mitchell (2004), Lynda Barrow (2005), Brian Starey (2006), Albert Welvaert (2007), Stephen Cox (2008), Terry Lowe (2009) and Jeff Tollerman (2010).

Nominations to the Secretary, please, at or before the meeting.

(13) Any other relevant business.

Terry Lowe
12 September 2011
Midweek Wayfarers Section – Cyclists’ Touring Club – SW London District Association

Minutes of 2010 AGM



At Hersham Village Hall – 50 members were present, apologies were received from Mike Withers.

Item 1 – Election of Chairman - Pete Barnard stated he was prepared to continue in the post of Chairman, proposed by Les Johnston, seconded by Pete Mitchell. New members were welcomed.

Item 2 – Minutes of AGM 13th October 2010 distributed prior to and at meeting. Acceptance proposed by Pete Mitchell, seconded by Ron Powney.

Item 3 – Matters arising None.

Item 4 – Secretary’s Report – Available at the meeting. Acceptance proposed by Les Johnston, seconded by Pete Mitchell.

Item 5 – Statement of Account and Treasurer’s Report – circulated prior to and at the meeting. Acceptance proposed by Francoise Humphrey, seconded by Ray Harrison.

Item 6 – Annual Subscription 2010/11 (from 1st January 2011) – Colin Quemby reported an increase in running costs of The Sou’Wester. Wayfarers contribution should be increased from £1 to £2, and reduce Wayfarers annual membership from £2 to £1 – proposed by Pete Mitchell, seconded by Ray Dare.

Item 7 – Election of committee – All members stated they were prepared to continue in their posts.

Terry Lowe (Secretary, proposed John Gould, seconded Vic White),
Julian Calder (Treasurer, proposed Graham Hill, seconded Pete Mitchell),
Lynda Barrow (Social Secretary, proposed Charles Barraball, seconded Mike Morley),
Jeff Tollerman (Rides Secretary, proposed Irene North, seconded Mark Gladwyn),
Pete Mitchell (Membership/website, proposed Charles Barraball, seconded Les Johnston) were elected.

Item 8 – Annual Rides Programme/Attendance Record – Attendance records to be forwarded to Secretary by end of year.

Item 9 – Annual Mileage Competition – Mileage is self-certified over the calendar year for award consideration by DA committee. Results to secretary or direct to Pete Michell for recording. The results are published on the website for annual comparison.

Item 10 – Award of the Mark Roy Trophy – This year won by Gill Finlay with an increase of 1991 miles.

Item 11 – Anniversary Dinner 2nd March – Another enjoyable event at Prezzo Cheam, organised by Lynda Barrow.

Item 12 – Ballot for Arthur Jessop Shield – Awarded to Jeff Tollerman, proposed Pete Mitchell, seconded Irene North. Mark Gladwyn declined to be considered.

Item 13 – Any other relevant business – Jeff Tollerman gave an update on the CTC Charity Fund. The problem of insufficient leaders was raised by Rob Maskell. Charles Barraball remembered a late cycling colleague. Cycle parking was discussed.

Meeting opened 11.22, closed 12.21.
Date of next meeting 12th October 2011, same venue.

Terry Lowe - 13th September 2011
Midweek Wayfarers Section – Cyclists’ Touring Club – SW London District Association

2011 Secretary's Report


12th OCTOBER 2011


Wayfarers, founded in 1980, continue to flourish after 31 years, with good turnouts every Wednesday, usually despite the weather.

Our rides programme continues to attract good support from all three groups, with frequent new members.

The weekly rides follow the format established over the years of all usually meeting at the same ‘elevenses’ and members deciding which ride to join. A back- marker is an essential member. Anyone prepared to lead please see the Rides Secretary.

Our year began with Jeff Tollerman winning the Arthur Jessop award.

The downhill competition was organised by Terry plus helpers at Norwood Hill. Christine was the furthest freewheeling lady while Godfrey was runner-up to Mark. Ed Sharp donated a hand-carved trophy.

Brian Greenwood led us to The Cricketers at Epsom for a pre-Christmas lunch. The meal was fine but the pub under-staffed. A pre-Christmas dinner and anniversary lunch were organised by Lynda at Prezzo, Cheam.

Special events were a two night hostelling trip to Blackboys and Truleigh Hill organised by Terry, a 100 mile ride to Shoreham, a non- competitive Hilly 50, a non-competitive visit to the Catford and Bec Hill climb courses and an enjoyable mystery tour led by Mark, another enjoyable mystery tour (very well supported) led by Frank and our annual meeting with East Sussex DA.

