Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bernard, the whereabouts of ...

Bernard has sent a message via Lynda to say "Greetings from India and best wishes to all", which is why we haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. Perhaps they will make a cameo appearance in that BBC programme "The Real Marigold Hotel".

~ Tim

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

As some of you will know, for the last year or so I've been experimenting with hydraulic disc brakes, after a number of years of successful use of cable discs.  My experience is the same as everyone else's seems to be - the Shimano 685/785 11 speed system is the best you can get for a road bike, and that it works significantly better than any other bicycle braking system.

That's fine for a new build, but what if the economics don't work for an old friend, or indeed if you've got a Campagnolo set-up, for which no disc brake exists?

This little gizmo from TRP may provide an answer.

The TRP HyRd is a natty little hydraulic disc system which includes master cylinder, callipers and actuating arm in a single unit.  Because it's actuated by cable, it will connect easily to any road brake lever.  But the mechanical advantage of the hydraulic system means that the effort needed to use it is much lower, and the braking force developed is much higher, than an equivalent cable calliper.  I've used it to replace an Avid BB7 - the best of the cable systems, in my opinion - and it's much better.  Not as good as the superlative Shimano system, but very good indeed.

Of course, the worry with any sort of disc system is how it handles heat dissipation.  I've fitted mine to a tandem, which will provide a pretty solid test-bed.  Obviously, I haven't done this without researching experience elsewhere.  The unit has been around for a couple of years, and formal testing in the US, and very informal testing by fellow Tandem Club members in the UK and in the Alps show it to be a robust and reliable system.  You might be able to break it with a tandem if you put your mind to it - that's true of any brake system.  But you'd have to be a dafty.  And even if you were a dafty, I doubt that you could break it with a solo.  The Americans have tried, and they didn't.

So that's it - about £90 per wheel.  I'll let you know if anything happens, but I'm expecting it to provide long and boring service.

I like that, with brakes ...


Friday, January 29, 2016

Is your group involved in this year's CTC Tri-vets 2016?

If there is anyone in the club over 50 you may be interested in this invitation which has been circulated to DA secretaries by Mark Slater and Julie Rand at CTC.

Dear  Secretaries,

I am writing to you as we are now pulling together the calendar for the 2016 Tri-Vets event. This is a fun challenge which CTC groups have taken part in since 1928, our Golden Jubilee year and encourage those aged 50 and over to have a go at riding 100 miles within a 12-hour time limit.

The rides are also a great sociable occasion, with many groups choosing to include a sit-down lunch stop and refreshments along the way.  For members, it's a chance to catch up with old friends, make new ones and discover new routes to ride.  

Some groups also opt to put on a 100 km ride the same day as the 100 miler to encourage a more diverse range of participants and many will plan a figure-of-eight route with the start and finish points at the same location so riders are never too far from base.

Tri-Vets rides normally take place from 1 June between 10 July, so all rides must take place during this time frame.

If you would like to submit a ride into this year’s Tri-Vets calendar, please complete our online event registration form.  It is easy to use and we will help publicise your ride for you.

There is also a full range of resources available for ride organisers online to make sure you have all the support you need to make your event a success.

We hope that you will consider supporting the challenge with a Tri-Vets event this year and hope to hear back from you shortly, so that people may start to register for their rides.

Kind regards,
Mark Slater & Julie Rand
Tri-Vet Coordinators

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Group 27th January

Inside the pub, by the fire ...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stormy Surrey Hills for the A riders today

