Wednesday, June 29, 2016

B Group - Wed 29th June

A few drops of rain at Leatherhead and darkening skies sent a few potential B riders to the Easyride to Effingham.  However a party of eight set off briskly to try and beat the rain.  We took Pixham Lane to the Brockham golf course path, School Lane, Brockhamhurst, Shellwood, Parkgate, Hogspudding Lane, Broad Oak and down Russ Hill to the Hungry Horse.  Food was served quickly but the rain began to fall.  We lingered a little - Dave set off home - the remaining seven took Stan Hill and back down to Dorking via Henfold Lane and Punchbowl Lane.  At the foot of Box Hill Ed and Robin headed for Leatherhead, Vic for Chapel Hill leaving Moira and Dave from Coulsdon, backmarker John (thanks John) and me to climb Box Hill and return via Walton on the Hill.   Thanks to all for accompanying me through the persistent drizzle in the afternoon and remember if you're going to have a heart attack be within reach of the telephone box at Parkgate where there is a defibrillator!   Steph

A Group 29 June - Leatherhead-Cranleigh-Effingham

The Birthday Boy
We gathered at Leatherhead where we sang Happy Birthday to Ray Dare, still going strong after 90 years.   Congratulations Ray, and best wishes from all of us.

Ten of us set off for the Four Hills ride.   First the ascent of Cote de Bagden (from the easy side) to warm us up, then swiftly on to Mont Ranworth.    I had promised a fairly flat ride apart from the hills, but I did notice a slight incline up to White Down before our descent, and again on Raikes Lane.   Sorry about that.   And again up from the Volunteer to Holmbury St. Mary, but none of them troubled our group of strong riders.   Then it was down Cotton Row and along Lyefield Lane, proving that there are roads worse than Weare Street.  Heavy rain was forecast for the afternoon so we took a shorter route from Ewhurst Green to the Park Hatch at Cranleigh, where we were all served promptly.

It was now drizzling steadily and after an uncomfortable quarter of a mile into the wind we turned onto La Face de Bar Hatch, which was sheltered by trees - in fact we had very little trouble from the rain after that.   Left at the top to Winterfold and a long, rather dark descent to Farley Green, up again(sorry) to Albury Heath, and then down to Shere, to begin the final assault on La Route du Combe.  Down Green Dene and a small incline on the main road led us to the Effingham turning, and tea at The Vineries.    

Only a short ride: 31.3 miles, but 2850 feet of ascent, and not much rain, which caused a lot of satisfaction.    Thank you to all of you for your company, to Ged our back marker, and to Ray for giving us a cause to celebrate, and for the tea and cakes at elevenses.

Wednesday Ride

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Group 29 June - The Four Hills ride

This week we're going to try the famous Four Hills Ride.   Mostly flat (well, apart from the aforementioned hills): a couple of hills to start the day, then flat or downhill to the Park Hatch at Cranleigh for lunch.  Then back to tea at The Vineries, Effingham, visiting another Hatch on the way back.

B Group - 22nd June

Seven made the trip from Redhill to Charwood for lunch at the greyhound pub. Ian met us for lunch, the service was good and the menu was good value. Unfortunately our only lady rider Toni found she had rear wheel puncture, but up stepped Sir Ed who carried out a swift repair. it was then full steam to Costa cafe in leatherhead. Thanks to John for back marking. The weather was overcast but dry.

Tony Hooker

Monday, June 27, 2016

Wed 29th June - B ride from Leatherhead

The B ride will be on road to lunch at Charlwood and return via Box Hill to tea at Ashtead Garden Centre.  

Friday, June 24, 2016

Easyriders - 22nd June

A good number set off from North Cheam under the expert leadership of Liz who guidied us on a scenic tour of Ewell Park and Horton Country Park, arriving at Longmeads Daycare Centre at precisely 10.30.   Many were already gathered there, good to see Fuzz, Ray, Ron, a Squirrel (I think) and Dave and friend.    A group of eight set off for the Stepping Stones, Dave, Ray and friend stopped off at Leatherhead.  We enjoyed a leisurely lunch.  I do always feel the Stepping Stones would rather we didn't step on their carpet.  However  we resisted a direction to the bar end and enjoyed a large circular table in the carpeted section.   We took  a peek at the marquee being erected in the garden to serve as a polling station the following day before setting off ( Liz, Sandy, Helen, Frank, John and myself)  to climb Box Hill and return via Headley.  I enjoyed a very ladylike tea with Helen in the Ashtead Garden Centre where table service made a most pleasurable end to the day.  Thanks to John for backmarking and apologies to Brian as we seemed not to meet up again after lunch !