The Mark Roy Shield, awarded annually (with certificate) to the Wayfarer recording greatest mileage improvement over the previous year is won by Mark Gladwyn with an increase of 1942 miles. Congratulations!

Wayfarers weekly briefings appear on the Wayfarers Blog on our CTC SW London District Association website via

We continue self-certification of attendance, whereby members record their attendance on the annual rides programme. By the AGM you should have had time to total your attendance points(one point for each elevenses ridden to and one point for each lunch stop attended).

A word of appreciation for Pete Mitchell, distributor and despatcher of Sou’Westers; thanks, Pete particularly from members no longer able to be part of our rides. This service is available to any member for the cost of postage.

Terry Lowe - 13 September 2011
Midweek Wayfarers Section – Cyclists’ Touring Club – SW London District Association

Friday, September 16, 2011

Easy Riders - September 14th 2011

Quite busy at Leatherhead day centre this morning. Including 4 riders who didn't read the Sou'Wester correctly!
Eric Ashford came in for coffee and a chat; haven't seen him since the Dieppe Raid.

I led a dozen or so down past Leatherhead station, passing the Crem. and continuing along the pleasant countryside road which leads to Woodlands Hotel. We turned right edging into Stoke D'Abernon and The Tilt. Another right turn at Fairmile Lane and came out at the old A3 road. Here we turned at the lights and made our way passed Blackhills and turning left at West End Lane, came to our lunch stop - The Prince of Wales, near Garsons Farm. Mark was already there, after having to put his holiday on hold due to medical reasons.

The pub was pretty lively inside and it was just after midday. A little wait at the bar then we all made our way outside and ate in the sunshine. They do nice food here. After a leisurely rest, Beryl, Roger, Norman, Ron, Peter, David and myself made our way up through Esher, passed The Bear pub and left into the housing estate which leads down to Claygate. On to Chessington, we visited The Kings Centre. A popular stop - especially on a Wednesday. 90p for homemade cake and tea. Also, on sale assorted homemade jams. Bill M. came in not long after we had arrived. After chatting and looking at my french photos of Massif Central, we made our different ways home.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pete Mitchell

15th September 2011, 4pm:

Pete's son-in-law, Gary, just phoned me to say that it appears that Pete died in his sleep Tuesday night.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

14 September - Mystery Ride

Mark's Mystery Ride
Southwark Bridge Road
Happy Birthday, Dad
Olympic Park - It'll be alright on the night
Canary Wharf to the Windmill Café on Wimbledon Common

Olympic Rings - the Mystery Ride

A fine September morning for this year's annual Mystery Ride, and more than a couple of dozen Wayfarers gathered at Cheam ready for the off.  (It's unlucky to count a large group, as it can lead to worry later ...).  Spot on time we set off North East up London Road, which we soon left seeking something quieter.  Turning left from Church Path into Church Lane we were pleased to see a beaming Paul Kelly leaning on his garden gate.  Some insider information on the nature of the Mystery had given him an extra half an hour in bed, but he was ready to go now.

On North Eastwards and we were soon at the Wandle Trail, leaving it at Colliers Wood for the CS7 Superhighway.  Once again, this worked well for us, and at eleven o'clock on the dot we were at the Island Cafe in Southwark for our elevenses.  Brian kindly provided the teas and coffees - Happy Birthday, Brian - and was rash enough to show us his custom birthday card.  Mike joined us here, having taken a mysterious route to find us.  The Island Cafe is on a continental little square, but offers bacon sandwiches rather than croissant jambon.

Over Southwark bridge, and into the City, passing the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange and going right through the courtyard of the Gherkin.  Out through Aldgate and on to CS2, our second Superhighway of the day.  Once again, this worked well for us - the only drawback of these routes with a large group is that the party is regularly split by traffic lights.  There's not much to be done about this, so we simply re-grouped each time it happened.

Out past Bow, up Pudding Mill Lane, and there was the Olympic Park.  I know it's finished, and it's definitely a great achievement but, well, there still seems to be rather a lot to do ...  Anyway, I'm sure it'll be fine on the night, and it's certainly a popular tourist attraction.  We were part of a large crowd of spectators.

North West now, up the Greenway to the Hertfordshire Union Canal, where there was a natty bike handling test at the entrance - steeply down, acute right on gravel, with the penalty for failure being a dip in the canal.  Everyone passed.  Then the Lee Navigation, through Poplar and, suddenly, there was the Thames.  We left the riverbank at Westferry for Canary Wharf, riding through Cabot Square, heading for the Ledger House, the only Wetherspoons where Bankers blow their bonuses.  As ever, we were fed and watered quickly and reasonably, heading back to the Thames to unravel the next part of the mystery.