We had been warned - wind and rain was the theme for today's ride from Hersham. Numbers were well down - compared to last week's freezing temperatures: perhaps Wayfarers prefer the cold and dry rather than mild, wet and windy. Only eight of us left Hersham into the teeth of a South-westerly heading for Abinger Common. (Predicted 50mph gusts seemed to be a slight exaggeration). Ray tagged along on his way home, preferring a more strenuous run later in the day instead of a leisurely ride! The rain, slight at first, grew heavier as we neared Great Bookham Common, via Tilt Road, River Lane - over the fast-flowing River Mole, and Downside. The ascent up High Barn Road to Dogkennel Green was led by Mark, getting us all nicely warmed-up, followed by cautious descent of White Downs, (for those without disc-brakes). Approaching the Abinger Hatch pub, Dave punctured yet again, for the third time this year, and now easily heads the 2016 puncture league table. Can anyone catch him? The pub's log fires were very welcoming, despite not making much impression on soaking cycling gear, and after a leisurely lunch we were away before 2.00pm. The deluge continued after lunch, with Friday Street having 'rivers' flowing each side as we approached Mill Pond. I abandoned the planned route along back roads and tracks around Westcott, in favour of a quick run into Dorking, decision point for tea or train home. Six stalwarts pressed on, with two aiming for Leatherhead. Despite the rain easing, a very wet quartet finally made it to Bike Beans for tea and cakes - and a choice of tracker pumps to get much-needed air into Dave's tyre. Thanks for those venturing out with me today, and congratulations to Dave Vine - for making the very sensible decision to stay at home around the fire. Get well soon!

B Group - 27th January

The weather forecast was that it was going to rain all day. This turned out to be exactly right. We assembled at Hersham Day Centre for elevenses.

Despite the forecast, eighteen riders were up for the ride and set off. We set out for Eton, going via the bridge across the Thames at Walton; then through Shepperton, then on B376 to Laleham. Just as forecast there was rain, but not heavy rain. From Laleham we went round to the north of Staines joining B376 again going towards Wraysbury. At Wraysbury, we took the left turn towards Sunnymeads. Still on B376 we went to Datchet (it was still raining). From Datchet, we took B470 to Windsor Riverside crossing the bridge into Eton, stopping at the Waterman’s Arms. Somewhere along the way, Ray Wren’s bike had punctured. However, the problem was fixed by some miracle substance injected directly into the inner tube which avoided removing a wheel, a tyre and changing the inner tube. Well done Ray.
The meals and service at the Waterman’s Arms were good. There was also a reasonable choice of beers and lagers. One drawback was that hot meals were served on cold plates however. The Wayfarers had been there before.

After lunch, the rain was more serious and we went via Datchet, Horton (where the poet John Milton lived), and across M25 at Junction 14 (an off road section here); then through Stanwell Moor, Stanwell, Ashford, Charlton to Squires Garden Centre at Sunbury for tea. It was still raining. By this time, due to desertions along the way, we were down to eight riders. 

Finally, I am very grateful to Tim Court who backed-up for us and stayed back with Ray when the puncture occurred. Getting good back-up support is essential for a successful ride.

Peter Carpenter

Peter's route to Eton (15.8 miles) and back to Squires for Tea (12.9 miles). How did we avoid the worst of the rain that was forecast? A Group were not so lucky.

Tony checks the weather before we head out

A Group 27th January

Wet 'n windy for Ged's ride today, but those who braved the conditions enjoyed it.

I'm ashamed to admit that today's map isn't complete.  After a good lunch at the Abinger Hatch I found the pull of a warm, dry train too strong, and baled out at Dorking.  I estimate another eight miles to tea at Bike Beans, so about 30 miles for the day, elevenses to tea.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Project Campfire

I understand that we are shortly to be informed by CTC high command as to the outcome of this project:

Have a look at Facebook group, "where should CTC be going?"


Giant Alpecin Team Wipeout

One of the world's top cycling teams is reeling today after a training ride in southern Spain went horribly wrong.

The Giant-Alpecin team were riding near Calpe yesterday when a motorist, reportedly a British tourist, crashed into the group while driving on the wrong side of the road.
The German team is one of the top outfits in the World Tour peloton, but its early season preparations will have been thrown into disarray due to the incident, which left six of its riders injured, including Paris-Roubaix champion John Degenkolb and rising French starWarren Barguil.