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Frank Cubis

This is some news that we were hoping not to hear, I'm afraid. Frank had an MRI scan earlier this week and as his daughter Susan says:

This is one of the hardest things i have had to write. Went to the hospital yesterday and mum had spoken to one of the doctors just before i got there and there is no other way i can put this my daddy has brain damage, the doctors are giving him 3 months from yesterday to see if there is any change if there is change it will only be a little as far as they know.

Today they are taking dad down to put a permanent line in for the dialysis machine and a food tube into dad's tummy.

At some point they will be moving dad to Hammersmith Hospital as that is where they deal with the dialysis.

There is no more i can say at the moment apart from my daddy is a fighter and he has come this far so i am not giving up on him. I will be by his side and will fight his corner for him.

I hope you do not mind me saying this but i don't need any phone calls at the moment, i just need a little time i will keep you all up-dated on here

Please all take care love and hugs to you all. x

Very upsetting news for his immediate family and his extended cycling family too.  I don't have any information about the extent of the brain damage, but it sounds as if the doctors are not very hopeful for major improvement.

It turns out that Frank being awake was probably a bit of a false dawn - he has been opening his eyes from time to time, and it did seem that he has been smiling when people talk to him, but nobody seems certain now whether he was actually awake.

Frank is a very fit 76 year old and this doesn't stop us from hoping that he will beat everyone's expectations.   We're all rooting for you Frank.

A Group June 22

A small group today with only nine at Redhill and Dave Vine joining us at lunch. A gentle morning along lanes we don't normally cover on a Wednesday. We headed over the hill to the south of Redhill to reach Lonesome Lane and then skirted the north of Gatwick to Charlwood and Ifield. From here we went via Lambs Green and Wimland to Green Lane and Warnham. After lunch at the Sussex Oaks the afternoon was more eventful. Heading from Rowhook up the Horsham Road towards Walliswood the back five became a bit detached from the group. The scene was also complicated by the appearance of riders in the Evans "Working from Home" sportive crossing our route from Furzen Lane to Honeywood Lane. Possibly the sight of riders disappearing towards Okewoodhill and preconceptions about our route led the last five to turn right in spite of the corner not being marked ( we mark the ones we turn at - not the ones we dont!!). So after 5 or 10 minutes waiting at the next junction I phoned Simon ( not the culprit!!). Any chances of reuniting soon were lost when the group, seeing him on the phone ignored his attempts to stop them. Plan B assumed they would regroup in Ockley and we managed to reunite everyone except a headstrong Jeff at the top of Mole Street. A stiff pull up past Leith Hill Place was rewarded by the long run down Sheephouse Lane and a trip round the lanes behind Westcott. A text from Jeff announced his arrival at Pilgrim Cycles and we joined him there soon afterwards. Amazingly after all this there were nine at tea.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Group 22nd June

A bit of drizzle for Brian's ride today, but no proper rain at all.  Not what people are used to.

38.8 miles from elevenses at Redhill to tea at Pilgrim Cycles, with a very satisfactory lunch at the Sussex Oak, Warnham.

Dieppe next ...


Monday, June 20, 2016

B Group Ride on 29 June 2016

Just to inform the B Group that Stephanie has kindly agreed to replace me and lead the ride on 29 June. Unfortunately Francoise broke her tibia and fibula whilst walking in Spain and I do not wish to leave her on her own all day long as she is still on crutches.

With all my thanks to Stephanie and wishing you a good ride.
Frank H.

A Group Weds

We are off into the gap between the east and west loops of last week with lunch at Warnham. A few crossings of the 100m route but only half a mile where we ride the same road in the same direction. Only 39 miles from lunch to tea ( Denbies or Pilgrim depending on numbers) but Leith Hill features in the afternoon.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Frank Cubis

Something important happened yesterday (no, not the Tri-Vets event).   Frank Cubis woke up from the coma that he's been in since his accident three weeks ago.   A big step forward and a big relief for his family, the medical staff at St Mary's Paddington, and all of us.    He's been making slow progress over the past couple of weeks but the big concern was that he was very slow to wake up - I believe he still had some swelling on the brain, and this takes longer to heal in older people.