More bike handling tests as we wound our way along the riverbank, passing old warehouses now plush apartments, past Tobacco Quay and St Katherine's dock and then another surprise - Tower Bridge.  Over we went - the first busy bit of road for a while.  Right on to Tooley Street, under London Bridge, past Borough Market, Southwark Bridge, the South Bank for the London Eye and Westminster Bridge for the Houses of Parliament - you get the full tourist tour with the Wayfarers.

Then over Lambeth Bridge and CS8 to Wandsworth, which, as we had also ridden on a bit of CS3 on the way to Tower Bridge means that we had ridden all of the current Superhighways in today's ride.  A record, of sorts.  Much more traffic going this way, but we managed fine, picking up the Wandle Trail at Wandsworth, before the only hill of the day up to Wimbledon Common.

Tea and cakes at the Windmill Cafe in the sun - some knew it, some had heard of it and some hadn't.  But just what we needed after 37 miles of London.

My thanks to Jeff and Paul for their efforts as Back Markers, and to Frank for his work marking the pivot points of the route.  My compliments too, to the Wayfarers, for a safe and careful ride through the Capital.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Report on Dennis

After a bit of a struggle, I managed to get through to Dennis at Kingston Hospital on the phone. I doubt if I could make make it on the trike. He sounded quite chipper for a chap with a broken hip and I was glad to pass on our best wishes for a speedy recovery---------Albert

Dennis Broughton update

I thought you might like to know how Dennis is progressing in kingston hospital, I visited him today and he told me that his hip operation had been sucessful and he is likely to be sent home in a few days time.How he did is that he cycled up to the top of a ramp in front of his sons house as he tried to dismount his foot got caught in the frame of his panier and he fell on one side and could not get up till someone came to his rescue and called the ambulance by 11 pm they found his hip broken and did the op next day. He hope to be back in saddle within six weeks.

Report sent by Mark Roy

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dennis Broughton

Last Tuesday Dennis fell from his bike and suffered a broken hip!At present he is in Cambridge Ward at Kingston Hospital. Visiting hours 3-8pm Report from Pat Mathews

Friday, September 09, 2011

Thursday, September 08, 2011

VCC Jumble

Don't forget the VCC cycle jumble at Ripley Village Hall on Saturday September 17th 10.00am onwards

A Group Sept 7th

Strong Westerly winds and low ominous clouds faced the A group as we left Cobham. Target was Godalming, with a fallback of Guildford should the weather break. Out along the familiar route of Plough Lane and Martyr's Green where we found the road closed for repairs. Fortunately enough pavement was left clear for us to let through and so on over Hungry Hill and up Staple Lane before the fast descent of Coombe Bottom. The weather forecast proved true and the couple of light showers were soon cleared away by the strong wind and so it was down through Albury, Chilworth and Wonersh to pick up the old railway line and through Tiltham's Green to take lunch at the Jack Phillips. Here the 13 riders were joined by the Powneys who had driven down from Cobham. After lunch, now grateful for the following wind, it was back to the railway and through Shalford to take the path along the Wey Navigational through Guildford and then through the Nature Reserve before picking up the path alongside the A3 to Ockham Bites for tea and thence home.
From Pete Barnard

B Group Sept 7th

18 left the British Legion Hall at 11 a.m. and cycled over Wisley Airfield to Wisley and West Byfleet. Here we took the much improved and widened tarmac and gravel towpath of the Basingstoke Canal Westwards for nearly 4 miles, before turning North towards Goldsworth Park, where we semi-circumnavigated the lake. After 16 miles and nearly 2 hours since elevenses, we decided to stop slightly short of the original intended destination and took lunch at the Grove (formerly The Castle) just South of Chobham. The pub staff were very welcoming and served 17 of us very quickly despite not having being pre-warned of our arrival. The food was good too-Liz said her omelette was the best she has ever tasted.

We left for our afternoon ride at 2 p.m. taking the usual route via Gracious Pond Road, Home Wood Park and Bittams Lane to Addlestone, Weybridge and Walton. Here some went straight home, but 11 of us had tea at Walton Arts Centre.

John Gould

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Easy Riders Sept 7th

I led a large group of C's today; round about 20. We went from Cobham towards Claygate and turned left before the A3 bridge towards Hook. Some went home from there and the rest continued under the tunnel, passed Squires Garden Centre, and made our way to Ye Olde Swan at Thames Ditton by the river. We were surprised to see Fuzz had already arrived, making his own way there! We were 15 for lunch. It was warm enough to sit outside and we all enjoyed our lunch. It is very friendly there after its refurbishment with good service and food. Just as we were ready to leave, it started to rain. It was more a drizzle that soon fizzled. We made our way towards The Kings Centre at Chessington, where Ron was already there, after his visit to see Derek. Most of us enjoyed the half price Wednesday special of cake and tea/coffee. Some, even took advantage of the home made jams on display. After a leisurely break, we made our way home.