The riders were all taken to hospital, with one, American Chad Haga, airlifted to a larger hospital in nearby Alicante where he had surgery to repair wounds to his neck and chin. Haga has also suffered an orbital fracture, according to a team injury bulletin issued this morning.
The statement revealed that Barguil sufferd a broken wrist, while German Max Walscheid broke bones in his hand and leg.
Degenkolb was taken to a specialist hospital in Valencia where doctors will battle to save his finger, which the German revealed was nearly severed completely.
I’m all right, considering the circumstances,” Degenkolb, who also suffered injuries to his thigh, lip and forearm, wrote on Facebook.
“Now I’m in the ambulance heading to Valencia, where in a larger hospital my left index finger should be restored It’s just hung on to the last corner of my hand."
Team boss Iwan Spekenbrink said: “It has been a very tough day for the team and the riders will need time to recover.
"This team — riders, both men and women, and everyone in the organization — feels like a band of brothers and sisters. Together, and by standing by each other, the team will come out of this stronger than ever.”

Monday, January 25, 2016

Wednesday's A Ride

We'll be heading south from Hersham,  to lunch at the Abinger Hatch pub and tea at Bike Beans, Ashtead.
The tail-end of US 'Storm Jonas' may venture south on Wednesday, but instead of snow expect warm, wet, and windy riding. Some off-road sections, but the going should be good.

Ged Lawrenson

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Bikes for sale

Message from Frank Cubis:

Dear Members

A life long member of the Kingston Phoenix passed away a little while ago and his property will be on the market fairly soon, a new home is required for his many bikes and equipment, his daughter contacted me requesting help to see if any cycling friends would be interested.

She hopes to have an open day at the property just off the Richmond Road between Kingston and Ham on Sunday 31st Jan. He was 5ft 10 so the bikes frames would be about 23 inches.

There are 3 Roy Thame’s
                1 Carpenter
                1 Emperor Sport
                2 Raleigh
                1 Eddy Merckx

Plus a Roy Thame kiddies racing bike
Spare wheels, a work stand, tools, lots of equipment and books.

If any members are interested please phone me on 0208-998-8198 for more info.

~ Frank

Last call for mileages for 2015

If you haven't yet sent me your mileages for 2015, the sands of time are fast running out!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Easy Riders - 20th January

Mole Hall, Molesey to The Wych Elm, Kingston
On a brilliant sunny but cold morning 9 arrived at the Mole Hall. After tea and coffee to celebrate Fuzz’s 85th birthday 7 left for  lunch at The Wych Elm in Kingston. We travelled via Central Avenue, Molesey Park Road to Hampton Court, across the bridge to Bushy Park exiting in Church Grove, along St. John’s Road  then right and left into Lower Teddington Road, to the lock. After walking over the river we turned right to cycle along the lovely tarmacked dry towpath to Lower King’s Road, right at Burton Road through the alley to Elm Road and into the pub. Very good service and food.
Thank you all for a very nice day and to Lizzy for being T E C.

A group ride 20 Jan: Dorking - Mogador - Banstead

It was a sunny and crisp morning today.   Crisp enough to freeze your extremities off if you didn't look after them.  A perfect day for ... going to a museum, arranging your stamp collection - anything indoors!   As I went through Bushy Park, dressed like the Michelin man, the sun was glinting off the frosted grass, making miniature rainbows and I began to change my mind.  

Paul was due to lead today and had planned a nice ride, but was unwell, so I stole his plans and led the ride.   Eleven of us left Dorking (well twelve, but Mike Morley was doing a portion of the Hilly 50 en route to lunch).   It was cold - very cold.   But Paul had thought of that.   He sent us up Box Hill as a starter: by the top we were plenty warm enough to stand around admiring the superb view.

Mogador was only four miles away as the crow flies, but our route was not planned by the crow.   So we went carefully down Pebble Hill to Betchworth, along Trumpets Hill Road, skirting the south of Reigate and up Pendleton Road towards Redhill.   Plenty of ice in the gutters but the roads were clear and dry, thankfully.  

From Redhill we went the scenic route through Gatton Park before ascending to Fanny's Farm, now in the clutches of the valuation office.   Plain sailing to Mogador from there - so we thought.   Most of us turned into Babylon Lane for the shortcut, passing a tractor cutting hedges.  It was a bad omen.   A couple minutes later Brian punctured and pulled a thorn out of his tyre.   But by this time the advance party were already at the Sportsman - a lovely, popular pub in the middle of nowhere.   The architect of our ride, Paul, was already there, but riding in a big noisy metal thing with four wheels.