Frank has a tracheostomy (breathing tube in his throat) so he can't speak but he is able to smile and respond to those around him.   The doctors have been putting off the surgery needed to fix his badly damaged arm and hand until he awoke, so now they will start with all that I guess.

Great news.  

CTC Tri-Vets 15th June

First Group Ready To Start

CTC Tri-Vets 15 June - 100 miles, the long way round

[a bit of saga - sorry: but, well, it was a bit of a saga]

'A memorable day' doesn't really do it justice.   For Liz and I, the day dawned just before dawn (if that is possible), getting up at 4.45 to load lots of foody stuff, lists galore, (oh and a bike) into the car, leave time for traffic on the M25, and get the keys to Brockham Cricket Pavilion from the local butcher, open already at 6.30am.   Mark and Maggie Gladwyn turned up soon after in the heavily laden cake-mobile, and we set about turning the pavilion into a Tri-Vets base.   The sun was shining, and the forecasters last night had said 'In the south east, if you're lucky you might avoid the showers altogether'.

We had 70 people sign up for the event, including about ten who were not regular riders with the Sou'westers - and including Julie Rand from CTC HQ, who has been supporting the organisers of all the Tri-Vets rides nationally, and wanted to experience one for herself.    About eight people in total couldn't make it on the day, several due to injury or illness, and one or two due to watching the weather forecast.

Riders duly arrived and signed on, collecting the specially made brevet card with a CTC winged wheel time stamp (all part of Mark's impeccable preparation).   Bill and Margaret Squirrell were on duty at the desk to welcome riders and record their progress, and Jeff Tollerman marshalled the groups of riders to their allotted start times: five groups of 100 mile riders, two of 100km and one of 50km leaving between 0800 and 1100.

My group of Keith, John Austin, David and Jennie Jackson, John Bassett, Toni D'Italia and Peter Horsfield left at 08.30 and took a measured pace through lovely sunlit lanes to Betchworth, and then on and up towards Bletchingley.    Mark's group zoomed past and Keith decided to join them for a quicker ride.  Soon afterwards we realised we had lost John Bassett and I went back to find his chain was jammed between two chainrings.   Brian Greenwood had caught him up and was helping, with black hands, to free it.   After a pull up to Bletchingley, it's a surprisingly gentle climb to Tilburstow hill and we admired the view before zooming down and east.   Nearing Tandridge we encountered a 'Road Closed' sign - they were replacing a culvert across the road.  
Road Closed
Thanks to Ged's advance warning Mark had prepared an alternative route, but we didn't need it, squeezing round the digger to continue to Lingfield, where we stopped in a sunny courtyard for coffee, noting with guilty pleasure the big black cloud to our west, where the faster riders had gone.

From Lingfield the roads were wet but we were dry.  We were feeling pleased with ourselves.  Then John A. punctured and while fixing this it started to rain.   The rain developed into a torrent, and then a monsoon as we approached Smallfield.   Soon after there was a very short section of track, which had turned into a wide lake.   While pedalling very carefully across this I managed to lose Jennie, David and Toni at a T junction, and in the winding road (with many speed bumps but no turnings) I didn't realise for some time that they were missing, so we waited, and waited, and eventually regrouped with the help of John Austin as scout.   By this time we were very wet and cold and decided to shelter until the rain eased at Horley.  The rain did ease and as we set off Toni discovered a puncture.   Several of our group were worried about how cold they were getting so we had an unscheduled stop for cups of tea, very much needed.   The last ten miles back to Brockham were uneventful and we were just relieved to arrive and share stories with many other drowned rats who were lingering over lunch and hot drinks.   I understand that the pavilion was packed with people earlier, taking rather more time than necessary over their lunch in view of the weather, but most had left by the time we arrived.

I wasn't sure if we wanted to carry on, so we had tea, sandwiches, cake, more tea, and gradually got warm again.   For some reason all of my group wanted to continue, so we left lunch at 2.45 with 55 miles still to go.  Weare Street was wet but it wasn't raining (we weren't quite so gleeful this time round), and again we were enjoying Mark's lovely route around the Surrey Cycleway, through Alfold and Dunsfold, and then the rather more lumpy section as we cycled north towards Bramley, where the Bramley café had kindly agreed to stay open until 4pm to serve tea and cake to the Tri-Vets cyclists.   We didn't get there until 5.30 or thereabouts, but I'm told they were very welcoming to the two groups that stopped.