P.S. Stephanie has fractured her wrist and it is in plaster for 6 weeks.

A Group 7th September

Pete kept us almost entirely clear of showers on today's Autumnal ride from Cobham to the Jack Phillips at Godalming, and back for tea at Ockham Bites.  Up Staple Lane and down Combe Bottom in the wheel tracks of the Olympians, but perhaps not quite as fast; otherwise steady going through pretty countryside.

34.48 miles elevenses to tea, rolling average 9mph and 1,545 calories.


B Group - 7th September 2011

Cobham - Chobham - Walton

Monday, September 05, 2011

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Shepperton Greeno Day Centre - No Cycling Footpath

Spelthorne Council - No Cycling on Footpath beside Shepperton Greeno Day Centre

Dear All,

I have been contacted by Spelthorne Council, to say that they have received many complaints from local residents about cyclists using the footpath from Manygate Lane, beside the allotments and playing fields, to get to the the Greeno Day Centre. That must be the Wayfarers - including me!

I have said that I would bring the Council's concern and that of the residents, to the attention of our members. May I therefore ask that, if using the footpath to visit the Greeno, you dismount and walk along that section of footpath. The alternative is of course to access the Centre via Glebeland Gardens. I am sure that we will all wish to retain the goodwill of the Council in our continuing use of their Day Centres, as well as set a good CTC example by respecting the relevant cycling by-laws.

I have put a couple of snips above to highlight the footpath in question.

I will ask Colin Quemby to include this request in the next issue of the Sou'Wester, but would be grateful if you would please bring this matter to the attention to all members that you know , who do not have a computer or access to the internet.

Many thanks,


Friday, September 02, 2011

Tricross Problem

I know there is at least one other Tricross owner besides Graham and myself in the Wayfarers, they might like to know that Specialized have issued a recall notice on all 2011 Tricross bikes, recommending that they not be ridden. There is an issue with the front forks - the brake bosses break out!

Specialized are offering either replacement forks or full refund.

I'm taking the refund and looking at a disc braked CX bike

paul kelly

Bernards Swimathon

Thanks again Bernard for a wonderful lunch and warm swim! Here you can see the "B" bunch about to depart Bernard's Palace in Crystal Palace. Thanks for putting on the "Hysterical" ride I never new that Penge was so interesting! Next year we must try and get to visit Hornimans as you had intended.
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Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Group 31 August

Bockett's Farm - Newdigate - Leatherhead
Leader Paul

Bockett's Farm
St Peter's and the Six Bells, Newdigate
Aafter the service

(I didn't realise that there was a garden!)

A Group Aug 31st

A while ago I received the dreaded Tap-on-the-shoulder from our beloved (sic) ride organiser, Mr Tollerman. One of those moments where one is at the same time flattered to be asked, and annoyed for not keeping ones head down more effectively! "Delighted to! Put me down for Dorking or Leatherhead"

Hence, my rather nervous presence at Bocketts Farm this morning, eagerly (?) anticipating my first foray into the exalted ranks of ride leader. Twice reccied and once driven round. Pub chosen. Mileage and timing checked. Garmin loaded and charged. But anxious none the less.

Confusion and consternation reigned as we gathered to set off as some realised there was no B Ride, so my phone call promising 20 at the pub, was something of an overestimate. I never did actually manage to work out how many I had in my brood so profuse apologies to anyone we inadvertently dropped - memo to self duly filed.

I have to say, when out on a ride my heart sinks a little when, rested, fed and watered, I realise that there are some big hills to come in the afternoon. Hence, I chose a route with a decent amount of climbing, but all before lunch with a flat run to 3's.

So we had: Bocketts, Fetcham, Effingham & up to and down White Down. Across the A25 and up to Leith Hill via Abinger. Then a speedy swoop around to Ockley thence Newdigate via Rusper for lunch at the 6 Bells, where I was admonished by Mr Tollerman for being 90 seconds late for the promised 1pm stop. After lunch saw an easy run down past Henfold to Dorking and on to Annie's in Leatherhead for 3's. Arriving, I must point out, at precisely 3pm!

An hour chatting in the sun over Tea and cake before wending our various ways home topped off a pleasant day out in the Surrey Hills.

I enjoyed the day, I hope the group did!

Paul Kelly