Lunch was served quickly and appreciated by all. Afterwards we went on a short detour to admire the view from Colley Hill just to the south before setting out on the short ride to Banstead.   Around the winding lanes of Mugswell, and another puncture, this time for Charles.   We found the offending article (another thorn) quickly, but it was very difficult to remove from the tyre.   Eventually Brian removed it with his teeth - and you should have seen the size of it!   At least 1cm long.  By the fourth re-telling it had grown to nearly a foot in length.

Then it really was plain sailing, well a grind up White Hill, along the ridge above the Chip Valley (?) before heading down to Chipstead, and via Woodmansterne to Banstead, where we were pleased to see the Bs, and even more pleased to see they had left us some cake.   Clear skies all day for a great day's cycling: 30.5 miles and 2440 feet of ascent from elevenses to tea.   Thank you to Brian for back marking and dental services, and thanks also to Paul for the inspiration: get well soon!

B Group - 20th January

Nine riders braved the arctic conditions! to ride via Leigh to the Jack Fairman Pub in Horley; Ian and Peter T joined us later for lunch.
The service and food at the pub was up to Wetherspoons' usual standard.

Leaving Ian to have another pint, after thawing out we set off for tea at Banstead Park via Merstham.  The A team arrived later at the same tea venue.

Thanks to Terry and Tim for back marking.

Regards Tony

A nice ride with Tony Hooker in pristine (sunny and crisp) weather with a couple of challenging hills in the afternoon.

12.4 miles to Lunch and 14.6 miles to Tea

~ Tim

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wednesday's B ride

Tony has let us know that his ride from Dorking will head to the Jack Fairman in Horley for Lunch then to Banstead Park for Tea.

According to my favourite daylight calculator it will get dark at 16:29.

Temperatures could be as high as 3 or 4 degrees after lunch.

~ Tim

Monday, January 18, 2016

Wednesday's A ride

Bad news:   Paul is ill with a nasty chest infection and can't lead Wednesday's ride.   Even worse news:  you've got me instead.  But the good news is that Paul has planned out a route which takes in many highlights (i.e. hills) and some nice scenery in between.  And as you might expect from Paul, a special pub.  Lunch will be at The Sportsman at somewhere called Mogador, which I think is near Mordor.   About 21 hilly miles to lunch, so please be ready to leave promptly, or we will be late for lunch.    Only 8 miles or so in the afternoon, to tea at Banstead.   See you at Dorking.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

B Group - 13th January

Nineteen B Group riders left the Greeno Centre on the dot of 11:10 and headed West to Chertsey Bridge to take the cyclists’s route through to Addlestone Moor. We took the A318 to New Haw before meandering through to the Fullbrook School where a large number of girls were letting of steam kicking footballs about. By the school entrance we found the footpath/cyclepath through to Woodham Lock for a stretch of the Basingstoke Canal.

With the prospect of longer rides along the canal in the afternoon we took the Old Woking Road down to Maybury and through a quiet suburb to Woking Park. At the A247, instead of the more obvious route along Westfield Avenue we picked up a delightful cycle path through Kingfield Green, alongside the Hoe Stream, which in a suitable dinghy we could possibly have rowed most of the way to the pub in Pirbright.

At Mayford I stopped to ask the driver of a Post Office van if the underpass at Worplesdon Station was too full of water to ride through. He didn’t know so we took a chance, knowing that to turn back would have been quite annoying. In Prey Heath Road there was a mere puddle to ride through, less than 6 inches deep, so we pressed on to Fox Corner and beyond, to the Royal Oak in Stanford Common.

Despite an initial response from the pub, when I first contacted them, to advise that they don’t make bookings for after 12:30 they did accept that we would arrive at one o’clock. So we found a long row of tables layed out and reserved for the eighteen of us. It proved to be as cheap as any pub we ever visit, with great food, very efficient service and a cosy ambience. This pub has clearly earned its great popularity with local people.

We rode North and along the Brookwood Cemetery Pales. Where the Brookwood Lye Road crosses the canal we ducked down under the road to ride along the canal to St Johns for a stretch of road before finding two large puddles leading us back onto the canal which we followed to the Monument Bridge near Maybury.