Bramley.  20 miles to go, 35 miles since lunch.  Café shut.  But we had needs: possibly even Needs at this stage in the ride.  After considering the time limit carefully (and the Needs) we decided to stop in a pub for a sit down.  I very generously treated everyone to a half of lime and soda, tap-water, whatever they wanted.  I'm just that sort of guy.  

More lovely lanes through Cranleigh and back to Walliswood where we ascended Weary Street again to Capel.   We were going to get back to Brockham just after 8pm when the base was due to close.   An anxious phone call confirmed that they would wait for us, and we arrived at 8.05 to find a sizeable welcome committee and an even more sizeable array of cake.  Congratulations and finishers' certificates were handed out all round.

Thanks, and congratulations, to all my group for sticking with it.  Three mechanicals, several near hypothermia cases, one monsoon, one losing half the group, four refreshment stops (not even counting the start and end).   An eventful day.  And that was just our group.  A day where memories were made (but not much photographic evidence, I suspect).

But wider thanks are due to the team of people who made it happen.  Especially to Mark's wife Maggie, and my wife Liz, who planned the catering, prepared much of it themselves, and kept us supplied with sandwiches, cake and hot drinks.  And to many others who brought cake on the day - thank you.  It was delicious and never so much appreciated as in our hour of need.  Thank you to Jeff Tollerman and Bill and Margaret Squirrell who oversaw the ride organisation at the base and made sure that everyone got out on time and that everyone returned safely.  We're grateful to the leaders who took on this challenge (and it turned out to be more of a challenge than we expected).   Most of us had never led a ride of this length before.  To all our riders who turned out and made it a success, in the riding department and the eating department.  The fact that there were no accidents is a testament to all your group riding experience.  As a club, the Sou'westers took on something pretty big and we made a success of it.   Finally, I'll say it once more, huge thanks to Mark Gladwyn for the idea, the routes, the certificates: lots of hard work to make it a very special event.

Tri-Vets 100 mile

Well what a day never to be repeated I hope. Thanks however go to Dave V for not only researching the route so well but for guiding us so swift and so sure. Dave lead the first group off at 8am and I am so glad I went with such a trusty leader. We were not the fastest but I have to say the surest. On the way back from Lingfield we too got caught in a horrendous downpour but not as bad as the hail etc that followed in the afternoon. We did take shelter under some trees with good protection only to see the loan Mark and Ruth flash by in the heavy rain. As the rain eased we set off for Horley only to catch Mark who by now had decided to cape up. Dave said come on guys lets see if we can beat Mark back to Brockham. Alas as expected Ruth leading flashed by followed by Mark. I advised Dave that I would chase and got on their wheel to try and get warmed up and so the three of us ended up at the cricket ground for lunch some ten minutes before my group arrived.

The weather Gods kept sounding their alarm over lunch break with claps of thunder. Never the less the well organised David encouraged this small group of 5 including Brian 82 to set forth and we did. The hail and cold rain caused me to say to David that if this carries on much longer I will abandon and return to base and go home to a warm bath, this was at around 55 miles. How I carried on I dont know but we did and we made it!

I have never eaten so much cake in my life and so many ladies worked so hard at making them. Thanks to Mark for having the initiative to make this event happen. Only he in my opinion has the skills and perseverance to do this. Thanks also to Simon L for all the hard work put in and to both Maggie & Liz for the massive hard work put on all day to keep us fueled up both for distance and warmth. As it so happend I thing mugs of soup would have been good also but who expects such weather in flaming June. Good to see the Squirrels beavering away they are the backbone of CTC.
Sorry that Jeff did not ride but wasn't he good on the whistle! So glad also to hear that Ray made it home OK, what a wonder boy at 90yrs.

Team ONE as I called it (being the first to set off) can be seen below. Dave V, Dudley, Brain, and excellent back marker Alan.

CTC Tri-Vets 15 June - Geoff Gregory's 100km group

The day started so well, Jeff blew his whistle and the group gathered together and for the off, little did we know what lay ahead.

My first mistake was to not have ridden the route closer to the ride day, although I had many ways of following the route I relied on my Garmin birthday present and either miss read it or just got it wrong.