We tried to ride on the roadside cycle paths through Sheerwater to West Byfleet. Some were good; some were dreadful. Waiting at the Addlestone level crossing Dave and Jane suggested that we went to Morrisons in Weybridge for Tea. We found excellent sheltered cycle parking facilities in the car park and enjoyed a very cheap and decent afternoon tea. There was a massive discombobulation behind the till which made operating the Large Hadron Collider seem like a piece of cake but eventually we all got to sit down and enjoy our goodies.

Thanks to everybody who came on the ride, for your cheerful enjoyment of the day and thanks to John Austin who volunteered to be back marker on a ride where going astray was quite a strong possibility.

16.6 miles to the Royal Oak, 13.3 miles to Tea; lets say 30 miles for the day.

~ Tim

Our route to the Royal Oak in Pirbright

Tethering our steeds at the Royal Oak

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

13 January - A Ride to The Pineapple at Dorney

On a cold but sunny day twenty-one of us left Shepperton for Dorney. Some of the usual faces were missing ( maybe because my last two rides have resulted in heavy rain ) but we were pleased to see others whom we haven't seen for a while.

After a swift dash to Chertsey we detoured over St Ann's Hill to find a quieter road and warm the climbing legs up. Under the railway (where the six inches of water from Monday had gone), over the M25 and shortly later over the M3.

In Trump's Green Janice had our first visitation from the P******* Fairy. The weather may have been dry but the lanes were very wet and mucky and we all know that's where the Fairy likes to lurk. A commitee of six helped Janice while the rest of us waited up the road.

When we got moving again we passed Wentworth and entered Windsor Great Park from the A30. Turning right we passed the Totem Pole and the Polo Grounds before exiting by Blacknest Gate. Next the undulating road up towards the Peanut Roundabout.

From here the roads flatten out  and we passed through Woodside, Plaistow Green, Cranbourne and along Crouch Lane and Drift Road before dropping down to Fifield and on to the track past Bray Marina.

The wooden bridge over the Thames was wetter and more slippery than usual and caught one of us out but we all made it to The Pineapple - some directly, some taking an unofficial detour to improve their appetite.

Despite the size of our group we were welcomed and fed promptly. The sandwiches came in for lots of comments."I've never seen such large sandwiches", "I've never been beaten by a sandwich before", "I want to take a photo but I haven't got a wide enough angle lens", "I won't need to eat again today", "How am I going to ride home after eating all that". One of us even left and went straight to Windsor station to avoid the ride home.

As we gathered outside for the ride home Simon discovered he had had the second visitation from the Fairy (must have been on that unofficial detour!). We left Geoff to help him out and headed east through Eton, Datchet, Wraysbury and into Staines. By now Dave B was aware that the Fairy was going for a hat-trick and, despite pumping up his tyre to try and make it home, before Laleham he had to stop and sort it properly. Dave V stayed to help.

As we got to Shepperton half a dozen headed for Walton Bridge so very few of us actually made it to Squires at Upper Halliford. There most agreed that they had yet to work off  lunch and so declined tea and pushed on for home in the gathering gloom.

Thanks to Mike B for backmarking and to everyone else for a good ride on a dry January day. Thanks also to Simon for his GPS track and Geoff for the photo.

About 23 miles from Shepperton to Dorney and 16 miles back to Upper Halliford.

Carbon Fibre Wheels

Cav's wheel collapses in a sprint.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

CTC SWL Minutes of AGMs and committee meetings

Due to the demand for greater transparency and the insatiable curiosity of club members your committee decided recently to publish the minutes of our meetings.

You may have already spotted Graham's addition to the menu on the left hand side of our website's front page:


Click on this to open a new window:

Click on the small icon at the top of the window to see a better view of this list:

From the list select the document you want to read, or in the case of committee meeting minutes select the folder for the appropriate year.

To navigate back to this base list click on
"> Meeting minutes for publishing" at the top of the page. The documents are all in PDF format so you will need a PDF reader on the PC or device you are using to open these docs.

We don't have a specific post of Welfare Officer in the club. It was agreed a few years ago that the committee would cover this function collectively. So at the meetings there is always a slot to discuss the wellbeing of club members who are ill or have been involved in an accident. The full versions of the minutes include a summary of these conversations but these publicly available documents exclude this section of our meetings.

Happy reading!


B Ride - 13th January

We will have a fairly flat ride out to Pirbright to dine at the Royal Oak.

Please be ready to depart at 11:00. We need to get away in good time.

The routes will be mostly on roads with a few stretches on the Basingstoke Canal.

Tea will probably be in Weybridge. Anyone wanting to catch a train home in the afternoon could consider Brookwood or Woking.

See you at Shepperton.

~ Tim

Monday, January 11, 2016

A Ride - 13 January

After Simon's delightful southerly ride last week I will be heading west from Shepperton.

No large hills but a few extra miles to build up an appetite for the monster sandwiches at The Pineapple, Dorney.
Those of an indecisive nature should start choosing now.

The roads were very wet today with quite a few flooded roads. I'm sure the sun over the next couple of days will dry them out a bit, and I'll put a few modifications in, but winter bikes recommended. I will be on my old carthorse rather than my new thoroughbred.

After lunch a straight dash home chasing the light. Tea at Squires, Upper Halliford if required.

See you at Shepperton.

Friday, January 08, 2016

"B" Group - Cobham to the Tree on Box Hill - 6th January 2016

After an over indulgent Christmas, the leader thought that it would be a good idea to burn off a few calories with an undulating ride to the top of Box Hill.

On a chilly and damp morning, twenty-two of us left Cobham following Plough Lane, turning left at the first junction heading towards Effingham. We had a gentle climb up Critten Lane through the misty woods to reach Ranmore Common Road, before making our way through Westhumble and then climbing Box Hill where the temperature dropped noticeably. The view over Dorking was clouded in mist which brought back memories of the "bad" old days of smoggy London.

In spite of a grumpy pub manager at the Tree on Box Hill, we all had a pleasant lunch, albeit served rather slowly due to the absence of kitchen staff.

On the occasion of their birthdays, David Vine generously provided cakes and coffee at elevenses whilst John Brookes kindly opened a tab for our drinks at the pub. We thank both for their generosity and wish them many happy returns.
Frank H.

A back marker's view


Thursday, January 07, 2016

Easy Riders - 6th January

On our first Wednesday ride of the year we went to The Ram, near Kingston Market Place.  From Cobham, we took the old A3 road to West End, turned left, passed the pond near Garsons Farm, to the roundabout turning left to Esher Common leading to Imber Court road towards Hampton Court.  We went  over the bridge to take the tow path. On the corner, there were a couple of policemen who asked us if we wanted our bikes stamped.   Five of the group waited to have this done, and four of us went on ahead.  When we got to the pub, Frank was there to join us for lunch.

Thanks to Liz for being back marker.



A number of people were asking about Dieppe yesterday and its clear that there are some newer members of the Wayfarers who are not familiar with this event.

In brief, this is an Anglo-French cycling event which has been running for over 40 years. The French side is organised by the Club des Cyclotouristes Dieppois and the UK side by Caroline Street. Details of this years event and entry forms are in the website

Historically there have been over 20 attendees annually from CTC SW London who arrange their travel and hotel individually or in groups. Many but not all stay in the Hotel de la Plage, a few doors from the Hotel Windsor mentioned in Caroline's website and where the dinner is held.

Any new entrants should put their club name on the entry form as " Sou'westers" in order to be recognised as in the same group as the regular atendees. Most enter for the 100km route which is completed at a steady B group pace. This year it is likely that there will also be a group completing the 140km course. The £6 entry fee includes a picnic lunch provided at a mid way stop.

Attendance lists

Here are links to the lists for 2015 and 16



Puncture Season

I read of yesterday's woes with sadness.  The Cycling Weekly link below may be of interest:

Before you all leap in crying 'Eureka', the tyres themselves remain in very short supply (I'm still waiting for a pair ordered in the Autumn)  and there seems to be a bit of a skill deficit in the installation business, too - more of that later.

But mine are still rolling on ...