After travelling round in circles for a while and having to double back, with the help from Angie and a bit of head scratching on my part we started the route BUT in reverse. Passing several of the other groups who noticed our alternative efforts.

The weather gods were against us (think they read my blog about the Holy Flint) the heavens opened several times and it felt it was directed at us only, sheltering was not really an option - the rain so heavy as we rode that it hurt as it hit our faces.

On our way back to Horley we travelled what seemed for ages over a newly gravelled length of road and the rain continued to fall.  Ray left us after this to travel home, and phoned later to say he arrived safely. Into Horsley and Steph punctured and stepped into a bike shop to get it fixed telling us to continue. Steph joined us back at the hall.
David Cox said after the gravel, rain, loosing the direction what else could be crossed off of the list.

There was a decision by individuals that they would not take part in the afternoon ride due to the weather conditions,we had travelled through such terrible rain and it was still raining.

Many thanks to Mike B for back marking and all of the group for their support. Many thanks to the organisers of the day and especially to Maggie Gladwyn and Liz Lambourn, those two hard working suppliers of the cornucopia of food and drinks.

~ Geoff

PS. Geoff contacted his group last night to ensure they got home safely and reports that all were 'unbelievably positive' about the day.

CTC Tri-Vets 100 Miles

Here are my customary map and performance graph from yesterday's ride.  NB the pressure change in the altitude plot while the bike was parked at lunch - there was some fairly extreme weather about.

A tough day out, but a good one.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Traffic Free Route from Dorking Station to Brockham Cricket Pavilion

Leave the station and turn on to the pavement on the East side of the A24 dual carriageway.  It is a shared-use cycle path.  Ride South to the roundabout at the junction with the A25 and turn left, still on the pavement.

After 50 yards cross the A25 using the cycle/pedestrian crossing and continue East on the pavement, again a shared-use cycle path.

After a mile or so, take the second turning into Betchworth Park Golf Club (they are close together, the two turnings are effectively 'In and 'Out'.  Taking the wrong one would be a very small sin).

Follow the gravel track (The Coach Road) South East for half a mile until you meet the tarmac again.

Turn left, go over the bridge and turn right on Middle Street at the village green.  The Cricket Pavilion is about 300 yards on the right, past Mr Chitty's Butcher's Shop.

Tri-Vets ride, 15 June

This Wednesday is the Tri-Vets ride from Brockham.    (Easy Riders are meeting at the Bradbury Centre, Kingston).   A list of riders, leaders and start times are below.   For more info please see the rider briefing.   A team of volunteers will be waiting at Brockham to welcome you, handle control point duties, and very importantly, provide refreshments.

Most of the hard work behind the scenes has been done by Mark Gladwyn, whose original idea it was to run a Tri-Vets event.   He has planned the routes, the route books and gpx tracks, and the ride groups, and generally helped us to make this a reality.   Thank you, especially to Mark, and to all the leaders and volunteers who have helped to make this happen.

Please arrive a bit early to register etc and allow your group to get away on time.   We wish you a safe and enjoyable ride!

Ride groups and start times

08:00 100 miles: Dave Vine (leader)
  • Mike Morley
  • Ken Williams
  • Andy Bowskill
  • Toni D’Italia
  • Alan Imeson
  • Brian Bent
  • Dudley Hubbard
08:10 100 miles: Ged Lawrenson (leader)
  • Rob Maskell
  • Neil Crocker
  • Bob Waller
  • Maggie Waller
  • Sean Kirkwood
  • Richard Nainggolan
  • Steve Duffin
08:20 100 miles: Brian Greenwood (leader)
  • Graham Holder
  • Gill Holder
  • Hans Formella
  • Steve Lloyd
  • Ken Taylor
  • Julie Rand
08:30 100 miles: Simon Lambourn (leader)
  • David Jackson
  • Jennie Jackson
  • John Austin
  • Keith Rook
  • John Bassett
  • Peter Horsfield
08:40 100 miles: Mark Gladwyn (leader)
  • Geoffrey Shields
  • John Beer
  • Janice Dawes
  • Ken Day
  • Steve Hillier
  • Ruth Bradbury

09:00 100km: Tim Court (leader)
  • Pam Jones
  • Terry Lowe
  • Ed Sharp
  • Carolyn Beer
  • Liz Bernard
  • Ingrid Baker
  • Tony Hooker
  • Gill Finlay
  • Tony Hopkins
09:15 100km: Geoff Gregory (leader)
  • Mike Barrett
  • David Cox
  • Ray Dare
  • Mick Furnival-Adams
  • Steph Wyatt
  • Harry Cole
  • Paula Buckton
  • Angie Launder

11:00 50km: Helene Grinsted (leader)  ** Note there will be a ride to Brockham from North Cheam, leaving at 09:00
  • Maureen Gallichan
  • Sandy Bayliss
  • Lynda Barrow
  • Cliff Whitfield
  • Sonia Broome
  • Susie Kilbride
  • Helen Tovey
  • Carole Dockett
  • Tim Gibbons
  • Kaye Quinn

Thursday, June 09, 2016

B Group - 8th June


A very pleasant morning for todays ride, a little humid but not too hot! My right hand lady counted 26 as we left the day centre but it was a little less by lunch time - due to personal commitments etc...

We travelled along the Surrey Lanes via Woburn Hill, Chertsey Bridge, through the park to St Anne's Hill then Lyne.  From there we cycled towards Longcross, taking a right turn to Trumps Green, onwards to Virginia Water where we entered Windsor Great Park.  A convenient place for the conveniences - if required!!  Our ride through the park was delightful.  Not many pedestrians...or dogs!   We passed a horse drawn carriage going in the opposite direction but...disappointingly, no royal passengers!!!   The rhododendrons were in full bloom, beautiful!  We traversed Savill Gardens, exiting at Bishopsgate to descend Crimp Hill and so to The Fox and Castle for lunch. The bar staff are always very welcoming, the food and service was good - for most of us!  There always seems to be the one or two who have to wait somewhat longer for their orders!!   This resulted in a rush for our new chap, Godfrey to rush his meal.  Apologies for that - I would not normally be in a hurry to leave the lunch pub but we needed to get to Molesey at a reasonable time for we had all been invited to tea and cakes at Liz's home - where she was displaying many of her wonderful paintings. The return route was pretty obvious, across the meads at Runnymede, Egham, Thorpe to Chertsey Bridge, across Walton Bridge and so to Molesey.
We had noticed a black cloud in the direction we were going and of all the bad luck it dropped it's load on us within 10 minutes of reaching Liz's home!!!!   Most sheltered, some going straight home but there must have been a dozen of us at tea.
Many, many thanks Liz for our tea and cakes - delicious....also to our corner markers, (what a difference it makes to the ride discipline)!  To Tim and Terry for back marking and the photo and route maps, and to all who were on the ride :) :)
Cheers Pam :) )

Weybridge - Old Windsor - Molesey
At The Fox and Castle
The Leader drying off before Tea
Soggy Wayfarers refuelling
Leader with hostess, l'Artiste
The Works

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

A Group Ride from Weybridge 8th June.

Today's ride was a ride of two halves: hot and sultry from Elevenses to lunch, and suddenly cooler at tea when the heavens opened and we witnessed a downpour of biblical proportions. Those who stayed for tea kept dry in the deluge. As they say timing is everything!

Sixteen of us cycled through Addlestone; Ottershaw; Wentworth; up Callow Hill - the only modest climb of the day; Englefield Green; Old Windsor and Datchet. Picking-up the SUSTRANS Route 61- The Jubilee River and Slough Linear Park, we joined a fun-run through Ditton Park, before skirting Slough at Langley, and onto Love Green and Iver. From here it was over the London borough boundary from South Bucks to the Malt Shovel on the Grand Union Canal.

The urban fringe part of the ride was through the hotch-potch of London's Green Belt, peaceful at times when away from the roar of the M4 and M25 Motorways, but lacking in any character. (Robert Macfarlane in his book 'Landmarks' calls it "Bastard Countryside"). And there were stinging nettles!

We retraced our route through Iver, and followed familiar roads through Colnbrook, Horton, and Wraysbury between and around the Reservoirs to Staines, Laleham and onto Shepperton with tea at Squires, Lower Haliford.

 The rain came quicker - and sooner, than anticipated, but as you can see the (sun) umbrella kept us largely dry.

Thanks to Geoff, photographer and back marker, and also Colin.

It was a day of contrasting landscapes and routes, but as often happens the weather was the big talking-point at the end of the day!