Wednesday, January 06, 2016

A Group - 6 January

First A ride of the year
 and jolly good it was

 A radiant band of volunteers with not a tavern in sight, just a glorious misty Surrey

A ride 6 January: Cobham - Abinger Hatch - Denbies

It was a chilly, dank morning at Cobham, but there was a good turnout of Wayfarers all eager to give me exact change for subscriptions - thankyou!   Cakes were kindly provided by birthday boy (and raffle winner) Dave Vine - happy birthday Dave.

Seventeen little Christmas puddings rolled out on the A ride, full of resolution to become lean, mean, cycling machines in 2016.   A traditional route up to East Horsley, where one of the Christmas puddings left us: up Chalk Lane and down Combe Lane to Shere.   After climbing Sandy Lane we turned left (or was it right?) into Hook Lane, heading for Peaslake, and the long climb up Radnor Road to Holmbury Hill, turning off to Holmbury St Mary and past to the Volunteer Inn.

Well, resolutions are meant to be broken, aren't they?   Or perhaps postponed?   Perhaps the sausage sandwich wasn't the most healthy option, but it was delicious.   At least some of the group had more healthy food, which was served quickly.  We were soon on the road again: with a choice of routes back to Dorking we headed up the quiet Sutton Lane towards Abinger Common, around the undulations of Coldharbour, and whizzed down to Dorking and Denbies for tea.   An enjoyable day out: no rain, good company, a few hills conquered, and only one resolution broken.

Thankyou to Mike B for back marking and ensuring nobody got lost.

PS. Mick had a double puncture on the way home near Oxshott: we mended the first but on discovering the second he decided to take the train home - I hope you got home safely Mick.  Steve Lloyd also texted to say he'd suffered a double puncture on the way to Cobham, so the race is on for the puncture competition!

B Group - 6th January (map)

What Frank's ride lacked in potholes, mud and rain was more than compensated for by the peaceful and rather beautiful eerieness of the mist in the Downs. We enjoyed the undulating 16 miles from Cobham to The Tree at Box Hill.

A Group 6th January

A Goldilocks ride from Simon today.  Not too long, not too short, but just right.  26.7 miles from elevenses at Cobham to tea at Denbies; lunch delivered pleasantly and efficiently at the Volunteer.

A good start to the year.


Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Quads like tree trunks

And it's a small frame!

Wayfarers Subscriptions

It was nice to see a good number at elevenses at Walton yesterday.   And I will be looking forward even more to seeing you next Wednesday at Cobham, when I hope to collect your 2016 subscription, held for another year at the ridiculously low rate of £1.  You are also warmly invited to lend me £2 deposit if you plan to attend the annual Wayfarers lunch, to be held at Prezzo in Cheam on Wednesday 2nd March.

£1 or £3.   If you are able to bring exact change, that would be a great help.

Wishing you all the best and good cycling in 2016.

Monday, January 04, 2016

A group ride, 6 Jan

The weather looks OK for Wednesday so the A group will be heading south from Cobham, over a hill or two to the Volunteer at Sutton Abinger, with tea at Denbies.   16 miles to lunch and about 10 to tea.   See you there.

Ride attendance scores for 2015

If you have kept a log of your attendance on Wayfarers Group rides please either hand your multicoloured rides list to me on a Wednesday or email your scores to me. You will remember that you get one point for riding to elevenses and another one for riding from elevenses to lunch.

There are two splendid trophies to be won, one for the highest attendance in any one section and the other for highest attendance added up across more than one section, Beginners + Cheam and Morden + Wayfarers.

For sections other than Wayfarers I have means of obtaining these scores and will use them to calculate your totals as soon as I have your Wayfarers figures.

Please remember to send your mileages for 2015 to Jeff if you haven't done so already. See Jeff's request for mileage figures for details.

Many thanks


Saturday, January 02, 2016

1st January - Party at Ed's

Highlights from the annual Cake Fest at Ed's house. Many thanks to Ed and some of his elves for a sumptuous spread.

Thanks to Rachel for these photos
Graham's route from the Cyclists' café
~ Tim

Friday, January 01, 2016


A Very Happy New Year to One and All

Jeff T