A Group 8th June

Today, Ged led us on an interesting journey through several climate zones, from the tropics of Wentworth with its steaming forests to the high, sunlit savannahs of Iver Heath, and on again to Upper Halliford, in the monsoon season.

39.9 miles from elevenses to tea, with a good lunch at the Malt Shovel, Uxbridge.

Some may have got home dry, but I didn't ...


Monday, June 06, 2016

A Group Ride 8th June from Weybridge

With Hans sunning himself in Crete I'll be leading the A Group ride from Weybridge. We'll be heading north into South Bucks for lunch at the Malt Shovel, Uxbridge.
A gentle 25mile warm-up for next week's Tri-Vets from Elevenses to lunch, with tea at Lower Haliford. A little off-road section, (SUSTANS Route 61), but dry and very doable with skinny tyres. Pack your sunblock.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Frank Cubis - update

Several of us have been receiving updates from Frank's daughter Susan, after his accident last Wednesday week.    He is still in intensive care but his vital signs are stable and (after an emergency operation on the day of the accident) the pressure on his brain has been relieved.  Last weekend the sedation was withdrawn to allow him to wake up slowly, and this is taking a long time.  He is not yet awake but it seems that he is aware of some of what's being said to him.   I read all this as positive news - it could have been so much worse in the first few days.

However ... he's still very poorly and there is a long road to recovery.   Until he wakes up, it's not possible to assess the effect of the head injury, and he has several other injuries: broken arm and pelvis, damage to his hand.   Susan is visiting every day, along with other family members.  And there are many, many people lending him their strength and willing him to get through this.  If you would like to send a card, please send it c/o Susan Cubis, 16 St Peter's Close, Mill End Rickmansworth WD3 8UY.  The cards will get to Frank when he's ready for them, and Susan is reading out some of the messages to him.


Thursday, June 02, 2016


A Group 1st June

Eight hearty souls set out in search of the 'Holy Flint' and it was not to long before Ged found it hidden by some mischievous creature. Unfortunately before this Mike who was back marking had a problem with his chain lost us when he missed a turn, lucky enough he phoned me and after a bit of cross talk and near miss we managed to meet up and rejoin the group only to find that greedy old Ged had found yet another flint but all repaired and off we set. Well would you believe it but he found a replica Holy Flint, maybe he had kept the first and threw it in front of his wheel. Ged chose to meet us in Godalming.

On our onward journey we found hills and narrow lanes taking us to Chilworth then through to Snowdenham lane and the heavens opened (possibly because we found the Holy Flint) up Alldens Lane got the heart pumping and after regrouping it was decided that we would miss out six or so of the miles of the trip and head straight to lunch to dry off.

Mike left us when we stopped, Ged arrived so seven for lunch, bit of a mixup with some orders but all well in the end. Mick left after lunch so six set off for a very early tea stop at Pinnocks in Ripley.  We all decided we would be heading back to Cobham so completing a loop 38.95 miles in total.

Many thanks to Mike B for back marking and everyone else for braving the journey.

~ Geoff

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

B Group - 1st June

The weather forecast wasn’t good. This turned out to be exactly right. We assembled at Cobham British Legion for elevenses.

Despite the forecast, nine riders were up for the ride and set off. Plan A was to go to Bramley, via Effingham Junction, Effingham, East Horsley, Combe Bottom, Albury, Chilworth, and Wonersh. Checking with the pub, The Jolly Farmer at Bramley, where we had a booking for lunch, when we reached Effingham Junction, we established that they had closed the kitchen for the day. So Plan B was to go to Godalming instead. Usually, a Wetherspoons pub will cope whether you have a booking or not. When we reached Chilworth, the rain had set in, so we adopted Plan C. This involved going to Shalford and then up A281 towards Guildford. Alongside the canal as you approach Guildford there is a pub called The Weyside Pub. We stopped there for lunch.

The meals and service at The Weyside Pub  were good. There was also a reasonable choice of beers and lagers. The Wayfarers had been there before.

After lunch, the rain was more serious and the rest of the ride that day was abandoned. Some of us made for Guildford Station and caught trains to various destinations near where we lived.

Finally, I am very grateful to David Cox who backed-up for us, and Tony Hooker who marshalled mid-field. Getting good back-up and marshalling support is essential for a successful ride.   

Peter Carpenter